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mining tax advertisements. It's a difficult debate but we intend to bring about history - America's clean up for its worst spill. Why the US of evidence is going under the microscope. And easy does it - the war against fast food to Canberra. We do not enjoy anymore our food. We enjoy anymore the pleasure of anymore our food. We do not

conviviality, of together around the table. Good conviviality, of spending time

evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. The blitz has begun, millions of dollars is being thrown at ads for and against the Government's resource super profits tax and the stakes have never been higher. for Australia's hearts minds and mining for Australia's hearts and

the Prime Minister on minds and mining dollars has

defensive. Here's Deborah Rice. One battle has been won, the Victorian Premier has reform dotted line but there's more deadly war advertising is assaulting the Millions of dollars worth of

Australian public. The Government salvo calls for a fairer share of resource industry profits. Before the last mining boom, the ad the Australian people received last mining boom, the ad says,

$1 in every $3 of resource charges and by the end mining boom it fell to $1 in charges and by the end of the

every $7. The Government responsibility to put every $7. The Government has a

on the table. Kevin Rudd is taxpayer dollars despite under su stained fire for using

to end the sort of taxpayer dollars despite vowing

Government used. They have advertising the previous

done worse than we've setting aside their own guidelines. There's no national Rudd's political think there is growing public misuse of taxpayer money. And outrage over the absolute

there's a powerful counterattack from the minPrlz Council. Who'll be hurt by the super tax? Everyone. wanted a super tax? Everyone. We never

disappointing that Government advertising. I think it's very

is seeking to use money to essentially portray image about the industry is wrong. If you face the prospect of a large-scale campaign from well prospect of a large-scale scare

tax reform, we as a Government multinational companies about

have a responsibility defence of the economy, economic confidence and to protect working families' interests from being hurt. The blitz comes advertising already being blitz comes on top of

pounded out by the allies and enemies. The result may depend on who's got the biggest guns and the deepest pockets. says a house fire in pockets. The Federal Opposition

authorities are and warnings from fire

that the Government must authorities are further proof

inspect all homes affected by the failed scheme. Firefighters say poorly installed insulation was a significant cause of a fire the significant cause of a fire in An 80-year-old survivor escaped with An 80-year-old Holocaust

injuries after battling the survivor escaped with minor

says the Government must heed the advice of experts more insulation over more insulation related fires Minister has been warned by Prime Minister has metropolitan fire brigade, the

by the ET scpu, the that every house must be inspected. The Government any householder concerned about inspected. The Government says insulation can call Government's safety hotline to insulation can call the

arrange an urgent roof inspection. The biggest cleanup in US history, that's how Barack Obama is is the response to the Barack Obama is is describing

Americans waited for word the risky top Americans waited for word on

plug the leak, the President the risky top kill operation to

made a whirlwind inspect the made a whirlwind visit to

America correspondent Craig McMurtry. Sometimes a picture really is worth more than words and the White House hopes this image of the President crouched on a polluted silence some of his critics. Barack Obama met with leaders and Stape politicians Barack Obama met with parish

who've been critical Washington response and holding up damage claims. I ultimately take for solving this crisis. ultimately take responsibility

the President and the buck stops with me. The attempt cap the damaged BP stops with me. The attempt to

