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(generated from captions) in 4, Sam? what do you honestly think's I'm hoping that there's $750. so that... But I'm going to say $75,000, Yep. Hedging your bets? She's good. I gotcha. I gotcha. Fair enough. C'mon, baby! C'mon, please! C'mon. Let's see 26, Dougie. C'mon! Please, please, please! Let's pop those locks. Ohhhh! Ohhhh! No! Dougie! Couldn't do it! Couldn't do it! Couldn't do it! trading in $13,000 on $75,000 Mind you, if you're looking at who wouldn't be tempted! I don't know that many people Let's see the money. I'm sorry, my man! That's life. we ended up in the dumpster. Dougie, we dreamt of dumplings, What can I say? You took a shot. You had a good crack at it. would have done the same. Thank you, mate. I know many of us I'm terribly sorry, Sam. You've still got Maddy! Oh, dear. everyone! Bye now! See you next time in the Drome, This program is captioned live. Sydney's power cut chaos, Tonight - businesses work by candlelight. traffic lights out, Sydney bus fire becoming a tragedy. Quick thinking heroes prevent a on her boat people solution Julia Gillard sets sail but will voters buy it? pregnancy emergency - Dannii Minogue's

giving birth to a baby boy. And at home with our newest Blue to stop an Origin clean sweep. as New South Wales tries with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

in 50,000 homes in Sydney's north Power is back on tonight but residents remain angry and in the dark about how could cause so much chaos. a small substation fire it was a freak accident Energy suppliers claim ageing infrastructure, but the opposition blames

could be at risk. saying other suburbs just before Sydney's peak hour. An early-morning blackout stopped working, Up to 60 sets of traffic lights creating chaos on the streets. on Pennant Hills Road and the F3. The gridlock grew by the minute with servos forced to shut. Drivers couldn't get fuel the northern suburbs lost power. 50,000 homes and businesses across there's obviously no power today. We go through with the torch because No hot coffee, no lights. operated in the dark. Hornsby cafes and bakeries we just finish. We very lucky we just finish,

and then the blackout. Turn off the oven by candlelight. Take away shops used gas - Very bad, actually. Very bad. out of pocket around $2,000. Butcher John Lee will be couldn't buy train tickets. Some commuters no internet. No TV, no radio, no phone,

its back-up power system. RailCorp resorted to Now it's completely blacked out and now we're looking for coffee. so we're locked out is the only place open in Hornsby. And this more than four hours, The outage lasted

to Pennant Hills. affecting residents from Berowra Dural substation was to blame. TransGrid says a fire at this I think they're very rare events very commonly. and certainly, they do not occur

all Sydney suburbs are at risk But the opposition claims failed to upgrade infrastructure. because the state government's 16 years of State Labor is still a ticking time bomb. and the electricity network Energy Australia says may be eligible for compensation some of the 50,000 customers on a case-by-case basis. but each claim will be assessed counting the cost. Businesses are already Two off-duty police officers from a burning bus who helped save 32 tourists

they just did what anyone would do. say they're no heroes, They also credit the coach driver when he spotted the fireball. who reacted quickly of a tourist coach The smouldering hulk on the Gore Hill Freeway. and David Mansfield confronted this. Earlier, Byron Williams You're in autopilot, yeah, you think, and it's not until afterwards a lot worse." "Wow. That could have been worse - they'd noticed smoke from the bus. Off-duty and on their way to work, quickly pulling the vehicle over. Coach driver Bryn Hillman had too, So we pulled over as well. was in flames. By then, the entire back of the bus

evacuating passengers. The bus driver had started Byron Williams dashed onboard. Dave Mansfield called 000, and it was full of panic. There was 32 people on the bus With everyone safely out... burnt to the ground in four minutes. The bus pretty much to a grinding halt. It brought the evening peak Nowhere for drivers to go. Oi! Back up, buddy! were treated for smoke inhalation, The two officers as was the bus driver. of how he acted so professionally. We are very proud had been to the Hunter Valley. The mainly overseas tourists The bus company says

