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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. at Sydney Airport Tonight - travel chaos as Virgin Blue goes into meltdown. badly injured by a learner driver. A Sydney woman asleep in her bed of the Commonwealth Games Two more Australians pull out over safety fears. And Dragons fans all revved up showdown. for an all Sydney grand final to score. COMMENTATOR: And they're over with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Thousands of Virgin Blue passengers and long delays have faced cancellations check in system after the airline's computerised went into meltdown. spilled onto the street, Queues at Sydney Airport told to come back tomorrow. with hundreds of people to normal. Tonight services are returning just to get in the terminal The queue stretched for more than 100m. Inside there was barely room to move became increasingly angry. as hundreds of stranded passengers We're just going to wait. We don't know what's happening. As the temperature rose... It's a bit warm. did tempers. Very angry, very upset. their best to keep customers calm. Smiling Virgin staff tried Anyone want some muffins? failed at 9:00 this morning, The airline's entire computer system and international airports causing chaos at domestic around the country. manual boarding for all our guests We have had to move to at the airport. which is causing huge delays since 9:00 this morning, We've been here about four hours. never left the ground. Dozens of flights Cancellations to the Gold Coast. Our flights have been cancelled some accommodation. so we're trying to find for work tomorrow Three of us due home so, yeah, it's a bit hard. to get away for the school holidays. Hard too for families trying

Planes can't fly. Those who don't have to travel today on their fare have been offered a full credit

and book a ticket on another day. and urged to go away to all of our guests. We're extremely apologetic it won't happen again. With no guarantee Why no back-up? No back-up. They've got a complete IT breakdown. And no white knight.

to rescue us. I wish Richard Branson were here A learner driver has been caught in Sydney's southwest after crashing into a home

then allegedly running away. in the Bonnyrigg house A woman asleep inside was badly injured recovering in hospital. and is tonight Sook-Lin Mann is in a bad way. 51-year-old mum and grandma So is her Bonnyrigg house. Where are we supposed to stay? What are we supposed to do now? She's injured. Where's she supposed to stay? At 3:00 this morning, Sook-Lin's bedroom. a purple Commodore smashed into yep, right at the window. A big loud explosion, Jessica was sleeping next door came crashing through the wall. when Sook-Lin's bed

rescued their mum. Her boyfriend and his brother and she was here, And they were kicking down the door a little gap she had to squeeze through and they pulled her out like that. a 19-year-old L-plater Then they chased

driving the car, thought to have been holding him until police arrived. Sook-Lin is lucky to be alive. I thought when I had seen it, To me, I thought she was dead." in the car. There were at least four passengers And then there was all these girls and screaming. and they were all crying with her 9-year-old daughter Ordinarily Sock-Lin shares this room and last night was supposed to stay over as well. her 3-year-old grand-daughter those plans were changed. But luckily, at the last minute, with my mum, And they were supposed to sleep under everything. and they would have got crushed they would have been dead. They would have been gone, has been released The 19-year-old driver while police investigate. Two more Australian athletes the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi have pulled out of fearing for their safety. is in the Indian capital. Adrian Brown Adrian, who are they? Mark, they are cyclist Travis Meyer Stephanie Sang. and table tennis player Their decisions were announced the Australian Government issued just hours after terror threat here in New Delhi, its strongest warning yet about the parts of the city. including advice to stay away from are on their way to Delhi The Australians won't be joining them. but two more team-mates won silver at the last Games. Stephanie Sang and now fears for her safety. She recently married about catching dengue fever. Cyclist Travis Meyer is concerned have now pulled out. All up, three Australians

withdrew last week. Discus world champion Dani Samuels Those who are coming not to fly Australian flags are being told Unfortunately that's going to be the green and gold things like not wearing and trying not to stand out. from security experts, It's a dire warning

their patriotic pride under wraps telling supporters to keep to avoid becoming terrorist targets. terrorist attacks, We've said to people there have been further terrorist attacks. there could be a high degree of caution Australians should exercise if they are attending the Games. Australia's latest travel advice popular postcard sites in Delhi, warns tourists to stay away from parliament building and Red Fort including the Indian noticeably high-profile today. where security was the most popular attractions The Red Fort is one of for visitors to Delhi and therefore a terrorist target, says DFAT. is already under renewed scrutiny, And security in this city by militants on a tourist bus. following last week's attack This is all about risk management. I'd be recommending - don't. If you don't have to go, Kuala Lumpur are watching closely. Our swimmers preparing in I'd probably say I'm lying if I said I'm not a little bit worried.

