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(generated from captions) Oh, Jen. So ask yourself the question. "Could I live with the consequences?" on this tide of emotion. It's very easy to get carried away Uh,, no. I... (GROANS)

I'm gonna be sensible I think...I think and I'm gonna go with $22,000. Put it there. Good stuff. 22 grand it is! Alright, Jen. you have in 20? Right. Dom, what do you think Jen, let's crack open this pallet. I reckon I've got the 100 grand. It''s... (LAUGHS) It's... Yeah! Nicely done! Making that $22,500 all up. Fantastic work! Let's see the money. I'm on holidays every time I see her. Here's a girl that makes me feel like with your cheque. The delightful Iskra Good on you, Jen. Your well-earned cheque. Hope you've had a ball, Jen. Nicely done, Dom. See ya! This program is captioned live. Tonight - and an innocent man wounded a robber shot dead in a Sydney hold-up.

Only on Seven - being sold in Sydney. the people making new designer drugs Tony Abbott's cash for child care promises help for hospitals. while Julia Gillard whale-watching tourists And the Sydney who got a very close encounter. (CHEERING)

with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

and a bystander wounded A Sydney robber has been shot dead

on an armoured cash van at Dee Why. in a hold-up attempt Seven's Lee Jeloscek is there. Lee, what happened? was one of two thieves Chris, the dead man from Brink's security guards who tried to take cash outside the Dee Why RSL. Shots were fired. One robber was hit in the chest about 50m down the road and an innocent man at a bus stop was wounded by a stray bullet. at Royal North Shore Hospital The wounded bystander arrives still smiling, even joking, despite being shot in the foot. He was the lucky one. believed to be an armed robber, A second man, was hit in the chest and later died. was one of the robbers, The guy who was shot

one of the bad guys - makes a change. It happened outside Dee Why RSL. were ambused Guards from a Brinks van as they left the club about 1:30. by an armed man, They were confronted shots were fired. have left the scene One of the offenders was treated by police. and the other one but they heard plenty. Witnesses didn't see much at first

three definite, distinct noises. Blat, blat, blat - was hit in the chest. 1 of the 2 gunmen He was in a bit of strife, yeah. He didn't look too good either. his shirt was ripped open, From the way in the chest or abdomen, I would say he was shot something like that. within minutes. Ambulance crews were there They tried CPR. to the chest area There was a gunshot wound he has died in hospital. and as a result of his injuries, for a bus just down the road The wounded bystander was waiting and was hit by a stray bullet. bleeding from the foot. He tried to get aboard, No, he was alright. he'd been shot. He didn't even realise for the second robber. Police are still searching about 175cm tall We are looking for a male towards the Dee Why Lagoon. who ran north along Pittwater Road He's Caucasian with a shaved head, and dark trousers. wearing a dark hoodie

cash-in-transit shooting This is the second fatal

in seven weeks. was killed in the city. Last month a Chubb security guard Chris. are being sold in Sydney Dangerous designer drugs by Malaysian drug gangs importation and delivery by mail. who guarantee trouble-free by Seven News A month-long investigation has exposed the ringleaders including children, who say Australians, are among their best customers. drug smuggler. This man is an international for what he's about to do. He could be hanged of dangerous designer drugs. In club land, there's a new crop or meow meow. The most popular is mephedrone, and it's the latest thing. I've heard it's a messy drug It hits ya. I heard it really gives you a buzz.

