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Tonight - falling apart, the

Delhi Games lurch from crisis

to crisis. More roof top

protests while the Prime Minister backs the Timor solution. Caught in the act,

video exposes vote rigging in

the Afghan election. And the

grand final tribes gather,

Collingwood supporters come out in force.

Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. The Delhi Games

are on the brink of a

full-blown crisis 11 days out

from the opening ceremony. A

short time ago local media

there reported that part of the

ceiling at one of the venue had

collapsed. That comes 24 hours

after a foot bridge injuring dozens of people. after a foot bridge came apart

Athletes and organisers are feeling increasingly uneasy. Today Australian Dani Samuels,

the world discus champion,

pulled out of the Games over health and safety concerns. Others are considering their options. The collapse injected

Games disaster into the chaos of the

Games city. Workers

constructing the foot bridge

beside the main stadium bore

the brunt of it.

TRANSLATION: I was working turn

bridge that's why I could escape quickly but those work

on the bridge could not escape and were injured. Transtranseveryone

sometimes mistake happen. New was doing good work

Delhi's Chief Minister has

ordered a an inquiry and blacklisted the building contractor. We have been

stressing right from the beginning about the quality of

the construction and the need

to take extra care. The chorus

of complaint about the state of of complaint about

the Games' village has

exploded. We have emphasised

the importance of addressing

the issue of the condition and the cleanliness of the Games' village which I would have to

say in many, many of the towers

I'm not going to pull any punches, were punches, were filthy. The residential wing, yes, some

work, especially the deep

cleaning, needs to be done but

again I can only say it's a world-class village. The

Australian contingent has been

among the least critical voices, but now the Government

wants answers. The Commonwealth

Games Federation has written to the village and also regarding the Indian Government

preparations for the Games so

obviously we a wait further

information from the

Federation. In the wake of a

shooting at a Delhi mosque and

a dengue fever outbreak the

Games are lurching from crisis

to crisis. It's a case of not worth it for Australia's champion discus thrower champion discus thrower Dani

Samuels. Aiflts reached the

point now where I cannot

justify competing in India as I

believe there's too many

hazards to hi health, my well

being and my life. A trio of British athletes has also

was more important than a pulled out. One saying safety

medal. And as things appear to

be unravelling fairly swiftly

in New Delhi, Jane Cowan has just filed this up date. There

has just been another incident,

a false ceiling at the weight

lifting venue has collapsed. Officials are saying it's a

minor incident and there's no indications at this stage that

bridge collapse yesterday where anyone's been hurt. Certainly

the workmen were injured but

definitely not a good look in

for Commonwealth Games this continuing set of problems

organisers. The organisers

themselves are continuing to

say that everything will be

fine, they're giving very calm,

almost dismissive responses to

each new problem as it arises each new problem as

and it's almost as if each

another more serious one. They problem is superseded by

are definitely trying to keep a

lid on this rising sense of

panic that's being expressed by the international teams. Jane

Cowan there in New Delhi. It's

been dubbed the Timor solution

and the Prime Minister is

determined to make it happen.

Julia Gillard has stepped up her effort to secure an

agreement with Dili to house

asylum seekers. The move came

amid more tense scenes at Sydney's Villawood detention

centre. Tonight another group

of detainees is threatening to

jump off a building if they're not allowed to stay.

had one protest ended than

another began. (All chant)

Resks are welcome here. On to Villawood's roof 9 more

detainees clamber ed. They're

to be pregnant. They Chinese citizen, one believed

to be pregnant. They want

person in the roof is blanket and water and one

person in the roof is in

coma. Most of them are accused

of overstaying their visas.

This former detainee spoke to them on the phone and say they're demanding protection. Otherwise they're

going to do something dangerous

or jump off on the

roofs. Immigration officials

spent another day playing negotiators. There's no doubt

this is a tough couple of days

at Villawood detention centre.

