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Troubled Treasurer Buswell resigns. -

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WA Treasurer Troy Buswell was forced to resign amidst revelations of an affair with a Greens MP.
This is not the first scandal the troubled Treasurer has been involved in. The unfortunate timing
has left Premier Colin Barnett in a predicament only weeks away from the state budget.


KERRY O'BRIEN, PRESENTER: It was the worst kept secret in the west and the end of the line for yet
another controversial character in the state's colourful Parliament. Today, the troubled Treasurer,
Troy Buswell, was forced to resign after admitting to a crossbench affair with a Greens MP and to
travel rorts amounting to just a few hundred dollars. The timing was unfortunate. Mr Buswell's
demise was left Premier Colin Barnett with little choice but to take on the Treasurer's job
himself, just weeks from the State Budget. It marks another spectacular stumble for a man who had
been slowly winning back credibility after the chair sniffing scandal that cost him the Liberal
leadership less than two years ago. Danielle Parry reports from Perth.

COLIN BARNETT, WA PREMIER: This morning I have accepted the resignation of Troy Buswell as both
Treasurer and as a member of Cabinet. I accepted his resignation with a sense of disappointment and

DANIELLE PARRY, REPORTER: The announcement was no great surprise after the Treasurer's implosion in
front of a huge media pack yesterday where he confessed to sleeping with the enemy, Greens MP Adele

TROY BUSWELL, WA TREASURER: I am a married man who is admitting to having an affair, and that is
not acceptable.

DANIELLE PARRY: Troy Buswell was forced to come clean about his four-month liaison with the new
Member for Fremantle after she went public in a weekend newspaper, pleading for forgiveness.

TROY BUSWELL: I would particularly like to apologise to my wife, Margaret, to our boys and our
extended families. I sincerely regret my actions and have sought professional assistance to help me
with the personal work ahead of me.

DANIELLE PARRY: Had the Troy Buswell sex scandal ended there he probably would have survived, but
the Treasurer sealed his fate when he admitted to rorting his travel expenses and using his
government car for their romantic rendezvous.

TROY BUSWELL: I've acknowledged that I've made mistakes and errors. I'll repay the money and I'm
keen to continue on and hand down the March Budget.

DANIELLE PARRY: Yesterday Troy Buswell was defiant and keen to stay on, but for the Premier, the
rorting was unacceptable.

COLIN BARNETT: I know the attention might be on their relationship, but the reason that Troy has
resigned and the reason I have accepted that is about the misuse of entitlements. That is the final
straw. That is the issue that matters.

ERIC RIPPER, WA OPPOSITION LEADER: Troy's resignation was inevitable once he admitted misusing
taxpayer resources. That is the issue here.

HARRY PHILLIPS, POLICITAL ANALYST, EDITH COWAN UNI: It came down to the money. Colin Barnett and in
fact, as mentioned, Eric Ripper did not want to make the dismissal or take further action on the
basis of the personal relationship alone.

DANIELLE PARRY: The problem for Mr Buswell is that he has a notorious history, making international
headlines for all the wrong reasons. There was the boozy parliamentary sitting night in 2007 when
Mr Buswell snapped the bra of a Labor staffer and then the revelation he'd sniffed a chair vacated
by a female colleague.

TROY BUSWELL: It's hard dealing with these matters and having to face up to your responsibilities
behaviourally publicly. It's harder to do it privately.

DANIELLE PARRY: It cost him the Liberal leadership and his successor Colin Barnett went on to win
government in 2008. Since then, Troy Buswell was been working hard to restore his political

HARRY PHILLIPS: He looked to be in command of his position and it looked as if he was maybe even
rehabilitating himself to the point when Colin Barnett stepped down he may be the heir apparent.

DANIELLE PARRY: But it all unravelled yesterday with news he'd made false travel claims for third
time in a year.

COLIN BARNETT: I made the point to Troy that you have no lives left. You cannot make any more
mistakes. This was a situation which he went into open-eyed and there is no excuse.

HARRY PHILLIPS: These blunders or mistakes that he seems to have made have hit hard and, really,
Colin Barnett I think has been placed in a situation where he just can't ride it out.

DANIELLE PARRY: The woman at the sent over the storm, Adele Carles, has been dodging the cameras
since rumours started of the affair started last week.

Ms Carles has been a leading light for the Greens after winning the blue ribbon Labor seat of
Fremantle in a by-election last year.

Adele Carles denies any travel rorting, but pundits say the cross-party love affair makes her
chances of re-election bleak.

WILLIAM BOWE, POLITICAL ANALYST, UWA: She could have been member for a long time, but I think the
whole circumstances of this affair are going to be extremely alienating as far as Fremantle voters
are concerned. People in Fremantle fancy themselves as progressives and Troy Buswell is a sort of
persona non grata for them.

DANIELLE PARRY: The Premier has ordered an audit of both politicians' travel expenses and has taken
on responsibility for the State Budget that's just three weeks away. He admits he's got work cut
out to restore voter confidence in the country's only Liberal State Government.

COLIN BARNETT: It has damaged the standing of the Government. I, during the election campaign, said
that a Liberal government would be a government of honesty and integrity. That has been
compromised. Troy was very key part of this government, but it's now up to others to simply step up
and fill that gap.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Danielle Parry reporting from Perth.