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Tonight - former surgeon Jayant years. Community concerns about dodgy builders on the rise. Another big name crashes out of Wimbledon. And celebrating long career with wobbles. You don't look, long career with no

behave like any 80-year-old I

know. 35! Good evening. to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. two-month brawl between coming up but first the

industry may be drawing to an government and the mining

end. Three days of talks are set to produce a compromise The meetings are continuing the resource super profits tax.

Canberra tonight, with full Chief details expected tomorrow. details expected

Mark Simkin reports on some of the key concessions the government is expected to bring the miners government is expected to make

One of the fiercest public private brawls in decades is almost over. Julia Gillard will the next hour for a meeting fly back into Canberra

with the CEOs of and Xstrata. The government with the CEOs of BHP, Rio Tinto

deal on the resources tax. The hopes the talks will seal a

Treasurer and resource minister have been negotiating miners all day, and the government's compromise on elements thought Kevin Rudd. It's likely the definition of a will definition of a super profit of the resource industry will be changed. Some sectors

be excluded from the there will be cut in the 40% headline treated. There could even be a

don't intend cut in the 40% headline rate I

boundaries around those don't intend to put any

discussions. Or to engage megaphone diplomacy. The most discussions. Or to engage in

important thing here will be an outcome for the outcome should be formally announced tomorrow although there need to sign on and if government raises need to sign on and if the

from tax government raises less money

is less cash to spend. it's a big win for is less cash to spend. Still,

Gillard, who appears to government. And for Julia

jumped her Gillard, who appears to have hurdle jumped her first major mur are Former surgeon Jayant has been sentenced to seven years in

Prosecutors wanted him at least 10 defence team argued Patel public humiliation during the trial. Jayant Patel arrived at the Brisbane Supreme Court morning after spending second night behind bars. And he was sentenced to next seven years Arthur Gorrie centre. On Tuesday a jury found him guilty of

of three patients and the grievous bodily harm of another when he was operating Bundaberg Hospital between 2003 when he was operating at

and 2005. His barrister Patel should only and 2005. His barrister argued

suspended because of the public humiliation he But the prosecutors called for a jail term of at least 10 years saying they'd found no bad as this. The Crown said Patel had a history of medical negligence stretching back to 1982. In sentence, the judge said three lives had been lost and the fourth patient would suffer for the rest of his life. He said the court make it clear that the life. He said the court had to

community denounced Patel's repeated serious the welfare of four patients. repeated serious disregard for

But the sentence was greeted with dismay in Bundaberg. Not enough. Should've been 21 the manslaughters. Tony enough. Should've been 21 for Hoffman first raised concerns about Patel's what we as a community needed to hear and have done and if there's an appeal it will be done on legal grounds which what the feels about here. Late today Patel was driven from the courts the correctional centre will he driven from the courts back to

will begin serving his sentence. The Indian falsely accused of having links sentence. The Indian doctor

to terrorists has taken action to minister. Lawyers for Mohammed former Howard Government

Haneef are government. They're also suing unlawful arrest against the

former Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews The lawyers say they won't Kevin Andrews for defamation.

proceed with Commonwealth if it agrees to proceed with action against the

pay terrible impact on Haneef. Clarke Inquiry vindicated terrible impact on Haneef. The

Haneef but his reputation been trashed and his Haneef but his reputation was

life dramatically affected. Strong winds and huge waves whipped up by hurricane Alex have hampered efforts to clean up the massive oil spill the Louisiana coast. up the massive oil spill off

battered north east the Louisiana coast. Alex has

south Texas, heavy rain has thousands to flee their homes. flooded roads and forced

At was packing winds of up to 150 At the height of the storm, it

kilometres an hour. A state emergency has been declared in kilometres an hour. A state of

Texas, but some aren't concerned. You like to run, Texas, but some aren't too

it's a good time. No car traffic to worry about. Just a bit of rain but I was going get anyway. nothing get anyway. This ain't the first hurricane in the Atlantic to form this

