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(generated from captions) It's... (SIGHS) Hope not. The luck of the Irish, indeed, sir! Michelle had the $15,000. There it was. Good on you, team.

it has been a pleasure. Michelle, Mick, Morris,

And, Tadhg, I don't know - you are a poet, sir. when it comes to this game, anyway, You've given us a lot of game. Thank you. Let's see the money! There once was a fella called Tadhg

Gave Walter a poke in the eye

He took home the threes He played like a breeze Now, there's a hell of a guy! And he's taking them home for you if your name appears onscreen now. thanks to Tadhg Kennelly. Congratulations, Mate, it has been such a good time.

for the rest of the year I wish you the very best obviously. and for the rest of your career,

check 'em out online. Reach Foundation - thanks for being with us. In the meantime, Bye now!

Footy Finals Fever, Tomorrow night on Deal or No Deal's doing the deals. it's Geelong skipper Cameron Ling to play on your behalf, If you'd like Cameron

call or SMS the number onscreen now with a double shot at winning. and you could be in This program is captioned live. Tonight - threaten to jump to their deaths Villawood detainees to avoid deportation. over claims Defence Force Chiefs fight back

our diggers are being left to die. who climbed into a washing machine. The tragic death of a little boy And almost ready to fly - devour our bumper food crops. the locusts set to with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. at Villawood Detention Centre A rooftop protest is escalating tonight, threatening to jump with nine detainees if their demands are not met. Chris Maher is there. as well? Chris, trouble on the streets, A short time ago descended on Villawood a vocal group of protesters to be freed. shouting for the refugees and the two groups clashed. But police are also here Officers tried to block off streets, our of their way. pushing some of the demonstrators Tonight, there's a tense stand-off on the roof unclear. with the future of the detainees of their cases - The men set a deadline for a review

that passed an hour ago refusing to budge. with the Immigration Department

We received word the rest of the men It is unclear where we go from here.

could come down soon, otherwise they

will be spending the rest of the

had been brought down safely. night there. Two of the detainees night there. Two of

of the Villawood Detention Centre - Desperation played out on the roof from the edge by other detainees. a Sri Lankan man dragged back thrown around the building Large cushions are hastily

had threatened to jump. after the protestors for them to climb down. There'd been tearful appeals

had the same effect. Pleas from inside the compound You must come down.

one man cut his arm, Clearly distraught,

smearing blood on a protest banner. Disturbingly, others followed, and using sheets as bandages. inflicting wounds reviewed and gave an ultimatum. They wanted their applications do anything by 5 o'clock, But they said, "If you don't "we will do this." and try to end their life, They will jump from the rooftop all of them together. an Iraqi and an Iranian. Nine Sri Lankan Tamils, their applications rejected Most have already had to the High Court. and some are appealing from an individual who says, This is an individual plea if I go back to my country." "I will die Josevata Rauluni thought he would Just as Fijian detainee before taking his life yesterday. Just before the deadline, agreed to come off the roof two of the detainees for medical attention. to the men from the ground. Several negotiators are appealing to bring them down. A cherry picker is also in place Despite the rain about to pour down the detainees say they won't move they won't be deported. until they have a guarantee Chris. have been taken into custody Two people has lashed out A top ranking army chief without support in Afghanistan, at claims his soldiers were left "armchair generals". calling his critics A soldier's leaked e-mail claims would still be alive Lance Corporal Jared McKinney let his unit down. but Army headquarters MAN: We're pushing up! The Battle of Derapet of 28-year-old Jared MacKinney, claimed the life of the Vietnam War. was even compared with the worst Two, three. (GUNFIRE) by a digger who was there. But now the battle's been questioned The email, sent from Afghanistan, to no air or artillery support. claims the Australians had next From the Army, a furious denial. armchair generals or anyone else It's not helpful when talk about what should be done. if you think you can do better. You go there and do the job would have lived The soldier also claims MacKinney if mortars had been used. on the line, on the line. These guys are putting their lives They're the ones that are dying. getting adequate help. They say they're not back in Canberra It's not for the Generals in the garden. to say everything's rosy of the battle Even the Army's 12-minute video

or air support. has no sounds of heavy guns situation and support was so bad The email goes on to say that the not one. they should've lost six men, The front-line soldier says out for better back-up. the Australian diggers are crying

Fears, too, that the anonymous The journalist chose to do this soldier will be discovered.

quite frankly, lost on us. for reasons that are, from a soldier for help. It's a heartfelt plea The family of a Perth toddler says in a washing machine his death from injuries he suffered was a tragic accident.

