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This morning - plunge in the polls.

Labor takes a hit while the

Coalition claims an election-

winning lead. Get me out of here -

Schapelle Corby's desperate call

for clemency as our authorities

scramble. IPhone mania, the new

device selling out across Australia.

Also today - I'm sorry. Mel Gibson

apologises as ex Oksana finally

breaks her silence. The Chelsea

Clinton nuptials - America prepares

for the celebrity wedding of for the celebrity wedding of the

year, this Saturday 31 July 2010.

Live from Brekky Central, this is

Weekend Sunrise. Here's Samantha

and Larry. Good morning, thank you

for joining us. Coming up today -

do you want to direct a Hollywood

blockbuster, well, we will tell you

how you can and you will be working

with Ridley Scott. In the last hour,

the extreme bender. We will meet

the guy who spent days locked up in

a shopping centre locked up in a

coffee shop and gym. You won't

believe the stories. Now we have

the latest news from Sarah Cumming.

New polling has seen a dramatic

turn around in the Coalition's

fortunes giving them an election-

winning lead. The Fairfax Nielsen

Poll finds on a two party preferred

basis the Coalition leads Labor 52%

to 48%. If an election were held

today the Coalition would pick up

28 seats, 11 more than it needs to

govern. Labor's primary vote has

plunged to 36% while the

Coalition's is up to 45. The

Green's remain steady on 12%. Julia

Gillard is still preferred Prime

Minister but Tony Abbott is

closeing the gap twice. Miss

Gillard's lead over Tony Abbott

with women voters his disappeared.

She has been hit by another Labor

leak. It is claimed that while

deputy PM she sent a junior staffer

to sit in for her at meetings of

cabinets national security committy.

It is the same allegation leveled

against Mr Rudd. Cabinet

confidentiality means she can't

defend herself against the at

divisions. Kevin Rudd is said to be

resting comfortably in a Brisbane

hospital this morning after having

his gall bladder removed. He

experienced abdominal pain and was

admitted to the Mater Private

Hospital yet. The operation went

well but he is likely to remain in

hospital for a few more days.

Liberal leader Tony Abbott wished

Mr Rudd a speedy recovery. A mini

cyclone left a trail of destruction

across several communities in

Victoria's central west overnight.

Worst hit was the small town of

Beaufort near Ballarat. Homes had

roofing torn off and one house was

blown off its foundations while

trees and powerlines were brought

down. Fallen trees blocked the

Western Highway for several hours.

The Black Saturday Bushfires Royal

Commission hands down it final

report today and it is expected to

be scathing of Victoria's emergency

service chiefs. It is understood

the Brumby Government is set to

reject or defer many of the key

recommendations such as a

multibillion-dollar plan to put

powerlines underground in fire-

prone areas. Some Black Saturday

survivors don't believe the report

will save anything. Nothing can

come out of it that will help us. I

just feel like it is just another

scenario that we have to live

through again and again and again

The report's findings and the

government's response are expected

to be a key battleground in

November's state election. For the

first time in 17 months average

property values across the country

have fallen. House prices across

Australia's capital cities have

backed off 0.7%. With the exception

of Adelaide all the capitals showed

either a drop in values or no

growth at all. Property experts

aren't too worried though, they say

there is still a big housing

shortage across the country. In

annual terms average home prices

are 10.5% higher than a year acan.

The death toll from three days of

flooding in Pakistan has risen to

at least 430 as heavy rains

continue to fall across the region.

Villages in the north-west have

been the hardest hit as water

submerges roads and buildings.

Locals have been trying their best

to save whatever they can but many

homes have been washed away. It is

the worst flooding to hit the

region since 1929. Americans are

gearing up for society of event of

the year as Chelsea Clinton

prepares to tie the knot. Bill and

Hillary's daughter will say 'I do"

this weekend in an extravaganza

costing $5 million. We are

fascinated because we know the

family really well. We feel like we

do. They have been in our lives for

a long time for better or worse.

While most details have been kept

under wraps the guest list includes

Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and

now. Barbra Streisand. To finance news

Time for sport now. Good morning. A

revitalised Essendon has recorded

back to back wins after they swept

aside a faltering St Kilda by 33

points at Etihad last night. The

Bombers exploded out of the blocks

with an devastating 7-goal first

term that opened up a six-goal lead.

They were never headed from there

as the unconvincing Saints

contemplated their second loss in

just three games. It is a goal!

That was important. Bombers veteran

Dustin Fletcher was best on ground

after a masterful defensive display

as Essendon rounded out the win, a

third straight victory over the

Saints. Collingwood midfielder Leon

Davis will play his 200th game

today against old enemy Carlton.

The port -- Danny Meyer will

replace Matt Thomas in today's

clash. Penrith's season is back on

track, just, after a comeback 24 to

16 win over north queens land last

night. The Cowboys were on their

horses early running in three first

half tries to lead at the break but

with ten minutes to go Kevin

Kingston helped to draw the

Panther's level before the win was

sealed to snap a three-game losing

streak. Flash Gordon lives up to

his name! The Rabbitohs finals

hopes took a lit as the Bulldog's

late season surge continued with a

win. All Black captain Rick Chi

McCaw believes Australia will be a

more difficult champion that end

the Springboks in tonight's match

at Etihad stadium. The Wallabies

have lost their last seven test

matches against the Kiwis but New

Zealand expect a tough one. They

will be a tougher op upon ent to

what we have faced so far. We are

very well equipped. Just how well

we will know after the game. That

is probably the good thing about it.

