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Live. Treasury downgrades Coalition's policy Treasury downgrades the

savings. Hopefully they'll

explain how there can be vast

differences in the way this is

done. Certainly there is absolutely absolutely nothing in any of

the toing and froing over the

last 12 hours or so that

compromises our ability to continue to engage

faith discussions with the continue to engage in good

Independents. Leaders jet in

for what Barack Obama hopes

will be a lasting solution. Our

goal is a two-state solution

that ends the conflict and

ensures the rights and security

of both Israelis and

Palestinians. Value for money,

are consumers getting

The danger in the term organic

is that marketers get hold of

it and apply it to too many

things. And the Blair book

project, outspoken and now out

there. The relationship with

Gordon was very, very

difficult. It was also very

close. Hello and welcome to ABC

News across Australia. I'm Ros

Childs. Solid rallies in the US and Europe are driving the local share market Tony Abbott is fighting on three fronts to prove his economic credentials to the

Independent MPs who will decide

Australia's next Government.

He's at odds with Treasury, the

Government and sceptical cross

benchers over his policy

costing. But the Opposition

Leader is digging in, he

insists his numbers are

credible and wants to prove it

to the Independents in an

intense round of briefings this

now a dollars game. Thank you.

Thank you very much. And a emerged multibillion dollar hole has

emerged in the Coalition's kitty. They are substantial kitty. They

figures and obviously they have

an impact on the bottom line

and the starting point of the

Coalition Government if in fact

that's the way it weekend Costings are important, election commitments are important, the Budget is important,. Treasury has run the calculator over the

Coalition's election promises and found best, there's a $7 billion gap

with implications for its plans

for health, education, infrastructure, and paid parental leave scheme. At

worst, it blows out $11 billion, one Treasury corrects the

corrects the Coalition's

assumed savings. The Treasurer

is taking it as a vindication

of everything he said in this

campaign. They set out to

deliberately deceive the

Australian people and the

verdict is in from the

Treasury. A $10.6 billion black hole. The deliver a healthier stronger

fiscal position over the forward estimates than the ALP. His economics team

rejecting Treasury's work..

They said, "Yes we had used what could what could be considered a

legitimate assumption. And they

used another. And insists it

could still produce bigger

surpluses over the next four

years. We emphatically stand

behind the fact that we will

deliver surpluses in excess of

Labor of $11.5 billion over

four years. The Coalition's got

all cay to convince the people who matter most. Tony Abbott says there's more to

economic credibility than a costings debate but it's clear

it is weighing heavily on the

minds of the cross

benchers. The economy for all

of us should be a deal breaker

and I don't necessarily, you

know, I'm revenuing judgment on

whether it is as it is. Hopefully they'll explain

how there can be vast

differences in the way this is

done and I think we look

forward to hearing that They'll

get their explanations in 1 # hours of hours of block booked briefings. The soul survivor of

Tuesday's Papua New Guinea plane crash has been flown to North Queensland for medical treatment. Co-pilot Kelby

Cheyne arrived in Townsville

last night and was taken to the

described the 25-year-old's hospital. Doctors have

condition as stable. The New

Zealand born pilot earnt z his

commercial licence in Toowoomba inest is Queensland where he

lived with his family. Three

Australians and a New Zealand

national were killed in the

accident when the Transair jet

crashed on Misima Bureau Australian investigators are examininging the crash site

and want to interview Mr and want to interview Mr Cheyne

in hospital. The US President says neither

of the Israeli-Palestinian says neither success or failure

peace talks is inevitable but

an attempt to resolve the decades 11 long conflict must

be made. The whouts is hosting

the firth direction the firth direction talks

between the two sides in nearly

two years. And on the eve of

the meeting, both the Israeli

and the Palestinian leaders

let this chance slip away. It's have vowed to work hard not to

a path well trodden by other Presidents, Barack Obama's

first problem at the outset of

talks, a deadly Hamas attack on

Israeli settlers. He called it senseless slaughter. To Hamas, and everybody else who is

taking credit for these heinous crimes, that this is not going

to stop us. The attack was condemned by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Benjamin Netanyahu This savagery and Benjamin Netanyahu was blunt.

brutality. In these early hours

no-one wants to be seen

undermining gnaw attempt at

peace. And the Israeli was positive about his meeting

with President Obama. Open productive, serious. In the

quest for peace. Later in the east room of the White House

with the leaders of Egypt and Jordan watching Benjamin Netanyahu and Abbas finally stood together. President

