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(generated from captions) Beautiful! Love it! Oh! Great stuff, Pete. I hope it's not in there. Let's pop the locks on 14. So Pete thinks he's got $10. Wendy? How do you do these? or Port Fairy's biggest... Was it Port Fairy's biggest fool ..success story? Oh! $100,000! There it was. Correct guess! Hey, guess what? $500 for you, Pete!

Making it $45,500 all up! Not a bad haul. Sensational, Wendy. Let's see the money. Here we go, Wendy. beautiful Pete, of course, The beautiful Melody and the right here with you. You can take the cheque home, alright? but Pete can't take Melody home, at this point, Don't think you'd want to with a very rich woman! you're going home $45,000! Whoo! Have a great time in Canada, kids! Lovely playing with you. here in the Deal-a-Drome. See you next time, Bye now! This program is captioned live. Tonight -

Australian sport's richest contracts Israel Folau signs one of to join Sydney's new AFL team.

deadly raid by Israeli commandos, Five Australians caught up in a that's angered the world. by a dead billionaire's mistress. The extraordinary statement of claim And a mild start to Sydney's winter

and cold. but it's about to get very wet with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. signings in Australian sport, In one of the biggest ever has defected to the AFL. rugby league star Israel Folau Greater Western Sydney - He's signed a deal to join said to be worth $6 million -

a very expensive war with the NRL. in what's become This was the moment on rugby league when Israel Folau turned his back Greater Western Sydney franchise. and sold out to AFL and the have nerves about it. I certainly do You'd be crazy if you didn't. to the challenge So again, I'm looking forward was probably too good to knock back. and the opportunity that come up

for most 21-year-olds. It's money that's out of this world

in over four years. We're talking about $6 million You know, you can't match that. punt by the AFL. Obviously this is a very, very big to spend on one player. It's a huge amount of money AFL sees as its new promised land But if Israel leads fans to what it'll be money well spent. of people We've gotta get that groove with the game called AFL. to hopefully fall in love through both codes. The deal's sent shockwaves in the league at the moment There's only probably two players and they're champions of our game. that are on that sort of coin He's not worth it. player, but that was the price. No-one's worth it for an untried and everything else, If the money's right it's bloody hard to knock back. But some fear if League doesn't act, continue to walk out on the code. the game's best players will needs to do something, surely. I think the game We are getting raided. We just can't sit on our hands now. is proving the knockers wrong. All Israel is worried about Yeah, I certainly think so. was to stay I certainly think the easy option challenge myself. but I wanted to sort of

with Israel Already strained relations have been stretched even further Australian and arrested four others after Israeli soldiers shot an aboard an aid convoy near Gaza. an inquiry into the attack, The Federal Government is demanding which killed up to 19 people, although Israel is saying nine. with 600 protesters aboard, The civilian ship,

by Israeli naval seals was raided in darkness repelling from helicopters.

is under furious dispute. But what happens next (MAN SPEAKS ARABIC LANGUAGE) on military night vision, The bloodshed was caught

even live TV. passenger handycam, hit in the head with a bullet. One person has just been medical treatment immediately. He may die if he does not receive dozens injured. In total, at least nine were killed, they were defending themselves. The Israelis say

complete with captions - They released these pictures - commandos with bars and chairs. showing protesters flaying the from an upper deck. One is even thrown

they were beaten, stabbed. They were mobbed, they were clubbed, onboard at 4:30 this morning The only weapons that were belonged to the Israelis. was shot in the leg. A 20-year-old Australian protester and is currently in hospital. He has undergone surgery escaped uninjured, Two Australian women aboard Paul McGeogh and Kate Geraghty. as did journalists she's safe and well and now ashore. Relieved to hear that and facing deportation. But in detention worldwide Israel's raids sparked protests

including here in Australia. came straight from Canberra. But the official protest

any use of violence The Australian Government condemns that we have seen. under the sorts of circumstances pressure on Australia's relationship This incident will put even more Two young Australian children