Last night saw the end of a

30-hour stand off as this group

gave up its fight. In good

how many more will follow their faith they they came down. But

lead? Protes in Villawood and

troubled the Government and Darwin in recent weeks have

ilstraighted a policy

dilemma. We will see from time

to time people being

disappointed about particular

outcomes of asylum seeking processes. But with boats

arriving at a frequent rate,

court appeals by some already

here, and a freeze on processing Afghan claims,

numbers in detention have

passed 5,000. When people are

there longer as increasingly is

the case then those tensions

only rise further. Next month

could hold the sir cut breaker

iffor the Government when the

6-month suspension of

processing expires. It's a

baptism of fire few the new Immigration Minister. He spent

the day getting his first

glimpse of Christmas Island but

soon Chris Bowen will be

despatched to East Timor. The

Prime Minister spoke to her

counterpart in Dili today and

they agreed that she will send

the Minister there to accelerate talks on the Timor solution. Afghanistan's electoral watchdog said it's

received thousands of

complaints of electoral fraud

during the nation's

parliamentary election. The

ABC's obtained exclusive video of vote rigging in the southern

province of Kandahar. It shows

political activists blatantly

falsifying dozen os votes. The

video has shocked electoral observers, they're calling for

the perpetrators to be brought

to justice. Sally Sara rors

from Kabul. This mobile phone

video obtained by the ABC shows

vote rigging in action. Stolen

ballot papers are filled out in

favour of ruling party

candidates again and again. Opposition MPs say the election

was rotten. Nobody wanted to

run for election. Nobody

wanted. Why? Because the fraud, because of announced by Taliban not to go house from house, we

will kill you. Retired General

Noori ul-haq Olumi say some

ballot boxes were stuffed with

fake votes before the election.

He questions why Australia and other nations are sacrificing

troops an funds while other political leaders are

cheating. The insurgency during

this 9 year in my country

because of unimplementation of

law and corruption, because of my government. Experienced electoral observers are shocked

by the latest video which was

filmed on election day in eastern Kandahar. Unfortunately

we had similar allegations of

this last year in that region

was as well. No-one really

knows the number of voters

because there hasn't census. Last year's presidential election was hit

by industrial scale electoral

fraud. Now there are fears the parliamentary poll was also

deeply flawed. It's still not

clear how much vote rigging

took place on election day. The Lech tral complaints commission

will now go will now go through thousands of submissions from candidates

and pro democracy groups over

the next month. Only then will

people truly know whether this

election was free and fair. As the political dispute deepons

the international community's resolve is being tested. The

Prime Minister has received

legal advice from the Solicitor-General that could

break the deadlock over the speaker's position. The

Government, Opposition and the

Independents agreed to changes

that would allow the speaker to

vote on legislation by pairing

with a member from the opposite

side. The measure could prove

crucial with Labor holding just

a 2-seat majority. The Coalition argues that would unconstitutional but the

Solicitor-General has now

advised that there are no

impediment s to the pairing arrangement as long as both

sides agree. There's another

political crisis in the NSW

Government. A corruption probe

that ended one MPs career is

now set to engulf another.

Karyn Paluzzano quit Parliament

after admitting to rorting one

of her parliamentary allowances

and lying about it. Now another

Labor MP is under investigation by by the Independent Commission

Against Corruption. Just days

after picking up the pieces

following the resignation of

Minister Paul McLeay, Kristina

Keneally has another load on

her shoulders. Drummoyne MP

Angela D'Amore is being investigated investigated for allegedly

rorting an allowance. The

public understands the only way

to raise standards in NSW is to

change government. The sitting

day relief allowance gives MPs the right to employ someone at Parliament House on sitting

