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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. I'm

Ben Fordham. It's Friday night.

Welcome to ACA. We have a terrific

show for you. A little bit of

everything, but we start with an

investigation you have asked for,

what's going on with public housing

in Australia. Tonight we take up

the fight for residents living in

hell. There's no other way to

describe it. And when you see the

damage done, make sure you remember

Stuart. you're paying for it. Here's Sarah

Fix that up! (Bleep). I want to

move and I want to get out of here.

I've had enough. I want out. What

happened to the door? Oh, there's

none left. Been like that for ages.

It's our public housing disgrace.

In every major city, units you pay

for and rors destroy. -- others

destroy. Yeah, it's like living in

a war zone, like living in a third

world country The damage for this

one alone will runs into the tens

of thousands of dollars, Washington

guess who has to fork out for the

de repairs? That's right, you, the

taxpayer. This is unbelievable.

Yeah, this is mount druert at its

finest. There's been people through

this apartment with an axe,

smashing windows with axes, yeah.

Kids have to live here This unit

has to be seen to be believed.

Every wall covered in graffiti. The

benchs, the drawers, the windows

all Tagged. Power point switches

pulled a part. Syringes on the

floor. The sink, even in the toilet,

the showers showered in glass,

paper and who knows what else. I

don't even feel safe walking

through here. You just don't know

what you're going to touch. No.

They've just trashed everything.

Someone should do something about

it because it's the most terrible

thing I've ever seen. For days raw

sewerage ran through tin side of

the complex. Going from the toilets

into the units. So these floors

were covered Yes, the whole lot.

All the units were flooded about

four inches off the ground The

pipes blocked in another deliberate

act of vandalilsm. Did the old one

burst or get lost? Blocked. Do you

know what with? Rocks. Residents

are at breaking point. All want to

leave but where do they go? (Bleep).

Don't worry about it. Give me a

(bleep). (Bleep) fix that up!

(Bleep) sewage in mind. Eric. Prbl

Hey. You've got to get here.

(Bleep). Now you've smacked everything everything. (Bleep)!

Some o come on, sorry. Kerry lives

on the bottom floor nexted to the -

- next to the trashed number 3 and

the blocked pipes. Don't board it

(bleep) up. (Bleep) kick it out.

Don't. You keep taking the bar --

barricade down Alexis and husband

Gary live on the top floor. They'll

be first time parents in two months.

I'm scared. I've had enough. I'm

meant to be having a baby and I

shouldn't be having to raise it in

this kind of environment. It's just

ridiculous. They've ablied for a

transfer, but with so many on the

waiting list there's little hope.

Things got stolen at the front.

There was a fire here not long ago.

If rubbish bins got set alight and

the tree out the book got set

alight. We're scared, all the baby

stuff is in the back room The state

is shock oing. No one should have

to live in these conditions. And

it's right flex door to a pre-

school and on the other side

door to there's a primary school, kids next

door to syringes and squallor. All

it takes is a kid to walk in there

and there's a problem Residents are

pointing the finger at each other.

But NSW housing minister Frank

Terenzini knows exactly who's

responsible. First the damage to

number 3. My information is that's

the people who were living in in

unit were evicted and they were

evicted tpwries, on two occasions,

and they were the people causing

this damage Tenants trashing their

own home. Thankfully police are now

on the case T minister says the

pipes were blocked but a -- by a

second set of tenants still living

in one of the units. There are

tenants within the complex that are

committing these acts of putting these objects down through the

inspection holes to block the

sewerage and police and housing NSW officers are currently

investigating that. Sticks and

bricks and boulders, yeah, I

wouldn't be surprised. The

stupidity of a ebgt select few

creating a health hazard for many.

Kids use the grounds as a short cut

before and after schoolment This is

where the toilet - I won't go any

further than this. The this is

waste - human waste. That's what it

was like all around the house. All

around the whole unit block. For

how long? Three weeks. The entire

sewerage system was replaced four

years ago at a cost of 25,000

dollars. The noise, the violence,

everything, the graffiti, the mess,

the rubbish, the syringes,

everything. It's just got to stop.

It's disgusting. Fred lives on the

second floor, has done for half his

life. I've been here the longest

here. I'm nearly 25 - 27 years here.

