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(generated from captions) Live. This Program Is Captioned Tonight - the PM offers cash for clunkers while Opposition Leader courts for clunkers while the

female Opposition Leader courts the strong women. I've worked female vote. My life is full of

my fair share of blokes election rules with an embarrassing campaign blunder. Pakistan tantalisingly close to ending its losing streak

against Australia. And the movies that are revealing against Australia. And the old

Canberra's past. It's great for people locally because they can have a look at things that did exist and have gone like the other old Civic Hotel and various with ABC Good evening. Craig Allen

Julia attempt failed to excite, so dose of direct action into her climate credentials, scheme to take wrecks off the road. pinched an idea from $2,000 rebates to encourage pinched an idea from America.

owners of old cars to replace $2,000 rebates to encourage the

them. It caps off two days climate campaigning in them. It caps off two days of

Queensland ahead of tomorrow's debate. From Brisbane, political reporter Hayden Cooper. Calling clunkers. 87 model. Right. The Cooper. Calling all

Prime Minister is out to her climate drive into gear. You've got the leadses. Yes. With a million promise, cash cars. You will get a $2,000 Labor wants to take 200,000 old rebate from the government.

vehicles off the road, models would be vehicles off the road, pre-1995

return for the rebate. It would models would be scrapped in

then go towards the a cleaner new car. This is an then go towards the purchase of

extra bit of I believe extra bit of helping hand. And

will slash a million tonnes. But it's will slash carbon emissions by

paying for the measure by shifting areas. shifting money from other funding. We've redirected storage and solar

funds as the PM said to what funding. We've redirected their

practical measure to help a practical announcement, a

transform Australia's car fleet. The have humiliated Minister who have humiliated the Industry these programs when they were first mooted last also promising emissions standards for also promising tougher new vehicles by 2015. The emissions standards for motor

government immediately go to the 2015 government car fleet should

standards that she wants no. More purchasing of clunkers. A week into the campaign, are on the rise. One poll Labor leading by 8 points, are on the rise. One poll has

margin. Despite the clear lead elsewhere, trails the coalition, and Julia it's a different story. Labor

Gillard remains at risk losing up to 10 seats. Across Gillard remains at risk of

town, the defeated leader is running his own parallel campaign. We could do something Rudd is choosing sensible with this. But Kevin

carefully. Do you have any theories on why Labor's trailing in Queensland at the moment? I'm just working here in my electorate, so that's a matter for other people. One town, two Labor Prime Ministers, and never the twain shall meet. Tact was pushing credentials across the country Tact was pushing his

in Western Australia, where the fallout from the government's mining tax is still festering. amongst friends today as he his best to try to amongst friends today as he did

appeal to women voters, which his best to try to boost his

some polls suggest may Abbott's not woman trouble. My immune to his charms. Tony

life But life is full of strong women. needs to worry about. Women support behind the Prime voters are throwing their voters

Minister. With women, Mr Abbott trails his rival by a points. Men trails his rival by a full 16 the middle. It's a message the Liberal Party has heard loud and clear I have worked with my life and I can pick 'em. I a wife, Margaret, I have three life and I can pick 'em. I have

sisters , young women. They are my daughters. (APPLAUSE) I have female Chief of Staff. Support daughters. (APPLAUSE) I have a

for women is fuelling a Labor comeback in the west. A poll shows the Liberals could be in danger of losing one seat they already hold and not another they were counting from its fee incumbent. If I win the seat from its fee female

Hasluck I will be the next Prime Minister of Australia certainly we do need those marginal seats. But in this quarry state, Tony Abbott is still counting on fear of the mining tax bid for The here in Western Australia is very concerned that government gets very concerned that if the

won't be Labor's mining tax government gets re-elected, it

that gets through, it will the Greens' mining tax. Mining magnate Andrew Twiggy Forrest is doing his best to help. I wanted to give the problems with this tax and to every chance to fix the

explain it fully. They haven't fixed the problems hand they haven't explained it. After a morning in Perth and an Abbott will spend have a frantic 24 hours of back in Canberra, where he will

preparation before tomorrow night's leaders worm has always hated Liberals. Heads. It will be case of ladies first. slipped up on the An ACT Labor candidate has

rules. Kate Lundy trail by breaking electoral

her staff made a mistake rules. Kate Lundy has admitted

sending out a behalf of a candidate. Public money can't be used to promote candidates. It was for the ALP be used to promote unelected

