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Live. Tonight, a Coalition

MP backs away from a deal

that would have boosted Labor's slim majority. There

is no question of me being

you know a Liberal Party rat.

That was never on. First a hung parliament now a hung

grand final. COMMENTATOR:

grand final. COMMENTATOR: Unbelievable! Cleaning up

their image. The big fix-up begins at the Commonwealth Games. Who is crowing now? The Roosters one win away

from one of the NRL's most

spectacular comebacks. Good evening.

evening. Craig Allen. It

disdeal that was not to Just 24 hours after disdeal that was not to be.

Government claimed it had the Just 24 hours after the

backing of a rogue Liberal MP

on guaranteeing supply voting down no confidence on guaranteeing supply and

motions it is now clear that

agreement no longer exists. In e change of for his

support Alex Somlyay was to be nominated by Labor as

morning Deputy Speaker but this

morning the Queensland

backbencher had a change of

of heart not wanting to be

known as a Liberal rat.

Under siege and reversing

away if a deal with Labor to become Deputy Speaker. I rang Tony Abbott and told him my

decision this morning that I

it. The Queensland's MP's will not go ahead

back down comes after intense pressure from Coalition colleagues. There was no

question of me being a

Liberal Party rat. That was

never on. It is a relief to

had has the fellow Queensland very

old job of Opposition whip. had has taken Alex Somlyay's

I thought he would have made

a excellent Deputy Speaker

but as he said he is in a

position which makes it difficult. After days difficult. After days of negotiations Labor was confident with an agreement

with the backbencher to

become Deputy Speaker. exchange Alex Somlyay would become Deputy Speaker. In

have supported the government

on no confidence motions and

money bills. It is a pity

because I was committed to

carrying out reforms. Labor says he was carrying out parliamentary

knee-capped. In a statement it

Tony Abbott of renegeing on

agreements and intimidating agreements and intimidating

members of his own party who disagree with him. The Labor

Party tried to wedge politics

to jam a point. Day from the opening of the new hung parliament the Prime Minister's prediction is not a good omen. Please, please, we

cannot have a draw. Our

nation just couldn't stand

result today. it! Australians deserve a

result today. On does Labor

will again nominate Harry

Jenkins as its Speaker but

like many things in the 43rd Parliament who will get the deputy's position remains

unpredict tampbility in the

shared a house with Alex meantime Warren Edge who once

Somlyay in Canberra is again

leaving that accommodation

option open. We enjoy a good

glass of red and a laugh. I glass of red and a laugh. I

do not share his interest in golf. Another offer that is

still to be confirmed. There

is an eerie feeling in

Melbourne tonight after

neither Collingwood nor St

Kilda walked away with the AFL premiership trophy. In

the most nail-biting finish

in more than 30 years the

sides were tide on the final

and their siren. The exhausted players

now have to go through it all again next week.

again next week. Grand final

fever swept through Melbourne

equally desperate to taste with fans from both sides

victory. Go Pies. Ing the Magpies! The sold-out

all night blockbuster had some queueing

all night for a seat but the

cold wait was worth it. I

have been waiting 44 years

for a St Kilda

for a St Kilda victory. Other ticketless fans advertised

their desperation. Some had

interstate with nothing more even travelled from

than the hope of getting

lucky. The mood at the traditional grand breakfast was also lighthearted. Please,

please, we cannot have a

draw! Our nation just could

not stand it. Collingwood got

the dream start as Didak got the ball

the ball to Jolly in the first minute. The opening

was frenetic, no inch was

given. The Magpies were

the relentlessly swooping. Even

the unconventional was coming

up trumps as Dale Thomas

stretched the lead to 20

points. St Kilda began to weather storm. Nick Riewoldt

got within back for the

Saints. In the second term Saints. In the second term

Collingwood's attack on the ball carrier began the pay dividends. O'Brien stretched

the margin to 22 points. The

army had a sniff of victory.