It was alright in them days, ages

ago. We didn't get none of this

stuff, you know. It was beautiful

here. We had beautiful gardens.

Gardens got taken care of, and the

old ladies used to get out and mop

the verandah and inside and -

there's no point in doing it

anymore. It just gets trashed five

seconds after lgts been cleaned.

These day it is windows are boarded

up, the foyer ruined. Even the

outdoor toilet was stolen, hardly a

place you'd like to call home. We

need to get out of here. I want to

get out of here. It's just gone too

far. I don't want to live here.

like this, especially kids. Natalie Barr should have to live

No wonder they want to get out of

there. It's costing us all a bomb T

mfrpb tells us that you nut block

will be cleaned up wb days so it

can be reoccupied by suitable

tenants if you need action on

public housing problem in your

enabled drop usen email and we'll

be on the case next week. Now, to

Australia's ancient rain forests.

While they've impressed us forever

through sheer beauty, it's possible

their true benefits are only just

being discovered. A team of

scientists believe our rain forests

cancer. could hold the key to cureing

It is an amazing discovery, and the

data is so compelling. Once in a

lifetime and once in a professional

lifetime you get something like

this happens. It's going to be a

fantastic journey. Somewhere

beneath the ancient north

Queensland rain forest canopy, two

amazing stories. It's something

very unique. The drug industry's

dominated by a lot of big multi

national companies. Here we are, a

small Australian company and we had

to do things differently. The tiny

Australian company doing what no

multi national has done. So

multi national has done. So what we

did is we used an Australian understanding of the Australian

bush, what our plants and animal

dos and approached to whole

discovery process differently. And

the humble plant bearing big fruit.

EBC-46, we originally discovered

from the fruit of a rain forest

treefplt I think when the rest of

the world hears this they'll be

sceptic. In other words, this just doesn't happen, and I wouldn't have believed it.

believed it. But when you actually

see it lapping it is amazing. Max

should be like all the rest, 100%

tumour free in five days. What this

drug does -- dangerous, is create a

Lucasite storm. It causes the

body's own immune system to cause a

huge influx of nuet, which are the

cells that generally fight

infection. We would say

infection. We would say for certain

cancer ths is a miracle drug.

Reddell is an exCSIRO scientist now

chief officer in Q-Biotic. It's a

minnow in the drug world but that

might change. We think it can

revolutionise the way cansers are

treated. I've had him since he was

a pup pifplt he's been through everything.

everything. And I guess - sorry. So

far this patients trialled on Q-

Biotic EBC-46 cancer drug all have

four legs like duke, diagnosed with

cancer he was given six weeks to

live. We resigned ourselves to the

fact that we weren't going to have

him for uech much longer. EBC-46 in

jected straight bo the tumour, it

disappeared with

disappeared with one treatment.

It's amazing how it works,

incredible. I'm a little

overexcited about it. Vet surgeon

Jane Miller has been pioneering the

use of EBC-46 on pets with

otherwise inoperable cancers. Not

allowed to say it's a cure, or a

treatment but the implications for

human medicine are huge. It's just

thrilling. It stimulates the body's

auto immune response

auto immune response to produce

white cells which come around the

cancer and actually kill it. Dr

Jack Ayrbe has been overseeing the

animal trials of EBC-46. So far

we've treated horses, cats, sheep,

and dogs. Every every animal we've

treated has had the cancer

disappear The the drug works

effectively in animals will it work

effectively in animals will it work

in humans? Not necessarily. We're

not the same as nice, dogs or

horses and treatment as that might

be effective in animals may not be

successful in people. Despite the

drugs early success, the cancer council's associate professor

Michael Jefford cautions against

declaring it a miracle cancer cure

all. The results that have been

shown seem to be some good

shrinkage. We don't know whether

that's going to translate into good

long-term outcomes or cure Because

the drug is injected drugly into

its tumour, the implications are

for localiseed tumours where

surgical removal is not an option.

Would that be more thorough than

cutting a cancer out? Probably not.

Human trials, hopefully late this

year, will reveal if Queensland's

miracle fruit taste has as swee as

it looks. It will be the first drug

from the Australian rain forest

that's actually made it into

clinical trials so we're very proud

of that, a small Australian company

has been able to do that. Good

stuff. Good to see the Aussie

scientists punching above their

weight. Still to come, on ACA, our

exclusive looking side some of the hottest properties for sale around

the country. But now we go to a

bloke who is without doubt an

Australian sporting icon. In the

tennis world John Newcombe is

probably the most loved legend of

the game. But Newk is now

recovering from a cancer operation

that didn't quite go to plan. Here he is one-on-one with Leila McKinnon.

