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Tonight - hung, drawn and thwarted, the voters couldn't

pick a winner, now the

Independents may have

to. Stability should be the

first issue. Otherwise we end

up back at the polls. Obviously

some people might like that,

but the great majority wouldn't. Political tide turns on Labor. Can Julia Gillard

save them from defeat? It's my

intention to negotiate in good

faith an effective agreement to

form Government. I enter these

negotiations with the nation's

interest as my compass. And

from dead heat - Tony Abbott says the

Coalition's won the right to

rule. It's certain that any

Labor Government emerging from

yesterday will be chronically

divided and dysfunctional.

Good evening. Chris Uhlmann

at Parliament House for this special election edition of ABC

News. We'll go to your local

bulletin later, but first

Australia is tonight in an quandary extraordinary political

quandary - no-one knows who

will form the next Government

and no-one is likely too for

many days. Yesterday's election

has left a hung Parliament for the first time since 1940.

Neither Julia Gillard nor Tony

Abbott has the 76-seat majority they need and both have started

talks with up to five cross

bench MPs who will determine

who becomes PM. Our coverage

tonight begins with chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin. Mark, no living Federal

politician has ever like these? Absolutely, Chris.

This could still play out in a

myriad of different ways. One possibility is that Tony

Abbott, the man who became

Liberal leader by a single vote

could become PM by a single

seat. For For the Liberal faithful,

this is the sweetest stalemate

of all. CHANT: Tony, Tony.

They believe Australia is

about to get its third PM in

two months. I say that the

Coalition is back in business.

Tony Abbott warned against premature triumphalism, but sounded triumphant nonetheless. The Labor Party

has definitely lost its majority. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

What that means is that the Government has lost its

legitimacy. CHANT: Tony, Tony. Things

were a were a little flatter in camp

Gillard. CHANT: Abbott's got no

First Mentoring Taskforce-term mandate. Hers could be the

Government to fall since the

1930s. But Julia Gillard isn't conceding. Friends, Bill

Clinton once famously said in a

previous election in America

the people have spoken but it's

going to take a little while to

determine exactly what they've

said. Just a few months ago they considered Tony Abbott unelectable. Not anymore. He

has been a formidable advocate

for his side of politics. He is

made of stern stuff and has

shown that and I congratulate

him for that. Labor could lose

16 seats, almost all of them in

Queensland and NSW. Several are

still in doubt but if they fall

as expected it will be the

first hung Parliament in seven

decades. Turning four

Independents and one Green into king or queen king or queen makers. How are

you? And so it is independence

horse trading begin. That's day. Let the negotiating and

what the public want above all

else out of the election, a stable

stable Government. To win their

support Tony Abbott is not

ruling out changes to his

broadband plan and Julia Gillard's promising to change the way politics is

practiced. It now appears practiced. It now appears clear

two-party preferred vote. That that Labor has won the

means the majority of Australians voting yesterday

prefer a Labor Government.

The one unambiguous fact to

emerge from yesterday's

election is that there are

about half a million more votes

for the Coalition than the

Labor Party. It's my intention

to negotiate in good faith an

effective agreement to form Government. It's certain that any Labor Government emerging from yesterday will be chronically divided and

dysfunctional. Three of the

four Independents are former

Nationals but they don't want

to go out on a limb just yet,

refusing to say which horse

a criteria for making our

decision. The three of us. We

may not act collectively, but then again we might. History doesn't matter. This is about

the country, not about Tony, Geoff Huegilla and I. It is

pointless putting together a

minority Government that lasts minority Government

a few weeks. New Greens MP is declaring his hand. My

preference for delivering

stable and progressive stable and

with the Gillard Government would be to work

Government. Just to make an unstable situation potentially

dysfunctional, the fourth

Independent is politically

complicated. Nothing should be

read into the fact that 2.5

years ago I was a member of the

Greens or 30 years a member of

the Labor Party. 14 million

voters couldn't settle it. Hang

in there, you will make it. So

a handful of politicians will.

Mark, which way are the

Independents likely to

consists of two parties. There lean? The Coalition already

is an assumption that it will

end up being two parties plus

the three former National Party

Independents. It is not that

simple. They are all prag mattists and

mattists and they are already having arguments with some

current members of the National Party. It isn't entirely

tonight to discuss their They will have a phone hook-up

decision. They will caucus in Canberra later in the week. Now the negotiations haven't exactly begun yet. Julia

Gillard and Tony Abbott have

called all those potential

members of the cross-benches

but it is more about

further discussions. So it is discussions about having

certainly certain that it is completely uncertain and

unclear what will happen.

