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every day to ensure I get enough calcium. Believe me, it's never too early or too late for Caltrate. weather has in store for tomorrow. Now let's take a look at what the David. David Brown has the details, Thanks, Jen. A good afternoon on election day, and sunny breaks over Tassie where it's a mixture of showers of the country. and the south-east corner In contrast, in South-East Queensland. it's been a glorious day

wind-chill. In Melbourne, a few more Sydney, dry conditions, high

showers are sweeping in from the

West. It is hovering around 15

degrees. We have this rather vigorous westerly airstream

affecting the southern part of the

country. We have embedded called

frontal system moving up towards the

tonight and tomorrow, south-west corner, moving through

tonight and tomorrow, bringing

showers to the region to stop more

showers continuing over Tasmania,

especially over the western half.

You will notice a rain bend

developing across the interior, with

some of the rain spilling to the

south-west corner of Queensland and

Western parts of New South Wales

during the day. In Perth tomorrow,

clearing showers reaching 17

degrees. Adelaide, a fine day with

cloud building. Melbourne,

cloud building. Melbourne, some

sunshine at last. Fine conditions

expected in Hobart as well. Quite

win the vote. Camera, a frosty

morning with cloud building up,

remaining dry. More sunshine on the

way for Sydney but not as much wind

as today. A much better day, in

fact. Brisbane continues fine and

sunny. Alice Springs, more rain.

Heavy falls are likely

Heavy falls are likely and a

forecast top of 28 degrees. That is

the latest weather. More details at six o'clock. team for Saturday. That's all from the 4:30 News Seven's election coverage. Coming up next, The next news bulletin is at 6pm until the winner is decided. then the election coverage continues Goodbye for now. I'm Jennifer Keyte. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

, Moving forward means moving

forward with plans. Stop the big new

taxes, to stop the boats.. taxes, to stop the boats.

Hello and welcome to Your Call 2010. inspiration, The campaign might have been lacking is sure to be a thriller. but tonight called this election five weeks ago, When Julia Gillard in the House of Representatives, Labor had a clear majority in the opinion polls. and a healthy lead in politics, But a week is a long time is almost an eternity. and five weeks it's an absolute cliffhanger. So tonight,

how close the result could be soon, We'll get a sense of just exit polls. with our exclusive Roy Morgan Then we'll get the predictions of election experts, from Australia's best panel who we'll introduce shortly. from our team of reporters We'll also bring you the latest in all the key battlegrounds. Tonight Seven is live

here in Melbourne. I'm with Julia Gillard's Labor team

supporters are in Sydney. Tony Abbott and his Liberal surprise victory here this evening? Has he done enough to celebrate a election winning Rudd-slide in 2007. Queensland delivered Labor its over the dumping of Kevin Rudd? Will voters here take revenge John Howard out of office in 2007. The voters of Bennelong voted to back victories Can Maxine McKew make it back

by John Alexander? or will she be aced to counter any losses Julia Gillard will be hoping with wins here in Victoria. in Queensland and New South Wales Home town support has been strong for a handful of gains. with Labor looking calls Victoria home now, The Prime Minister Ms Gillard was raised. but South Australia is where to rally behind Labor Locals are expected

one or two new seats. and could deliver her WA bucked the trend last time where John Howard won seats. being the only state in WA. Labor only holds 4 of the 15 seats to build on that tonight. Julia Gillard will be looking Coming up, the results of our exclusive exit polls. We've teamed up with Roy Morgan Research and surveyed 18,000 people across Australia today,

asking how they voted. Shortly we'll reveal the results from the Queensland seat of Herbert, the western Sydney seat of Lindsay and marginal Victorian Liberal seat of La Trobe. Thanks, Riles. Time to introduce just some of our powerhouse panel that'll keep you informed throughout the night. Among them, one of the biggest names in Australian politics, our election expert Graham Richardson.

You made it to the right set I was

going the other way, then I thought,

Graham, you have gone up in the

world, here I came to Seven. Nice answer. Next to Richo, one of the stars from our last election night,

former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.

Great to be here, thank you for

having me. It will be a fascinating night. having me. It will be a fascinating night.. On the opposite side of the desk - Australia's longest serving Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer.

Great to be here. Alongside Mr Downer, is Howard Government minister Mal Brough, a high profile casualty of that Rudd-slide in 2007.

Don't worry, tonight is one of those

nights. I have mixed feelings

tonight. Glad to be here. And joining us a little later will be Malcolm Turnbull,

Tanya Plibersek and Scott Morrison.

Plus you

Plus you join us on-line. You are

such a big part of tonight's

coverage. We are on Facebook.

coverage. We are on Facebook.. Or

Twitter. You are our eyes and ears

on the Hurstings. Any issues in your

part of the world. Also, did you

have an election party, a

have an election party, a Don's

party, send us in photos, what is

the mood at your place. Don's party,

I can't wait. I want to ask you how

you rate Julia Gillard's campaign I

think she has done

think she has done reasonably well

but not as well as I expected. I

think she was over scripted for too

long. The biggest problems she had

was the leaks in the second week.

was the leaks in the second week. That wasn't her faults, that's

of the pit falls, that's That wasn't her faults, that's one

of the pit falls, that's sometimes if you knock someone off, sometimes

they resent it. You would probably

rate her 7 out of 10 but you

wouldn't give her more. Alexander. I

would agree with that pretty much.

