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Live. Tonight - a warning that more Australian soldiers die in Afghanistan. The have become more expert, more die in Afghanistan. The Taliban

sophisticated. The volunteers trying to turn the tide voter apathy. program. And Spain and the for soccer's biggest prize. Netherlands prepare to fight

Good evening. You're watching ABC news. have watching ABC news. Half a dozen weeks. But the toll may well get worse. Australians being warned to expect more bad get worse. Australians are

the government blaming news out of Afghanistan with

increasingly sophisticated the government blaming an

enemy for the upturn casualties. The war effort enemy for the upturn in

remain an issue throughout election campaign. The Prime remain an issue throughout the Minister is keeping up frantic pace. Tonight she's in Minister is keeping up her South Australia, trying to reach as many voters as possible before election date. possible before naming the

on in Adelaide. The Prime Minister's now been to State except Tasmania since Minister's now been to every

taking charge. It feels effort to clear the decks. This final whip-around. One last

week the groundwork will be applied to Julia vision for an solution. We vision for an offshore refugee

officials solution. We will be sending course of this week. He officials to East Timor in the

take the idea to Jakarta, too. course of this week. He will

His opponents consider it shameful mission. Now taking that into the shameful mission. Now they're international stage themselves international stage and making embarrassment because they are themselves look like an

this issue. They're all at one embarrassing Thames selves on

on another issue, the growing toll of Afghanistan. Six in a month, 17 in have died, more may do have died, more may follow. We further casualties. Nathan Buse is the latest to fall at the hands of resilient enemy. He down by There's no wavering from down by a roadside bomb.

government, only There's no wavering from the belief that this job on. But defence chiefs concerned about the rising success rate of the Taliban's most potent weapon. Of the killed, nine were victims of device. The the improvised explosive more expert, more and more complex in the way in more expert, more sophisticated

which they use these troops. And it's crippling the which they use these booby progress of the According to the progress of the mission.

military commanders on the ground. I would be misleading you if I was to say there has been the case no. World Cup should been great strides. That's not

claim that and isn't. But it's steady steady hard years. A sturdy government's resolve. years. A sturdy test to the

Rescue teams in north-western Pakistan for victims of the still scouring through rubble

worst suicide bombing for victims of the country's

this year. More than 100 worst suicide bombing attack

were killed and another 160 this year. More than 100 people injured in the twin bombings in the Mohmand tribal region on Friday. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. They say they were targeting a meeting of local tribal elders. But most of the victims were women and children lining for free food. The Pakistan women and children lining up

military to have cleared militants from the region but now say many across the Afghan border. A making their way back from

federal election may be Australians are still but more than 1 million but more than

enrolled to vote. Turning the tide on such entrenched apathy is no easy task army of volunteers is the grass roots model that army of volunteers is adopting

propelled Barack Obama to the White House. An orange volunteer could soon be at your

door. These volunteers are among 350,000 organisation Get-up. Hi. I'm not for profit advocacy

John. This is Tom. How are you? Into about political are 1.4 million people Australia that aren't enrolled. are 1.4 million people in

That's quite number. Even in the nation's political heartland, people either aren't enrolled or are registered in the wrong electorate. But it's approach used by the US President could help turn tide. The volunteers are President could help turn the

encouraged to share their tide. The volunteers are being

personal stories with to inspire them to vote Australians makes it really powerful to tell their stories. That

people build up the confidence makes it really powerful when

to do that. Some are to do that. Some volunteers of refugees. This woman married a refugee who who was detained for 32 months They're people and they want to contribute to the country and be part the country and where we are

community. Others are and be part of this

by a desire for greater community. Others are motivated

one of many Australians who issues. It's about standing updz up despite the stigma of mental illness. And some commitments to reduce pressure on as a member of a pollution. Keeping that

democracy is something time. democracy is something worth my more of their time over time. Get-up volunteers across