days. Karyn Paluzzano was found

by the ICAC to have instead

given a staff member a day off

and got them to work for her in

another day, in one case for campaigning. Angela D'Amore is

being investigated for allegedly misusing the

allowance in the lead up to and

just after the last State

election. She declined to be interview and issued a

statement saying "I will defend

the allegations vigorously" but

also said, "If any breach of

that policy has occurred say wi

confidence that it was

inadvertant." Kristina Keneally

couldn't avoid the ques in

parliament. I expect any member

of parliament or indeed any

public serve want would

cooperate fully with the

commission and its inquiries. But she's refusing

to stand Ms D'Amore down as parliamentary secretary for

police something which is

routine for public servants

during ICAC inquiries. As with

all those Railcorp employees

with the lawyer from the

maritime authority, all stood aside. We remind the Leader of the Opposition when I was the Minister for Planning and there

was an inquire yir including an

ICAC inquiry into the western

Sydney employment lands I did not require the Director-General Sam Haddad to

stand aside. Even if the ICAC

inquiry leads to another

resignation it's unlikely there

will will be a by-election,

that's because the general

election is just 6 months away.

The mother of an alleged

murderer has told a Canberra

court she was threatened by a

Rebels bikie who told her the

next time they came to her they

would kill her son. Russell

Field is on trial for shooting

dead Gregory Peter Carrigan and

Richard John Roberts who was a

senior member of the Rebels

Motorcycle Club. Fields' mould

told the court a told the court a Rebels member came to her house and at her with his hand shaped

like a gun. The member denied

making the threat. The court

heard the shot gun used to kill

Mr Robert was fired 1 or 2

metres away from him and was

loaded when it was found by

police. Point to point speed

cameras will be operating in

the ACT by the middle of next

year with a network of 10 sites after 3 years. The first

cameras will be installed on

Hindmarsh Drive, the second on

Gungahlin Drive. The system

measures the time taken to

travel between two cameras. If that shows an average speed

above the limit the driver is

fined but critics say the cameras will do little to stop

crashes and a greater police

presence would be more effective. We believe that

people being pulled up by a

policeman, having a discussion

about why they were speeding,

sticks in their mind more and therefore changes their

attitude, changes their behaviour. The Opposition says

the cameras are misplaced and

all about revenue raising, not

the camera s will be so

effective in reducing speeding that revenue will actually drop. This is all about changing behaviour, changing culture, changing an

understanding, making drivers

aware that it's not OK to

speed, that the implications of

speeding are da Matic, speeding are da Matic, often

fatal m auch than not resulting

in serious injury and we want

to prevent that. The cameras

can also be used to detect

stolen and unregistered vehicles

vehicles as well as identify

cars to assist in police investigations. Australian

researchers say they've made an

important discovery that could help treat stroke patients.

They've identified an enzyme

that releases toxins in the

brain after a stroke and

they've found a way to switch

it off. It's called the golden

hour, the small window of time

after a stroke when doctors administer drugs to try to stop

damage done to the brain. But window are limited so Australian researchers have

taken an entirely new

approach. A drug like this that

has the potential doesn't mean

it's proven yet but it's had

the potential to be used in a

much broader setting would

allow us to treat many, many

more paish. Reserns at the Florey Neuroo science Institute

has found a drug that released

enzymes. You can give nit the ambulance because you don't need a scan before you give it. Strokes occur when artries

to the brain are blocked

causing nerves to die. In

research on mice, sign Ties

were able to switch off the

enzyme and the toxins reducing

brain damage and preserving

brain function. They found the

same process occurred in human brains after a stroke. This

effect is so big that it's far

more likely to translate from the the bench to the bedside and be useful in faisht

patients. This one looks more

promising than any other one

because the benefit we've seen

in animal models is far superior to anything we've seen

before. The next step will be

clinical trials on humans,

something researchers hope will

happen in the next few years.

As political debate over a

carbon tax rages, big business

is stepping in. Some of the country's largest companies

have made big cuts as they

prepare for a low carbon

economy. The once complicated

process has been made easier

using a carbon audit system

which can identify where

savings can be made. Here's environment reporter Sarah

Clarke. An emissions trading

scheme may be off the agenda

for now but big business is

already going green. More

companies are cutting back

their carbon footprint for a

reason. The impact on the carbon price everyone on the bottom line.