You know exactly where you are

after playing. Both sides have

given the much maleened -- maligned

surface at Etihad the thumbs up.

Sydney and Brisbane will see it

live on Seven. Mark Webber has

posted the third fastest time in

qualifying for the Hungarian

Formula One Grand Prix. Sebastian

Vettel continued the team's

dominance by clocking the fastest

time. Alonso was second fastest.

American Boo Weekley - now there's

a name - has shot a 7 under 63 in

the second round of the Greenbrier

Classic in West Virginia to shear

share the lead at 10 under. Aaron

Baddeley is two off the pace after

a fine play earlier in the morning.

For two hours it is gall bladders

and you. Everything you wand know

about that pesingy little organ

actually. It produces bile - enough

said. More importantly I will

change my name to Boo. Let's take a

look at the weather with James.

James do you feel like you are

close to us this morning. Scary.

But still they won't let me inside.

It is a security thing we have

going. Double glass mate, we can't

hear you. Can I tell you a little

about the gall bladder, I did a

gall bladder cleanse the other day.

The gall bladder is where your body

produces bile and your body

produces good and bad Nats.

Basically drink epsom salt and

water for two hours and then half

grape fruit juice and half olive

oil. Drink that at 10pm and lie

flat for the rest of the night. I'm

glad we are not doing breakfast

television because this would be

inappropriate. Grape fruit is a

great thing for breakfast - a

little sugar sprinkled on top that.

Is the gall bladder. Good luck K

Rudd. Shall we look at the

Why not? I might not be inside and

I might not have any friends

outside but I did bring a sign to

kick off the morning so I will work

on getting my way into the building

and see you in half an hour.

Flattery will get you everywhere

with this show Save me a spot on

the panel. You and your clean gall

bladder can stay outside. K Rudd

does not need to be in hospital.

James can sort him out with some

epsom salts. Kevin Rudd steels the

limelight from Julia Gillard again.

This time from his hospital bed. On

the moment we will get an update on

his condition. The iPhone 4

fanatics but does the smart phone live up to expectations?

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Exclusive to sunrise, the great

debate, Monday.

Only two sleeps to go till that

great debate. It is 14 minutes past

seven. Tony Abbott will be waking

up with a smile on his face this

morning. The latest poll shows

stunning reversal. The Coalition

now has an election-winning lead.

On a two-party preferred basis the

Coalition is anow ahead of Labor.

Julia Gillard is still the

preferred PM but that gap is also

closeing. For more, let's go to our

political reporter in Canberra,

Geof Parry. This is a massive turn

around for the Coalition. Do they

have a sht at winning this

election? There is still three

weeks to go on the campaign but on

the basis of those figures Labor

might be looking for a gall bladder

flush itself to clean itself up and

get its act together. It is a good

result for Tony Abbott and the

Coalition. The figures for Julia

Gillard have been heading south for

the past two weeks on the basis of

a very shaky -- shaky campaign. The

Coalition would be winning many the

order of 20 odd seats - double what

it needs to win. How many to we

need to see before we call it a

trend? We have three weeks to go.

They have been training down wards.

On an anecdotal basis, without

sitting down and studying them,

Labor has been going backwards. The

really interesting figures in that

is that in this Nielsen Poll the

gender divide his disappeared. A

week or so ago she was 20 points

ahead on a gender basis. 60% of

females would vote for her compared

to 40% voting for Tony Abbott. She

was way out in front and now that

is gone. Is there one particular

thing that has hurt Julia Gillard

the most or it is a whole bunch of

things in concert. It is certainly

a whole bunch of things. She has

had a couple of good days but it is

as though there is a checklist

everyday. There is something else

counts against her, it is another

leak. The latest one is this one

that she sent a staffer, Andrew

Stark along to the national

security committee. I am not con

sthraipbsd that is necessarily a

Labor leak. Andrew Stark - I am not

pointing the finger at him either -

but used to work for Alexander

downer, the former Foreign Minister.

There are lots of people involved

with that national security

committee so it not necessarily a

Labor leak. It is as though

everyday she has something lined up

against her. Mork Latham has

accused Kevin Rudd of being the

serial Labor leaker. Any truth to

this one do you think? What are you

hearing in Canberra? It is easy to

point the finger at Kevin Rudd. You

can also point the finger at

Lindsay Tanner but Kevin Rudd seems

to be the one in the freament. Mark

Latham on sky news the other night

was adamant that he is the leaker,

that Kevin Rudd is the leaker -

fingered him straightaway, called

him unmanly, cowardly and lined him

up and gave him an absolute kicking.

