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Deal'. Courting Britain's new kingmaker. A horror night on the region's roads. Kangaroos bounce the Kiwis the region's roads. The

out of the Test. A dream Twenty-20 World Cup. evening. The election is Twenty-20 World Cup. Good

over. Now a new political battle has begun to who will form Government in the UK. The Conservatives have won the most the hung parliament and have won the most seats in

having first shot at an alliance with Britain's third party Gordon Brown says he is ready Democrats but Labour leader

to form a Coalition if talks to form a Coalition if those may talks fail. The Conservatives but it is not enough govern on their own. but it is not enough to

battered and bruised Labour party certainly can't do it. Both are looking for a partner and this is the man they want to no time giving one Democrats Nick Clegg wasted

go. It is now for the Conservative to govern in the national that it is capable of seeking

interest. David Cameron was quick to take up the invitation acknowledging the deep areas but accentuating the deep differences in some positive.. I want to make

Democrats. I want us to offer to the Liberal big, open and comprehensive

together in tackling our Democrats. I want us to work

country's big and problems, the debt crisis, country's big and urgent

our deep social problems and our Minister Gordon Brown who clinging on in Downing Street Minister Gordon Brown who is has his overtures too the Liberal Democrats holy grails, immediate reform. For my part I should make clear that I willing make clear that I would be the Conservatives and Liberal Brown is having to wait as

find Democrats see if they can

form Government. find enough common ground to are over but they round of knee gauche yartion

have had an initial giving anything away. We

that is all there is to have had an initial meeting

say. Agreement between the parties may to Convincing their it is a good idea to Coalition with different views on Europe, tackling deficit would be harder. Even views on Europe, tackling the

if there were a dial would be a arrangement which would be dial would be a minority

unstable and part of that would mean evidence has emerged over Federal Government's safety warnings over the

disastrous officials warned this was an extreme risk of fire or if installations were extreme risk of fire or death

botched. The installations were made before deaths linked to the scheme. were made before fourth

This were other warning from other agencies. The have only been other agencies. The documents

because of the pressure of warnings have Senate inquiry.. these

covered up, for good region. warnings have been hidden,

Because they go right to the heart of the spokesman for Peter Garrett heart of the Government. A

the Minister responsible for the scheme at the time said he did not see the warnings until this year. European leaders have agreed the bailout for Greek. The will start flowing within a bailout for Greek. The money

fortnight. They have announced plans to fund to deal with future announced plans to set up

crises. Greek citizen been forced to accept for the set. The bank where austerity regime to qualify

three workers died in a fire bombs has become The Prime Minister was among bombs has become a shrine. those was more grief as those paying tribute. There

were buried. the Government caused this crisis but it who are crisis but it ordinary people

The people are they cut their salaries. If The people are angry because

they cut your salary 30% you would be angry as well. They have eaten all the money knees politicians and they want us to pay for them. Given Greece's growth and the unwillingness to accept the growth and the population's

cutbacks European are scrambling to parliamentary approval are scrambling to Government the parliamentary approval for Minister said by saving Greece Europe was saving Minister said by saving

itself. The decisions have taken safeguard satisfy billtive our have taken safeguard the

currency in Europe itself. Germany will provide the lion's share of bailout has approved the the lion's share of the Parliament. TRANSLATION: package in

have to take pretentative Parliament. TRANSLATION: We

measures to secure all-round security of measures to secure the euro. That means by all member states for our euro. That means strong ass

eurozone leaders met mutual currency. In Brussels

discuss the rescue plan. The are trying to persuade world markets the contagen from Greece's debt crisis spread and derail economic spread and derail Europe's is Greece that economic recovery. While it

abusiness Europe and is Greece that faces the

world economy could well be in need of salvation. It has been another rocky day on the US Stock Exchange Dow Jones index closing 139 US Stock Exchange with the

points down. The market remained jittery after yesterday's massive believed to have been caused by a computer glitch. Barack investigation din the crash. Obama has announced an