candidate for the seat of Canberra Gai Brodtman and about a new hospital in the ACT. Senator Lundy says as the release was sent release was sent by email, taxpayers are not out of pocket. We've acknowledged the mistake. It won't happen again. I'm just pleased it's on the record and will be dealt with. She says the complaint will be investigated. For For almost 40 years the party that's won the seat Eden-Monaro in south-east New South Wales has government, earning electorate the bellwether seat. Three years ago, Labor's Mike Kelly won it with a swing of more than 6%. Largely attributed to Largely attributed to a strong campaign against This time around, national issues look set to take more of a back seat with local concerns setting the agenda. It's the hustings in Eden-Monaro, the sitting member and Liberal opponent face a daunting task. The litmus test electorate is held by Labor with a margin of 2.3%, which needs nationally to win government. It's diverse geographically and socially sketch stretching from Queanbeyan across to Batemans Bay, across to Bay, across to Eden and up to Jindabyne. Each community has its own particular concerns, but there is some common ground. I think if you probably went to New South Wales, they're the two hot topics. I agree. Very big issue in agree. Very big issue in rural and regional and regional Australia. And I've held more forums in this region than any other MP in the country for that reason. For many people across Eden-Monaro, if problem, they end problem, they end up in Canberra, and they want to treated in their own communities. I think fair enough. Health has been around at every election I have campaigned on and with the new restructuring of the health system by Government recently I think people are fairly unsure about what it's all going to look like. The southern region of the seat has movement. There've been movement. There've been pitch battles fought over logging. These says These says emissions trade something something the main green issue and farming groups are worried. We have a agricultural community here but it's just ridiculous to impose a cost onto farmers and shouldn't be. in the electorate have in the electorate have also become home to retirees from Sydney and Canberra. That's created a mix of voters in in some senses a conservative community, and in some it is a very progressive community. So we will have the dilemma of who to vote dilemma of who to vote for. One One thing voters across Eden-Monaro agree on is the importance of policy over personality. The further you go into the electorate, the less people seem to care about the party's leaders. Stop talking and start doing something is here are looking for. But voters in this crucial seat can expect to hear expect to hear a lot more talking before the campaign is out. A survey of Europe has given the sector a clean bill of health. clean bill of health. Only seven banks failed so-called stress test, which should provide some comfort for Australia's Reserve Bank board. As it considers the outlook for financial markets. But the test didn't assess what would happen if defaulted on its debt repayments. This was not so much a financial forecast, rather, a sudden storm were to a sudden storm were to sweep through. I think that these stress tests extensive and the more severe, that have been conducted in developed countries on such a scale. 65% of were put under the microscope to see if they had the capacity to survive a 3% fall in gross domestic interest rates, sovereign problems, as well as corporate and household loan defaults. Ratings agencies were concerned about Spain's concerned about Spain's credit risk. They might not risk. They might not be surprised to find surprised to find that five of the seven banks that failed the health checks were Spanish. The European banking system is resilient to an adverse shock. Analysts Analysts question why the committee didn't might happen if the unthinkable happened - if one of the EU's 27 governments 27 governments actually defaulted on its debt. We believe on the basis of the measures that have been that there that there will be a default. The e default. The e assess requestors are adamant that their process were rigorous and that up to bail out troubled up to bail out troubled EU banks provides a significant cushion in the event that one of them does collapse. of them does collapse. Never before have so before have so many European banks exposed their balance sheets to such scrutiny regulators say if you regulators say if you don't like the like the assumptions underlying these tests, you can apply these tests, you can apply your own. Environmentalists in China are warning there will be lasting spill in the country's north east. Soldiers and local fishermen have been trying to clean up the oil, skimming it from the water and bringing ashore in barrels. The was caused by explosion last week. The affected area is only fraction of the size of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but like the US disaster, but like the US disaster, the Chinese accident is Chinese accident is affecting fishing and tourism. fishing and tourism. Some visitors to the coast hadn't heard about the spill and heard about the spill and were disappointed to find popular swimming areas tainted pollution. One of the killers of the British toddler James Bulger has been sent Bulger has been sent back to jail. In 1993 when they just 10 Jon Venables and friend Robert Thompson killed the little boy. Now 27, Venables has received year sentence after pleading guilty guilty to downloading and distributing child distributing child pornography. The original crime shocked everyone. everyone. The abduction and murder of a child murder of a child by two children. Then 10, Jon children. Then 10, Jon Venables was reviled wanted him locked up before, but at age 18, both he Robert Thompson were released with new identities and a fresh start. That came crashing down for Jon of his computer revealed he'd been accessing and child pornography. Some of it in a more serious pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey. The judge Bailey. The judge the only person allowed to person allowed to see him via a video link from prison. video link from prison. The sentence, two years in jail. Two years is the high jail. Two years is the high end of sentences that I have seen for cases like this, you take into horrendous offence horrendous offence that occurred nearly 20 years the sentence of two years the sentence of two years is probably proportionate to the events. So the enough jail's Bulger's jail's Bulger's mother who was in court to see what would happen to the man who killed her son. Once again to sit through proceedings where justice has not been done. These were very serious offences and two years is simply not enough to meet the gravity of what this person did. Jon Venables had living in living in nearby Cheshire since his release with a new identity, he had kept a job but had drug and alcohol problems and had been violent. Now, back in jail. The level of disgust over the original crime is still so intense it seems nothing these two now young can do in the future will ever allow them to escape the past. More than 1,000 kilometres Australians are turning to desperate measures to get desperate measures to get their fishing fix. They're using technique similar to that technique similar to that used for growing drugs. Environmentalists say more and more people are getting hooked on aquaponics. In Alice Springs, can't take the man to the can't take the man to the fish, bring the fish to the man. Craig Cross is among an increasing number of town grow fish in the desert. His silver now, but he plans to have now, but he plans to have them on a plate by Christmas. In part they will be them at the moment so we'll progressively eat Home-grown fish can be rather hard to catch. Even if they hard to catch. Even if they are stuck in the equivalent of a barrel. They're about that big each. In is a each. In is a couple slightly bigger. The bigger. The town's environment group says so many people are hooked on the idea of their own fish they've had to start a waiting list for start a waiting list for the workshops. It's appealing idea, to be able to have fish in the desert. So have fish in the desert. So I think we'll see it in the future. But that time, will it be kill the fish? It won't be kill the fish? It won't be real hard know about the girls, though. They might be a little bit more upset. might be spared the They've got names and there are other fish to fry. It's a It's a little known fact that in the early days of Canberra you had to go Canberra you had to go to Queanbeyan to get a cold Queanbeyan to get a cold beer. Canberra history Canberra history buffs converged on the National Film and Sound Archives today for a documenting Canberra's past. screening of footage

The material starts with Canberra's birth as a dry town hotels couldn't where even government-owned

O'Malley. There is also plenty thanks to prohibition ist King

of home movie-style suchs that gem from the at a city the trying so hard to promote. A look at the old footage shows the current housing shortages new in housing shortages is nothing definition of home was more new in the capital. The likely to be anything from a shed or hotel room. There is vision of shed or dormitory to a posh

which was a hot spot landmarks like the hotel civic

honeymooners in the which was a hot spot for

deals with the honeymooners in the 30s. It

also have the human story in it, which is great. It's great can have a look at things that for people locally because they for people locally because

did exist and have the old Civic Hotel did exist and have gone like

other things. The archives hopes to have repeat screenings

of the archival material. Parramatta fullback Jarryd Hayne produced another individual performance in the Eels' 16-point win over the Bulldogs at Homebush night. Tonight, the Raiders are leading the Sharks in Canberra. Last night the Titans leading the Sharks in Canberra.

Hayne was the Dragons in extra time. And

opening minutes against the Bulldogs. He's Hayne Train, but last night, Bulldogs. He's been dubbed the

Jarryd Hayne was flying the train turned Jarryd Hayne was flying high as

Hayne. Gob smacked. Commentators sitting here, hardly able to utter a word. starts to a game this season, Hayne stunned onlookers as flew over for his second try. The fullback also set up INu's try and the Eels led hanging in the balance the the break W their season

Bulldogs lifted in the second half with two tries in minutes and they almost had a half with two tries in 10

third before Hayne stepped in again. I have now everything. Parramatta again. I have now seen

are now hoping for a repeat of everything. Parramatta fans

last season's run to the grand final. At Illawarra gave the Titans a final. At Kogarah, St George

leg-up as they scored the opening try of the night bizarre fashion. Watch the 102 years of rugby league and I bizarre fashion. Watch the leg.

reckon you are that's never happened before. reckon you are seeing something

The Dragons' Ben Cray opted to go his own way as he levelled the scores half. Two penalty goals mistake by Boyd created Dragons move 4 in point but a

opportunity for Gold mistake by Boyd created an lock up the scores. The game opportunity for Gold Coast to

went into extra time and Mat Rogers broke the deadlock a field goal to Rogers broke the deadlock with

in the top a field goal to keep the Titans season in the top 8. The Titans' Sharks put the events of past week behind them, Sharks put the events of the

dominating the Raiders Canberra Stadium. It took minutes for the home side to find the try line, but Sharks captain Trent Barrett his team was in front at the break. A second half comeback by the Raiders has kept hopes Raiders has kept their finals that match, the hopes alive. The final score in

the Sharks 20-13. this afternoon, Tuggeranong extended its lead the table with a win over Queanbeyan at the table with a narrow 1-point

Park, while Easts kept win over Queanbeyan at Viking

finals hopes alive with Park, while Easts kept their

point win over Royals. To Collingwood looked every point win over Royals. To AFL.

