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Tonight - more towns prepare

for the worst as Victoria's

flood emergency spreads. Aftershocks keep jolting

Christchurch as residents see

what they can salvage. The king

makers win parliamentary reform

but haven't made the big

survives decision. And Sam Stosur

through to the quarters. survives 4 match points to win

Good evening, and welcome to ABC News, I'm Virginia

Haussegger. Several Victorian

towns are underwater tonight as

the State struggles to cope

with widespread flooding. The

threat is currently at its great nest the State's

north-east where Wangaratta is experiencing major flooding and

Shepparton is preparing for the Goulburn River to break Goulburn River to break its

banks. In the north-west the

Street streets of the Charlton

is submerged. In the east the

flood waters are making their

ways from the Alps towards

Bairnsdale but emergency

services believe Gippsland may be spared the damage that's

occurred elsewhere. Tonight the

army and SES are door knocking in townships south of

Shepparton where up to 200

homes are at risk from rising

flood waters. This is Union

Road, south of Shepparton. The only way to travel it today is

on a big tractor or a How often do you see it like

this? Not very often. Not

often. We don't want to see it

too many times but it's good to

see it when it happens. Farmer

Andrew furphy takes us on the

front of his tractor through

his property that's now almost entirely underwater. You'd

never tell this farm has just

been through 15015 years of

drought. Here you've got a water front at your door step and we don't have that very

often. Up the driveway at least

the house is safe. Last night

was very anxious for us all

while it was rising but once it

hit its peak it's like a sense

of elation. As you can see

behind me some of the fencing

on this farm is almost entirely

submerged but the Furphy s say

any slight damage to the

fencing or the crops will be

worth nit the long run. Going

to cop a massive load, irrigators are going to be

be back to where it was. happy, Shepparton is going to

drought broken? A few kilometres away the Reeves

family is making preparations. As you can see

all this water is just coming

in abundance so my husband's

gone over here to move dirt

here for a barricade. In near

bsh murchison residents are

being told to evacuate. They're

losing a lot of their possessions. Back in Shepparton the army was called in to

help. At this stage on the base

prediction at Shepparton we

expect around about 60 homes

will be at risk of the flooding in and around the Shepparton area. However that number could

change depending on what the

actual river height actually

reaches. And in a sign of

things to come there was heavy

snow in Victoria's Alps this morning where much of this

flood water is flowing from. There are mounting fears in Wangaratta where hopes Wangaratta where hopes have been evacuated after a levee

bank became unstable. Helen Brown has

Brown has the latest on the situation there. Early this

afternoon police and SES personnel moved in to Wilson's

Road which is about 800 metres

that way. The houses on that

road were protected by levee s

and some structural weaknesses were detected in these levee

banks to the point where it was

decided to move people out so

they move them out. Now later

this afternoon there was a

meeting with residents and they

were allowed back in to gather

personal belongings and pets but we understand they've been

asked to move back out again.

The concern is that with those

weaknesses in the levee banks

that if they start to disintegrate they would then disintegrate very quickly allowing a ruch of water

through and that's the danger,

that it would rush down to

those houses and trap people

inside or possibly injure them.

So that's the danger point for So that's the danger

Wangaratta tonight. Helen Brown

there. And the floods are

spreading across the whole of

Victoria with towns have the

north-west to the east

threatened by rising waters.

The main Street of Charlton kilometres north-west of The main Street of Charlton 250

Melbourne remains knee deep in

water after the Avoca River burst its Blanks. Several properties were flooded.