But police are yet to be convinced, But police are yet to be convinced the boy was found unconscious and are investigating claims after he locked himself in. The toddler's mother says she found the 3-year-old in a front-loading washing machine. He was unconscious and was pronounced dead a few hours later in hospital. She's looked everywhere, high and low.

She's kicking herself now that if only she'd looked at that one spot first. I'm not going to be able to see him, I'm not going to be able to cuddle him.

Forensic investigators have spent hours at the home in Hilton, in Perth's south. It's just tragic, absolutely tragic. I've seen the whole sky in his blue eyes. He was a beautiful little fella. Sean's family say the toddler was an adventurous little boy - always climbing, so active, they wanted him tested for attention deficit disorder. A child that age, they just don't have the understanding to know that this is a dangerous situation you're getting in and, for Sean, he did it and he didn't realise it was going to backfire on him. The boy's mother and her partner have both been interviewed by homicide detectives. They were planning to get married. He was going to be her pageboy but also walk her down the aisle

and she just, she just can't do it, not without him. She just can't do it without her little man there. Families of Australia's Commonwealth Games athletes are reviewing their New Delhi travel plans after Seven News exposed extraordinary security breaches outside venues. Team officials are confident our athletes will be safe

but their loved ones aren't so sure about their own safety. They're the pictures that sparked fear across the Commonwealth Games community. It's a worry, isn't it? Poor security at the stadium and explosives for sale - no questions asked.

So you could flatten an entire building with that? Absolutely. Former marathon runner Robert de Castella viewed our footage. It just highlights the poor security that's in place over there. Swimmer Brenton Rickard's mother received her Games tickets today

but says she won't necessarily be using them. We always knew that there was a potential for things to go wrong and that really drives it home. I have faith in the government and Australian Swimming

and, um, you know, we've been reassured many times. Security is not the only worry. Australian and New Zealand team officials have expressed concern over conditions at the athletes' village. They've got two days to do what's probably going to take two weeks. But publicly, the Australians remain upbeat about safety. In that instance, it looks like they're standing around and not being aware of him coming through, but maybe that's just the situation at that particular time. What they consider may not be what we consider to be a suitable risk. The Australian cricket team has gone ahead with its tour, landing in New Delhi last night flanked by armed security and police. Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have pleaded for their lives during their final court appeal. They're facing execution by firing squad after being convicted in 2005 of organising 8kg of heroin to be smuggled into Australia. Both men gave a statement in Indonesian to the court. Chan said he was deeply sorry and didn't want to die.

Sukumaran said he'd now turned his life around. If they're spared, they'll instead spend 20 years behind bars.

More farmers are reporting locust hatchings ahead of the state's dreaded plague. At least one is planning to start spraying later this week to stop them devouring billions of dollars worth of crops. In the state's north-west the ground is moving under the farmers' feet, crawling with newly hatched locusts. Darren Stokes says there was nothing four days ago, now too many to count.

They just eat everything in front of them, yep, everything.

The grain crops might be their favourite and they'll just wipe them out.

Also robbing his stock of feed. Just three weeks ago we showed you the first reported hatchings in New South Wales at another farm near Nyngan.