The less energy you can consume

obviously the lower cost base

you're working

through. Colliers International

manages big corporate office

space with high energy prices

likely as the nation moves to a

low carbon future, it's using

technology that measures its

carbon footprint and

where it needs to tighten its

belt. So having a software

program that enables us to get

the data quickly into an

electronic form on to a

portable that we can then report back is the biggest

change for us. I was taking us

6 months to get data together

we now do that every few

minutes a month. The carbon is

like an audit. It targs fuel

use, water waste and energy

consumption. From purchased

electricity to gas usage, you

know, transport fleets. Some of

our customers also looking at things like business travel,

the impact of some of the

supply chain emissions from

things like paper and

consumables. 50 of Australia's

the technology. I think the

business world as has taken a

pragmatic view on it and saying

it's not a matter of if it's a

matter of when and how and I

think, you know, the forward thinkers in the corporate sector

sector are saying let's get on

with it. Compliance and

legislation are key drivers but some businesses are taking

voluntary action to get ahead

and mitigate the risk before an

emissions trading scheme or carbon price is eventually

introduced. The ACT Opposition

says it's not satisfied the

Government is doing all it can

to keep drugs out of Canberra's

jail. The Attorney-General has

defended security measures at

the Alexander Maconachie Centre

saying they include targeted

and random drug testing of prisoner. Weave we've got a regime that does the best it

can to keep contraband

including drugs out of the prison. We use technologies

that no other prison in the

country uses. Simon says the frequency of drug

testing is similar to that in

NSW prisons. But the Opposition

isn't happy and wants to see

more detail. I'm not going to

take some vague assurance from

him as the necessary evidence

of that because he's misled me before and he's misled this community before. A review of the the jail's first 18 months will

be completed by the end of the

year. To finance now and the

Australian dollar has soared to

a 2-year high today as the greenback slumped in response

to more gloom about the

American economy. The

Australian dollar has now

broken precisely above the

ceiling of 93.5 cents which

it's been bumping against the

last 12 months. It spiked above

95 in mid 2008 because of a

final blow off in commodity

price before the Lehman crisis

but before that it hasn't been

above 95 since 1983 before it

was floated. Now it's there

again and looking Tonight it's almost 96 US cents

which is almost 1.5 cents above

where it was this time last

night or nearly 15 cents, 18%

above where it was in early

June. Now it's mostly about the

fall in US crurncy is shown by the fact it's actually lower

against the against the euro tonight

although the rising odds of a

rate hike here next month are

part of the story. But here's the main part of what's going

on. Last night's US Fed

statement. For the first time

in US central bank has said

inflation is too low. That is

to quote, it's below levels

consistent with its mandate to maintain employment and price stability. In other words, the

Fed is warning about deflation

and that sent a clear signal to markets that Ben ber nenky markets that Ben ber nenky is warming up the printing presses to do more quantitative easing

which is what you do when you can't

can't cut interest rates

anymore because they're anymore because they're 0. The

gold price sparked immediately because it's the world's

alternative to US dollars. Gold

can't be printed, mine

production is in decline and

people think it's a more

reliable store of value than American money. Gold is

currently sitting at an

all-time record high of US $1,290 an ounce. Shares

everywhere were forgotten in

all the excitement about

currencies an gold. The US mark

was flat and the Australian All

Ords rose a few points although

Telstra dropped 2% to a record

low. And that's finance. Lawyers have filed papers for

more than 27,000 ANZ customers

suing the bank over fees in the

first of a series of class actions. They're claiming

damages of more than $50

million for fees which they

allege were charged unfairly.

