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(generated from captions) with boundless energy, forward to a world ends up in this bin a world where your old mail and not this bin, greener than we found them, a world where we leave things you recharge. a world where you don't fill up, towards this future Every day, we're powering through Greenchoice, by sourcing green energy electric vehicle network, supporting an to a new, energy-efficient building moving our headquarters and encouraging paperless bills. ActewAGL: This program is captioned live. Tonight - court the Independents Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott after our first hung parliament. at her own party Maxine McKew takes aim after being aced by John Alexander. following a big night out. Princess Mary flies out of Australia as the Tigers hang on in a thriller. And the Eels' season all but over This is Seven News with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: Good evening. in political limbo for days We're all going to be living following a cliffhanger election in a hung parliament. that's resulted have started wooing Independent MPs Labor and the Coalition a minority government. to try to form joins me from Canberra. Political editor Mark Riley will the Independents back Mark, just which side to form the next government? Whichever side can convince them stable government. that they can provide 'Stability' was the key word today.

It will also depend heavily in three or four key marginal seats on which way final counting falls yesterday after the nation went to the polls of indecision. and delivered a decision

an extraordinary night before - The morning after not knowing what's on the horizon. and do some work. Right, I better go It was the same for Tony Abbott. A bit of a working day today. WA's Liberal Premier Colin Barnett. Speaking first with above all else I think that's what the public want out of this election - they would like a stable government. No sign of that yet, hung parliament since World War II. as Australia faces its first A 2% swing nationally in Queensland, saw Labor lose eight seats four in New South Wales at least one in Western Australia and one in the Northern Territory and pick up two in Victoria, Corangamite and Hasluck undecided with the seats of Brisbane, Lindsay Independent Andrew Wilkie and Labor fighting against in Tasmania's Denison. ALL: (CHANT) Tony, Tony, Tony! election night party The celebrations at Tony Abbott's at Julia Gillard's. contrasted with a muted tone The people have spoken. exactly what they've said. to determine a little while but it's just going to take

has definitely lost its majority The Labor Party government has lost its legitimacy. and what that means is that the to form minority government Both sides are claiming the right the three Independents. with support from Tony Abbott on primary votes. for the Coalition There are about 500,000 more votes than for the Labor Party. Julia Gillard on preferences. has won the 2-party vote. It now appears clear that Labor the Independents today by phone Both leaders spoke with in Canberra tomorrow. and will meet them which way they'll go. The Independents aren't saying with a clean sheet of paper We go to the table and a very, very open mind. Stability should be the first issue back at the polls. otherwise we end up that nobody wants Which is a real possibility Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott and the reasons why

stable government. each claimed only they could bring to clean up politics. Ms Gillard is promising that they want to see a change I think Australians are saying to us in the business of politics. another change. While Tony Abbott wants a change of government The public expect as a result of yesterday's result.

As the Greens have emerged in Australian politics as a growing third force and one House of Representatives MP. with nine Senators It's a greening of this nation. for a government. A nation now waiting It was a night full of surprises but one of the biggest shocks gave her own party was the serve Maxine McKew the Sydney seat of Bennelong. after losing Labor's decision to dump Kevin Rudd The one-term MP blamed for her loss. John Alexander... Aced by tennis great John! John! John! for Maxine McKew's game, set and match of Bennelong. in John Howard's old seat You gave up your lives.

leaving without a final serve. But the one-hit wonder wasn't You cannot have a Labor leader of an election removed within two months significant ramifications. for it not to have

While Labor's bleeding was contained

in New South Wales, to just two seats it was a bloodbath in Queensland. new Coalition winners there Among six is 20-year-old Wyatt Roy - member of Parliament the youngest ever and an overnight internet sensation. in the world in the last hour - You are the most tweeted name even bigger than Justin Bieber. Ah, well, there you go. After 20 years in office, is trouble in Brisbane, ALP stalwart Arch Bevis Darwin-based Solomon Damian Hale lost to hold Hasluck in Perth and Sharryn Jackson is unlikely its first Indigenous lower house MP, which could give Australia Liberal Ken Wyatt. that brown glass ceiling Already breaking through and becoming a key voice. on the western front - The Liberals did lose one battle outspoken veteran Wilson Tuckey, O'Connor fell to the Nationals. who was unusually quiet today after (CHEERING) will end up in here, While we don't where everyone there is one certainty,

in the green seats a Green's member will be sitting after a general election. for the first time are mainstream values These Green values to hear them. and we want the whole country (CHEERING) Despite losing Melbourne to the Greens, Labor did pick up two seats in Victoria, on a day it would otherwise like to forget.