Water's now vunding the hospital which has been Water's now vunding the local

sandbagged. In the State's east

the town of Bairnsdale was

under threat before water levels began to recede. Extra

supplies been have flown to

Birdsville to help feed 5,000

stranded race goers. Those at the whim of the weather remain

in high spirits despite the

heavy rain cutting roads to the

normally dry and dusty

cancelling the famous races for township. The Birdsville track

just the third time in the

event's long history. I don't

care if I don't get out for another week as long as the pub doesn't run out of beer. The Queensland Government has

activated natural disaster

relief arrangements with the

ermy damage bill at about $2

million. Of all the things

you'd expect it to be cancel ed

for rain is probably way down

the list. We're working with emergency services Queensland

to assist the council out there

and we hope to get things back to normal as quickly as

pob. Organisers say the main

road east out of Birdsville should reopen within 24

hours. In NSW hundreds of SES

volunteers have spent the day

cleaning up after a wild

weekend. Winds of up to 128km/h

caused extensive damage

bringing down trees and

powerlines. The SES received

almost 3,000 calls for help

over a huge area from the south

beaches. The bureau indicated coast to Sydney's northern

there would be quite strong

winds but they weren't sure how

strong they would be. Certainly

it was strong at Corrimal,

about 128 more I think one of

the highest gusts there, so it

was quite fierce winds. At the

height of the wind storms

almost 100,000 homes businesses were without

power. But most supplies have

now been restored. The state of emergency in Christchurch has

been extended until the middle

of the week. Hundreds of homes

have been destroyed by Saturday's powerful earthquake

and authorities fear dozens of

buildings are at risk of

collapse with aftershocks

continuing to hit the region.

Fears about contaminated

drinking water also appear

justified with hospitals

reporting a number of cases of reporting a number of cases of gastroenteritis. New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz reports from Christchurch. Christchurch. The army rolled

into town today relief for a

weary police force. And a helping hand for residents

trying to clean up. But for

some jobs shovels are just not

enough. Excavators began the

job of demolition finishing what Saturday's earthquake had

started. Hundreds of buildings

across the Canterbury region face the same fate. Elsewhere

in the city it was strangely

quiet. This is usually the

bustling heart of Christchurch

but as you can see there's

barely a soul in site. Business owners were allowed into the city today to check their

properties but the general

public had to be content with

staying behind the barricades.

Jeweller Roger Kelso wasn't prepared for the site prepared for the site that

greeted him. His business built

up over 30 years reduced to a pile of rubble. To see the devastation of a bit devastation that's of a bit mind devastation that's here of a bit mind blowing. At devastation that's here is of a bit mind blowing. At the

nation's biggest household

insurer the phones are running

hot. It's received 10,000 calls

since the quake. Here in Christchurch we're probably

across all product lines we've

probably got 200,000 policies

so we're expecting a few more

phone calls. But Phil Hayes

says he's given up trying to

get through. As you can see

down the back of the fence it's

probably a foot to 2 feet deep

so that's going the take a bit

of digging. The ground underpin

ing his house in Kaipoi has turned to sludge. He's not

confident of rebuilding but

says he doesn't have the money

to buy land elsewhere. Sewage problems are also raising

problems are also raising frustrationings. Absolutely.

We're pooing in a bucket. It's

not fun. The first cases of gastroenteritis have presented

at medical clinics. Health

authorities are taking no

chances. Isolating two families at an earthquake shement - shelter who have the

illness. For one family at

least the day had a happy ending. Small mercies worth celebrating.

celebrating. It's been a celebrating. It's been a long

wait but Canberra's independent

king makers are expected to

announce tomorrow which party

they will help to govern.

Tonight they're already

celebrating a victory of sorts

on new parliamentary rules. The

deal was companied by a rare

moment of political good will

and uanymority but that's

likely to be short lived. Rob Oakeshott's got the future of

country in his hands. The green folder contains the

negotiations to date. The offers and

offers and the

counteroffers. Have a crack.

