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(generated from captions) This Program Is

Captioned Live. Tonight, a new parliament brings something

old, something new, someone

borrowed and a familiar

borrowed and a familiar blue.

This is an Opposition which will hold this Government to

account. This is an Opposition

which will expect of this

Government that it honours its

commitments. As we have seen

in other political cultures,

short-term tactical victories

lead only to longer term

strategic defeat. Signs that

North Korea's leader will

over power to his

Western-educated son. And SAS

exercises with elite Indonesian troops spark human rights

concerns.Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia

Haussegger. A new political era has dawned. Today the

43rd Federal parliament Governor-General opened the

including the first Indigenous and the first

and the first Muslim MPs. Then and the first Muslim MPs.

Labor sprung a surprise on the coals, nominating the Liberal

Peter Slipper for the job of

deputy speaker. He defeated his

Coalition colleague Bruce Scott

in a secret ballot and then

vowed he hadn't done a deal with the Government. Mark

Simkin reports.It's both an

ancient tradition and a new

ancient tradition and a new

one. A Welcome to Country

ceremony now officially opens the

for the opening, a poignant moment

Representatives. With this welcome, I express the hope of

a united, reconciled nation.

Not entirely reconciled.Even

with new faces and new

parliament and a so-called new paradigm,

paradigm, old paradigm, old divisions remain. This is a time for consensus not confrontation.

Debate not destruction. It

will be a parliament of robust

debate. That is what the people

expect. They do not expect a

forced consensus. There are

many arguments to come and the Governor-General highlighted some of them as she listed Government's priorities, some of them as she listed the

including tax changes and a

price on carbon. Our system of

Government inches in to terrain not encountered since the far-off days of World War

II. This $is one thing both

sides did agree eventually. The honourable

member proposed, Mr Jenkins has

been elected as Speaker. The traditional show of reluctance

may only have been partly in

jest. By providing the Speaker,

jest. By providing the Speaker,

Labor's majority is just one

vote. I was with you every

step of the way, Mr Speaker. I was there. I was your true

friend. I have, as is demanded

by the parliamentary reform

document, put myself in

self-imposed exile from the Federal parliamentary Labor Party. The

Party. The shock came late

were the deputy's

were the deputy's job. I

nominate the member for fisher,

Peter Slipper. Labor backed a

Liberal and he defeated the

Coalition candidate. Mr

Slipper 78 votes, Mr Scott 71

votes. But the Government

didn't get the rat it wanted.

I have not given any

role as deputy Speaker. The commitments with

real fireworks will be tomorrow

when parliament gets down to

when parliament gets down to

business. The parties are still

arguing about exactly how it

will operate so the proceedings

will be a test of the new rules

and the Speaker's new-found independence.

independence. The Federal

Government is disputing a

prediction that the Budget

surplus promise for 2013 will

be short-lived. The latest

Access Economics report backs Treasury's forecast that the

Budget will be back in the

black in three years but the

independent forecaster believes

the nation's finances will

slump back into deficit the

following year because of lower commodity prices. Access Economics is less optimistic

about commodity prices. They

are views which are long-held

by Access but the Treasury

figures have been confirmed and

re confirmed and I believe they

are cautious and very realistic It's undeniable now

that because the Government is spending all of the proceeds of

the mining boom, Australia is

facing years and years of

Budget deficits. The Opposition

has warned of higher interest

rates and taxes if the Government doesn't cut its

spending. With its dictator

report lade in poor health,

North Korea has today moved a

step closer to anointing his

successor. For the first time,

North Korean State media has

broadcast the name of Kim

Jong-un, the youngest son of

Kim Jong Il. It's also been

revealed the Dear Leader's son has received a stunning

military promotion. North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy

reports. From mysterious third

son to 4-star general, finally North Koreans have heard the

name of the young man destined

to be their next dictator. Kim

Jong-un. Kim Jong-un is

believed to be 27 or 28 years

of age. Unlike his cloistered

compatriots, he was exposed to

the cappalest West while be educated at an exclusive Swiss

school. We have a young person

who seems to like basketball,

seems to like Western culture,

seems to like Western culture,

seems very Westernised in his

behaviour. But Kim Jong-un is

also regard as a chip off the

old block, a young man prepared

to be just as Ruth scplsz

hostile to the West - ruthless

and hostile to the West as his father. Members of the Workers' Party Congress have marched