You can make a case for it and also

against it. Do we know about Kevin

Rudd's condition this morning. Off

to hospital to have his gall

bladder removed? That operation is

imminent. We can make jokes about

it. He has obviously been in a lot

of pain and no one would wish that

on him. I am told he is a fairly

simple operation and he should be

right in a couple of days but I

think if Julia Gillard has had some

good news recently it is the fact

that Kevin Rudd has said in a

statement that he is now prepared

to go out and fully support her and

campaign not just in his own

electorate but around the country

if that is what she wants. I am

sure she probably does. Having

Kevin Rudd in the tent is where she

wants him. Having him on side

saying good things about her might

just be the medicine that turns her

campaign around. Interesting twist.

Thank you for that. The world's

most hardcore ifans are in

overdrive with the release of

Apple's much anticipated iPhone 4.

The smart phone is dividing the

experts. Some say it is Apple's

best phone yet and others are

concerned about dodgy antenna

issues. Our IT expert joins us now.

I think it is a pretty good piece

of hardware. The reports from

people who did buy it yesterday is

that nobody is seeing this antenna

problem. Hopefully that whole issue

has been overblown and that in the

local market place it might be that

generally our tell co-s are a bit

better - a better signal here -

that means people won't see that

problem. You have your iPhone 3 and

4. What are the major differences?

They are gone to a very squared off

style for this one with a glass

back now. The screen itself is a

lot stronger. We've got - the new

screen is one of the big features.

They are saying the main thing

about the display is that the

pixels are so close tonight that

unless you look really closely it

kind of reads more like a real page

so it is more comfortable to read.

The other features are the two

cameras that are in here. On the

back we have a five mex ga pixel

camera and a little flash beside it

that was never there before. You

can take photos in night scenes. It

is also now... Oh no. It has a high

definition video camera now too. A

lot of features have stepped it up

quite significantly from the

previous version. Do you think it

will sell out in Australia? Yes.

The reports from a few of the

outlets is actually this this first

batch that they put on sale

yesterday will clear out today and

it might be four weeks before there

is anymore in the country. It is

going to be that a lot of people

who decided I will wait for the

weekend rush to clear, they might

realise they are waiting until late

August or September. They are

clever with the marketing Apple.

They do this well and release them

slowly so people really want them.

They don't push it too hard and all

the fans just end up chipping up

the frenzy for them. They do a

really good job on the marketing.

This is a pretty good plug for them.

The apple ied to nanohas been in

the press lately for the wrong

reasons. We have been told the

nanos are overheating and catching

on fire. Is that trou and are they

doing something to fix that? This

was the original iPod nano, so the

model that came out about four

years ago. It has now hit a point

where I think in Japan this is the

issue that has come up and sort of

the government has actually asked

them to do a recall and Apple has

said they won't do that. Over all

the iPod nanos that have been sold

here apparently six have had this

overheating problem and people have

been burnt. It is while it is being

charged that something goes wrong

during the charge process. We have

seen a few times, not just with

Apple but Sony had a problem with

batterys in these kind of device or

laptops, there seem to -- seems to

be an issue around that and most of

the generations since then have not

had so much of these problems but

it looks like obviously people

still own these device and want to

use them and suddenly a few of the

problems are popping up. I want to

ask you about - there is news today

that we will soon be able to use

our mobile phones on planes in the

air Yes. You think that is likely?

It is one of those blessings and

curses. It was the last place you

could have peace and quiet, except

screaming children. It will not

come out straight away. The laws

have just passed to say yes. You

can set up a special micro cell on

the aeroplane to let people use

their phones. There will be a

special sur charge because you

won't be connecting to your

operator you will be connecting to

the aeroplane's special things.

Most people won't bother because

you will be charged to do it. They

will keep to it text messaging and

data services. As long as they tell everybody to switch their phones to vibrate so you don't have beeps going everywhere, maybe it won't be so bad. I married this weekend so if that is the case I really think George has proved himself to be loyal not only to his friends in the past but his family. He will not throw her to the kerb for some rumours. I think he will stick it out with this lady. These are some pretty heavy allegations. Has she responded to them at all? No, she is not

responded whatsoever but I am

hearing from insiders she is very

distraught by the whole situation

and that George is really sticking

by her side through it all. That is

exciting for you.

No, Jocelyn said he'd probably

stick with her. That is what all

nice guys say until it hits the fan. Not

Not our George. Coming up - news,

sport, weather tonight. You are

watching Weekend Sunrise on the

Seven Network.

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Now back to Weekend Sunrise. Here's

Samantha and Larry. Coming up - the

weird, wacky and very tacky world

of weddings. We will take you

through the best and the worst. Big

is best, the new padded underwear

craze. We will show you how it

works. Larry will put some on. We

promise. They feel very comfortable

I'm here to tell you. It is

creeping up to 7.30. It is time for

a news hit. I'm just going to put my undies on.

my undies on. Can't wait. Good

morning. New polling has capped off

a disastrous week for Julia Gillard

on the campaign trail. This

morning's Fairfax Nielsen Poll

shows a huge swing to the Coalition,

giving them an election-winning

lead. The poll finds that if an

election were held today Tony

Abbott would have an 11-seat

majority in the house of reps. He

has closed the gap as preferred

Prime Minister to just

Prime Minister to just eight points.

Adding to Prime Minister Julia

Gillard's woes another leak

climbing when she was deputy PM she

allowed a staffer to sit in for her

at the national security committee.