COMMENTATOR: The pressure is really starting to mount

on St Kilda. But Cloak could

not find the killer blow. St

Collingwood's led Kilda kept chipping away at

Malthouse did not like what he was seeing. Sam Gilbert

set the game up for a cracking last quarter. cracking last quarter. With a

point the difference a

captain's desperation prevented the Saints from

taking the lead. With the

scores tide it took something special to break the deadlock. Still the Magpies

rose again and Cloak finally

found the target. Leading by

a solitary a solitary points once again

St Kilda scored an historic behind against

Collingwood. COMMENTATOR:

Scores are level! The game

is the third drawn grand

final in VFL/AFL history. COMMENTATOR: It is

going to be a draw,

unbelievable.. I will take

this for the AFL the change of the rules. It is a absolute joke. absolute joke. There is no

after another game. Lenny way it should be decided

Hayes Hayes was named Norm Smith medallist.

44 years apart one points

still separates St Kilda and

Collingwood. A lot of work

has been done but there is

still a lot more to do to get Delhi ready for the Commonwealth Games. That is the assessment of the

organisers just at week out

from the start of

but the Games Federation says

despite serious problems the work

work will be finished in time

and the event will be a

success. From this to this. What a difference a couple of

days and a chorus of international condemnation

can make. These pictures show a vastly different standard

of accommodation awaiting

athletes in the Games

Village. The clean-up job is

far from over but the number

of happy customers is of happy customers is going.

We have been working hard

over the last 2 days and a

lot has within achieved. The

Commonwealth Games Federation

is unhappy it

close call and says the chaos

surrounding the Games has

damaged India's international

reputation. I hope at the

end of this India will have learnt a a great lesson and

we would have learnt a we would have learnt a lesson

working with a country like

working with a country like

India. The organisers concede a a lot needs to be done before

the game game can begin. The Athletes Village behind me

still needs to meet critical

fire safety regulations. The clock is now ticking.

Australia's swimming team has

left for the Games. The

excitement of competing is

the colour would a dose of nervousness. It has been documented there are issues

but it adds to the but it adds to the spice. It

is not just another trip.

Everybody want to get there

and see people it is not as

bad as everybody thinks it

is. After earlier fears of a

mass boycott more and more

athletes are arriving in

Delhi to prepare for the event W less an week before

the Games begin the venues are insecurity lockdown. Extra

Extra troops sb had have been

deployed to ensure the safety of the of the at clothes and

spectators and from the

Government a bit of gal owes

humour. TRANSLATION: Now I

hear a story true the severe

criticism of the chief of the Organising Committee decided

to commit suicide by hanging

himself from the ceiling but

unfortunately the the ceiling

came down! The Indians are still hoping the joke will not be on them. not be on them. The Federal Government says it will

consider sending more police trainers to Afghanistan.

Stephen Smith made the

announce. As he visited Australian troops on the frontline in Uruzgan

province, his first trip to Afghanistan as Defence

Minister. Sally Sara reports from Tarin

and dangerous t Highlands of

Uruzgan province, Australian

troops are trying to hold this important ground. this important ground. The Defence Minister came to

thank the diggers for their

work and express sorrow for their recent casualties. The

last few months have been

difficult for you. That pain

has been shared by the entire

nation. One soldier

questioned whether troops are spread too thin after

doubling their area of operations but the chief of Defence Force disagreed.

There is more combat power There is more combat power in

the AO now than there was say

two or three years

ago. Australians are not only

training the Afghan forces but looking to get them out

operationally so they can

improve security in areas like this one. The

Australians are now operating

in a very large part of

Uruzgan province and trying

to work in partnership with

the Afghan police and Afghan

National Army. US general National Army. US general David gratitude after talks in the

capital Kabul. There are a

few steadfast partners out

there an Australia is very

much for most among them. Stephen Smith announced the Federal Government will consider sending more police

trainers to Afghanistan to

boost local law and order.

I'm very pleased, very

to take back to my colleagues

the suggestion that we look

to see had we can do more so to see had we can do more so for as police training is

concerned. Additional artillery instructors may

also be provided from the existing Australian force.