June in 15 expected to be downgraded to a June in 15 years. Alex is

tropical storm as it moves across Mexico. The ACT's planning authority has received almost 90 complaints in last financial year about almost 90 complaints in the

shoddy building extent of community Planning Minister revealed the

during debate today. The opposition wanted to establish an assembly inquiry into the building industry, the Greens and the into the building industry, but

blocked the move. Concerns about substandard building work have been festering in the community. The wanted to put the industry under more scrutiny. I think through the assembly, through a tripartisan committee. The government investigating itself is unlikely to get bottom of these issues. Liberals moved a motion to that effect. But the Greens support it. They want the government to complete government to complete its own investigation concerned that if the started an inquiry at the time as the government's inquiry it'd just be very confusing for people out there. agrees. The government has resources to this issue more effectively. And it would be slowed down by

The minister says there have been almost 90 been almost 90 complaints about building practices in the past down the figure, saying it's only a small proportion of construction work. Builders are humans. Certify years are humans there will some risk associated with any construction activity, construction activity, but the question is can we question is can we better design the system to that risk? In the meantime, the planning authority will increase the number of onsite audits. The also hold a forum also hold a forum later this month to look at long-term

options. It's been revealed that It's been revealed that ACT police haven't arresteded murder of a man in Canberra's south in May. Cameron has been charged over the murder of Brendan Scott shot at close range near the Hughes shops on May 10. A statement of facts tender tot court says Ashcroft lured court says Ashcroft lured Mr Welsh there on the pretence Welsh there on the pretence of purchasing drugs from him. purchasing drugs from him. It says ash craft walked towards Mr Welsh, but was allegedly trailed by a gunman who the victim. Detectives have to establish a motive for to establish a motive for the killing. Ashcroft will killing. Ashcroft will return to court next month. Family to court next month. Family and friends small town in Far North Queensland to farewell a lad who died a long way from home. The Prime Minister was among a large crowd among a large crowd of mourners at the funeral of Benjamin Chuck, who died Afghanistan. Thousands of kilometres away from where his life was cut life was cut short in the rugged

Afghanistan, mourners gathered for a final farewell to Benjamin Chuck. A military guard of honour from his 2nd Commando Regiment young soldier's coffin, young soldier's coffin, resting on a gun carriage, to the on a gun carriage, to the banks of of the picturesque Lake Tinaroo. We all know he Tinaroo. We all know he loved you more than words you more than words can describe. Provate Chuck joined the army in 2004 as part of its Special Forces. This was the Afghanistan. The Prime Minister and Opposition Tony Abbott were among hundreds of has been called many things over the last few days. A mate, a man of honour, a fine Australian. Even a hero.

Australian. Even a hero. The one I like most is our son. Ben, your dash was dashing. We're you. From former crocodile handler to Special Forces soldier, Provate Chuck fitted lot into his 27 years. In lot into his 27 years. In a final gesture to the will be remembered for life, one of his friends life, one of his friends made an an aerial salute to him in a helicopter. 16 helicopter. 16 soldiers have died in Afghanistan died in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001. Prime Minister John he won't withdraw his bid for the second rejection yesterday. African and Asian members of the International Cricket Council blocked Mr Mr Howard says he's angry that no reason has been given for his rejection. John Howard loves cricket, but it seems the feeling isn't mutual from the is reportedly furious his nomination for International Cricket Council Vice-President has been knocked has been knocked back without explanation. He there are people around him that were worried that appointment might affect the governance of the ICC and said how and said how and why and he said well I well I can't tell you. Australia you. Australia and New Zealand cricket are both cricket are both entitled to feel disrespected and The way it's The way it's been handled is disgraceful. Mr Speed believes the rejection is all about power. And not a power. And not a payback for Mr Howard's past decisions including his Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. They strong leader who will hold them to account, who will transparent. The ICC prepared to stumble on blindly and abdicate to India the role of de facto of de facto international cricket cricket government. Indian TV trumpeted news of rejection. It shows how powerful the BCCI is. the rotation policy, it was Australia and New Zealand's turn for the Vice-Presidency. The nomination is normally rubber stamped rubber stamped by the board, but this time, it's given the two nations until the end of August to resubmit a candidate. We're incredibly disappointed that to put up such a pre-eminent man from our region and what a formality for the board. Disappointed that our candidate didn't succeed. For his part, Mr Howard is digging still the Australia and New Zealand. I won't be withdrawing. But whether his innings is over before it's begun remains to be seen. New Zealand has turned Australia's request to send more soldiers to Afghanistan because it's too risky. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says Kevin Rudd approached him last year to send up to last year to send up to 50 people to join an Province. 16 Australian soldiers have been killed Afghanistan, but Afghanistan, but there've been no New Zealand casualties. Mr Key says he rejected Key says he rejected the request because he didn't want to put any more New Zealand troops in possible