They include dishonour fees on

bank accounts and late payment

fees on credit cards. It's a

case in which we allege that

the exception fees that have

been charged are

because they're a penalty an we

also allege that the banks'

contracts are unfair and un conscionable. I've got a 16-year-old son and I told him

a few weeks ago that we were

going to be the lead applicant

and he said to me "Get one back

for the little guy, Dad." And I

guess that's why I'm here. More

than 150,000 customers have

already registered to join the

$250 million class actions

against 12 banks. And Italian authorities are investigating

the Vatican bank on suspicion

of violating money laundering

laws. They've seized more than

23 million euros, almost $32

million Australian of the

bank's funds. The inquiry bank's funds. The inquiry was launched after 2 suspicious

transactions were reported to

tax plies in Rome. The Vatican says it's astonished by the allegation and has full

confidence in president. There may be two

teams vying nor the flag in

Saturday's AFL grand final but today you would have been

forgiven for thinking there was

just one. Collingwood fans put

on a huge show of support for

their team ahead of the premiership decider against St Kilda. Around 7,000 turned out

for the club's last open

training session. It started as

a trickle but it ended up as a

flood as Collingwood fans lined

Gosch's paddock for the last

open training session of a

memorable year. The last grand final we went to was 1958, we

won that one. I'm a jinx every

time we go to the game together

we lose so I think it's best we

stay at home this time. Some of these fans have no choice but

to stay at home on Saturday

with grand final tickets in

short supply. Everyone will be

come in with a sob story but

95% of those people haven't

been to the game or are talking

about their great father's obsession with the

club back in 1910. Any vantage

point is a good one but looking

back is pain.. Hopefully they get a good start and not a

repeat of 2002. The recent memory of grand final failures

are still fresh for Paul

Licuria but he's been quick share advice with Magpies that have never experienced the hype of grand final week. It's great

to be part of it and you've got

the parade on Friday. My advice

would be just enjoy it all,

soak it up all up. Luke Ball experienced grand final pain

with the saints last year but

it's looking more likely he

will be fit to face his old

side in Saturday's decider. Defender Simon Prestigiacomo

and Leon Davis are pushing for

a place. I think the teams are

as well placed heading into

this week a as it's been at any time since I've been at the

club It's been 20 years since

in their trophy cabinet. The

faithful are hoping that will

change in 3 days' time. The

Dragons say they're ready to

shake off their tag of finals chokers and reach their first

grand final for 11 years. Having convincingly beaten

Manly in week one of the finals

the team had the weekend off

while the Tigers were fighting

it out for a place in the

preliminary final. But the

Dragons aren't expecting to be

facing a weary opponent. We've

been playing since February now

so I think it's a big game on

the weekend. Both teams are

playing for a grand

playing for a grand final so I'm sure we're going to push

through the tiredness or soarness. Prop fierd Michael Weyman had a light session

because of a slight injury

concern. While fellow forward Jarrod Saffy didn't train. The

future of the Newcastle Jets in

the A-League has been secured

until at least the end of the

season. The Football Federation

has struck a deal to has struck a deal to transfer ownership of the financially stricken club stricken club to a local

businessman. They rejoiced in

their first win of the season

on the weekend, now the Jets players have something else to

celebrate. I am however

delighted to announce that

we've been able to secure an alternative ownership

arrangement that will see the

club continue to be part of our national national competition. Former

owner Con Constantine's

financial troubles left

Newcastle on the brink of collapse until mining collapse until mining magnate Nathan Tinker will decided to

step in. Nathan doesn't see

this as a short-term exercise.

He sees this as a long-term

strategy and vision that he has

for sport in the region. The

Jets will have the chance to

impress their new owner when they play the Gold Coast tonight. It's just about the

toughest test in world cricket,

but Ricky Ponting's confident

of success in ind yasmt The

last Test series played over

here was a fight sear yirks could have gone either way to

tell the truth and our guys

certainly took a lot from that

and we need to make sure we

play a similar brand of

cricket. The Australian captain hopes the searies will put cricketing exploits back in the headlines. There's no doubt the

