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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight, Labor standing behind their man - standing behind their man - for now. Is there number counting going on in the party at the moment? No, that's moment? No, that's a complete and utter furphy. A former Digger farewelled in Brisbane Soldier, father, husband, and mate - Sapper Darren Smith, we are proud of you. Canberra's newest suburb goes under the hammer. And it's do

or die for the Socceroos. or die for the Socceroos. Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. Labor supporters being told to keep the with the polls showing the party is in the doldrums, senior ministers are increasingly being forced to deny rumours of unrest in ranks. It seems that has the PM rethinking his tactics. The Greens leader says after more than a year of no than a year of no access, Kevin Rudd now wants to talk. United we stand, divided we fall - that was the message from Lindsay from Lindsay Tanner at the Labor conference in Victoria. Never forget that the challenges, the difficulties, the disagreements and the disagreements and the disappointments of today normal. There is no denying the problem, the the problem, the federal Labor government is not doing well and there are grumblings about Kevin Rudd's heard. There always concerns, anger and but we need to but we need to keep focused on the bigger picture. Labor MPs are projecting a business as usual picture around the country. Is country. Is there number counting going on? No, that's a complete furphy. They are parking parking their vote with the grns, grns, and I think that demonstrates there deal of volatility in Despite Kevin Rudd hailing moral challenge of our time, he didn't speak directly to Greens leader during Greens leader during the disastrous ETS negotiations with the Coalition, nor with the Coalition, nor when they collapsed and not Now, it's increasingly likely the Greens will hold balance of power in the Senate after the election and Mr Rudd is having a change of is having a change of heart. I've treat to see the PM I've treat to see the PM since April last year, when I saw him and have successful. There are very important issues we should be discussing. He has discussing. He has indicated now he would like to catch up will be very pleased him. Bob says a lot him. Bob says a lot of things about meetings, he has accused me of not meeting him when I have. Are you lying? No, I'm lying? No, I'm saying the government has been meeting with the cross benches Senate. Bob Brown says Senate. Bob Brown says even the mining bosses are seeking him out, and although the government has been slow recognise the power of the Senate, it will soon Senate, it will soon have no choice. The New South Wales Labor government was facing its own mortality today. The polls have closed on the first Kenneally's premiership. 40,000 voters turned out today in Penrith. Labor is expected to take a beating, and that would present a problem not only for the State Government but Prime Minister's chances re-election. Stuart Ayres re-election. Stuart Ayres was all smiles as he added all smiles as he added one vote to his tally. After to his tally. After Labor claims he only moved into the air last month to become tiltion, he blamed John Thain. Mr Thain wasn't the one who could vote, because he lives outside the elect rat. Give me turned up just after turned up just after 3:00pm to help. This morning, she tweeted about walking the dog to the bakery and attending her soccer matches. No apology for spending Saturday morning spending Saturday morning going to my children's soccer games. Liberal leader Barry O'Farrell took care of catering but skipped the football I'm missing my son's sporting as well. The battle has been in the media as well. Vote Stuart Ayres, because I care. Voters western as upbeat Voters western as upbeat but just as determined I'm glad to have the opportunity to vote in Penrith, we need I think it will be a I think it will be a change of government next year. government next year. This seat be will be the start of T I voted for John Thain, in a a sympathy vote much Liberals don't want Liberals don't want to talk about beating the record result in Ryde two years in Ryde two years ago, saying Penrith is Labor heart Since 1973 we Since 1973 we have never scored a video higher than the Labor Party, that's the Party, that's the battle we face today. It faces face today. It faces the prospect of winning today and losing at the general losing at the general election in nine months I will in nine months I will work hard from Monday onwards up to the general the general election, and hopefully every day after that as well. The Greens expecting a result expecting a result in the double digits. There are growing calls for a national body to police. Experts say it's the only solution to which surface when Police investigated one of their own, after Island death in custody. Meanwhile, the Crime and Misconduct Commission has gone two new investigations into the police officer at the centre of Cameron Doomadgee's death. It's almost six years since Queensland Police Queensland Police began investigating Senior Chris Hurley over the death in custody of Cameron Doomadgee Palm Island. Controversy Palm Island. Controversy still surrounds that inquiry, with six six officers facing possible disciplinary action. We need to try something different. We have been trying to deal with complaints against police and it gets to that level, for how many years, how many inquiries? Nigel Powell helped establish Queensland's fitser old inquiry into corruption. He says a national says a national body should be set up set up so police no longer investigate investigate themselves. Police do not treat their own as do not treat their own as suss expects, the way they would treat you or I. The most high profile investigation of profile investigation of police by police, and what happens, it's fundamentally got So the system So the system is broke in Queensland. Civil lib tarns support the proposal for a national investigator. Queensland and other states should give powers to the Australian commission for law enforcement integrity, the oversight body of the AFP the Australian Crime Commission. The former chairman of the national crime authority, Peter farris wants the Australian Crime Commission to do the says police in one investigate officers in another. This issue was considered at a recent of attorneys. The Federal Government says it would be up to the states and territories to hand over power. So they have been unwilling so. Meanwhile, it has been revealed Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley is being investigated over compensation made for property lost during a riot after Cameron Doomadgee's death. The Crime and Misconduct Commission is also looking Commission is also looking at when whether Hurley changed his court evidence after allegedly colluding with a fellow officer The state opposition has called for a Queensland government as controversial reappointment of Bob Atkinson If you are going to find the best person, you have to advertise. He woo are making the appointment in accordance with the act. The government government says the contract details are still being worked killed in Afghanistan have were of his wife and young son as he lay dying. Sapper Darren