I've run out of things to

say. Mum's the word. They are talking holding a further perhaps final

round of meet wtion the Prime

Minister and Opposition Leader

before making a final decision. Probably tomorrow I

think, but I haven't spoken think, but I haven't spoken to

the other two yet. It was a

bummer of a Father's Day for me. I'm the last one who wants

to be here. We all want to

resolve this. But a resolve this. But a resolution

isn't Ghan teed. In 2 back the

Coalition and one goes with

Labor the parties will be

locked at 75 seats all. To

avoid that one of the MPs might choose to reverse his vote. It

does look like we may have to

make some choices about whether

we stick together to get stable

government or not. Again, we're

down to the pointy end of those

discussions today. I think sit

important that the three of us

talk together because this

isn't a game, we're looking at

whether there can be a stable government formed. And which way

way are you leaning? And are

you all going to vote the same

way? Late today all sides cleared one key hurdle. They

agreed to renovate the rules in the House of Representatives. You can feel

the love, can't you? It's just

something almost

emotional. After the press

conference we'll be having a

group hug over in that

corner. The changes will reduce

the power of the Government. Question time questions Question time questions can

only be 45 seconds long,

answers will be limited to 4

minutes, they will need to be

directly relevant and ministers

shouldn't use notes. A Budget

Office will be set up to

provide independent policy

costings and the Speaker of the House will be independent from

the Government. This is an

important moment in history of

the Australian Parliament. This

has been a difficult birth u

but we have achieved a terrific

outcome for the parliament. Are we doing the group hug? Yeah,

group hug. The camaraderie

won't last. If a second deal is

brokered tonight tomorrow only

one side will be hugging the Independents, the other will Independents, the other will be

cursing them. They thought they

were blowing the lid off Black

market sales of whale meat but

today two Japanese Greenpeace activists have thermss bulk-bill sentenced to a year in jail for theft and trespassing. trespassing. They won't have to serve the time, the sentences

have been suspended but the

Tokyo two, as they've been

dubbed, say they're outraged

and will appeal.Mark Willacy

was at the court in Aomiri was at the court in Aomiri in northern Japan. It was supposed

to be indisputable proof of corruption inside Japan's

whaling program. 23 kg of whaling program. 23 kg of whale

meat Greenpeace said it intercepted after it was

smuggled off by crewman. Instead of the whalers being

charged it was the activists

who found themselveses in the dock. What ideally we want to

hear from the judges is to

reckonise the embezzlement of time the rights of the whale meat and at the time the rights of NGOs to

expose the corruptions. But the prosecutors argued that this

was an open and shut case of

theft and asked for the Tokyo

two to each be given 1.5 years

in prison and today after a

trial spanning 7 months the

judges delivered their verdict.

Guilty of both theft and

trespass. They were handed one-year jail terms suspended

for 3 years. It is outrageous

and if this is a democratic

country this shouldn't be

happening. We really need to

keep the freedom of expression

in this country alive. This

case generated protest from Stockholm to Sydney. But the

trial of the Tokyo two has

raised more questions than its

answered and the most important

question of all is were

Japanese whalers stealing and

smuggling whale meat out of

Japan's scientific whaling

program? The Tokyo two argue

they were acting in the public interest in the whaling industry. A

claim dismissed by the court. We are going to

court. We are going to appeal. That's unlikely to

bother Japan's whaling industry

which denies it's hiding any corruption. Crippled by arrests and arrests and flagging morale, the Basque separate

organisation ETA has declared a

ceasefire in its decades-long

struggle for independence from

Spain. But the Government in Madrid is unmoved calling Madrid is unmoved calling for the organisation to renounce

violence once and for all.

Bombings and assassinations,

the hallmarks of an

organisation at war with Spain

trying to force independence

for the 3 million Basques. But

without warning 3 ETA fighters

say they stopped the violence,

now they will pursue their aims

by democratic means. TRANSLATION: ETA announces that

the decision has been taken not

to carry out armed offensive

actions, to stand by a

commitment to democratic

solution through dialogue and

negotiation. But the authorities have consistently

demanded ETA renounce violence

permanently and any talks with the Government

can be considered. Local Basque

officials have described the

offer as insufficient and vague.

vague. But some hope this just

may be the beginning of the end of

of a deadly cycle of violence

that's seen more than 800

people killed and thousands

injured. I think that it's a

step forward. I think that it's

something really positive and

it's something that the bask society was expecting. Already

the Basque region has a large

degree of autonomy with a

parliament, control of police, education and taxes. The

outlawed ETA has been weakened

by more effective cooperation

by Spanish and French police.