for themselves in the Middle East have been left to fend of their mother. after the unexplained arrest Robert Ovadia has exclusive details. Rob, how has this happened? Chris, for nearly three weeks now, has been imprisoned in Yemen. former Sydney woman Shyloh Giddins

and her 7-year-old brother, Omar, Since then, 5-year-old Amina on the kindness of their neighbours have been living day-to-day only a few days ago. who took this photo to leave their home. The children are forbidden Their Yemeni lawyer says offered through their front door. they're only surviving on food why their mother has been arrested. The government there won't even say for months without charge, In Yemen, people can be held a suspect. even if they're not considered The government can't stand idly by held by a foreign government. while two young children are being It's tantamount to kidnapping. should be putting a lot of pressure The Australian Government to let these children go. on the Yemeni government in rural Australia Shyloh Giddins grew up before converting to Islam. She used to live in this unit block in Bankstown before moving to Yemen with her children a few years ago where she campaigned for human rights, signing this online petition. In April, the Australian Government cancelled her passport but won't say why. A Sydney court has released astonishing details of an escort's claims against the estate of billionaire Richard Pratt. Former Penthouse Pet Madison Ashton is demanding millions

including money for rent, living expenses and her children. In her paperwork Madison Ashton lists her occupation as escort and outlines what she calls her contract with one of Australia's richest men. What was your relationship with Mr Pratt? Thank you. Ashton claims that in 2003 packaging tycoon Richard Pratt asked her to

asked her to: And in return Madison would get - A $2.5m trust fund for each of her two children. A Mercedes Benz worth at least $100,000, $36,000 a year for rent. $30,000 a year for travel Ashton claims Pratt bought her a cheaper Mercedes and paid her a total of $200,000.

The 36-year-old she says she "remained ready, willing and able" to be Pratt's mistress, but by 2005 he'd ended the relationship and she calls that a breach of contract.

Richard Pratt's widow, Jeanne, responds to Ashton's claims - denying all of them. The only parts she agrees with are - Richard Pratt was a wealthy businessman and in April 2009 he died.

She argues Richard settled with Ashton five years ago by giving her a car and $150,000. A woman is fighting for life with burns to 100% of her body after she was attacked and set alight at a Melbourne service station. Onlookers tried to rescue her but were held back by a man threatening them with a knife. The burnt-out hulk of a car at a Melbourne service station.

A woman in her 40s was stabbed in the vehicle and then it was torched. The woman rolling around on the ground,

she was totally on fire, you know, from head to toe. Several people rushed to help the woman but were threatened with a knife by her alleged attacker. He was trying to stop us all from getting anywhere near her and telling her to burn. He fled on foot to a nearby church. Police closed in.

I could hear the police running around saying "We'll check this fence, we'll check that fence, "we'll check here, check there." Officers tried to subdue the man, firing non-lethal beanbag rounds. (GUNFIRE) It sounded like shots - it could have been warning shots. The stand-off lasting over two hours before he gave in to negotiators. Police say he was in an agitated state throughout. He was armed with a knife and he was making threats. The name of the game, at that stage,

was to resolve the matter as peacefully as we can. The woman is in a critical condition, the attack believed to stem from a domestic dispute.

The man is expected to face a bedside court hearing in hospital. Homebuyers have been spared an interest rate rise today. The Reserve Bank decided to keep official rates on hold because of worries about the economic outlook in Europe and Asia.

The next critical board meeting will be in August

after key inflation figures are released. Our current view is that that's the more likely outcome, that we will see rates up in August and we think the Reserve Bank

is very worried about the inflation environment. Economists aren't expecting a rate rise next month. Weather forecasters are warning of a cold and rainy winter for Sydney after a very wet end to autumn.

Sara Groen joins us.

