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Tonight - the Government announces more room on announces more room on the

mainland for asylum seekers.

emotional Canberra The Governor-General honours an

emotional Canberra man for an

act of bravery. Poverty in the

land of plenty - Americans

shocked by a surge in the

number of poor. And, a green

tide sweeps into Canberra Stadium

Stadium to cheer on the


Good evening, and welcome to

ABC News, I'm Virginia

Haussegger. Less than three

days after being installed, the Federal Government has rushed

to address a shortage of beds

for asylum seekers. The

Immigration Minister has

announced a $50 million

expansion of mainland detention centres to house up to 1,000 centres

detainees. The Curtin Centre

in remote Western Australia

could double in size and up to

300 asylum seekers will be held

on Cape York as a temporary

measure. Political reporter

Hayden Cooper. On Australian Citizenship Day, a sea of new faces

faces are given their welcome

to a new country. It's a better

future for me and my brother to

be here. And at the podium a

the occasion. Congratulation, new minister is there to mark

you're Australian citizens,

well done. But Chris Bowen is

learning a ministerial

balancing act - it's the

welcome mat for some, and the

razor wire for

others. Detention is an

important and vital part of our

immigration system and it will

remain so. Faced with 5,000

asylum seekers and no room to

house them, he's sending more

far to the south, the west and as

allow. At the Scherger Air Base in the Queensland Tropics

a temporary centre will house

300 member. In the west Curtin

will grow from 600 to 1200 and an extra 100 would-be all families and children, will

be relocated to Melbourne. This

was the only viable and prudent

decision for me to make as the

new minister to deal with these

short-term pressures. What it

says is that this Government

has completely lost control of our borders. And his Liberal

colleague on the frontbench is

feeling the strain. It's not

acceptable to me that Western

Australia is asked to take half

if not more of all asylum

seekers on the Australian

mainland. It's the third time

this year the Government's been

forced into a detention

reshuffle and it may not be the

last. This increase of 1,000

beds temporarily relieves the

pressure, but it won't boats. The factors are

strong. It's better here and a

perfect future for me. Drawn to

a culture with something for

everything. A man has

killed in a crash between three

cars just south of Murrum

bateman this afternoon.

Another man and a woman had to

be cut from the wreckage and

were taken to Canberra Hospital

with serious injuries. The

Barton Highway will be closed

for several hours. And, a

North Coast community is in

mourning after losing three

young men in a car accident

last night. Their car collided

with a truck on the Pacific

Highway near Byron Bay just

after they'd left a funeral.

The driver was an L-plater.

The three young men didn't

stand a chance as they tried to cross a dangerous intersection

they turned to head to Byron onto

Bay, 23-year-old L-plater drove

straight into the bath of an ongoing B-double

semitrailer. The vehicle rolled

a number of times and there

were three male patterns who

were inside that vehicle.

of those persons were deceased

immediately and a short time

at the scene. The 51-year-old later, a third gentleman died

truck driver told police there

was nothing he can do to avoid

of the young men the crash that's left friends

shattered. It's really hit us

all really hard. What can you do? They're part of our

best friends. 22-year-old Byron family. They were like my two

nick Ellison, 25-year-old Todd

Hepner and Jarrah Blacket has

just left a funeral according

to friends, who must now attend three more. We yesterday. Police say the

accident has rocked the small community, as well as Emergency

Services who were first on the scene. Some of the people who

were present knew the deceased

people so it takes a toll. It's

the second time in less than a

month a learner driver has been involved in a triple fatal in

the area. Police say the

intersection has long been a trouble spot and the local council has been looking at

closing access onto the Pacific

Highway. The Governor-General comforted an emotional Canberra

man today as she honoured him

for bravery. Robert Brown

leapt into the sea to save a

father and his two children on

Tathra. Four local lifesavers were honoured for their efforts

that day, two years ago. It's

the story of courage that had

to be retold, but it's

something this man would rather

hold of the pram and struggled forget. He succeeded in taking

repeatedly to keep the boy's head out of the water. Today,

Robert Brown was honoured with

a bravery medal. The

comfort, as well as Governor-General offered

commendation. A story of many

tears. Thank you. That story began one night at Tathra two years ago. Robert Brown

climbed into his little was fishing when a child nearby

brother's pram which rolled

into the freezing ocean. Their

father jumped in, then Robert

Brown followed. Courage is the

finest of human values, and

that's what you demonstrated. Exhausted from his efforts, Robert Brown

himself needed to be rescued.