continues. cap the damaged BP well shots made continues. Engineers fired junk

rubber and hard rubber balls shots made up of shredded

into the blow out preventer to gum up the well head before trying another round of heavy mud but there's still no breakthrough. This is a breakthrough. This is a long job. It's got many faces to it and we're going to stay with it as long as it successful. BP says it successful. BP says it could take another 36 hours. company's chief executive acknowledges it's an environmental catastrophe environmental catastrophe and wildlife experiencing an increasing number of oiled birds and marine animals. He's got tiny soft bones so I want to be careful. Barack Obama's warning that even that even if BP succeeds in taming the well, the will be far from over. This is a man-made catastrophe still evolving and we face still evolving and we face a long-term recovery and restoration effort. America has never experienced an event never experienced an event like this before. More than two days in, the fight to in, the fight to control the well denies that hopes are but the oil company and but the oil company and the White House are also fallback plans if the top kill fails. In Pakistan, at fails. In Pakistan, at least 70 people have been killed during two deadly attacks on in Lahore. Gunmen opened fire at random also injuring more than 100 other worshippers. The targets were targets were members of a minority religious group as south Asia correspondent Sally Sara reports. Gunfire on the streets streets of Lahore. The attacks came as hundreds of worshippers were gathered prayers. Police said one of prayers. Police said one of the assaults was brief and at least one of the gunmen was arrested but at the other was a violent lasted hours. and police surrounding the building, one of the terrorists appeared and opened fire. Inside the mosque there was carnage. About 2000 carnage. About 2000 people were here. Suddenly were here. Suddenly four terrorists came in, they jumped the wall. They were the wall. They were very well armed, thaw were having automatic rifles, they awere having bombs, they were having suicide jackets and they started attacking. After started attacking. After more than two hours of gun battles it was all over. The victims were members of a religious group regarded as un Islamic group regarded as un Islamic by the Pakistani the Pakistani Government. They've been targeted before They've been targeted before by radical Sunni Muslims but radical Sunni Muslims but never like this. I don't know they were insane or not. they were insane or not. Were they humans? I don't know. What they did was a very tragic and shocking thing and the these people were these people were they were gathered here to Allah. Officials are blaming Islamist militants and bracing for bracing for the prospect of further sectarian violence. There are promising signs There are promising signs that security in Thailand is back under control. under control. The Government has lifted curnews and other provinces but there are warnings that after of deadly riots in the of deadly riots in the capital, the Red Shirts are the Red Shirts are regrouping in the north of the country. Southeast Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel has travelled to movement in Chiang Mai. The retreating red shirts are come back to their heartland. Many are wounded but have a are wounded but have a burning desire for change. TRANSLATION: I think my TRANSLATION: I think my village has 80 to has 80 to 90% red shirts. Some have not come out yet but when it's needed they will come out. Meetings like this one between village leaders are covert. They claim the police to monitor them. This police to monitor them. This is ousted former Prime Thaksin Shinawatra's home town and he's very much and he's very much the local hero. The current leader, venling, is not even welcome to visit but there is visit but there is a moderate voice. Red shirt radio station is now playing music is now playing music with a message of love instead of talking politics. We have keep getting strong keep getting strong and work until we can democracy. But hundreds have been arrested since the red shirts' Bangkok rally was dusporoused by the army. The Government fears the north will become a stronghold of the new underground movement and it be right. These people already praking the gatherings of more than people are banned under people are banned under the state of emergency. TRANSLATION: We have to up and fight up and fight no matter how we fight. If they use weapons with us, we have to have to fight. There's talk of a peaceful solution a real feeling here a real feeling here that only more fighting will lead to change. We know that the Red Shirts are gathering weapons. Some supplied by corrupt soldiers from within the Thai army. They've told us that when they're ready they will take on the Government again. backing a review of how DNA evidence is collected and analysed following a recent case of case of contamination. Over the past decade, DNA evidence has become a regular feature in criminal judges and juries to help judges and juries to help them decide acquit but the use of DNA evidence is now under the microscope, profiting an examination of itself. Katherine Pole reports. It's called the CSI effect, when