who lost their lives whether a roadside bomb exploded in Oruzgan province. He was the 13th soldier 13th soldier killed in Afghanistan. The service was a mixture of military father, husband, son and mate. Sapper Darren Smith, we are proud of you. Sapper Darren Smith was on patrol with the 2nd Combat Engineer working with his dog Herbie to detect road raud bombs when went off. He died several hours later in hospital. I'll love you today, forever You were taken from me but you'll always be in my hear, and no one can take that from me. Rest in peace, mate. The young soldier's favourite band, the heard, made their way up from Sydney to sing at his funeral. # I was only 19 # Sapper Smith was 25 and married, with a half-year-old son. He was a professional soldier, committed to his work with to his work with explosive detection dogs. Two years detection dogs. Two years ago he was interviewed by the 'Stateline' program for 'Stateline' program for a story about the that rest on skills. You need to be able to tell when your dog has found something dangerous and be able to call him away from it before he or you get injured. Sapper Smith's wife Smith's wife Angela described her husband as a her husband as a Larkin, with a wicked sense of humour and mischief, who would do anything for anybody. The first for anybody. The first blocks of the Molongolo Valley have been snapped up at auction. Hundreds of bidders turned up to try secure land in the new suburb of Wright. The smaller blocks of land went $350,000. The prices are a bit higher, but because of the Swiss and the suburb, I think it is expected. it is expected. Second and third home buyers are buying the blocks. One thing we seen in the established home market over the last few is that there has not been a lot of available stock. This lot of available stock. This is the ex-government type homes. A moving from the homes, freeing those up for young families to move in. There will move in. There will be more land releases over the year, with a total of 30,000 homes to be built in the Molongolo area. The blocks will soon have competition. Queanbeyan's Googong estate about to go online, with about to go online, with the added advantage stamp duty discount, thanks to the NSW Government's latest Budget initiatives. More 600 victims of Black Saturday's deadliest fire have class action against SP Ausnet, alleging they failed to properly maintain an ageing power line which broke and sparked the fire in kill more east. The blaze killed east. The blaze killed 119 people and destroyed more than 1,200 homes. We have high The power company has 47 power lines a year in lines a year in its network which break, almost one a week. That is not a safe system for operating company, which is company, which is majority owned owned by the Singapore Government, says it is inappropriate to court action is under way. It is waiting to the final Royal Commission report, due out next month. A day after his widely criticised performance before US lawmakers, BP chief Tony Hayward has washed his hands of the gulf oil spill, handing the responsibility to another senior executive. Managing director Bob Dudley, who director Bob Dudley, who stood beside Mr House meetings this week, will be responsible for the company's response to the spill. The BP chairman announced the change, but he is realistic about the problems the company is been a difficult period. As long as we don't close well, there will be about manying things. Some of the oil is being burned to stop it reaching shore, and skimming ships are trying to complete more of the oil. The oil that is escaping has made it the worst ecological disaster in the US. 20 years the US. 20 years ago, Russia charted a course to develop a vibrant vibrant free press, introducing a law to encourage a law to encourage independent journalism. For a brief period, the press flourished. For. Of the last decade, journalism has been under siege government's grip on the government's grip on the media is tightening and are regularly attacked, even murdered. Norman Hermant reports. For these reports. For these pages, Mikhail price. A fearless investigative journalist now in a journalist now in a wheelchair. He is dependent on friends He is dependent on friends to survive. He says it's worth it. He can manage little more than yes or no answers. In November 2008, he was November 2008, he was savagely attacked. His head was bashed in. He lost three fingers, right leg was amputated. TRANSLATION: He amputated. TRANSLATION: He knew the situation around perfectly, but he continued his work and fought for people's rights. His $260 a rights. His $260 a month pension does than cover half his medical bills. His life is an of the dangers journalists of the dangers journalists face in Russia. Mikhail Beketov's story is a familiar one for journalists in Russia. Two years ago he plans to build a plans to build a 10 lane motorway motorway and raising questions about alleged corruption-in the deal. With those questions, he made powerful enemies. made powerful enemies. His is just one of the cases being considered the 20th anniversary of meant to ensure press meant to ensure press freedom is post communist Russia. More than 300 journalists have been killed and intimidation is common The impact, say those here, is obvious. That a chill. How are you going to do your job when do your job when you're afraid that you might get killed for it? And, what's it? And, what's more, that you are not protected. Beketov has received numerous awards and his case is well known. Like his case is well known. Like so many others, the investigation went nowhere. For journalists in Russia, he fears, getting worse. The Socceroos survival. When they take on Ghana in South Africa Ghana in South Africa tonight. Australia's fate is in their own hands. A win will keep their their tournament hope alive, while defeat will spell elimination. Lucas Neill is a man carrying a significant burden. This is by far the biggest game in Australian football history. He doesn't want to be remembered as the captain who failed to lead his country past the group stage We are driven by failure drirn by the fear of not getting out of the group, not winning a game. Coach Pim Verbeek again refused to Verbeek again refused to be drawn on the team win We have enough players in the selection to fill the the selection to fill the gap and to do what we have and that's score goals. took a step took a step back from the overconfidence of its young stars, in expecting a more competitive Australia. The coach says anything is possible and there are no favourites. The Socceroos completed their final training session at the venue for the match against Ghana, shortly after group Ghana, shortly after group D was money

