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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Live. This Program Is Captioned Tonight - 13 dead after an English cabbie goes on rampage. The army drug use rampage. The army investigates terror. A trail of destruction Afghanistan. For nay dough

on the Far North Coast. And Samantha Stosur smashes Serena Williams to get through to the

semis. Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. Britain is in shock News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

worst mass shooting since the Britain is in shock after its

Dunblane school massacre. driver Derrick Bird went on the Dunblane school massacre. Taxi

rampage in the Lake District, killing 12 people before turning the gun on himself. violence began in the seaside turning the gun on himself. The

town of Whitehaven. From there he targeted people randomly in three nearby towns. It all ended at Boot when he took own life. From Cumbria, Philip Williams reports. The contrast could hardly have A quiet town in a beautiful could hardly have been greater.

location. Then, utter mayhem that appears to have begun at a taxi rank in the centre of thought the gunshots Whitehaven. At first locals

back thought the gunshots were cars dead, back firing but one person was street. A man came in and asked dead, the body left in the

said there was a man running around about a shotgun. But instead of was the beginning of a horrific day of killing as the drove down the coast shooting as he went. Three hours after he began the rampage he killed himself in woodland. he began the rampage police say

The 52-year-old taxi driver, well described as a private man, to you. He was the sort past you without saying hello

fella who'd have to say hello if he passed you. Barrie saw him as the shooting began. He turned round and stared at me and he was holding this really, really long rifle. It was like a James Bond-type gun. Police found the villages of Boot. They everyone to look their the villages of Boot. They told

including patrons in everyone to look their doors,

One of the victims described including patrons in the pub.

witnessing a man being killed before the gun was him. He then drove up by me and before the gun was aimed at

pointed it at me and I the back, shot me in flying dive and he caught me in flying dive and he caught me

I went on the floor then the back, shot me in the back.

crawled I went on the floor then I abandoned crawled along. Derrick Bird's His body discovered a short time later We are at stage of this investigation. time later We are at an early

We're not able to understand at this stage the real motivation behind it or establish whether this was a random attack. Police are this was a premeditated or a

investigating the possibility dispute over a family will. there may be a link to a

It's believed the man's twin brother is amongst the also a family solicitor. But brother is amongst the dead,

what went on in that man's mind for those crazy three hours The mining giant worth shelved nearly $600 million

Queensland. The company says because of they're no longer viable they're no longer

resources because of the proposed premier Anna resources tax. Queensland's high time the Rudd Government premier Anna Bligh says it's

and the miners settled their differences. Simkin. differences. Here's Mark going ahead. With Simkin. This development is

from the Opposition Leader. I'm going ahead. With a little help

a brickie's apprentice at this stage. I don't think I'm a tradie yet. Xstrata's announcement became the foundation for a fresh assault on the mining having tragic effects in the on the mining tax. This is now

real economy. It's costing money and it's costing real potential jobs are at stake. jobs. More than 3,000

nearly $600 million worth of The multinational suspended

investment. 60 sacked at this copper mine. investment. 60 workers were

Victims of an escalating war words. These are real Victims of an escalating war of

that are affecting Australians and Queenslanders as we speak. This government will not be statements by any mining be intimidated by any

company, anywhere. The Prime companies' motives. It is Minister questioned the

understanding that there are a number of other impacting on this number of other existing issues

development. The government impacting on this particular

opposition's attempts to debate repeatedly shut down the repeatedly shut down

the issue. You're not the issue. You're not surely

Prime Minister, again in this going to try to hide this,

Parliament. This about a desire by the Leader of the Opposition to create a class war in 3,000 people have lost their people have lost their jobs,

jobs. He is losing jobs he's too gutless to deb Tait jobs. He is losing jobs and

it! Programs the member for David Jones over there could ... Oh! The more potentially damaging comments came from one of Labor's own. Anna Bligh urged the Federal Government make changes in a required, and I would urge both hurry. Certainty is what is

the Federal Government and the mining companies to get around the table, to put down the baseball bats, solving it. The miners have advertising, and get on with advertising, and get on

shown they're willing to sacrifice marginal projects. But Kevin Rudd negotiations still have a long, But Kevin Rudd says the long, long way to go. This debate's just entered a new and