despite their near miss, have sought a refund. none of the passengers on offer - if they're keen. But there is a complimentary tour still ended up going to work. Heroes, but the two police officers of those passengers. I put myself in the place I'd hope someone would stop for me. has hit troubled waters, Julia Gillard denies her government losing a second minister her tough stance on boat people. just a day after announcing to the Timor solution Tonight, we have reaction from around the region. political editor Mark Riley. But first to is jumping ship. And Mark, John Faulkner into the timing? Should we read anything to both the Prime Minister Chris, not according and Senator Faulkner. as defence minister He insists his decision to step down at the election to Kevin Rudd's axing isn't a reaction asylum seeker policy. nor Julia Gillards' has raised a few eyebrows. But the timing Prime Minister Julia Gillard she's not blowing the dog whistle. Julia Gillard says (WHISTLE BLOWS) with her Timor solution. And it's full steam ahead (HORN BLARES) in Darwin Harbour, On board a coastal patrol boat loading up for a simulated interception of an illegal vessel. But her Immigration Minister has already signalled a change in direction

if the Timor solution runs aground. It's certainly the starting point for a discussion, East Timor, but obviously it's about a regional solution and there may be other alternatives. An alternative defence minister will also be needed. John Faulkner will step down to the backbench after the election. He says the changes of leader and asylum policy didn't sway his decision. Any such speculation is just plain wrong. And he'll campaign to say Ms Gillard is right on border protection. Ultimately what really matters is how the policy promise goes over in marginal seats like this one, the so-called bellwether of Eden-Monaro. And, so far, it seems the policy is sinking. Shoving someone in a detention centre because of where they come from is wrong. I'm a bit undecided, yeah. I think Tony Abbott might have it at this stage. And proving boats mean votes,

David Bradbury travelled 4,000km from his marginal Western Sydney seat today to join Ms Gillard's political voyage. Mark, as Julia Gillard prepares for an election, can she tick off this issue from her 'to do' list? Not yet, Chris. She's got a bit of explaining to do before she convinces voters like those I spoke with today that her Timor solution can first happen and then work and she'll want to ensure that conversation is playing in her favour before calling an election - probably for late next month, Chris. Thanks, Mark. Now to Adam Walters in East Timor.

Adam, how has Dili reacted? Well, it hasn't gone down well at all. So badly, in fact,

that traditional political enemies in East Timor have united to condemn Julia Gillard's plan, saying this struggling young country has enough problems of its own to deal with. East Timor is a country still healing the wounds from the violent birth of its new democracy 11 years ago. Our population is still traumatised. We have serious problems after 1999 and before. Its citizens say they simply couldn't deal with Australia's own human rights issues. We are very poor. We are dealing with all sorts of emerging post-conflict issues. The deputy president of the Fretilin opposition says Prime Minister Gillard can't rely on East Timor's support

in handling refugees. We believe we are not ready to accept that offer. I don't think it's the best option for East Timor. But President Jose Ramos-Horta seems to be keeping an open mind. We need to look into details of how this would happen. President Ramos-Horta is turning out to be a lone voice of support for Julia Gillard, with Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao's ruling party joining its traditional rivals from Fretilin

to reject the proposal.

And in the apparently unlikely event that sentiments here change, locals say it won't suit Julia Gillard's political timetable. Asylum seekers already stranded in Indonesia say Labor's get-tough policy won't stop them. Seven's Nick McCallum's been talking to some at a camp just outside Jakarta. It's hot, smelly and overcrowded. Jail cells home to more than 100 Afghans, Sri Lankans and Iraqis

in asylum limbo. How long have you been here? This? One year, three months. These are the people the Prime Minister wants to deter from coming to Australia by boat. But the toughening of policy does not soften determination here.