DNA evidence leads those in a court room to those in a court room to return a guilty verdict. a guilty verdict. Often the right decision is sometimes the science sometimes the science can be wrong. The use of DNA evidence in criminal trials is currently under the legal microscope, particular questions have been raised about contamination and the risks of convicting someone on DNA two areas are of critical concern not only to concern not only to defence lawyers but lawyers but to prosecutors as well. Most recently, well. Most recently, the High Court has examined some of those issues. Benjamin Forbes was found guilty of sexually assaulting a Canberra teenager in 2005 as she walked home from work. DNA was the only evidence linking him The High Court ruled that it wasn't a suitable test which to base a DNA challenge but defence lawyers predict but defence lawyers predict it won't be long before one comes to be to be very critical when evidence is presented evidence is presented that identifies an offender identifies an offender solely on the basis of DNA. Contamination is also a major issue, recently highlighted in the case of Steven Hillier. Forensic procedures have improved procedures have improved but there are still risks. One of the advantages of the testing progress and technology it allows us it allows us to test very small amounts of DNA. The of that is that it also makes to contamination. been the subject of a case been the subject of a case in Victoria which Victoria which saw a man wrongly convicted of rape because of tainted DNA evidence. It prompted all State and Territory and Territory Attorneys-General to back a review of DNA collection and analysis. Overall, DNA evidence is an extremely valuable law enforcement tool but it does need to be used prudently and clearly that's one of the key learnings from the Victorian case. Over the years case. Over the years that the technology starbedz and processes have also changed. A working also changed. A working group is examining the issues is examining the issues but regardless legal challenges will keep coming. The Liberal Party has preselected its two for the safe Labor seats for the safe Labor seats of Canberra and Canberra and Fraser. Tony Abbott staffer Julia Jones will run in Canberra, taking communications consultant Gay Brockman who's standing Labor and in Bob McMullen's seat of Fraser local businessman James Milligan will stand for the Liberals stand for the Liberals gepts ANU economist Andrew ANU economist Andrew Lee. We're going to make We're going to make this a very real fight. The Liberals will need a big swing in to wrestle them off the ALP. The sole surviving member of an Aboriginal clan Aboriginal clan in the Northern Territory has turned his back on a potential fortune and offered to give a huge offered to give a huge swathe of of ecologically sensitive land to the Federal Government including the world-famous Kakadu National Park. French company Ariva holds a lease over the Koongarra over the Koongarra site, a deposit believed to contain billion worth of uranium. It's surrounded by Kakadu National Park and lies just 3km from the prized prized tourist spot of Nourlanjie Nourlanjie Rock. Environmentalists Environmentalists want the land offer to ensure the long-term protection hectares. The capacity hectares. The capacity is the for the Federal Government to act act really positively, really promptly and deliver promptly and deliver a fantastic and important piece of country into the permanent protection of Australia's largest National Park. Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett says he'd like to see the land offer accepted but the land offer accepted but an approval process must first approval process must first be followed. It was a superstar soccer master class. The Socceroos have taken some time preparations to help young local players earning some new fans along the way but off the when the computer ised ticketing system Africa correspondent Andrew Geoghegan reports. As the queue for tickets grew, so did the frustration. I'm hungry, I'm tired and angry at the same time. It's last remaining tickets included seats for the final but those who'd camped out overnight forced to wait because overload ticketing system overload ticketing system had collapsed. Across waiting was worth it for kids. This is your first time here or have you been here few times? This is my first time. The Socceroos took time out from underprivileged students a underprivileged students a few tips. A great thrill to see the smiles on their faces and how much they enjoy football and enjoy football and enjoy someone coming along - coming along - regardless of whether they know who we are or not, there's a thrill faces of being able faces of being able to kick a ball with someone. football clinic was organised by the Australian High university in South Africa. The clinic's together kids to expose them to some of the soccer players from Australia and get them to have a bit of an idea about how to play soccer play soccer from professionals. Most of these kids are used to playing in the dirt so this is a rare opportunity to play on turf, maybe even pull on of football boots from the best. The Socceroos are rapidly winning support on foreign will cheer the Aussies on with when they play their warm