was money open with Serbia's upset of Germany. The Germans had a man sent off, missed had a man sent off, missed a penalty and conceded a goal. Unlucky to concede a first yellow card, he tackled from behind to earn a second and an immediate red. That error compounded soon after went close to equalising on half-time, not once but half-time, not once but twice. A third miss was after A third miss was after a blatant hand ball, the most painful. The keeper saves. The result created a The result created a slice of history and put Serbia history and put Serbia back in contention, as Australia looks to rise from the German debacle. The scene of Socceroos and ga nark the city of Rustenburg, is home to the Royal Bafokeng Nation, which mass made a fortune from platinum, which is helping lift the community out of the community out of poverty. Like most of South Africa, Like most of South Africa, the locals are soccer mad, and they are looking to the World Cup to trigger a development spurt for the whole nation. Africa correspondent Andrew Geoghegan reports. This is perhaps the most fortunate community in Africa. It is certainly one of the the wealthiest. Rustenburg sits on deposit of platinum a metal more valuable than gold We are trying to turn fortune into something that will something that will benefit the people. Russ ten burr of the Royal Bafokeng home to 300,000 people. royalties and have accumulated investments worth more than billion. Because of the billion. Because of the mines, a lot of people come here as mine worker, and they mine worker, and they bring with them people who see this area as having prospects for employment. Platinum is not the only attraction. the only attraction. The nearby resource the sun city workers and the wealthy. most luxurious suites at the hoe toll cost almost $10,000 a night. Yet such op lens is domg. It uses its domg. It uses its wealth to invest inned cake, health and housing. The people housing. The people even finance their own stadium, cht which which will play host to Australia and Ghana. Who do you think you think will win? Ghana. Why? Of course, Germany has beaten Australia 4-0. Australia is having a Australia is having a problem with their coach, they didn't come here being united. The People don't mind who wins, they are just happy to be hosting a tournament, that they would like to think could platinum has changed that their community. In community. In the overnight results, England is facing early elimination after a disappointing scoreless disappointing scoreless draw with Algeria. The overwhelming favourites rarely threatened the Algerians performance. The full-time whis le brought on a chorus of boos from English fans You can the boos ringing out from the England fans, they are happy. England must win its final match against final match against Slovenia to advance started with a flurry against the US in the other game last night. Birsa, oh, my Slovenia doubled Slovenia doubled the advantage before half-time, but the Americans scored two second half goals to points. Penrith has joined the Dragons at Dragons at the top of the NRL ladder, after claiming a 10-point win over the Broncos in Brisbane last night. It the Panthers first the Panthers first win over Brisbane in three years, the Broncos five game winning streak. The Titans lost Scott Prince to a hamstring injury but beat the Bulldogs in a Nile biter. The Storm ominous form against the

Cowboys. Darren Lockyer was looking for a try against the Panthers. The referee found Panthers. The referee found a knock-. Darren Lockyer had hand in the first try of the night, but wishing night, but wishing he didn't. Adrian Patel gave the Panthers the early lead. Titans equalised, but Walsh and koot combined to give Panthers the

lead at half-time. Walsh and Lewis extended the Panthers buffer early in the second half. Peter Wallis Brisbane fan a glimmer of hope, but Kingston secured the 2 points. The Bulldogs last Wayne was in April, their drought looked drought looked like continuing against the Titans. The Gold Coast lost scops to a hamstring injury. The dougz coach looked to his bench for a spark and Ben barber answered his Ben barber answered his call, to lead the Bulldogs with converted try. Bird struck the blow in the 75th minute. Melbourne's Matthew Duffy Melbourne's Matthew Duffy has lodged his intremendous for try of the year in the match against the against the Cowboys tonight. Finch drew on his 250 games of experience to set up O'Neill's second try, and Greg Inglis turned defence into attack, to score a 99m try. The Cowboys crossed Cowboys crossed before half-time and are facing an half-time and are facing an up Jill battle to secure a win. In round 9 of the local In round 9 of the local league, Belconnen accounted for the Queanbeyan Blues, and Tuggeranong were 20 Tuggeranong were 20 point winners. Yass got a big thrashing, thrashing, and 14 points separated Goulburn and Hawthorn have chalk up Hawthorn have chalk up their sixth inwin in a row, beating Essendon last night. Essendon last night. The Hawks survived a come back survived a come back by the Bombers, Bombers, for a 16-point win. It was a master player who has found form at Franklin scored five goals. He's been building up to a big game, and we saw last night what he's capable of. Six weeks ago, Hawthorn had and six losses, now they are a side no one wants to side no one wants to face. Weets We are a hard side beat. If our the sky is the limit, but if our attitude is wrong, we will see what happened at the of the season. The Bombers take a positive from ultimately disappointing recovering from a quarter to get within sight of victory. They have to stew over a loss that puts a major dent in their finals hopes We didn't play football, so we will over how close we were to winning, and it will spur the guys on for the second half of the season. Essendon plays the CEOs in Adelaide in two weeks. The haukdz have a date with the

Bulldogs on 2 July. was only one game in the local AFL competition, Ainslie will be ruing their wayward kicking, losing by 9 points losing by 9 points to Belconnen. champion Phil Mickelson has charged into contention with charged into contention with a brilliant second round at the US Open. He received in challenging conditions Pebble Beach to close within two shots of leader Graeme McDowell. Tiger Woods is offer the pace. Robert Allenby and Stuart Appleby are the and Stuart Appleby are the only Australians to make the cut. Here is Mark Douglass. Pebble Beach used to be Tiger Woods's domain, now it's Phil domain, now it's Phil Mickelson stalking another major. While most of the field struggled on the tough layout, the world number 2 sizzled round Mickle son had five birdies in his Firth eight holes. best round of the day. A top best round of the day. A top 3 finish will move him finish will move him above Tiger Woods on the world golf rankings. This was one of the few highlights of the current number 1. He looked a shadow of the golfer who 10 the golfer who 10 years ago won this event by 15 strokes. He will start the event 7 will start the event 7 strokes behind

Ireland's Graeme McDowell. Another former champion, Another former champion, erpy else, is distance after a 68. distance after a 68. Australia's hopes rest with Robert Allenby, and Stuart Appleby, who scraped through with his last putt of the Samantha Stosur surprising loss at surprising loss at Eastbourne, knocked out knocked out by Ekatarina Makarova. The result will lift Stosur to number 6 in time for Wimbledon Lleyton Hewitt will enter the tournament knowing he won't have to quarterfinals. He has been drawn to play Maximo drawn to play Maximo Gonzalez

in the first round. It's in the first round. It's a grabbed, but temporary, gesture. New Zealand is lending Phar Lap's skeleton Phar Lap's skeleton to Victoria for the 150th the Melbourne Cupment for the first time since the first time since the horse's untimely exhibited alongside its Canberra has spoiled Canberra has spoiled the reunion party. The museum of Australia says museum of Australia says far plan's withstand the strain of the trip south. Phar race may have been almost race may have been almost eight dk aids ago dk aids ago but the legend lives on in Australia and New Zealand. He was huge and won a lot of races and lot of races and really famous. He had a grit big heart. He had a grit big heart. When New Zealand born Phar Lap died, the horse's owners tried to make New Zealand got a share of their champion. It was left Phar Lap's owners at the time. They made a decision the hide would go to Melbourne, the heart to heart to Canberra and the skeleton would come home. Rivalry whether Phar Lap was Australian or New Zealander have never decide, but for lend its exhibit to Australia. You can keep crowded house You can keep crowded house and Russell Crowe, Russell Crowe, but leave Phar Lap where it is. Phar Lap's skeleton is a protected object in New Zealand, so the had to apply to the government for approval to send Australia. The government said yes, but only months. I would like to offer with getting the skull off. Conservation work started, and it may mean Phar Lap will stand taller Lap will stand taller in Australia. Instead of Australia. Instead of the skull being lower, it will raised by 20cm. The champion of champions skeleton will stand beside its skin in Melbourne, but the faint Melbourne, but the faint heart will be missing. The will be missing. The heart of Phar Lap is too delicate to travel, that's the advice of the conserve ors, that it would be a risk to move it. The site of the great horse's skin and bones reunited bones reunited is probably enough for generations of Phar Lap's fans. On to Lap's fans. On to the weather. Conditions were partly sunny today, with a of 13. Currently, the temperature is 7, winds from the north-west and the the north-west and the pressure is steady.

Low level cloud over south-east and jet stream cloud over north-east Queensland. A ridge of high pressure sits over northern New South Wales and a front is sweeping and a front is sweeping through tomorrow, bringing isolated showers about the ranges from conditions will clear again.

The interstate forecasts:

Around the Around the south-east tomorrow, the chance of showers in the far west and south, elsewhere. Mostly tops around mountains, some snow falling above 1,700m. That's the news for now, you can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC Online. Thanks for your

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