Abbas, you are my partner peace. TRANSLATION: We will work to

make this negotiations

succeed. Behind the smiles from are concerns about the capacity

of both leaders to deliver on any concessions. And there's

still no sign of a breakthrough

on the first of many hurdles, Palestinian demands for the

extension of a moratorium on

Bank. Israel has so far new construction in the West

refused. We are under no

illusions, years of mistrust will not disappear overnight. The Americans are

promising a sustained push to

achieve their highly ambitious goal of a two-state solution in

a year. But it isn't clear how

voched Barack Obama will be,

given his increasingly crowded

agenda. The US President

brushed off scepticism. If we

do not make the attempt then failure is guaranteed. Today

set the stage. Tomorrow's down

to business with the first

direct talks hosted by Hillary

Clinton. While the leaders are

in Washington, there's growing

Palestinians that the talks can succeed. Middle East

correspondent reports from the

West Bank. Even before yesterday's shooting there were a lot a lot of people in the Middle

East who did not want these

talks to go ahead. Those aren't peace talks. That's a

farce. The murder of four Jewish settlers has only

angered them further. In this

West Bank settlement, the

symbolic laying of a

cornerstone for a new ports

centre is a statement. As far

as these people are as these people are concerned, their Government's freeze building Jewish homes and Palestinian territory is over.

A member of the Israeli PM's

own party was even there to

cheer them on.. We're sending a clear thaedge Ma in

superintendent we will continue

to build all over Judea and

Samaria. The peace deal could

well many mean that satellites

like this are evak Eade, handed

over to the Palestinians and

that's something the people who

live here will never accept. In

fact they'd rather keep things just as they are. With Israel

occupying the West Bank. They

have more political rights Ben than any Muslim and Arab world. There's

a certain irony here because on

a lot of West Bank building

sites it's not Israelis that

are operating the equipment, in

fact, building fact, building Jewish homes is

a very common and lucrative

source of income for a lot of

Palestinians. And it's not just

Jews who object to these talks.

These Palestinians in are Malia are infuriated that the their

President is still sitting down

with Palestinian. Both these

Palestinian demonstrators and

the Israeli settlers represent broadly held views leaders are being called on in

Washington to make concessions that none

that none of their predecessors

have been able to achieve. Then

go home and sell them to a

constituency that in many cases never wanted them to go there

in the first place. Police have

ended a siege by shooting dead

a gunman at the Discovery

Channel headquarters near

Washington. The building in

Maryland was sealed off after

three hostages were seized by

the 43-year-old who is believed

had explosives. Infants from the hundreds of people evacuated. Police responded

when they saw a gun when they saw a gun pointed at

a hostage. At that point, our tactical units moved in,

they shot the suspect, the suspect is decreased. The

gunman James Lee seen her after an earlier protest has been in conflict with the channel over environmental issues. The

former British PM Tony Blair

says he couldn't have imagined the nightmare Iraq after the 2003 invasion. But he insists he doesn't

regret backing a war that defy

divided his own party and the

nature and eventually cost him his prime his prime ministership. In his long awaited political memoir Mr Blair also talks abhis

successor Gordon Brown,

describing him as a man with zero emotional intelligence,

maddening a but brilliant. Tony Blair's journey through a

decade as PM was drofrtion, so

too is his contract of that period. Including a war that

divided a nation, the deaths of

British soldiers in Iraq calls

for regret but not the invasion

itself. How can you not feel sorry about people who have died, I mean you would be

inhumane in you didn't think

that but when I'm asked whether

I regret the decision, you

knowty of say I take

responsibility for it. But I

can't regret the decision. And

Tony Blair warns of another

potential flash point - a

nuclear armed Iran which he says must be

confronted. Indigenous it is

holy unacceptable for

have nurses weapons capability and I think weave got to be

prepared to confront them. If

necessarily militarily But

there was war at home too. An

ongoing battle with his chorl

and later PM Gordon Brown. A

man Tony Blair said had great strategic sense

strategic sense but zero emotional intelligence. People

may be overestimated, his

capacity to be PM, I think the last

last three years when he was people maybe underestimated his

strengths. Tony Blair says he considered sacking Gordon Brown

but felt he'd be even more

damaging outside the inner circumstance. Gordon Brown maintained his silence but his supporters say he's been

