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Live. Tonight, Virgin Blue

on the ridiculous. Thousands of airline passengers

stranded for hours by a

computer glitch. Disgutted.

Why don't they have a back-up

system? It is chaos and I

think we should be told what

is going on. Julia Gillard

moves into a new house

accusing Tony Abbott of

wrecking the other one. He

China shop thinking his job is to smash everything he

sees. The Dragons beat the

Wests Tigers to set up an

all-Sydney NRL final. In the night garden, Floriade. Good evening. behind-the-scenes at

Craig Allen with ABC News -

What a start the school

holidays. Thousands of

passengers were delayed at

airports around the country

today all because of a

computer glitch. Some people

queued for hours as 50 Virgin

Blue flights were cancelled

and another 50 delayed. The

airline blamed the mayhem on

the problem with a

check-insist them. It did not

take long for anger and

frustration to wipe out the

holiday mood however. All

packed and ready but with

nowhere to go. We sincerely

apologise for this long

thing we have been told is

have been shut down all the Virgin Blue systems

Australia-wide. The computer

failure left thousands of

angry customers stranded for

hours. I think it is chaos

and we should be told what is

going on. I just want to go

home. I have been here for

too long now. The chaos as caused when the chick-insist them crashed forcing the

airline to restrert to manual

boarding. Every time my heart jumps and I think they

will cancel the flight. Why

don't they have a back up system? This can happen any

time. It is ridiculous. Staff

did their best to ease the angst with some helpful

advice. The best scenario is

call up our for you to go home today and

reservations. That is hardly

consolation for this New

Zealand school sporting team

heading to Brisbane for a major competition. pretty tight and annoyed.

We are peeved because we have

nowhere to go or stay at the moment. The airline was moment. The airline was quick

to blame an external supplier that runs many of its

computer systems. We expect

them to life up to what them to life up to what we

we teed to promise our guests so

we will take it up with them. Jetstar too was briefly

affected by the same glitch.

The problems could not have

come at a worst time for

Virgin Blue. It is grand

final weekend in Melbourne

and semifinal weekend in

Sydney and school holidays

around the country. We will

certainly look after our

guests so there will be compensation for them. By

late in the day the airline finally moved the a back up

system with most passengers able to get out.

# I got the Virgin Blue

Blues... Music to the ears

of many tired and frustrated

travellers. Three months

after becoming Prime Minister

jewel and her first bloke Tim

Mathieson have moved into The

Lodge. Tony Abbott will hope

it is a temporary relocation

as he prepares a political

assault for the start of the

43rd Parliament on Tuesday.

Julia Gillard has accused him

of behaving like a bull in a china shop. Home at last. The

new lodgers moved their

remaining belongs inside. And then explored outside. Going

to go for a wander. Julia

Gillard became Prime Minister

three months ago but did not

want to claim the keys until

after she had been elected by

the people. Since the election there has been some

very simple mundane matters

of repair work like securing

asbestos that is better done

hen no one is actually living

there. Looking for a large

an elephant in the room. The fish! No fish but there is

the United world away Kevin Rudd told

the United Nations General

Assembly it risks becoming a

hollow Shell. Put even more

strkly we must do that which

we say. He seems to have

learnt a from his own experience. If we say we have a convention on climate

change it must do the job to

tackle climate change. tackle climate change. Not

just talk about it. Similarly

with development. Otherwise

the United Nations's

credibility in the eyes of

the world and our own

citizens will eventually collapse. Julia Gillard says

she is working closely and

constructively with the new

Foreign Minister. While this

house is finally sorted the House of Representatives certainly isn't. The new Parliament will open on Tuesday but there is still no

agreement on how it will run

or even who will run witness the debate about the Deputy

Speaker's job as acrimonious

as confusing. The Government

is still looking for a

Coalition MP willing to take the seeing Tony Abbott believes his role is to

his role is to wreck, he is

acting like a bull in a china

smash shop thinking his job is to

smash everything he sees.

The Australian people know we

have an ad very sharal

political system and I do not

think they buy up to this new politics of the Labor Party

and the Greens. Harry Jenkins

will remain Speaker reducing

the Government's margin to a

solitary vote. With just at

week to go until the Delhi

Commonwealth Games two more Australian athletes have

pulled out of the event. The Australian Commonwealth Games

association says they may not

be the last. A massive

building and clean-up effort

is still in full swing in

Delhi as the organisers race

against the clock to prepare

for what the Indian media has

dubbed the 'Shame Games'. dubbed the 'Shame Games'.