She was scripted and she remembered

her words. She ran her lines very

carefully and very effectively. But I think the

I think the script was

I think the script was wrong from time to time. For example, on the

last day of the election, I think

she made a very big mistake running

that line about WorkChoices,

completely negative. Where as that

is the day you want to show a bit

is the day you want to show a bit of vision, Gee up your troops, be a bit

positive about what you can do as

the prime minister. Too much like a

puppet. Looked like someone was

controlling her. Was that Julia

ringing through

controlling her. Was that Julia ringing through That was timely, the

Hawke is having a win today. OK.

Peter, what did you think of her

performance I think it got better,

Graham is right, the legislation

were an act of absolute Bass tadry.

It took the first two weeks of

It took the first two weeks of the

campaign, they took her off message.

That was very difficult to come back

from but she did. She had plenty of

courage to come back. In

courage to come back. In Queensland in the last couple of days, there

was a bit of an incident in Longman

which again side tracked her which I

think may have an effect in the

Queensland vote but I think

understand how much went on in the

first 2 weeks I think she did pretty

well. You are pretty bitter, both

pointing the bone at Kevin Rudd. Whoever leaked them, I don't

Whoever leaked them, I don't know.

Somebody did it. Whoever did it

needs their backside kicked. You are

sitting on it so did you answer it.

I will tell you who it is. It's a

bloke at the Hawks down in Tasmania

and he is an

and he is an absolute Liberal Party

fanatic. He will be asking me

fanatic. He will be asking me what is the result going to be. I am

afraid like everyone I don't know.

You tell him to watch Seven. As

You tell him to watch Seven. As far

as Gillard is concerned, bad start,

bad finish, solid in the middle. As

I think everyone has said,

particularly Alexander, I mean, that

last just risk, risk but no more. I

think people were looking for just a

little bit of inspiration, wasn't

there, lost the momentum at the

crucial time, my old seat of Longman

kicked in with Jon Sullivan

kicked in with Jon Sullivan taking

all the oxygen away at the end. We

will hear more about that one. We

will get more in a little while Mark Riley's been crunching the facts and figures of this campaign.

but There is less than an hour

before the polls close on the east

coast. Today's election could be one

or lost. 1002 days have passed since

the last federal election when Kevin

Rudd won

the last federal election when Kevin Rudd won in a Labor landslide

Rudd won in a Labor landslide and John Howard lost his own seat. Since

then we have had 2 prime ministers,

and 3 Opposition leaders. Today,

just over 14 million Australians had

a chance to vote on our next

Parliament. Will they make history

and elect our first female prime

minister or throw Labor out after

only one term in offers. Voters had

only one term in offers. Voters had 849 candidates to choose from in the

150 lower house seats, the old

Parliament looked like this. Labor

held 88 seats, the Coalition 59 and

understand 3. Tonight's contest

could be won or loss in just 17 of

those seats. This board shows the

challenge for Tony Abbott. If he can

attract a uniform swing of just 1%

attract a uniform swing of just 1%,

he will pick up seats in this column like her

like her earth, Robertson, Solomon,

and Macquarie. But that wouldn't be

enough. Julia Gillard would be our

first elected female prime minister.

A swing of up to 3% and we will

start hearing seats in this

second-row like Bass, Bennelong,

Deakin and Longman. We will have a

new Coalition government. However,

if Labor starts winning marginal

Liberal seats in

Liberal seats in this first blue row

like Bowman, La Trobe and Hughes,

then Mr Abbott needs to win seats in

the last red column to be our

the last red column to be our next prime minister. The wait is almost

over. 35 days of campaigning is

coming to an end, as Julia Gillard

told Tony Abbott on her first day

prime minister, it's game on.

told Tony Abbott on her first day as prime minister, it's game on.. I think that

think that sums them up. Yes. We

have a lot of fun with those later.

We will show you. Coming Our exclusive exit poll results from key seats. And how you can be part of Your Call 2010.

up, The poles close in the eastern

states in states in 51

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It is good to have your company Let's bring in our expert panel again. How do you rate Tony Abbott's performance during the campaign?

tonight. I think Tony Abbott has put

in an extremely disciplined and

energetic performance. I think one

might even say a courageous

performance. He never stopped

fighting. I thought just thinking of

what happened at the end of the am

pain, going through the whole of the

night, something David Cameron in

the UK did in the recent British

election, takes a lot of energy, a

lot of fitness to do that. He did that very well.

that very well. Came home with a wet

sail. Some problems at the beginning

I thought he got off to a slightly

slow start there on the explanation

over the WorkChoices policy. That

was a bit untidy, but there wasn't

too much else that was untuddy after

that. He did a very good job. Peter

Beattie. What did you think of Tony

Abbott. He was a machine. I have to

say, he performed a lot better than

I thought possible. He in

I thought possible. He in many sense

was like a marathon runner. He saw

it as a competition. I didn't think

he was capable of that level of

discipline Were you guys hoping he

was going to fall over. I think

there was an expectation that he was

a one of those people who would

explode, who would say something

that wasn't expected, and that was

his track record, then suddenly, he

got into the race, he focussed and

he stuck on it. He

he stuck on it. He ran a very good

campaign. Mal Brough, we had the

impression that he was keeping a

tight lid on it. That was the

disappointment. I felt that up to

the campaign launch, solid

consistent, but I thought that Bass

the opportunity to take the next

step, to start grasping the Nettle.