Cabinet confidentiality prevents

her from answering the allegation. Australia's chronic housing

shortage is forecast to be more

than twice as bad within the next

decade. At present the country has a shortage

a shortage of 200,000 homes and the

housing industry association says

by 2020 that figure could be as

high as 470,000. The HIA says

Australia's population growth will

be to blame. Developers say the key

to turning the situation around is

for state governments to release

more land and to cut red tape. New

research has sounded a net of

caution about taking caution about taking calcium

supplements to ward off ostyo pore

row sis. An article published in

the British medical journal says

some people that take the

supplements have a 30% increase of

heart attack. The study found those

at greater risk took as much as

double the recommended daily does

of supplements. People that get

their calcium from food and milk

don't run the same risk. Two don't run the same risk. Two people

have been killed after a gas

explosion ripped through a welding

shop in Los Angeles. Two people

working in the shop at the time

were blown into the street. One was

killed instantly, the second man

died in hospital. Rescue crews have

been coming the wreckage after

reports a third person could be

trapped. Mel Gibson's former palmer

in, Oksana Grigorieva has finally in, Oksana Grigorieva has finally

broken her silence about their

relationship and those tapes. When

asked why she recorded the phone

conversations she said she thought

she was going to die. The tapes,

the voicemails, everything was

recorded that night because I was -

you know in fear for my life. She

went on to say she felt her ex was

trivialising domestic violence. In

sport St Kilda's worrying late

season form slump continues going

down to Essendon at Etihad stadium

last night. The Saints were on the

defensive right from the start as

the Bomber's blue them away with a

seven goal opening term. Essence

Dom could afford the luxury of the

ode little blunder. What are you

doing? Why

doing? Why would you do that? A

four-goal final quarter completed

the third straight win over the

Saints. In the NRL south Sydney's

finals chances have copped a double

below with Sam Burgess placed on

report for a grapple tackle in the

shock loss against the dogy's at

ANZ last night. ANZ last night. Luke Patten

celebrated the 20 point win with an

impressing try scoring milestone.

He has number 100! A brilliant solo

try to Panther's winger Michael

gored don't clinched a hard-fought

win over the Cowboys to snap the

club's three-frame losing streak.

Rocky Elsom says Australia will

need to be at their best if they

are to beat the All Blacks

are to beat the All Blacks in tonight's opening Bledisloe Cup

match at it had stadium. Australia

has lost its last seven matches

against the Kiwis who are in red

hot form after back-to-back wins

over the Springboks. They are just

the benchmark at the moment. We saw

in the first two tests. It is

probably as good as I have seen

them play in that first test. So

they are obviously the mark as far they are obviously the mark as far

as world rugby is concerned. The

Wallabies will be hoping to avoid

their worst trans-Tasman losing

streak in 63 years. James Tobin is

taking his dangerous medical advice

to the newsroom now. I have come in

to see if I can make the story

about Kevin Rudd and his gall

bladder flush that he heard about

on Sunrise weather. I am in the newsroom. It

newsroom. It reminds me of the

heady days, the Justin Bieber days

with the crowd going crazy and all

the little heart signs. This is the

newsroom this. Is what it looks

like if you haven't had a look.

This is where the journalists of

Channel Seven - Australia's leading

news sfplts Where are all those

journalists. They are down there.

There is not much going on just There is not much going on just the

election and then gall plader.

Don't seat from 2 o'clock then

every two years the epsom salts and

the water. They would be more

interested in live cleansing I

reckon. That is why none of them

are in on a Saturday morning I bet.

Let's look at the weather. are in on a Saturday morning I bet. Let's look at the weather.

A trough through the interior is

spreading areas of heavy rain and storms into storms into Queensland and New

South Wales. A front is approaching

Victoria bringing showery winds to

south-eastern South Australia and

western Victoria. A high is

clearing WA with a few coastal

showers and westerly winds. clearing WA with a few coastal showers and westerly winds.

showers and westerly winds. See,

they are here, hard working your

journalists hunting out the stories

for today. This is where all the

stories come through and get

assigned to different journos and

everymorning we see Beretts doing

crazy stuff at McCafe. I think our

chief of staff is trying to hide

from you right now. You are not

trying to hide? I'm always trying

to hide. I just saw him click out

of his Miranda Kerr screen saver. I

will go and investigate. One of the

best newsrooms in the country right

there. I hope 4 doesn't go past my

Dex it is very messy. I am scare of this story but I this story but I am sort of looking

forward to it - the padded

underwear. I'm not gonna look at

either of them. What do you think

Simon. I wear it all the time. I

highly recommend it. Especially

once you get near 50 it is very

important. It would be good for

bike riding maybe. Not for bike

riding but for walking around town.

It is to get the Kim Kardashian thing.

thing. Make the lines a little

cleaner. Paul Murray will be

furious. He is not a fan of Kim

Kardashian. He is a fan of the

padded underwear apparently. We

will tackle this issue head on. The

beauty of big booty, the new padded

underwear that making your but look

big. The price of love -

big. The price of love - Chelsea

Clinton's $5 million wedding.