Consider this as one option -

you could have a PM Abbott

having to placate and look

after three former Nationals in

the lower house and then deal

with the Greens who have the balance of power in the upper

house. Tony Abbott's called

this a referendum on How big a factor was that? Well, it wasn't a

referendum, more like an

indicative plebiscite. It

influences the result. It

didn't decide it. The coup

leaders, not surprisingly, are

standing by their decision to

roll Kevin Rudd. They say yes

the Labor Party was hit by a wave of dissatisfaction yesterday but it would have

been a tsunami if Kevin Rudd

was still in charge. They do

acknowledge that perhaps it could have been handled differently. One powerbroker er

told me there was too much

blood on the floor. It was

sudden. They went to bed with

one PM and woke up with

another. Unlike Paul Keating rolling Bob Hawke, that wasn't

such a shock to the political system. Mark Simkin thank you. Recriminations have begun in the Labor Party over what

went wrong. It lost the prize seat of Bennelong and the

outgoing MP, Maxine McKew,

wasted no time in who ran the national campaign. Labor's most senior ministers

have rallied around Julia

Gillard, rejecting any

suggestion that Kevin Rudd

could have won if he'd stayed

PM. Greg Jennett reports. As

the deathly tide swept through Queensland, Kevin Rudd drank for the fallen. Standard barers

who have stood in the line of

battle and have seen members

fall. Maxine McKew fell at the

first. Tough night for so many

of the class of 2007. She was

ousted by a tennis champ and

served up a blame game. This

national campaign has left a

lot to be desired. I know Julia

Gillard was talking about jobs

all the time but I have to say

that the clarity of that did

not cut through in the same way

as the clarity of the Liberal

campaign. When the pendulum

swung... I can't find swung... I can't find my 76...

The question arose - would Kevin Rudd have done any

better? If we had gone to the

poll with Kevin as leader, then

Nick would be finding his 76 seats. A referendum on the

political execution of a PM. I

think it is very important to

make it very clear that myself,

and I believe the vast majority

of the Labor point of view,

understands that Julia Gillard

did a fantastic job. Leaks made it hard to do any better than

we did. The big factor was Rudd

and the leaks. When it leaks,

we thought it was all over. Julia Gillard has got us back

into the race. We are now at

the point where we are that

close to Government. Just not

close enough. Labor picked up

two Liberal seats in Victoria,

but it wasn't enough to offset

a vote collapse in Sydney and

the loss of no fewer than eight

seats in Queensland. The 43rd

Parliament will be unlike any

other in the last 60

Besides deciding which sits on

the left or right of the speaker, it includes historic

firsts, the first indigenous

member of the house, the first

Muslim member and the first

time voter that's just become

the youngest MP ever. At 20,

Wyatt Roy Wyatt Roy is heading to Canberra as the member for Longman. I made the decision

that I would put my name to

what I believe in and make that

stand. Ken Wyatt's leader is

counting him as the first indigenous member of the

house. It is the people's house

and that's where you can influence some of the

thinking. But it will take a

long, slow count to confirm it.

It's having a real think about

this one. Let's reveal it. You

have to wait. Wait for the

mysteries of the ballot box to reveal themselves.

The poll has produced one

clear winner - the Greens. The

minor party will hold nine

Senate seats from July next year giving it the balance of

power and a powerful negotiating position. Political

reporter Nick harmson has more.

On a night where clear winners

were in short supply, one man didn't hesitate to claim victory. Looks like we'll have

nine senators in the new

Parliament. A party room of

ten. From where I sit, that's a

greenslide. We are in this to

make this nation much happier,

much more loving. In the Green

s realm, love and happiness are

abound. A couple of days ago a

baby whale was born in the

Derwent for the first time in

200 years. Two days later we're

seeing the birth of a new

movement. A movement that will

sweep in four new Green

senators from four different

States. It is my great to be the first Green Slater for Queensland. And have the

major parties counting the

cost. The Greens are in a

contest with the Labor Party,

not the Coalition. They are

there to try and take votes off

Labor. The Greens will split

left-wing politics in this

country in a way that is quite

unprecedented. The result will

present the Greens with the

balance of power and an opportunity to further their

policy goals from climate change to same-sex marriage. I'm not a demander. The Greens aren't