More than 700 members are now

in prison. The Spanish

Government has seen it all

before, two previous offers of

a permanent ceasefire came to a

bloody end. It may mean real

progress towards a lasting

peace but history urges caution.

caution.Sknr And still to come

on ABC News. He's still a

doubtful starter but Alan

Tongue takes his seat at the

NRL finals captain's table. To

finance now and the local share

market has risen for a fourth

day in a row after better than expected employment figures in

the US last Friday. Here's Alan

Kohler. Well the All Ords

hasn't been above 4,600 since

August 9 and that was just for

one day. Before that it was the

middle of June so the index is

right back at the top of its 4-month trading range after a

0.8% rise today. As a result of

gains across the board. And

that came on the back of a

1.25% rise in New York on Friday

better than expected jobs data.

67,000 private sector jobs with the unemployment the unemployment rate dragged

up by the fact that more than

100,000 census takers finished their government contracts. As

a result there was a general

rise in risk appetite around the globe and the globe and Asian markets all

produced solid gains today.

Japan was up 2% and the others

were up around 1.5%. Now the

gomed price is continuing gomed price is continuing to

hover around $1,250 US an ounce

and I have here a graph

explaining why the gold price

has been so strong even though jewellery demand has been

declining. It's been replaced

by investment demand of course.

Now these bars are divided into

jewellery, teeth, people buying

bars of gold and putting them

into bank vaults and then those who who are buying gold securities

like exchange traded funds as

an investment. As you can see

there's been a huge rise in

investment demand so not far

from becoming the main source of demand. There were some

decent economic data out in

Australia as well. The private

Securities and Melbourne inflation gaids gauge from TD

Institute shows that inflation

is under control and job

advertisements as tracked by

the ANZ, both Internet and

newspair, went up 2.6%, the

months. The Australian dollar strongest rise in about 4

is holding above 91 US cents

and has no gone above 70 on and has no gone above 70 on the

trade weighted index for the

first time in a month. And

that's finance. The team-mates

of Olympic champion Stephanie

Rice have described the swim're

es homophobic slur on a Twitter

account as out of character.

The 22-year-old posted a series of remarks in the aftermath of

the Wallabies' last-gasp win

morning. over the Springboks on Sunday

morning. The offensive comment was removed late yesterday.

Rice was later remorseful and

has release add statement

apologising if anyone was

offended. Australian diver

Matthew Mitcham revealed

the Beijing Olympics. The gold

medallist says Rice's comments

were thoughtless but not malicious. Absolutely, I hope

sit a wake up call because it

is quite offensive to alet of

people but that's certainly not what Steph intended. In 2008

Rice made headlines whin

Swimming Australia deemed some

of hir Facebook photos to be somewhat distasteful. The make

up of the NRL's top 8 wasn't

decided until the final game

when the Dragons emphatically

beat South Sydney. The minor premiers reinforced their status as the team to beat and

they will be heavily favoured

to win against a depleted Manly

side on Sunday. As for the Sea Eagles they've had 3 players charged after yesterday's

defeat by the Bulldogs. One of

them, Steve Matai is facing a ban of at least 7 games. There

are 8 teams left standing, some

on a firmer footing than

they finished on top of the

pile, a Ben Creagh hat-trick

crushing the finals dreams of the Rabbitohs within 24020

minutes. They will face a Manly

side who did themselves no favours in the defeat by the Bulldogs. Oh,

look good on the first angle

I've seen. I don't think his carry overs are real good. Even

if he pleads guilty Steve Matai

will miss 7 matches. If he contests the charge and loses, he will miss 9. The Dragons