Celebrity weddings mean big bucks

but $5 million. That is how much

Chelsea Clinton's wedding is

estimated to cost this estimated to cost this weekend. It

will trump the nupt Waltz of

celebrities like Yen and Brad and

Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Look how

they turned out. That was worth

everycent. Here is a look at what

is a weird, wacky and often quite

tacky world. If you are the only

daughter of a Secretary of State

and a former US President no expense will

expense will be spared. Chelsea

Clinton will wed her boyfriend Marc

Mezvinsky at a country mansion in

New Jersey this weekend. The

flowers alone are rumoured to cast

$250,000. Even the portable toilets

will be top class. Porcelain with

music and hot water. They are

rented for $15,000. Social comment

day or the Melissa Hoyer. We haven't

haven't had a really big celebrity

wedding far a while so with Chelsea

Clinton getting married we have

seized on her wedding. This is the

one. There is talk that it might be

$5 million worth of wedding. That

is a lot of money and I hope it

isn't that much because that really

does set the bar. So will it rival

the outlandish doing of the outlandish doing of other big

name sleb celebs. When Liza

Minnelli married David Gest it was

more like a Vegas show. Elizabeth

Taylor was the maid of honour,

Michael Jackson the best man and it

cost $3.5 million. Brad Pitt and

Jennifer Anniston's wedding was a

celeb fest at a Malibu estate celeb fest at a Malibu estate in

2000. The fantastic shots of the

choppers coming past and trying to

shoot the wedding from above. That

is what so many people remember

because it was such a talked about

wedding. Castles have been a big

trend for many A-listers. Madonna

and Guy Ritchie married at Skibo

Castle and posh and Becks chose a Castle and posh and Becks chose a

castle near Edinburgh. Katie homes

and Tom Cruise chose a castle

outside Rome. Nicole Kidman had a

classier affair with friends and

close family at a church in Sydney.

There is nothing like a real royal

wedding like in 1981 when the world

stopped when Prince Charles married

a young Diana. When you think of

the one wedding that really sends chills

chills down everyone's spice it is

probably princess grace when she

married prince rainier of Monaco.

3,000 people could all watch this

amazing wedding. This is one of the

first times there was a fusion of

royalty with celebrity. That potent

mix was bound to bring out the most

exquisite and elegant wetting. On

the other side of the spectrum there

there is the totally tacky. Earlier

this month glamour model Katie

Price married Alex Reid. She rocked

up in a van inspired by the A-Team

movie. It was nothing compared to

her wedding to Peter Andre. They

channelled Ken and Barbie. In

Australia our most expensive

wedding cost $3 million. Geoffrey

Edelsten and Bryn gored don't Edelsten and Bryn gored don't

invited 500 guests. The provide

admitted she new about 20 people.

Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber

hit the headlines for their wedding

and invited radio guests. They came

in on thrones and had crowns and

all this sort of who ha. It was the

biggest extraordinary thing. Fust

because you spend a fortune on your

wedding doesn't mean you will live

recently happenly ever after. They have

recently split. Not everyone is

into a big wedding. You don't have

to have a big crazyness about your

wedding. Look at Miranda Kerr this

Breakfast week. They issued a

statement, el low pressured to the

Caribbean. Whatever the type it

seems the weirder, the whackier,

the better. When it is time for you to get

to get married you have to get

Katie Price's wedding organiser.

Turn up in the A-Team vafpblt There

is nothing better than aty ah are

on a non royal. Coming up - the

chance to see your name rolling in

the credits. We will tell you how

you can direct a Hollywood

Scott. blockbuster and work with Ridley

After the break - booty boosting

underwear, the women who underwear, the women who want their but to look bigger.

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Well, breaking news - flat bottoms

are out. Big is now best. If you

wait long enough freands come back

around. We are seeing rounder

behind on women everywhere from the

clips. Now women Hollywood red carpet to music video

clips. Now women are paying for

bigger booties with butt boosting

underwear. Take it away.

# Because of my hump,

# My hump, my hump

# My lovely lady lumps. Big bottoms

are in and we have kufy celebrities

to thank. Sing superstar byion say

is proud of her back side. She is proud of her back side. She is

considered one of the hottest women

in the world. So too is Jennifer

Lopez. Women are willing to pay for

a bigger booty from plastic surgery

and now padded underwear. Booty Pop

was invented by a couple of

Canadian women. Commercials for the

product have gone viral with near I

will 1 million viewers watching it on YouTube.

on YouTube. It leaves a sexyier,

more cess sire rabl booty instantly.

It turns a droop pi butt into a

bootylicious booty. They expect to

sell a million pairs this year.

Talk show hosts are taking notice.

More and more wiem are wearing

Booty Pop padded pantys to make

their buts look bigger. They come

in three sizes,

in three sizes, Kourtney, Chloe and

Kim. If it is good enough for Jay

Leno it is good enough for us.

Susan Bloomstone is one half of the

team behind Booty Pop. She join

joins us from Boston in the US. Now,

curvier bottoms are obviously more

popular now thanks to the big stars

like the Kardashians, like beian

say. How did

say. How did you think to pad

underwear in this way? Well, I had

read an article in the 'New York

Times' that more women than ever

were going their plastic surgeons

with photos of Beyonce and J low

and Kim Kardashian and said they

wanted to look like that. I was a

little concerned and thought there

should be a better way. The same

way women wear

way women wear padded bras they

should have booty pop a padded bra

for your booty. How does it work?