India's foreign ministry has gently

chided Australia's saying it is in

close contact with Australia and was

confident it could ensure the safety

of all athletes and ee figuress, Mark. Julia Gillard is spending her first night in the Lodge after finally moving into the Prime Minister's official residence. But she could be staying up late, with still no agreement on who'll become Deputy Speaker when Parliament returns on Tuesday. There really is no place like home if it's The Lodge.

Julia Gillard and de facto Tim Mathieson

finally move in, three months after she became prime minister. After a romantic stroll through the lavish gardens, they soaked in the historic moment... Yeah, it's beautiful, isn't it? Lovely day. ..before getting down to business. Well, I'm actually heading towards the study to do some paperwork but it's a great privilege to be here. While Australia's first, first bloke's given up his job in Melbourne to play homemaker here, Julia Gillard's convinced Tony Abbott wants to play house wrecker in Parliament when it resumes next week. He's acting like a bull in a china shop, thinking his job is to smash everything he sees up. The government's accused him of pressuring Liberal Alex Somlyay to withdraw from the Deputy Speaker's role, effectively reducing Labor's majority to one. That's all he wants to do -

smash things, trash things, break them up.

The Opposition says that's what the public expects. I don't think they buy up to this new 'Kumbaya' politics. We want to remove the government, that's our job. And to remove Ms Gillard from her new home along the way. St George-Illawarra fans have started gearing up for the grand final

after the Dragons' 1-point win over the Tigers last night. The red and white army is calling on all of Sydney to support their team in next Sunday's decider against the Roosters. Oh, when the Saints go marching in. Less of a march, more of a mob. After 11 years waiting for a finals berth... ..they're just about ready to burst. It doesn't matter how many you win just so long as you win.

For a while there, it looked like they'd choke - again.

It was 12-6 to the Tigers going into halftime. Level after the break before a final kick from Soward sealed the deal. COMMENTATOR: Here's the shot. As soon as celebrations started at the ground,

so did production on 30,000 Grand Final shirts. Many more Dragons than Roosters. The latte sippers aren't as passionate as the Saints supporters. I'd say 10 to 1. Sent straight to the St George supporters' shop where the queue was already out the door. We've got 100% Grand Final record since she's been alive! Even in the quiet streets of Caringbah you can hear the so-called Dragon Wagon roar with matching plates, matching flags and even a matching neighbour. Morning, Greg. Go the Dragons! Greg Young's not worried about Roosters fans. They won't travel. They won't come out of their latte shops. Surely over in the east they won't cop that. How much do you know about the Roosters? I'm more AFL than league. I don't follow football. And is that a latte? No, it's a cappuccino. And so the sledging begins. There's relief for fans of both sides, with two stars on report told they're free to play in the grand final. The Roosters' Todd Carney and Dragon Jeremy Smith can avoid suspension by making guilty pleas. Jeremy Smith didn't have much luck in the surf this morning but there was good news from the match reviewers. Despite being charged with wiping out Lote Tuqiri, the Dragons enforcer will play in the grand final. If he was injured, he was injured. I didn't go over there intentionally to hurt him. I was just trying to make a tackle. Dally M Medallist Todd Carney was charged but is also free to play the decider. Tigers skipper Robbie Farah refused to pursue a racial vilification complaint against Dean Young, so the Dragons hooker can follow in his father's footsteps. Craig Young was their last premiership captain in 1979. To be involved in the next one would be pretty special. That's why I've played footy since I was a kid. Rooster James Aubusson might not be so lucky. I'm certainly very, very nervous at this stage. He injured ribs in the win over the Titans and after being 18th man for the Storm in 2007 could miss out again. There's lots of people that play their whole career

and don't get to have a shot at this. Roosters coach Brian Smith's had three shots without a win - twice as Dragons coach against Wayne Bennett's Broncos. They meet again this week. Yeah, I thought about it this morning, actually. I'm pleased for him.

He has been a long time coach and

had a lot of success too. The AFL Premiers will be decided next weekend with 10 minutes of extra time to be played if the match is drawn again. The Grand Final replay has thrown many plans in Melbourne into chaos with changes to the Spring Racing Carnival and weddings. Today should have been about celebrations, instead it was back to the training ground both sides regrouping and preparing to do it all over again. It's no different to any other week. We've moved on and we'll learn from the game and look forward to this week. Even if it means changing plans. A lot of guys were actually flying out to Bali for Shane O'Bree's wedding so he's not changing the wedding and we will get there.