have people - withdrawal have people - withdrawal of people a number of factors I I didn't think it was appropriate. think it was appropriate. He says New Zealand a small medical team to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, after years of controversy and compromise, New Zealand has done what Australia's been unable to do emissions trading scheme. The government there says it had to act because greenhouse gas emissions have skyrocketed over the past two decades. But the past two decades. But the fight against climate change fight against climate change is proving costly to proving costly to consumers. Phillipa Auckland. It's crunch time for New Zealanders who are among the highest emitters of greenhouse gass in the developed world. When you look at what's world every country eventually putting some price on carbon. The an emissions trading scheme means from today, New Zealanders extra 3 c a litre for their fuel. The general going to flow on to a lot going to flow on to a lot of other goods and and industry will have to buy millions of carbon credits. While it's just the first day of the scheme, two large electricity companies have already put up their prices. The price rise is directly to do with the ETS is 100% estimated off the government's own trading group estimate. Already warning companies not to price particularly big ones need to not only look at the monetary risk they're running risk they're running but there is a reputational risk. New Zealand's emissions trading scheme is a watered version of what was proposed and

are either exempt from are either exempt from the scheme or are receiving scheme or are receiving large subsidies. So there are a of people here questioning whether an ETS will make any difference at all. The sustainability council says New Zealanders will be footing Zealanders will be footing the bill for years to come. We're talking a half a billion dollars over the period to 2012 by way of subsidies to by way of subsidies to the major industrials. We think industry is given a free ride, virtually a free ride, and that's unfair. But with so many trading partners Australia without an ETS, the government here says it had to One of the green groups says it's confident it can confident it can recover from the damage caused by

infighting. A new board has been elected for the Wilderness Society, but it's yet to the fate Executive Director. Alec Marr famously bottled loggers in Tasmania in the 1980s, before becoming head of the Wilderness Society three years ago. Now he's battling his own colleagues. My contract runs out in two years' time. Until we see what attitude this new board takes, I have no what the future holds. A eight-member board was voted in by 700 of the members last the Executive Director has a which perhaps isn't shared with the membership. We saw that clearly tonight. And talk with Alex about that. A revolt against Mr Marr began when some members felt he was straying society's grass roots campaigning method. The society's co-founder says society's co-founder says its infighting has reduced influence on key national issues. The Wilderness Society has been diverted from things it does best which things it does best which is protecting wild places protecting wild places but now it's back on track. Mr Marr's fate now up their mind. The mark of a good leader is knowing when to go. Alec missed his cue a year or two ago. We'd all talking about the great things he has done if he had had gone then. The board says the new board will lead the back to its true purpose, to protect the environment. finance now. It's been another protect the environment. To

gloomy session on the stock market. The eighth in a row. But talk of a deal on resources tax did help stocks. Most stocks closed resources tax did help mining

lower again today so that eight days of falls the ordinaries has fallen 8%, including close to 1.5% and the pessimists are asen including close to 1.5% today

dent, predicting a variety of financial torments and the pet shop galas are squawking double dip. The effect of the resources super profits tax can be seen from this graph of the resources smul or massive depending on the position you A story was posted Fairfax web the effect that a deal was Fairfax web sites at 2pm, to

close. And the promptly rose about 1.5% but it wasn't promptly rose 80 points or

enough0 get market overall into the As a result the mining Tinto and Fortescue Metals companies, BHP Billiton, Rio

still fell quite a lot but weren't the hardest hit. still fell quite a lot but they all fell weren't the hardest hit. Banks

is both miner and retailer dropped 3%. The Dow Jones average in the US continued to slip further away from 10,000, support levels. The major has also fallen through crucial

