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(generated from captions) sitting on $30,000 but - pah! Had we got this far, we would've been Who needs it? You got Norma. Think it's the $10,000 still? Norma, what do you have? Yeah, right. No, I'm gonna say $50,000. Hmm. Should we see it? OH! Col! You were the $50,000 man, sir. Vroom, vroom. Get your motor running. already. As if he hasn't got it running It's been a sheer pleasure, Colin. Let's see the money. Good on you, buddy. with your cheque The lovely Penny Mitchell someone else. and I'm just gonna go and get You can ride my bike this time. Come on, Norma. Lovely work. Good on you. many, many pleasurable pursuits I sincerely hope you find on which to spend that cheque. for us to leg it. And now it is time, sadly, See you next time. This program is captioned live. Tonight - stabbed by another teenager a Sydney boy in a shopping centre brawl.

into last month's F3 chaos. The damning secret report after a day of bloodshed. Protests in Bangkok called off rents are going through the roof. And the Sydney suburbs where with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. at a western Sydney shopping centre A security guard for stopping a fight has being praised by police that saw two teenage boys stabbed. The attack at Plumpton Marketplace among several schoolboys began with an argument but then, one pulled a knife. in the Marketplace, Plumpton. It's 8:30 this morning are standing around. High school kids in his right hand - that's a knife. When a teenager approaches, and there's a fight He steps up to a 16-year-old

the shopping centre. spilling through It happened very quick. came in and stab him and then run. Grab the knife,

I was like screaming... It was like scary, managing to wrench the knife away. A security guard intervened, The security guard grab the knife, so nobody can touch it. push it inside the butcher are seen supporting the victim. Shopping centre staff with wounds to his arm and groin. He's clearly shaken how much blood there was, You couldn't really see

like how big the cut was, dripping out of his jumper. because it was just The badly injured teenager to this medical centre was helped just a few metres before being taken to hospital. what provoked the attack. Witnesses say it was unclear Police are shocked by its ferocity. are known to each other They say the boys of the security guard, and they've praised the bravery a man in his 50s. That gentleman is to be commended. Absolutely. it's a very dangerous situation. I mean, a 14-year-old boy was arrested This afternoon with a stab wound. after he turned up at hospital by its own secret report The RTA has been condemned into last month's F3 Freeway chaos for hours. that stranded thousands of drivers has exclusive details. Seven's Adam Walters Adam, what does it say? Chris, this report finds what drivers were demanding the RTA should have done after the crash here on the F3. be implemented within two hours That is, the contra-flow system around the crash site to move traffic stranded and furious. instead of leaving drivers the Government tried to bury - It's a document on April 12. an anatomy of the F3 debacle They were desperate to cover this up right from the start. because it shows a comedy of errors

a truck crash near Mount White, Stranded for 12 hours after

to the Central Coast thousands didn't get home until after midnight. under freedom of information, Obtained

the report says to set up a contraflow only two hours was needed the $28 million system operating. but it took eight hours to get was: The delay in clearing the crash site took control. Not one government agency One interfering over the other - the police the fire brigade, the RTA, but nobody taking charge.

Then, these admissions: is still demanding to know The Opposition in the chaos. the Transport Minister's role He has not explained of the Parliament or public to the satisfaction precisely what he was doing of this fiasco. throughout the whole course pre-empts the investigations The Government will say this report Ken Moroney by former police commissioner has given assurances that who, according to the Opposition, will be questioned. Transport Minister David Campbell Chris. in Bangkok It has been a day of bloodshed to end a week of violent clashes. as Thai troops moved in A short time ago, surrendered, seven protest organisers signalling an end to the stand-off. Adrian Brown is there. Seven's Asia correspondent Adrian, does this mean it is over? Not necessarily, Chris. we've been talking to today Some of the people from those leaders. aren't taking their directions is choked with thick, black smoke Tonight, Bangkok's skyline from burning tyres. They've been using it as smokescreen against the troops. in their final stand just after dawn, Troops began their advance deserted wide avenues. moving swiftly along Bangkok's were ready, The anti-government protesters with petrol - dousing their barricades

fire, one of their few weapons now. were already burning, But bigger fires drifting across the city skyline. thick clouds of black smoke was now raging. The battle for Thailand's future (EXPLOSION) to one of the red shirts' frontline. Well, we're in a side street close There is a sniper operating here are putting up a defiant last stand but the protesters at that burning barricade behind me. The army advanced on several flanks, personnel carriers Chinese-made armoured leading the thrust. Their aim here - to secure the large camp beside Lumphini Park in the heart of the capital. Until a few days ago, it had been occupied by more than 1,000 red shirt protesters. By now, though, most had heeded warnings to leave. A few remained and they were armed, the burning blockades adding to the danger. (GUNFIRE) Elsewhere, the red shirts' tactics were more desperate. Here, a young boy held up at a barricade. It will take several more days for the army to completely secure all the protest zones but for now, it seems, the red shirt rebellion is over. And while Thai authorities regain control of the streets here in Bangkok, the Rudd Government has upgraded its travel advice warning Australians not to come here. Chris.

