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gunshots and screams. Captioned Live. Tonight,

cold-blooded murder in gunshots and screams. A

Canberra. We are satisfied there has been a significant degree of planning. From the penthouse to the doghouse, the PM's poll slump. World markets upbeat about the trillion-dollar Euro And el supremo, Mark Webber's Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. A man has been shot dead in what appears to be an execution style killing in Canberra overnight. Residents style killing in suburban

of a Hughes street were woken by gunshots and screams just after midnight. The victim shot once and died soon after in hospital. Police haven't made any arrests but have recovered a gun from drain. It was a midnight disturbance in an quiet Canberra street. disturbance in an otherwise

Witnesses say they heard altercation and several Witnesses say they heard an

gunshots. I heard real loud bangs. I thought they gunshots. I heard a couple of

were a car accident or lot of arguing. I could hear guys and girls screaming. Police say the planned. the male was seated Police say the attack was

the driver's seat of the screak in Whittle Street when the availant approached the car fired shots from close range. availant approached the car and

Two other people were in the car at time, they distressed car at time, they were spent the morning collecting evidence near the Hughes shops. Forensics officers examined a car with a bullethole in driver's car with a bullethole in the investigation soon spread other suburbs in the nearby drain was of particular interest. Police hour examining interest. Police spent over an photographing the hour. They eventually pulled a firearm from the drain and it will tested for a link from the drain and it will be

The victim hasn't been tested for a link to the crime.

identified but it's The victim hasn't been publicly

heed was known to Officers were door knocking the heed was known to police.

appealing for witnesses to the shooting to come Rudd has shooting to come forward. Kevin

backbenchers Rudd has told nervous responsibility for his and Labor's amazing dive in the polls. A series of downs has seen the Price's approval rating Prime Minister's approval approval rating crash into -

rating crash territory. The sudden collapse puts more pressure on Mr Rudd and his treasure whr they down their economic platform in and his treasure whr they lay

tomorrow night's Budget. Mark Simkin reports. This is one way to try and keep a back bench happy. The invited Caucus to The drinks. Always have full and frank discussion in and that what happened today. frank discussion in the Caucus

It's no celebration. They had to digest an opinion poll shows to digest an opinion poll that Rudd's personal rating Opposition neck and neck. Kevin

plummeted, the biggest fall a Prime Minister in a For the first time, more people disapprove of his performance than approve of it. A good morning for Tony Abbott, even though Labor's loss isn't his gain. The poll showed no improvement in the Opposition Leader's rating. I don't have tickets on have a job ahead of me tickets on myself and I know I

Gillard duly we are ready to govern. Julia

things may leadership speculation. These leadership speculation.

the newspapers but they things may interest people in

interest me. Along with other the newspapers but they don't Ministers to read the post-poll script. Ministers to read the familiar

and go. post-poll script. Polls come

go. and go. Opinion polls come and shelving of the ETS is proving go. Polls go up and down. The

particularly tough. Several Labor MPs complained about the decision at There needs to be some decision at a Caucus meeting.

of why the rag ol behind some of those decisions and I some of that. Kevin Rudd acknowledged these are difficult times for the responsibility for its decisions. convinced. Victorian MP Michael decisions. Not everyone's Danby told the meeting the Prime Minister's many hospitals and Prime Minister's visited too

over-exposed. Privately, other back bench rrz even more critical. As one told the ABC, "I listen to his message and think it's crap." Minister's think it's crap." The Prime accept that Kevin Rudd has Minister's office doesn't

perception problem but does needs to improve its policy acknowledge the Government

delivery. That effort begins tomorrow with a Budget the Government hopes will be game-changer. And there will live coverage of game-changer. And there will be

the news tomorrow night Treasurer's Budget speech after

also affairs special. There will

coverage on also be comprehensive Budget

Online. 1 trillion Australian coverage on ABC Radio and ABC

dollars, that's the price tag for saving a Spooked by the collapse of the for saving a sinking youro.