treated shabbily by a man who

admits he reneged on a deal to

hand over power much

earlier. From my point of view, it was never who occupied the

position, but what we did with

it and if we were going to

continue that reform program, I was absolutely up for his

succeeding me and taking

over. Tony Blair says the pressure of the job drove him

to drink, alcohol became his

prop at the end of a day. A

life of success and excess. A

man loved and loathed but man loved and loathed but never ignored. It was always going to be controversial

be controversial and it hasn't

disappointed. A man who divided

the nation while PM continues

to do so today. Police in

Mozambique have shot dead eight

people including at least one

child during angry protests

over rising food and fuel man were on the street of the capital lighting fires and hurling hurling stones. Police opened

fire in an attempt to restore order

order killing eight people and wounding dozens more. One

mother grieves near the body of

her 12-year-old child.

Mozambique has been hit hard by

steep hikes in wheat prices and

imports from South Africa. One

of the Murray-Darling Basin

biggest wetlands is getting much needed drink. Not only has

recent rain replenished the

struggling system but local

land holders are lending a

hand. They formed a unique

alliance with Government and

some pars are getting their first fill in more than three decades. Environment reporter

Stuart Clark travelled to the

low bidgee wetlands low bidgee wetlands in

south-western NSW. The creeks

are flowing, the fish are

breeding and the birds are

back. The low bidge yes

wetlands in the Yanga, in are

coming back to life after years of

just seen go through Yanga has

been the biggest in ten year,

there's some areas down the

bottom end hadn't seen water

since 2000. 80,000 litres are

now feeding into the once dry

wetlands. Some parts of this

system haven't seen water since

the 1974 floods. This is a real rescue mission with this water

and things are looking up from

her on Satellite imagery is

also being used to identify and

restore the natural flows. That

involves breaking the channels

to get the water into targeted

for years. That's let us to

punch about 60 holes in the

levee banks to reimpose a natural wetting approach. And

these wetlands are

unique in that a quarter of the

system is in the National Park

and the rest is on private

property. But it's those land

holders who are help deliver

the flows. Michael Spinks is a third generation grazier and

has lived in the low bidgee

wetlands all his life. He's

allowing the NSW and

Commonwealth Governments to divert flows through his

channels to give the system a top-up. We've got a fair investment in psychological

emotional in the wetlands, so

yeah it's good. It's good

thing. And it's only going to

get better. With another

environmental flow on its way.

The water bird breeding event

this year is promising to be

good. The organic food industry is worth $1 and growing. A national

standard for organic food has

been put in place so action can

be taken against companies that

make fraudulent claims about their their products but high prices

and the authenticity of organic

food remain an issue. Organic

food is produced without

chemicals, and uses sustainable

farming practices. It's a

growing global market. Sales at

retail is about $50 billion US

dollars. And the largest markets are the European Union countries and the United

States. In Australia, sales of

organic produce make up just 1%

of the total grocery bill, organic food tends to cost at

least one third more than

conventional food. In some

cases, it's double or even triple. Because organic is a

lot more purer, it costs a bit more. And Angy Plataniotis runs

a food store in Sydney. She

goes to great leapts to ensure

the product she buys are really organic. We do

customers, we make sure that it

is certified. If we say it's

certified we look for the

certification Organic food has

to meet a new Australian

standard. But from are several different certification

logos. Companies making

fraudulent claims now face

legal action. The consumer wap

dog 'Choice' says the

classification and labelling of

organic products has improved.

But there's still a lot of

confusion among shopper about

what organic really is. The

danger in the term organic is that marketers and apply it to too many

things. The jury is still out

on whether organic food is

better for you, last year a key British study found organic

food was no healthier than

conventional food. Even though

it was more expensive. Organic

food is more expensive to

produce and always will be more

expensive to produce. And

therefore will have a higher cost. Angy Plataniotis says even with the controversials

and the economic downturn, many customers prefer organic. I've

noticed that mothers that feed their families the baby will get

eat conventional. If they're

struggling, but the baby comes

first. A case of mind over matter. Australia's surplus has missed market

forecasts in July with ex-pore

falling unexpectedly during the

month. The surplus shrank to

$1.8 billion as exports of coal

and iron ore fell. Most

economists has been expected a surplus of more than $3

billion. Let's go to stom of

the other stairs making new in

business. Paul Hogan's says the Tax Office has sent another letter which represent