ugly phase. While his out at While his colleagues fight it doing his best to sell the out at home, Wayne Swan is

proposed mining tax abroad. The Treasurer arrived at the World Expo in Shanghai today on a trade promotion tour, but the original goal of original goal of his trip is being being overshadowed by reaction

to the superprofits tax. are pouring in to World Expo in Shanghai, all over China. With around 8 million visitors a month, is a sea of potential consumers. And Australia here to sell itself. Treasurer Wayne Swan visited Wayne Swan visited the Australian pavilion today to do just that, by promoting the country's goods and services. But he was But he was being asked what Chinese companies and government here will make of the new mining certainly welcome to raise it with with me, because we have a great story to tell about great story to tell about the development of our resource sector. But in sector. But in China, local companies are mounting their own mini campaign to avoid paying so much tax on their Australian mining profits. Wayne Swan says Wayne Swan says that Chinese investment is being used as a political tool back political tool back in Australia Australia by those who oppose the tax. He says there are distinct arguments. One is it's going to investment. Then the investment. Then the other one that's been used against it by some who are a bit more extreme is that it's going to encourage Treasurer may face criticism here from potential Chinese investors not wanting to hand over more of their profits to Australia. But he knows Australia. But he knows that China is a country of construction work still to do, needing steel and hundreds of millions of tonnes of Australian iron ore every year. That means a lot of tax revenue being generated in China. And Indigenous leaders have joined the chorus of complaints about the Federal about the Federal Government's new mining tax. Many traditional owners are negotiating native title claims with mining companies. They're worried the worried the super profits tax will force miners will force miners to abandon some of their projects. Cutting off the Indigenous communities. The fact of the matter is fact of the matter is they'll have no income at all because the project's the project's closed. I think that's a very genuine concern and it's one that's not and it's one that's not being taken into account in the debate. Government says the tax will make sure all Australians, including Indigenous Australians, get their fair share of benefits from the mining boom. mining boom. Australia's elite soldiers in Afghanistan are reeling overdose in their ranks. A young private has been unconscious for six days and defence chiefs have revealed opiate use is the likely cause. inquiry and ordered drug inquiry and ordered drug tests on every member of the crack Special Forces Afghanistan. He's a veteran multiple tours. Young, not highly decorated, but highly decorated, but already with a reputation bravery. His actions on occasion certainly contributed to the saving of the life of one of his mates. Now, he's fighting for his fighting for his own. In Germany's Landstuhl Medical Centre. Almost a week ago, the commando named only as 'Private D' was found unconscious in D' was found unconscious in his room, and now we know why. A bottle of white powder thought to be an opiate were found. The overdose has ricochetted through Australia's through Australia's elite fighting force. Drug tests have been ordered on all 350 members of of the Special Operations Task Group. Two inquiries are under way, looking at a party 'Private D''s unit 'Private D''s unit held the night before the overdose, night before the overdose, his mental how widespread drug use is among Australians. We have a no tolerance policy, and tolerance policy, and it's absolutely imperative that we get to the the bottom of get to the the bottom of this. The Pentagon has been The Pentagon has been tracking a sharp strike in opiate in US forces but this is new to the Australian Army. observers reject any suggestion of Vietnam-style drug use. But maybe the random drug testing needs to be stepped up. needs to be stepped up. Maybe it doesn't. You got to play it on the safe remains in a serious condition with his parents and girlfriend by his Hundreds Hundreds of activists released from Israeli have received a warm welcome in Turkey. condemnation of Israel's deadly raid on an aid convoy continuing but Israel is making no apologies. It giving no indication of how it plans to investigate the incident. They arrived to incident. They arrived to a

hero's welcome. Jubilant crowds gathered in the Turkish capital Ankara to celebrate the return of the activists. Most of the injured were also aboard, although Australian Ahmed Lochman is not among them. He and his wife will and his wife will be de port ed in coming days. The Israel is palpable. Israel must pay for its international calls for blockade of Gaza to be lifted are growing are growing stronger. The long-running long-running closure imposed on the Gaza Strip is a