Ministervise agreed on Greek economy, European Finance

biggest rescue package in history to stave off natural ruin in the eurozone. history to stave off the The plan has US and French Presidents the German Britain has only signed on for part of the deal. So far there's been response on markets around the world. correspondent Phillip Lasker. world. Here's finance

With the Greek economy in ruins and the looming threat of financial domino and the looming threat of a

sweeping across Europe, financial domino effect

eurozone Ministers needed eurozone Ministers needed an action plan to fend market welfare pack. will not stop these packs they will tear - even if will tear - even if it's self-inflicted will tear the weaker countries apart. apart. The response, a $1 trillion rescue package, 700 mill bn comes from the Euro area, most of it from Euro nations with the balance from the International Monetary Fund. The Monetary Fund. The European Central Bank will Central Bank will also help by buying Government bonds The finance by had The finance by had commission and member states and actions taken today by the ECB shows defend the Euro, whatever takes. All this together, I think we'll think we'll hopefully tell the market that we have a strong fallacy response fallacy response to what happened the last debt-challenged UK will kick in but will only go so far. What we can't do and will we can't do and will not do is provide support for the Euro. That's got to be for That's got to be for those countries that use the Euro that are members of the that are members of the Euro group. The Euro and most markets in Asia rose today for the first time in days and analysts expect the deal to deliver short-term stability. The IMF participating is a positive signal. It's unclear whether it will be sufficient. There are concerns Europe's other ballooning Spain, Portugal and Italy may prove overwhelming. watching the markets too for an entirely different reason. Despite a lot of talking, there's still no decision who will run the country. If the political on, it will solve deep problems in economy. From London, Europe correspondent Philip David Cameron is still old address, number 10 may have to wait a little longer. How was the meeting with Nick Clegg? Very good. The teams and the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives Conservatives spent hours in closed-door negotiations. still not clear what any may involve. Both sides will have to compromise. we want to make sure we can work together in the next few years. That means we need to listen to what are. While they were talking at the Cabinet office a short distance away, the Minister was returning from Scotland with his family then Gordon Brown met with the Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, it was supposed to Clegg, it was supposed to be a quiet chat but word leaked Gordon Brown hand at wooing the Liberal Democrats. As Democrats. As the negotiators emerged from five talks, the only agreement was to meet again. We've had to meet again. We've had some very positive and very positive and productive discussions. We intend to further discussions in the next 24 hours. When they do, economy will with deep concern that political instability will contribute to a sense of over European debt. In early trading, the stock markets seemed to give the politicians a little more breathing space. It went up, Government will emerge but longer the uncertainty greater the risk that investor patience simply won't patience simply won't last. There's been a call for a public inquiry into patrols after the apparent drowning of five asylum seekers. The five were boat with around 60 others when it started drifting in it started drifting in the Indian Ocean. It's thought they donned life jack toots swim help but haven't been seen since. The survivors, mostly Sri Lankan, have been taken ashore at the Cocos ashore at the Cocos Islands. We need an investigation into the current practices, protocols of monitoring, surveillance and interception. Obviously something is not work right. We know a boat and two weeks later five are dead. Police are interviewing the survivors a coronial inquiry could it now knows the Pakistani bomb attack bomb attack in New York's Times Square. Officials claim to have proof the main suspect, a 30-year-old Pakistani-American, wasn't acing aloin. The Americans are look fling more cooperation from Pakistan tracking down Michael Brissenden reports. A little over a week after ha Shahzad, American, failed in attempts to set off a car bomb in New York's Times Square, senior White House officials say they now believe this is the first time the Pakistani Taliban has attempted to launch an attack on US soil. We've now developed evidence which shows the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack. We behind the attack. We know they helped facil itate they probably helped finance it and he was working and he was working at their direction. US authorities had at first that the group known as that the group known as the Tehreek-eTaliban or Tehreek-eTaliban or TTP, was responsible but Shahzad responsible but Shahzad has told his told his interrogators he trained in