weeks as the nation prepares to more of their time over coming

vote. Holden has recalled more than 34,000 Commodore utes to fix a faulty was moving. The recall affects VE ute models built at Holden's Elizabeth plant from 2007. The car maker says it believes the risk of tail gates risk of tail gates opening suddenly is low but will ask owners owners to visit dealers to have latches items in the cargo tray items in the cargo tray until the repair is made. It's Holden areas fourth recall in Australia this year. Federal Government's new proposed model of people with diabetes has come Medical Association survey overwhelmingly reject the plan. The association wants to see it scrapped saying the model amounts away from the Medicare system. It's diabetes week. At football grounds across the country prevention message was being spruiked. But spruiked. But for Health Minister it's another hard sell that's proving more of a problem, getting GPs to embrace the Federal Government's proposed new model of care for Medical Association polled doctors on-line, and doctors on-line, and they're far from keen. They've overwhelmingly rejected government's plan for diabetes, with less than 4% of with less than 4% of the doctors saying they're going to utilise the plan. And this is a fundamental move away from the Medicare system as we know Medicare system as we know it. The previous Prime announced the new voluntary system in March as part of push for health reform. Under the scheme, patients who sign up will have up will have access to about 1,200 personalised care plan. But the AMA says the money is capped and diabetes patients have to opt out of the Medicare system to join up. 450 million dollars is a big new investment. We're not going to walk away from that. I don't that. I don't think diabetic patients across the would want us to. would want us to. The message from diabetes organisations been mixed. In New South Wales, a survey has indicated that most people with diabetes don't plan on using the system, plan on using the system, while in Victoria the peak body representing diabetics says the scheme can work. We noted the program doesn't start until 2012. There is plenty of to get the design research into Type 1 which has been announced. A group of A group of Australian doctors, nurses will head to Papua New Guinea next month to deliver some much needed medical relief thousands of residents living in remote communities. Volunteers have converted Volunteers have converted a 30-year-old fishing 30-year-old fishing ship into a floating hospital to take medical supplies Coral Sea. The MV is heading for the shores of Papua New Guinea's Gulf expecting to be swamped. It's just a lump in the throat, to think we can give guys. Darryl Holmes is just of scores across the of this floating clinic. He will be treating patients who've never oral check-up in their dentists up there for population of 6 million So based on our ratios of one to 3,000-odd people, they're a long, long access to dental care. The medical the idea of a humanitarian group named Why Wham. It's run similar projects across use the ship as a catalyst and raise that aware sons we can get other groups get other groups involved through universities, businesses, businesses, economic, as we look at the communities. The first visit will weeks, but the crew will be checking back several times while the boat is based in North first six months overseas, volunteers are hoping to complete more than 480 cataract operations, 2,500 dentistry procedures and hand out procedures and hand out more than 800 birthing kits. These basic kits have the capacity to save hundreds of lives. Australian Australian community groups have also been busy collecting more than 20,000 pairs more than 20,000 pairs of glasses to hand out in remote villages. The people of PNG that don't have access to their own glasses will now be able to see. The crew is still collecting donations while the ship waits to embark on Oil is gushing freely Oil is gushing freely into the Gulf of Mexico again, but this The cap on the leaking been removed so it can been removed so it can be replaced by a tighter one. It's that was predicted to take to 48 hours. But the time frame is again proving is again proving rather elastic. BP is now saying elastic. BP is now saying it could take up to seven It's a race against time, snatched in a weather in the Gulf of Mexico. Underwater robots have the cap on the ruptured that's already spewed litres of oil into the cap was still allowing oil to escape, so BP is replacing it with a tighter-fitting cap. But the mission is risky, with the mission is risky, with the robots operating more than robots operating more than 1.5 kilometres under water. It's those I think that I think that represent most of the the risk. It's not the engineering. Those guys have figured out how to put the cap hope anyway. The new cap with its attachments is more than 9m high. And weighs more than 80 tonnes. BP was hoping the seal would be in place would be in place within two days, but that time frame has now blown out. I think the big way to look at it is over the next In the meantime, lines In the meantime, lines are being run from another containment ship to the ocean floor to collect the increased flow. An armada of ships is already operating 24 hours a day to skim and burn oil reduce the impact reduce the impact on the environment. This flare is burning 8,000 barrels a day of oil and gas. It burns