European markets however closed higher last night. But there was some goodish news in Australia today. Retail sales rose .2% in May to record high. But the annual rose .2% in May to another

growth rate just 1.#% now, below the growth rate just 1.#% now, well

6.5%. Here is a graph showing consumer sales. Not surprisingly they consumer sentiment and retail

follow each other of interest rates but that's a are down now thanks to rising

very different reason for the falling sentiment in America. Unemployment. The Australian dollar dropped another today and dollar dropped another cent it's lost a remarkable 4 US cents. And that's Wimbledon's produced sensation with Roger Federer Wimbledon's produced another

failing to make the final the first time since 2002. failing to make the final for

defending champion lost in quarterfinals to Czech Tomas


The joyous reaction said it all. Tomas Berdych had brought down the king play such a great player as Roger is, I mean, and come here is really amazing for and be here as a winner, this and be here as a winner,

Czech had won only 2 of his 10 is really amazing for me. The

muches against Federer but one of those had been earlier this year. The 12th seed went for his shots. Just like that. And the six-time champion made uncharacteristic mistakes. I am struggling with a bit fit Federer mightn't have and a leg issue. Even a fully

beaten the semifinals of the French

Open. His semifinal opponent will be Djokovic. Actors will be Serbia's Novak

generations were swept Djokovic. Actors from different

Murray moved a step closer to Murray Mania as Scotland's Andy

delivering a champion. He knows what's required against his next opponent Rafael Nadal. Play well, really. Really, really well. Australia's two senior batsmen joined forces to the one-day break England's domination of

Ponting returned to 92 off 93 balls. That's Ponting returned to form with

sphwood shot! His deputy 92 off 93 balls. That's a

Michael Clarke was equally impressive, stranded on 99 Clarke left Smith to put the finishing Australia's total of 2 90. It's finishing touches on

a fantastic strike. Ryan Harris collected his third five him wicket haul to help restore some pride with a wicket haul to help Australia

series 3-1 heading into run victory. England leads the

Saturday's South African Dale Steyn has Saturday's final game. And

been fined his entire match fee for Suliemann Benn during the third for spiting in the direction of Test against

It's not quite Test against the West Indies.

but French football is under the microscope after national the microscope after the Cup national team's dismal World Domenech was called to a Parliament ary wiry to answer for the disharmony of the team which resulted in a boycott of which resulted in a player

know the reasons for this boycott of training. We need to

debacle. Anthony Mundine has become the first boxer to win descending order. The former different weight divisions in rugby league unanimous points decision rugby league player won a

his WBA jun wror middleweight unanimous points decision in

Adan Jerez. kg, Mundine dominated the fight with some heavy blows. There was a surprise when the Australian round, but he was his feet to be awarded round, but he was quickly to

his feet to be awarded a

comfortable victory. fans could see up comfortable victory. Local AFL

played in the capital from 2012. A bid has been launched to form a with the new club. The campaign to form a long-term partnership

is aiming to secure 5,000 memberships as well as and memberships as well as 25 major

and minor sponsors N GWS will play up to 20 games in and minor sponsors N exchange

Canberra over the next five years and establish academy in the region. I don't think we enough. I really mean that. And think we showcase Canberra

this game here and can help you achieve that in many, many ways. We support a full-time AFL team. many, many ways. We can't