The co-creator is a former fax

designer and she created padding

that is trateedgeically placed in a

way that gives the illusion like

you have done 100 squats at the gym.

You get that raised look and the

round shape that everybody is dying

to have. As Jay Leno mentioned you

have been mentioned in the 'Wall

Street Journal'. We understand you

are in the process of setting up a

huge billboard in New York. Tell us

about that? I think what's happened

with Booty Pop it has touched a

cord among everyone. It has been on The View, Entertainment Tonight The View, Entertainment Tonight

says it is a must have. All the

celebrities are into it because

celebrities are into it because everybody is curerys

everybody is curerys now About how

they can change their body image.

For under 20 dollars you can

instantly look bootylicious. We

will have a big billboard that will

show the before and afters right

outside the David Letterman studio.

You have one there, I hope you are

not wearing it, but can you show it

to us. Let's have a look.

Definitely. This is the Booty Pop.

What is so grit about it is they

are very fun and flirty and

functional so you don't feellike

you are wearing your grandma's

girdle. The padding is right theory,

strategically placed to give you

the curves this all women want.

This underer are wear comes with a

special warning. What is that? special warning. What is that? The This underer are wear comes with a

warning is Booty Pop warning is Booty Pop takes no

responsibility if men all over are

wildly attracted to you. So beware

because you will be getting the

looks. You will be getting the

looks and all the athe end shun.

Who doesn't want to look

bootylicious. Thank you very much

for your time this morning. It is

my hope that.Thank You so much.

Bottoms up. It is my hope that one

day we can sell that on the Morning

Show for five easy repayments. That

is fabulous. Saturday's showbiz

headlines follow the break

including Madonna's new role behind

the camera. She gets into the

groove of directing. Mel Gibson is

unspeakably sorry. He sends an

apology email to Oksana Grigorieva.

Read it, next. # It's

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Tomm Taylor is our man in Hollywood.

Good morning to you. Madonna has

begun directing a new film. How is

she going on the self. Sheen joiing

it. The pop singing sensation has

written this motion picture which

will tell us

will tell us the story of King

Edward VIII who abdicated the

throne to Mary, twice divorced,

while a Simpson. Madonna is in the

south of France. Some filming is

taking place an a yafplt it stars

abouty cornish and James D'Arcy as

the former monarch. The Duchess of

Windsor once said you should never

explain and never complain and never

never explain and you could never

be too thin or too rich so said

Wallis Simpson. The next comaper

the in the Mel Gibson saga has

opened up. What is going on. The

emails we are hearing about, what

do they say? One thing I learned

from this morning from Oksana's

people and herself is that most of

the recordings we heard were

recorded during one cycle of time but Mel

but Mel Gibson apparently or

allegedly had hit Oksana twice on

the early part of January. I

believe it was January 6th. Mel

Gibson may have sent two emails to

Oksana on the following day,

January 7th. One email said he was

unspeakably sorry and wanted Oksana

to telephone him. The next email

may have said something about her

tooth, a question of how is your tooth? That doesn't tooth? That doesn't mean he hit her.

It means that she had some tooth

complications. We will have to see

how this shakes up because it will

up a happen in a courtroom I think.

Mark Wahlberg has a star on the

Hollywood walk of fame. He started

out as Marky Mark singing sensation

and he brought his entire family to the star.

the star. He gets the star 2,214.

He has a new comic picture coming

out, it is called the other guy.

When he was told that he was

getting a star he thought it was a

practical joke and the kids were

well behaved. The kids were well

behaved and it was a family affair.

I didn't know he had four children.

It is a large brood. Watch weekend

sunrise and you learn stuff. He is young too. He

young too. He is only 39. We will

see you very soon. We will be here.

Schapelle Corby's call for clemency,

will it come before it is too late.

Plus the reporter stalker the man

that appeared in the background of

over 100 news stories. We will find

out why. Your chance to direct a

Hollywood blockbuster and work with

Ridley '. A big

Ridley '. A big hour ahead for you.

It is time for the latest news.

Julia Gillard's bad week on the

campaign trail has just become that

much worse this morning. A new

Fairfax Nielsen Poll has seen a

stunning turn ya round for the

coalition that now has an election-

winning lead two-party preferred.

On those figures the On those figures the Coalition

would pick up 28 seats. Labor's

primary vote plunged 6% and the

Coalition's is up 4%. Julia Gillard

is still preferred prime minister

but Tony Abbott has more than

halved the gap. Miss Gillard's lead

over Tony Abbott with female voters

has disappeared. She dealing with

another Labor leak. As deputy PM

she had a staffer sit in for her at she had a staffer sit in for her at

the national security committee. It

is the same allegation leveled at

Kevin Rudd. Miss Gillard says she

is bound by cabinet confidentiality

and can't answer the allegation.