the pipes have to be the pipes have to be constantly cooled with water jets so they don't melt. The sound of flame is so loud, you flame is so loud, you could barely hear each other talking here on the boat. All these measures long-term fix that long-term fix that will come from relief wells which will be pluckd with they're not due to be completed until Police in Britain have confirmed they the fugitive gunman Raoul Moat during a six Moat shot himself after Moat shot himself after being cornered by police in the northern town of Rothbury. He'd been on the run for a week after shooting after shooting his former girlfriend and killing partner. He also shot and wounded a police officer. Northumbria police say they didn't fire any live rounds at the fugitive. Police officers were stiffing to persuade Moat to give himself officers discharged Taser. However, this did not prevent his independent police watchdog has already begun already begun an investigation into how handled. More than a handled. More than a million protesters protesters have marched through the streets of Barcelona to support the Catalonian push for nationhood. The comes after the Constitutional Court ruled that Catalonia shouldn't state and the couldn't take precedence over Spanish. That ruling has sparked an sparked an even stronger push for independence in the region. I can see that the of Spain doesn't like us. They don't like our culture or our contribution to the country. The only thing they want from us is our money so the only Spain's courts new powers of self-rule to the region but that the push for greater autonomy. How times have Yesterday, the United States and Russia were trading and Russia were trading secret agents on the tarmac of Vienna airport. Today the Vice-President turned the biggest spy swap since the Cold War into a television comedy routine. It routine. It brought back memories of the depths of Cold War. Cold War. Spies being hurriedly exchanged on the neutral country. But it's clear this was not played out diplomatic knife edge as it would've been 30 years agents had barely agents had barely been handed over before Joe Biden over before Joe Biden appeared on the Tonight Show hosted by commeedan Jay Leno. He commeedan Jay Leno. He was asked why Moscow had got six more more people out of the deal. Why do we trade 10 for 4? Well, we good ones. (LAUGHTER) And the 10, they've been here a time, but they hadn't done much. Clearly he didn't feel it was too soon to joke. His point though is one. We should not look at numbers of people who were exchanged exchanged but the quality. The much of the notice run-up to the been focused on the appeal of one Russian agent in particular. That doesn't seem to woman here, let me ask you asking, you would know this, Mr Vice-President, do we have any spys that hot? (LAUGHTER) me make it clear. It wasn't me make it clear. It wasn't my idea to send her back. A idea to send her back. A sign perhaps that these days a few spies between friends doesn't have to present too much of a World Cup finals fever has struck Dutch communities. The Dutch ambassador in Canberra was showing off his orange today. He will watch the second half of the match with his Spanish counterpart hopes Paul the so-called psychic octopus chose the wrong team. We want to go results so far rather than listen to listen to the predictions of certain certain animals. The Spanish ambassador hopes European champions can add another piece Spanish, I think it means you have to love here, there is a mixture of between a love for soccer and a little pride. But little pride. But if Spain wins, the wins, the Dutch ambassador will still be a winner. He drew the beaten Uruguay in a thriller claim third place at claim third place at the World Cup. All Cup. All eyes now are on Johannesburg, where morning, Spain and the Netherlands will try to end decades of decades of disappointment. Neither nation has Neither nation has ever won the Cup. The Dutch have lost two finals, the Spanish have never as the Soccer City is getting And the world of stars, two desperate nations, and been dreaming about this. For me, it's a dream to possibly hold up that trophy. We will be a ready and we can't the Dutch, it's a the Dutch, it's a chance to redeem redeem the losses of 1974 and 78, and the barren 78, and the barren years since. It's since. It's something unbelievable. Nobody's ever Netherlands. For the Netherlands. For the Spanish, there are decades of promise euphoria of qualifying and we are well aware of what's at stake. Across Spain, where football football is religion, the final prayers and preparations are taking place. In the Netherlands, it Netherlands, it seems every street is painted country holds its breath. country holds its breath. There is as revered but just as as revered but just as excited. England's Howard Webb will reed the the referees. Euphoria really. When the name was read out When the name was read out on Thursday night we were absolutely ecstatic. The teams beaten for a finals spot this morning. Germany and for. And Muller has for. And Muller has his fifth! Five goals at this World Cup. The Germany struck first, then Uruguay's star put them Uruguay's star put them in front in spectacular style. Five minutes later though came the equaliser. And play a goal-mouth scramble Germany took the lead. But it wouldn't be without a twist. The final kick to stop the Germans finishing third. The same result they endured four years