Another huge blow for Games organisers, Australian team

official its have confirmed

withdrawal of two Australian athletes. Both athletes

cited security and health

fears for their decision the

pull out. Stephanie Zang won

silver in 2006. She said she

got very sick last time she

visited India while Travis

Myer said he was worried

about being exposed to deny

deny mosquitos on training

runs. The team manager says he respects the athletes

decisions but is obviously

very disappointed. If they

make this decision I

understand and the sport

under and it is not something that would ever be held

against them. He expects

other Australian athletes withdraw before the Games

begin in over a week's time.

He revealed the accommodation

for the athletes in the

village is not ready this is

despite the first of the Australian athletes including

the lawn bowls and netball

teams arriving here in Delhi

tomorrow morning but the Federation is confident the accommodation will be finished and available to

move in at the end of move in at the end of the week. The Sports Minister

Mark Arbib rejects claim the

Government is not providing

adequate security advice for travellers and spectators.

This is blatant clear-cut

language. We have said there

have been terrorist attacks and Australians should

exercise a high degree of

caution if they attend the Games. Sports Minister Mark Arbib ending the report from

outside the Athletes Village

in Delhi. Only three weeks after they began after they began the Middle

East peace talk are on a knife-edge. Israel's 10-month moratorium in building Jewish

homes in the West Bank

expires hours from now. The Palestinian say they will

quit the peace talks if

construction resume. The

White House and the EU are

appealing to Israel to extend

the building ban but

there is little say in the

Israeli Government will

agree. The word "Settlement"

does not seem to fit this

city, it is net and tidy with

20,000 resident and a hub for

the people who surround it

and live. There We do all our shop in in the

supermarket her and if we

need medical assistance there

are medical clinics

here. This man is a settler

an knows that under

international law his town is

regarded as illegal. So with a 120 other Jewish settlements that have been built in the West Bank since

1967 but he firmly believes

this is Jewish land and at

the edge of town he shows me

why. Over there we look at

the village that is a biblical village t purchasal

place of Joshua. But it is Palestinians who live there.

This is the village and this

depending on who you talk depending on who you talk to

is the tomb of Joshua the man

who led the Jews into the

Promised Land. The locals Promised Land. The locals say

that is not the case, the

mayor says his grandfather is

buried. There what annoys

people is that they are not

allowed to go to the

settlement a kilometre away

but hen religious Jews want

the visit this state the are

escorted in by the military.

The resident are put under a

curfew which is why the idea

of talking settlements are still being

built is unthinkable. This

is the mayor of the region an

says if building begins again today these talks will

collapse. If settlements

will be grown I hope negotiation negotiation will be stopped. The President Barack

Obama has put public and

private pressure on Israel urging

urging it to extend its

building moratorium. There is

talk of a possible compromise

in the wind. Many here fear

what will happen if their

compromise cannot be found.

The British Labour Party has

a new leader after a

nail-bitingly close contest between to wrote them, Ed

Miliband has defeated his older and better-known sibling the former Foreign

Secretary David Miliband in

the race to succeed Gordon

Brown. He has vowed to give

the British public a party

they can agave have faith they can agave have faith in but there are fears his

victory will trigger a fresh

round of in-fighting. There

were five candidates in the

running but in the end it

came down to two men who

shared the same background

and for most of their lives the same address. David, I

love you so much as a brother

and I have such extraordinary

respect for the campaign that

you ran. David Miliband

fought back tears as he

hatched his younger brother

deliver his victory speech. Ed Miliband won by just over

1% of the vote. He was not

the first choice of Labour

MPs nor was he first pick for

most of the party's general

membership. His win came down

the support of the unions who

saw in him the opportunity to

change of the party. I know

we lost trust. I know we lost touch. I know we need to change of. Today a new generation has taken charge

of Labour, a new generation

that understand the calf

change of. David Miliband the

former Foreign Minister was

seen as too closely associated with the mistakes

of the past. This is Ed's

day. It is a huge day for the

Miliband family. Not quite

the day from the Miliband

family that I would have

wanted. A civil war has raged

in the British Labour Party

ever since Tony Blair was seen to have stolen the

leadership crown from Gordon

Brown. Now many in the party

fear a new faction list many

will emerge as David Miliband likes the wound inflicted by

his younger brother. Two

Victorian men have been

refused bail-in Goulbourn

after police found after police found 1.2 kilogram ecstasy in their

car. Police say they found

6000 pills hidden in the boot

of the vehicle after it was

stopped for speeding on the

Hume Highway earlier this

morning. Both men have been

charged with drug offences. The tax hike has failed to turn teenagers off premixed

alcoholic drinks. The Cancer Council surveyed more #47b000

Victorian teenagers on their

attitudes towards alcohol and

found the percentage of 12 to

17 -year-olds who prefer pop

pop has not changed since the

introduction of the tax but

the Government says it has

reduced alcohol consumption.