The regula troy bodies are evamp waiting this closely to prevent this from happening again. While the markets had a terrible week new US employment employment fiction were better better than expected with 290,000 new jobs created April. There as been more violence in Bangkok violence in Bangkok as Thailand's leaders try to knee geesh aide an end to the political conflict which has gripped the country for two months A months A policeman was killed and three people and three people injured in a drive-by shooting close drive-by shooting close the scene of recent Shortly after Shortly after there were explosions near the Red Shirts and a policeman kill canned. Be Tom explosions were as a result of a grenade attack. New South Wales police are investigating two investigating two fatal accidents. Two accidents. Two motorbikes were seen speeding more 45 kilometres over on the Federal Lake George around 6. Goulburn highway Goulburn highway patrol pulled over a pulled over a 27-year-old Queanbeyan man. He was charged with and speeding. Officers the other motorcyclist sped away hitting a utility as it turned onto the highway a minutes later. The 24-year-old Canberra man died at the scene. the ute escaped with minor injuries. Police say his death is not the result of a pursuit because it kilometres from the incident. Another man was killed the utility he was a passenger in rolled over on the Barton the Barton Highway near Hall. Inside horror of a different kind with traffic backed up for after a freak crash after a freak crash closed the M5 East morning in. Heavy earth moving equipment smashed the ceiling of the ceiling of the tunnel bringing a steel bringing a steel beam, ventilation systems ventilation systems and lighting crashing down. Amazingly only one person Amazingly only one person was slightly injured. the tunnel is not expected to be reopened until be reopened until tomorrow morning. It morning. It could have been fatal and it has

fatal and it has left police stunned but relieved. From our experience as police seeing such a heavy vehicle involved in such a small confined area the absence of injury is amazing. At 11 this morning a truck carrying a large earth mover ploughed into the tunnel tearing a 50-metre section of roof. The excavator flipped The excavator flipped and landed on landed on its landed on its side and equipment fell onto cars. man was driving a few metres behind the truck.. an mighty bang and the roof coming down. He walked away unscathed.. couple there unscathed.. couple there are shaken. He even grabbed shaken. He even grabbed his camera the film the investigating the say the truck driver ignored or did not notice the warning system. The RTA says there is no excuse for what happened. There are happened. There are numerous signs he would have passed and a height detector which activated and we know he completely demolished completely demolished a steel safety barrier. But the RTA is happy how it responded saying traffic was in half an hour. It in half an hour. It has operated better-than-expected. So far it seems the state government has avoided a repeat of has avoided a repeat of last month's de bark l month's de bark l when systems were not operated for hours. It is one of Queensland's controversial murder cases. 19 years after the at the end of the day schoolgirl Leanne Holland the state are reviewing the

Game Stafford spent 15 years behind bars but had conviction quashed last conviction quashed last year. Now he says he hopes the truth will be revealed. The man convicted of man convicted of the murder of 12-year-old Leanne Holland says his life has hold for almost 2 hold for almost 2 decades while he has fought to clear his name. I'm ecstatic, guess, over the moon they have finally

have finally taken that next step fort. Grahame Stafford had been engaged to Leanne Holland's sister. He was alone at home with alone at home with the young girl before she but has always maintained had nothing to do with her death.. we will see death.. we will see if there is the potential of further forensic have been available at the time of the investigation and apart from that we review all matter. Late last year matter. Late last year the Queensland Court of Queensland Court of Appeal set aside conviction and ordered a re-trial but the DPP has since ruled out a new since ruled out a new trial. The Court of there had been a there had been a miscarriage of justice at the original trial. concern he had no apparent motive to kill Leanne Holland and questions were raised about hat about hat had been considered crucial evidence There was police corruption during Grahame Stafford Police will re-examine the evidence with their finding reviewed by a New South reviewed by a New South Wales detective. Queensland Police is a Police is a joke. This should be farmed be farmed out to police interstate supervised by an Stafford says he Stafford says he is just pleased place at place at all. Hopefully achieve achieve justice for Leanne, reopen completely and find completely and find her killer. Police review will take at least four months. one of the underutilised forms renewable energy. While globe lit is early-stages of development one Australian company is at the leading edge. It is one of the first to convert wave energy into electricity an feed it back into Anchored off the coast Anchored off the coast from worn of coal ports is another source of electricity a station that uses the station that uses the swell from the waves energy. In comparison with most of the renewable most of the renewable energy if you like devices this is one of the most effective one of the most effective and efficient ones and it is more likely to provide a energy than most of the others. This wave energy plant is the first Australia to feed electricity back into the grid. At full-scale it can enough power to run 2500 homes at peck and there is another another positive. The Oceans Twelve energy is free and Twelve energy is free and it is as clean as you is as clean as you can get. Absolutely Absolutely zero emissions, wave energy in, electricity out. Wave energy may or not be baseload but the advantage it has over advantage it has over wind power is it more predict table and in the long-term it is likely to be a important part of part of the global energy mix. Worldwide there is enough energy in the oceans to power the entire to power the entire world more over. The different coastlines generate different swells and it is the Southern Ocean which is the biggest source of Australia. If you add Australia. If you add all that energy up that is that energy up that is coming into the it amounts to four times as much Lekkas Australia currently uses. The biggest Chile Chile evening facing the industry is developing technology fast enough to keep up with glad. keep up with glad. As has resisted a from New Zealand to beat the Kiwis 123- 8 at Melbourne's new stadium. It was not at good news for the with the Hooker injured in the first half. With doom and gloom clouding the Melbourne Storm it was no surprise when rain dampened the opening of the city's multi-million dollar Rectangular Stadium. The traditional traditional Kiwi challenge was followed by a challenge stadium staff had not counted on. Relishing the chance on. Relishing the chance to play in a game that carried meaning Melbourne meaning Melbourne star Greg Inglis Inglis was back to his explosive best but the term term captain suffered an elbow injury an faces a battle to be faces a battle to be fit for the first State of game. Australia muscled defence and Steven Matai returned serve. COMMENTATOR: Get that into Get that into you! Darren Lockyer's vision set-up the only tie of the first of. Here is a chance for Australia. Brett Morris out of nowhere. Slamming Sam Thaiday and the Morris combined to extend Australia's