It is a tough day, it's a hard day. Tony Abbott brought the Liberal Party back from the dead. It wasn't all bad news for Labor in New South Wales last night - the ALP looks like hanging on to the Central Coast seat of Robertson. (CHEERING) On a black day for Labor, Robertson was its minor miracle. They're still counting but candidate Deborah O'Neil; has a winning lead...

I sincerely want to thank the people of the Central Coast for keeping faith with Labor. (APPLAUSE) ..despite the upheaval surrounding former member Belinda Neal

and the so-called 'Iguanagate'. Deborah O'Neill was up against former policeman Darren Jameson. Thank you. Thanks, everyone. It was steaks on Russell at the home of Liberal Russell Matheson after last night clinching the western Sydney seat of Macarthur. This is the greatest victory, the greatest moment in my life. The Liberals have also secured the Blue Mountains seat of Macquarie and with counting to continue lead in Greenway but it's their win in Bennelong creating the headlines... All the best. Thank you. Thank you very much. ..a 5% swing to John Alexander. I remember the last time I won a tennis tournament. I had nothing prepared for the winner's speech because I was so used to losing. Some voters are happy to see Maxine McKew gone. Sure am. The best thing that's happened. The Liberals have won it back. No sign of Maxine McKew today but after her angry spray last night Labor bosses may think she's said enough already. And Labor's promise to build the Epping/Parramatta Rail Link, the on-again plan,

may be off again. This was such a transparent, insincere offer. It's down to the wire in the seat of Lindsay with the ALP just in front at this stage, despite the State Government's standing in western Sydney. The sitting Labor MP says he's done well

to keep the swing against him to under 6%. He's hoping for a second term in Parliament and David Bradbury's chances of cooking up victory are looking increasingly likely. I'm not getting ahead of myself at this stage.

I guess I'd rather be ahead than behind. Labor entered the vote with a 6% margin but Liberal candidate Fiona Scott was favoured to win. Last night, Lindsay was still too close with no-one toasting victory. The next few days, you're going to be glued to your phone, glued to your computer? Yeah, yeah, I think that's probably fair, fair, accurate. Ms Scott has gained at least 5% - not quite enough. It could be weeks before the winner is known. I don't know. I honestly don't know. It's... I think everyone's guess is as good as mine. There are roughly 10,000 postal, absentee and mobile votes to be counted in this seat. With Mr Bradbury leading by about 1,000 votes, Labor insiders are quietly confident their strong postal campaign may help secure victory. but State Labor shouldn't expect any thank you calls from Mr Bradbury. He blames State Labor scandals - like the Karyn Paluzzano corruption by-election - for hurting his chances. I don't think you have to be a genius to work out that the state by-election in Penrith really did have a very detrimental impact. Even the premier was forced to agree.

It did the Labor Party no favours. It destroyed the trust between an elected official and their community. Political editor Mark Riley joins us once again. Mark, what happens now? What sort of future do we face with a minority government?

At a state level than a minority government were quite well on

several occasions, including the New

South Wales visit forces all sides

to truly negotiate on the detailed

legislation. The unnamed he is the

attitude of the Greens in the

Senate. They will rule the chamber

and have some pretty hard and fast

decisions on key policy that neither

the major parties will find

acceptable. I am assured by

officials on both sides that the

final counting might take only two

or three days so we could have a

final result around big week. If the

negotiations with the independence

broke down, we could be back at the

polls before we know it. You'll need

a rest before then. Good job, Mark. Thanks. Mark Riley in Canberra. To other news now and the families of two Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan have paid tribute to them. But just one day after the men were killed, two of their mates were wounded in another attack. Within 24 hours of privates Tomas Dale and Grant Kirby being killed by an improvised explosive device, another IED seriously wounded two more soldiers from the same patrol in the Baluchi Valley. After three deaths in seven days, Legacy has been working hard to comfort families and put them in touch with each other for support. So we're setting up Facebook pages, providing internet capacity for them to communicate with each other because they are spread throughout Australia. The family of Private Dale said: Private Kirby's former wife said the father of two: Legacy is appealing for all Australians to give generously during next week's annual badge-selling drive to help a new generation of children left without their fathers. Legacy's there to support them in case of need, to provide mentoring and a father figure for the children if Dad doesn't come home. Princess Mary has left Australia after celebrating a friend's birthday

in Adelaide last night. The Australian-born princess stepped out in style for her bridesmaid Amber Petty's 40th. Five months pregnant with twins, Mary showed little sign of a baby bump, dressed in a silk jumpsuit. REPORTER: Princess Mary, how was the party?

Very, very great. The Princess is believed to be returning to Denmark to reunite with her husband and two children. Still to come - a princess of pop makes a rare pub performance. Also - all aboard as the Variety Bash begins its outback journey. And has Sydney hatched the world's biggest egg? Find out next. A man's been shot dead inside an apartment in Sydney's inner west this afternoon.