There was no formal request to increase Australia's

overall commitment but

Coalition commanders are not

hiding their hopes. Some people might think I'm being

greedy but Australian armed

force are very high camber and if they and if they can spare more

people they will be welcome

here always. No one here always. No one knows exactly hen the troops will

finish their mission but it

could take another 2 to 4 years. Barack Obama has hit

back an Iran's President over

his claim the US Government

was behind the September 11

attacks. In an interview with

the BBC's Persian service the BBC's Persian service

which airs in Iran the American President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks inexcusable. It was

offensive. It was hateful.

And particularly for him the

make this statement here in Manhattan just a little north

of 'Ground Zero' where

families lost their loved ones. Barack Obama said the ones. Barack Obama said the Iranian regime is betraying

its own people by isolating them from the international

community but the Iranian

leader was unrepentant

defending his remarks in an address to the United Nations

an calling for a UN inquiry into the twin into the twin tower attacks.

The nun set to become

Australia's first saint was excommunicated because she

blew the whistle on a paedophile priest. paedophile priest. According

to the ABC's Compass program

Mary Mackillop was pun ired

by the Catholic Church

hierarchy hen she spoke out.

It has It has often been said that

Mary Mackillop was ahead of

her time, 143 years ago she

founded an order of nuns the

lack after the poor and she

refused to be ruled by the bishops. The were

Australian, they were independent thinkers, independent thinkers, they

went out among the people. And when Mary Mackillop discovered a priest

north of Adelaide was

sexually abusing children she

complained throught priest to

the church's vicar general.

One of these priests was so

angry he swore

vengeance. That vengeance was

swift and harsh. With the

power invested in in my by

the Holy Church of Rome do

solemnly declare that you sap

sister Mary Mackillop are

from this time fort ex-communicate from the Holy Catholic Church. Were they

covering up sexual abuse? I

suppose you could put it that

way or peace its being annoyed somebody had

uncovered it. It was such a bad a bad reflection on the liver

of the church at the of the church at the time. The excommunication left Mary Mackillop an her sisters penniless and

homeless. The bishop was

very badly advised and later

conceded that and lifted the excommunication. 100 years

after her death the church

apologised. A spokeswoman for

the Sisters of Saint Joseph says the information

contained in the Compass

program is consistent with

what has been documented

about Mary Mackillop's liver

and that it was period for Mary and the sisters. Today the Catholic

Church continues to be rocked

by sexual abuse scandal but

Mary Mackillop's legacy is being recognised. The

Compass program on Mary

will be broadcast on Sunday

10 October here on ABC1.

10 October here on ABC1.

There are calls for changes

the Tasmania's criminal code after reports that more than

100 men who paid to have sex

with a 12 year-old girl will

not be prosecuted. It is

understood the DPP is

reluctant to charge the men

because of a lack of

admissible evidence and the

trauma of putting the girl on

the witness stand multiple the witness stand multiple

times. Child welfare

advocates now demand the

State Government intervene.

It was a crime that shocked Tasmanians, a 12-year-old

girl sold for sex in this Hobart hotel in late 2009.

The PM be Garry Devine and

the child's mother are serving 10 years in serving 10 years in James.

Now it has been reported the

DPP is unlikely to charge

more than 100 men who paid

for sex with the girl. I'm

surprised there is not maybe five a handful of cases

where prosecutions are at

least possible. It sends an

horrific message, back in the

era of women should lie back

and think of England almost.

I absolutely believe it reinforces Tasmania's

position of being a haven for

paedophiles. It is understood

the DPP's concerns are a lack the DPP's concerns are a lack of admissible evidence and

the prospect of putting the

already traumatised girl on

the witness stand more than 100

100 times as each case would

have to be run separately. Child welfare add so cats say

there are laws in other

states that allow young

victims to give evidence. There is no reason

our part could not as a

matter of urgency change of

the Evidence Act to pass such legislation in this

state. The Opposition has state. The Opposition has called for law reform. If

someone has reasonable belief

that a young person is over the age of 17 then defence to a charge of sexual

intercourse with a young

person so I think we need

inform look at the

provision. The Children's Commissioner has suggested

that provision be charged. It

is on a list of recommendations he made to Government Government after reviewing the case. The recommend days are expected are expected to be made