into Pyongyang after an

unexplained delay. It's their

time they first meeting in 30. The last

time they gathered it was to

anoint Kim Jong Il as heir to

his father, the Eternal Leader,

Kim Il-Sung. The meeting of

North Korea's rule party could

be a sign that Kim Jong Il's health is failing. The 68-year-old is certainly a

shadow of his formercephalism

his time may be limited. Of gone is the paunch and the

course we

course we think his most

serious ailments is a stroke

serious ailments is a stroke

amongst many ailments he seems

to have. For any succession

plan to work would require plan to work would require the

backing of one of the world's

a largest militaries. It now has

a new 4-star general to look up

to. There's been more criticism of Australia's SAS troops

today, this time for training Indonesia's controversial Special Forces

Special Forces unit, Kopassus.

The two countries took part in

a joint exercise today in Bali

but activists say Kopassus is

still involved in human rights

abuses and the ABC has

confirmed that members of the

Indonesian unit are suspected

of serious crimes. Indonesia correspondent Matt Brown

reports from Denpasar. The

Indonesian police have their

own counterterrorism

Australia's SAS is training

Kopassus because it believes

this military force will be the

best in a hostage crisis. We

have about 440,000 Australians

visit Bali every year and it's a significant threat. While

Kopassus has a history of Kopassus has a history of human

rights abuse, its commander

says his men can be trusted to

protect Australian

protect Australian tourists. I

want to give information to

them. Day by day the Australian

system still protected by Kopassus. This exercise,

modelled on a Mumbai style hostage crisis, was important

in more ways than one. The SAS had a

had a chance to see a potential

battleground close up, Kopassus

honed its skills and with each

shame of decades of oppression,

torture and murder is behind

them. We have changed already.

We changed our doctrine. We

changed our culture. In my

experience, Kopassus are working to re-dress

working to re-dress some of their past their past transgressions.

However, the ABC has confirmed that Kopassus officers who've

been convicted of human rights abuse remain in the Indonesian

military and Kopassus itself is

still tainted. The Australian

training's focused on the

counterterrorism section of

Kopassus but critics argue its members move through other

parts of the unit and some are

implicated in serious

implicated in serious abuses.

Very few people from Kopassus

have been investigated, prosecuted, convicted and

served appropriate sentences

for serious crimes. Kopassus is

pushing for urban warfare

training in

year. It's been described as

one of Afghanistan's worst war

crime cases. Five US soldiers

have been accused of the

premeditated murder of three

randomly selected Afghan

civilians. Prosecutors say the

soldiers kept body parts of

their victims and say three of

the accused have confessed.

Craig McMurtrie reports.

Prosecutors say the five US

soldiers who were stationed soldiers who were stationed in southern Afghanistan formed

their own kill team. In this

video, one of the accused,

Corporal Jeremy Morlock, tells

investigators his sergeant

randomly picked out Afghan

civilians to be killed with

grenades. He pulled out one of

his grenades, American grenades, popped

grenades, popped it, throws the

grenade and tells me where to

go and whack the guy. 22-year-old says the sergeant,

Calvin Gibbs, pictured in this high

high school photo, boasted of

doing the same thing in Iraq and says Gibbs kept fingers as

mementos and threatened to men

to keep them quiet. There's No

Doubt in my mind Doubt in my mind he'd take me

out if he knew I was

here. Prosecutors say member of

the platoon posed for photos

with the body and they found

hashish at the base which was blamed on combat stress. The

mother of one of the other

accused soldiers says her accused soldiers says her son

posted Facebook messages with warnings about the sergeants

but she says her phone calls to

the army were ignored. We put

him on notice and we told them,

"This is a travesty. Look

what's happening. Not only is

your soldier at risk but you

have innocent Afghan civilians

that are at risk," and they chose chose to just turn a deaf ear. Seven other soldiers have been

charged with covering up the

killings. The hearing will

decide if the five accused of murder will face a courtmartial

where, if convicted, they could

face life imprisonment or the

death penalty.Construction death penalty.Construction work on Israeli settlements in the

West Bank has resumed despite

international calls for restraint. While the Palestinian President, Mahmoud

Abbas, has held back on a

threat to quit peace talks, the construction remains the

biggest threat to the fragile

peace process. Middle East

correspondent Ben Knight. On

the first day after the

building freeze ended, the

diggers were back at work as

expected. I can't tell you how

much a relief that we can do

it. Around 2000 new houses are

understood to be ready to go.