Waziristan, an area where the Pakistani Taliban operate. This is This is a great closely aligned with Al Qaeda. It has with Al Qaeda. It has a murderous agenda similar they plan and plot they plan and plot together. They're indistinguishable. The there is no there is no indication that the Pakistani that the TTP was involved the issue has certainly increased tension between the two countries. Secretary of State Hillary State Hillary Clinton says Washington expect Washington expect more cooperation from Government and she issued this warning. We've made it very clear that if, heaven forbid, an attack like this that we an attack like this that we can trace back to Pakistan were to have been have been successful, there would be very would be very severe consequences. The news that the US believed the TTP was responsible responsible followed reports that a US drone attack had killed at least nine people in a tribal area of Pakistan. In Russia, at least been killed in the country's latest est mining disaster. latest est mining disaster. It happened in western Siberia. Two powerful explosions left buildingsen othe surface buildingsen othe surface badly damaged and scores of trapped. 12 were confirmed dead in the first blast and with a team lost after a second explosion. Officials blamed the blast on a build up of methane gas. build up of methane gas. A criminal investigation has been violations. Around 50 million people have turned out to vote in the Philippines in the Philippines general election. It's the first automated poll first automated poll and glitches in the new caused long queues across the country. across the country. 9393Aquino is tipped to win is tipped to win the presidential race but despite heavy security presence, heavy security presence, six people have people have been killed in election-related violence. Kesha West reports. day in the Philippines is more like a street like a street party. Local residents sell residents sell food and drinks hoping to make some extra money from the queueing crowds. Many voters arrived up to two hours before the polls before the polls opened, keen to have their say in to have their say in the country's country's first automated poll. I'm very positive with think that this system is much easier for us. But not everything went to plan. Right across the were reports of defective polling machines, causing more delays for voters who'd already been waiting for hours. Outgoing President Gloria arroyo cast her vote in arroyo cast her vote in her home town north man widely expected to replace her travelled to Talak and waited for hours in the queue like everyone else. The latest polls show he has a 2 to polls show he has a 2 to 1 lead over his nearest rival, ex-movie star and former President Joseph Estrada. biggest advantage of biggest advantage of this new automated polling system is automated polling system is the result should be known a result should be known a lot earlier. In previous years voters had to wait sometimes up to a month to find out who would be their next President. This year they should know within three days. Despite a gun ban and extra gun ban and extra security deployed across deployed across the Philippines, at Philippines, at least six people were killed election-related violence in the remote south of the country in the past 24 hours. Still come on ABC News, marching to a different beat, a Russian revolution in Red revolution in Red Square. Former Western Australian Premier Brian in court today after in court today after a judge threw out corruption charges against him. were dismissed. He and his business partner, former Labor MP Julian Grill, have fought a 3-year legal battle after being accused of procuring confidential information from a senior public servant. The case against Mr Grill was against Mr Grill was also dropped. The dropped. The two men were investigated Commission. Rogue Traders have been accused of targeting Indigenous consumers, preying on their lack of financial and legal know-how. A report from Queensland's James Cook University often unwitting ly enter into verbal agreements with telemarketers and travelling salespeople. Often thousands of dollars are at risk. Kirrin McKechnie reports from the Indigenous community of Yarrabah near Cairns. Matthew Noble has had enough. Frustrating, yeah. His mobile was stolen four months ago. He's repeatedly contacted his phone company to cancel the service, instead it sending him huge builds wracked up by the thief. We up by the thief. We thought everything was taken everything was taken care of but the next but the next fortnight I received another bill for $1700. Mr Noble believes if he would have dealt with the problem immediately. have got done a than I would be trying to it, yeah. His is not an isolated case. A new report shows Indigenous consumers are regularly at a disadvantage. There are cultural and language barriers where Indigenous people may have engilous as people may have engilous as a second or third language. There are sometimes lower levels are sometimes lower levels of education or literacy education or literacy or numeracy. With that in mind, Rogue Traders specifically prey on on Aboriginal