Bride-to-be Leanne Griffiths is pushing her ceremony back to avoid a clash. And I thought my brother's not going to come to my wedding 'cause he'll be going to the grand final. The draw was just the third in the history of the game. And while the AFL isn't about to re-write the rules, they have been tweaked to avoid a third grand final. There'll be 5-minute halves for both teams and whoever's in front at the end of that 10 minutes will win. 40,000 tickets have been made available for club members and as a few fans warm up their voices for round two... ALL: (CHEER) Go, Saints! ..others are coming to terms with missing out. It's cost my husband and I $1,500 to see this and then we have to pay the same next week, we go "I don't know". The replay of grand final week will be like no other, with little fanfare and no street parade. Club functions have been postponed, and events have been rescheduled across Melbourne. The VRC will be moving the Turnbull Stakes to Sunday. There's a world cycling event next Saturday afternoon. With an unexpected windfall of an estimated $25 million, the AFL appears to be the big winner - until someone else takes home the cup next week. Still to come - agreement on a debate for the State Election. Also Sydney's volunteer firefighters in training to save lives this summer. And America's octomum selling up, hoping to get out of financial strife. That's next. (DOGS BARK) VOICEOVER: Life just keeps rolling on. So the home loan that suits you now might not in the future. That's why the NAB home loan exchange policy lets you exchange your NAB variable-rate home loan

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Call 13 13 12 today. 41 people have been arrested after staging environmental protests at the Port of Newcastle. The activists tied themselves to equipment around the terminal from early this morning. Some armed themselves with signs and climbed onto a coal stockpile. Although dozens were arrested, only seven men and two women have been charged. The others could face fines for trespassing. Just days before the official bushfire season begins, New South Wales Fire Service volunteers have taken part in helicopter winch training. It's an essential way to contain fires

in isolated areas when there is no road access. Our goal is to suppress fires early so that's using whatever we have at our means. That's aircraft for water bombing as well as putting firefighters in as long as it's safe to do so. The official bushfire season begins on Friday. The Premier and State Opposition Leader have agreed to go head to head in a televised debate here on Channel Seven. Today marks six months until we vote and although the polls say Labor's on the way out, neither leader is so sure. Rosemary O'Farrell admits she's unlikely to see much of her husband over the next six months. And she couldn't be happier. He'll be a terrific premier if that does happen. He's very focussed and very determined to win. Polls say next March, Barry O'Farrell will be the state's 43rd premier. He praises his rival but wants voters to remember the scandals, backflips and leadership spills that have dogged Labor.

I think Kristina Keneally is an effective communicator but I think she heads a Labor Party that lacks talent that has demonstrated over the past 15.5 years an enormous complacency. Today Mr O'Farrell announced a revamp for the Neighbourhood Watch Program. Every police region will be made to manage a group

with online support. This is about backing up our frontline police with community eyes and ears. I think it's extraordinary that after 15 years, the best the Opposition can do is take down some ideas off the shelf from things we've done previously. Kristina Keneally believes the Coalition lacks vision. It's going to be a tough election, probably the toughest in our party's history, but I want this election to be about choice. The choice that people will make about the future direction of our state. While both leaders clash regularly on the floor of parliament, they've also agreed to square off in two more debates on Channel Seven in the lead-up to the election. I'll be there tomorrow if Seven wants to put on town hall debates." I hope that they are real debates where we have the Opposition putting out some actual policy. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has addressed the United Nations' General Assembly in New York. During the speech, he warned leaders that the UN risks becoming irrelevant if it doesn't undergo reform.

Delegates, if we fail to make the United Nations work, to make its institutions relevant

to the great challenges we all now face, the uncomfortable fact is this, that the UN will become a hollow shell. Mr Rudd also spoke about the ongoing threat of terrorism and climate change. A British newspaper has published photos of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan allegedly injecting herself with heroin. The 'News of the World' didn't say when the pictures were taken but they show Lohan posing with what appears to be a syringe. The 24-year-old was released from a Los Angeles jail yesterday following a failed drug test. She posted bail of more than $300,000 and is due back in court next month. And America's Octomum Nadya Suleman has held a yard sale as she tries to raise money to pay her spiralling debts. Among the items on offer, her maternity bra, baby clothes and a bikini she wore on the cover of tabloid magazines. I just want to focus on the positive people. I'm so thankful for people who are out there that are actually very kind and positive, because I've had a lot, a lot of threats. The mother of 14 children says she's facing foreclosure on her home. Sport now with Johanna Griggs. And Joh, still no joy for Sydney FC. Mark, it's not through lack of trying or controversial refereeing decisions. Details shortly. Plus, all the reaction as the Dragons set up their showdown with the Roosters. And what caused David Beckham's furious clash with his own team's fans. As you've heard, Todd Carney and Jeremy Smith are free to play in the NRL grand final. Both will avoid suspension with early guilty pleas. Smith starred for the Dragons in last night's heart-stopping win over the Tigers, who were beaten by a Jamie Soward field goal. Not for the first time, Jamie Soward stepped up to save the Dragons. COMMENTATOR: And it sails over the uprights. Yeah, I'd been pretty quiet up until then so I had to pull my finger out and do something. Neville Costigan needs two teeth pulled out. He spent match eve in hospital with an infection. Give us a look at the tooth? You don't want to see it! His face was out here somewhere looking like the elephant man. At first Bennett ignored the emergency call. About 11:30 my phone went off last night