mephedrone is sold online. Unlike street drugs, and delivered by mail. It's illegal, cheap it's been linked to 25 deaths. In the UK, Seven News travelled to Malaysia bringing drugs to Australia. to expose the new supply route we make contact. Posing as a major buyer, He's nervous. We ask for a face-to-face meeting. some dodgy back alley. I don't want to go down to find the gang is West Indian We arrive

but lives here in Kuala Lumpur. from a distance. They tell us they're being guarded He makes the claim in courier companies. they've paid off workers to the drug squad in Penang. We took our evidence a lot about the new drugs. We have heard And what would the penalty be? with Australian Federal Police They say they want to work to stop the supply. Doctors warn steer clear. poison mixed in with it, It could be some really horrible you really don't know. with the rising cost of living, As families struggle to lift child care rebates Tony Abbott has promised in line with inflation. joins us. Political editor Mark Riley for the women's vote? Mark, is this a play he needs to pursue to win Chris, that's the vote he is doing better, and the latest opinion poll shows narrowing Labor's lead. also enlisted his wife Today Tony Abbott he's a family man. to help show the electorate a little trouble with the ladies. Tony Abbott's having WOMAN: You can do it. TONY ABBOTT: High five, c'mon! by his number one lady, wife Margie. But was joined today in Brisbane I take them seriously. I think families are important. An obvious contrast as the Prime Minister travelled solo in Tasmania. Patient's signature...just there. Promising $96 million for more hospital emergency doctor and nurse training but without partner Tim Mathieson. He views his job as being supportative of me and he is very supportative of me.

Mrs Abbott, who runs a childcare centre, supported her husband as he promised to overturn government cuts to the childcare rebate, reluctantly taking questions... May I just say, before you start, he is the politician. ..although this sounded political. It's an embarrassment that, you know, the learning of under fives has not really been acknowledged fully. Now her husband's promising to increase the childcare rebate in line with inflation, delivering parents up to $300 more for each child in care. Turning campaigning into child's play and after last night's debate, today Tony Abbott may think

that he can see some light at the end of the tunnel helped by the latest Newspoll. Labor's primary vote dropping to 40%, the coalition up to 42%. Two-party preferred, Labor's lead tightens to 4 points, 52-48, as Labor targeted the business tax

that will pay for Mr Abbott's paid parental leave scheme. Every benefit has to be paid for. The Treasurer says it'll be paid for at the checkout.

Mr Abbott has a Coles and Woolies tax of 1.7%. Mark Riley is back live. Mark, what's the significance of Mrs Abbott's appearance on the campaign trail?

She is an asset to Tony and it on the campaign trail. There is none

too subtle imagery going on with

Tony Abbott, the father of three

daughters out with his wife while

Julia Gillard is unmarried. The

message to the electorate is do not

forget she is just about spin, she

is also a spinster. What effect has

the debate had on the campaign? For

the first time, I just sent us a

hint of optimism on Tony Abbott's campaign. The debate showed up a real battle of the sexes - women favouring Julia Gillard and men, Tony Abbott. And while there was no clear winner between the politicians, the Polligraph sure gave the TV audiences plenty to debate.

The great debate exposed a great divide between women and men... You've got to have your eyes on the road ahead. and blue. The boat people fix, well, that obviously hasn't worked.

Seven's Polligraph revealed women scoring much higher for Julia Gillard. There is a gender divide.

We've never seen anything like that before. Typically, males and females vote fairly similarly. The Prime Minister peaked on education, families, a sustainable Australia, dipping on emissions trading and her predecessor. I'm not going to canvas conversations I had with Kevin Rudd. She just came across more positive, whereas Tony Abbott always took the attack. With the situation with East Timor and the ETS, I thought she was extremely shaky. Tony Abbott had male support on the economy, both sexes liked paid parental leave but trouble with women could be critical. You sound like a very strong-willed young lady. The debate was very close and, in fact, it's going to be a very close election.

The audience gave it to Julia Gillard, 53-47, but the Polligraph calculated Tony Abbott spent more time in positive territory. Body language expert Allan Pease calls those gestures overdone. When you show the palms of your hands to people when you talk you're more trusted and believable. And Tony Abbott's rocking at the lectern - nerves. He was really under pressure but trying to remain cool. The daughter of Australian showbiz legend Jeanne Little has been targeted in a terrifying home invasion. She's told Seven News she feared she could be killed last night confronted by three men, while her children slept nearby. At 2am, when dogs Curly and Moe started growling, Katie Little was startled by three real stooges. When I turned around here, there was another two guys out the front. They were wearing hoods, inside her home while Charlotte and Tom were sleeping. Mum, can we please have this bit today? Katie screamed

as the trio tried to drive her Volkswagen out of her secure Hunters Hill driveway.