communities. They They do target the most vulnerable people and people who cannot afford to be in these contracts. The important thing I'd like to see come thing I'd like to see come out of the research is the responsibility put on the traders. Indigenous consumer advocates are also calling better national coordination to stamp out dodgy practices. Too often they say Rogue Traders may be chased out of NSW or the Northern Territory only to set up shop in Queensland a up shop in Queensland a few weeks later. and Matthew Noble's bills keep flooding in from his phone company. They're billionaires and we're just trying to live from fortnight to fortnight. He's now enlisted the help of a consumer advocate and says it won't be him who has racism in a frustrating effort to black leading lady. Entertaining Lena Horne has died in a New York hospital. Lena Horne began her Cotton Club in the Cotton Club in the 1930s. With her sultry style, 'Stormy Weather' became her signature tune. # Stormy weather # Since my man # Ain't together # Ain't together # In 1942, Lena Horne became In 1942, Lena Horne became the first black performer to sign a long-term deal with a major Hollywood studio. She was when she died. To finance and Australian shares also and Australian shares also took solace in the European bail-out package we reported As coal Col coal Australian Dollar was sharply higher as well. It classic relief rally, up 2.5% with the banks and miners rising 3.5% on average. After a week of almost vertical falls, today's rise in the All Ordinaries looks a little more than a speed bump on a roller coaster and it's tell where sentiment has been turned around but it's a start least. The fact the least. The fact the wine drinking countries won't are to go to go to the bond market or banks for a while to go for loans since the EU and IMF become their bankers ly good news but they still have to fix their which won't be easy. the bottom left have the bottom left have big Budget deficits and current account or external deficits. the top right, the beer drinkers, have export surpluses and smaller and smaller Budget deficits and are now propping up the wine drinkers so drinkers so why does the eurozone economy wine and beer drink snrz drink a bottle of each and see which one leaves you feeling fiscally responsible. The dreaded resource super profitess tax was forgotten today as Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton Tinto and BHP Billiton surged while CBA led the banks with a rise of 5%, ANZ went up 4% rise of 5%, ANZ went up 4% and Wesfarmers lifted 2.7%. On Asian markets Hong Kong and Indian stocks that it wads just another day at the office. The Australian Dollar went up a lot, 2 cents to 90.5 but the fact against the Euro reflects the huge rally by the European currency. It was up nearly 4 cents. That's finance. For the first time, NATO troops have marched through Square alongside nuclear missiles that used to be aim at the West. Soldiers Britain, France, Poland and the United States played United States played a starring role in Russian celebrations, marking the 65th anniversary the defeat of Nazi the defeat of Nazi Germany. Moscow correspondent, Norman Hermant. 65 years on and Russia still views its victory in what it calls the Great Patriotic War as its greatest achievement. It marked that victory with parade on Red Square. President Dmitry Medvedev paid tribute Dmitry Medvedev paid tribute to those who fought to those who fought to defeat Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler and fascism. TRANSLATION: I congratulate you on great Victory Day. Glory to the winners. German Angela Merkel was an invited guest and watched a parade that for the first time featured troops from the Soviet troops from the Soviet Union's Second World France. Hundreds of vehicles and aircraft, more than 10,000 Victory Day parade has larger and larger in recent years. This is the display of military Red Square since the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly two decades ago. Veterans such as Arkadiy Krupennikov say Victory Day is the country's true TRANSLATION: This holiday unites everyone, brings everyone together because everyone took part in the war. But there is another war. But there is another not so subtle message here. so subtle message here. This display is meant to The Kremlin wants the world to see its military might is back and it wants Russians to see and it wants Russians to see it too. Maybe Mark Webber can now stop dreaming and stop dreaming and start believing he can win the World Drivers' Championship. The Australian was in front Australian was in front from start to finish in the Spanish Grand Prix for his first win this year and the career. Here's Peter Wilkins. This was the reaction This was the reaction of a completely satisfied Mark Webber negotiated the toughest part of the Spanish Grand Prix, the long sprint to the first corner, before extending his lead throughout. Misfortune beset Lewis Hamilton with the finish in surrendering second to Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel limping into third for Red Bull success. Fantastic, Mark. Fantastic. What a perfect weekend. You are