We never prevented closing

this loophole would stop the

production of upon pop but a 30% drop is important and the

longer we can delay our

teenagers being introduced to

alcohol the better it will be for

for their health. The survey

also found teenager drinking levels have declined to their low west

levels in more than a decade.

More evidence last night in

Darwin of what can go wrong

when parties are advertised

on social networking sites.

Cars were smashed and a teenager had #14r5shd hen a 17-year-old's birthday celebration got out of control. More than 300

teenagers were at the party.

Police stay majority were

drunk. Teddy Horn returned to

his home this morning to fine his

his car smashed beyond

repair. He left his car and

the party last night when

things started to get out of

hand. I wouldn't do the to

someone's car. I hoped it

would not happen to me but... The event was

promoted through social networking sites. Some teenagers tried for weeks to

get a ticket and many turned

up uninvited A large brawl

turned up over midnight and 8

police officers shut the

party down. A male yugtd was taken to Royal Darwin

Hospital where he received treatment for facial lacerations. Some teenagers

attacked others and traffic

hen they left. Hen the

birthday boy and his father returned to clean up this

morning one concerned mother

gave them a piece of her

mind. There were kid everywhere. Police had

arrived and it was very out

of control. There was alcohol everywhere. Police are still investigating the incident

and say they are considering

laying charges. More than 40 environmental activists were

arrested today after protests

brought Newcastle's coal

terminals to a standstill.

Videos shot by the protestors

show some climbing to the top

coal loaders at the city's port. More than 30 people

broke into a coal storage area. The group an end to plans to expand Australia's coal industry

because of the impact on

global warming. Operations at

the port had to be stopped

for most of day. Nine people were charged with trespassing. The rate of ear

disease in Australian Indigenous community is among the highest in the world and its children who suffer the most but in Central Queensland teenagers the in

Woorabinda are working with

health workers tackle

problem. Teen teens at Woorabinda have designed

their own health campaign. It is all about the importance

of listening. In indigenous

community between 60 and 90%

of children suffer from ear

disease. At this high school

students have designed

posters and shirts to raise awareness of hygiene and the

dangers of missing health

appointments and listening to

loud music. People just listen to their iPod really

loud and that to turn them

down otherwise you will go

deaf. To spread the worth

they are taking the campaign on the road and making plenty

of stops along the way. It

is good to see the kid out there doing their part. Brisbane's Royal Children's hospital encouraged the

students to get involved as

part of a statewide program

called Deadly Ears. It is an

initiative that appears to be

having good results in

Woorabinda. The clinic has

been growing over the years.

We get a lot of kid with ear

infection. The problem has

fallen so they have pretty much been on top of

that. Woorabinda adopted the

Deadly Ears program of five years ago. Children will

learn about the issue earlier. Queensland Health want other Indigenous

community to jump on board.

Most his industries of the

First Fleet document the difficulties British settlers and Indigenous and Indigenous Australians had coming to terms with each other but researchers have

now uncovered the identities

of Aboriginals who embraced

Colonial ways sailing the

world with the British 200

years ago. Their store issies

are part of a new exhibition

at the knew State Library.

It is a part of Australian

history that for many is

little under stoo.d after the arrival of the First Fleet Keith Vincent Smith says some

Indigenous people joined the

English on long international

voyages. This is an unwritten chapter the fact

that Aboriginal people took

part in the Colonial culture

and tried of sealing and whaling and they went on epic whaling and they went on epic

journeys. While some are well

documented Keith says he has uncovered

uncovered the identities and stories of another 80 Aboriginal seafarers which

are at the centre of this exhibition and there is the first known Aboriginal

biography which tells the

story of a one-armed sealer stranded on an island off

Bass Strait for three years.

Also on display the first

Aboriginal song known to be

performed overseas and

recorded on the sheet music.

The song was sun g,z when

these men arrived in England

has been lost for 400 years

and it has been found and

sung for the first time by

two Aboriginal men. An the

canoe-making skills lost

through generation haves been

rediscovered to produce

replica mainly used by

Indigenous women to go fishing. St George Illawarra

have booked their place in

next Sunday's NRL final

coming from behind last night

to beat Wests Tigers by one

points. The 13-12 victory

sets up an all-Sydney grand

final against the Roosters.

Both teams should go into the match match with full-strength side. There were question

marks over the availability

of the Dragons Jason Smith

and Todd Kearney after

onfield incident over the weekend but both have been

cleared to play. cleared to play. Unlike yesterday's drawn AFL grand

final this game finished to the strains of the club song.

These Saints did go

marching into a grand final but only after a cliffhanger.