Assenin attempt to work out a

deal. Mr Hogan has been hit

with a departure ban that stops him leaving the country until

he settles an alleged

multimillion dollar unpaid tax

bill. World food prices have

hit a two year high, the UN

Food and Agricultural

Organisation says a drought in

Russia has helped to jack up

the price of wheat. The

agency's global price index shot up 5% in July

And two giants of the electronic industry are doing

battle today. Apple chief Steve

Jobs has been showing off its

new range of iPods and updating

technology for Internet technology for Internet TV. And

in an announcement timed to

coincide with Apple's event,

Sony has launched a music Sony has launched a music and video service to compete with

iTunes. To the markets now and

local stocks have surging again

today boosted by solid rallies on Wall Street and across

Europe. Investors cheered by

better than expected factory

production figures out of the

US and China. Manufacturing output cranked up in August as

workers were hired, easing

fears of a double dip recession. The cogs were

turning too in the world's

second biggest economy,

offering the hope that offering the hope that China's economic pace will ease rather

than crash. So how is all that

affecting the local share

market. Here's Palacios pa pa.

The market's looking good today. Those off shore ray are

flowing. At lunch time in the

east, the All Ordinaries index

is up 34 points to hold Leighton Holdings is doing

well. The construction firm

says its finalised a contract

for a billing project at the

Dubai international finance centre, Leighton Holdings

shares up 3% to $32.49 And

James Hardie's in the news

today? Yes,. The building materials maker has lost it

dispute over a Tax Office

assessment that could cost it more

more than $380 million. The case dates back more than ten

years and was centre oond

subsidiary called RCI. Lawyers representing asbestos victims say the ruling James Hardie's bottom line and

that could have consequences

for exception, but for exception, but there's certainly in evidence of consequences for the share price today. James Hardie does a lot of

a lot of its business in the

where as we've heard vofs are

feeling optimistic today so

James Hardie has put on 3%,

that's to $32.- sorry that's to

$5.43. And miner Rio Tinto has

opened another iron ore

mine? It has. This one is at

Tom Price in Western Australia. Rio Tinto has put on 2% today.

BHP Billiton isn't far behind.

All the big banks are strong today, NAB is the best

performinger, it's up 1.5% to

$24.25. Let's have a check now

of the domestic marks over big

movers in the ASX top 100. Oil

and gas explorer AWE and Oz Minerals are putting on around 2.7 5%. Thank you. On to Wall Street

- Melbourne police have

arrested two people during an

operation targeting hoon

drivers in the city's northern

and western suburbs. Overfight officers intercepted about 75

cars at industrial estates as part of Operation Friction. Young drivers are Young drivers are alerted by text messages about the drag meet and police say they're increasingly alarmed by the

reckless behaviour of some of

them. We have extensive footage

of cars doing burnouts within metres of people, it is

dangerous, and all we need is

one vehicle to go into the

crowd and we will have a number of fatalities. There's always people doing burnouts. Four

cars were impounded and more

than 50 drivers were issued with road

be's book wasn't the only publication egg early awaited

in London over night. Nor troll

heads the long running question

has been just who is wearing

the white helmet suit and

outfit in the 'Top Gear'. The

identity of the man they call

the Stig has been revealed by

the Stig himself. MUSIC

For years one of the most

closely guarded secrets in

television, now the Stig's famous black lifted. The man behind it - Ben

Collins, a former Formula One

three racing driver. Today at

the High Court he won his

battle to reveal Hills as 'Top

Gear's mystery driver. The BBC

had tried to prevent him

bringing out an autobying ofy

unkaufing his identity but

today the High Court ruled the

book could go ahead. He's got an

an amazing story of seven years as the Stig and it's going to

have a wide appeal to motoristing thusis. The BBC expensive case saying it had a

duty to protect a character who ultimately belongs to licence payers. The Stig... The

decision is bound to be a

disappointment for show's team.

One presenter reacting in his

typical style, on radio five

live today. Between 2005 and

only three or four weeks ago, I

was the Stig. So this other

person who has written this

presumably extremely thin book

about being the Stig for the

last four

of a nerve I'd say. Ben Collins still has some Stig-like characteristics, remaining

silent as he left court but

that won't last long. Now he's

free to tell his story. Let's a

look at other stories - three

bombs have ripped through a

Shi'ite procession in eastern

Pakistan killing 25 people and

wounding 1 50 toers blasts were

the first major attacks since

Pakistan was hit by devastating

floods more than a month ago.

Chile's trapped miners are enjoying some clean clothing

and the chance to have a shave.

New foot able from their small emergency shelter 700m below

the surface shows them in high

spirits as they await a rescue

effort that could take three

months. And another traffic

nightmare is building in China,

a new series of delays is

causing road jams along the 100

kilometre stretch of the

Beijing-Tibet Highway. Just over a week ago authorities traffic jam that had lasted

traffic jam that had lasted for

nine days. Stosur so is stayly through to the imwees round after a comfortable round after a comfortable win over Anastasia Rodionova.

Australia's second highest

ranked male Peter Luczak bowed

out in four sets. In the womens

Sally Peers played confidently

but was no match for the

defending title holder wile

Stosur was too strong. In contrast

contrast to her opening round

match the five seed was on her

game from the out set in the

all Australian affair. Stosur

will need the a-Italian Sara

Errani in the third round.

19-year-old qualifier Peers was

excited to be playing against

her childhood idol Kim Clijsters. Peers handled centre court atmosphere well

but Clijsters easily prevailed

in straight sets. And there was

a sensation in the day time heat when 10th seed Belorussian Victoria Azarenka collapsed.

She was taken to hospital for

test and later revealed was

concussed after bumping her

head in a gymnasium fall. Australia's men's

basketball team has had a

setback at the world

championships. The Boomers went

down 94-79 against the down 94-79 against the fifth

ranked Serbia. But there was

better news for the Hockeyroos,

they beat India 6-3 to remain

unbeaten at the World Cup. And

at the women's rugby union

World Cup England has beaten

Australia 15-nil to move into

the final against New Zealand.

The Wallaroos will meet France

in a play-off for third. They're only found in

southern Australia and the US,

but the tiny burrowing cray

fish has made its way on to a worldwide assessment. The international union

conservation of nature today

released a report on cray fish

species around the world and it

paints a filmy picture. A mown

of moist soil marks the homes

of these tiny environmental

engineers. Burrowing cray fish

live from low lying areas to mountains

mountains and there are at

least 33 different species in

these cray fish are good for

the environment. The cray fish

aerate and drain the soil, they encourage plant growth, they also provide habitat

of other animals, other

invertebrates, insects krus

it'sians even snakes sometimes live down. Tasmanian scientists

Niall Doran and Alistair

Richardson were part of the global assessment team working for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This assessment under the slis

really the start of a process

drawing attention to them. And

sharing information with other

specialists ash the globe. It's the first time the crustaceans

have been part of a comprehensive worldwide study and it reveals an uncertain

future, about a dozen varieties

of the burrowing cray fish are

on the IUCN late's red list of

threatened species.. Now

climate change poses new

threats. If climate change

results in less frequent rain

events then you haven't got

that water need to reflenish the

water. The Tasmanian education

art chi Bookend Trust has made a documentary for schooling features the cray features the cray fish. A look

at the weather now - the

satellite shows a shroud band

crossing the south in a trough,

thickening cloud over southern

WA around a developing low and

patchy cloud over the Northern

Territory and western

Queensland in another trough.

The tail end of a front will spread showers along the east coast south of Newcastle. Another front will clip

Tasmania renewing shows in the

south A Lou troughs will generate

generate rain and socials over

the the south-west. And the capital city forecasts -

A fine cheek of the markets.

The All Ordinaries is 35 points higher adding to

the US are up on the back of

those better factory jut put

figures and the dollar is at

90.63 US cents. That's

90.63 US cents. That's the news for now. There's continuous

news at ABC News 24 and there's

also news online. Our next full

bulletin on ABC 1 is at 7

o'clock this evening . I'm Ros

Childs, thank you for joining

us and have a great afternoon. We'll see you tomorrow. Captions by CSI. m THEME MUSIC (COW MOOS) More coffee, Lois? Thank you, Miss Logan. Mary? No, thanks. CLOCK CHIMES Dennis is rather late this morning. Perhaps he's already gone out. Without his breakfast? He may have needed to see someone in the village.