Sara, today's warm start to winter isn't a sign of things to come? No, Chris. It's about to get colder than usual. After New South Wales experienced its wettest autumn in 10 years there's good news for farmers with plenty more rain on the way. Calm after the storm on the first day of winter. A mild morning for swimmers making the most of the sunshine A mild morning for swimmers making the most of the sunshine as the swell and showers finally ease. Despite our wettest May in seven years, autumn rainfall for Sydney was still a third below average. West of the Divide we had above average falls through much of autumn, especially in the north, east of the divide we had drier-than-average conditions right through autumn until these last couple of weeks of May. Cattle and sheep grazier Tim Webb says it's been the best autumn in nearly a decade. It's rare. We have to savour it and make the most of it when it is good like this because we've had a pretty rough trot. Farmers will be hoping the bureau's predictions of a wet winter are accurate. We have a La Nina event forming in the Pacific and it's forming rapidly and La Ninas are normally associated with cooler and wetter conditions across much of New South Wales. Long-range forecaster Ken Ring disagrees. We're looking at a winter that will be drier than average for Sydney and the State - Sydney by about 45% to 50%. The bureau's tipping temperatures will be below the long-term average. Predictions of a bumper snow season were cause for a cool celebration today in the Snowy Mountains. They're not the only ones who'll be getting wet, with Sydney facing a fourth consecutive weekend of rain. I'll have those details a little later, Chris.

A wet and cold winter can't come soon enough for Sydney retailers with discounts up to 70% on offer to get shoppers into stores. David Jones and Myer start their sales tomorrow - hoping the hold on interest rates will get people spending again. Retailers say Sydney shoppers have been in hibernation. Spooked by rate rises they're spending extra money on the mortgage instead of at the mall.

Retailers are effectively struggling and that's because consumers are effectively on strike. Despite a slight increase in the latest trade figures department store sales are down 5% on last year. Stunted by an unseasonably warm autumn, winter stock hasn't been moving. It hurts anywhere there's seasonal goods - clothing, blankets, that's heaters. Myer and DJs are fighting back with a mid-year store war. Tomorrow's winter sales will be the biggest in a decade with promises of record savings. Anywhere between 30%, 40%, 50% to 60% off, across the store. The discounts are deep - the customer ultimately will win.

DJs is predicting 130,000 pairs of women's shoes will be sold. This is a genuine clearance. We want to move this infantry.

next month we see summer merchandising arrive. Retailers are hoping these sales kick-start the industry and provide the turnaround they need.

With such heavy discounting, shoppers are being assured they'll bag a bargain. For a number of retailers this is make or break. Still to come - the showdown for a prized piece of Sydney's public space. Also, robbery suspects face court - accused of ripping off the elderly. And Sarah Ferguson explains her actions in the Royal cash for access scandal. I was in the gutter at that moment. and muscle development. Nutri-Grain has what it takes Thanks, Mum. it would tell you it wants to be free. With Telstra's new mobile cap plans, it finally can be. They let you call anyone anytime on any network. of standard calls. So, give your mouth freedom of speech with the caps that have everyone talking.

The managers of Centennial Park are fighting moves to hand over land to the neighbouring Sydney Cricket Ground. If approved by the State Government, control of Moore Park and its facilities

would be given to the SCG. The Trust says it would rob it of about $7 million in revenue, which is spent on Centennial Park. It hasn't been discussed with us and it hasn't been made available to anybody and that's part of the problem. This is a secret plan, we think, to take our parkland for car parking. The takeover plan is being considered by State Cabinet. The brother of a man bashed to death in the city has pleaded for help to find his killer. Van Chi Dang was hit in the head in the early hours of Sunday, 23 May. Security camera pictures show the aftermath of the brawl on the corner of Sussex and Goulburn streets. I'd like them to come forward so we can help the family, help us see a clearer picture of what happened on that morning. Police say witnesses can offer information anonymously.