into demands. But we're into

getting the best outcomes

through negotiation. It is

clear that no party will be

able to pass legislation

through the Senate without the

support of the Greens or the

other major party. Like the

nation itself, the Greens must

be patient. Their power doesn't start until July next start until July next year. It

brings opportunity for them and temptation for PM to try to rush through

anything the Greens might block

in the next ten months. For an

Abbott Government that would

mean courting Nick Xenophon and

Steve fielding. But the family

first Senator from Victoria has

only the slimmest chance of

seeing a second term. The ABC's election analyst

Antoni Green has been tracking

the latest figures and joins me now. What's the state of

play? Well, 1150 seats in the

House of Representatives. 72

for Labor, 72 for the

Coalition. 1 Green. 3 definite Independents. Beyond

Independents. Beyond that we

have Hasluck in WA, in doubt,

and Denison where the inn may

gain the seat. The Coalition

need to win Hasluck to get to

73 which will give them a

chance to get three

Independents on side and

forming Government. If Labor wins

finishes on 72. They may get

the three Independents on side

and they get to 75. Then we

have the National Party MP from

WA. So I think what it comes

down to is what happens in

Hasluck as to who will form Government. How long take to count? Well, what's

happened is they've counted the

votes on Saturday night. Today

the commission recounted the

votes to ensure they were done

and dusted and a line could be

drawn under what happened on

Saturday. Now they process the

postal votes and absent votes which have

which have to come back to the

home electorate. This will take

a few days, maybe ten days,

before every one of the last

final seats is decided. The

number of seats that are close

is small. Really only Hasluck.

After that you will get the

horse trading about who will

form Government. Once the

numbers are determined, it may

there is a firming up on who

will be the next PM and the

next person to move into the

Lodge. That's all from

Parliament House in Canberra.

Now we'll cross to your local bulletin. Goodnight.

I'm Craig Allen. For the

first time in almost 40 years, the electorate of Eden Monaro

has gone against the national trend. Labor's Mike Kelly has

kept his seat with a swing in

his favour. As predicted, the

ACT's two lower house seats

stayed with Labor and the Liberal Senator Gary Humphries

again survived a challenge from

the Greens. ACT political reporter Julie Doyle. Ladies

and gentlemen, I would like to

say that we can claim the seat of Eden Monaro. In Queanbeyan,

the Labor Party faithful had something something to cheer about.

What Eden Monaro has said is

rural and regional Australia

will not be treated as

second-class citizens. Since

1972 the outcome in Eden Monaro

has mirrored the national

result. But not this time. No more struggle town. Mike Kelly

achieved a 2% swing achieved a 2% swing to Labor. Our campaign has been

all about the future. It is a

triumph over a pit of negativity. Across town, Liberal supporters were more

subdued. The party's candidates

says the result came down to

time and money. It is difficult

to win when you run a campaign over

over 12 weeks which is how long

I've been going for and with

the amount of money the Labor

Party has been forced to dump into the seat. Liberal

gathering in the ACT was a much

happier event. Senator Gary

Humphries. CHEERING AND CHEERING AND APPLAUSE One result we do know and

that is that the Liberal Party

has retained the ACT Senate

seat. Once again the Liberals Gary Humphries obtained a Senate

quota in his own right without having to go to preferences. He

defeated the Greens candidate,

Lin Hatfield Dodds. We were

told Canberra is turning Green.

Not tonight it's not. Senator

Humphries wasted no time

attacking the Greens for their

campaign. They targeted the Coalition's plan for a public

service jobs freeze. It is hard to describe how much

dishonesty, how much sheer gall

the Greens had in making the

campaign that they did. The

Greens put a positive spin on

the result. Ms Hatfield Dodds

achieved a vote of 23%. We have together brought on tonight

here in Canberra the highest

Green vote in any State in any

province in the world. That's

extraordinary. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE If we don't turn the seat

green in time, next

election. As expected, Labor's

Kate Lundy secured the other

Senate seat. But she was mindful of the large Green

vote. It is a good reminder to

me and to my Labor colleagues

that climate change remains a

very important issue in the

minds of many, many Canberrans.

There were no surprises in the ACT's two lower house

electorals, Canberra an Fraser.