On the your, John Newcombe loved

pressure. His powerful section

serve and triumphs in five set

matchs were legend. The tight

before the moment, the big before

the moment, the more the adrenalin

flow ad the more I enjoyed it and

winning or luegz wasn't important.

It was - I was in battle and that

was the excitement. Off the court

his determination and passion for

challenges has served him well

especially in the past few months

with two big health scares. You

know, with two operations, big

operations within a three week

period. But Newk learned early that

he could beat anything and anyone.

He first picked up a racquet at

five years old. And then eight

years of age playing

years of age playing my first

Sunday morning men's comp at eight,

and - which I won. Do you remember

were people astonished at eight

that you were beating adults? I

think a lot of the adulls I was

playing thought I was a pesky

little kid. I was sitting up here

with my dad and Tony roch was over

here He quickly became a pesky

little kid with a dream whose dad took him to

took him to the 1954 Davis cup

match two years later and that was

that. I think at that moment the

dream was firmly implant indeed my

head, and I think I started to

believe that that was my destiny.

And seven years later you were at

Wimbledon. Seven years later I was

at Wimbledon, and nine years after

this I played Davis cup for

Australia. That's

Australia. That's it. Statistics

are incredible. 107 titles, 26

grand slams including nine Wimbledon wins, sings is and

doubles. Even one of his losses

became a career highlight. It was

the US open doubles, John McEnroe

hit Newk's partner Fred Stolle with

a ball, so Newk sprang to his

defence. What I did, layly, I went

across to the dark side.

across to the dark side. Darth

vadar was guiding me, and I sort of

came to and thought, geez, looked

and I've got this rack cat handle

up his nose and I'm screaming at

him. I looked around, how'd I get

over here? I just flipped out, and

I tell you, what it was a really

nice feeling. (laughs). One of your high lyingings. One of my highlights.

highlights. A lot has changed in

tennis. Well, if they went out and

tried to play as they play today

with one of these old wooden

racquets here they'd break their

wrist But the biggest difference

has to be the prize money. I won

the last amateur Wimbledon in 19 57.

I got a 50 pound money ofrpltd

I got a 50 pound money ofrpltd

whoever gets Wimbledon will get a

million dollars this year What did

you spend your 50 pounds on? I ill

little -- illegally cashed it in. I

thought I was wealthy. Instead of

eating a Hamburg before I had a

steak How has your wife and your

home life influenceed your career?

Well, I suppose my wife would say

that it's been a major influence because I started winning

because I started winning grand

slams after we got married. That's

a sign. That's it. Next year Angie

and Newk celebrate their 45th

wedding anniversary. What's the

secret? A lot of hard work and

compromise. This year hasn't always

been easy for them. Newk went into

hospital to have a bay sal cell

carcinoma removed from his face. On the

the surface it was a tiny white

spot. But when the doctor got in

there he found that it had grown an

initch -- inch down my nose and an

inch down here, three hour

operation, 64 stitches, had to take

cartilage out my're to plug in my

nose. Just three weeks later he had

an uncomplicated hip replacement,

his first two medical procedures since the stroke

since the stroke that ended his

wild partying and changed his life

seven years ago. Could have saved

my life because I had minor damage.

I appreciated the warning. I took

heed of the warning and I changed

all my - you know, changed my

lifestyle. So there's does the old

Newk ever reappear at parties? Well,

the old Newk, the bad Newk was Jack,

and all my friends would say, about

and all my friends would say, about

11 o'clock at night, "Jack's coming

out." Shirt buttons had burst and

Jack would jump out and John would

have to wake up the next morning

and live with what Jack had done

the night before Jack's days have

gone. They're not numbered, they're

gone. I hope it's gone because it's

awfully hard recovering from one of

Jack's eska paids. As you smash it

you kill. Ready? Of course

you kill. Ready? Of course Charge

in, kill. Because Newk love ass

challenge we came up with a tough

one - coaching a tennis novice with

two left feet. Yes! Oh, she's got

it in. And back for the drop shot.