Lost it when wouldn't take on the

debate. I thought if they had taken

on Labor then and said anywhere, any

time, keep going, the momentum would have kept coming

have kept coming but far exceeded

everyone's expectation, you have to

give him full marks for really,

early on, it was ar, mate, lost the

lot. In five weeks, that is an

increedible transformation in his

communication skills. Richo. I

always liked him, he put the Liberal

base back together. He has taken it

beyond that. He was disciplined. I base back together. He has taken it

mean, I think he was over scripted,

the same as Gillard, the main

was not to make a mistake. How good the same as Gillard, the main aim

was his wife and daughters? I reckon

they were the stars of the show. I

think tripping the light fantastic

was a terrific effort. They are

always are, the wives, come on

Peter. Thank goodness for our wives.

We would

We would all be pretty ordinary Peter. Thank goodness for our wives.

without of our exclusive exit polls. Now to the first with Roy Morgan Research Seven News has teamed up in the seat of Herbert all day. and we've been polling voters key marginal seats, This is one of Queensland's based around Townsville.

by the Liberals It's currently held have made it a marginal Labor seat. but recent boundary changes a high profile candidate, In the ALP's favour, Tony Mooney. former Townsville Mayor,

Tonight he's up against Ewen Jones, an auctioneer by trade,

for the Liberal National Party. who's running are telling us. That's what the voters

them. Tony Mooney will win the seat

for Labor, 55.

for Labor, 55.5 to ewe within Jones 46. for Labor, 55.5 to ewe within Jones

of of 3. 46.5. That would be a swing to Labor

of 3.3%

of 3.3%. Thank you, Riles. Tony

Mooney. That would be a fantastic

result, if it was true but can I

just say, I hate to be a wet blanket

on these things i have never

believed in exit polls. They have

never been right and won't be right

tonight. I don't think Tony, he is a

mate of mine, I don't think he can

win. I suspect that I think it's win. I suspect that I think it's 0.

0.03 that - only a handful of votes, win. I suspect that I think it's

you have to think there will be a

swing against Labor, so I just can't

see how that can be right. What I

would Love it to be right, I really

would, I don't think I will be

putting too much money on it just

yeck. Peter, it's your home state.

What are you hearing. I agree with

Richo. I can't see that figure, and

I don't have a lot of faith in exit

something at polls either. I know you will throw

something at me for saying it. If

that was the result, then you can

forget it. I mean, the election is

over, Gillard is re-elected and we

have got the first female prime

minister elected. Alright, let's

move on to the seat of Bennelong,

that's where star candidates, McKew

and John Alexander are looking to

see. Simon Reeve is at

see. Simon Reeve is at HQ, are they

confident of the I I feel like I'm

an extra from Don's party. I am in

the middle of a chook raffle

literaturely which is going on in

the background. I am competing with

that with the PA so you will have to

excuse me. It's literally like

in the middle of a movie. This is excuse me. It's literally like being

for what will be where Maxine McKew has set up camp

for what will be a very long and

tense night the I am am sure for

Labor because John Alexander in the

last few days of this week, the last

few days of coming into this big

election today, has firmed to

favouritism with all the main

betting agencies around the country,

Maxine of course, famously got up

over the then prime minister, John

Howard who had held Ben

Howard who had held Ben Cousins

Bennelong for 33 years back in 2007,

but with a very slender margin. Now, Bennelong for 33 years back in 2007,

this electorate has changed greatly

over the years and with the greatest

respect to the old fellows behind me

who have been out on the bowling

Green, they no longer really reflect

the true face of Bennelong. Which

way they will vote will be

to the outcome of this tonight. It way they will vote will be crucial

Gladiator reef could be a case of course, JA was a

Gladiator reef re in the Seven

network back in

network back in the mid 90s, it

could be a case of Gladiator are you

ready, later on this evening? The

Liberal camp very confident coming

into today Good luck at the chook

Raph will. Do take in touch. The

seat of Bennelong, we have had a lot

of emails from vote

of emails from voters

of emails from voters saying with

the way JA ran his campaign up

against Maxine McKew. Both high

profiles. He is very high profile. I

think he has an

think he has an accident chance of

winning. I would be very surprised

if he didn't win this seat back.

There is a very big Asian photo in

Bennelong and the

Bennelong and the dismissal of Kevin

Rudd has had quite a significant on

the ethnic Chinese vote. They were

pretty enthusiastic about Kevin

Rudd. He could speak Mandarin and so

on, and there is an argument too,

that culturally it's not for them,, that culturally it's not for them,

the way to do it. OK. OK. Alright, well, we

well, we are ensconced here at the

our home for the night, to bring you

the very latest from not only our

panel but a whole

panel but a whole bunch of people

from behind the scenes. Let me give

you a tour of what we are doing

tonight. Of course we are powered by

Sony. We are in the National Tally

Room swi the Canberra showground.