Two women faced court today, charged over a string of robberies on elderly people in retirement homes. Police say the crimes are despicable with family heirlooms, sentimental jewellery and war medals stolen. Larissa Peckham is 18 and pregnant. Not guilty. Her alleged accomplice, Crystal Cox, is 26 and was full of youthful energy outside Gosford Court. One of their alleged victims, 90-year-old Hazel Teck, isn't so sprightly but makes up for it with experience. When I was young, a good smack on the bum and you know, we didn't dare do it again. Hazel was asleep in bed when thieves broke into her Central Coast retirement unit. I just think it's so sad. There's so many other wonderful things to do and to learn and people to meet. She lost treasured jewellery and she wasn't alone. The gang carried out 43 robberies in less than 3 months, all targeting elderly people. It's a particularly vulnerable part of the community, the elderly, and we took it as a really serious matter at the time. We've achieved a really good result with this, I feel. The breakthrough came when the four alleged thieves tried to sell their loot to a gold trader. Some of the antique jewellery was so unique, police immediately knew where it had come from. The two women and two men have been charged with receiving stolen goods. Disgraced Duchess Sarah Ferguson admits she was in the gutter when she offered cash for access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. In an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Fergie explains her actions in the 'News of the World' sting. I haven't faced the devil in the face because I was in the gutter at that moment so I know that I'd been drinking. Prince Andrew is standing by his ex-wife and won't ask her leave their Windsor estate. You might remember the fan frenzy we brought you last night when 'Twilight' fans descended on Luna Park. Well, that was nothing compared to the screaming that erupted when Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner appeared in the rain. (SCREAMING) That's what 4,000 excited fans sound like. When the screaming stopped, Kristen and Taylor answered questions and signed autographs. Their new movie opens here next month. Sport now with Tony Squires and not everything's going Israel Folau's way. Lot of cash, lot of AFL love heading his direction, Chris. But Queensland selectors are not so sure he should get another Maroon jersey. That's next. Plus, the Socceroos find some new fans. And Sam Stosur powers into the French quarters. Ladies of Australia, a revolution is upon us. Feast your eyes on this. Ahem. New Cream for Cooking from Philadelphia. It performs beautifully, doesn't curdle and coats perfectly. Mmm! Simply gorgeous. And best of all, it's got up to 60% less fat than regular cream. So you're gonna have to think up new ways of being naughty.

As you've seen, Israel Folau's first leap in AFL has been a speccy - grabbing a 4-year, $6 million deal from next season. But his future in Origin looks much less secure, with Queensland selectors set to dump the defector for Game 2. If I do get selected I promise to give 110% to the Queensland side. Meanwhile, the Cowboys say Johnathan Thurston's loyalty to league should force the judiciary to overrule his suspension tomorrow night. He'll fight a 1-game ban for abusing a referee.

No-one called it back, you should get man of the match. I think anyone that's done what he's done for the game would feel a bit disappointed at the moment. Last night, Mitchell Pearce put his hand up for Blues Origin selection, guiding the Roosters to an upset 30-16 win over the Titans. The Dragons are alone on top of the ladder after 12 rounds, with the Roosters are seventh after last night's win. The Eels are just outside the eight. It's getting desperate for the Bulldogs, Cowboys and Sharks. Five Socceroos are facing the axe from the World Cup squad later tonight following our friendly against Denmark.

Lee Jeloscek is outside the stadium in Johannesburg. Lee, who's likely to miss out?

Tommy Oar, James Holland and Eugene Galekovic have already been told by Pim Verbeek their World Cup journey is over.

So now it's an agonising wait for two more players with their last chance to impress tonight. They are the most unlikely Australian soccer fans.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! ALL: (SHOUT) Oi, oi, oi! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! ALL: Oi, oi, oi!

Oi! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi! These children live in squalor, in shantytowns near Johannesburg. Statistically, more than 1 in 10 will contract HIV. But Australia gave them a reason to smile -

a meal and some lessons about the land Down Under. MAN: It's a very big country. Later today they'll be among the thousands of under-privileged kids driven in to watch the Socceroos friendly against Denmark. Are you excited? ALL: (SHOUT) Yes! Coach Pim Verbeek says it's just another training session for his team. A win would be nice. If we lose it's OK also for me to be very honest. But for these kids, it'll mean so much more. ALL: Oi, oi, oi! Judging by those chants, this stadium will come alive It'll be a fresh-faced Wallabies side for Saturday's first test against Fiji. Robbie Deans has rewarded Super 14 form, naming a whole new backline. Kurtley Beale's at fullback,