will also miss having to play

their nemesis, Canberra. Not

only have the Raiders won 11

from 12 against St George

Illawarra but they're the form

side . Halfway through the year

nobody gave us a chance so we've played some good footy to get here, we deserve to be

without suspended prop Petero here. The Panthers will be

Civoniceva for their game

against Canberra. There's also

a fitness cloud over Titans

certain he will be ready captain Scott Prince but he's certain take on the Warriors captain Scott Prince but he's

first match of the finals on take on the Warriors in the

Friday night. I think I'm going

to be a liability in their team

I wouldn't be playing so I'm

pretty confident I can get

through the game and do what I

have to do in terms of my job

on the field. The Tigers will

take over the Roosters' home

ground this weck ahead of Saturday's game. We're familiar Saturday's

with the surface and as much as

people want to say it's an away

game it isn't. Not having played finals trophy since 2005 the Tighers will be reminded to

make the most of it. I will be telling the boys to telling the boys to enjoy every

moment because you don't know

when you will get the next

chance to play on this stage

again. The 8 teams will become

survive 4 match points but 6 by Sunday night. She had to

Australia's Samantha Stosur is through to the US Open quarter through

finals. Stosur came through a

draining late -night match

against Russian Elena

Dementieva finally winning in a

third set tie break. Her next third set tie break. Her next

opponent is the reigning title holder Kim Clijsters. The final match on day 7 at

Flushing Meadows was destined

to last until well after 1:00.

Those who went the distance with Stosur and Elena

Dementieva are likely to long

remember what was a high

quality clash. Bread and butter here for Stosur. It was

Australian serve would dominate anticipated the 5th seeded

and for much of the first set

it did. But the Russian 12th it did. But the Russian 12th

seed demonstrated enough with

her base line scramble and passing shot precision to indicate this match would have

many twists and turns. The 26-year-old Queenslander went

to her go to play, the big serve, big forehand and

crunched her way to 6-3. That's

her go to play. But Dementieva kept finding winners under

pressure. She was better suited

to the longer rallies. The to the longer rallies. The

second set was hers 6-2. The match lifted to another level

in the third, both hit brilliant winners. The

28-year-old Russian looked on course, she had 4 match points. But Stosur fought back from

3-5 to 6-6 and prevailed 7-2 in

the tie break. She has done it. Stosur's quarter final

champion Kim Clijsters. The opponent is the defending

Belgian made short work of

Serbia's Anna Ivanovic. In the

men's singles Scotsman Andy

Murray had been cruise tlug the

tournament until he met Stanislas

Stanislas va Wawrinka. The

Boomers trailed by 12 before

scoring, the eventual margin

was 29. The Europeans face host

nation Turkey for a semifinal berth. The Hockeyroos are still

in contention at the women's

World Cup after defeating New Zealand 4-1. win against Germany in the final Zealand 4-1. Australia needs a win final group game to make the

semifinals. Australia's Jason Day has

Day has shot 5-under par to

hold the lead after 3 rounds in

the US PGA play off event in

Boston. Day is one ahead of

American Brandt

pole vaulter Steve Hooker is back hitting form with his

final attempt at the European

Continental Cup. Sally Pearson

also produced a good result in her Commonwealth Games preparation beating an impressive field in the

hurdles. It's the holy month of

Ramadan for the world's Muslims

when fasting begins at dawn and

ends at sun set. In the Southern Hemisphere the days

are short but in the holy land

the shifting Islamic calender

has landed Ramadan in the

scorching summer heat. On a hot afternoon place there's fresh food and cool

cool drinks everywhere. But you

can't touch it yet because this

is Ramadan, the holy Muslim month of fasting when people go all day without water, food and

cigarettes. The Aqel family are

busy preparing their fast

breaking feast for the

call ed ift a. It's going to be

at least another hour before

they can hoe in. I'm dying for

it. Just a whole bucket of

water because I have been

running around since 8:30 in

the morning until now. Ramadan

is never easy but it's getting

harder. Each year the Muslim calender moves back by around

10 days, so it's now hit the

hot summer months and it's

going to stay there for the

next 7 or 8 years. We're thinking of moving to Alaska. This summer

temperatures here have hit the

mid 40s for days at a time.