So, once a year they come here, they

check the vegetables and the fruit

and the cattle. This is the main

desk and the cattle. This is the main

desk. Of course, this is the rid vow

wall, 40 minutes and

wall, 40 minutes and 15 seconds to

go before the polls close in the

eastern states. This wall will bring

you the very latest data we have.

Now, over here, these fine looking

bunch over here, will keep us up to

date in terms of what is happening

in our news rooms and reporters

right around the country. And, over

the back here, this is our secret

deny if you like. Now, these guys,

they are like

they are like dentistss, they can't

show their faces because they are

the scrutineers from each of the

parties. They are on the phone

direct to the out to the ballot

boxes and they will bring you all

the information way before you

the information way before you see it up on the official board. So as I

say, they are like denyists we need

to cover their faces. They are a bit

like the SAS of Australian politics.

Over here, is our social

Over here, is our social media team.

They are watching all of your tweets

coming in, your Facebook postings,

emails, we Love to hear from you.

Then we have our technicians here

who are making sure the whole thing

is working. Mel, it's all very

exciting. Sorry can't show their

faces. Just as well. Thank you very

much for that Coming up, more of our exclusive exit poll results from key seats.

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Hello, I'm Chris Bath with an election update. The wait is almost over for Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

tour. Voters let her know what they

thought. Some were supportive,

others said they couldn't give her

their vote. Tony Abbott was on

Sydney's northern beaches where he

was turning the sausages on a

barbecue at the Queenscliffe surf

club but the later campaigning was

over shadowed by the

over shadowed by the deaths of

soldiers. They are the 19th and 20th

Australian soldiers to be killed in Afghanistan. Australian soldiers to be killed in

Afghanistan.. As a nation, we have

lost 2 very brave men. There are

families in this nation today who

have lost 2 men they loved very

much. Our thoughts and

much. Our thoughts and prayers are

with those who have gone. Our

thoughts and prayers are with those

who remain. There was some

controversy at a polling booth in

the marginal boost of Ryan, the LNP

is accused of disGuusing some of its

campaigners as Greens, they have

been asked to investigate. A short

time ago,

don't forget, we will have exclusive

details on our national exit poll

coming up at Seven News at 6

for now. o'clock. That's the state of play

for now..

As she was telling us in the news,

two deaths in Afghanistan, the loss

of two soldiers, Alexander

of two soldiers, Alexander Downer, a

tragic tragic day, the timing

obviously won't have any impact on

the election at all? I don't think

it would anyway. I don't think

people would for a moment think

about those terms in party politics.

Both major parties are very

committed to continuing the war in

Afghanistan. I know Julia Gillard

has said that and personally I am

delighted that both Liberal

delighted that both Liberal and

Labor has a buy part SEN position,

it's very important that they do for

the troops. A situation arises, we

can all grief together, nothing to

do with party politics and it

do with party politics and it won't do with party politics and it won't shift

shift votes. Graham Richardson, it's

a remainder to

a remainder to all, not to take our

right to vote

right to vote lightly. We got here

today to get to the country that we

are. It's a reminder of how fragile

we are, which is timely. I think

Alexander is right. This has nothing

to do with party politics.

there are families are grieving, to do with party politics. When

it's not something you should talk

about. I feel for the families, I

feel for the mates who have lost

some of their dearest friends.

That's the hardest part. I think the

rest of it is just not

rest of it is just not worth talking

about. Let's go back to Mark Reilly

with another insight. exclusive exit polls Now to the second of our

conducted with Roy Morgan Research. This time we go to New South Wales,

in Sydney's west and the critical seat of Lindsay heavily. where both leaders campaigned Labor member with a 6% buffer, David Bradbury is the sitting have helped Liberal Fiona Scott. but fears over asylum seekers To counter this,

4,000 kilometres away, the Prime Minister took Mr Bradbury tour off Darwin. to join her on a border protection Has it worked? exit poll shows Our Seven News/Morgan Poll

Lindsay will be one by the Liberals,

58 to 42. That would be an incredit

swing of almost 15%

swing of almost 15% against Labor in

a crucial seat.

15%, Mal Brough. It's all over,

let's go home. The first one - I

thought the first one was shonky but

this one is much better. I am

sitting there after the first one, I

was doing a panel for the Queensland

election when there was 9 Lib ralts

left, there is something up here to

cheer about. I am thinking about

think that first one, not again. Look, I

think that just it all, I don't

think that

think that Herbert was correct with the former member was and I don't

think this one is correct. I tell

you what, it will make it for a much

more interesting even r evening, we

would be start to go look for

something to say. Peter, what do you

think, do you concur I have to

concur, wouldn't be it interesting

if we had these sorts of different

swings. One of the clear

swings. One of the clear indicators

out of day, the national polls mean

nothing. You expect regional

differences. There will be very big

different swings in Queensland,

different swings in Queensland, and New South Wales compared to Victoria

and South Australia. But they won't

be this big. If they are this big,

it will be one hell of an

interesting night. We will

interesting night. We will win

nearly every seat in sfu New South Wales, they

Wales, they will lose a lot on the bay

bay situate of her bet. If this is

right, I intend to leave her very

early. Good bye to you. The

champagne will be on Graham.

Zblnchts What is your gut on that

seat. It's a 6.

seat. It's a 6.5% swing to lose.

That will be one of the closest

seats on the night. My feeling is

maybe Labor would just hold it but

you know, I've got

you know, I've got no strong

feeling. It will be very tough.