Thousands more are only waiting

for local council We're waiting for this for more

than two years. It was planned

and the foundation was put down

more than 10 months ago. But it

appears to have been a relatively slow start, perhaps

because of the Jewish holiday

of Sukkoth, perhaps because of the Israeli Prime Minister's call

call for restraint. We are in

a period of some uncertainty, a

sort of passing crisis. I hope

that whatever happens we cannot

stop efforts to achieve stop efforts to achieve a complete peace. But this crisis isn't going away. The Palestinian Palestinian President is under

enormous domestic pressure to

walk away from the talks as he

promised to do if building resumed. But in Paris, Mahmoud

Abbas said it would be for the

Arab league to decide what to

do at their meeting next week.

We would not have now any quick

reactions. We will not say yes

or no. His host, the French

President, was say it in front of President

Mahmoud Abbas, the settlements

must stop. But so far Binyamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu has resisted that

kind of international pressure

and appears to be doing so with

the support of the Israeli

public. They've had building

works collapse, filthy rooms,

mosquito problems and snakes in

the athletes' Village. If

that's not enough there, rrz

always been a stands-off over

who will open the event but new

del re's Chief Minister has

urged the international media

to stop running negative stories about the

trouble-plagued Commonwealth Games. The Australian

contingent continues to grow

with the arrival of the cycling

team and so does the security operation of the Games. From

New Delhi, the ABC's Michael

Rowland reports. After all the

doubts and scandal, the Games are finally looking reality. Hundreds of athletes are now pouring into New Delhi including a lot of thrilled

Australians. Very excited and

I think that feeling goes right

through the whole team. A little bit nervous as

well. Missing from the cycling

team was endurance rider Travis

Myer who pulled out because of

health and security fears and

as the arrivals evilate, Indian

security forces are taking no

chances. Pakistan's High

Commissioner is the latest to express deep concerns about

where his country's competitors will sleep. The authorities

know about it and they have

assured me that before the time

that - before our contingent

comes they'll be able to put it

in order. One thing authorities here have been

brutally efficient about is

hiding India's underclass from

international view. Needs

hoardings have sprung up across

town, many in front of shacks

housing the poor labourers who've been working on the Games venues. We are dirty.

Since important people are

going to visit we visible from the road. New

Delhi's Chief Minister says the

hoardings are all about giving

the city a festive look.

Please don't take a negative

story. Please be more positive

because these will be a good Games. As

Games. As the Opening Ceremony approaches, approaches, there's apparently

been an intense wrestle over

who'll formally open the Games. Prarpz representing the Queen

or India's President - Prince

Charles, representing the

Queen, or India's President,

although it looks as though the

heir to the throne has won, although the President will

also get to say a few words. A 30-year-old Canberra man was

killed when his car collided

with a truck on the Monaro

Highway late this morning. The

accident occurred around 2km

south of Theodore when the

man's car crossed to the wrong

side of the road and collided

with a 60-ton logging truck.

The driver of the car died at

the scene. The truck driver

wasn't hurt. It appears that the truck driver was doing

everything correctly. He tried

to avoid the collision but was

unable to do so. To The smash

left a trail of debris on the high way and between Theodore

and Old Cooma Road was closed

while police conducted their investigations. British and

Australian researchers have

uncovered important new

information about what causes

migraines and how they might be

prevented. They've isolated a

gene responsible for the severe

headaches which affect one in

five Australians. For

sufferers, migraines are debilitating and can come on

with the smallest triggers but

now the $is new hope. A team of

researchers led by the University of Oxford has pinpointed the gene responsible

for migraines. This is one of

the first times in patients with migraine with typical aura

there's been a mutation found

but more importantly a mutation that

the transmission of pain.