None of the young family

survived. Four local

lifesavers pulled all four to shore. Never

shore. Never been so scared in

my life. Shane Rettke was just

18. He, his brother Cameron

and father Anthony received the group with fellow lifesaver Scott group bravery critation along

Meaker. The lifesavers paid

tribute to Robert Brown. What

he did was far and above what

we did. He's a good

man. Humble words from some

reluctant heroes. The mining

giant Xtrata has challenged

lawyers acting for alleged

victims of led poisoning to

quickly bring the cases to

court. It's alleged the

children in the mining town of

Mount Isa in Queensland have

high levels of lead in their blood and a new report claims

suffered brain damage as a two of the children have

result. There are calls for

the Queensland Government to

step in, but Xtrata says the

case should be played out in

the courts. Bethany Sanders

was living in Mount Isa when

she was diagnosed with lead

poisoning at just 20 months of

age. A new report into her

functioning says that poisoning

has permanently damaged her brain.

brain. It concludes that she is mentally retarded. I wish

she was a normal girl. The

family lives near Brisbane, but

every day life is affected by

Bethany's condition. You would

expect her to be able to have a decent conversation with you,

and she can't have that with

me. Lawyers for the family

suing Xtrata say the report,

which they commissioned, proves

children are being affected by

the mine. The fact is the lead comes off

comes off the slag heaps, it

comes out of the stacks, it

settles on the town and it then gets into the children and this is the result. Queensland's Chief Medical Officer is

reported as saying the cause is emissions being released from

the mine, from the smelter.

Though today Dr Young would

only say the source of the lead was a of others. I would hope that

this Government would say

enough is enough, not one more

child to be like this. The

Premier has promised to review

the report, and if necessary, environmental requirements. Our Government requires this

company to meet those standards

every hour of every day. If there is there is evidence that we

should be reviewing the standards, we'll certainly look

at that. Xtrata says it's doing

more than it's required to. It

says the report's release is a

publicity stunt. If we do have

any legal case to answer in

relation to individual's lead levels, then we are prepared to

answer them all in a court. The

company says the class action

should be fast-tracked to give everybody involved the chance

to receive a fair hearing. The

employers of teenage snaur electrocuted while working on the Government's failed

insulation program have been find $135,000. 16-year-old

Ruben Barnes was killed while

putting fibreglass into a house

near Rockhampton with an

aluminium pole. His employers

were fined $110,000 for

breaching electrical laws, and

another $25,000 for failing another $25,000 for failing to meet workplace health and safety regulations. The

Foreign Affairs Minister

pledged to double Australian

aid for flood-ravaged Pakistan.

Kevin Rudd met victims of the disaster in the country's

Punjab province. More than 21 million people have been

affected by the flooding. At

least 10 million are homeless.

The former Prime Minister also

met Australian troops assisting

with the relief effort. On

behalf of the Government for

all these guys here in uniform,

blue, green, and Navy, as well

as friends from AusAid, thank you on behalf of the Australian

people for the work you're

doing for our fellow members of

the human family here the southern Punjab of the increase aid to Pakistan by $40

million. Security is tight in Afghanistan ahead of tomorrow's

parliamentary elections. The

Taliban is threatening to

attack polling booths, but the

Afghan Government promises the

ballot will be safe, free and

fair. South Asia correspondent Sally Sara is in Kabul. Election workers are using anything they can to get the ballot papers to the most

remote parts of Afghanistan.

It's an exercise in logistics and pure determination. TRANSLATION:

We've come a long way, we've

walked for five hours to carry

this election material back to

our area by donkey. This election is an important test,

not only for the security

forces, but also for the

government. Independent

candidate Dr Ramazan Bashar says the international

community has already invested

enough money to build three or four four new Afghanistans, but the funds have fallen into the

hands of a corrupt few. Today

in Afghanistan, a minority use the American-Australian,

British taxpayer for their own

interest, not for Afghan people. More than 2,500

candidates will contest the election

election for 249 seats in the

Lower House of Parliament.