advantage. COMMENTATOR: looked like Michael Jordan. Greg Inglis Jordan. Greg Inglis continued to take out his salary frustrations on the Kiwis but the the visitors mounted a fightback with tries to hard-running centre Junior Sau. Australia survived a last minute rally to win by last minute rally to win by 4 points. I'm proud of their effort because I think we had to work hard to win. to work hard to win. They had us under the pump but we hung in there, a by the boys. The countries will next meet in the Four Nations Tournament in November. The Raiders fullback made a impressive to be picked Wales in the opening State of Origin game Origin game but marked himself as a star of the future with a Man of the Match display. Country captain also had a captain also had a strong game. COMMENTATOR: across to Doogan. He Scores! After Scores! After trailing 12-nil Country scored the next 30 points. The home finished with 42- 18 victory. The Waratahs are headed for a win against the Chiefs. The Brumbies can move into Brumbies can move into the top 4 tonight if they beat the Highlanders with a bonus points at Canberra Stadium. The Reds semifinal hopes suffered a setback after they were beaten by the Hurricanes. The Crusaders lost the the Bulls and Warwick scored a bonus Warwick scored a bonus points in their match against the the Chiefs. New South Wales was eager the atone for lacklustre effort against the highlander and made a bright start withdrew Mitchell. The Waratahs with stood blow from the Chiefs and the Chiefs and scored two more tries in the more tries in the first half. COMMENTATOR: half. COMMENTATOR: Slowing the ball down. He'll score sn! An intercept try from Berrick Barnes securitied points. Port Adelaide has consolidated the top 8 of the AFL with a win over Essendon. Last night the Bulldog has to dig deep to beat Melbourne and West Coast recorded their sect win of Hawthorn's miserable run. Port Adelaide won by just 3 afternoon. Essendon wanted afternoon. Essendon wanted to string together consecutive wins while Port was wins while Port was pushing for a top 4 spot The Power jumped forwards busy but slowly the Bombers worked into take in in surprise from a rookie. COMMENTATOR: Goes with a banana. Can believe that? His first goal in AFL footy. The game in AFL footy. The game was fee-scoring but tough in clinches with players from both sides going down. It was goal for goal in the second term. The with a late giving Essendon the lead by a points at half-time. third with three majors succession. COMMENTATOR: Plays on, kicks it! They lead by 21. However Port surged with four of surged with four of their ofnlt it was a quarter ofnlt it was a quarter that had everything had everything including big marks and desperate tacklest bombers by 12 points go go into the last. That margin was soon wiped was soon wiped and with notion in it one break, it was Essendon The Power found more Power found more avenues to goal. The delighting Mark delighting Mark Williams in a victory he savoured against an arch rival. In local AFL Tuggeranong ran away to 53-points win. 53-points win. While Belconnen held off a third quarter come back to record quarter come back to record a 19-points thrashed India by thrashed India by 49 runs in its opening the Twenty-20 World Cup in Barbados. Australia made before dismissing India for 135. Shaun Tait Nannes took three wickets each while Warner hit a record-equalling seven 6s and top-scored with 72 from 44 balls. Sent into balls. Sent into bat by India it did not take Australian Openers Shane Watson and Warner sell in. 6s in a row in the over. COMMENTATOR: This is a real biggy. The pair hit 13 sixes between them. Warner had 7 sixes and two equalling his record of equalling his record of most 6s 6s in a Twenty-20 international innings. Comb em there it is! This is the Michael Clarke opted to stay in the sheds as Australia finished with 16 sixes in its total of 184. Victorian paceman Dirk Nannes continued his good form his good form taking 3/25 to be the leading be the leading wicket-taker in the tournament in the tournament so far. Shaun Tait also Shaun Tait also finished with three scalps. It three scalps. It was a tough day for India day for India with only three form Sharma was the last standing on 79 not out. standing on 79 not out. The Windies lost to Sri Lanka by 57 runs. English golfer Lee Westwood is Westwood is the outright leader at the leader at the second round of the player's championship in Florida. He holds a 1-stroke lead. Allenby has slipped to equal 6 at disappointing performance last week at Quail Tiger Woods made the Tiger Woods made the cut this time around. He sits alongside Phil Mickelson alongside Phil Mickelson with 3 under 9 off 3 under 9 off the pace. Australia closer the regaining its position in world group after taking an tie in Japan. Hewitt tie in Japan. Hewitt and Hanley were the choice pairing in today's pairing in today's doubles winning in straight Japan matched it with Australia early breaking Hewitt's serve to take a 5-3 year but Hewitt went on year but Hewitt went on the attack and won the next 4 games with the help of the help of the former world No. 1's trademark lob. break in the second enough to close it out enough to close it out before the Hewitt Hanley pair wore down their opponent.. one will be tougher whethert is home or tomorrow. While it tennis coaches are tennis coaches are always looking looking for ways to lift players to the highest They are using high-tech motion censors to pinpoint players problems up a better game. Researchers are trying to find the key to a winning serve. With motion censors measuring censors measuring nuances in they are trying they are trying to capture what cannot be seen with the naked eye. A tennis serve naked eye. A tennis serve is a very fast action and we could provide information to the coaches and the athletes about what is happening, what the small-fast movements about. The Griffith University them has spent years working on the sister. Censors measure movement and send it to a send it to a court-side computer.. it is very easy when you hit a winning shot to know hat that feels to know hat that feels like but when you are a player does not really know what is right or wrong right or wrong this kind of feedback feedback from the technology will tell you. The information is then made into graphs so graphs so performance can be judged gains at select group of elite players. If it of elite players. If it does not match there is room for improvement It does not matter what level, elite, still you can get a shot, you can see your results on this screen. Researchers say it is a cheap, fast way players from all over the country.. the player gets better and better so better and better so quick. You get 0.1 of a second to pick something up so if computer and see it over 5 second on it makes life a lot easier. The first results will be analysed later this month and if the month and if the censors prove successful a wider group of players will be put to the test. With just over to the test. With just over a month to go until Football World Cup kicks Football World Cup kicks off all the facilities are it is hoped the event bring long-term benefits for the locals but for the country's aspiring players little has changed since the days of apartheid. Former stars are Former stars are questioning why young footballers are still playing in the dirt. On the eve of South Africa's football legends marvel at how far the game has come in country. I never thought country. I never thought it would be such a giant step you know. Football has potential of bridging the potential of bridging the gap between different races. Mola was a star during apartheid but never represented his country because of strict's sporting Australian-produced documentary examines how black and discrimination. Kept from playing with other races and banned from the the play for their own authorities felt that there would not be too much harm in giving blacks and coloureds dust bowls to play dust bowls to play their football matches in. While race no longer race no longer divides South African football poverty does and most black children still play in the dirt. Junior teams had hoped the vast of money invested in South Africa for the World Cup would eventually filter would eventually filter down to them. There is no feared there will be little sting legacy for future generations. What is generations. What is going to take place beyond this event? I must be honest event? I must be honest with you, not just too happy way things are happening, yes, as far as development is concerned. So he concerned. So he is doing what he can to champions. He is hoping his talent and experience rub off rub off on some of these underprivileged young players. To the - through this morning fog beautiful day emerged. In the