Ramazan is from Afghanistan. Do you want to go to Australia? Of course. Very happy to go to Australia. Because they spend years in appalling conditions, many become the people smugglers' main clients. The Chief of the Immigration Centre here says no matter what Australia does in terms of toughening up its asylum seeker policy, all these people will still try to come to Australia. Australia is the country for the freedom and we hope and we wish to arrive in this country. Sydney tomato prices could double or triple after millions of seedlings were deliberately poisoned in North Queensland. Vandals contaminated the irrigation system with a potent herbicide, destroying more than 7 million plants. Local farmers are understandably upset. But grocers here say prices shouldn't shoot up immediately. If there is an effect, I think it would more likely to be September, October, where we might start to see some price increase. The damage bill is expected to top $50 million. TV talent show judge Dannii Minogue has become a mother, giving birth to a baby boy. Mia Greves is at Melbourne's Royal Women's Hospital. Mia, what can you tell us? Chris, we can confirm that Dannii Minogue gave birth to a baby boy, Ethan Edward Smith, here at the Royal Women's on Monday night. Seven News believes the first-time mum arrived here on Monday afternoon, checking in under an alias. It followed the onset of labour. It's also believed

she wasn't expected to give birth until July 15 and has been working on Seven's 'Australia's Got Talent' up until recently. But no word yet on birth weight and no sign of partner Kris Smith or her mum and dad, brother Brendan

or famous sister Kylie who's on a promotional tour in Spain. Late today this announcement from the overjoyed couple: So, Chris, celebrations for the Minogue family with the birth of a baby boy. Chris. The State of Origin series has already been decided but there's still plenty to play for tonight. Tony Squires is at ANZ Stadium. And, Tony, beleaguered Blues fans deserve something for their loyalty. Yes, Chris, they're thinner in number are arriving here for Origin Three. but the die-hard Blues to salvage some pride, They're hoping perhaps some prayers over the road from the Hillsong Church conference will help. never give up or never learn. Blues fans either Go the Blues! and it's tipped to continue tonight. They've had a rough trot they were feeling the blues. At Parramatta this morning, is losing heart. Rugby League's heartland but I'm just so disappointed. I have been a Blues supporter

I'm just so disappointed. You're not alone.

Look at the face. After five years of defeats, has lost its value. the sky-blue jersey And Origin isn't what it used to be. Yeah, yeah. Who's playing? Our state's finest... can still pull a crowd. ..and the team 60,000 people for tonight's game, They're expecting a crowd of around of seats empty. leaving tens of thousands But just across the road, at Homebush tonight - there's another big event and this one is a sell-out. of our annual Hillsong conference We're in the midst and we're thrilled about it. The place is absolutely alive. They're praying for a NSW victory. and we're hoping for the win. It will definitely be a vibe in here Chris, I'll be back later in sport of an Origin debutant with the family

and a genius World Cup goal. Still to come - in New York. the Queen's speech to the world response to Sydney's rail robberies. Also, the high-tech crime-fighting tearful performance And actress Lindsay Lohan's as a judge sends her to jail. I'm sorry. lags behind technology leaders and it needs to change. and medical expertise. and work's already begun. than many of us experience today. and in ways we've only dreamed of. Network. Broadband The National affects you, out how it To find visit: at Sydney train stations A spate of ticket machine raids to roll out new technology has forced RailCorp to catch thieves red-handed. the anti-break-in system, 240 machines now have alerts authorities. which immediately

were nabbed by gun-toting police These two criminals in 2008. during a robbery at Windsor Station One was jailed for two years. the front of a Perth restaurant, A car has ploughed through injuring five people. just before 2:00 this afternoon They were sitting inside

when a car smashed through a window. was thrown from her chair A young girl was pinned under the vehicle. while a man before slamming into the restaurant. It's believed the car clipped a bus treatment for minor injuries. Incredibly, they only needed he's had a big wake-up call Footballer Ben Cousins says sleeping pill overdose. after an accidental was back in training this morning, The Richmond AFL star unconscious in his Melbourne home. 48 hours after he was found an adverse effect to the medication, I got the dosage wrong and had found myself in a bit of strife for me. and it's been a big wake-up call