Almost half of the contenders

are running for the first time,

but there are fears that vote

rigging and corruption will

corrupt the ballot. Corruption was an

was an enormous problem during last year's presidential

election. It not only eroded

the confidence of voters here

in Afghanistan, but also the

international community which

continues to pour billions of

dollars and thousands of troops

into the country. The Taliban

are urging Afghans to boycott

the poll. Taliban leaders say

they will attack anyone who

takes part, including voters, election workers and members of

the security forces. The

United States may be touted as

the most prosperous nation in

the world, but one in seven

Americans live in poverty.

Last year, the Last year, the number of seven considered poor leapt to nearly

44 million. That's the highest

level in half a century. The

snapshot captured by the US

census for 2009, shows the US

is in the throes of economic

turmoil. North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie

explains. It's the other side of the American dream, as

unemployment climbed between

2008 and 2009, the number of Americans living below the

poverty line climbed with it.

The US Census Bureau says the

national poverty rate jumped to

14.3% last year. Michael

Central Kitchen. It provides meals to city meals to city shelters. I have a friend who runs a pantry in

Fairfax, Virginia, again one of

the most affluent areas in the

United States of America and

she's seen anywhere between 200

and 300 families a week. Under the measure used by the census

bureau, 22,000 in pre-tax

income for a family of four, one in seven Americans live

below the poverty line in 2009

and one in five children.

That's 43.6 million people, and 8.8 million families. An

agency, we may be delivering 50

dinners to tonight. Over the

last few months or even longer

they now say "We need 100 or

120" . The bureau says the

number of Americans without health insurance climbed to

nearly 51 million. community kitchen, people from

prison or recovering addicts receive training in food

preparation, but Michael Curtin

says placing them in jobs is getting much getting much harder. We're

seeing lawyers, real estate agents, scientists, professionals, managers who are

now applying for jobs that a

couple of years ago they

wouldn't have even considered applying for. And there was

more bad news from the housing

sector. US banks repossessed

95,000 properties last month,

more than in any previous month since

since the mortgage crisis

began. Pope Benedict has

arrived in Britain. The

pontiff was greeted by the

Queen in Edinburgh before celebrating mass for 70,000

Scottish Catholics and he lost

no time in confronting the

ongoing issue of child abuse by

the clergy. Europe correspondent Emma Alberici

correspondent Emma Alberici

reports. Before the plane had even touched addressing the topic chief

among the minds of many Britons

awaiting his historic visit to

the UK. Clerical child abuse, he said, had shocked and

saddened him. The authority of

the church had not been sufficiently vigilant

too slow to act, helping the

victims recover and renew their faith was

faith was his priority. There

was no mention of the serious

crimes or of allegations of a

cover-up by the Vatican.

Instead the Pope labelled

pedestrian filla an illness.

At Holy Rood palace 500 years of divisions between the Catholics and the Anglicans