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd is

expected to stay in a Brisbane

hospital for a few more days after

having his gall bladder removed. Mr

Rudd was admitted to the Mater

Private Hospital yesterday

experiencing abdominal pain. It is

understood his operation went well and he is

and he is resting come forably this

morning. Both Prime Minister Julia

Gillard and Liberal leader Tony

Abbott wished him a speedy recovery.

The small towns of bow fort and

Trawalla in Victoria's central west

are cleaning up this morning after

being hammered by a mini cyclone.

The storm hit at around 8 last

night. The State emergency service

says some homes completely lost

their roofs while there are reports one

one home was knocked off its

foundations. Powerlines were

brought down and trees blocked the

Western Highway for several hours.

There were no reports of injuries

but two horses had to be put down.

The long-awaited final report into

the Black Saturday bushfires that

killed 173 people will be released

today. There are claims the Brumby

Government is set to reject or put

off implementing many of the key

recommendations. Even before it recommendations. Even before it is

released some survivors are

sceptical. There would be a lit

come out of the royal commission

that will whitewash the whole lot

and make Brumby and his crew look

like bloody Saints. It is

understand the report is scathing

of Christine Nixon and former

bushfire chief Russell Rees. US

firefighters are planning an

aggressive air attack as fast moving fires rip moving fires rip through forests

north of Los Angeles. Thousand of

people have been forced from their

homes with more properties now

under threat. Dry bushland and

paddocks have gone up in flames.

Around 500 crew remain on the

ground trying to bring the worst of

the fires under control. Residents

and authorities in China are slowly

trying to begin clean up efforts in

the north-east following the forst

floods in a decade. The floods floods in a decade. The floods have

affected around 150,000 residents

and at least 13 people have been

killed. Soldiers have been deployed

onto the streets to help move the

debris off the roads. Do you

recognise this teddy bear. The

search is on for his family after

he was left behind at an English

cafe. The owners have set up a

Facebook page to help track them

down. It is a lovely little character and

character and he obviously belongs

to somebody who loves him dearly so

we would like to it go back to

whoever owns it. The bear has 685

Facebook friends but still no owner.

To finance news now. Wall Street

finished the week on a flat note.

The Dow Jones was 1 point.

Time for sport now.

Good morning once again. A

revitalised Essendon has reported

back-to-back wins after they beat a

faltering St Kilda last night. The faltering St Kilda last night. The

Bombers were brilliant early on

with a devastating seven-goal first

term sweeping them to a six-goal

lead at the break. They were never

headed from there as the

unconvincing Saints fell to their

second loss in the

Three games. That was important!

Essendon veteran Dustin Fletcher

was best on ground after a

masterful defenceive display. The

Bombers rounded out a Bombers rounded out a third

straight victory over the Saints.

Collingwood midfielder Leon Davis

plays his 200th game today against

Carlton. Port Adelaide Jungster

Danny Meyer will replace Matt

Thomas in today's clash with

Hawthorn. In the NRL Penrith's

season is become on track after a

comeback 24 to

comeback 24 to 16 win over north

Queensland in Sydney last night.

The Cowboys on course for an upset

running in three first half tries

but with ten minutes to go Kevin

Kingston help draw the Panther's

level before the winger sealed the

win the snap a three-game losing

streak. Away goes Gordon. Flash Gordon lives

Gordon lives up to his name! The

ran tow's final hopes took a big

hit. All back captain Richie McCaw

believes Australia will be a more

difficult opponent than the world

champion is Springboks in tonight's

opening Bledisloe Cup exchange at

it had stadium. The Wallabies have lost their lost their last seven matches

against New Zealand. They will be a

bitter challenge for us. They will

be a tougher opponent to what we

have faced sonar. How well we are

equipped we will know after the

game that. Is the good thing about

it because you will know exactly

where you are after playing. Both

sides have given the it had surface

the thumbs up. Check your local

guides. Mark Webber

guides. Mark Webber was the third

fastest time in qualifying for the

unggair Ryan grand Friday.

Sebastian Vettel clocked the

fastest time. Alonso was second.

American -- an American has stormed

into the lead at the Greenbrier

Classic after holing eight birdies in his second role.

in his second role. He is ahead of

Boo Weekley who earlier shot a 7

under 63. Aaron Baddeley was the

best of the Aussies tied fourth at

eight under. Richie McCaw, did I

see some... Heart palpitations. A

bit of a hot guy. If you look at bit of a hot guy. If you look at

the girl's pencil cases they have

both written, "I heart Richie

McCaw" Weather time now. Oh no.

Hello Beyonce Tobin.

The Americans are normally so

fashion forward but it is nice to

see they are following trends for a

change. Here in Australia for years now discerning weather men now discerning weather men have

been looking for a bit more

underincome the trunk. The Booty

Pop started in Australia I will

have you know. Have you taken the

air bags out of your car for that?

They are Danny Green's boxing

gloves. There is a couch in the

green room missing some cushions.

They are not Danny Green's boxes

gloves and they are Kochie's gloves and they are Kochie's pants.

Sorry but they are the only ones

big enough to fit boxing glove in.