Go. And maybe with a coach like

this even I could have been a

contend before. Yeah! Alright! The

crowd goes wild!

crowd goes wild! Great story. The

Newk there with McKinnon. She's a

great interview before but a very

average tennis play before. Of

course you can catch Leila on the

weekend today show tomorrow morning.

After the break on ACA, open for

inspection. We check out some of Australia's hottest properties for

sale. The bathrooms are lovely, the

kitchen's great. The house as a

whole I believe is a fantastic

Reforming the health system starts with the people who look after us. And this is a great time to be part of it. Because we're increasing medical training programs to help deliver around 6,000 more GPs and specialists, providing support for more than 8,000 nurses working in general practice, aged care, mental health and rural areas, and improving training and support for allied health professionals in regional areas. to work in the new health system. There's never been a better time Visit

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. Now to our weekly

segment where we give you exclusive

access into some of the country's hottest properties for sale.

Tonight, three homes in three

different states but all of them

senational. -- sensational. We know few of us can afford

few of us can afford them, but at

least we get to have a looking side.

Come on through. Wow: Have a look

at this. This sit. This is what the

apartment's about, the view T foyer

area has been design indeed a way

to frame that The first thing you

see when you walk in the door, and

you'll never forget that, will you?

No, no, and I lefr in. They say

No, no, and I lefr in. They say

first impressions count and nobody

knows that better than well to do

businessman Duncan Angus. A friend

of mine told me about it before it

came on the mark. It was being

developed. When I saw it I thought

amazing. I have to have it because

the Sydney sky line is second to

none. Have it he did and a very big

way. This pepblt house has three

bedrooms and two bathrooms and

that's just level one. Come

upstairs to the sky lounge, a whole

floor of lux our use living. This

is a -- this is the living room but

with a flick of a switch you can

turn this into a contained home

cinema. Yes, blocks it out and the

screen comes down as well. I wanted

something stream lined by elegant

something stream lined by elegant

and something that didn't take away,

I guess frrbgs the view as we were

talking before, but was simple,

elegant and smart. In fact,

Duncan's designed much of this

himself, a globe troting jetset

before he works all around the

world and has brought little bits

of it back home like the fibre

optic lights that wrinkle in the

toilets. That's an idea from the Turkish

Turkish nightclub I love the bath.

There's a story there. There is.

Another thing, I was inspired from

a restaurant in London Hakkasan, blue glass back lit in the

restaurant, I loved that, and I

wanted that. My design before knew

the restaurant so he did it for me.

Now, from a corporate high fly

before to someone right down to

earth, meet Steve Moreels. Yeah,

this is dely a favourite room in

the house. We like to spen a lot of

time in here. It's got the latest

features, great sound, big screen

TV to watch a footy -- footy on.

He's designed his Gold Coast castle

to make the most of things. This is

where we like to entertain, open

plan living, the pool, the water

views and city sky line. It's

enjoyable to live out here. The

design of home, go to for the open

plan liveing to incorporate the

Broadbeach lifestyle and living on

the Gold Coast. One of the central

features of the home is quite

unique. We call it our floating

stairway. We've had a lot of en --

enquiries of the internet has to

how we built them Floating walk way

high above the house which links

its east and west wings. Sounds

very presidential, but then this is

a white house. When we opened the

whole house up, yeah, it is really

nice to watch the sun glit before

up the water and the open breezes

and stuff like that. It's, yeah,

really nice. One of my favourite

rooms of the hourbgs dicking back

in the spa watching the footy

enjoying a Sunday afternoon. Go

boys! Another mad footy freak

Boutros has kicked big goals in the

renovation stakes. His bathroom is

hotel like - TV, spar and floor to

ceiling tiles. Step outside and the

backyard screams resort with sun

beds by the pool and a ba Lynese

thatched hut. The north facing pool

is lovely to enjoy on a hot

summer's day but we Don get that

weather all the time in Melbourne

so you can always come in and enjoy

the hot tub. The bathrooms are

lovely, kitchen's great. The house

as a whole I believe is a fantastic home.

The horse shoe shapes dining

The horse shoe shapes dining room

is a really great place to

entertain and it grabs your

attention as you enter the home. We

really love it. My favourite room

is the down stairs entertaining

area which incorporates a bar, a

theatre room, a dining room and a

small study for myself. This is a

great home for familys and we'll

sadly miss it if we sell and leave.

sadly miss it if we sell and leave.