were put aside as the Queen

welcomed her guest. We hold

that freedom to worship is at

the core of a tolerate and

the core of a tolerate and democratic society. To the United

United Kingdom, it strives to

be a modern and multicultural

society. It is a challenging enterprise. More than 125,000

flag-waving pilgrims lined the

streets of Edinburgh to watch

the Pope motorbike il go by. My

husband and I are both Roman

Catholics and wanted to come to

Edinburgh to be part of it. Protesters called for the

Vatican to hold an inquiry into

sex abuse, to recognise

homosexuals and to respect

women's rights, but further

down the road as 70,000 mostly

young revellers gathered at a

park in Glasgow the mood was more

more pop concert, less papal

mass. The ACT Greens have

fired another shot against

pokies, promising to table a

pokies, promising to table a

bill to slug them with another

tax and use the money to help

problem gamblers. The party

wants 0.75% of poker machine

profits which comes to about

$1.3 million a year to be funneled into a problem gambling

who are impacted by poker machines. We have problem

gamblers in our community and

we need to be providing proper

services to them. The Government

Government says it will

consider the bill and the ABC

understands it's similar to a proposal it was

proposal it was already

considering as part of broader

reforms. To finance, and the

gold price hit a record high today, helping

today, helping to propel the local sharemarket and the

Australian dollar to solid

gains. Here's Alan Kohler. The Australian dollar is the

highest it's been since 2008

and represents a 17%

revaluation against the US dollar since early June, as

well as a 10% rise against the Trade-Weighted Index. It might

be raining, but there's always

something to spoil the party

for exporters. The gold price

is at a new record high up

above US

first time ever. There's

action around currency markets

this week. The Japanese

this week. The Japanese Government has decided to do

something about the rising yen

which it says is killing its

export industries. The yen

rose 13% from the start of May to the start to the start of this week and

the government intervened and

has started selling yen to push

it down, which has worked as

you can see. It won't work for

long, because it never does and

note it only went up 13% in 4 months

months while is Aussie is up

and there's no sign of the Government stopping that.

American complaints about the

pegged Chinese currency is

getting louder because they

think China is getting their

GDP growth. This graph

compares the current recovery

in the US with the average and

the previously worst recovery

since World War II. You can

see why the pips are squeaking.

The local sharemarket went up 0.75% today. Globally Japanese investors

investors oo liked the yen

depreciation, but other markets

were flat or down and the highlights

highlights here included CBA up

slightly after saying the

outlook next year is uncertain.

Well, yeah. Lleyton up 1.3%

after its German parent got a

takeover offer from Spain and Newcrest up rising gold price.

The biggest ever crowd to

watch a Rugby League game in the national capital is

assembling at Canberra Stadium.

Most of the 27,000 plus fans

are there to cheer the Canberra

Raiders in their sudden death semifinal against Wests Tigers.

It's been an incredible late

season surge from the Raiders.

Couple of months ago they

appeared to be out of

contention, but they've won

contention, but they've won

nine out of their last ten

games and are now just two wins

away from the Grand Final. Our sports reporter Jennifer

Browning is at the stadium to

cover the game. quite an atmosphere down there

right now? Yes. Well it's a right now? Yes. Well it's a sea

of green down here tonight.

There are some small pockets of

orange and black. The crowds

have been building down here

since about 5 o'clock this

evening and there's still a long line behind me down

long line behind me down here tonight

tonight with fans waiting to

get into the stadium. More

than 27,500 fans are going to

cram into Canberra stadium

tonight. It's been 7 years

since Canberra has hosted a

home final and the buzz about

town this week has brought back

memories of the Raiders'

premiership glory days of the

late '80s and early '9 #0s.

Now everyone's so excited here tonight and

tonight and they're so looking

forward to getting in there.

The crowd tonight is actually

going to be bigger than Mal

Meninga's final game in 1994

and hopefully by the look of

the crowd they're all cheering

for the Raiders tonight. It

seems that all the attention

this week has been on the

Tigers and their

Benji Marshall. Will he play

tonight, and if he does, will all

all the tension have unsettled his

his team? Good news for Tigers

fans. Benji Marshall has been

cleared to start against the

Raiders tonight. There's been

uncertainty surrounding him. He trained with the team

yesterday, but remained tightlipped today about whether or not he would take to or not he would take to the

field tonight. Pen has been

put to paper and he will start at five-eighth. He's likely to

be the target of the Raiders'

big front row pack tonight. It has

has unsettled the team probably

a little bit. The Tigers have found

found themselves the centre of

attention this week, rather

than the home-town

favourites. I think there are a

lot of Canberrans nervous about

this tonight - what sort of

record have the Raiders had against the Tigers this

year? It hasn't been the best

for the Raiders this year,

having lost both regular season

games to the Tigers. They'll

be looking to turn that record

around tonight when they take them

them on. The last time played the Tigers here they let an 18-point lead slip away

losing. Hopefully they'll

continue on their quest to the

Grand Final. Kickoff is at

7:45. Keep yourself warm, and I hope you hope you don't lose your voice

in all that yelling. Good luck

to the Raiders. A massive

crowd of around 90,000 is

crowd of around 90,000 is

expected to fill the MCG

tonight for the biggest game of

the AFL season so far.