They believe the gene controls

pain nerves in the brain and

that's why migraine sufferers

are so susceptible to light,

smells and sounds. Finding the

gene gives researchers a new

target for medicationchise

would switch the gene off

rather than just masking the pain. Up until now most of the

treatments have really been

about some of the symptoms such

as treating the pain. Meanwhile, Australian

researchers have a new thory on

what causes migraines. They

believe migraines arise in the

cerebral cortex in the brain

and this over-activity feeds

into the part of the brain that

covers pain. What our work is

showing is that things that

aren't nrmally perceive as

being painful are during a

migraine attack because of the change in the control

mechanisms. In other words,

there's no real pain, just the

misconception of pain. Their

work, funded by the Brain Foundation, could lead to new treatment,

treatment, something sufferers

say can't come soon enough. Former Prime Minister Paul

Keating has been acquitted of a

driving offence, describing it

as a victory for the ordinary

people. Mr Keating was booked

for running a red light in

Sydney's CBD on Australia Day while driving to visit mother. In court today, it was

the former Prime Minister's word against two police

officers but the magistrate

dismissed the charges, saying

both accounts were equally probable. It's important that ordinary people in the community,

community, having received an infringement notice for an

offence they didn't commit,

basically understand that the

system is not loaded against

them, that they are entitled to have the courage of have the courage of their convictions. Mr Keating told

the magistrate he was 100% sure

the light was orange.To finance

now and the local share market

closed slightly lower today in line with line with a moderate reversal

of most global markets. The

Australian Dollar once again

traded above 96 US cents traded above 96 US cents before

settling back in the 95s. Here's Alan Kohler. The

Australian Dollar has basically

traded at around a 2-year high of 96 US of 96 US cents or just below

that for three days now. It's currently trading at the same

level as this time last night,

having gone above 96 again

during the day and it's slightly higher against the other currencies. The All

Ordinaries index is down just a 10th of 1% so basically it's steady as

steady as well. This is a

standard overlay graph of the dollar and the All Ordinaries

since the start of this year

but like all pictures, it's

woring thousand words. Up until

about two month ago the share

market and dollar were

travelling in pretty well

lock-step, both reflected the global appetite for investment risk

risk so when the European

sovereign debt crisis struck in

April both fell. After the

European bail-out both

recovered. Now they've company with the dollar galloping ahead because financial park vts gone from

predicting a rate cut to a rate hike. The difference between

them in the past two months is

3% which is probably the impact of interest rate expectations.

On the share market today, the surprise was perhaps Virgin Blue shares, up 3.5% Blue shares, up 3.5% do despite

the biggest computer crash in

Australian aviation history.

Obviously investors aren't too

worried about that. Quantities

also went up but Virgin Blue

went up more. Telstra jumped 4

cents or 1.5% ahead of

tomorrow's big investor

presentation and among the

banks CBA fell but NAB went up.

Global markets generally did

worse than Australia today, US,

European and Chinese share

prices all fell about half a

per cent , Japanese market per cent , Japanese market lost

more than 1%. Finally the gold

price is done $1.50 having

peaked overnight at 20 cents

less than 1300 that. Rrts finance. The Essendon football

club has anointed former premiership-winning James Hird as its new senior

coach. The 37-year-old balm er

champion and Brownlow Medallist

was coaxed away from his business interests to coach the

club. He replaces Matthew

Knights who was sacked 12 hours

after the completion of the home and away season. Hird says he's

he's under no illusion about

how tough his role will be over

the next four years. You need a lot

a lot more than passion and

your playing career. You need the ability to manage people

and understand now how to get

the best out of people. You

need to ability to set up

structures aroundio you so

you've got a coaching panel that works for you. Geelong's senior coach Mark 'Bomber'

Thompson may take a break from

football. He's told the Cats

he's burnt out and will take a

week to consider his future.

They haven't won a premiership

in 30 years but the Dragons say

that won't add pressure to this

weekend's NRL Grand Final. Take

it as read and white, it's

business as usual for the NRL

premiership favourite at their

Illawarra base, the Dragons are

leaving nothing to chance in leaving nothing to chance in an effort toandy 3-decade

premiership drought. Everyone

knows their job and what they

need to do. Since the joint venture was established in

1999, no Saint George Illawarra

boss has based his troops in

Wollongong as much as Wayne

Bennett. Being away from

sprawling Sydney may have

helped the Dragons focus.

We've got the Grand Final now.

We have to get on with the job and play our best and try and

get the win. The match is being billed as a battle between

between the Roosters attacking

flare and the Dragons' tight defence.

defence. The Roosters haven't

managed to score more than 12

points ibtheir last six games

against the dragons. concentrate on defence and attack always comes after that

so we've got plenty of

confidence in our backs to give

us what we need on the field.