untouchable. Collectively, Renault and Red Bull, everyone put a Bull, everyone put a huge effort in and the driver did bit of his work and in it was a fantastic result. I'm thrilled. Webber is 4th in the drivers' championship, 17 might have all gone horribly wrong. Australia slumped to 5/67 against Sri Lanka in Cameron White came to the rescue with 85 rescue with 85 not-out, an unbeaten century stand with Michael Hussey turned Keeching Australia on course for the semifinals. for the semifinals. Chasing 169, the Sri Lankans 169, the Sri Lankans were bowled out in the 17th over. Mitchell Johnson took three wickets. In the same wickets. In the same group the West Indies captain gale gale game kept his team on target for the last four by 98 off 66 win over India. The Football Federation has sealed the and 2022 bid documents are sent to FIFA in Switzerland. They guarantee access to all stadiums with compensation disruptions. The Federal Government has recognised it Government has recognised it is fair and reasonable that other codes can continue to pliand have in fact provided a Chelsea had reason to be jumping for joy. Not only was the club in princely form in pipping Manchester United for the English Premier League title, they broke records the way in thrashing a Wigan 8-0. League record and Didier Drogba's hat-trick won him Drogba's hat-trick won him the season's golden boots. Chelsea can complete a rare double with next week's FA Cup final. It was oh, so Allenby in the Players' the treacherous parthry three 17th. Chasing the 16 score set by South score set by South African Tim Clark after a brilliant final-round to birdie one at the to birdie one at the last two holes to second, one behind Clark who collected his first US collected his first US PGA win at his 206th attempt. A collision of art, dance and film, that's the publicity surrounding an surrounding an unusual new film festival touring parts of Australia. It's called Healey's life in dance has taken her into the edgy world of reel dance. She dances herself as she choreographs and films her subjects and has become one of Australia's most films. I guess the main thing is being able to really the audience's eye to intricate detail of the detail of the body. Healey's film 'Reading the Body', on a poem by New Zealand on a poem by New Zealand poet laureate Jenny Bornholt, laureate Jenny Bornholt, has put Australian reel dancing the map. There are many dance film festivals around film festivals around the world which is great for Australian artists to - we're getting our work seen. So much easier to send a film out than a company of eight dancers. beginnings a decade ago, genre of dance film exploded internationally, capitalising on with the human body. director Shelly Love heads international team touring Australia with a reel Australia with a reel dance screen festival. Injury screen festival. Injury prevent ed her pursuing a dance career so she makes highly stylised dance films that stretch the boundaries. I think that's what the camera gives opportunity to make work that kind of is closer to imagination and a fantastical and, yeah, I mean, I've always been interested fantasy films. This new media work is truly cutting edge and seeing is not believing. You can believe the next person coming up, next person coming up, here is Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia and good evening. I hope and good evening. I hope you can anyway. This Chrissy is the last hurrah after last hurrah after a delightful Mother's Day Mother's Day yesterday, both socially and weather-by and socially and weather-by and the nice weather continued today with clear sunny skies and maximum of 19. This morning there was a fairly and the minimum temperatures were 1 and 2. The satellite photo was interesting, cloud interesting, cloud crossing the bite has lots of speckly behind it and we know what behind it and we know what that is, very cold air. air belongs to a front that expected to start expected to start to make its presence felt bringing strong winds showers to the ranges and drop in temperatures. drop in temperatures. Bega's cows were the only ones across the State to get wet and had stay close together so as stay close together so as to keep each udder dry. You better put on the fire days because we're in for some teeth-chattering cold weather. OK, thanks Mark. Before we go a brief recap of our top story - police say the fatal shooting the Hughes shopping centre attack. A man approach adsedan and fired two shots at close range. That's ABC News. Stay with us with us now for the '7.30 Report'. You latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC online. I'll be back with a short update at 8:30. Until then Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

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things that happened to Leanne

after her body was recovered he

had done to me as well. And the

21-year-old champion of

disabled rights. You become an advocate for your rights from

the moment you are born if

you're born with a

disability. Now she's the

youngest woman ever elected to an Australian parliament.

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