ago. Socceroos star Tim Cahill is urging urging Australian football officials to take them time officials to take them time in appointing coach. Pim Verbeek stood down at the Cup campaign. The Socceroos' next challenge is the 2011 Asian Cup. After Asian Cup. After that, qualification begins for 2014 World Cup in 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Cahill says the next manager will be under a lot will be under a lot of pressure. I don't think this should be done so quick. They should take we need to also help Australian coaches and try to pull them through at the same time. Several coaches who toured in South Africa been linked with the been linked with the job, including Italy's Marcello Lippi. In the NRL, the New Zealand Warriors scored a big upset win over Penrith today. Overnight, the Dogs Overnight, the Dogs kept their season hey live with a win in Adelaide. Today, the Adelaide. Today, the Knights were too good for the Sharks and the Panthers were and the Panthers were beaten for only the fifth time this season. The Warriors were hunting for fourth win in hunting for fourth win in a row and a plate in the top eight. In the 15th minute, Maloney had his team heading in right direction. The direction. The Panthers trailed 12-0 after Vatuvai picked up his 11th tryst season with his 11th tryst season with a spectacular take. I can't believe it. No, that happen! Penrith just a minute before the break, through their impressive young fullback Lachlan Coot. Both sides were kept scoreless in the second half. The Sharks the Nirts, when centre the Nirts, when centre Ben Pomeroy picked up the first try but from but from there it was all Newcastle. Ben Rogers put home side on the board. With a clever offload clever offload Adam McDougal set up a try for Hilder set up a try for Hilder as the

Knights began to take control. The Knights were troubled in the troubled in the second half. Kurt Gidley result when he sent junior Sou on a run to the line. Barrett could be in trouble with the Match Review with the Match Review Committee after he was Slater dazzled fans in South Australia with another Australia with another dashing display. But Slater was powerless when it came stopping the stopping the man-child Jamal Idris whose try levelled the scores. Idris also threw the final pass for Newman's try in the second half as the the second half as the Bulldogs stayed alive with an upset