Controversy is never far from

Lindsay. It's always an interesting seat to watch. As a young child, Julia Gillard left Wales clutching a soft toy koala looking for a better life in Australia. She was born in the town of Barry and tonight Seven's Meggie Palmer is there. Meggie, is Barry abuzz with election excitement?

There is a sense of excitement here

in Barry at the moment. This is the town where

town where Julia Gillard's parents

left in 1966 with their two Young

daughters. You can see the weather

is pretty terrible today. This is

indicative of the weather in Wales

generally. That's actually part of

the reason why the Gillards left

Wales. They were under doctor's

orders to

orders to find orders to find better

whegt for Julia. Now, there is a

sense of excitement in Barry today.

They are very proud of Julia Gillard. They

Gillard. They are posters around

town, proudly proclaiming her as the

girl from Barry. There have been

letters flowing back to Australia as

well, wisher Julia Gillard support.

She Vee spondylolisthesised to

She Vee spondylolisthesised to the local council saying thanks to all the locals who.

the locals who. I have spoken to

some of Julia Gillard's family who

do still live in the area. They

do still live in the area. They said they are very proud as well. They are awaiting the result with

anticipation. Her ount Mildred said

she has been following the campaign

from the start and will watch it

through to the end. In fact one

through to the end. In fact one of Julia Gillard's former neighbour,

tells me that he always knew she was

destined for great things but he

never knew she would go this far. Yeah, that's

Yeah, that's right. He just wants a

free room. When he comes down to

visit. Alright. Can you keep a

visit. Alright. Can you keep a lid on the excitement there for us. We

are getting worried about it. We

want a ticker tape parade if she

does wine We see the riot squad may

need to be called. Not long until

counting starts.

and the tally room will start buzzing with excitement. Some of the most excited are the people who update the scores on the board behind us. Tony Squires is checking out how their preparations are going. Tony.

Yeah, Kochie, thank you so much.

This is the heart beat, the heart

monitor of the nation. In an age of

communication by twit twooeting.

This is the way we will be told the

information tonight. It has been doing

doing it for years and years. It has

taken about 2 weeks to get it

together for tonight. Let's go

together for tonight. Let's go look at the insight workings of the

operation and the machine. I want

you to meet John Dexter who has been

doing this job and spinning the

numbers here since 1964. So he has

seen a great deal. This is John. Who

is about to do it again tonight. John, 1964, can you just tell us

exactly how this operation, this

exactly how this operation, this high-tech operation works. In 64, we

didn't have this Opposition here

like this. In 64, it was at the

Albert Hall over at Acton. The

people stood in front of the boards

and they put little numbers up on

the boards and the - it was very hot

in those days because the television

lights made sure it was hot.

Alright. These numbers, these come across here.

across here. How do they attach This

day and age, they have done

day and age, they have done away with the little numbers and the

numbers are all printed on the face

of these pages. Then when the page

comes up, we then turn around and

pop it, Spin it for us. We then put

it on there so, Away it

it on there so, Away it goes.

Another piece of information another

piece of

piece of history. For the Griffith

then we turn it around like that and

it's automatically facing the public

out on the other side. John 1964,

the paper clips were upstairs. It's

all high-tech, this is the

tally-room. Tony, can you tell John

that Julia Gillard was giving out

Bers for many, many months that he should have got in

should have got in line for it. Yes,

John is aware. He is ahead of the

game. I think squaint about the only

word you can use. Thank you Tony,

thank you John. Next, we'll chat with betting agency Sportsbet to see who the smart money's tipping to win. This is Your Call 2010 on Seven.

What's in my bikkie tin? Arnott's Monte Carlo. Crunchy biscuit outside,

luscious cream and sticky jam inside, so it's always doubly delicious. You can't substitute that.

We've experienced the calm of election day.

Stand-by now for some stormy conditions. This chart reveals an interesting picture. A high over Queensland is swinging across into New South Wales and generating some unsettled conditions.

The impact from ex-tropical cyclone Kevin is still being felt, and its full impact won't be known until later tonight. Victoria is labouring under some mild weather. But tropical Cyclone Twiggy is still proving taxing

for the residents of WA. The winds of change are blowing across Queensland, with the Liberal National Party tipped to win five seats from Labor including Leichhardt. Marginal conditions are predicted for large parts of New South Wales especially around Sydney. All eyes are on Bennelong which could be -1 for Labor. To Victoria where there's a lot of red on the map with the possible addition of McEwen to Labor tonight.

But the seat of Melbourne could turn green after a change later in the evening. Across Bass Strait,

and Bass is the centre of attention in Tasmania. It could be unsettled early in the night and we'll be able to bring you current conditions from there

very shortly. Moving to South Australia where there's a ridge of Labor pressure pushing on Christopher Pyne's seat of Sturt. And in Western Australia, the Liberal barometer is traditionally strong.

Residents there have given Labor's mining tax a frosty reception. To find out we're joined by Haydn Lane from

Haydn, who do think the punters believe

What are the punt goes backing as

the likely outcome tonight? It's

still undecided, we have take

more money over

still undecided, we have take than more money overall on Labor but we

more money overall on Labor but we have taken more Betts on the

Coalition. As late at last week, the Coalition were $

Coalition were $4, they are into $ Coalition were $4, they are into $2. Coalition were $4, they are into

$2.75. Labor, $

$2.75. Labor, $1.