counter-productive, unsustainable and wrong. It punishes innocent civilians. But the Israeli Prime Minister is adamant, Hamas, which controls Gaza, cannot be trusted. Israel simply cannot permit the free flow of weapons and war materials to Hamas. Israel materials to Hamas. Israel has released new video that shows its soldiers being attacked by flotilla saying it backs its argument that the army fired in self-defence. The Human Rights Council has announced it's holding an inquiry into incident. The last incident. The last time that happened was after the Gaza and Israel decided not cooperate. That decision is now widely seen here as having been a mistake. It's not clear what Israel will do this time what kind of inquiry it intends to The northern New South Wales town battered by a 160 kilometre per hour winds early today. Dozens of homes were destroyed and sheltering in an evacuation centre in the town's bowling club. Only two people were hurt as the town dis damage bill is heading towards tens of millions of dollars. A huge water funnel formed off Lennox Head at morning. Without warning, it swept over the seaside community, forcing residents to take cover. The whole take cover. The whole place just about collapsed. Fortunately, we were in the downstairs bedroom. And we OK. More than 30 homes OK. More than 30 homes were either destroyed or badly damaged as winds of 160 kilometres an hour through the town. I've never been so scared in all my life. Debris just going so in the sky. It in the sky. It was intenls. Never seen anything it. From the air, the storm's path was clear local caravan park looked like a wrecking yard with mobile homes wrenched from their stands. Kai low Strong is stands. Kai low Strong is just one of dozens of one of dozens of residents left homeless I'm a bit homeless I'm a bit shocked, quite number. Graham Ellis lost most of his home and a caravan. The next minute the missiles started house. Only two people were hurt but for many it was close call. Probably 20 seconds, just live here and just turned the doorhandle and heard a bit of what it was. Next crouching down in my bedroom going what the hell's on? Emergency workers and electricity repairmen rushed the town. Thousands of homes areas were left without power. Locals did what they could to help each other out. People could do with it. They've been up since early this morning. A lot of them haven't had lot of them haven't had a chance to have breakfast anything. Lennox Head was buffeted by similar weather in May last year but locals say this morning's storm cell was more ferocious. It a bomb. has been established to help those who've been left homeless. It will be months before their times return to

normal. The nation's lowest paid workers are in line for a rise. In its first rise. In its first ruling, Fair Work Australia has granted a wage increase of $256 week, first official increase for low paid workers in two double the amount the double the amount the business lobby wanted but both government and trade unions are satisfied with the figure. I'm pleased and welcome a decision which gives a $26-a-week increase to these help them deal with cost living pressures. The applies from the start applies from the start of next month and takes the minimum wage to $570 a The ACT Auditor-General has criticised the government for its performance when it comes to to delivering capital works projects. The reviewed the 2007 and 2008 aiblth Budgets. She large amount of funding wasn't spent. The money was rolled over into The auditor says almost half the capital the capital works projects weren't completed on within budget. She has pin pointed a lack of planning and project management skills as the main reasons. These are one level we've been aware of. We're seeking to deal with. with the benefit of this particular concentrate much harder on the development of project management skills. The Chief Minister says it's common for capital works but opposition says findings are findings are embarrassing. What we have is a damning we have is a damning assessment of how ACT Labor done. They simply because they're not doing the basics, they're planning. The Auditor-General has made four It's remote, windy and surrounded by why it's home to the why it's home to the most important air measuring important air measuring station in the Scientists have identified two new greenhouse gases that are rising regulation, they could add to global warming. Sarah Clarke traveled to Cape Grim