Canberra went to the election with

with two new faces but the

party won both seats comfortably. There was away from Labor, but not large

enough to affect the

outcome. My hope is that as the

new member for Fraser I will be

able to step into the shoes and

to work as hard as I possibly

can on the issues that matter

for the people of the ACT. If the priorities are what I

campaigned on, I want to

maintain a strong

and a private sector an a

strong local economy. In Hume,

the Liberals Alby Schults

returned to victory, regaining

ground he lost at the 2007


Two more Australian soldiers

have been seriously wounded in the Belucci Valley region of

Afghanistan. The Department of

Defence says the soldiers are

in a satisfactory condition at

Tarin Kowt after an improvised

explosive device blew up near

their armoured vehicle. They

were from the same regiment as

the soldiers killed on patrol on Friday. 35-year-old Private Grant Kirby

said in a statement he was a

dedicated father proud to serve

his country. He previously

served in Iraq. I want to wish

wish happy Australia Day to my

family back home in Brisbane,

especially my two little girls,

Madeline and Isabella. See you soon. 21-year-old Private Tomas

Dale's family said his mates

meant everything to him and he

would want his colleagues to

keep fighting. The two other

soldiers injured in the same

incident suffered minor wounds

and will return to normal

duties. Engineers in Iran have

started loading fuel into the country's first country's first nuclear power

plant. The Iranians say it is a

milestone in their drive to produce energy, but the

Israelis say it is totally

unacceptable and claiming the

move is another step in Iran's

development of a nuclear

weapon. Here's Ben Knight. This

was a moment Iran had been

waiting decades for. Bushehr reaction began under

the assure. It's now finally

active and will begin producing

electricity within weeks using Russian fuel and technology.

We thank the Russian

Government and nation for

cooperating with the great Iranian

Iranian nation and to place

their name in a golden history

of the Iran. Under the deal the

spent fuel rods will return to

Russia which means they can't

be used to make a weapon. TRANSLATION: In our

opinion any country which acts

within the regulations of the

agency and observes safety

measures has the right to use

peaceful nuclear energy. If

that's the way it stays, the international community won't interfere. As long as the focus

is on power production, then we wouldn't have anything to worry about. Yes, the world should

focus on Iran's production of

nuclear power, applaud it maybe

and then encourage Iran to stop

producing the sensitive

technologies that can lead to weapons. So sanctions will

remain. Iran is still enriching

nuclear fuel to levels well

above what is needed to run a

power plant and it refuses to

cooperate fully with UN

inspectors. The West may be

relaxed about the development, but the Middle East's only

nuclear armed nation, Israel,

is anything but. It is says it

is unacceptable for a country

that doesn't follow

international requirements to

have a power plant. It is believed Iran is at least a

year away from being able to

build a nuclear bomb. Iran says

it has no plans to anyway. But

images like this missile test

last Friday can only add to international suspicions. The close-knit serving

community in the south-west has

paid an emotional tribute to a

31-year-old man killed by a

shark last week. More than 100

surfers returned to the popular

Nicholas Edwards was fatally

attacked. His wife said the spot

spot was one of his favourite surf breaks. She thanked the

people who fried to save his life. I would like to pay

tribute to my husband who was

remarkable. He had a passion

for life and a passion for

everything in his life. He was a devoted father, a wonderful

husband, a hard worker and is

the love of my life. Despite a

series of aerial and sea searches, the shark responsible

for the attack has not been

seen. They still have a way to

go, but the Raiders are a step

closer to a top eight finish

tonight after another stunning

come from behind victory. This time against time against the ladder leaders, Dragons. After a

lacklustre first half, the Raiders exploded into action,

scoring six tries in the second

half to win 32-16. Every side

has a bogey team and for the

Dragons it's the Canberra

late in the season last year

created a domino effect for the Dragons with them failing to

make the semifinals. 'George

Washington' have not won in Canberra since the year

2000. But the visitors didn't

look haunted as they scored the first try of the afternoon in

the opening five minutes. In

front of 20,000 fans, the

Raiders tried desperately to

crack the league-leading team's

defence but couldn't break

through. Yet again the Raiders went into the second half as

underdogs then Daniel Vidot

kicked off the comeback. Vidot

to the corner! It was like

groundhog day for the Dragons

as Adam Mogg and Terry Campese

followed up with tries before

Duggan delighted fans with a magnificent

magnificent 90m effort. Duggan

is away, the Canberra is away, the Canberra Raiders

have come from behind at

half-time! The onslaught didn't stop there. Picker brushed off

the Dragons' defence to extend

their lead. The green machine

is rolling once again. Two late

tries to the Dragons brought

the deficit back to ten points. Glen Buttress but ensured the

hoodoo would stick for another

year. Ef to turn it around and

bring the attitude every week.