The team with the NRL's

meanest defence found itself

being shut out by some

Tigerish efforts. Against the

run of play Lote Tuqiri

skirted the sideline to put the underdogs ahead. The Dragons possession and

territorial advantages were

only converted to points hen

Jeremy Smith maintained

momentum. By this time the

Tigers re-establish add

6-points buffer. Little had

been seen of Gasnier but his incisive run set up Jason Nightingale and it was

12-all. A midfield wave of

red and white put Jamie

Soward in the slot for the

key points. The Tigers had

one last-ditch effort but St

George Illawarra held on.

Wayne Bennett is into his 8th

grand final as a coach and he

is up against long-term rival

Brian Smith. We have had

some good wins and they have

but if it matches tonight's

not will leave disappointed.

Roosters Todd Carney will be

there. The review panel

charged him after this high

shot against the Gold Coast

but the Dally-M winner will not not face detention. It found

Jeremy Smith had a case Jeremy Smith had a case the answer with this knee

contact. With an early contact. With an early guilty

plea he will be ready to

play. The captain Robbie

farrier refused to take the

matter onfield and the club

declined to provide further

evidence. Only 14,000 tickets

are left. Roosters and

Dragons members will have

first access. After

yesterday's amazing grand

final draw the AFL says it is

not considering a permanent

change of to extra-time rules

but a concession has been

made for next week's rematch to ensure there is a winner.

Coaches, players and fans

are all asking the same

question - was yesterday's

amazing result a fair one? I

think it throws everything

into disarray when we have to play again next week. There

needs to be another solution.

This is very difficult to do

it again. Many are now

calling for extra time at the end of a drawn match rather

than a replay. The AFL will

review grand final system but

the League's CEO is backing

tradition. We all went into

yesterday's game

understanding that one of the

options was a draw, it was

not a new rule, it has been a

rule that has been there for

many, many years. The rules

are being changed to allow extra time this week if there

is another draw. The replay

means more members of the

competing clubs will see the

grand final than ever

before. Maybe there is half

a chance they canfies core

froms you have and get us a bloody ticket. The traditional grand final

parade will not be repeated but

but there will be prematch entertainment and another

Norm Smith Medal will awarded. For the competing teams it was business as

usual for another week. usual for another week. Regardless of the situation we are a mentally strong

group and we look forward to

next week. I think we

add bullet and St Kilda

probably played better than

what we did and I'm just now grateful we have another

opportunity to make opportunity to make amend. Collingwood is being rallied with fervor. I have

faith in the coach t proceed

fresh that list many of the

Collingwood Football Club and

this amazing group of players

represent our team week in,

week out. I have absolute

faith. The AFL's Holy Grail

is still up for grabs. The

richest prize in golf appears

there for taking with Geoff

Ogilvy still an outside

chance going into the final round of

round of the US has slipped to fourth place

but with a win he can claim

the sports $10 million

end-of-year bonus. Hen $10

million is up for grabs

motivation is not hard to

master and for the third

round at least America's Nick Wattney Wattney was the man on the money. His 7-under round

included nine birdies in his

final 11 holes. What a

shot. Geoff Geoff had under a

to forget. He dropped two

shots but a birdie on the 18

little has Geoff Geoff still

within reach. The man to

catch is Jim Furyk at 8-under

he is one ahead of Retief

Goosen. The Opals are

shining in the Czech

Republic. They are through undefeated to the second round of the World

Championships. They were

expected to be challenged by

China but with Lauren guard stepped up. Red Bull's Sebastian

Vettel joins him at the front

of the grid while McLaren's duo of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button form a formidable second row. Mark

Webber has never finished a

race on this circuit. The

championship leader will

start tonight's race from

fifth. There are more than a million blooms demanding

attention and just at few

experts to see to their every

need. The stars ever Floriade

have small but enthusiastic

band of nocturnal carers and a new generation of gardeners

is stepping up to the challenge. It

challenge. It is night-time

at Floriade and stars of the show Basque in the limelight there is a lot

to be done behind the scenes.

Great to see how the work

this has been done in March

and and comes the fruition at the time of year. Andrew

Forster has been Floriade's

head gardener for 13 years.

He and 7 others are looking

after this year's display and

with more than million blooms

to tend to they have their hands full. In these environments tall poppies are

encouraged. We bring apprentices through the

system. You never know who

will become the next head

gardener. And there is plenty

of budding talent. It is good

to hear people say it looks

great. It is a good job but

we get it done. It is job

that continue in the morning

before the crowd are let lose

on the park We blow the

paths and take

weed, dead-head. For some the

end comes quickly. But thanks

to all that hard work there

is always a fresh see of

faces to greed to admirers.

It was a lovely sunny and

warm day in Canberra today.

light win but all- round

pleasant spring time conditions. We

conditions. We got up to 21

degrees. 22 in the valley after 3 this morning.

We will leave you of

pictures of our glorious

spring day in the capital.

Thank you for your company. Goodnight. Closed captions by CSI