Collingwood and Geelong have

unchanged line-ups for

tonight's Preliminary Final.

The winner will book a place in next weekend's Grand Final

against St Kilda, or the

Western Bulldogs. The Magpies

go into the clash as slight

favourites against the reigning

Premiers. They're all playing

at their very best. I don't

at their very best. I don't think there's one passenger in

that team. They've got a full

list and probably five players

on the outskirts just as good

enough to get into the team. Collingwood have been the

finish on top invariably get

through to the Grand Final and

I'm tipping Collingwood to beat

Geelong tonight. Meanwhile, the

Bulldogs are sweating over the fitness of midfielder Ryan

Griffen who has a hamstring problem.

problem. Australia and Belgium

have shared the honours on the

opening day of the Davis Cup in

Cairns. Lleyton Hewitt started

well for the hosts but well for the hosts but Carsten

Ball lost in straight sets. Ruben Bemelmans was a late

replacement for the opening

singles and looked out of his

depth early on against Australia's

Australia's top player. The

little-known Belgian soon found

his range, though. Hewitt had

the answers in a tight first

set, then looked to be hitting

his stride in the second. The Australian produced special touch on his way to a

2-0 lead. But the Belgian

ranked 191 in the world raised

his game to another level. A great

great shot. Hewitt's Davis Cup experience eventually came to

the fore. That's too good. The

former world No.1 collected a

slice of history. Belgian

veteran Olivier Rochus ran into

hot form against Karsten ball. Captain John Fitzgerald tried

to inspire his young charge but Rochus was too

Rochus was too strong levelling

the tie with a straight sets

win. Wonderful

shot-making. Finally Down Under and down to business. I'm happy to be here and I think now everything can start. The Socceroos' new asbestos already familiar with Australia's

overseas stars. Now, he wants

to cast an eye over local

talent. You have your talent. You have your players

abroad. You are well aware of

clubs, but they are a bit

clubs, but they are a bit far

away. But here you can touch

these players, you can reach

them. His arrival in Australia

has coincided with a friendly

between Germany and the Socceroos in March. Lauren Jackson capped off a dominant

year leading the Seattle Storm

to a clean sweep against Atlanta.? Jackson

Atlanta.? Jackson had a quiet

game three but was still named

the most valuable player in the series.

COMMENTATOR: Even when she has not a great game, she's amazing. Jackson will travel to

the Czech Republic to spearhead

Australia's world champion

defence later this month. Now with

with our weather news, welcome

Mark Carmody.

Thanks and, good evening. I went to a

went to a funeral today for the

dad of a very good mate today,

Rod Creamer a top bloke. A couple of years ago, Ron asked

if I could organise some decent

weather for his day. he'd be pleased.

Ron was a big Raiders fan and

he'd be pleased just as the game's about to start it's fine

and clear. The westerlies have

eased a little and it's cooling

down. A great night for footy. Ron was married

Ron was married to Joyce.

Those winds would have pleased

a bunch of glider pilots

holding an annual camp.

The high in the Bight will maintain

maintain fine conditions over

our region till the end of the weekend. Then a developing

trough over the northern inland

will drift south resulting in

possible showers.

Apart from the Raiders, Ron

was a big orchid fan, and he would have been really sorry

he'll miss this weekend's

annual Orchid Society show,

it's at St John's in

Constitution Avenue in Reid.

We ducked out there today as

they were setting up and you'll just a minute.

Indeed. Before we go a brief

recap of our top stories

tonight - an extra 900

detention centre places for

asylum seekers have been created by the Federal

Government in an effort Government in an effort to

relieve pressure on the system.

And, Canberra stadium is packed

tonight for the sudden tonight for the sudden death semifinal between semifinal between the Raiders

and Wests Tigers. In case you

didn't know. That's ABC News.

Stay with us now for

'Stateline' coming up next.

We'll leave you at the Orchid

Society's annual show, as Mark

just mentioned. Have a great

weekend. Goodnight.

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