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(generated from captions) and, of course, $4,000 for Trevor, which makes it $4,500 all up. to Tassie for a few days. You might JUST get the kids Alright. So, what have we got? Yeah. 5, let's pop the locks. It''s... It's... Oh, no! Oh!

The ultimate disaster! There it was! The $5 right there! I should've known. with a pirate in the house I should've known we'd end up getting robbed blind! Let's see the money. Here's the lovely Penny - perhaps today? or should I call her 'Doubloon' walk the plank tomorrow We're gonna make Walter after this disaster. Damn you, Smythe! a bit better than that. Hey, sorry it didn't work out That cookie's crumbled, old boy. That's the way it goes, mate. See you next time. This program is captioned live. Tonight - Storm over the salary cap scandal. major sponsors quit the Melbourne at past premierships Sydney supporters furious behind their team. as Melbourne fans rally

Bookmakers call for the Storm this year's competition. to be kicked out of vaccinating children for the flu. And Sydney parents warned against with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. and the resignations have begun The sponsors are walking out scandalous rorting over the Melbourne Storm's of the NRL salary cap. abandoned the Storm today. Three major sponsors

of the fraud, Brian Waldron, And the alleged architect his new Rugby Union job. has been forced to quit the fall-out Tonight, our reporters have from Sydney and Melbourne and the rest of the competition. and what it means for punters The cost of the salary cap scandal the millions of dollars. is running into reporter Patrick Molihan We'll go first tonight to League at Storm headquarters.

heavily in fines and points Pat, the club has already paid hasn't stopped there. but the financial fallout That's right, Chris. three sponsors have bailed out - Already today both major partners, ME Bank and HOSTPLUS, and the Skins clothing company. Job are being lost too. has quit his new position Former club boss Brian Waldron also offered to resign. and the current Storm chairman has have gone from heroes to zeros. In 24 hours Melbourne Storm they rorted the salary cap For five years winning more than 70% of matches. the decade, the Melbourne Storm. They have been the side of Now we know why! they've been the side of the decade! Now we know why

fined, disgraced. They've been penalised,

Brian Waldron quit his new job Today former chief executive at rugby union's Rebels. the resignation of Brian Waldron I've accepted this morning and he's not feeling too well. Nor is Storm chairman Rob Moodie. He's offered to resign. It hasn't been accepted - yet.

I walk away or whether I stay, It's a question of whether then I go. and if News want me to go,

but says he had no idea. Moodie's been chairman since 2006 We obviously didn't pick it up every year, but neither did an internal audit and a salary cap audit every year. an external audit every year can't believe it. Former Storm captain Robbie Kearns disappointed, I'm angry. I'm sad, I'm shattered, a hard sell now. He works in Storm marketing - clothing company Skins and HOSTPLUS Sponsors Members Equity Bank,

have all abandoned ship. in this club are great people. 99% of the people invoved past employees of the club, There's been a couple of people, that have done the wrong thing we've all been tarnished. and unfortunately The NRL boss says there's no excuse. Everyone knew the rules. The line was put in the sand in 2002 the Bulldogs. with what happened with according to the PM. The penalty harsh but fair but you know something? I think they'd feel gutted is right. I think the action taken by the NRL denies the players had to know. But former Storm hero Matt Geyer we're rugby league players Just because in the paper and people speculate about our wages the change room talking about it, doesn't mean we sit around you know? because players have to go. They will now lead the charge Prop Jeff Lima's likely to $700,000 worth of talent with the Storm needing to cut

just to get under the cap. shedding players They may have to start so it may be accelerated for us. The investigation's not over yet - begins a forensic examination the accounting firm Deloitte Chris. of the Storm's books next week. Pat Molihan in Melbourne. Thanks, Pat. at NRL headquarters. Now to Jim Wilson from its tough stand Jim, the NRL is not backing away