Burly prop Michael Weyman

continues to nurse a groin

injury. Today he didn't run

with the rest of the squad. I

felt pretty good today. I'll be definitely there

definitely there on Sunday. In 12 months, the Roosters have

gone from the wooden spoon to playing

playing for the Cup. The playing for the Cup. The club is is hoping its never-say-die

victory will lead - attitude will

will lead to victory. There's

no telling what you can achieve

if you get enough people in one

place all pulling in the one

direction. Something can

happen. As expected,

experienced Tony Archer and

Shane Hain will referee the

decider which is official ly a

sell-out.The Australian women's

basketball team has continued

its unbeaten run at the world championships with a win over Greece. The Opals ran

rampant during the first

quarter to open up a 20-point lead. Captain Lauren Jackson

dominated to finish with 20

points. Jackson slices down

the middle. If you blink you

miss some of those. Liz Cambage

also got 20 in the 93-54 win. Australia's next game is

tomorrow against France.

Indigenous music and improvised

jazz an unlikely combination

but one that's delivering

amazing results. Musicians from Arnhem Land have joined forces with an orchestra from

Melbourne and with a fellowship at the Australian National

University they've been making

music here in Canberra. music here in Canberra.When

Indigenous music is fused with contemporary jazz, the results

can be a little hard to

define. It's absolutely

amazing. That's what it even seasoned musicians don't

know quite what to expect. The

first time we heard the music was baffling. But a collaboration between some

Arnhem Land songmen and the

Australian Art Orchestra is impressing musicologists impressing musicologists and

audiences alike. You have two

amazing music traditions, the ancient tradition of Indigenous

Australia and the contemporary

jazz one meet together and

amazing creative sparks fly and

even though they might playing

the same piece the outcome is different. The Art Orchestra has been playing with the Young

Wagilak Group from the Ngukurr community for six years. community for six years. We

play together and I love to play with them. The group's

been awarded a the ANU School of Music for their project, Crossing Roper

Bar. The project's named after

the Roper River. Each wet

season the Ngukurr community is

completely cut off by the

river's water. The Roper Bar is

the point where the river can

be crossed when the water

subsides. The group says it's a

fitting metaphor for the

crossing over of two musical

styles. While the music is

avant garde it's also

preserving part of history that might otherwise be lost. The traditional

traditional Wagilak ceremony

that's been performed at

traditional ceremonies for

thousands of years is growing

as a result of this collaboration. Crossing Roper

Bar is bridging more than just

a river in the Top End. And now

with a look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks,

Virginia. Good evening. We had

fresh to strong

north-westerlies for most of

the day. They average at 30 km/h, gusting to

winds gave us warmish maximums

of 17 and 18 after overnight minimums of 8.

On the radar there's On the radar there's showers

and possible snowfalls down on

the Snowies. Sydney was cloudy

today but still reached 27.

Cloud along the Queensland

coast and over northern NSW is generating showers generating showers and thunderstorms. Cloud crossing

the bight is associated with

cold air and it's heading here so take a when you leave home. A high in

the bight will push the cold

air over the southeast,

resulting in showers along the coastal strip and possible

light snow in the mountains. Southwesterly winds over most

of the southern region so with

all this cold air about, frosts

are expected from Cooma to

beyond Griffith.

Virginia, sweet peas, the

universal garden favourite and

not a bad song by Tommy Rowe

either. I believe you used to

sing and dance along to it too. Giving away some secrets.

Yes, there was sing ing and

dancing in the make-up room

today. Our top stories - the

43rd parliament has been

officially opened and Liberal

Peter Slipper has been elected

deputy Speaker after a surprise

nomination from Labor. And the

youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has been

promoted to the rank of general,

general, sparking rumours he's

about to be anointed his father's successor. That's ABC

News. Stay with us now for the '7.30 Report' coming up next and you can keep up with and you can keep up with the

latest news at ABC online and

ABC news 24. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. On the first day of the new Parliament, government. And Coalition

leader Tony Abbott left no room

for doubt that he is there to to provide robust opposition.

There was toing and froing about whether about whether the Prime Minister could count on being

granted leave to travel during

Parliament without leaving the

Government with a slender

majority. Mr Abbott warned

Julia Gillard that her fragile

hold on Government did not mean

she could leave the honour all

her election promises. The

Government used its numbers an some Independents to up set Mr

Abbott's choice by nominating another of his own MP force deputy Speaker. Political editor Heather Ewart.

With this welcome I

express the hope of a united reconciled

reconciled nation. A new have never been seen before,

and a new farm ality to markets

- to mark its open ing. The

welcome to country ceremony on

the fore

House is set to become a