and I thought it was one of my former players on the drink somewhere ringing me up to tell me that the Dragons can't play. The Tigers did everything to make the Dragons prove they can. Jeremy Smith, he's over - can he get it down this time? Here's Tuqiri - the first try of the game. It took 27 minutes until Jeremy Smith cracked the Tigers. Beau Scott's late shot on Robert Lui gave the Tigers another chance before the break. Robert Lui has scored under the dot. A Mark Gasnier bust finished on the next play by Dean Young, and Jason Nightingale levelled scores after half-time.

Back on the inside and they're over to score. At 12-12, the Tigers lost Lote

and Benji Marshall rolled the dice once too often. Nine times out of 10 those things come off for me so it's a little bit disappointing but at the same time you can't dwell on it. It set up Soward's chance for a shot at the club that sacked him. I'm not even answering that. I answer it every time I play the Roosters. Same answer: I played against them - I was playing with them four years ago. Into the grand final. It's why Gasnier came back from French rugby. Totally, yeah, yeah, I won't deny that one bit, but it's kind of a long way from finished yet. They've got a great history. They are a very successful club and I suppose it's good to give one back to the fans

and hopefully we can do it for them on Sunday. Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell has welcomed another shot at St Kilda but is standing by his criticism of the AFL grand final replay. The Pies say it's a second chance to make things right. The Magpies took their grand final recovery to the streets of Melbourne but they're injury free and feeling lucky. I'm not a believer in playing again the next week but having said that, I think we really dodged a bullet. That bullet was a fast-finishing Saints outfit that had all the momentum, no longer outsiders. We've earned the right for another crack at it and we're up for it. But they do have injuries. Ruckman Michael Gardiner is almost certain to miss the replay with what's believed to be a hamstring injury.

Regardless of the personnel, St Kilda's confidence is sky high on the back of two courageous second half comebacks. The whole year, and yesterday we've been challenged, written off and we've responded. I think we didn't take a lot of opportunities throughout the game. Probably something that we need to improve on rather than what they did. Brendon Goddard will have a nervous wait for the match review following a knee to Luke Ball's head

with double points given for grand final reports. Sydney FC are still winless eight rounds into the A-League Season after a controversial 1-all result against Gold Coast United. With scores locked, star striker Alex Brosque looked to have broken the deadlock but a late call for a foul on Bruno Cazarine meant otherwise. Byun failed to capitalise in front of an unhappy crowd. (BOOING) The embattled premiers play North Queensland on Wednesday. And LA Galaxy superstar David Beckham's had another run-in with a fan of his own club. Stop with the prostitutes... Oh, he's coming after me. Becks and wife Victoria are suing a US magazine for $26 million over claims of a three-in-a-bed romp with a prostitute.

Mark Webber has qualified fifth

fastest and the rugby league,

fastest and the rugby league, the prime minister's 13 has beaten PNG

in Port Moresby She was very happy

with that. I hope she watched it from the Lodge. Sydney's weather forecast is after the break then it's 'Sunday Night' with Mike and Chris.

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to be outdoors. for those lucky enough In our west, dipped to just 6 degrees in Richmond overnight temperatures and Campbelltown 25 and 26 during the day. but warmed up to a very respectable the low to mid 20s. Maximums mostly hovered around and Campbelltown reached 26. Liverpool, Penrith, Around the capitals tomorrow - a late shower for Brisbane. Fine but windy in Canberra. A few showers about in Melbourne. Rain easing in Hobart. A morning shower for Adelaide. Fine and 25 in Perth. On Sydney's waterways: Tonight will be fine and mild and very warm day. ahead of another sunny Top temperatures