public this week. Pressure is also on the Attorney-General

to look into the cases of the

men who have not been

charged. There is an intense public interest in the

identity of these people as

much as the strength of the case against them. The State Government has declined to weigh into the debate. A spokesman for Lara spokesman for Lara Giddings says she does not comment says she does not comment on speculation. For some

students hearing their school

was closing might be cause

for celebration. But for one

tiny farming community near

Yass it could mean the end of

their town. Rugby's public

school has only and is in danger ever being

closed forever. Unless a

desperate bid to attract

young families to the area is

successful. Primary school students have

students have been graduating

from the Rugby Public School

for 123 years. But for Dylan

and Jakobe Howard it is not

looking good. They are going

to shut it down. The grade 2

twins make up half of Rugby

Public School's total

students population. The tiny

town near Boorora in

southwest NSW has been told

its school will close at the

end of the year. And it will only reopen

only reopen in students can be found. students can be found. We

will miss everything. We will

miss all the stuff we make. Our family has been involved

with the school tore 2 or 3 generations now so very

sad. The community is up to

the challenge because if the

school closes it might just

be the end of the village.

Since the shop and the post

office closed it has been difficult. And difficult. And everyone will

tell you just how good a

school it is. It is warm and

friendly, it is just the friendly, it is just the best

place to go really. Blue

you cannot give the kid attention in situations. The

students-staff ratio is an

obvious advantage and the

school says isolation is not

a problem. We regularly have lessons online with surrounding schools. If the

school's doors do shut

altogether children in the town will spend and hour

travelling to Boorora every

day.. we will go on the bus. But no one bus. But no one is giving up

just yet. We are in the

fortunate situation we have

affordable housing and cheap

land here. There is always

hope. I'm the eternal

optimist so we have to wait to

to see what happens. It is a numbers problem these two hope will

hope will be solved soon.

The Sydney Roosters are

through to the NRL grand final following a 32-6

victory over the Gold Coast

tie tons at Lang Park. They are now just one win away

from being the first team in

76 years to go from the wooden spoon the premiership winners in just one season. Last year's cellar-dwelling season

season was distant memory for

the Roosters as they stormed

into the grand final with a

26-points drubbing of the Titans. COMMENTATOR: Now

there are three. No team has

gone from last place to

premiers in successive

seasons since the suburbs did in 1934. Now the

Roosters have a chance to

replicate that fete. We are

riding the way and want to

keep going. In front of a

fiercely partisan home crowd

the Titans got off to what

they thought was a flying

start but it did not take

long for the Roosters to draw the

the first points of the

night. The Titans levelled

through William Zillman but Todd Carney and Mitchell

Pearce kept the Roosters on

the front foot as they set up Sam

Sam Perritt for a double. But

Todd Carney's dominant

performance was soured by a

high tackle on Scott Prince.

He has been placed on report

an faces an anxious wait to

see if it has cost him a

place in the grand final.

Can he get suspended for

that? The Roosters ran in

three more ties in the second half the book themselves a

place in the decider up an all-Sydney team up an all-Sydney team began

final. Today Graham Smith

played down Todd Carney's

shot. I reckon that will be

the end of it I hope. I

never had a high charge penalty against me or been on

report so it is - hopefully

it all comes out alright. The

Roosters will play the winner

of tonight's preliminary final between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the

Wests Tigers. In tonight's

NRL curtain-raiser Raiders

under-20 side could not do

any better than their senior counterparts being thrashed

by south Sydney in their preliminary final. preliminary final. The Rabbitohs won the game by a

massive 64 points to 18 to

book their place in next

weekend's grand final against

the Warriors. Mark Webber's

chances ever staying on top in the Formula One drivers championship are look in good

with his Red Bull team

fastest after the practice

sessions. Five drivers are

still in contention for the title including Mark Webber's

team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

The lead at the top of the

championship changing hand after each of the last four races Mark Webber will hope to to break that run in Singapore. Sebastian Vettel

and Mark Webber did well with the

the night-time driving. The German was half a second faster than his colleague and

a second ahead of Jenson

Button. Mark Webber's main

rifle for the title Lewis Hamilton was only

fifth-fastest in practice.