Looking forward to next week

with the Cowboys. If we take

the attitude we had in the

second half of controlling the

ball, we completed 14 sets in a

row. If we keep that style of

footy going, we can beat most

teams. They've won six out of

their seven games. They to win the remaining two matches to

secure a place in the top eight.

In today's other game, West

Tigers beat Parramatta 20-18 at Parramatta stadium to end the

Eels' finals hopes. Manly edged out the Warriors and wins for

the Bulldogs and Storm. In the

AFL the Western Bulldogs season

suffered another blow with a

shock loss to the Swans last night. In night. In the other game,

Collingwood clinched premiership with a narrow

victory over Adelaide. Today

Port Adelaide and Brisbane won.

In the twilight game, North Melbourne beast West Coast but

last night the Swans gave

outgoing coach Paul Roos and

retiring captain Brett Kirk a perfect send off. Running on

emotion, Brett Kirk soaked up one last SCG

celebration. Tonight is about

thank you the fans. There was

plenty of love in return for

the captain and miss long-time

mentor. Early on, a former fan

threatened to ruin the party.

The Swans surged in The Swans surged in the second

quarter. Playing up forward, Kirk was instrumental Kirk was instrumental in Sydney's six-goal blitz. The

Bulldogs briefly threatened a third-quarter comeback. third-quarter comeback. Kicks

towards goal and nails it. When

Bolton extracted spin from the

SCG turf, the Swans were out of

reach. Kirk gave his legion of

fans one last moment to

savour. The footy gods are

here! It would be nice to have a farewell game on September

20. On a miserable night for the Bulldogs, Adam Cooney

suffered a torn hamstring. In

Melbourne uncharacteristic errors threatened to derail

Collingwood's minor premiership

campaign. In a low-scoring

contest, the Crows were on

target for one of

the season. But the silky

skills of Alan Didak helped

Collingwood level the scores

late in the match. Despite their inaccuracy in front of

goals, they held on to clinch

the first minor premiership

since 1977. New Zealand has won its New Zealand has won its tenth Tri-Nations title after beating

South Africa. In front of

90,000 fans the Springboks

scored the first try of the

night. The home side leld the lead for the majority of the

game. The All Blacks made a

late surge scoring two tries in

three minutes. Richie McCaw

crossed in the corner and

Israel Dagg followed up on the

opposite side of the field to

steal the win away from the

Springboks. COMMENTATOR: What a

try! Israel Dagg scores the

winner. Proud of the boys. Kept

believing in what we were doing. We got pressure doing. We got pressure on. Defending champions the

Springboks are yet to record a win this Tri-Nations series.

They take on the Wallabies next

weekend in South Africa. Well,

the day after the night before

and we had a beautiful early

taste of spring weather in the capital. A nice day for

recovery in the sun. We reached

a top of around 13 or 14

degrees after a frosty minus

three degree s

three degree s overnight. Conditions were mostly fine

around the south-east. Up

around the 18 or 19 degree mark

on the coast.

There is a cloud band across

central Australia ahead of a

mid-level trough producing showers. A high pressure system

is moving eastwards into the

Tasman and the couple of troughs will come through the south-east bringing rain at

times during the week. There

will be showers through the

eastern capitals tomorrow. Showers will be widespread

across the viewing area early

in the day. Contracting to the east. Showers around most of

the regional centres with

between 16 and 17 degrees along the coast. That's the Kerry O'Brien with a special

election edition of the '7:30

Report'. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. This Program is Captioned


Welcome to this special edition of the 7.30 Report

after one of the most extraordinary election outcomes

in Australian history.

Resulting in the first hung

parliament since Menzies

Curtin 7 years ago. Doesn't as

we spoke all the major players

are considering their position

vest carefully. The caretaker

Gillard government batted and bruised after losing its

majority. The Abbott dough

lition opposition after kicking

up 15 seats but falling short

of an major. 93 pin dent in

the part representing rural seats in New South Wales and

Queensland. The new Greens MP

from Melbourne and the new

independent from Tasmania whose

victory is yet to be confirmed.