with his Waratahs team-mate Rob Horne partnering Matt Giteau in the centres. Quade Cooper will play flyhalf and Luke Burgess halfback, but there's no room for Berrick Barnes in the 22-man team. Australian Sam Stosur has celebrated a career high at the French Open, beating 4-time champion Justine Henin in the fourth round. Stosur fought back from a set down to inflict Henin's first loss at Roland Garros since 2004. Going into quarter-final I couldn't probably hope to be in a better position, I don't think, and obviously, beating Justine of confidence for the next match. is gonna give me lots and lots

a daunting quarter-final clash The world number seven faces with top seed Serena Williams. after Jarmila Groth was beaten. Stosur's the last Aussie left for Israel Folau to talk, While the AFL's keen Jason Akermanis for three weeks. the Western Bulldogs have muzzled Some relief there. Checking finance now. The share market slipped slightly left interest rates on hold. after the Reserve Bank both made small gains. AMP and Telstra The ASX 200 dropped 17 points.

at Mrs Macquarie's Chair. Back to Sara now but temperatures are mild? And winter's arrived Chris, a rather pleasant start to winter, especially compared to the last few days. I'll tell you how the rest of the week's looking, next. I've decided to be an organ donor.

It's important. To donate life, discuss it today. After all the wet weather, Sydney woke to a mix of sun and cloud for the first day of winter -

mild temperatures and just a few drizzly showers. The city reached 20 degrees after an overnight low of 12, which is 2 above average. Southerly winds eased overnight, becoming light-to-moderate this afternoon a few degrees above average. with tops of 19 or 20 - On the charts is linked to a trough, cloud building over New South Wales across the State tomorrow. which will start moving mainly over the north-east. We'll see patchy rain developing, the Far North Coast, Heavy falls possible about spreading south on Thursday. Around the country foggy start for Melbourne. Mainly fine and sunny in Perth, Hobart and Canberra. Shower or two for Brisbane.

south-easterly winds. Sydney can expect light-to-moderate near the coast tonight We might see a few light showers and again tomorrow afternoon. with a few sunny breaks, Partly cloudy 20 degrees in town. Temperatures much like today.

The outlook - showers increasing on Thursday and Friday. Overnight temperatures in the low teens. At this stage, it looks like we're in for another wet weekend. Showers also forecast for western Sydney on Thursday and Friday. Wet weather continuing through the weekend and possibly into next week. Chris, the extent of those weekend showers will depend on the next low-pressure system,

which is expected to form off the State's North Coast on Thursday, rainy weekend in a row. possibly bringing our fourth That's Seven News for this Tuesday. thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath, See you tomorrow. Goodnight. The mum who'd had enough. with an armed robber. Wait until you see how she dealt has police dumbfounded. How this ends has the secrets This former bank manager your bank doesn't want you to know. to pay off your home loan He's found the new shortcuts in as little as five years. in Australia's history begin. And the biggest sales the for which item. Tonight - exactly what you'll pay The best of the bargain buys. and welcome to Today Tonight. Good evening First tonight "What was she thinking?" the mum who has us all asking When a thug armed with a knife single mum Amanda Williams works in tried to hold up the bottle shop an easy target. she must have looked like And while most employees being paid $18 an hour would happily hand over the cash, Amanda had other ideas as you're about to see. Here's Natalie Bonjolo. The adrenaline was just pumping through me. A moment of terror. A knife at her neck. Probably could have slit my throat. You won't believe to her attacker. what single mum Amanda Williams does what I did was very brave The police said, yeah, but very silly too. behind the counter there. That's Amanda you can see

at this bottle shop is chilling. What security cameras capture next sort of got really emotional After it all went down, didn't sink in for two hours and the ramifications of what I did and I was just in a daze. walks into the drive-through. Wearing a disguise, the robber he's carrying a knife. Look closely - Nobody notices until too late.