$2.75. Labor, $1.45. Alright. Last

question, where is the money

question, where is the money going in the Victorian seat of La Trobe?

Really interesting one there. We had

the occasion as early favourites,

into, on the back of early morning

but in the lost week or so, that

but in the lost week or so, that has

turned, Labor are favourites $ turned, Labor are favourites $1. turned, Labor are favourites $1.80

and the Coalition, $ and the Coalition, $1.

and the Coalition, $1.90. Alright,

Hayden, thank you for that, we will

see how you do this election. Appreciate your time. Mark Riley has another exit poll now. Now to Victoria, and our third exclusive poll with Roy Morgan Research. The mortgage-belt seat of La Trobe in Melbourne's rapidly growing south-east corridor has been Liberal held since 1990.

But it now sits on a wafer thin margin of 0.5% leaving sitting member Jason Wood with a huge task to hold on tonight. An expected swing to Labor could easily deliver this seat to lawyer and former ALP staffer Laura Smyth. The exit poll reveals

Labor's Laura would take the seat

with 54.5% of the

with 54.5% of the vote, that's a

swing of 5% to the ALP panel.

Alright. What do the experts think.

Here we go. Just what I was

thinking. Just exactly. Now look,

obviously, I think Labor will win La Trobe tonight

Trobe tonight so I think the bookies

are right, I think we are

are right, I think we are entitled to be slight favourites there but

to be slight favourites there but I would have thought a 5% swing

impossible, maybe it might be 2. Maybe it

Maybe it might be 2.

Maybe it might be 2.5 in Victoria

but 5, no. Isn't It assistanting the

way all these exit polls have been

massive swings. I don't know what

that says, Roy, great bloke, don't

get me wrong, nothing to do with

you, it's the people you polled,

they made a big mistake. They are

huge in every I think it shows basically they are wrong. That's the

answer. Two out of 3 anyway.

answer. Two out of 3 anyway. I

think, in terms of the actual

numbers, they are wrong but I think

it wouldn't be surprising if there

was a swing against the Liberal

Party in La Trobe. Had only has to

be a 0.5% swing to lose the seat.

Herbert by the way, I think will be

very hard for the Liberal Party to

hold because Peter Lindsay, the

former member was very popular. He

has retired, Labor's candidate is a

well known local mayor, it

well known local mayor, it won't be

easy to hold that, Lindsay, the 15%

swing in Lindsay should be enough to

hold us the whole election if that

goes across Schnyder. You are not

game enough to make a early call.

You bagged the exit polls. I have

been a bit more cautious about the

exit poll. What do you think have

you got a call for the tonight. No, I think

I think Labor will scrape in, that's

been my view all along. I thought

they would do better at the

beginning of the election campaign.

I think they will just make it. They

have got more sitting members than

the Liberals have. So there will be

the sitting member factor that will

play stronger. They are going to cop

a whacking. No doubt about that. But I don't

I don't think there will be a result

tonight. I am quite sure of that.

Nearly 2 million votes. They are

going to count for the first time,

the pre polls tonight, normally

that's done over Sunday, Monday The

pre polls in your own electorate.

Not your absentee, you didn't put

them in a declaration, you put

them in a declaration, you put them in the ballot box so they can open

those up of the so, sometimes there

is quite a difference in my own seat,

seat, I used to get about another 5%

more vote, like if I was 51, 49, I

might get 54/

might get 54/46, when that matches

together, it will be interesting to

see Richo, you have changed your

mind on the hour, every hour.

mind on the hour, every hour. What are you thinking now? I think Mal is

pretty close to right. I go Labor

majority of 2. I don't think we will

know tonight. In fact I don't know tonight. In fact I don't think we

know tonight. In fact I don't think

we will know for a week. I suspect,

history, suggests Labor should win,

logic suggests they should win.

Normally I'll go with history and

logic, as a final, on my 35th go, I

will say Labor by 2. Did you say we

are going to be on air until it

called. We will be on air for a long

time. Peter, what do you think I

think there's a strong possibility of a hung Parliament. I

of a hung Parliament. I think the

logic say, Labor by a small number.

Perhaps 2. What you will find is and

I go back to Mal's point, a large

number of postal votes. You've got 2

million people who voted before

today. That count is very

interesting. What happens is, the redistribution has made this very

difficult. You see the impact of

that in Queensland and you see it

that in Queensland and you see it in New South Wales and some other states so you've

states so you've got seats that are

notionally Labor with a Liberal

member. That means the Liberal

member will do very well with the

owes postal votes. What if it's

close, what you will find, those

postal votes may just

postal votes may just nudge the sitting member ahead. So what you

are going to find, if thiss goes

down to the wire you will find this

will be counted over the next few

days, where the sitting member is,

they will have the advantage. So I think in the end

think in the end though, Labor has a

very good pre poll machine. That

will advantage Julia Gillard and

Green preferences will make the other Green preferences will make the

other difference. So I think a long

drawn out ballot. I think slightly

favours Labor but I wouldn't rule

out a hung parliament. Some of that

pre polling machine is working in

our back room. They were telling us

about some of their tactics. It's

fascinating. Melbourne is hosting

fascinating. Melbourne is hosting a prime minister's

prime minister's election night.