You tried to close it to keep them in? Yeah. Crazy, crazy. But in my head I thought, "it's just some foolish burglar". More likely, professionals targeting her husband's high-powered Audi RS4. He had one stolen last year and used in a robbery.

One of them said, "Just get rid of her," when I kept trying to close the gate on them and then I feared for my life. Katie is the daughter of television legend Jeanne Little. She armed herself with secateurs. I wasn't going to take any chances with my kids upstairs. The men destroyed the security door and drove off. Both Katie and detectives are convinced

the men were very professional.

The car keys were right here on the bench, next to Katie's handbag and also next to her laptop computer. They were disciplined enough not to take either, keeping their eyes on the prize. In February, thieves broke into Ari Ozbenaian's home in neighbouring Tennyson Point and stole his BMW. You think you're safe but, in actual fact, you're not really that safe. A scuffle on a Greek island between John Ibrahim and the man his brother allegedly plotted to kill

has been passed off as pure coincidence. Ibrahim was at the Paradise Club on Mykonos, on Saturday, when he bumped into John Macris who Fadi Ibrahim allegedly thought tried to kill him last year. Push came to shove and they were thrown out. Mate, it's Casablanca revisited. Of all the gin joints of all the cities in this world she comes into mine. Fadi Ibrahim's stuck in Sydney as part of his bail conditions.

It takes a lot to impress Sydney's seasoned whale-watchers but this afternoon one playful humpback had them excited. He put on an inquisitive and acrobatic show for a tourist boat, just outside Sydney Heads. They paid $75 for the chance to spot a whale. What they saw was priceless. (CHEERS) This 15m whopper swam under the boat...

(ALL CHEER) ..around the boat. The humpback even touched True Blue Cruises' Explorer. The whale turned up 2km off the Heads and stayed for an hour. It was the sixth whale for the day but the best of the season. He was a pretty big whale but he was really just looking for someone to have fun with and he was really inquisitive and he did every trick in the book.

Like the tail stand... (ALL LAUGH AND CHEER) ..the nosy parker... ..then the whale moved off and breached. 20 years and I reckon this afternoon would have been in the top 10 trips we've ever done. Wonderful creature. We're just absolutely in awe of everything we saw today. It was absolutely brilliant. For Paula Poulova, it was quite the birthday present. What do you do next year to beat that? We try harder. Maybe touch it next time! Still to come - a boy's amazing survival after falling from a high-rise building. Also, a boat made of plastic bottles makes it here from America. And Russell Crowe back in his chariot for a big new role. Find out what it is, next. (SINGS) # Everybody's searching for someone # Discount jewels, meats of distinction # Henry Jensen, mega pest prevention

# We remember the names but not the details # We try so hard but the memory fails # Don't waste your life searching for ages # Find them faster in the White Pages. # WOMAN: If we don't have enough nurses with the right skills, it's the patients who'll suffer. We need more nurses. It's that simple.

Just recently we've got more people to support us and it makes a much healthier outcome for us and certainly a much nicer outcome for the patient and their family. We just can't afford to go back to the way things were.

A Sydney woman killed in Germany's Loveparade stampede

had only left here last week for an overseas adventure. 27-year-old Clancie Ridley from Georges Hall had planned to spend three months travelling with a friend. She was one of 19 people killed as more than a million concert-goers tried to get through a tunnel

at Duisburg in western Germany. 340 people were injured. Organisers of the Loveparade have abandoned the event for good

out of respect for the victims. Sydney has received a message in a bottle, 12,500 plastic bottles to be precise, with the arrival today of 'Plastiki'.

The catamaran made of recycled plastic

sailed for four months from America, to highlight ocean pollution. What a welcome for a pile of rubbish. A plastic boat crossing a metal finish line, the end of a voyage like no other. What was that like sailing under the Harbour Bridge finally? It was insane. Coming to Sydney is awesome. Millionaire adventurer David de Rothschild started planning the voyage four years ago... (CHEERS) We made it! ..when he realised the damage being done to our oceans by plastic. We need to re-engage with the oceans, we need to re-nurture them. We need to take some responsibility for them. So he built a boat from plastic bottles, glued together with cashew nut glue. Environmentalist Ian Keirnan helped make it happen. It's very important to have this amount of media attention, because out there in the broad ocean generally, the public don't know what's going on. Five men and one woman, the skipper, joined the quest. As the months have gone on I'm desperate to have some female company. The crew left San Francisco in March. The boat skirted around the Pacific Garbage Patch where currents push much of the world's waste. A journey stretching 18,000km. From one side of the Pacific to the other, the moment they've been waiting for, sailing through the Heads into Sydney. The 'Plastiki' is home for the next month. The voyage is over but it's not mission accomplished. How can we take this chapter and really make some lasting impacts and change?

A teenage boy has survived falling from the 16th floor of an Auckland apartment building. The 15-year-old is in hospital with a broken wrist, a broken rib and internal injuries. But remarkably, he could be discharged later this week. He plunged 50 metres, crashing through a steel carpark roof which cushioned his fall. A resident called for help after seeing the boy fly past his window.

Experts say it's rare

for someone to survive a fall of more than five storeys, let alone 16. The Queen has opened her own account on the photo-sharing internet site Flickr. Being one of the world's most photographed women,

there'll be no shortage of pictures to choose from. Many of them are, as yet, unseen. They're taken but there's never the space in newspapers or magazines to see them. The photos include all members of the Royal Family, including Prince Harry in Afghanistan. Aussie actor Russell Crowe will strap on his 'Gladiator' sandals again. This time, when Sydney hosts the global hit 'Ben Hur Live'.

The stadium spectacular recreates the story made famous by the Charlton Heston film and features hundreds of actors and animals. And it wouldn't be Ben Hur without that chariot scene.

The show is on at ANZ Stadium in October - a place not unfamiliar to Russell. Sport now with Tony Squires. Russell Crowe's not the only actor in rugby league. Chris, Manly reckon Robbie Farah deserves an Oscar for taking a dive but he's hit back today. That's next. Plus, a big hole in Souths' campaign. Dave Taylor's collarbone broken. And Pedrosa crashes out and Lorenzo cashes in, celebrating in style.

This election is about you. It's about trying to keep your head above water. You don't earn any more but you keep paying more. More for groceries, more just to turn on the taps, to turn on the lights. All because Labor can't manage the economy and still keeps borrowing $100 million day every day. So you'll keep paying more Labor taxes, tolls, charges. We can't keep going like this.

South Sydney's title hopes have taken a hit with enforcer Dave Taylor to undergo surgery on a broken collarbone. The Queensland Origin star will have a plate inserted tomorrow and is unlikely to play again before the finals. Dave Taylor was sore and sorry today after scans confirmed the Rabbitohs had paid a heavy price for their win against the Warriors - the former Bronco coming off second-best after making a tackle late in the match.

I just felt and heard a loud crack and yeah, mate, when I went to make the second effort, I just knew something was wrong. The specialist has told Taylor four weeks is the best-case scenario with six to eight more likely, meaning for him to play again this year, the Rabbitohs will have to march on into the finals. It is a bit disappointing now, yeah, getting an injury at this time of the year but, mate, I just gotta look forward to the semis now. If the boys can do what I reckon they can do and get to the semis, mate, I'll definitely be back. Cheeky little halfback Chris Sandow is confident they can keep winning

but don't expect to see him taunting the opposition next time he scores, even if this was a square-up. One of the boys, the Warriors boys, tapped me when they scored. So I was trying to give it to him back but I'll probably get in trouble from Langy. No trouble from the judiciary for Manly's Steve Matai for his hit on Robbie Farah or the slap on the back that sparked an angry push and shove

when he accused the Tigers' skipper of taking a dive. It's pretty disappointing.

I think the reaction to it is just way overboard. I know what happened on the field and I know myself, as a player, and I never lay down. Ferrari's been fined $100,000 after Felipe Massa allowed team-mate Fernando Alonso to pass him and win the German Grand Prix. Team officials deny this radio call was a directive to Massa to concede the race. OK, so, Fernando is faster than you. TWO-WAY RADIO: Massa let Alonso pass. Moments later, world championship hopes The result improving Ferrari's including Mark Webber's Red Bull. but infuriating rival teams, The Aussie finished in sixth place. In the US, for back-to-back MotoGP wins Dani Pedrosa was looking good until this. Dani Pedrosa has crashed out! COMMENTATOR: Oh, crashed! so far! Leading all the way in the race, Jorge Lorenzo took the lead by Aussie Casey Stoner, and wasn't challenged who settled for second - his best result this year.

Lorenzo taking one giant leap towards securing the world title with possibly his best celebration yet. Spain's Alberto Contador has won his third Tour de France. Sticking with tradition no-one challenged the leader over a leisurely final stage into Paris. The team of 7-time champion Lance Armstrong was forced by rules-obsessed officials to change jerseys, the number on their backs representing the 28 million people living with cancer. It held up the race briefly. Sprint king Mark Cavendish won the stage but it was Contador's day, in four years. his third yellow jersey

Some bad news for the Roosters.

players are out for tonight's game. Some bad news for the Roosters. Two

Would you like to gloat about your

gloat. team now? I am always ready to

Checking finance now. has started the week well The share market with rises across the board. The ASX 200 closed up 28 points. Wesfarmers, gained 3% Coles supermarkets owner, were better than forecast. after food and liquor sales Sara's next with the weather. but did we get much rain? Plenty of cloud about today Chris, most of the rain fell overnight as a few storms made their way through Sydney. Tonight should be calmer. I'll have the details next.

(GENTLE MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Being fresh and original is quite an art. To see it, surprises. To experience it, excites.

VOICE: (WHISPERS) Zoom, zoom! Mazda call it CX-7. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Different look, different feel. New Mazda CX-7, in petrol or diesel. A different SUV for a different life. VOICEOVER: If this was a breakfast cereal, how good the apple is for you you'd hear all about and nothing about the sugar. Weet-Bix mums know their kids enjoy 97% wholegrain goodness

and around 3% sugar.

there wasn't much rain about. For such a gloomy afternoon, Just the odd shower here and there with light south-easterly winds. rainfall totals of 10mm-15mm Overnight, storms delivered heavier falls. with one or two

14 fell at Penrith - received 37 mils. Sans Souci

almost two months. the most they've had in close to average. Tops of 17 the rest of the state mostly sunny, A large high kept

a few thundery showers fire up although we did see over the north this afternoon. Further north, Darwin's recorded its warmest July minimum on record, last night staying above 26 degrees. That warm air is due to reach New South Wales later in the week,

driving temperatures above average and bringing widespread rain over the inland. Around the country: Sydney's in for a fine and partly cloudy Tuesday after some early fog patches westwards. 18 the expected top in most areas,

a tad cooler at Wollongong and Terrey Hills. again on Wednesday and Thursday. We'll see a few showers creep in towards the weekend, Temperatures heating up reaching 21 on Friday. A shower or two also for western parts.

Staying mild and mostly sunny through the weekend. warm winter temperatures ahead. So Chris, some lovely That's Seven News for this Monday. thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath, See you tomorrow. Goodnight. any bigger than this - It doesn't get 'MasterChef' madness. we take you behind the scenes Tonight, of last night's history-making finale and the food fight you didn't see. Miracle water - the astonishing results as all skin conditions disappear. France's 250-year cure-all hits Australia, making a difference for 2 million pensioners.

Making a difference The new campaign as businesses sign up, offering amazing discounts on just about everything. First tonight, the cook-off that stopped the nation.

'MasterChef' madness reached boiling point last night