Since then there have been 50 more reported, from Bourke to the Murray. But now they've been spotted farmers have to hold fire for a few days yet. You nearly feel like spraying them now but you've just gotta wait and they will band together. You can get a lot more in one hit. 40 aircraft are on standby for government surveillance flights starting later this week, to protect a record winter crop worth almost $3 billion. There's a fair bit at stake. A reward of $100,000 is being offered for new evidence to help convict the man who murdered a Sydney mother 28 years ago. Police have long suspected Lynette Dawson's husband was the killer, but he's never been charged. Since January 1982, Lynette Dawson's family has grieved. She was such a loving person, you know, 'Lovely Lynn', she was just so lovely. The 33-year-old had two young daughters. One of the girls was about to start school and for a mother to walk off the face of the earth is impossible. Two inquests recommended murder charges be laid but more evidence is needed.

I particularly appeal to the residents of the Northern Beaches and the conscience of people that may be living with something they're ashamed of.

Police still suspect Lynn's husband, former schoolteacher Chris Dawson. He married one of his students a year after Lynn's disappearance - they split in 1990. At the last inquest the Dawson family denied foul play. Lynn left of her own accord and we hope that she's living a happy life.

The inquests heard evidence of a meeting with a hit man before the murder. Anyone who knows more about that meeting could claim the $100,000 reward by calling Crime Stoppers. They're the people we're reaching out for. Only when this matter is resolved

can we have justice for Lynn and she can be put to rest. After days of talk about who'll be the Speaker of Federal Parliament, finally some action. Seven News can reveal both sides are likely to back the incumbent, Labor's Harry Jenkins, who today gave first-time MPs a crash course in house rules. The long and short of the new Parliament. I thought I could put on 2-stone and that would be alright. Tennis great John Alexander and his new Coalition doubles partner, 20-year-old Wyatt Roy, join fellow newcomers on their first day at school. Welcome to the class of 2010.

Speaker Harry Jenkins offered advice on the ups and downs of politics channelling one-hit wonders Chumbawamba. # I get knocked down but I get up again. #

So I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down. As debate rages over whether he'll get up again as Speaker

Independent Rob Oakeshott withdrew his candidacy after meeting Opposition Leader Tony Abbott last night, realising he couldn't be Speaker and vote on legislation. We're now down to the games of who is going to take it on and it's going to be potentially a Mexican stand-off.

Not for long. Both sides told me today that with Rob Oakeshott's withdrawal they're both likely to back Harry Jenkins to stay in the Speaker's chair. The new spirit of co-operation that began two weeks ago may prevail after all, despite some reluctance. The question is should we do a group hug or not? I don't know if that's a good idea. Definitely no group hug. Still to come - a new warning to parents about their children's mobile phones. Also, real TV for Paris Hilton, as she makes a courtroom confession. Cocaine. And the Mexican wave that left spectators badly injured. That's next. HMAS 'Kanimbla' has broken down leaving Sydney Harbour. A Sydney mother has taken up the fight against stalkers by developing a new mobile phone application.

She says StalkerBlock acts as a firewall for mobile phones with GPS technology and stops people tracing the user's location. It gives parent's peace of mind that their children are not being followed. It opens up dialogue between the parents and child. It gives you another conversation with the child to explain the dangers. Technology experts say disabling the GPS setting within the phone can have the same effect. Two of Hollywood's bad girls are in trouble with the law again. A new warrant has been issued for Lindsay Lohan after she failed a drug test. Paris Hilton has been spared more jail time despite a cocaine confession. Hollywood starlets walking to court are now almost as common as seeing them strutting the red carpet. Paris Hilton especially knows both well. Guilty, your Honour.

She appeared before a judge charged with possessing cocaine after her boyfriend's car was pulled over in Las Vegas last month. I was in possession, as well as telling the officer that the bag wasn't mine, the purse. JUDGE: First of all, as to the possession, what did you possess?