against the Storm. Absolutely not, Chris. Melbourne knew the risks League boss David Gallop says and is paying the price penalties could sink the club but league legends fear the from the game. and drive its fans away He's all too familiar with a crisis, greatest challenge. but this scandal is David Gallop's The NRL chief isn't backing down on the extraordinary penalties handed out to a club as the game's biggest cheats. that will go down in history ahead of any other team It is not fair that they finish in the 2010 season in this competition that they have assembled. with the playing roster will intensify at every club. The crackdown on salary cap rorts All I can say is once again you're taking a big one. if you're taking that risk

believe the sanctions are too tough. But former champions of the game

for their points in the future. We need Melbourne Storm to play to come under the salary cap Get the players to take lower pay and earn points. and continue playing the game

believe the 2007 and 2009 cups Manly and Parramatta officials are now the poisoned chalice. won by the Storm We don't want the cup this way. You've got to earn the cup. this year than last year We're more worried about winning and it would probably be a pretty hollow ceremony having the trophy awarded.

The Storm are fighting for survival despite its owners News Limited declaring they won't be jumping off a sinking ship. The future of Melbourne is now under a grave, grave doubt. I don't know if they can survive this. I don't think they'll be in the competition. The Victorian sports minister flew to Sydney today for crisis talks with the NRL just weeks before the club's new venue is opened in Melbourne. The message that I got today from the NRL

is they're absolutely committed to the long-term viability of the Melbourne Storm. Now questions are being asked of the Brisbane Broncos

following claims they've rorted the system. Israel came to us on much more money than he could get from the Melbourne Storm and he is a very highly paid player and he takes up a lot of our salary cap and he is getting money that is well due - all under the cap. The Warriors left Auckland this afternoon bound for Melbourne.

They'll be the only team playing for competition points on Anzac Day. Every time you play the Melbourne Storm you get ready for an extremely tough game against a very good football team and I expect nothing more, nothing less this weekend.

This will become a matter for

This will become a matter for the Victoria Police and that Brian

Waldron could face possible criminal

charges, even a jail term. The big

question now, how many fans will

turn up on'Sunday Night' for that

game against the Warriors when the

storm are playing for pride alone. Thanks, Jim. Jim Wilson at NRL Headquarters. Now to Paul Kadak at ANZ Stadium for tonight's round seven kick-off. Paul, what's the reaction from fans?

Chris, they're fired up. Storm fans are devastated at what the club's done while Manly and Eels fans are furious they were robbed of grand final glory. From the Corso to Church Street... Bitter, bitter. Pretty filthy. ..not a lot of kind words for the busted footy club. They are rats - they cheated!

Eels legend Peter Wynn still has the prototype jersey for the fairytale win that never was. The Mighty Eels, but unfortunately it didn't happen. But fans argue it should have - and the record should show it.

You can't take away the pain and grief we felt after that Grand Final last year. You can't give us back the elation we should have been feeling but you can let the history books reflect

that Parramatta was the best team playing in the rules in 2009. Been and gone, can't celebrate it - it's too late. I don't think Manly or Parra should be given a premiership gratis. I don't think they earned it, really. At Wynn's store the Storm flag was taken down. Storm jerseys were half-price and Storm supporter Mitchell Johns was buying.

No matter what happens, I'm there for the game, there for the players. In Melbourne...

Go Storm! showed their true colours, showing up at Storm HQ.. I haven't been able to sleep but I support my boys and this was the only way I could... This is my big hug, my comfort hug for them. Like losing a family member. ..blaming the NRL. Doesn't the wooden spoon lie in David Gallop's kitchen? We could be in Sydney in September for another grand final and that would be one way of shoving it up the nose of people. It's payback time. I think they got their just deserts. Everything they everything they get, they deserve. A Sunrise-Seven News poll on whether Manly and Parramatta should be handed the premierships found 42% of fans say yes. 58% say no, Chris. Thanks, Paul. Paul Kadak at ANZ Stadium.

Now to Adam Walters, and Adam, some betting agencies want the Storm kicked out of the competition.