Traffic accidents are up,

whether it's from fading

concentration or impatience and police are

watching for those who try to

sneak a drink of water or a

smoke. If you're a non-Muslim

you will spend the night in

jail. If you are a Muslim you

won't get out until next month. Doctors here in Ramallah have

told us some children as young as 4 are being forced into

fasting by their fundamentalist parents parents even to the point that

they're being denied oral

medicine at health clinics but

the doctors are too afraid to say so on camera. But most

families are like the Aqels. At

age 12 Ja'ad is fasting for the

first time. But you shouldn't

enforce the child. You you

cannot force them. Or blame him

or just blame him, you can't.

Despite the discomfort, for

many Muslims this is their favourite time of year. It favourite time of year. It is

very difficult but you know, this kind of worship, fasting,

it's spiritual so it does not - actually your actually you have

your body in order to feel your

soul. And sharing the struggle

together does ease the burden.

And now with a look at today's

weather here's Mark Carmody.

weather here's Mark Carmody.

Thank, Virginia and good

evening. After a wet and wild weekend this morning dawned bright and sunny with minimums

of 4 at the airport, 2 in

Tuggeranong but surprisingly

there were a series of dark

clouds and we got a few

showers. Not much, just enough

to rewet my almost dry washing. The winds were mainly from the

north-west and they averning at between 25 and 30km/h. The

maximums were 30 #13 and maximums were 30 #13 and 14 but

with that wind it felt about

half that. Currently it's still

cloudy. There's a slim chance of

of a thunderstorm but the winds

are dying away. And look at

those dam levels, after the weekend's deluge and with the

run off over the next few days

they're anticipated to go much

higher. And around our region

today, there were periodic

showers to our west and a

couple of spots fell on the up some coast and

up some snow, 8 cm at Charlotte Pass. The winds were like here,

brisk westerlies. Cooma got a

frost, minus 2 and Bega might

have had some as well as it

dipped to 1. Top temperatures

raised from 13 in Yass and

Goulburn to 19 down the coast.

The cloud band is moving off the Queensland coast and

there's patchy cloud moving

across the south-east in brisk

south-westerly winds and this

is delivering showers and a bit

of snow up high. A high pressure system will move

through the south-east tomorrow which will generate cool

south-easterly winds along with

possible light showers. Now nationally tomorrow: Our ur west that Our ur west that high will

bring a cool start in a mostly sunny day.

For Canberra tomorrow there

will be frost and fog patches

followed by a partly cloudy

day. A chance of isolated

showers and the winds will be

cool Southern Cross

Broadcasting westerlies

averaging around 25km/h. 1 to 14.

Virginia, I was walking

through Civic this morning and I

I saw these polly anthats

growing in pots. Floriade must

be just around the

corner. Indeed it is and I know

you will be in your element. Thanks, Thanks, Mark.En that's ABC

News. Stay with us News. Stay with us now for the

7:30 Report coming up next and

you can keep up with the latest

news at ABC online and ABC News

24. I'll be back with a news

update in 1 hour just before 'Four Corners', until then,

goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

Tonight on the 7.30 Report -

state of disaster. Just 19

months after the Black Saturday

fires, Victoria inundated by its

its worst floods in almost two

decades. We've had the fires.

Now we've got the floods.

What's next? Bring it on!

the smartcard that's being

hailed as the answer to problem

gamblers. Can it really

work? Once they've reached

their limit on their card, that would be it for 24 hours. We

need a broad set of strategies,

not the silver not the silver bullet solution

that's being put up. This Program Is Captioned


Welcome to the program. The

weekend has again illustrated the destructive power of nature, from the earthquake

that devastated cries New Zealand to the gale-force