game's copped a battering as a

result of some of these allegation. We have to do

everything in our pow e, both

India and Australia, to make

sure we play the game in the

right way over the next few

weex. The first Test begins in

9 days. Former Australian one-day star one-day star Callum Ferguson

has helped SA finish on top 06

its pool at the champions Leigh

Twenty/20 tournament. Ferguson

belted 55 and Cameron Borgas

added 48 as the Redbacks scored

191 against Guyana. They then

re stricted Guyana to 176 to

easily qualify for Saturday's

semifinal. And now with a look

at today's weather here's Mark

Carmody coming to us live from

Floriade where it's the first

night of Nightfest. Thanks,

Craig and yes, I've been

allowed out and come down to

Floriade and it looks an

absolute treat. Believe me,

I've never seen it at night

before but to the weather,

sunny day with light west

Norwesterly winds. It was a

smidge cooler than yesterday.

It's no wonder the crowds are

flocking here with temperatures

like that. If you threw the

doona back this morning no

wonder as the minimums were 8

and 9. Down here at the moment

it's fine and clear, there's

heaps of people here enjoying

the sights, sounds and smells

and they're not rugged up at all. As the temperature is still pretty still pretty pleasant.

Regionally today there wasn't

much as I can tell you as it

was fine and sunny everywhere. Cooma got frosts and then a

sunny day with light winds

which wouldn't have pleased the

wave-riding glider pilots at Bunion. The coast Bunion. The coast was

inviting, sunny and 71 at the Bay while Griffith was fine with maximums

around 19. Look at the radar,

not a shower in sight. not a shower in sight. So tomorrow should be fine and

sunny again. Nationally today

there were patchy showers

between Brisbane and Sydney,

neither of those capitals got

anything. Melbourne and Hobart

were cloudy and dry were cloudy and dry and both

reached 17. Adelaide had a

sunny 18. Perth had a pearler,

sunny and 27. Nationally on

the satellite photo we can see

cloud moving off the Queensland

coast and breaking up while low

cloud off the south-east coast is generating isolated light

showers. But the region's

weather is all about a

slow-moving high in the Bight

that hasn't moved much since

last night. It's responsible

for these glorious spring days

in the capital. A trough in

Queensland is only generating

showers here in and there.

Although it might bring possible showers to Brisbane

tomorrow which might extend

reach 20. That low cloud might

bring showers to Melbourne but

Hobart and Adelaide will be

fine and mostly sunny. The build up is developing in Darwin so there could be late showers there. After early fog

Wagga and frosts for Cooma,

there could be showers from Nowra north wards but they will

only be light. Its the equinox tomorrow.

Then fog y on the next day,

Friday, and then sun shine shaiting followed by a perfect barbecue weather over the weekend and Craig, wearing a flower tonight

because I don't need to. Just

look at all these blooms out

now. Certainly does look spectacular over your shoulder,

Mark, but do the flowers lose

any of their shine

underlights? Actually it adds

another dimension to the

flowers. The colours are

intensified and the perfume

because of the evening, the winds have died down a little

bit, is absolutely ex quiz yit,

I can recommend Floriade night

fest. He better watch outs if

he take any of those tulips.

Before we go a brief recap of

our top stories tonight. The quaim Commonwealth Games crisis

is mounting with organisers

under fire reports of a partial

roof collapse at a venue and

more athlete boycotts. And as

roof top protests at Villawood

detention centre continue the

Prime Minister has vowed to

push for an agreement to house

asylum seekers in East Timor.

And that's ABC News, stay with

us now for the '7:30 coming up next. You can keep up

to date with the latest news at

ABC online and ABC News 24.

Thanks for your company, goodnight. Closed Captions by

CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the program. Less

than a fortnight from the

opening ceremony, organisers of the New Games are in crisis management.

Tonight, there are reports the

roof of the weightlifting venue

has partially fallen in, the

incident coming less than 24

hours after a foot bridge built

for athletes collapsed,

injuring more than 20 people.

The building issues come on top

of other major concerns about

security and health, with a bus and a dengue fever

outbreak. It's all proved too much

much for one of Australia's

brightest medal hopes, discus

world champion Dani Samuels who's made a shock withdrawal

from the event. Other

international competitors are

pulling the pin, and there are