They're just economically, we wanted to create an event and keep it as an event so that three to four games makes it an event situation where people will put aside their weekend to come and watch added a local player to its roster today. Canberra's Josh Bruce signed a three year contract with the club and as a bone news the bone news the 18-year-old was named in the All-Australian under under 18s team. He's probably the most famous Britain, and he's been alive. Now at 80, Rolf Harris is celebrating his is celebrating his prolific career Williams caught up with him at a London exhibition honouring 65 years with the brush. This is the Rolf Harris as is the Rolf Harris as most of us first SONG: # Tie me kangaroo down sport undoubted success as a undoubted success as a singer and all-round entertainer and all-round entertainer his fame with the brush has led to many a brush with fame. Slowly refine the blue. It sounds an interesting way of doing it. But after painting for 65 years, Rolf Harris the is being celebrated with an exhibition at a London gallery featuring featuring his work from past decades to the present. I must practise! There aren't many 80-year-olds who can still pull a crowd like this. While he may not be this. While he may not be quite as popular as he once was Australia, here in Britain, Australia, here in Britain, he remains a superstar. Even on a street pavement, he still walks of life and ages. He top man. Got a lot of time for him. A lot of kids have him. A lot of kids have learnt art from him as well. He is a pioneer. Rolf, what's more artist, you as a musician, as an entertainer? It's hard to split it up in my mind, 'Cause I love 'Cause I love doing it all. I love entertaining. But then this is a joyful experience, morning noon and night. I have to pinch myself to that you are 80. You don't look, sound, behave like look, sound, behave like any 80-year-old I know. 35 ... or younger! For Rolf Harris, age really is mind over really is mind over matter. He

really doesn't mind, and age really doesn't really doesn't matter. How very true. And I think it's proof that 830 is very young! 80 is the new there's no question about there's no question about that. And good evening. It And good evening. It was frosty again this morning. again this morning. But not quite as severe as it has quite as severe as it has been. Only minus 1 at airport, minus 3 in Tuggeranong. After that cleared it was a mostly cloudy day with light this morning, which smidgin this afternoon. There is jet stream cloud moving through generating showers And there's patchy cloud And there's patchy cloud over us. A ridge currently over our region will tomorrow, allowing cold air to move through. Following the cold air high that will give Canberra a sunny and dry weekend. Tomorrow, though, the cold may give us isolated showers along with thunder and along with thunder and hail. More likely on the ranges. They may even

Talking about snow, it's snowing at the National bot bolt, look at this, this flower is a woolsia commonly called the snow Heath and it's covered with the stuff! And look, it's so cold, I'm really so cold, I'm really worried about you in about you in your shorts cycling home so I will lend you a pair of tights for tonight. Thank you very much. Make sure that there's no-one around to see They're stripy. I look just dashing look just dashing on you. Thanks go, a go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. stories tonight. The Federal Government has struck a deal to end the two-month row over the mining tax. Meetings are continuing in Canberra this evening, with an evening, with an announcement detailing key concessions expected tomorrow. And the former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel has been sentenced Patel has been sentenced to seven years unlawfully killing three patients, and seriously wounding another. Prosecutors wanted him to serve at least 10 years, but his defence years, but his defence team argued Patel had already suffered because of the humiliation during the trial. He will be eligible for parole in 3.5 years. News. Stay with us News. Stay with us now for Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30 Report coming up next. You can find the latest headlines as always 24 hours a day at ABC

Online. I will be back with a news update at then, enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Welcome. The air in

Canberra is thick with

humours tonight of a deal all

but done between the

Government and Australia's

biggest miners over the new

resources rent tax that in

the ends cost Kevin Rudd his Prime Minister sh.s confirmation is expected

tomorrow. But it is not just

the mining industry with a

steak in the outcome. The

proposed revenue from the

mining tax was to understand write a number of Government

reforms including an

extension of the compulsory

superannuation scheme from 9%

to 12% over the next decade. The Opposition has said it

will flatly oppose any such

increase all of which is

unsettling for the $1.3

trillion super industry which

is already bracing for the

impact of a long-awaited