Australia has powered to

another win at the Bass boss

as the Opals look to defend

their title. Belarus led in

the first quarter but

struggled to cope with Lauren Jackson's side and

power. COMMENTATOR: Jackson leads Snell top-scored with 17

points and Penny Taylor made her

her first appearance of the tournament after recovering

from a back injury. The Opals

will take on a winless China

side tonight in their final

group game. Geoff Ogilvy

remains in con tense to win golf's biggest golf's biggest financial

prize at the US PGA. Forestville

Geoff Ogilvy shot 7 birdies in birdies in his second round

but 4 bogeys stopped him

taking the overall lead. He

is a shot behind England's

Luke Donald and Jim Furyk.

Robert Allenby is tied for 13 but had one of the day's

highlights holding highlights holding out from

the fairway. Rugby Union proudly boasts it is the game

played in heaven and the

number of men still playing number of men still playing

in their '70s and '80s lends

weight to the claim. Hundreds

of veterans including a contingent from Australia

have just converged on Cape Town for an international

tournament. We learnt a Rugby

Union is not just about sport. Cape Town welcomes vintage rugby players from

around the world. Here for good game! good game! Blue cheers. Among

the dozen or so teams the

make it to South Africa are the Coggers. Very

therapeutic and healthy and a great way the tour the world

with a great bunch of people

the have fun. I cannot think

of better way to spend this

day in my life! On Planet

Earth I would rather be here.

Blue I think they are having

a lot of fun, yeah I do.

There is a bit of

competitiveness starting to

emerge don't you think For

this team rugby comes second

to the friendship. Those

mates are showing other community how to cope with

hardships of rural life. At

home you are on your own or

with one employee you know

with drought and low prices

and sort of you know, like

whether there are other

problems in the family,

relationship problems it gets

too much for lot of people.

This is a real circuit-breaker in our community. How important is

it for men this friendship?

Absolutely huge. Huge. It is

good for them all and us as

women to see our men happy.

There are a lot of sore and

tired old bodies out her and

a few have ended up in

hospital with various

injuries but at the end of injuries but at the end of

the day all that pain seems to disappear. The Codgers enter the tournament

undefeated and reinvigorated.

You can see more on

'Landline' at midday on ABC1.

Are brewers have gathered to

decide which are the national

capital as finest ales. The beer-brewing championships highlight the quality of the

hand crafted local product.

Tasting the beers is a tough

job but someone has to do it!

It is a labou ru, of love but

they say until you have tasted these tasted these brews you have

no idea what real beer is.

It has the malt t caramel.

Loads of toffee, burnt

sugar. Canberra's brewers

have gathered to judge the best beers out of 111 entries

as they try to emulate and better beer from around the world. That is what the

brewers have tried to do,

create beer that can stand up

against the best

international examples. Some of the Russian beers, the Russian imperial stouts, Russian imperial stouts, it

is a very strong version, you

would think most stouts on

the pub on steroids a meal in which, fantastic. Unlike mass

produced pub beer the hand

crafted ale here is served

warm at between 6 and 8

degrees. It is only then this

the full flavour and

character of the beers emerge

A VB or a Tooheys is not at its best at those

temperatures and it is not

only flavour they lack

compared to the real ale

being judged. It has a craft

element about it, Depth of

character, time and

effort. The judges have the onerous task

onerous task of tasting some

24 batches of the finest ale

over the weekend. We have

had some very good beer. We

are looking for the one that

blows us state off our seats.

Have not found it yet but it

is early days. The top-scoring beers will compete with Australia's finest at finest at the national

championships next month in

Melbourne, and the judges?

They will be taking taxis

home. To the wetter now - a

glorious sunny day in Canberra and the surrounding region. wind around this afternoon

and a top of 18. After a

pretty mild 4 overnight. The

coast was the place to be today.

Our top story - the

Queensland Coalition MP Alex

Somlyay has backed out of a

deal with the Gillard

Government that would Government that would have soon him become Deputy

Speaker. Alex Somlyay says he

was no longer interested in

the job because he did not

want to be seen as a Liberal Party rat.

Party rat. That is the news

for now. You can find the

latest headlines 24 hours a

day online and at ABC News 24. Thank you for your

company. Good night. Closed captions by CSI