games against Denmark and the United States next week. Saint George Illawarra have confirmed their status as their status as the NRL premiership favourites, handing last night. The Wests Tigers send a warning to their rivals with a 44-point win over the Warriors while the Broncos Warriors while the Broncos lead the Sharks 12-4 late in the second half. The Eels' night got off to a bad start they lost Nathan Hindmarsh to injury in the warmup. The match was an arm wrestle for the opening 25 opening 25 minutes. Dragons halfback Ben Hornby knew he had the man to Hornby backed up on the inside to score the first try of the night. The Eels their strike weapon to their strike weapon to hit back but Jarred hane's radar but Jarred hane's radar was off. three tries in the final 15 minutes to win 30-0 and can make last year's Grand make last year's Grand Final a distant memory for Eels The Wests Tigers considered 50 points against the Rabbitohs a fortnight ago. tables on the Warriors at six tries after the break six tries after the break with centre Jeff Daniella centre Jeff Daniella crossing for three tries in the space 11 minutes. The Tigers smelt were left clutching at air as Chris Lawrence raced away to score a 70m try. Lote score a 70m try. Lote Tuqiri put the finishing touches on a 50-6 victory for the 50-6 victory for the home side. The conditions set the scene for a tough battle between the sharks and Broncos. The remained locked at 0-0 the Broncos were awarded a penalty in the 28th minute. Trent Barrett used experience to try to break the Broncos' defence but down. Lockyer put space but he was brought with a try line beckoning. with a try line beckoning. The two combined again shadows of halftime to give the Broncos a 6-0 lead at the its run of good form with a Melbourne. Last night Essendon disappointed the Bulldogs. Earlier today Richmond its drought disposing Adelaide with ease. The Cats' win over the their home winning streak to 20 games. The Demons were looking to follow up their 1-point win over Adelaide in last weekend but faced last weekend but faced a Geelong Geelong side that hasn't lost a game at cardynia park since 2007. The enormity of the 2007. The enormity of the task was obvious from the start. The Cats kicked the first goals. Melbourne started slowly but its first goal was the wait. A wonderful piece of opportunism. But try as they might, the impose themselves on the reigning Premier, meanwhile Gary Ablett was thriving on his home ground. The result seemed a forgone conclusion as early as the second quarter. Melbourne didn't give up the fight but still trailed by five goals at the main break. The Cats looked unstoppable, James Podsiadley would finish the day with five goals. The with five goals. The Demons threw everything they could but tonight unsettle Melbourne perked up in the were nothing were nothing more than consolation. The last 20 points went Geelong's way, it was Ponsiadley who kicked the game's last major. The Cats were comfortable were comfortable 54-point winners. In local AFL, Ainslie drew with the Sydney drew with the Sydney Swans reserves 6 goals 14-50 to 7 goals 8-50. Digital technology is commonplace in movies but now CGI may be used to create virtual crowds at televised AFL matches. The idea of Monday Night Football is popular with broadcasters but the fans aren't so keen aren't so keen with attendance well down on weekend crowds. The nine network wants to televise televise Monday night games on a regular basis and says it has the technology to make any yawning gaps in the yawning gaps in the crowd disappear. The AFL has tested Monday night games before. The last time a few weeks ago. The concept is a concept is a regular fixture for the national rugby league but AFL resistant so far, however, Channel 9 is keen and part of its bid for broadcast rights from 2012 thecludes the prospect of digitally increasing the crowd size. T this to do. The process is straight forward. The idea and use of virtual crowds has been around since 1993. Dr Gregory says this could be done by this could be done by using shots from other games, superimposing parts superimposing parts of the existing areas or creating areas or creating virtual people. Some closer to the sport say an AFL sport say an AFL virtual audience is going too far. You don't muck around with the product. I know Channel 9 always always come up with new different ways different ways but definitely it would be, I think, the wrong way to go and detrimental to the coverage of the game in the long-term. While Channel says it's confident Monday Night Football will draw enough people to football grounds, says it has the technology to fill in at the grandstands but what's attractive to television isn't always attractive to the public. Shouldn't have Monday Night Football if you Night Football if you can't attract a crowd. It's a shocking idea shocking idea and something best American TV market. It wouldn't affect wouldn't affect anything but it's an odd thing to it's an odd thing to do. They can't hear it out there if it's virtual. They need people to support them. The AFL says only a small number of a small number of matches would be played on a Monday under be played on a Monday under any new TV deal which is a long way from being finalised. from being finalised. In rugby union, the