point win. To the ladder. The Eels take on the tomorrow night to complete the round. round. Raiders fullback Josh Dugan club until the end of 2012. There was speculation he'd end up the Hume to Roosters after next season. But he's confirmed he will his contract by at least year with his home club. Staying at home I want to be. Like I said before, we have a good bunch of players and I think we premiership-winning side over news has been welcomed by news has been welcomed by both players and players and coaching staff. It's great news for the club. He is one of our big things. It was just the right time to get negotiations back and I think the club's done a tremendous job here. So it's a great thing me and great for the club me and great for the club and the team. It was good news for Canberra fans after the four-game losing streak with a narrow 2-point win over Manly last night. last night. In local league this afternoon, this afternoon, Belconnen consolidated its lead at the top of the table, with 40-point win over Tuggeranong while in the other while in the other match, West Belconnen also posted a Belconnen also posted a half century with a 40 point win over Woden. The South African rugby team will be without lock Bakkies Botha the Tri-Nations series after he was suspended was suspended for nine weeks after an ugly incident in last night's match against the All Blacks. Botha was cited head-butting New Zealand halfback Jimmy Cowan in the opening minutes of the game. Ooh! He was held back game. Ooh! He was held back was Bakkies Botha but ooh not a not a good look. The citing commissioner And Botha has been suspended until September 4, the date of the spripg box' final Tri-Nations match. That rules him out of the series. The Sydney Swans have kept alive their finals over North Melbourne afternoon. Last night, Richmond made it four wint in a row, defeating Fremantle by 19 points. St Kilda Riewoldt returned from Riewoldt returned from three months on the Saints' win over Brisbane. Tonight the Western Bulldogs beat beat Carlton. Earlier this afternoon, Melbourne beat Essendon. Despite a goalless third quarter Sydney managed hold on for the win. After a disappointing loss to Richmond last week, the Swans were determined not to let North Melbourne Melbourne rain on their parade. That's a great start. Sydney surged ahead in the first quarter first quarter with Mumford demonstrates trying wet and muddy conditions. That's a super goal from the big man! The home side continued side continued to dominate and the Swans held a 23 point the Swans held a 23 point lead at the minutes for the first goal to be scored in the And it was the And it was the Roos who won that battle. Despite their best intentions, the Swans remained goalless for the entire quarter. But as the sun finally broke through, finally broke through, Adam Goodes put Sydney back in control of the game. Send as long ball to the square. A push on the line. It's there! It's over! Mike Pike almost had who what could've been the goal of the season. Oh ho ho! goal! Oh no, they've blown it out of bounds. You can't do that! But Rhyce Shaw put the icing Rhyce Shaw put the icing on the game This would be a miracle. It is a miracle! Sydney went on to record a on to record a comfortable 30 point win over the Roos. A shot in the arm for their season. The Swans are now a step closer to the finals after recording their eighth win of the And the Sydney Swans also had a win in local upset of the of the round accounting for Ainslie by 26 points while last points while last night, Eastlake beat Belconnen. Australia's Cadel Evans has moved into second place after the seventh stage of the Tour de France. The reclaimed the leader's yellow jersey as the tour prepared jersey as the tour prepared for its first full day in the alps. Evans trails him by 1 minute and 25 seconds. Day 7 of the tour was another the man who carried the leader's jersey into stage 7, Switzerland's Fabian Cancellara, finished the day 58th. He will revert to his team duty to give Luxembourg's Andy Schleck ahead. The seventh stage ahead. The seventh stage also saw Welshman Geraint Thomas slide opening the door Evans and the other main contenders. Evans began the day third and 39 seconds from the almost a minute and a half behind Chavanel. The Red behind Chavanel. The Red Bull team has its ninth pole position of the Formula position of the Formula One season. In qualifying for the British Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, German Sebastien Vettel ahead of Australia's Mark Webber, who effects from his crash in Valencia a fortnight ago. Not And the team have And the team have done a good job. strokes going into the fourth day of the weather disrupted US women's golf Open. On the men's tour defending John classic champion classic champion American Steve Stricker leads by Stricker leads by 6. His total after 3 rounds 25 under par is the lowest ever 54 the lowest ever 54 hole score at a US Tour event. And Bangladesh has had some success where Australia's failures, beating England one-day international. one-day international. The Bangladeshis made a Bangladeshis made a seemingly modest 7/236 from they bowl the English out for 231 in the final over to level the three-match series and record their first win over England in any form of the To the weather now. That promised rain didn't amount to much. The city picked up just .4 of The sun will make only a brief appearance before a return to wet of high pressure though will keep conditions fine in the keep conditions fine in the ACT for about a day. A cold front arrive on That will bring widespread rain. South west widespread rain. South west WA is expecting damaging winds, showers and storms and there will be rain across Central Australia, Before we go a brief recap of our top stories Australia are being expect more casualties in Afghanistan, with the government blaming a more sophisticated enemy for the recent surge in violence. matter of weeks. And the Federal Government's new plan for treating diabetes patients has come under attack. Australian Medical Association survey released today doctors overwhelmingly reject the proposal. You can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC Online. Thanks for your company tonight. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI