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(generated from captions) and HG having a ball thanks And Roy

the Queen. This would be a and HG having a ball thanks to

It would be a dream come through.

was to be withdrawn. Good evening and welcome News. I'm Virginia evening and welcome to ABC

for at players Haussegger. It was embarrassing

for the fans. This morning's World Cup of Germany has left

early exit from the Socceroos contemplating an Socceroos contemplating of Germany has left the

To add insult to injury, German coach described the 4-0 victory as a good warm-up game for his team. Peter Wilkins is for in Durban on a disastrous day

match in South depressing hard footballing lesson. It was watching a team which

competed so proudly 4 outplayed. This was a be so comprehensively

horror story, well concealed by outplayed. This was a Socceroo

a spirited welcome from massive Durban crowd and early flurry which massive Durban crowd and an snared a goal. Richard Garcia early flurry which almost

and Tim

and Tim Cahill upfront was surprise and there was more coming from Germany mirrored their last coming from the German side. three games at the World Cup with that goal. Creating chances compared to the with that goal. Creating half

full-blooded attack by Germans. Raid after German raid went unrewarded. grimly surviving until went unrewarded. Australia

Miroslav Klose who slaughtered grimly surviving until veteran

two chances, with Mark Schwarzer two chances, netted the next

short. It was only luck that prevented the score from being 3-0 or more by half-time. COMMENTATOR: He can't it. But luck deserted the COMMENTATOR: He can't control

Socceroos in the second half with two cruel twists - no hand ball and no

ball and no Tim Cahill after a late challenge on Bastian Schweinsteiger. inconsolable. It's a red Schweinsteiger. Cahill was

Well, a red card on Tim inconsolable. It's a red card.

Cahill. It became a gallery as positive memories Cahill. It became a shooting

2006 washed away beneath an gallery as positive memories of

avalanche of German attacks. Podolski cut it back. Thomas Muller turned scorer

had immediate results scorer and Cacau's introduction

more pain for Pim Verbeek. It's had immediate results including


minutes with 10 players, Have to play around 35 Have to play around

were too good already 11 minutes with 10 players, they against 11, then tough afternoon. We made against 11, then you have a

mistakes and then we punished and at this level , that's what happens. It was Verbeek's biggest loss as Socceroos' coach and Australia's worst defeat in years. For the thousands Australia's worst defeat in 12

fans who years. For the thousands of

Ocean fans who crossed the Indian Socceroos, this morning's result has soured their holiday, but despite the result has soured their dream

thrashing, many fans remain upbeat, believing the can beat both Ghana and Serbia upbeat, believing the Socceroos

to qualify for round. Andrew Geoghegan reports to qualify for the second on a day that promised much, but produced little. It began

touring fans gave Frank so optimistically, Australia's

the head of Football Australia a hero's welcome. He was joined by Sports Minister and forper by Sports Minister Kate Ellis Steve Waugh When away from your own Steve Waugh When you're touring

you see national support, guys away from your own country and

with the green wonderful. The football fan with the green and gold, it is

nattics were in fine voice. What you think? Huge, huge. They does this make to the team, do

see. They see crowd and I think it will them on more. With the a traditional them on more. With the help of

Aussie supporters a traditional send-off, the

for the first battle of the campaign. The green and gold may have had presence in the stands, but that was no match for the German domination pitch. It German domination on the

pitch. It was poor, Australia played so bad. Deep Everyone is devastated.

down the Australian fans bitterly disappointed and down the Australian fans are

reluctantly admit were well and truly reluctantly admit the Socceroos

But they haven't given up hope. There are two games left in the group stage and they say anything is still Ghana. Can they bounce back? disappointing but bring on

few days to find their voices Australian. The fans have a

again Ghana. It was a similar tale again before the game against

around the country fans braved the around the country where soccer

chill to cheer on the fans braved the early morning Australian team from living rooms off well enough for Aussie capital cities. Things started

fans. Excellent! Knowing they had the next day off, tens thousands of football fan nattics braved the cold and dark to pack public precincts But by half-time, and goals, Australia's World soccer team was being tagged goals, Australia's World Cup

the Shock-aroos. Many at the Shock-aroos. Many fans left

at half-time, and those who didn't, wished they had. As the German goals mounted, cheers grew louder and fans discarded their green cheers grew louder and Aussie

gold in embarrassment. Any fans discarded their green and hopes dashed as hopes of thawing out were

droms were put on ice. Just dashed as Australia's World Cup

what we expected. Fans hoping for more from the what we expected. Fans will be

Socceroos when they take

days to get angry and mad and cry, whatever cry, whatever it takes, but then start picking yourself up and think about the fact that we've all come out here on a freezing cold that load of rubbish - ution! Police say crowds public sites around the country were generally well were generally well behaved W nothing to sing and nothing to sing and dance about, that wasn't unexpected. The team will have to regroup and

to regroup and make changes, including bringing Harry out of cotton wool. They can qualify for the next round, but without Tim Cahill for match face a mighty task. To other news now and Timana has spoken for the first has spoken for the first time about why he has walked out of the New South Wales State of Origin kampb. The NRL blamed a directed at the Queensland player Greg

player Greg Inglis by the Blues assistant coast Andrew Today Tahu said it was not isolated incident, and he was determined to make a stand against racism. Timana Tahu's actions have spoken loudly. Now his words are adding to his deeds. This isn't about me deeds. This isn't about me or Andrew arresting racism arresting racism and standing up for my beliefs . His beliefs were offended last week when Johns made Johns made a racist remark about Queensland's Greg Inglis, but Tahu says his walkout wasn't over an isolated incident. It was not just incident. It was not just one racial comment directed at individual that oh fended me. The remarks were recommended at various races and various races and the situation I encountered was totally unacceptable. The Parramatta centre says his motivation comes from those closest to him I believe I'm a role for children and to do this, to show show my kids this type of behaviour is wrong. For doing so, his club says it's proud. We support him 110% and we've obviously been with him for the last few days and we will continue to be and we will continue to be and we look forward to him being back at training on training on Wednesday. But training could be tricky. The Eels employ Andrew Johns as obviously an issue that address in the next week or so. Tahu's admiration from circles beyond rugby league. From Timana rugby league. From Timana Tahu, I think it's fantastic I think it's fantastic for him to stand up for what he believes in. And Adam believes in. And Adam Goodes warns the AFL is yet to warns the AFL is yet to rid its game of racism. We've come such a long way in AFL in Tim terms of that, but it of that, but it still happens, and that's object of object of Johns' racist comment is training hard in Queensland. He is quite a determined bloke, we all know that, but I that, but I guess given the comments during the week, I hope he comes out and have blinder of a game. An angry Inglis is the last thing Blues need come The Federal Government introducing tougher introducing tougher penalties for people who threaten airport security. security. Bomb hoaxes and assaults on airline staff assaults on airline staff will attract jail terms of up to 10 years. The aviation industry says it is a good start, says it is a good start, but more needs to be done. It was only two days Agatha only two days Agatha a security breach at Melbourne caused chaos, forcing evacuated. Things have changed. The threat The threat of terrorism is greater and for that reason all governments in like-minded countries around the world have to ensure that the measures they put in place reflect the faced by thousands passengers turned out to be the fault of airline staff who failed to ensure a failed to ensure a plane load of of passengers were security-screened, but the Federal never be too safe. It plans never be too safe. It plans to increase the maximum increase the maximum jail terms for a number including bomb including bomb threats. We need to make sure seeking to act in such a manner, they understand the consequences are serious and they can be for a hoax, a serious up to tough penalties for tough penalties for aircraft hijacking and the like, some them involving them involving life imprisonment, so it's penalties should also be plans to create three new offences - the assault of a crew member, crew member, reckless endangerment of an aircraft, and having dangerous goods on board a plane. We need to at the tightening up of at the tightening up of issuing of on the tarmacs. The Government plans to table the legislation in the next balcony has collapsed in Sydney, raising concerns about the safety of thousands of similar structures. 12 teenagers were injured when the deck gave way during a party at a house on the lower North Shore. A teenaged her leg, another lost several teeth. It wasn't the kind of farewell these party-goers had been expecting. The teenagers felt 2.5m to the ground when the balcony they were crammed onto collapsed. We onto collapsed. We were just standing we heard we heard cracking and it went bag, scragt down a few It went smack and the floor, to the legs just went... It was just horrible. Screaming, crying. 12 teeners were taken to hospital. 16-year-old girl is surgery for a broken leg. Another Another had several teeth knocked out. This morning the cold light of day revealed a sorry sight for the sorry sight for the owners who bought the house less than a year ago. The teenagers say at one point up to 80 people were squeezed onto the squeezed onto the balcony, jumping up and down It was jumping up and down It was that packed you could barely moved. It was like you were going clubbing or something, you had to push P- people through. The accident has Australia could also be at risk of collapse. We do about 20,000 building inspections every year and about 2% of those inspections show degradation of the police have taken statements. Not being treated as a police investigation at this point. the owner the owner occupiers' insure. Property owners insure. Property owners are being urged not to overload their House is putting House is putting more pressure on BP as Barack Obama for his fourth for his fourth trip to the oil slick disaster area. The US says it will ask the energy company to set up company to set up a huge compensation compensation fund for victims of the spill. And we want to make sure that that money independently administered that there won't be slow that there won't be slow work on these as the slick spreads as the slick spreads along America's Gulf Coast and threatens the white beaches of Florida. Half as many women as men have been honoured in men have been honoured in this year's Queen's Birthday year's Queen's Birthday Honours list. As usual, the contributions of politicians, musicians, comedians and people have been recognised. The Australian of the Patrick McGorry, has again Patrick McGorry, has again been honoured as Rebecca Barrett Premier Steve Bracks, being made a Companion of the Order of Australia of Australia is a new career highlight. I got so pleasure out of being pleasure out of being Premier of Victoria. It of Victoria. It is a great State, and to be additionally given this honour is even better. The only woman to receive the top honour receive the top honour is Professor Valerie Beral been recognised for her service to medicine and women's to medicine and women's health. ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel also one of the also one of the highest achievers but says this is not all his own all his own doing Not of my work alone, but recognition of the hundreds of colleagues I've worked worked W you can't do these tasks on your own. The Australian of the Year McGorry has again recognised for his service to medicine and mental health. He has been a professional guitar player for 50 years, with tum rouse music awards under his belt. Now Tommy another accolade - a member of him is shark expert Taylor A long with her husband, Ron, she went from killing to filming the marine became an advocate for their protection. Adam been described as the wicket keeper-batsman ever grace the sport. His achievements on the field achievements on the field and off with various charities off with various charities has earned him a Queen's birthday honour. To

honour. To feel someone felt my contribution be it through sport and a bit of work quite a pleasant her fundraising, as does Barnardos Jane Douglass is one of this year's quiet think if one is and you can help other people, I think it's very important to do it. It is a pity there aren't more people to do it, too. Helping people more than two decades is comedy too. Helping people laugh for

duo and Greig Pickhaver have picked duo Roy and HG. Joy. John Doyle

up a gong each for their as entertainers and ambassadors We're absolutely as entertainers and UNICEF

over the moon. It's a dream come true. Can I point out, I've never dreamt about "it" this before, but now that got it, it is a dream It would be a nightmare if it was to 474 Australians have Queen's hon hours make Queen's hon hours list. Women on the Honours list with 55 people - 55 local people recognised for their the community. Some of them have flown under the radar for most of their lives. While much of the Queen's Honours list reads like a icons, some unsung sheer rows have been Beryl Fillery can't quite believe they've been was a heck of a Order of Australia medals. It

(Laughs) Oh, bare, oh, bare. believed it or We debated whether we

know. But the couple, who are believed it or not. You

both retired, have quietly about their volunteer work 16 years. Working alongside one about their volunteer work for

another as child minders and even another as personal careers,

toy-makers. Nothing important than being toy-makers. Nothing was more

together. It's important than being honoured is, and to be nominated together. It's wonderful, it

together, that's a major - a really big thing. They're in Treasurer Ted Quinlan has also good company. Former ACT

from the legislative in 2006. It ham as a surprise to me the assembly, out of the public eye for about 4 years and you would expect to forgotten by now, so, yes, it's would expect to be long

nice to be remembered. ANU Canberra Hospital, Infectious Diseases at the

list. Most of Peter Collignon is also on the say the recognition has given them an opportunity to reflect on their lives, but amongst winners is someone who has dedicated most of his the notion of dedicated most of his life to

remembrance. Brigadier Colin Khan served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and since he has retired from the service, he has assisted in the development of the veean and Vietnam memorials on Anzac bar can never forget what those men memorials on Anzac bar raid. I

did and make sure they have the did and I'm happy to assist to

continuing recognition that they names have resurface ed after a their work is there for all to see and has finished fifth in a which rates Australia's capital which rates Australia's 8 provision of infrastructure. capital cities for planning and The survey has fueled the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry with Melbourne coming out on top, emerald City is lacking Simon pay land reports. The

lustre. Sydney has got a long way to go if we're going build the sort of want. A new Property Council build the sort of city we

survey looks at how Australia's capital cities manage things like affordability, urban design and transport. Sydney is 6th place ahead of only Darwin and Hobart. Sydney has a history flip-flops. They do nothing history of transport

build private confidence. The New South Wales Government disputes the leading the koub country the financial crisis. Melbourne has a much easier story to Melbourne we sell. It's ranked No. 1. In

it's important to plan for the Melbourne we understand that

future and make sure ours is a liveable second, followed liveable city. Brisbane came and Perth with Canberra taking second, followed by Adelaide

fifth spot. Despite the comparatively good result for Adelaide, officials

Adelaide, officials say like every other city there are still challenges ahead when it comes to living space. It's about changing the people as opposed to about changing the way we house

quarter-acre block. The Federal people as opposed to the old

poorly rating cities could fail Government is warning that

to qualify for infrastructure funding in years. We need to make sure that the national government gets good value for money. We need to make

need to make sure that cities work in the interests the economy and the people who big political issue. A Federal live in them. It has become a live in them. It has become

Government Australia's population to rise Government report projects

to 36 million by 2050 with most of that increase occurring in and property groups are the capital cities. Planning

at Parliament be done. Wednesday to discuss what can

To finance and while the Australian closed for the public holiday, Australian share market was

Asian markets moved higher, taking their lead from last week's performances in the US and dollar also gained ground. and Europe. The Australian

is Phillip dollar also gained ground. Here The World game's event but that other world game, uninterrupted. Domestic markets

holiday, but Asia got off to good start thanks to holiday, but Asia got off to a

the back of week's rise on Wall Street on

sentiment. Good news from US chip-makers helped tech stocks lead the rally in Asia and positive sentiment helped the lead the rally in Asia and the

Australian dollar, although no-one is suggesting vibes could survive no-one is suggesting the good

European debt dramas. If think European debt dramas. If you

might offer some relief from think the World Cup distraction

the tremendous global market volt tilt we've been witnesses of late, think again. During the World Cup in Germany in 2006, the index fell 3%, while in 1998, dropped over 5% before dropped over 5% before rising 8%. The numbers for 8%. The numbers for FIFA, the world

world football body, world football body, are going in one direction at least. FIFA expects TV rights and other revenue from South Africa to yield more than $4 billion. That's 35% more than 4 ago., and major sponsors ago., and major sponsors are dishing out over dishing out over $40 million each. And that's finance. The Socceroos are counting the cost, too, of this morning's thrashing by the Germans. They will have to regroup quickly

will have to regroup quickly if they're to survive in the tournament. Australia's tournament. Australia's next opponent Ghana had a 1-0 win over over Serbia. Here is Duncan Huntsdale. The be meeting a Ghana be meeting a Ghana team that's high on confidence after sinking Serbia. The sinking Serbia. The African nation was handed its opportunity late in the game. A confidence

Gyan. Ghana was unlucky not to have a second time and their supporters believed the best is believed the best is yet to come. The minute we're out come. The minute we're out of our group, the Cup is ours for the taking. Group C is proving to be a nightmare for goalkeepers. A day after England's embarrassment,al gearia was gearia was red-faced. Really should have got that. The 1-0 win Slovenia's first. It wasn't a total

a total loss for Australian supporters overnight with Lleyton Hewitt Federer for the first time in 16 matches to 16 matches to win the Wimbledon lead-up lead-up event. To mentally come back and know I can back and know I can compete at this level. The Swiss this level. The Swiss had won his previous 29 matches at Halle and 76 of his last 77 matches on grass, but the Australian is no slouch on the surface, either, and revived memories of his 2002 triumph. Quality blow Hewitt. Having lost the first set 6-3, Hewitt won the second set tie breaker and a long losing run against Federer he was entitled to a little luck. What a way the title. A McLaren one-two from Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix has put the British pair in the same positions in positions in the driver's Championship. Australian Mark Webber has slipped Webber has slipped from 1st to 3rd overall after tyre trouble took its toll. Webber finished 5th. The tyre tactics were won by McLaren. Hamilton disposed of the softer rubber and then saw off the chal election of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. Button passed Alonso on Hamilton's second as many races gives 3-point lead over Button in the championship. Melbourne has held Collingwood to a thrilling draw in the clash at the MCG. A late inclusion in line-up, Brad Dick, booted a giem high 4 goals. The giem high 4 goals. The Demons battled their way into game. The

game. The scores were leveled 5 times in the last quarter. 13th-placed Melbourne looked set to pull off a major upset until Collingwood last goal of the match. A last goal of the match. A 5 billion, 7 A 5 billionkm Scientists the trail blazing the trail blazing satellite is carrying sampling from a carrying sampling from a close encounter where aye an asteroid. This is the Japanese scientists have waited 7 years for, the return of the Hayabusa spacecraft. Oh, wow! Just 500km from probe exploded above Woomera precious cargo 500km from Adelaide, its jettisoned. The weather is very fine, no cloud and almost no wind, so everybody took picture. It is wind, so everybody took a re-ep tri-was a spectacular picture. It is a beautiful. The

show for locals and visiting international media, but it also captured headline as cross the world, daylight and will be flown back capsule was retrieved in

to Japan for analysis. blasting off to Japan for analysis. After

spacecraft landed Itokawa asteroid two spacecraft landed on the

later to collect samples of material from the Years of technical hitches had delayed its return and with it the first hope for asteroid dust. 6 billionkm later, light on how asteroids formed light on how asteroids are into contact with. Australian formed and what they have come

scientists will be the research work over the next year. And now here is with all our evening. For news. Thanks, Virginia and good birthday, the weather was evening. For a Clayton's royal

certainly regal. Even this orchid has a distant connection to the monarchy, but ice covered the dogs' in the Tuggeranong this morning. After a cracker frost, Canberra

sunny day, and it did today:

These south-easterly have been covered by a high that covers most In for that covers most of Canberra. queen. The only other area to In for another day fit for a

receive showers was along the coast. In the State capitals


Sunny and dry again on Wednesday with possibly our first rainfall coming up on Virginia, on Saturday night, I coming up on Thursday.

went to the Opera House listen to the SSO perform all went to the Opera House to

things British in their The Last Night of things British in their concert

and this orchid along with other flowers were decorating the stage, and the conductor said I could have one. I bet he did not! You will to pinch a flower. Thanks That's ABC News. Stay for the '7:30 Report' coming up next. I will be Corners'. 8:30 update just before 'Four

Corners'. Until Corners'. Until then, enjoy

your evening. Goodnight.

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