They really are Koch she's. They

are little bit taller and wider but

I am more bootylicious. Were the

box gloves in Koch she's pants or

did you have to put them? This is

getting really weird. Let's look at

the weather.

the weather. A few Sunrise viewers

have come out. Thank you forgetting

up this morning. How are you this

morning? Very well. You have come to Sydney on

to Sydney on a bit of a rescue

mission. We have come all the way

from Wang ga rat to to see Phil's

brother-in-law in hospital going

through cancer treatment. Just to

get out and come an see him and

cheer him up. You have brought a

card along. Keep on trucking. He is

a truck driver. He does interstate

truck driving and local and concert

freight and that sort of stuff. We

did get on the phone to Gaz a

little earlier and he was

struggling to get reception at the

hospital. If he is watching hello

to everyone from Weekend Sunrise.

If you guys could sign in it the

add breaks you can take it in this

afternoon. We are going in this

afternoon. Nice to meet you and

have a great day. I hope everything

goes OK for Gaz. It will. It will

brighten his day. Thank you JT. We will see

will see you soon. Well, Schapelle

Corby's future hangs in the balance

this weekend. There are reports the

Indonesian Supreme Court has asked

the nation's president to/her 20-

year jail sentence on the grounds

she is close to insanity. New idea

has been working closely inside the

Schapelle camp. The editor joins us

now. Your team has until traited

the jail she is

the jail she is staying at. How did

you find her -- infiltrated the

jail she is staying at. How did you

find her mental state to be. We

have had contact with Schapelle.

She is not well. Her health has

been declining over the past year.

A year ago a leading psychiatrist

diagnosed her with a severe

psychotic disorder. She hall lus

inNates and certainly having

thought process problems -- halt

lus inNates and certainly having

thought process problems. She is

having problems recognising her own

family and is often believing she

is being watched through cels of

her -- Waltz of her cell. There is

a lot of confusion over whether she

will receive clemency and get out early. I

early. I covered her trial all

those years ago in barly. The

Indonesian justice system is very

unusual. What do you know about

this clemency deal? Is it too good

foe be true? There is certainly

hopes are very high at the moment.

There are two things going on. On

one side usually shortens or re--

shortened or reduced sentences

happen around independence day happen around independence day and

there are hopes Schapelle might get

time off her sentence. She has a 20

year sentence of which she served

just over 5 years. There is hopes

on the other side that the

government may consider a clemency

claim that the lawyers have put in

for. There are murmurs that this is

looking positive but these things

can take time and there is no set

time as to when a clemency might time as to when a clemency might be

considered. I understand new idea

has a close relationship with the

Corby family. How are they holding

up? They have been amazing. As you

know her sister is living over

there to support her. She visits

her daily. They are spending a lot

of money personally on her

medication that they need to take

to her daily to member sure she

actually takes it. They are

currently maintaining a silence

that I think politically is a that I think politically is a very

good idea. You may not recognise

the name Paul Jarrow but he has

appeared on British TV over 100

times. He frustrates journalists by

standing behind them while they do

their reports. Some say the stocky,

balding man would be better suited

to radio but he believes - he

believes there are believes there are too many

beautiful people on the TV and he

wants to change it. With more we

are joined from London. When did

this man -- this man first start

appearing behind reporters? This

was last May, not just May past but

the May of the year before that. He

decided - I will quote from decided - I will quote from him if

I may. He decided, "There are too

many TV shows infested with too

many pretty blondes and toned men."

Clearly he has been watching a lot

of Sunrise back in this country. He

decide he was going to even things

out and become the people's

champion and what he did was he

found out that in London where we

live and where he lives there is a

lot of stories going on lot of stories going on all the

time and urgely they are stories

that involve demonstrations or

during the elections you can see or

it is union disputes and they go on

for several hours so he will watch

the news channel and lives within

20 minutes or so of these things.

He will get on a tube train and go

and stand in the background,

sometimes reading a paper,

sometimes on the phone or sometimes

just looking. It remind me of just looking. It remind me of the

60s of Alfred Hitchcock when what

was he in the films and then

where's Wally. This time it is

where is the news stalker or news

raider or some called him the fat

bloke that wants to be on TV. You

want to be on TV so you go and

stand behind the guys on TV. What

is his ultimate goal. What does he want

want to happen. It is unlikely he

is about to get a prime time news

reading gig. He has his own natural

booty pop. He wanted to even things

up. If you look into his history.

He has had a family that has had

lots of illnesses and has been a

full-time carer for either his

family or friends and has won

awards for being a carer and great

help in the community. Before he appeared on TV he appeared on TV he was talking about

the inquality of old folks and

people that look like him not

getting a fair chance in life. He

wanted to even things out. There is

breaking news this morning, now

that he has Ben hound and people

camped out on his doorstep because

they found out who he is he says he

is shocked by the attention he has

received and me is giving it up. He

is retiring. We were just cranking

up that story. We were up that story. We were going to do

daily watches on that. Too many

pretty blondes on the TV Sam. And

toned men, Larry. The syntaxs,

spokers get burnt with another tax

rise and beer and spirits aren't

safe from the increases either.

Again Y have been dubbed the lazy

generation but have they been

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Monday - the great debate, the

Australian sex party head to head with

with family first. For get Gillard

and Abbott this encounter won't be

boring. Exclusive to sunrise, the

great debate, Monday. Also on

Monday the return of Rick Astley

and a ma