Police were called just after 3:00 to the building in Victoria Avenue at Glebe. The man in his late 60s suffered gunshot wounds to the head and body and died at the scene. A woman in her 20s was arrested. Police believe it was a domestic dispute. A man has died after being struck by a car in Sydney's north-west. of Honda, emergency crews, distance shots The 31-year-old was trying to cross six lanes on Victoria Road at Ermington just after 11:00 last night when he was hit by a Honda Jazz. He was thrown over the windscreen, landing 60m away. Police don't believe the driver had been drinking. They are calling for witnesses. Iran has begun fuelling its first nuclear power station prompting fears it's aspiring to build a nuclear bomb. The plant in southern Iran was built with Russian help and is expected to start producing electricity in the next few weeks. Plans for the reactor were drawn up decades ago but work had been delayed in the face of fierce opposition from the West. Russia says it will make sure nuclear fuel isn't redirected to a weapons program. Locals at a tiny English pub couldn't believe their eyes Locals at a tiny English pub couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a small sign announcing Kylie Minogue would be performing. Expecting a tribute act, drinkers soon discovered it was the real pop princess. (SINGS) # Get out of my way # You know what I say # It's taking your place Get out of my way... #

The pub gig was part of a staff day out organised by Kylie's record company. More than 100 made before 1974 have hit the road for the annual Variety Bash. A superhero led the pack as the group set off from Flemington this morning. We're looking forward to the bash very much. Aren't we, girls? Yes! We're fine-tuning this vehicle.

A well-oiled machine always gets you results. They'll travel from Sydney to Byron Bay

via outback New South Wales, completing the 3,500km route in just over a week. Over the past 25 years, they've raised an amazing $107 million for Variety. A young girl in south-west Sydney thinks her chook may have cracked the world record for laying the largest egg. It's four times the regular size. And spare a thought for the chicken - it's like a woman giving birth to a 12kg baby. (CHICKEN CLUCKS) Why did the chicken lay the egg? (CHICKEN CLUCKS) To poach a new record. I just want to find out if it's, like, octo egg or a triple egger. From what I can see, it looks like we've got the Australian record for the largest egg. (CHICKEN CLUCKS) Yolks aside, it's a whopper - 8.4cm long and 190g. It's four times the size of an average egg. When you do a scramble eggs, there will be plenty of a meal there! At first, neighbours suspected "fowl" play. It was just so loud, I thought someone was strangling it and then the next day, I knew what the noise was about - the big egg that come out of it. Which chicken do you think laid the egg? The one walking that's funny because I would be walking funny, too, if I laid that egg. The egg's even got the locals "egg-cited". Someone offered $500 for it but the Mitchells want to sell it on eggBay. I mean, eBay. But not till they confirm they've cracked the record.

We'll keep a chick on any developments. (CHICKEN CLUCKS) Sport now with Johanna Griggs. And, Joh, one of the longest hoodoos in rugby league continues. Yes, Mark.

The Dragons haven't beaten the Raiders at home in a decade and today the 'Green Machine' did it again. Details shortly. Plus - the Tigers end the Eels' season in a thriller. And a fitting farewell that might have earnt the Swans an encore. The Eels' season appears over after Luke Burt failed with a penalty goal which would have forced extra time in their loss to the Wests Tigers. While the Raiders remain alive after upsetting the Dragons, it looks like there'll be no fairytale for Parramatta. The Eels and Tigers played before a full house and while Parra's season was on the line, it was the visitors who set the pace. COMMENTATOR: It's been a long time coming. The Tigers scored two before Reddy put Inu through yet they looked gone when Fifita made it 20:6 when Fifita made it 20-6 only for the Eels to storm home with the next two. The Parramatta Eels are surging. Winger Luke Burt had the chance to force golden point.

Luke burt has missed the kick! It can be a cruel game sometimes and it's gonna be bitter for him that memory. Parra's hopes now... A miracle. Going to needa miracle. simple as that. In Canberra the Dragons forgot their kicking tee but gee, Neville Costigan didn't miss Trevor Thurling. There's a swinging arm. St George-Illawarra went wide to be the first side to score through Brett Morris while in defence, Shillington found out Ben Creagh was on today.