They haven't done that for a long time. They haven't done that for a long time.. Rahni Sadler, who was in Washington for Barack Obama's inauguration is hoping to see history again tonight if Australia elects its first female Prime Minister. Rahni, what's the plan there tonight?

Well, the party is due to kick off

around 6 o'clock. It's not quite

there yet, as you can see,

everything is a bit quiet, a lot of

members of the

members of the media, the gag will

members of the media, the gag will of guys from the Canberra Press

Gallery who have been following jurd

all around. The prime minister is

here already. But she is at a

private party in the VIP section at

the backstage. There is allots of

senior members of

senior members of the Labor Party,

including John Faulkner, we saw him

earlier, people Buzzing around in

the foyer, waiting to get in. I

would say people who are hopeful, I

wouldn't say confident i wouldn't even quietly

even quietly confident, everybody I

spoke to said they are kind of

hoping they will just slip across

the line. But they don't think it's

a done deal. OK. Rahni, you got very

excited at Barak Obama's

inauguration, I have never seen you

that excited. Do we have a similar

sense of excitement from you

tonight? Is it a bit more than what

we saw in Barry in Wales? Um,

we saw in Barry in Wales? Um, Kochy,

thanks for bringing that up. I would

say that it's very unlikely that

even if we do elect our first

even if we do elect our first female prime minister that I will get that

excited. It is a great day for woman

kind I must say. I will try to

muster up a bit of excitement, gave

Julia a wave. We will see how we go,

later tonight. We have faith, Rahni,

thank you, we will talk to you soon. After the break,

Australia's largest polling booth. You'll be surprised. This is Your Call 2010. What's in my bikkie tin? Arnott's Kingston. Crunchy coconut biscuit with a decadent chocolatey cream centre. No wonder they don't last long around here.

There's simply no substitute.

Now, it is time for some election night

Now, it is time for some election night trivia. Where is Australia's largest pooling booth? It's where around 20,000 people voted in this election. You won't find it here. In fact, we have to travel half way around the world to London.

We might not be on Australian soil

but those who vote here at but those who vote here at Australia

house here in London will certainly

have their say. Up to 25,000 people

are expected to cast their votes at

the polling boothss here, making it

the biggest polling station across

the entire Australian election. It's

not every polling queue that you see

lamingtons handed out for free. They

have even pulled in

have even pulled in the big guns, we

are here with har yot har Monday,

the British Labor leader the British Labor leader and Opposition

Opposition Leader in the UK. On

electioning, you as a female Labor

leader know the pressure that Julia

Gillard would be feeling. What

advice would you have for her if

this goes down to the wire? I would

vb impressed with Julia. I am sure

she doesn't need any advice from me

at all. She is doing a great job

leading the party and the country.

It's been great to talk to the

Australians living here in London

and throughout the UK and throughout the UK who have come

to vote here today. I see there is

strong support for Julia Gillard but

ourg it's an election where every

vote will component. I think if she

does get elected, I think will be a

very big milestone, not just for

women in Australia but for women

around the world, fantastic, there

is another woman up there on in the

international domain. What is the

one thing that you believe will get the

the ALP over the line? I hope there

will be a real focus on the economy.

It's still difficult times with the

global economy and you know,

Australia has got really good

prospects for the future. I would

hate to see that put at risk. It's a

question of jobs, really so

important. Har yet, har Monday,

British Labor leader, thank you for

joining us Did you pick that. Did

you know,

you know, handing things out in

election queue, breaches the

electoral agent. It's all over,

20,000 votes, a lamington. Lamington

winning elections. How unAustralian

is that. You blokes would do

anything, wouldn't you. Mal Brough lost this seat

lost this seat of Longman at the

last election. The Libs are hoping

20-year-old Wyatt Roy can win it

back. Michael Best is in long Han.

How is it looking for him. Well, at

the moment, I am here at the Liberal

Party function where they are

Party function where they are hoping they will be picking up very soon.

As you mentioned, their candidate is

20-year-old way at Roy. It's a bit

deserted. They are hoping he can

pick up this seat. It's held by

Labor's John sul Von. He won it in

2007, he has a margin of about 1.

2007, he has a margin of about 1.9% 2007, he has a margin of about 1.9%.

One of the big unknowns in the seat

of Longman is how the local voters

will react to a 20-year-old running.

So, the big factor is whether they

will vote for a 20-year-old. Wyatt

Roy has said that he is here to

listen. He is despite his relative

youth, he says he is not

inexperienced. He knows what the seat needs. He

seat needs. He is a descend ant of

one of the first White settlers in

the area. He still lives in the area

and his parents own the local

strawberry farm. He is hoping to

give it his best shot. John sul Von

is hope to go hang on 20, I am

feeling very old but thank you very

much. Michael Best. We will check in

with you later. We have with you later. We have seen

with you later. We have seen that Julia Gillard will be in Melbourne

this evening. Tony Abbott and his

supporters are in Sydney where Today

Tonight's Matt White will be keeping

tabs on his movements. Who is on the

guest list there tonight? From the

tally-room to the waiting room.

