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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - on a Sydney street, a young man left to die knocked down by a hit-run driver. A fresh crisis for the Premier her major funding announcement. overshadowing Google under police investigation

of Australian streets. over the mapping Australia And Samantha Stosur thanks in the French Open Final. after her heartbreaking loss with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

with multiple injuries, A Sydney man is fighting for life including a suspected broken spine,

on the northern beaches. following a hit-run crash flying through the air A friend saw him but he's so shocked, that almost killed his mate. he can't recall the type of car from a night in the city, Heading home were dropped of by their taxi Josh Perryman and his friends Allambie Heights. around 1:00am on Kentwell Road, just over the road, With friend Michael Lang's place Josh started crossing. He was a little bit in front of me. struck my friend A car's come around the corner, fly through the air. and, um, I've just seen him The car that hit him drove off. Taken to Royal North Shore Hospital, with a suspected fractured spine. the 27-year-old's in intensive care travelled from Victoria His family and girlfriend to be at his side. Josh was working as a tree lopper. a business, you know. He's a good bloke, he's just started not good at all, mate. It's not good, here have always feared. This is the kind of crash locals an important link road With this being for the northern beaches, it's always busy with these bends dangerous too. and because it's steep and up and down this road. This road, they do speed 200m away There is a new pedestrian crossing but in the other direction. to find the car. Police are pleading for public help which will have front-end damage. The vehicle is a silver Holden Astra but here are some possibilities. It's not clear which model Astra The person themselves, come forward. that would be good. Just do the right thing,

that's just like murder. If you don't stop, isn't it, really? It's like murdering someone, of a new crisis for her government, The Premier is denying claims of an investigation into her office. saying she knows nothing Kristina Keneally has been accused on a whistleblower, of keeping a dirt file

announcement today taking the gloss off her funding for the Opera House. in a horror week, After losing two ministers with a virtuoso performance. the Premier hoped to recover removed from the forecourt. All of the traffic $150 million will buy a tunnel out of the way of pedestrians to take 1,000 trucks a week to the Harbour's gem. and improve access a bit shinier. That jewel is about to get is dimming. But the Government's glow has denied reports Kristina Keneally her office the Ombudsman is investigating for breaking whistleblower laws. It's claimed Tim Horan - Karyn Paluzzano - former staffer to sacked Penrith MP by Ms Keneally's advisors was being bad-mouthed the anti-corruption commission. after he went to Staff in her office were circulating as a dirt sheet on that staffer. what's been described certainly my chief of staff, Certainly I, of communications certainly my director would never condone such behaviour. The Opposition Leader says for an early State poll. now there's even more reason could get recall elections If he wins, he says New South Wales of unpopular governments, to get rid like they do in California. won power. It's how Arnold Schwarzenegger We can do better. This politician is committed of politics in New South Wales. to reducing the amount is back in trouble with police, Sydney Roosters star Jake Friend possessing prescription medication. charged with illegally on him Officers allegedly found valium around midnight. during a search on a Coogee street The Roosters are standing by Friend, of an innocent explanation. saying they're confident The club took him back last month last year after terminating his contract for not paying a taxi fare. when he was charged

of a nightclub assault charge. Friend was recently cleared biggest internet companies One of the world's Australian Federal Police, is being investigated by accused of breaking privacy laws. from the Federal Government The complaint's come on internet safety. which has launched a crackdown Two weeks after accusing Google in history... of the biggest privacy breach they can just do anything they want. Google take the view that doing what it wants, ..the Government's to the Federal Police referring the internet giant to collect private information over claims it set out its Street View mapping service. while taking photos for They relate in substantial part Telecommunications Interception Act. to possible breaches of the along with social networking sites, Google will also be investigated, by a new parliamentary committee the so-called 'Facebook murder' looking into cases like of Sydney teenager Nona Belomesoff. like the Wild West The digital network is to come to town and we need a sheriff network. to start regulating the digital will be put in, A new code of practice

to report illegal activity. requiring internet service providers

it's not enough But child safety experts say about Facebook. and they're particularly concerned They're calling for to be banned completely convicted sex offenders from social networking. This is the Facebook profile recently released from prison of a sex offender to find a girlfriend. who's gone online is the pop star Pink His profile picture

among his interests. and lists 'girls' I think that his profile indicates that, you know, a huge red flag goes up the pole for me.