Cocaine. The 29-year-old has been to prison before

but this time was placed on a 1-year suspended sentence. Paris Hilton escaped jail this time but another Hollywood bad girl, Lindsay Lohan, is likely to go back behind bars after failing two drug tests after using cocaine and amphetamines. after failing two drug tests for She Tweeted: But Lohan's next step may be back to prison for another 30 days. Some breaking news now. At the Villawood Detention Centre another asylum seeker has ended his protest. He came down off the roof a short time ago. Eight remain, demanding their visa applications be reviewed immediately (MEN SHOUT) A Mexican wave has gone horribly wrong at a car race in Brazil when a spectator stand collapsed. 500 people were on the stand when it buckled. 100 needed medical treatment. 22 are in hospital with critical injuries. The English woman who dumped a cat in a wheelie bin could be going to jail. Mary Bale has been charged with causing unnecessary suffering

and will face court next month. The 45-year-old sparked international outrage when security camera pictures were broadcast around the world. 4-year-old Lola was rescued by her owners after 15 hours in the bin. The famous and the fashionable have dressed up in London for a memorial service to the late British designer Alexander McQueen. Among those wearing his clothes were models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, designer Stella McCartney and actress Sarah Jessica Parker. It was absolutely perfect. It was heart rending, bittersweet, celebratory. Although McQueen died in February, his memorial was planned to coincide with London Fashion Week. Sport now with Tony Squires. A Rooster saved by rugby league. Frank-Paul Nu'uausala is plenty tough on the footy field, Chris, but he was also a little too tough on the streets of Auckland. His story is next. Plus the Tiger who will have his sights set slightly lower

against the Dragons. And swallowed by a break called Mini Pipeline on the South Coast. It's your chance to invest in QR National, Australia's largest rail freight company. that hauls 500,000 tonnes of coal on an average day. It operates a network of trains and trucks, delivering over 260 million tonnes of freight and minerals a year. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. For a guaranteed allocation of shares, pre-register now at Be part of something big. What we need now is energy - the economy growing, the energy to keep like climate change. the energy to tackle challenges came from an energy company? What if that energy billions of dollars Chevron Australia is investing in people, in ideas, seeking, teaching, building, fuelling growth around the nation, now and in the future. This is the power of human energy. Roosters prop Frank-Paul Nu'uausala an amazing turnaround is determined to complete

when he plays the Titans. by claiming a grand final berth The man known as 'Wrecking Ball' on the streets of Auckland fears he'd be selling drugs his NRL career. if the club hadn't saved He's always been mean but after dropping the KFC lean, mean try-scoring machine. Frank-Paul Nu'uausala is now a so I'm 104kg, 103kg. I lost 20kg since 2008 to show everyone his new look. And the 23-year-old's keen I like to get my shirt off. (LAUGHS) Yeah, really good.

No, makes you feel good. Those Frank-Paul hammers don't feel too good. COMMENTATOR: Levelled by Nu'uausala. His aim is occasionally out but the front rower knows things could have been a lot worse. with the Samoan Bloods in Auckland A gang member a one-way road to ruin he was heading down a shot at redemption until the Roosters offered him after he was sacked by the Warriors. Luckily I chose the right path. I would have been in a gang, and that. or would have been selling drugs inspires others. Now he hopes his success Lot of young kids, in the neighbourhood they only look up to gang members and seeing me on TV and it's good coming out that the kids can make it too. But if his Roosters beat the Titans there will be no dream farewell it will mean Preston Campbell. for Gold Coast's little big man a real good chance I will retire. If I do win a premiership there's a fine line in Saturday's clash Tigers hit man Simon Dwyer will walk with the Dragons. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves last week, Dwyer got away with flattening for this shot on Joe Picker. but copped 56 carry-over points Another one against the Dragons and he'll risk grand final suspension. No, there's no-one at the Dragons I don't like. Just in the context of the game, really. Meanwhile, Raiders skipper Terry Campese went in for knee surgery today. has become the fourth player Carlton captain Chris Judd to win Brownlow Medals at two clubs. It didn't please everyone. last night Judd was a surprise winner and Geelong's Gary Ablett. over Collingwood's Dane Swan Melbourne legend Jim Stynes, He paid tribute to childhood hero who's battling cancer. it's a self-indulgent pastime. Football is sort of make-believe, It's not real. People like Jim Australians with lower profiles and plenty of other ordinary than Jim are the real heroes in society. Judd's medal went missing today. Rebecca, has it. He said he hopes his fiancee, has erupted again in the UK Cricket's match-fixing scandal Pakistan's Chairman Ijaz Butt following claims by lost the third one-dayer. that England deliberately There is a conspiracy definitely look into this conspiracy and we will definitely, definitely, and take action. would make those allegations We were very disturbed that someone without any proof to back them up. legal action. England players have threatened Mr Butt says he'll sue them back. The two sides meet again on field tomorrow night in what should be a lively encounter. I know you love your surfing. Finally, Chris, Dean Bowen This is world junior champion off Gerroa on the South Coast. riding a break called Mini Pipeline Maybe should have stopped there. Hangs on after a huge drop. of positive thinking Here's the definition from the cameraman.