city the temperature dropped the a frosty 1 the a frosty 1 degree and we got to 19 degrees. Right now it is 12 degrees and there it is 12 degrees and there is 70% humidity and the Bromster is today -

A cold front will follow the high. It is expected reach the ACT on Tuesday bringing isolated showers to the west. Tomorrow for the capitals - a brief shower in Brisbane. Surgery and Sydney. Cloudy in Melbourne and late showers for and late showers for Hobart. Closer to home Closer to home - most centres will start the day with fog then fine and for can cast. for can cast. Bait machine's bay expect ath top of bay expect ath top of 22. 19 in Goulburn and Cooma and Griffiths is e of 22.

Negotiation are continuing Negotiation are continuing in Britain as the main party struggle to form Government. The Liberal Democrats are talks with the talks with the Conservatives who won the most votes but Gordon Brown is yet to move out of the Prime Minister's official residence in Downing Street. Investigations continuing into region overnight A motorcyclist died when he smashed into a utility minutes after minutes after failing to stop for police on for police on the Federal Highway. A man was killed when a Barton Highway near Barton Highway near Hall this morning. A tomorrow's news and current affairs line-up including Insiders at 9 when Barry Cassidy's guest will be Hockey. That is the news Hockey. That is the news for the moment. You can fine latest headlines day online and on radio day online and on radio and hundreds of motorcyclists road into the road into the country from Tasmania Tasmania today to raise money for Pross tatd cancer research. Thank research. Thank you for you company,