Damien Murphy gets around and

sensational places if you were in

the market for something like that,

good luck to you. You'll find Dames

on our web site. Still to come on

ACA, terra costs, Tracy Grimshaw

meet it is team who are taking on

the home grown terror threat head

on. Now let's

us. Enjoy your long weekend. Good

evening ... Thieves have used explosives in an attempted roblosives in an attempted ATM explosives in an attempted ATM

robbery in Canberra' s south early

this morning. Locals have this morning. Locals have been

warned they face serious warned they face serious penalties

if they let of fireworks this

if they let of fireworks this long

weekend. And, the National Zoo

weekend. And, the National Zoo and Aquarium has welcomed the arrival Aquarium has welcomed the arrival of

three new baby

Reforming the health system starts with the people who look after us. And this is a great time to be part of it. Because we're increasing medical training programs to help deliver around 6,000 more GPs and specialists, providing support for more than 8,000 nurses working in general practice, aged care, mental health and rural areas, and improving training and support for allied health professionals in regional areas.

There's never been a better time to work in the new health system. Visit

This program is captioned live.

Next week, until now it's been top

secret, the men and women

protecting all of us from the

threat of a terrorist attack. Tracy Grimshaw is back with a bang.

Terror cops. Here we go boys.

Australia targeted from within.

There was an explosion. These

people look in a pretty bad way. In

A Current Affair, Tracy Grimshaw

hits the front, tack plg terrorists.

What is it, a bomb or what? Plus

can you spot the difference? Which

low cost cosmetic out perform the

free brands? The make up comparison

every woman's been waiting for.

Those stories Monday night. As I

said, the boss is back, too. Thanks

for watching while Tracy Grimshaw's

been away. I'm Ben Fordham, and see you soon.

Supertext captions by Red This program is captioned live.

The Gold Coast Titans have not been

outside the top 8 since round 26,

2008, but tonight as we welcome

2008, but tonight as we welcome you

live to Skilled Park to nine's

Friday Night Football, a loss to

the Manly Sea Eagles could see them

tumble into the second half of the

competition table on the back of

four straight defeats. Good evening

and thank you for joining us to the

kick off to round 14 of the tell

stpra premiership, just five qaims

to be -- games to be play indeed

preparation for next Wednesday's

State of Origin between the maroons and blues.

and blues. Joined by Wally Lewis

and Gould. Let's have a quick chat

about Origin, seems another

uninterrupted preparation for

maroons going in confidentment Yeah,

they are. There's not too many

problems for them and that's the

way the coach would have liked it.

The only difficulty has been the

interruption with Israel Folau and

the argument about whether he

should be taking part in the game.

Other than that I think mall's

feeling quite comfortable. Things

going as planned. We've heard everybody's opinioned. I haven't

heard what you've had to say.

Should Israel Folau be representing

Queensland? I wish he played rugby

league in his future and he's not.

I don't see that as -- I don't see

that as a problem. A couple of

years ago we saw Mark gaz ya picked

in the NSW after indicating he was

going to rugby union so. What's

good for the goose. It's a must win

for NSW to a void five straight

series defeats. There are some

challenges, some force ad some

through injury. What do you make of

the NSW squad for next week? Yeah,

they have made changes, but it

comes down to more than personnel

now. For me it comes down to 250

and self-belief. When it gets to

the crucial point ngs these games,

Queensland are more aggressive and

more confident and believe more in

their own ability. Even game 1

where I thought Queensland were

very dominant, with 20 minutes to

go, there was only two points the

difference. They still got it down

and -- done and NSW didn't. It's an

attitude thing. It will help we've

got senior players coming back into

the squad, but they have to believe

at the back end of the game they

can get it done. That's the

difference between the two at

difference between the two at ta

moment. I have to do the same to

you. Should Jarryd Hayne be playing

next week? Absolutely. I would hate

to think football players would

miss a game for a minor inDecember

Chris especially State of Origin.

An ideal lead into the game next

Wednesday night is a one out

documentary that has been put

together. You will see it on

Tuesday night, a 30 year

celebration of Harvey Norman State

of Origin football. You'll hear

from the players who made it what