I just think it's incredibly dangerous. A former policeman is calling for the Police Integrity Commission to be scrapped

saying he's living proof that it ruins lives. Adam Purcell lost his job as a superintendent after warning parents about a paedophile, going against official orders. For three years, Laura Purcell lived with the sting of accusations her father was a corrupt cop. Have a great day, OK? Love you, Dad. Okay, I love you too. His crime - defying his bosses to secretly warn parents a child predator was on the loose in Oatley - a predator attacking girls the same age as his daughter. I'm really glad that he stood up for that. Adam Purcell is proud too but so angry the Police Integrity Commission destroyed his life because of it. Disgusts me, and the sooner the Government realises that they are a law unto themselves and start hobbling their powers, the better. The PIC found nothing on Purcell as it investigated his handling of a rape investigation in 2006. The best they could find - he leaked to the media. And millions of dollars later, after pushing a whistleblower to the brink of suicide,

the PIC secured its conviction -

a mere 200 hours' community service and a fine. It was the PIC's only hearing in 2007. I was the justification for their $22 million budget for that year. The judge sentencing Purcell expressed surprise it ever made it to court and said the PIC's case was very weak. They're trying to justify their existence and the truth of the matter is they've outlived their usefulness. The Premier has announced a review of the Police Integrity Commission's powers and there's a growing chorus for it to be disbanded altogether. The body's own Inspector-General found it has denied natural justice to other senior officers and that it broke the law itself to secure Purcell's conviction. It's ironic that an organisation that wants to keep the NSW Police accountable is unaccountable. A drug to treat the deadliest form of skin cancer could be available in Australia by the end of the year. Trials of the medication in America have seen melanoma tumours disappear giving hope for the 10,000 Australians who'll be diagnosed this year. Two years ago, doctors told Rick Wilkey he didn't have long to live. I just couldn't believe that it was happening!

The deadly skin cancer melanoma had spread through his body. Metastatic melanoma is a devastating disease and traditionally we've had no treatments that have successfully improved survival. Dr Steven O'Day and other researchers have been studying a protein which stimulates cells in the immune system to attack the cancer. After a few treatments, Wilkey and his wife Toni were told he was cancer free. The nurses... Everybody was jumping up and down, ..everybody came into this tiny little room and gave us the good news. While the drug can be a lifesaver, it only works in up to 30% of patients. Doctors can't predict which ones. It can also have serious side-effects, sometimes setting off autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and colitis. The manufacturer is already

working with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and will lodge an application by the end of the year

to try to sell the drug in Australia. This is producing tremendous excitement both for the clinical researchers who are in the battleground of this horrible disease and the patients and their families. Researchers hope the drug could one day be used to fight other types of cancer. Aussie tennis star Samantha Stosur is already focused on trying to win Wimbledon after losing the final of the French Open early this morning. The world number 7 went down to Italy's Francesca Schiavone in two hard-fought sets, later thanking Australians for their support. She came so far but Sam Stosur's big day on the Paris clay was stolen by Italy's first Grand Slam champion of the open era. I'm incredibly disappointed but I've gotta be happy with the week that I've had. Her parents and brother had made the last-minute dash to Paris, arriving just hours before the final. One more, that's it - one more to go. Stosur started well, with her powerful cross-court forehand rattling Francesca Schiavone. But the Italian changed her game plan. She couldn't match Stosur's power so she ran the Aussie round the court. Schiavone took the first set 6-4

but Stosur came back in the second with a break of serve. COMMENTATOR: That'll do it, backhand into the corner. But too many unforced errors brought about Stosur's downfall. Schiavone put the set back on serve and won it in a tie break. And the veteran, the underdog. Aussie fans were shattered but proud. A little bit disappointed but it was still a fantastic game. This'll give her confidence. She's got through to the final so I think for her it's just on from here. Sam Stosur was planning on celebrating here at the Eiffel Tower with the trophy and some champagne but sadly, she'll have to wait till next year and try to do it all again. But for a woman who's fought back from a life-threatening virus and made a French Open final, the future is looking bright. Having had this week, the success that it's been, hopefully I can make Wimbledon the same. Still to come - the world's biggest hamburger made here in Sydney.

Also, a young Sydney boy's brave fight to stay alive. And frantic attempts to rescue a female race car driver. That's next.

So often we hear about what's wrong inside our hospitals but tonight a story of medical brilliance and incredible bravery.

It's the fight to save the life of a baby boy

who battled the longest of odds and won. Little Blake Latimer is approaching some major milestones.

His first words. His first steps. But this 1-year-old has already passed his toughest test. Just when things looked really bad, he'd just surprise everyone and come back. He's tough. At just 8-weeks of age, Blake had a massive heart attack.

He was brought back to life and rushed to hospital.