No, he is not coming out. Is he coming out? Is he coming up? Checking finance now. afternoon slump on the share market. Profit taking is being blamed for an The ASX 200 lost 14 points. Sara's next with the weather. this afternoon. The sky certainly turned dark Yes, Chris. Possible showers on the way tonight in Sydney. after a surprisingly warm day after the break. I'll have all the weather details chicken Alfresco range - VOICEOVER: Hungry Jack's

TenderCrisp burger grilled chicken,

or Alfresco wrap, fresh salad and garlic aioli. each with avocado, Deciding you want one's easy. Deciding which one - that's tough. perfect sunny day in Sydney - Late cloud spoiled an otherwise our warmest in more than a week. The city's top of 24 degrees was 4 above average but it's now a cooler 17. Early sunshine sent temperatures soaring 5 degrees above average. 26 at Penrith was the warmest. by fresh south-easterly winds. Coastal suburbs were kept down On the charts, weakening trough off the east coast, onshore winds are feeding into a

over southern Queensland still bringing showers and northern New South Wales. the rest of the country mostly fine, A large high is keeping and cloud in the south. apart from some isolated showers Early drizzle in Melbourne. the Queensland coast. Few showers along on a 2 metre southerly swell. Sydney's waterways will be slight and early tomorrow, We might see a brief shower tonight after that. but it should be fine and sunny Winds will ease overnight, with mild lows above 10 degrees. A cooler day on the way. we're expecting isolated showers. Thursday, That'll clear out on Friday making for a gorgeous weekend. making way for a gorgeous weekend. Staying fine next week, even warmer by Monday. for a lovely weekend. Western Sydney's also in Friday, mainly fine. Looking ahead to next week - with tops hitting 28 degrees. a taste of summer That's Seven News for this Tuesday. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Look what they've done. not gatecrashers. The party for house trashers Every room wrecked. How could they do it? Living in the dark ages -

power bills so huge go into debt to pay. families and pensioners

Choose to switch off the light. How far can it go? forget exercise and dieting. The body beautiful - Scientists have the answer.

them the deep freeze treatment. Isolating fat cells and giving

And how to spend less out of a new summer wardrobe. but get more

It's all about the right advice. Good evening and thanks for your company on Today Tonight. We have brought you stories in the past on tenants turned trashers and just when we think we've seen the very worst along comes something like this. They not only wrecked a home they smashed it to pieces so thoroughly that they could never have done it by themselves - so they invited friends to help. David Richardson has the story. Very sad. I think it is very sad. It's scary, isn't it? Scary isn't the word. A rental house so badly trashed it's beyond repair. This is the result of a farewell party. People were invited along to crash and trash, systemically destroying this home, the tenants from hell room by room. There's a place for them. It's called a Smithfield tip. And make sure they're right in the middle of it, right in the middle of the guts. That's where they deserve to live and that's the way they leave the places, by the way. Disgusting. No respect for themselves or anybody else. Neighbour Judy Varden found it difficult to express her disgust. Just what they've done to the outside as well as the inside over time. It is like wilful and obscene damage.