Thanks, Adrian. The Coalition will axe the 'computers in schools' program as part of its plan to save $47 billion if it wins Government. Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey had promised to announce the cuts in a National Press Club speech but handballed the job to someone else. The Shadow Treasurer working his mojo... When you believe in what you're saying, it's easy to give these speeches. ..before turning into 'No Joe', sweating bullets but firing blanks

on the promised detail of the Coalition's spending cuts. Here is the detail that you'll get. We got it - on his way out. You know, it's all there. Simply become a joke. In his budget reply last week, Tony Abbott flick-passed,

announcing the detail of the cuts to Mr Hockey and today, he passed the parcel to his junior, Andrew Robb. An unprecedented $46.7 billion recurrent spending and capital spending cut. The computers in schools program - gone. E-health, online medical records - axed. 23 GP superclinics - scrapped. Trade training centres - dumped. Why? We can't afford it. On Monday, Tony Abbott admitted not everything he says can be trusted. And today, Joe Hockey proved it. Mr Abbott had promised Mr Hockey would deliver... A detailed response to the new spending and new savings proposals in the Budget. And why didn't he? I want you to focus on the rest of the policy, not just savings. Both the Australian stock market and Australian dollar have slumped today. Shares fell nearly 2%, adding to Monday's loss of around 3%. The market is now at a 9-month low, pushed down by growing fears over European markets. The ASX 200 closed 84 points lower. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto both fell but the financial sector was worst off. AMP down more than 3%. The Commonwealth Bank fell more than 2%. Sydney renters are increasingly being forced to share accommodation with relatives due to the high cost of housing. Real estate agents say some properties are packed to the rafters with parents, kids, grandparents and in-laws. Hairdresser Michelle Ayoub spent three months searching for a place she could afford. The price that you pay for a rental property these days, you can afford to pay your mortgage and still have change. In Campbelltown, agents say rents have surged 20%. Every three months the demand does get slightly higher, rents go up slightly but now it's more of a dramatic rise. Landlords want an extra $10-$30 a week, just in the last quarter. Median houses are now $650 in Pittwater, $520 in Sutherland, $380 at Camden. Units are $590 in the city, $570 at Woollahra, $380 at Ashfield. Rents are looking to grow in 2010 and the real reason behind that is not enough properties being built. Experts also blame a lack of investors and interest rates. Here in Fairfield, real estate agents say extended families are moving in together to save on rent. Brothers and sisters, yep, in laws, yes, that's right, to save on the rents. Developers say the Government makes building too expensive. What we have here are very rigid planning rules and the highest development levies in Australia. The Premier claims outer suburban rents are still relatively cheaper. Western Sydney is still more affordable than the inner city. Cold comfort.

People are ending up having to share houses at very mature ages. The Socceroos are holding their first training session in Melbourne as they go into camp for the World Cup. Lee Jeloscek is there.

Lee, what's the feeling among the players? Chris, the Socceroos are pumped. They've been preparing for this World Cup since February 2008. Today, they're a step closer to the world's biggest sporting event, getting together and completing medicals. A short time ago they began training where Harry Kewell's injured groin has kept him to lighter duties. When the Socceroos played in Germany four years ago, Tommy Oar was the same age as many of these fans. Now, the 18-year-old is on the verge of making his mark on the world's biggest stage. Things happened very quickly and to see this support here today is fantastic. I'm very excited for the World Cup, very. The rookie from Queensland is the baby of the squad, less than half the age of 37-year-old Mark Schwarzer. The Aussie goalkeeper's in career-best form but unsure if this will be his international farewell.

Ah, I don't know. It's obviously something that's quite a while away still yet. I'm just looking forward to this World Cup. As the build-up to next week's friendly against New Zealand intensifies, hundreds of fans turned up for a breakfast encounter with their heroes. It's fantastic, it's fabulous, it's awesome. No prizes for picking who was number one. Who's your favourite player? Tim Cahill. Yay, Timmy! Timmy Cahill. Tim Cahill. The superstar's signature and smile in high demand. We have to speak to the fans, speak to the media and put out a message of our feelings and our hopes and hopefully we can portray that on the football field. The 31-man squad will remain together until after Monday night's game when it's trimmed to 27. That will eventually be cut to a 23-man squad for the World Cup. Thanks, Lee. Still to come -

a Hollywood couple's surprise baby announcement. Also, the 8-year-old girl denied a bus pass to school. And the health food that could actually be fattening you up. That's next. Call 13youi or go to The State Government will reconsider its decision to cancel a young girl's bus pass after her parents raised safety concerns. 8-year-old Elizabeth lives close to her Beacon Hill school