A large tumour was destroying his heart. This one is really, really bad and a really rare event.

So bad and so rare, no infant had ever survived. Blake had two major operations, he was on life support for four days. At one stage it seemed his tiny heart had had enough. One night they had to shock him back to life 30 times.

10 may be the max, 20 unknown, but 30! They just kept going. hung in their remarkably well. For the next few days he just hung in there remarkably well. Weeks of intensive care followed then months more in hospital but slowly Blake got stronger.

They were so determined and they got him through. These days there are regular checkups. You must be an expert by now? I am, I've become a big expert. Part of the tumour remains but thankfully, it's benign and stable. And Blake is now the face of this week's Gold Week - the hospital's major fundraising campaign. He's one of our favourite patients. It's hard not to get emotionally involved in a case as rare and as complex as this.

The latest attempt to plug a leaking oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico has had some success, capturing a third of the daily flow.

A containment cap is siphoning 6,000 barrels of crude oil to a nearby ship. But residents along America's Gulf Coast say it's too little too late. You just wonder if it'll ever get back to what it was before. Oil-soaked birds are being cleaned and given a new home in Florida's wetlands. A fiery crash at the Indy car series in Texas almost ended in tragedy when a female driver became trapped inside her vehicle.

Simona de Silvestro couldn't undo the clips holding her in place. Rescue crews struggled for almost a minute, trying to pull her free as the car burned.

The fire-retardant suit she was wearing almost certainly saved her life. Round-the-world sailor Jessica Watson has finally returned to her home port

of Mooloolaba in Queensland. Thousands lined the foreshore to welcome the 17-year-old back 271 days after she left to circumnavigate the globe. I've been dreaming about a day like this, sailing into Mooloolaba, for a very long time so it's just great to be home.

Jessica plans to stay grounded for a while - at least until she's finished a book and documentary about her adventure. Now here's a story to sink your teeth into. A Sydney cafe owner has created the world's biggest hamburger. Weighing in at 90kg, it took 14 hours to make using 81kg of minced meat, 120 eggs, more than 4 kilos of lettuce and tomatoes and 144 slices of cheese. It'll be carved up and sold off tonight, the money going to the Children's Hospital at Randwick. Sport now with Mark Beretta and a couple of Sharks ready for a Blues call-up. Mark, Paul Gallen and Trent Barrett might be needed, too with Anthony Watmough injured today. The league's next as Israel Folau shows he's ready for AFL but Brent Tate won't be taking his Origin jersey. And after four losses in a row,

the Swans finally produce the Goodes.

# I was twittering away before I crashed into the corner shop # I was trying to dry my hair # I was fiddling with my chair

BOTH: # We were trying to read a map and didn't stop # What about me? # I never claim # They get the same as I did

(CRASH!) # What about me? # AAMI's Safe Driver Rewards. VOICEOVER: For drivers who don't claim. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

is in doubt Anthony Watmough's Origin spot injured his groin after the Blues and Manly backrower in the loss to the Broncos. a late scare from the Titans While the Raiders survived over the Warriors and the Dragons did the job for the locals at Brookvale. it was a costly loss

This Manly rookie's the son of Hoppa

but it was their big boppa Tony Williams who scored first against Brisbane. COMMENTATOR: He'll score, the big fella, if he can get it down. Great work at the back saved a second. As the Broncos fought to get on the board they went to the air and guess who was there? Oh, Israel has gone above 'em - he'll score. Locky could see why AFL's GWS said yes.

And I think Israel Folau runs too far here without bouncing the ball! There'll be no Origin recall for Warrior Brent Tate.

Watmough. Limped off with a groin injury. We will have some scans on

him tomorrow.

Oh, the head clash. and James Maloney pounced When Ben Creagh coughed up and Tate a Queensland jumper. it cost the Dragons a try for Brent Tate - big problems. And problems already they called for a nurse With a broken jaw any better when it was Florence. but wouldn't have felt just brilliant. Nightingale, oh, brilliant, from Blues centre Matt Cooper The Dragons did enough with a double to get home by two. and a try to Jamie Soward Too easy.

In Canberra it was too easy, Campese to a 20-point lead as Terry fired his Raiders against the Gold Coast Titans.