to take a drug test Cousins has offered an illegal substance. to prove he wasn't using has done Hollywood proud Lindsay Lohan not for being jailed, but for the performance she put on was handed down. when her 90-day sentence She sobbed in court at her lawyer, and threw looks of disbelief all live on court TV. With her freedom at risk,

arrived early for court. the normally tardy Lindsay Lohan Inside, it was quickly clear

would not be tolerated. her lies and excuses of this court. She's in violation of probation

of alcohol and drug counselling She was accused of missing 9 weeks as part of a drink-driving sentence. to stay out of prison, In a last-ditch attempt she appealed to the judge. taking it seriously. Um... And I respect you and I've been didn't believe her. But Judge Marsha Revel as her sentence is read. watch Lohan's reaction on a reckless driving case. and 30 days in jail on the second on the first DUI case, consecutive, DUI case, consecutive. That's 90 days in jail. to a Los Angeles jail. From the luxury of Hollywood can fail people It shows how the prison system

in this case. and my daughter's been failed to surrender herself to authorities. Lindsay Lohan now has two weeks

will then be as a prisoner. Her next role in life a fraction of her 90-day sentence. But she's likely to serve only address to the United Nations, The Queen has made a historic as a remarkable organisation. praising it She arrived to a standing ovation head of state. as the world's most experienced as a 31-year-old in 1957. The Queen last spoke there achieved, there's still more to do. She says while much has been It has perhaps always been the case

hardest form of leadership of all. that the waging of peace is the New York's Ground Zero. The Queen later visited at ANZ Stadium Back to Tony Squires now for the Blues. and Tony, it's all about pride someone else's party, Chris. And the chance to ruin

to stop a clean sweep will do. Whatever motivates NSW That's next. Plus, speaking of pride, for Tim's Origin debut. the Mannah family prepare And a Dutch treat - takes the Netherlands to the final. one of the great World Cup goals (BOING!) (GROWLS) VOICEOVER: Short on underwear? underwear, socks and hosiery From tomorrow, nab 20-30% off for the whole family at Target. Excludes sleepwear. Drop in soon! going on at EPIC, Canberra's biggest event venue. from bountiful banquets... WOMAN: Yum. memorable meetings, from fresh farm produce... (ROOSTER CROWS) fresh new technology. visit MAN: Mmm. Queensland are looking at a first clean sweep since 1995 here at ANZ Stadium tonight. when the final Origin kicks off joins me League reporter Patrick Molihan the Blues are up against it. and Pat, Tony, you wouldn't know they're at home because they are rank outsiders. Having four rookies doesn't help. I'm tipping they'll all be pretty nervous right about now but they won't lack support, especially Tim Mannah. The Eels prop ducked home to sort out 26 tickets for family and friends. You, Jonnie, Jamie.

Abi and Fred can't wait to see their son run out for the Blues. I easily tear up and I definitely will. I'm so honoured.

I feel proud and humbled at the same time. As a family, we've kinda experienced a lot of ups and downs.