but now has to cross busy roads to get there. Stand back, please. It's the walk home Alison Raffin would never let her young girls do alone. Before and after school, it's very busy here, as you can see. Until this year, both girls had a free bus pass and a bus stop at the top of their driveway. Then Elizabeth turned eight and the rules changed. On the one hand, the Government is trying to promote safety and saying you must be walking with an adult and on the other hand, they're not letting children who aren't yet 10 have a bus pass. From Year 3, children must live more than 1.6km from school

to get a free pass. The Raffins miss out. Alison appealed on safety grounds. The walk to school crosses several roads, including busy Warringah Road but she was rejected. Quite happy to walk them to school when I can but I go to work. Buying a pass costs more than a year's school fees - almost $200. It's very unfair and unsafe that we have to pay for our bus passes for our kids to go home. The other day, she actually nearly got hit by a car. After being contacted by Seven News, the Transport Minister has now ordered his department to look again at the Raffins' case and review the family's safety concerns. I think that he should do something before there's a major accident and a child gets hurt. BP has been ordered to release more pictures of the underwater oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The new video shows huge amounts of crude gushing out of a badly mangled pipe on the ocean floor.

BP has been slow to make the images public over fears they could fuel ongoing criticism. People take shortcuts, profits before safety. It's just the way the world works. The company claims it can now capture 40% of the oil. Some brave thrillseekers have taken skydiving to a new height, leaping from the world's tallest dropzone near Mt Everest. The group jumped out of a plane nearly 9,000m above sea level. It's very exciting because it's one of the - it is the highest dropzone in the world and we're at the top of the world. If the fall wasn't enough to scare them, they also had to wear oxygen masks to avoid passing out. Less than 18 months after the death of their son, actor John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, have announced they're expecting another child. The couple broke the news to fans in a statement on their personal websites. It's believed Preston, who is 47, is 3 months pregnant. The couple already has a 10-year-old daughter. Their autistic son, Jett, died on a family holiday last year. A food most of us might consider healthy is being blamed by Australian scientists for contributing to our obesity crisis. Their research has found

the huge amounts of highly processed soy we eat are making us fatter. It's more prolific than sugar.

Soy is in almost every packaged and tinned food including processed meat. We consume about 31kg each every year, mostly without knowing it. And we've been taught to think of it as healthy. People think they're getting healthier by eating more soy products. They're not. According to researchers at Adelaide University it's making Western society fat.

Phytic acid in processed soy hinders the uptake of vitamins and minerals so your body craves more food.

It happens to have the ability

to block the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients. The body says it's still hungry and wants to eat more. It also contains the female hormone estrogen which encourages fat storage. Mostly onto our trunk, the belly, the breast area rather than on the limbs. You may wonder why the obesity rates are lower in people who eat traditional Asian food, which contains a lot of soy. The answer lies in the way it's processed. Most of what goes into our food is chemically manipulated. The safest forms of soy are those that are fermented in traditional ways - miso, soy sauce and tempeh. Sport now with Tony Squires and it wouldn't be Origin without talk of the biff. Yes, Chris. We're told nobody's going to start it but nobody's going to take a backward step.

That's code for "it's on". Plus, how Jamal Idris threw away a shot at the London Olympics for a crack at Origin glory. And the Bloods lose a major artery - Swan Brett Kirk to retire. with added MSG or flavour enhancers like E627 and E635. With new Vita-Weat rice crackers, the best taste comes naturally (CRUNCH!)

('SOMETIMES' BY MIAMI HORROR PLAYS) Put the call out. $30 now gets you unlimited SMS to any five friends on any network. Plus, choose the 3G Optus U1200 for a low $49. Save $50. Or this Nokia 2730 with 2-megapixel camera for just $99. So now you and your crew can choose to live life without limits. Only at your local Optus 'yes' shop. new blood and a new skin. Men of Gold. Blues prop Josh Perry's challenged the Maroons pack to bring it on in the Origin opener next week. Perry was there for the win in Game 3 last year when things got punchy in Brisbane and says the Blues are ready for a repeat. They're gonna come out firing as they do every Origin

and we're certainly gonna give them what they want. Timana Tahu didn't train today and has until Friday to overcome an ankle injury. If Timana Tahu's out,