the ladder leader today, Collingwood looked every bit

demolishing the Tigers by 13 goals. Last night the Hawks and the Saints played out a thrilling draw and today, thrilling draw and earlier Brisbane but it's the Pies who appear to be storming towards the grand final. It was an fashioned torpedo that launched a modern day for a time often criticised a modern day Magpie assault and

taking the long road, the direct route proved a winner. The Pies looked ominous in close, helped by Ben Cousins' gift. It was Andy Collins

scored first for the Tigers. Riewoldt offered Richmond a strong forward target Collingwood dominated at level, even pausing square raffle. In the second level, even pausing for a goal

half, Didak stamped on the match was Didak who again carveed a Richmond defence. Dustin Martin classy path through the

ailing Tigers. continued, the Collingwood's cakewalk

points. And the Hawks are continued, the final margin 82

seething after an interchange infringement in the dying minutes allowed St Kilda to steal a draw at overnight. A Rioli goal steal a draw at Docklands

disallowed and the Saints were overnight. A Rioli goal was

awarded a 50m penalty them deep into attack. Earlier Kositskhe found form beating three goals in quarter three goals in the first five for the Hawks. Test to Pakistan for the is on the verge of losing a

time since 1995. Day 4, Pakistan needs only 40 runs with 7 wickets in hand win the second Test the two match series. win the second Test and level

started Day 3 in reasonable the two match series. Australia

shape with a 34-run deficit the captain and his deputy at the crease. But Ricky Ponting added only 5 runs to his score, departed for 66. I only 5 runs to his score, and

young paceman Ameer also departed for 66. I the exciting

removed Hussey and North in quick succession. Michael Clarke reached his half century and combined with Tim Australia started to build a and combined with Tim Paine as

lead. lead. Clarke fell for 77 and Payne perished on served him well in the shorter forms of the game smashing maiden half century in only his second Test. The 21-year-old looked like single handedly taking Australia's lead But like Clarke he went for But like Clarke he went for 77 and and Pakistan needed 180 for victory. It proved costly as Farat went on to make 67 with Ali a willing ally in second Test. Two Doug Bollinger wickets lifted wickets lifted Australian spirits but at stumps Pakistan needed only 40 runs to level the two game series. The overall winer of the Tour de France is expected to decided during tonight's time trial in bor Contador holds an 8 second advantage over his Luxembourg Andy Schleck. Watching the 18th stage was risky business for Tom Cruise and his movie co-star Diaz. On a e day for sprinters British rider Mark Cavendish showed he can still win without his suspended lead-out man Mark Renshaw. Cavendish is 16 Renshaw. Cavendish is 16 points behind behind Italian Alessandro Petacchi in the Petacchi in the race for the

sprinter's green jersey. US Soviet era astronauts have met in Moscow to mark in space at the height of the Cold War. The American Soviet spacecrafts docked in 1975 in 1975 in what was considered a major achievement in major achievement in space exploration. It was also hailed international relations. It's easy to forget now that and America were once fierce space rivals and of them coming together in orbit was unthinkable. orbit was unthinkable. But that's exactly what they did in 1975. 3.5 decades later, the getting together. Looking at training together, learning each other's languages height of the Cold War. There were mistakes such as the greeting given to a greeting given to a senior NASA official at a banquet. I want to wish you life - successful life, I want to wish life. Ha ha ha ha! After the era of era of the space shuttle and the International Space Station, Apollo were prominence in the west. Not here. The project forgotten. At least in Russia. That's a That's a turning point for the collaboration between Russia and the United States. Oklahoma resident Tom maintains strong friendships in Russia and even adopted two Russian sons. That really Russian sons. That really broke open the Iron Curtain that mission. When people mission. When people look at it they understand that this the beginning of all this international international cooperation. Or n the words of n the words of this mid 1970s NASA documentary groundwork has been laid by this project. And here, they are still thankful. are still thankful. To the weather now. It was a pleasant day around Canberra, almost warm in the sun. A top of 14 degrees at the airport, 15 in the valley. Minus overnight and currently the temperatures is There's high cloud drifting over the northern part over the northern part of the country, and onshore winds pushing cloud up the pushing cloud up the east coast. that will keep our conditions fine during the nights. Tomorrow, Brisbane will reach 22 degrees, Sydney will have more showers.

A brief recap of story tonight. Labor story tonight. Labor says it will introduce a cash clunkers rebate for people who trade in their old cars

something more environmentally friendly. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised rebate from January. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott spent the day in Western Australia to boost his appeal with voters. And before we go to boost his appeal with female

quick look at tomorrow night's voters. And before we go a

coverage of the leaders debate. ABC News will be on the special time at 6pm. And from 6.30, we'll bring you the leaders debate live from Press Club, followed hosted comprehensive debate analysis

the news for now. We'll leave you with racing yachts from all from Darwin to Indonesia. over the world setting sail