west Tasmania for this report. Perched on the most north west Grim air monitoring station. Its remote nature combined the fresh westerly winds blasting off the Southern Ocean make the air here some of the cleanest on the planet. There's no factory nearby. There's nothing that might put contaminants into the atmosphere. What we measure here is a base state of global atmosphere. It's for that reason the samples recorded accurate account of accurate account of what's changing in the atmosphere. The area is arc kich ed daily alongside greenhouse gas records dating back 2,000 years. We've developed a that's invaluable to the world community for gaining community for gaining an understanding of what's in the atmosphere. of greenhouse gases are trapped at Cape Grim and over the at Cape Grim and over the last 12 months two more have been identified. I identified. I think they're rising at somewhere between 5 and 10% a year. They're jumping up quite rapidly, from virtually zero not long ago. One's a fume gant used on crops, the e Milted in the manufacture of plasma TVs. Both from global warming potential. They're not having an immediate impact on climate now. They would have in future if they build up to was opened more than 30 years ago, more than 3 million measurements have been takened a and the records so far indicate CO2 indicate CO2 levels have increase bid as much as increase bid as much as 15%. Thits accuracy that makes this station the most valuable in Still to come on ABC News - monkey puzzle. Police find seven missing monkeys, but the race is on to find an Hundreds of people the country gathered at Parliament House today protesting against the decision to deport a Muslim cleric. Sheikh Mansour Leghaei leads Sheikh Mansour Leghaei leads an Islamic centre in Sydney Islamic centre in Sydney and has lived in Australia for 16 years years but his permanent residency application was The sheik says he The sheik says he hasn't had a fair hearing. And protesters say that's a The United Nations Human Rights Committee sent a request Australian Government asking they not deport the sheik they not deport the sheik until the committee has had time to review review the case but Minister for Immigration Chris says the sheik a visa. I'm an Australia. I was born in Australia. I'm Australian citizen. To know my own government has defied own government has defied the UN request makes me ashamed UN request makes me ashamed to be Australian. Unless the decision is overturned the sheik will be deported to Iran later this month. To later this month. To finance now. A big rise in exports now. A big rise in exports has pushed Australia's pushed Australia's trade balance back into surplus. And as Alan Kohler reports were back in the stock market today, pushing today, pushing the Australian

and us indices sharply higher. Someone seems to have rung a to signal shares were now good value. They finished higher. The Australian market followed suit with a rise today of 100 points or 2.3%. And there across-the-board with mining stocks leading the way even though their managers and owners seem to be getting angrier by the day about the RSPT. Today Xstrata RSPT. Today Xstrata said it was mothballing 586 million mothballing 586 million dollars worth of Australian projects. But Rio Tinto shares jumped 3.5% and are now back to being steady since the new tax was announced. Fortescue Metals jumped 5.5% and ERA 4.5. The banks weren't too The banks weren't too shabby either. CBA and NAB than 3%. Although Middle East of the mining stocks are back to where they were when the new tax was announced the Australian dollar is Programs the most relevant comparison with the Canadian dollar. Since they're both commodity based currencies. Since early May, when Since early May, when the new tax package came Canadian currency is down 2.5%. While the Aussie dollar is down 9%. The trade balance was back in surplus in April thanks to an 11% rise in exports and rise in imports. And with exports it's all about prices, not volumes. You can see not volumes. You can see the kick in kick in total exports at the end of the end of the graph. Even though volumes are still flat and volumes are still flat and note that in 2008, nominal exports soared while volumes fell. All of Australian dollar today soar Australian dollar today soar to just under 85 US cents, the Canadian dollar by the way Canadian dollar by the way was flat. And that's finance. Samantha Stosur semifinals of the for the second year in a row. Stosur upset the world No. 1 Serena Williams to set clash with Serbia's Jelena Jankovic. The sweet smile of success. Samantha Stosur is two victories away the first Australian French Open since Margaret Court in 1973. It's not over yet. I'm in the semis and I want to keep going. Having overcome Justine Henin in round of 16, Stosur had mountain to of Serena Williams. The seventh set. Stosur took a 5-3 lead in the second. back and had the better of back and had the better of the tie breaker. This is now one set all. Williams set all. Williams had more than one opponent to repel. A far-flung forehand gave a match point to the top seed. saved it saved it and edged ahead with some sbem gent shot-making. The Australian earned two match points but needed only one. She has done it! Miraculously she has come back. Stosur's semifinal opponent will be semifinal opponent will be the former world No. 1 Jelena well. She has beaten two great players. I know she will hit tons of balls in. I have to be prepared to be patient. This is the big one tonight, think. This is once she that final situation, it will be hard to stop here. There were centimetres in seed as Novak Djokovic gave a two set advantage against Jurgen Meltzer. Now he has a semifinal against