Chris, angry bookmakers are saying that for as long as Melbourne remains in this year's competition the integrity of the NRL betting market will be in tatters. Betting agency Centrebet is demanding Melbourne's immediate disqualification. Melbourne should be suspended, put on the sidelines - a 15-team competition. With no points and little pride to salvage, the bookies say trust is a major issue. Anywhere where Melbourne's involved, there's going to be suspicion. He says they can influence the market by injuring other players and literally backing themselves to win. We don't know if they've got the foot on the accelerator when they're playing. Melbourne can't get points but they can stop other teams from getting points. And there were calls for an investigation into how some punters were tipped off on the scandal. There was a betting plunge on the Melbourne Storm taking out the wooden spoon just a few hours before details of these breaches were released. Clearly there's been some insider trading. A concerned TAB Sportsbet contacted the NRL 48 hours before the scandal was revealed and assured it was business as usual. We got some preliminary advice off the NRL on Tuesday afternoon as to what was happening. We reopened the market on Wednesday. Anyone who backed the Bulldogs to win in 2002 didn't receive a refund after they lost all their points. The TAB today abandoned that precedent to decide Melbourne backers will get their money back. And Tony Squires will talk to Seven's league expert Shane Webcke about the Storm's future later in Sport. To the day's other news now - and doctors have been ordered to stop giving young children the flu vaccine

after dozens became seriously ill. The symptoms include fever, vomiting and convulsions but Australia's Chief Medical Officer says parents shouldn't panic. Janine Hadfield raced to son Mitchell's side when he woke up crying last night. He sort of didn't respond as he normally would in the cot so got him out, he had the shivers. Like dozens of other children, the 13-month-old was taken to a Perth hospital suffering from a high fever, vomiting and convulsions. And seeing him go through that is heart-wrenching. All had received the seasonal flu shot, prompting Australian health authorities to immediately suspend vaccinations for all children under five. Because there can be some complications,

it's important those children are not put in any risk or danger. Only vaccines for seasonal flu are affected - not swine flu.

Other high-risk groups, such as the elderly and pregnant women, shouldn't worry. If children show symptoms after being injected, parents are advised to give them paracetamol,

use a damp sponge to keep their temperature down and only go to a hospital in an emergency. It's very concerning. Corey's due to have his second shot in another three weeks' time. By then, an investigation will be complete. In fact, parents should know within days whether there's a widespread problem with the vaccine or if it's just a bad batch. A serial arsonist serving four life sentences for the deaths of 15 people in a Kings Cross Hotel fire has been granted parole. Reginald Lyttle set fire to the Savoy Hotel on Christmas Day 1975. After serving 34 years, the Parole Board today ordered his release, under strict conditions. At some point he has to be released. Being released under really strict conditions, under strict supervision, is in my view the best way to handle it. Lyttle still denies ever lighting the blaze. Unions are pressuring the State Government to add an extra public holiday to our calendar. They argue New South Wales workers get one less holiday a year than their interstate colleagues. This is a matter that's under discussion with government and unions and we'll continue that discussion. Business groups say it's a bad idea that would cost the economy $800 million. Still to come -

a new travel warning for Australians heading overseas. Also, the emotional pilgrimage to Gallipoli for a digger's daughter. And a homeless Sydney family finds shelter thanks to the kindness of strangers.

With each passing year family links to the original ANZACs become more distant but there are still a few Australians with very close ties.

Seven's Mark Ferguson is at Gallipoli. And, Mark, you've met a wonderful woman at 73 re-living her family history. Chris, when you walk around this remarkable place at this time of year you bump into many Australians whose great-grandfathers or grandfathers fought here. But not many can still say their father landed here on that very first day. (SINGING) A superb sound in a solemn place. The choir is called Sing Australia

and one member has real reason to sing. So happy to be here, just to walk where he walked. At 73, this is Julia Spindler's first journey to Anzac Cove - the very place her father landed on that very first day in 1915. Very emotional, but I was very happy. It wasn't sad - it was very, very happy.