Bulls meet the Stormers in an all South African Super 14 rugby final over night. The Bulls will vie for their third title in years. They had to give up their home ground because of Cup. Instead, the final will played at the placed on the World Cup preparations but tonight the attention in South attention in South Africa will shift, albeit shift, albeit briefly, from football to rugby. A sell-out crowd is expected for the match. In match. In ACT club rugby results: Australia is best French Open for more than 20 years with four through to the third round at Roland Garros. Lleyton and Sam Stosur both had come from behind wins from behind wins overnight to join Jamilla Groth join Jamilla Groth and Anastasia Rodionova final 32. Stosur recovered from a slow start a slow start to defeat her lowly ranked opponent while Hewitt took five sets to get through his second-round match. Lleyton Hewitt loves a scrap and that's exactly first and fourth sets but he hours on court. His reward is far from rewarding. That's the type of Nadal. He cleaned me Nadal. He cleaned me up the last few times. to have to go out there and execute what I want to do and do it bloody well. Sam Stosur wos also slow out of the blocks. Last semifinalist eventually steam rolled world number Rossana De Los Rios, but first set was far first set was far from perfect. Started rough. She hit the ball in I hit it out. Stosur I hit it out. Stosur plays Russian Pivovarova in the third round. The top seeds are comfortably through, Roger Federer swept aside Germany's Julian aside Germany's Julian Reister while Serena Williams took while Serena Williams took less than an hour to cruise than an hour to cruise past German Julia came in an all Russian match. Defending champion Svetlana Kuznetsova was taken out Maria Kirilenko. In Italy, faces told the story. Stage 19 of the Giro d'Italia of the Giro d'Italia is not for the faint-hearted. The 200km the faint-hearted. The 200km of mountain roads provided the canc for Italian Ivan Basso to make his move. He was the stage... Scarponi takes the win. ..but take the pink leader's jersey with two stages to with two stages to go. Australia's Cadel Evans is fifth over all, Richie Porte has dropped from third has dropped from third to seventh. In Formula One, the script still looks promising for web web web. He's second-fastest in practice for the Turkish Grand Prix - Mark Webber. The man replace is Jenson Button, he was quickest and team-mate and joint championship leader Sebastian Vettel was third.They're on the 41 line in the war against take away and frozen away and frozen food, the slow food movement wants us to go back to basics by growing our own food and eating own food and eating locally produced fare. produced fare. Some of its disciples gathered in Canberra today to sample regional produce and talk tactics. Stephanie Alexander is happy in a farmers' marked but less enthusiastic about the rows of jars and boxes in jars and boxes in supermarket aisles.. It's expensive, it teaches children nothing teaches children nothing about how their food has been produced. They see no way of relating something relating something in a jar or a packet with something in the author joined other gourmets, gardeners and the capital to talk about how they can convince the they can convince the rest of seriously. We do not enjoy anymore our food. We do enjoy anymore the enjoy anymore the pleasure of conviviality, of together around the table. Paolo is one of the founders of the slow food movement. He says while it's movement. He says while it's an uphill uphill battle, more and more people are growing food their own backyards, or buying it from local farmers it from local farmers and taking their time eating it. There There is interest. People are realising that we cannot continue this way. People are realising that if we don't change the food system, the future generation will have serious, serious problems. Others see some powerful links between powerful links between slow food's emphasis on sustainability and cultural traditions. system has meant we could meet our totem so if our totem so if your totem is the kangaroo the kangaroo you can't eat the kangaroo. That ensured environmental management so there were things that there were things that weren't overly eaten or overly exploited. Stephanie Alexander just wants to make sure next generation knows that next generation knows that milk comes not having a food-rich education at home, they've education at home, they've got to have it they're surrounded by from advertisers and be an effective anti-dote to that. Hopefully a tasty that. Hopefully a tasty one too. To the weather now and was another day of very soaking rain, just soaking rain, just under 10mm to 3pm and a few more after Extensive cloud from coast, a low pressure over southern NSW generating the cloud, light rain and isolated storms. That system will intensify will intensify tomorrow, bringing heavy rain and strong winds on the south coast, showers to the ACT late We'll leave you tonight with shots from bike race from Bungendore bike race from Bungendore to Stromlo. More than 2000 riders braved the wet weather to braved the wet weather to take part in the event which was part in the event which was won by Jason English Macquarie. Thanks for your Closed Captions by CSI