Rafael Nadal. The Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek has made final cut final cut to his World Cup squad go until the tournament begins in South Africa. Five players have been axed as Andrew Geoghegan reports from Johannesburg. Rhys Williams is perhaps the most disappointed Australian Australian in South Africa. Heart broken but Africa. Heart broken but proud also to be in the 27, have got this far, I'm happy this far, I'm happy with myself, and wish the boys myself, and wish the boys the best of luck. meant to be this year for me. Williams' forced exit from the World Cup is being blamed on his English club manager. Gordon Strachan let him play for injury. And he let him play with an injection every game. think if you do that with a 20-year-old player, you 20-year-old player, you take a risk. Soccer City in Johannesburg will host World Cup final on 11 July. South Africa has officially handed over the stadium football's world governing body, FIFA. This stadium body, FIFA. This stadium has a very special place a very special place in South African history. It was that Nelson Mandela, soon his release from prison, appealed to the nation for peace and unity. The most charismatic humanist in world still alive, Nelson Mandela, and we do hope that he will be at the beginning of the World Cup here in World Cup here in this stadium. The eyes of the world will be on South Africa for will be on South Africa for the month-long tournament. The

International Broadcast Centre will deliver the action to cumulative audience anticipated to be in excess of 26 billion

people. Fiji's rugby union team arrived in Canberra ahead Saturday's Test against the Wallabies. The squad received a warm welcome this a civic reception in the a civic reception in the city. The two sides have a long Test history against each history against each other, stretching back to stretching back to 1952. Australia has dominated winning the past 11 matches. I guess every game Fiji rugby goes in as the underdogs. Every now and then we'll come back and win those tight games. But we to do that more often I guess to be an international force in rugby. The match will fourth time

played at Canberra Stadium. Australia's three profile golfers have signed up to play at the Australian Open later this year. Five-time winner Greg Norman will winner Greg Norman will play after missing injury. The 2009 winner Adam Scott and the 2006 US Open win er Geoff Ogilvy will at Sydney's Lakes course in December. Norman is convinced of others can lead Australia into a golden era just need one or two step up, Geoff Ogilvy did step up, Geoff Ogilvy did it with winning the US Open. We need need that to continue on through other players. After months off, Norman is hoping to start his comeback A mysterious case of the missing monkeys has been solved. Thieves stole eight rare monkeys from the Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales on Saturday night. And there were fears there were fears they may have been smuggled overseas. But and cotton-top tamarinds found overnight, parkland and at a vet clinic. Police gave them a special ride back to their owners. When they brought them back to the park under siren and lights in siren and lights in an emergency situation. Police are still looking for one monkey. Now with look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. Good evening. The weather round here was tame compared to what was tame compared to what we've just seen happening up on just seen happening up on the north coast. And by the waterspouts have occurred waterspouts have occurred on Lake Burley Griffin Lake Burley Griffin a few years back. due to cloud that due to cloud that was brought into town easterly winds. We didn't any drizzle but some areas Thick storms and heavy rain on the north coast and we've seen the damage that was caused. damage that was caused. Cloud over WA isn't generating much. The low off the coast continue to develop, in more showers along the coast, particularly around the Hunter. A ridge still covers our region so fine will continue. As we know rainfall on the north coast has been heavy in places. Evans Head 34 mm and Coffs Head 34 mm and Coffs got another Virginia, with this cool cloudy weather, a good place for our Fijian friends would for our Fijian friends would be to visit the botanic gardens. Not only would they see fantastic flowers like this apakras which is the floral emblem of Victoria but keep warm the gardens! It's a beautiful place to work up a bit of go, a brief recap of our story tonight. Britain is story tonight. Britain is in shock after its worst mass shooting since the Dunblane massacre in 1996. A 52-year-old taxi driver went on the taxi driver went on the rampage in the Lake in the Lake District killing 12 people before turning on himself. And on himself. And that's ABC News. Stay with us now for the 7.30 Report coming up 7.30 Report coming up next. Can you find the latest 24 hours a day at ABC Online. will be back with a short news update at 8.30. Until then, Subtitles by ITFC This Program is Captioned


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