Julia's father, signaller Geoffrey Evans, survived the entire campaign at Gallipoli. Shot in the hand, he was on the last hospital ship to leave on the last day. 22 years later he became a dad. His only child has finally come full circle. Something I wanted to do for a very long time. I wanted to honour my father. With her choir, Julia will sing at this year's Dawn Service

at the same place on the same hour her father stormed this beach 95 years ago. He had a beautiful voice and he'd be really happy that I was singing here, I'm sure. (SINGING) Australians are being warned to re-think their travel plans to Thailand after protests in the capital turned deadly. An Australian man was among 70 injured

in a series of bomb blasts in Bangkok. Benjamin Rowse was standing near a Bangkok train station when it was hit by three grenades. Three people were killed in the clashes between security guards and demonstrators A family of four forced to sleep in a car tonight has a roof over their heads, thanks to the generosity of Channel Seven viewers. Our story on Wednesday night about a Housing Department bungle led to an outpouring of help. For a family used to sleeping in their Commodore this was an offer too good to be true. Troy and Sharon told us how they were forced to sleep in a car with their two young daughters, shunned by the Housing Department with nowhere else to go. It gets pretty cold. Tonight, they'll sleep in comfort... This could be your bedroom, couldn't it? ..thanks to Patricia and George, whose large boarding kennel property at Marsden Park has a spare 3-bedroom house.

We've got little grandchildren of our own about the same age and just the thought of having to imagine them sleeping in a car... Sharon says strangers have done more to help than the Government. Appreciative to everyone that made the phone call, that was touched by what happened to us. Not only do Troy, Sharon and the kids now have a roof over their heads

but also the chance to earn a few dollars. George and Patricia often need casual staff at the kennel

and when they do, they won't have to go very far. You don't believe that people like that are out there. They're a rare gem. Sport now with Tony Squires and how on earth do the Storm play footy this weekend? Huge ask - tough enough game when you've got something to play for. We'll put that question to league expert Shane Webcke next.

Plus life does go on for the other clubs. We'll preview tonight's big games. And why isn't this cult hero playing in the World Cup?


Today is a great day. There is another bank. The bank Australia deserves. AMP Bank. A bank that offers an everyday transaction account that pays 5.15% on every dollar when the big banks pay next to nothing. So we can all wake up a little bit better off.

The fallout from the Melbourne Storm salary cap rort has been swift with three sponsors today quitting the Club in disgust. The scandal continues to send shockwaves through the League. We're joined now by Seven League expert Shane Webcke. Shane, surely senior players and coaching staff knew about this scam? Well x

Well x look, I have known Craig

Bellamy for a long time. He said via

a statement that he did not know

this was going on. I'm willing to

hang my hat on that. As for the

players, collect collectively, they

don't know. Sunday's game, this is

the first of 20 meaningless games

for them, can they get up for this

game and beyond? Look, regardless of

what people talk about, and what

they surmise that players do and

don't play for, players play because

of pride of performance. It is a no

brainer that they will turn up on

the weekend, they will play within a

inch of their lives and all the

ability they have, they will

continue to do that for the rest of

the year. Put yourself in their

shoes, the whole world is looking at

them to see how they react inform

this. They will react with pride and

well. Alright, Shane, thank you. Badly bruised, the game limps back onto the paddock tonight.

Matt Carmichael is at ANZ Stadium. Matt, the NRL will be praying for the Anzac round to deliver. Tony, it starts here with the Bulldogs and Broncos, the 250th game for Dogs' skipper Andrew Ryan. Broncos superstar Israel Folau is in the spotlight over his future and he wants to prove he's committed to Brisbane's cause.

Bulldogs fans know how it feels?

It's very sad for the fans but you know what, they

know what, they cheated. It's a

terrible thing for the game. No

sympathy. Their only concern is

cheering Andrew Ryan home against

the Broncos. Both teams had a good

performance last week. They

obviously got plenty of attacking

abuilt there and some young keen

guys. Israel follow ow has a week to

decide if he will stay with

Brisbane. With speculation mounting

he will switch to rugby or AFL after

this season. I am enjoying my

this season. I am enjoying my time at the Broncos and ready to play the

rest of the season out. He had no

problems with cricket and Jonathan

Thurston will make an early come back against the Eels in Townsville

tonight. The Cowboys tried tonight. The Cowboys tried to keep it secret. Come

it secret. Come on mate, we know you

are playing. Speak to the coach,

mate. I would rather play the

Cowboys without him. He is the

world's worst player. They are

playing to join the Dragons on

playing to join the Dragons on top of the ladder. There are a lot of

players out there that are playing

with little injuries. This is will

be one of those uncomfortable things that I'm going to that I'm going to have to put up