That's exactly what this is at

That's exactly what this is at the Four Seasons Hotel. You know when

you go to the doctor, you are hoping

for good news, you think it might be

bad news. That's what it is. It's

about an hour and a about an hour and a half until the

official function gets underway,

nobody floating around the hotel at

the moment but we understand the

guest list will include,

guest list will include, former prime minister John Howard, most of

the Sydney MPs, including Joe Hockey

will be later. Tony Abbott's old

school friends, uni friends and the

Abbott family will be here mum and

dad, Tony Abbott's 3 sisters, and of

course his wife, and his 3 course his wife, and his 3 daughters

so it has been a marathon effort,

so it has been a marathon effort, if Tony Abbott needs some propping up

later tonight, he will have it from

the family. Good to know, thank you,

Matt, talk to you soon. After the break, the last minute predictions from our expert panel as the polling booths close across Australia. This is Your Call 2010.

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by sourcing green energy through Greenchoice, supporting an electric vehicle network, moving our headquarters to a new, energy-efficient building and encouraging paperless bills. ActewAGL:

These are the last of the voters at a polling booth in Brisbane. Queensland will be a crucial state in determining the outcome of this election. So time is almost up in the eastern states. Let's get a final prediction from our expert panel.

We include Natasha Stott Despoja,

good evening, good to see you It's

fun to be here. Let's kick off with

you, prediction force tonight The

fact that it's so undepricktable. Is

the exciting part. I think Labor

will sneak across the line, I think

that's because of the deal they have

done with the Greens which those preferences

preferences I think will be crucial

to hanging on to a number of seats.

Alright. Richo, you

Alright. Richo, you didn't like most

of our exit polling. Do you want to

change your mind. Nothing has

changed my mind. I think a narrow

Labor victory is still the most

likely. No one will be putting their

house on it, I certainly wouldn't.

OK. By the way, what this scrutineers are

scrutineers are telling me. The real

faceless men, the informal vote will

be very hi in Western Sydney. People

aren't taking in how to votes. They

are walking in alone. That's the latest word of the

It's time for Seven News for our viewers in eastern states. We'll keep going in South Australia and Western Australia. Coming up at 6, This program is captioned live. Tonight - Tributes for two Australian soldiers

killed by an explosion in Afghanistan. The polls close as counting gets under way in a cliffhanger election. A Sydney family's heartbreak following a horrifying hospital bungle.

And Princess Mary takes time out ahead of her bridesmaid's party.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Election day has been overshadowed by the tragic deaths of two more Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Private Grant Kirby and Private Thomas Dale were killed in a roadside bomb attack on their first tour of duty in the country. Privates Grant Kirby and Tomas Dale died when their vehicle was blown up by an improvised explosive device.

They weren't aware of the IED but it took them by surprise. The soldiers were with the 1st Mentoring Task Force in the Baluchi Valley, helping to train the Afghan army. It is very tough, very tough and dangerous. Two other soldiers suffered non-life threatening injuries.

A veteran of Iraq and East Timor, Private Kirby leaves behind a young family. "Happy Australia Day to my family back in Brisbane, "especially my two little girls." Private Dale was honoured today in his home town, Adelaide. As a nation, we've lost two very brave men.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. The deaths come just a week after the loss of SAS trooper Jason Brown. Despite the mounting death toll, Afghanistan never emerged as a major issue during the election campaign and the Defence Minister wasn't about to enter into any debate today

as Australians went to the polls. I don't intend to make any comments

that could in any way be considered partisan or political. He said our soldiers would not be deterred by the vicious, insidious weapons of the Taliban and would honour the sacrifices made so far. The polling booths are closed and now the answer to who will lead Australia lies in the ballot box.

As vote counting begins, indications are this election will be the closest in half a century. Political editor Mark Riley is in the Tally Room with exclusive exit polling. Mark, what does it tell us?

Nationally, it has Labor ahead at 51-49, but in the

51-49, but in the crucial margins,

particularly in western Sydney,

Queensland, there are strong swings

against Labor. At the moment, too

close to call. The most likely

outcome, a hung parliament. Julia Gillard began the day in western Sydney,

riverside and against a late current. Beautiful day. Last-minute polls show a move towards the Coalition... In the modern day,

people do make up their minds later and later. ..while Tony Abbott... Well, this is just what we need to start an election day, hey? ..was trying to help people make up their minds.

I'll be working hard till 6 o'clock. Both broadcast their final messages to voters. I'm asking them to endorse a positive plan for the nation's future and not take a risk with Mr Abbott. We'll end the waste, we'll pay back the debt, we'll stop the big new taxes and we'll stop the boats. As claims of dirty tricks emerged in the Brisbane seat of Ryan with this How to Vote card

urging Greens voters to put Labor last distributed by Liberal-National candidate Jane Prentice's supporters. It makes people think you're representing the Green Party when you're not. The official Greens How to Vote has Labor at two. I have...this is not my... can everyone just go away, please? In the marginal Sydney seat of Lindsay... It was only a Bradbury sign, it's OK.

..workers for Labor's David Bradbury wore Liberal blue T-shirts... Hello. ..with no sign of the word 'Labor'. I think they are scared of their own brand. The polls predict the closest result since 1990, possibly a hung parliament and that means we're strapping in here for a long, exciting night.

The tightest in the last 50 years, I reckon. As for the man