In the corner goes Vidot.

the Raiders hung on. Despite three late Titans' tries and Paul Gallen Sharks stars Trent Barrett for Blues berths put their hands up of the Roosters. in last night's demolition the game hung in the balance With half an hour on the clock Nathan Gardner fielded a bomb until rookie Sharks fullback close to his line and set sail. unstoppable. The 20-year-old speed machine - COMMENTATOR: Open space, still going, still going! What a try that is. Yeah I wasn't running all that way and not scoring a try for the corner. so I just headed straight and skipper Trent Barrett Paul Gallen

with tries in the 24-point win. did their Origin hopes no harm I'd love to play again. You never know - cross my fingers, he'll be back Panther Luke Lewis hopes in the win against the Knights. despite this lifting tackle

into the ground upside down. He certainly didn't drive him but is OK. Lewis copped a knock of his own Tim Cahill strained his neck World Cup credibility and the Socceroos' at the hands of the United States took a massive battering overnight. with a lot of work to do The 3-1 loss leaves Pim Verbeek before facing Germany tomorrow week. an impenetrable wall of security. Outside the ground - cracked in the first few minutes. Inside, the Socceroos' defence COMMENTATOR: This is Edson Buddle into the lead. who fires the Americans this man's help - Australia could've done with David Beckham a special guest

a 2-nil lead. as the US almost jumped to Tim Cahill soon showed his class, the Socceroos back level. Decent corner and Australia have the equaliser through Tim Cahill. enjoying a day out. But it was Edson Buddle It's 2-1 for the Americans. Suddenly it wasn't so friendly. A couple of bulls in a paddock. Surprisingly, there were a few holes usually stingy defence. in the Socceroos' Oh, and that seals the victory! for Tim Cahill A defeat and an injury scare on the sideline. who joined Harry Kewell played second half Maybe he could have take that risk? but why should he With the sun setting and friendlies, on the Socceroos' hard training attention to the World Cup proper the players can now turn their

next Monday in Durban. and their opening clash with Germany starts to underestimate us. I hope Germany

the All Blacks' secret weapon Sonny Bill Williams could be

for next year's rugby World Cup with New Zealand. after agreeing to terms concerns are injuries The Wallabies' more immediate and back Adam Ashley Cooper to prop Ben Alexander after the brutal clash with Fiji. With England next week, Australia's front-row depth's a real concern. Alexander has knee ligament damage. COMMENTATOR: Certainly in some distress. Six weeks. Ashley-Cooper injured his ankle.

Adam Ashley-Cooper. Got caught in a bad position there, there weren't more casualties. It's lucky the hosts early. The fired-up Fijians rattled Oh, there's a huge hit on Giteau - from that. he'll be lucky to get up Giteau the target. a 1-game ban - The Islanders' fullback copped their centre 2 for this in backplay. he's gotta be in trouble. Then Matt Giteau taken out - Australia regain control. Quade Cooper helped

Kurtley Beale, lovely step! in almost everything. The Reds star had a hand And Quade Cooper crosses! The perfect confidence-booster with Jonny Wilkinson. before his showdown Cooper, Mitchell, sweet as you like.

a great experience for me. -- He's my Charlwood I also it will be childhoodhero. Adam Goodes has inspired the Swans in five games this afternoon. to their first win

by 1 point Last night, the Roos beat Brisbane

and Geelong held off the Eagles. Today, Hawthorn pipped Port by 9 points. and the Swans beat the Bombers with 19 lead changes. It was a tight contest at the SCG

kicked three goals Gary Rohan and Jesse White

while Goodes stood tall to keep the Swans level, 72-all, at three-quarter time. in front of goal last week COMMENTATOR: After a horror game he threads it.

The final term was a nailbiter. Paul Bevan put Sydney ahead with one minute to go. before Goodes sealed victory and Goodes makes it an 8-point lead. Set up by Jude Bolton,

consolidates Sydney's top 8 spot The drought-breaking victory with Port Adelaide. ahead of an away clash Valentino Rossi 7-time world champion following this crash at 180km/h is facing a 6-month recovery in practice for the Italian MotoGP. were in shock 'The Doctor's adoring fans as Rossi suffered a broken leg

for emergency surgery. and was flown to hospital nine times Rossi's won his home Grand Prix his world title defence but the crash ended and record 230 consecutive races. for tonight's Grand Prix. Casey Stoner qualified third And that's all in sport. are after the break Sydney's weather details with Chris Bath. then it's 'Sunday Night' Thanks, Mark. all Australians should watch. Tonight, a story We discover the lost battlefield of Kokoda where the Japanese threw down their weapons and fled our brave diggers. Undisturbed for 68 years, it's sacred ground. That's next, after Seven News.

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It was a mostly fine Sunday in Sydney until the rain came this afternoon. We've had 80% of our average monthly rainfall in just the first week of June.

It was a cold night across the suburbs but temperatures were above average today.