with. It's anyone's guess what we

will see from the storm on'Sunday

Night' but certainly 17 very

frustrated men in purple. Tony. frustrated men in purple. Tony.. He couldn't make our squad for the World Cup, but Doug Bollinger keeps proving he's the world's form Twenty20 paceman. Big Dougie dragged Chennai into the final of the Indian Premier League, snaring 4/13 against the Deccan Chargers. Captain Michael Clarke's defended Australia's decision to take out-of-sorts Brett Lee to the Caribbean instead of Bollinger. Oh, look I think they're two very different bowlers. I think if you look at Brett Lee's record he's in any world-class team in any form of the game if he's fit. The Aussies will play two warm-up matches next week.

Chris, apart from everything else

with this Storm scandal, the office

tipping competition has become a

nightmare. You are still backing the

Storm with that tie. Thank you, Tony. Checking finance now - and the share market fell to a 3-week low today. The ASX 200 closed down 26 points. Sara's next with the weather. Are we still expecting a few showers on Anzac Day? Chris, hard to believe after such a warm day, but a few showers are still in the mix. I'll have all the weekend weather details next.

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If you thought today was warmer than expected, you're right! In fact, today was the hottest it's been this late in the season since 1922. The city reached a staggering 31 degrees - 9 above average, and our hottest day in a month. It's since dropped back to 23.

We saw plenty of fog about the western suburbs this morning as lows got down to 13 degrees. Temperatures picked up quickly. Too good to last - the satellite shows a showery cold front sweeping across the south-east. Tomorrow it'll push into New South Wales,

reaching Sydney late tomorrow night

bringing cooler weather and a few showers. Southern parts of our State

will feel the effects of that system tomorrow, winds strong to galeforce about the higher peaks of the Southern Tablelands. We'll see rain develop in Canberra. Cool with a few showers in Adelaide,

Hobart and Melbourne. Early showers for Brisbane. Sydney's waters will be slight on a low north-easterly swell. Those freshening winds will send temperatures soaring. A fine day to start, followed by some afternoon cloud, and a possible overnight shower. Liverpool's tipped to reach 30 degrees for the third day running. That'll be the last of the warm weather for a while. Those overnight showers lingering into Sunday, 17 to 21 degrees. Becoming fine on Monday but staying cool. For Anzac Day,

that rain isn't expected to ease until early afternoon and it'll be a chilly start, 15 degrees in our west, followed by a top of just 20. Mostly sunny on Monday, but certainly cooling down at night. And that's Seven News for this Friday. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. See you for Sunday Night 6:30 Sunday. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Good evening, I'm Matt White. Thanks for joining us on Today Tonight. Coming up - this woman should be dead. She plunged down a mine shaft. Trapped for four agonising days but what she did to stay alive no-one would ever want to do. Miracle mum. She has no memory. Far too young to be ravaged by Alzheimer's. How a baby has given her hope. All those toothpastes. The facts, the fiction. Which types really work. First tonight - our exclusive interview

with the woman who plunged 20m down a mine shaft and then survived four days waiting for a rescue team. By rights the fall should have killed her. Doctors say it's a miracle she lived. Why it took so long to then find her and what she did to survive will amaze you. Laura Sparkes has the story. Help me! Help! Somebody please help me! (HEARTBEAT) If my number's up, my number's up. What can you do?

By day four I didn't think there was any hope. It's black, muddy and silent - except for the sound of the odd car. Donna Synnerdahl was completely alone. She'd literally disappeared off the face of the earth. I went down about 60ft. It was a collapsed mine. Then I slid down a mineshaft. 20ms underground in the middle of nowhere, off the beaten track. I would hear cars but no-one stops, no-one lives around there. The closest town - Lightning Ridge an opal mining outpost on the edge of the northern New South Wales border. Mine holes are bored around here