then Bulldog Jamal Idris may be thrown into the starting side for his debut. A daunting task but nothing fazes this natural athlete who many believe was headed for the London Olympics before his love of league won out. Jamal Idris is loving being with the Blues but it wasn't always so with the 19-year-old admitting he came close to walking out on the Bulldogs to go home to Mum in Forster. Oh, heaps of times. That many times, it wasn't even funny. Luckily, his dad, Jerry, works just a jog down the road from ANZ stadium. If he hadn't come to Sydney all the way from Kano State in Nigeria, there'd be no Jamal but now, the Hausa tribe knows about his boy. They just can't believe how hard the game is so they love it. Initially, it looked like athletics would win out when Jamal went to the World Youth Championships in the Czech Republic as a javelin thrower. Three years ago I thought by this time we were ready for him to be getting ready for the Olympic Games. Instead, Jamal told Jerry he wanted to go back to league and he'll do it with the best at the site of the Sydney Olympics. It's my love. Other people have their loves and hopefully go after their dreams but this is my dream. Still, he made it there. At least he play out there. Either way, he's doing something out there at that stadium. While he's the new boy on the rep scene, Jamal says he won't be scared to show the Maroons all his magic come Wednesday night. being safe, you know what I mean. You don't win football games and take a chance. You gotta go out there for Swans co-captain Brett Kirk Tributes are pouring in at the end of the season who announced today he'll retire after more than a decade at the top. I lead with my heart I play with my heart, from the heart. and I'm making a decision for the 225-game veteran But the job isn't done yet at the SCG on Saturday. with the Swans to play Fremantle couldn't come quick enough how the finishing post Last night we showed you

for an Adelaide race caller. Like Susan Boyle, has become an overnight sensation. Jim Jacques's voice Trying Hard was one step closer RACECALL: (WHEEZES) but...(COUGHS) to speak to me about the situation There's so many people wanting and feeling sorry for me as well and it's been a different way

of harness racing, I suppose. to promote the sport beckons. A career in after-dinner speaking

Avis man in broadcasting. Sara's next with the weather. this afternoon. It was nice to see the sun out Chris, a welcome change from all the rain but it might not last long.

Sydney's soggy coastline finally got some sunshine this afternoon. A pleasant break from all the rain, dumped 83mm on Cronulla, which last night almost 70mm at Rose Bay. northern suburbs The city and averaged 50mm west of Parramatta. with less than 10mm western suburbs Blue skies helped into the low 20s. the warmest. 22 at Penrith, by a few degrees, The beaches trailed by southerly winds. kept down

where it's now 16. 20 in the city over central Australia. The satellite shows cloud increasing up through the Kimberley region. It's generating heavy rain will start to drift east tomorrow, The trough that's causing the rain most of New South Wales. spreading cloud across

in the way of rain We're not expecting much until later in the week to keep temperatures down. but the cloud is likely

the country - Around cool and showery and Hobart. in Melbourne in Canberra. Early fog and frost Perth and Brisbane. A fine day for tomorrow, Winds will stay to the south light-to-moderate south-westerly tending south-easterly at 15 knots. Turning to the north-east by evening with slight waters on a low swell. a few more showers near the coast Onshore winds could see tonight and tomorrow morning. to a fine but mostly cloudy day, That should clear 19 in town. will struggle Daytime temperatures under the cloud, in most suburbs. reaching 19 Terrey Hills, 18 at and Campbelltown Richmond lows down to 7. after overnight to redevelop on Friday Showers are expected as that trough closes in. More rain on Saturday, 18 degrees. on Sunday and Monday. Easing to just a shower or two

Western suburbs might also now see a few weekend showers, 18 on Saturday, a top of 20 on Sunday. on Tuesday Becoming mostly fine and warmer ahead of more showers next week. Some breaking news now fresh questioning tonight and a man will face of Sydney nurse Michelle Beets. over the murder who's been questioned twice before He's the person of interest but who's denied involvement.

from his Lane Cove West unit Detectives have taken him

at Chatswood police station. and are expected soon Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath. for this Wednesday. And that's Seven News

See you tomorrow. Goodnight. He weighs 160kg because of it. and has just been sacked are now the prime targets of bosses. Why Australia's overweight workers Pharmacy wars -

having never been so great. the savings sensation - The Church of Scientology the church in Australia unloads. the daughter of the woman who heads Bombshell after bombshell. the world over. Television's meanest judges The tirades, the insults. How do our judges rate? to create the headline. And what they do Welcome to Today Tonight. Good evening. Thanks for joining us. The laws of our land make it clear - against for any reason, workers cannot be discriminated age, race, religion or sex. grounds of someone being too fat? But what about discrimination on the he's been unfairly sacked A worker claims after 14 years service from his factory job for being overweight. workplace health and safety issue. The company says it's a Rodney Lohse has the story. "As of now, you're stood down". They said to me I have ever had in my life. It's one of the worst feelings I was then told that of other passengers, in the interests of the comfort I had to buy another ticket. I don't deny that. I'm a heavyweight. Yeah, I'm up there. Weighing somewhere around 160kg, is too fat to work 57-year-old Lance Pedersen Golden Circle cannery has decided. or at least that's what It was completely out of the blue. helping to make cordial For 14 years, Lance worked in Brisbane. here at the Golden Circle factory about the same size he is now. When he got the job, he was a physically demanding job It was never