Great hit. Down 4-0, the Raiders cut loose as Daniel Vidot scored then the co-skipper produced a ripper. Campese gets the dream bounce. But there was better to come, as Josh Dugan went 70-plus to poach one for the coach as David Furner's men put on four tries in nine minutes to make it five straight against the Dragons. The glory days are back in Canberra. I don't think anyone in the game that knows the game doesn't realise what a good football team is down here. They just don't play good every week. A home final is back within reach for Manly, after last night's gutsy win over the Warriors. The Eagles were level at 16-16 after Tony Williams' try with 32 minutes to go. Neither side could score another 4-pointer, so halfback Trent Hodkinson put Manly into fifth place with a field-goal. COMMENTATOR: Right in front of the uprights it goes over. We managed to scrape home and that's what we had to do, we had to win. The Warriors lost workhorse lock Michael Luck with a severe leg gash. the Bulldogs trailled the Cowboys 20-6 with 11 to go, but scored three tries in five minutes to win 22-20. COMMENTATOR: Here's Josh Morris. Morris has set sail for the line. In Melbourne, the Storm beat Cronulla 24-4. Swans legends Brett Kirk and Paul Roos

have farewelled the club's spiritual home with an emotion-charged win over the Western Bulldogs. Today, Port beat Melbourne and Brisbane hammered the Bombers at Etihad. Last night Collingwood sealed top spot while it was the Swans by 44 at the SCG. Sydney turned out in force to farewell two of their favourite sons

but 'Big Bad Barry' made them fight for the right to party. COMMENTATOR: He's back. Barry's Bulldog's led by three at

Barry's Bulldogs led by three at quarter-time

but when Brett Kirk got a freebie in front of goal he got a standing ovation and didn't disappoint. The spirit of Sydney kicks a goal. It kick-started the Swans into action. A second-quarter goal burst put Sydney ahead by 27 at halftime, captain Kirk forever the team man. it all the way to the third tier. And Jetta thumps it all the way to the third tier. The Dogs slashed the gap to 14 before everyone got the message - this was Sydney's night. to kick to kick a steadier Jude Bolton to kick a steadier and bounced through. No way! There must be a rule against that. It says a lot when Paul Roos can still be surprised. Deep in the final quarter, Kirk got a chance to celebrate at the SCG one last time. Sydney by 44. They might will it home. Hits it well, bends it back. The footy gods are here. The universe was working our way tonight. Defending premiers Sydney FC remain winless

after 3 rounds of the A-League. Hayden Foxe's defensive errror gave Brisbane a 1-0 victory last night. COMMENTATOR: McKay continues his run. Tidy finish, Matt McKay. The skipper showing the way for the home team. This afternoon, the Mariners conceded a goal in each half to lose 2-0 to the Phoenix in Wellington. The All Blacks have sealed the Tri-Nations in controversial circumstances in South Africa. 94,000 Boks fans drowned out the Haka at Sowetto's Soccer City Stadium. And in a typically torrid Test, even referee Nigel Owens copped it.

Trailing by five with three to go, New Zealand first capitalised on this missed forward pass then a 50/50 call by the video ref saw Richie McCaw lock it up 22-22. They stole victory with the final play, completing a clean sweep over the world champions. Israel Dagg, oh, ho! What a try! Maa Nonu sets it up. South Africa host Australia next.

Emily Seebohm and Melissa Gorman have given Australia a golden finish in the pool at the Pan Pacs. Seebohm won her second gold of the meet, powering home in the 200m individual medley. COMMENTATOR: Emily Seebohm of Australia. Can she do it on the line? Stephanie who? Emily Seebohm wins. Pretty awesome, yeah. I can't really put it into words. I'm still pretty shocked with it all. Gorman smashed the Australian record to win the 1,500 freestyle. The United States has won 26 gold, to Australia's 6, before the open water races tomorrow.

All of those gold medals have been won by females so the men certainly

need to lift their need to lift their games before the Commonwealth Games. Sydney's weather forecast is after the break then it's 'Sunday Night' with Mike Munro. Thanks, Mark. Tonight, how to beat skin cancer. and it could save your life. It's why I'm looking like this Australia's election cliffhanger. And Jimmy Barnes - you won't see coming. the heartfelt revelation That's next, after Seven News. MAN: Drumroll! new Angus the Third. Introducing Macca's It's a limited edition. of Australia's favourite Angus. First, a thick, succulent slab the sauce. Then the piece de resistance - tomato chilli creation They call this punchy tomato chilli relish. Add a bit of colour, is Australia's favourite. and it's no wonder McDonald's Angus

Macca's Angus the Third -

and a little bit fancy. it's the hot new taste (CHEERFUL MUSIC) (MUTTERS IN GREEK) Stavros! Stavros! (SPEAKS IN GREEK) (YELLS IN GREEK) (CANS CLANG) (BIRDS SQUAWK)

(CONTINUES YELLING) (SPEAKS IN GREEK) (BOTH MUTTER) buy the car of their dreams. VOICEOVER: Some people

on the deal they receive. Others buy a car based Now you can do both. The RX. With finance at just 4.9% per annum, it's time to own it. after a very cool start. It was another superb Sydney day Temperatures dipped down to 1 degree away from the coast overnight in Richmond with frost reported where it was minus 1. all warmed up But today those suburbs