With Tim's brother Johnny battling cancer to make it back for the Sharks,

it hasn't been easy on the family. No, it hasn't been. Yep, for Jonnie. Anyway, we give him our time. We love him and now it's Timmy's turn to be with him. We just gotta have fun with Tim and enjoy the time with him. Tim's come a long way from the little boy who played soccer. Yeah, Mum hated rugby league. She didn't want me to play it and then I got to about when I was 13 and I thought, "I'm big enough". I'm big, fat kid so I thought I'll give it a crack. At the start, I wasn't happy about the game at all but man, I tell you what, he's put us into it big time. But can he handle the big time that is Origin? He's a tough boy and I think he's proved it. I'm looking forward to getting out there. I won't be overawed and I'm looking forward to doing the best I can. We'll know soon if that's good enough. Punters have abandoned the Blues. I won't. I think Greg Bird and his mates can put them off their game. Tony. The Netherlands is the first country through to the World Cup final. The Dutch will play the winner of tomorrow morning's semi between Germany and Spain after downing Uruguay 3-2. In front of an ocean of orange, in the 18th minute, Giovanni van Bronckhorst set the stage for a World Cup classic. COMMENTATOR: Van Bronckhorst! Oh, that has got to be one of the great goals of the World Cup finals. Uruguay kicked into action and, needing to save face, captain Diego Forlan levelled just before half-time. Forlan! With a Dutch reputation for choking, Sneider stood up when it counted Sneider, goal for the Netherlands. Two goals in three minutes. It was the killer blow. It is in there for a Robben header! That settles it surely, once and for all now. The South Americans were shattered. They got one back in injury time but not enough to stop the Netherlands qualifying for their first Cup final since 1978. And no matter who wins tomorrow, South Africa 2010 will make history. Because for the first time,

a European side will be able to lift the Cup outside of Europe. Chris, tough against a great Queensland side. A win would feel very good. Checking finance now. And the share market was down today although mining stocks bucked the trend, with BHP and Rio Tinto both making gains. The ASX 200 closed down 21 points. Sara's next with the weather. And is it going to rain for State of Origin tonight? Chris, more showers are forecast but fingers crossed, they might just skip Sydney Olympic Park. I'll have the details, next. You can now have a say on the futures of Australian kids. Share your feedback have your say at: her premium would be: And with us: Why? Call 13youi or go to After a few overnight showers,

today the wet weather stayed mainly along the coast - most of the rain falling over the Central Coast and northern beaches. The city received 2mm. The cloud broke up over western Sydney first

that allowed temperatures to climb a few degrees higher. Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown hit 18, but fresh southerly winds made it feel 3 or 4 degrees colder. Colder still for parts of central Queensland, where cloud continues to bring widespread rain. Most of the cloud should move out to sea tomorrow, but onshore winds will persist along the New South Wales coast. That means a few more showers east of the divide but fine across the inland. A fine day also for Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Early frost for Canberra. Wet and windy in Perth with more showers expected in Brisbane. Sydney's waters: Partly cloudy tomorrow with a few brief showers, although western parts should see a little more sunshine. 17 the top for most areas, 16 at Richmond and Wollongong. Looking ahead - the showers should ease late Friday, giving way to a mostly fine weekend. Warming up as winds turn to the north.

19 degrees for the city and coast. Western Sydney's expected to nudge 20 degrees early next week. Tops of 19 Saturday and Sunday with mostly sunny skies. Becoming cooler at night. Around 5 or 6 degrees. Now we are expecting a brief shower this evening but most of it should remain to the north and east of Sydney Olympic Park.

So a mainly fine evening for Origin. Southerly winds up to 30km/h. 13 degrees for kick-off. And that's Seven News for this Wednesday. I'm Chris Bath. Go the Blues. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Living it up big time at our expense. Refugees out on the town - staying in top hotels, visiting zoos, aquariums. Treated like you won't believe. The report the government doesn't want you to see. Now you don't see it, now you do. It's a miracle. Fixing failing eyesight - the major medical breakthrough for millions of Australians. Fresh orange juice that's two years old. That's just the start of it. Reporter James Thomas now exposes the fresh lies of all fruit juices. And who are the craziest drivers on our roads? The State of Origin tests. Drivers in one state break all the road rules. It's shaping up as one of the defining issues of the looming election - arriving in Australia illegally? what do we do with refugees While the Prime Minister her Timor solution, is currently selling doesn't want you to know - here's what the government for those allowed to stay. the level of support

treated like holiday prize winners, Rod Lohse reports they're being living it up at our expense. They're the holiday happy snaps

two very different refugee policies. that tell the tale of a detention centre at all, This isn't really in the suburbs of Brisbane it's a 4-star motel is doing the best it can where the Australian government to keep the guests a secret.