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(generated from captions) Deal. Deal. Just, please. I'll go a deal, thanks, mate. For you, Ethan, Done deal! Oh, for you. Oh, don't pretend it was for Ethan. you think you have green, do you? Ethan, so I'll go... He thinks he's got green,

I have got green. You think you've got the $2,000? I wanna pop the locks on 7. Show me what's in there, buddy. Come on. You assured us it was green. It was all about 7. And it was! There it was! But a correct guess right there! $41,500. Awesome! Boys, let's see the money. the lovely Miss Monnie. You may recognise out of this, Monnie. You might even get another chocolate Well done! Good on you, Ethan! Oh, you can go get yourself a kicker

and you can get a new leg, matey. $41,000! (CHEERS) Great, great haul. Invest it wisely. you might be interested in. I've got a little trust account See ya! That's for after the show. Bye now! This program is captioned live. Tonight - flies to Canberra angry Independent MP Bob Katter

for talks on who governs. Now that we've got a bit of power,

my friend. you know, you'll be listening to us, rejects claims Kiesha Abraham's parents of suspicious bank account deposits. about her son's violent outburst Patti Newton stays mum in a Rome hotel. Miss Universe contestant And Sydney's makes it to the final three. with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. decide Australia's next government The three Independent MPs who'll meeting tonight are holding their first strategy Labor and the Coalition tomorrow. ahead of talks with the forceful North Queenslander, Bob Katter, of what negotiations could be like gave a glimpse at Sydney Airport. when he lost his temper There's a new sheriff in town. No, no, you listen to me

with the media. because we've had it up to here The force from the north with new-found authority. sweeping through Sydney Now that we've got a bit of power my friend, not dictating to us. you'll be listening to us, the gong to someone I've told you that I'll give you who allows us to survive. He arrived in Canberra in Parliament House for a meeting happening tonight where the corridors of power for the Independents have taken on a whole new meaning and the Greens' Adam Bandt. G'day. I'm Adam. How are you?

Nice to meet you! (LAUGHS) Nice to meet you, caught on film! Each has different demands. If we're just fluffing around, a minority government if we're just building from the crossbenchers, with a bit of plus, plus, plus I'm not interested. in real parliamentary reform, But he is interested suggesting a cross-party cabinet working together for stability. with Labor and the Coalition And I know I'm being cheeky. I'm a very magnanimous man a little too far. but that might be going Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard with the Independents tomorrow. will meet separately can't begin in earnest But negotiations until all of the seats are decided. Four are currently in doubt. in Hasluck, Dunkley and Boothby The Liberals lead is expected to win Denison. while Independent Andrew Wilkie If it stays that way, to Labor's 72 the Coalition would hold 73 seats with four Independents and a Green. it's safer. I think I might stay in there, He might be right. for getting a bit testy. Sorry, mate, missing Sydney girl Kiesha Abrahams The mother and stepfather of several cash payments they received have been asked about the 6-year-old's disappearance. in the weeks before been talking to them. Robert Ovadia's Rob, what did they have to say? and her partner, Robert Smith, say Mark, Kristi Abrahams there is nothing sinister about it. at least six cash deposits The reports suggest they received for which there was no explanation. of between $500 and $600 told me they have nothing to hide. Kiesha's mum and stepdad have

and can account for every cent. Robert Smith says he's a working man today They didn't want to go on camera by police but they have been interviewed and detectives say to Kiesha's disappearance. there's nothing to link the payments since the little girl's parents It's now 24 days from their Woodstock Avenue home. reported her missing will jog someone's memory This is the mannequin police hope wearing when she disappeared. it's what Kiesha was reportedly outside the shrine to Kiesha Detectives displayed it a little closer now which locals will be guarding left for Kiesha have been stolen. with evidence some of the gifts

Mark. out a state-wide ban on the burqa. Premier Kristina Keneally has ruled of Islamic veils MP Fred Nile wanted the wearing to be made a criminal offence is not on. but the Premier says taking them off can make of her Muslim faith It's most visual expression a woman confronting. but one that many people find in New South Wales At least one lawmaker

face-covering veils banned wants the burqa and other from public places. I believe in Australia,

an open-faced society. we've always had you can see my face. I can look at your face, in France They've already been banned ruled and last week a court in Perth a Muslim witness in a fraud case to give evidence. must remove her burqa I regret that this case has But Premier Kristina Keneally says

on cultural diversity, our state thrives and strengthen out society. things that enliven in multicultural New South Wales. Such a ban, she said, has no place The Premier's announced the government's position on the burqa ban at parliament last night. at an inter-faith dinner here Fred Nile says from the Muslim community. it's more about winning votes

It's a very positive statement that

is coming from the leadership

is coming from the leadership of New South Wales. Fred Nile believed he

his Bill had a chance. It will be

very difficult for the Bill to be

passed if the ALP now are make tango a party vote. Matthew Newton's problems could run far deeper than addiction, following claims he had to be sedated during a violent outburst in a Rome hotel. His ex-girlfriend Rachael Taylor, who is receiving medical treatment, is also praised for her brave decision to take legal action. Backstage, he looked happy and ready to return to work, but critics say it was too much, too soon. (CHEERS) To be offered something like this two weeks out of rehab, it's way too soon. And once again, the famous Newton family has been left cleaning up Matt's mess. How's the family holding up today? Mother Patti stuck in Melbourne while her son returns to rehab in Sydney. With Matthew, we're not talking about just a drug addiction, we are talking about mental health issues. This is the Rome hotel foyer where Rachael Taylor says her now ex-fiance bashed her. The starlet's injuries were so severe a week later, she's still recovering. There are also claims she was left cowering in Newton's dressing room after another attack. She's shown great leadership and is a great role model for women who are in relationships where they are unsafe. Matthew Newtown faces further drama in the courts. Rachael Taylor has not only applied for an Apprehended Violence Order, she'll discuss with her lawyers tomorrow whether to pursue assault charges. Another of Newton's ex-girlfriends, Brooke Satchwell, wouldn't comment today. In 2006, he pleaded guilty to assaulting her. The conviction was later quashed. When people display violence there's a very good chance that violence will continue. The Rome hotel where one of the alleged assaults happened was the Westin Excelsior.

Reporter Jo McKenna is outside the hotel. Jo, are the staff describing what they saw? Mark, hotel staff I've spoken to say they can't comment to protect the privacy of their guests but it's understood

some reported hearing Rachael Taylor scream out for help

As she was allegedly being attacked

by Matthew Newton. Her head hit the

floor in the lobby of the hotel. The

staff here today are looking very

nervous and they are adamant that

they can not comment for privacy reasons. The Excelsior is a popular hotel, there must have been many witnesses?

This hotel is in the heart of the

luxury hotel district here in Rome.

It's peak see Son for foreign

tourists in particular. There are

many Americans and Australians

staying here. The rooms cost staying here. The rooms cost between $ staying here. The rooms cost between

$500 and $

$500 and $3500 a night. So we are

talking the Top End of the market.

This hotel wants to put this

incident behind it as quickly as possible. Police in the Philippines are under fire for their handling of a day-long siege which ended with nine hostages killed. A sacked police officer armed with an M16 assault rifle took a tourist group from Hong Kong hostage. Some were released but many others died before police could shoot the gunman. Hong Kong's chief executive says he was disappointed. It is our intention to bring the wounded and the wounded's relatives back to Hong Kong as soon as possible. The gunman had demanded his job back. Sydney teenager Jesinta Campbell has finished third in this year's Miss Universe contest in Las Vegas. The title went to Mexico but Jesinta didn't walk away without a sash. She was crowned 'Miss Congeniality'. Jesinta Campbell's national costume might not have been a winner but the 19-year-old's personality won the hearts

of her fellow entrants. ANNOUNCER: The winner of the award for Miss Congeniality 2010 is... .. Australia! She wowed the judges in the swimsuit section, slipping into the top 10. Jesinta slinked into the top 5 in her evening gown. Then she was asked whether governments should have the right to stop women wearing burkas. And I don't think the government should have any say in what we wear because we can all make our own personal choices. And then there were three. The second runner up is... .. Australia! Miss Mexico won the title. Jesinta now calls Sydney home but not long ago she was a Gold Coast schoolgirl. To be acknowledged as Miss Congeniality

that just speaks volumes. She's such a beautiful person, obviously, on the outside

but certainly on the inside. We're just so proud. While she didn't take home the crown, our Miss Congeniality says she's just happy to have made the competition. See the whole Miss Universe pageant tonight on digital 7TWO at 7:00. Our last success at Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, was the star of today's Sydney Fashion Festival show. Reporter Paul Kadak is at Sydney Town Hall.

Paul, tonight attention moves to another big celebrity name. Yes, Mark. Paris Hilton's sister, Nicky, is here

to model for local label Charlie Brown. She's brought with her all the attention any designer could hope for. Being an international jetsetter, Nicky Hilton is no stranger to the runway

I Love Charlie Brown's stuff and I'm excite ld. starring as the celebrity cameo at Sydney Fashion festival. With this Hilton, It's all about checking out the clothes.

The collection is amazing, so many

sexy beautiful dresses. Jennifer Hawkins was taking a walk on the Myer side getting ready for a super summer complete with... ..capes. Lots on the menu, short black, flat white, skinny cap. Selling what women want - different sizes were a plus. That's what the consumer wants to see, lots of different sizes out there. Just pick what is best on your body and rock it (Laughs) Thanks, Jen. The gold sparkly dress she was wearing,

absolutely beautiful blonde hair so have to change the hair colour. I want to go home, throw all my old wardrobe out and buy what they've got. For blokes, in short, the look is... ..nautical and no excuses.

If you've got a woman, you've got keep up with her. If you've not, you want to get one. There's a lot of pressure. Let's face it, Australian fashion's come a long way in 15 years. At last night's launch, a look back to horny headwear

and great big feathers in our cap. Later tonight, fashion fans will review the best Aussie looks from Fashion Week. Tomorrow's highlight is designer clothes at discount department store prices. Mark. Still to come - the fight to save a famous western Sydney home. Also, fire comes frighteningly close to houses at Blacktown. Plus, a cat owner's hunt for a woman who dumped her kitty in a bin. That's next. Hi. I'm interested in the St George Direct Saver Online Account. Great. Well, right now, Direct Saver has a special introductory rate of 6.15% per annum. There's no fees and you get instant access to your money. GIRL: Dad, if 6 over 15 equals X over 25, what's X? PHONE: 10. 10.

Thanks, Dad. Thanks. Sign up online or call 13 55 40. St George - all the strength of a big bank with the soul of a small. Here's another real Scratchies winner story. Brought my mum five $1 Scratchies for Mother's Day, put them in a card. Week later I got a phone call, yeah, she won $20,000. She gave half of it to me. # Scratch me happy! # Fire crews have spent the afternoon containing a grassfire threatening homes, a high school and an industrial estate at Arndell Park, near Blacktown. Firefighters weren't able to save several sheds on the property but did stop it spreading to neighbouring homes. Crews are still damping down at least one of the sheds because of concerns it may contain asbestos. It's not clear how the fire started. Parramatta Council has stepped in to try to save the childhood home of cricket legend Richie Benaud from demolition. It's a race against the wrecking ball with no guarantee of protection for the place where the aspiring captain honed his game. The removalists are in already. But Parramatta Council and the local cricket club have joined forces to save the place where Richie Benaud taught himself cricket. He played test matches by himself on his back veranda and in the back garden. Developers bought the house from Roads Minister David Borger in May. The Benauds only sold it to him because he agreed not to knock it down. We certainly kept our obligations to the Benauds in keeping the house as it was, and we've now sold the house, a new owner has it. The Planning Minister will be asked to save the house - not for any architectural merit. Sure, it looks a bit tired now, but a bit of love and care and an interim heritage order can look after that. The order would halt the owner's plans to build three houses on Richie's old pitch. The Minister is being urged to act very quickly, because while the heritage order isn't in place the owner can do what he likes with the property,

meaning for this house, it could soon be stumps.

Demolition doesn't require council approval. We need to act swiftly on this to ensure that the public interest is maintained. An American judge has signed off on Tiger Woods' divorce. He and wife Elin went to a Florida court this morning to end their 6-year marriage.

They went up to the judge's office and the final judgement was signed and so they are officially divorced. The court papers say the couple will share custody of their two children in Florida but they don't reveal the size of the settlement. It's claimed Elin has walked away with up to $850 million. Police in the US state of Ohio have caught a shocking crash on their dashboard camera. A teenage driver can been seen passing them along the median strip at 160km/h. His car becomes airborne after hitting a guardrail then slams into a bridge pylon. vehicle and airlifted to hospital. The 19-year-old was thrown from his He's in a critical condition. video on Facebook And a cat owner has posted this dumped her kitten in a wheelie bin. trying to track down the woman who in Coventry England A home security camera that started out nicely. captured the encounter that the coast is clear But the woman then checks and dropping the cat inside. before opening the bin until her owner heard her cries. Lola was trapped there for 15 hours culprit was a middle-aged woman She was shocked to discover the and not children. and video ref Bill Harrigan is back. Sport now with Tony Squires for his howler Mark, massive punishment awarding the Mark Gasnier try - one week off. He's seeing much better now. All the NRL next. the Roosters into the danger zone. As the Gold Coast Titans bounce for General Luke Patten. And the Bulldogs' farewell party The Nissan Micra runout is now on. Get in quick to get your 5-door auto Micra, now from just $14,990 driveaway. Shift the way you move.

Video refereeing shockers apparently don't come with heavy punishment

with Bill Harrigan reinstated after just one week. to a home final continues Meanwhile, Manly's rocky road with Shane Rodney out for the season Sunday's clash with the Roosters. and Anthony Watmough in doubt for will have a fitness test tomorrow Prop Josh Perry to take on the Roosters in a desperate attempt as the injury toll mounts at Manly. has gone for the year Backrower Shane Rodney after doing his knee. So there's a real shame. strongest and best performers. He's probably been one of our in fifth versus sixth on Sunday. Manly take on the Roosters COMMENTATOR: They've found the line. could have moved into the top four The Roosters last night. had they beaten the Gold Coast for the Roosters. What an awful bounce for much of the match They were in the game of some dreadful mistakes but the Titans made the most to run away with it. and gets across. Thompson comes away with it was the hero with two tries Veteran centre Clinton Toopi and thinks they can go all the way. the semis we'll be unstoppable. If we can keep that rolling into it was little brother Mark

who had the last laugh with the win which has moved the Titans into second on the ladder. The loss leaves the Roosters fighting for survival and Broncos. alongside Manly, the Warriors We're pretty desperate, as well. the top eight as we possibly can. We want to finish as high up in can't make the finals Luke Patten's Bulldogs

in the General's farewell home game. but they can hurt Penrith's chances on Monday night Entry is free to NRL members to farewell Patten. as Doggies fans don their helmets to get your pinheads into them You need a pinhead and Josh Morris so I was just saying only me can get our heads in, can't get their heads into them. the other blockheads is back home nursing a nasty scar Ultimate Warrior Michael Luck that did the damage. but it wasn't a Shark

from Manly's Anthony Watmough. Instead, it was a stray boot It was pretty gruesome, yeah. have fell straight on his boot. Just one of those things, I must couldn't train Broncos captain Darren Lockyer and won't take on the Warriors has been recalled but Daniel Mortimer with Souths. for the Eels' do-or-die clash Wallaby coach Robbie Deans isn't pandering to rugby league target Quade Cooper, refusing to guarantee his selection for Saturday's test with the Springboks. Deans wants to ensure Cooper's $850,000 offer isn't a distraction. to sign with Parramatta is on the forefront of his mind If any of that peripheral stuff then it'll bite him. another Tri Nations wooden spoon. The Wallabies are playing to avoid has confirmed English star Andrew Flintoff this summer. he's preparing to play in Australia retain the Ashes. But he won't be helping England Now retired from test cricket, Queensland in the Twenty20 big bash Flintoff told Sky he'll play for if he recovers from knee surgery. physio trying to get fit Back in the gym, back with the for Queensland in January with them and there's the option of playing in the Twenty20s which I'd like to do.

Tim Nielsen's contract Meanwhile, Australian coach until after the 2013 Ashes. has been extended of Melbourne Cup legend Makybe Diva The $1.5 million son debut. has made a promising racetrack In a humble maiden at Geelong

Rockstardom raced wide the Diva's first offspring and kept fighting to finish fourth. RACE CALLER: Eclair Surprise in front and he won it! Second prize goes to Pitt Street. Photo third between Rockstardom who stayed on well. Mum finished with $14 million in prize money. Dad is Irish Derby winner Galileo. The kid earns $525 for his effort. like that Mark, just 2,857 more pay cheques to make that $1.5 million back.

That doesn't cover the cost of hey,

does it? It doesn't. Checking finance now. election outcome is being blamed Uncertainty about the today. for a slump on the share market The ASX 200 closed down 48 points. was up 3% Poker machine company Aristocrat better-than-expected profit result. after reporting a Sara's next with the weather, to see the sun back out today. and it was nice went perfectly according to plan Yes, Mark, the day and pleasant temperatures. with clear skies of the week's looking, next. I'll tell you how the rest WOMAN: Hello. Welcome to AAMI. my car into a hotel lobby. Yeah. Hi. Look, I've just driven No, I'm fine. Are you alright? Oh, good. Is everyone else alright? Ah, yeah. They're fine. (YELLS) I hate you! Um, it's the car. I mean, a chandelier fell on it. Well, I'm sure we can help sort things out. Are you with AAMI? No, I'm not.

Oh. Actually, I just...I really wanted to talk to somebody. speak to a real person. VOICEOVER: At AAMI, you'll always SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI! # After yesterday's cloudy cold snap, brought a much warmer day to Sydney. blue skies weather to take in the full moon. Clear skies tonight, perfect

feeling closer to 10 in the winds. was 2 above average. A top of 20 at 3:00pm afternoon, gusting to 50km/h. Westerly winds freshened this It was a cooler morning westwards. Lows of 5 degrees - 2 below average. cloud streaming in from the west, The satellite shows across the country. generating patchy rain Further south, a great week in store for skiers - expected between now and Friday at least half a metre of snow moves across the south-east. as a series of cold fronts higher peaks of the Alps tonight. Blizzards are likely about the Freshening westerly winds becoming strong and gusty in the south. Cold and windy in Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and possibly Canberra tomorrow. Wet for Alice Springs.

For Sydney, north-westerly winds will tend westerly early morning, fresh and gusty throughout the day. They'll reach 30 knots offshore with a strong wind warning. A windy day on the way but still plenty of sunshine, For the rest of the week, we can expect a bit of cloud on Thursday and Friday. A fine weekend at this stage. Western Sydney's also headed for a mild and sunny weekend.

So Mark, don't ditch the ugg booths

just yet. Beware the full moon. That's Seven News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Good evening and thanks for your company. You buy premium and economy meat. Now get set to pay for premium and economy driving lanes. Tonight the secret toll road plans to make you pay much more to drive. The massive mobile phone buyback. They'll pay cash for every one of our 25 million mobiles. When you change or upgrade here's how to cash in your old phone. Raising Ben Cousins - his father's story. Heartfelt and gut-wrenching. For the first time Bryan Cousins tells all,

hoping other parents can learn about drug addiction. The advertising geniuses have voted. The tricks and psychology of TV ads. Tonight, the most annoying, the most loved and the best and the worst TV ads of all time. Good evening and thanks for your company. First tonight how governments are hatching plans to make you pay more to avoid our most congested roads. It's the ultimate in user pays - toll roads with faster premium lanes which cost you more or slow-moving economy lanes. The choice is yours. David Eccleston reports

it's a success in the United States but will it work here? The motorist is a golden goose and he's already been milked enough. They're the latest in money-making machines for toll road operators - hot lanes, a toll road for the rich.

Vair reasonably priced hot lanes