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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Kevin Rudd gets his health Tonight, yes Prime Minister,

from Labor leaders. ladies and gentlemen, is a from Labor leaders. This ,

very, very big reform. This agreement represents for us additional $81 million in agreement represents for us an

next four years. additional $81 million in the

court over the bashing death of next four years. A man in

Carl Williams. Planes or no planes? Britain's bringing home its stranded travellers. We will do everything in our power to make sure all the arrangements are in get back home. And the freshly help people where possible to

minted tribute to of Fromelles. minted tribute to the diggers

This Program Is Captioned Live. Good evening. This is now news. Political leaders are calling it historic even if it's not quite in the claiming he's got the green Tonight the Prime Minister is

light to reform the nation's health system. After two days of marathon talks and billions of dollars Rudd secured the agreement seven of the country's leaders but there is a hitch. WA is refusing to sign up to the deal and that's a complication for the Government. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. The Premiers smiles on their faces and millions of dollars worth money in their pockets. millions of dollars worth of

not clear where this is Deal or no deal? Both. While not clear where this is going.

seven leaders signed adopted but refused. I'm not sure what was

refused to say whether his plan agreed. The Prime Minister

confident we can work could still collapse. We're

through with our friends in the confident we can work something

west. Might take time and a bit every State and of an arm wrestle. I think

toine sign up to have a deal. every State and Territory needs

Either way, Kevin Rudd has taken his threat of a referendum off the table. We've got 90% of the country board, that's not a bad We've got 90% of the country on

fell into line after Minister promised him hundreds money. $800 million for and 116 million for mental health care, taking the cost to $5 billion health care, taking the total

years. The entire package, once locked in, would see the Commonwealth deliver 1,000 new beds, guarantee Commonwealth deliver more than

hours, train new doctors, promise elective surgery on time to 95% of patients Health Care and aged care. entirely take over Primary

the jury, is a very, reform. It is historic. is real change. A seismic shift in Commonwealth-State relations in the delivery of health care South Australian patients much better off in terms of outcomes of this conference. This agreement we've reached today really does put patients ahead of politics. Quite and genuinely an ahead of politics. Quite truly

agreement. We're not wishing to rain on the parade refused to hand over one-third to rain on the parade but...WA

of its GST payments. NSW and Victoria were also reluctant but their resistance crumbled under the weight of the money on offer. That's a terrific terrific win for the NSW. terrific win for the people of moved my position way but I think it is fair moved my position a significant

say that Government, the Prime Minister has also shifted. That's true. This agreement is different the one the Prime Minister challenge now is to make it originally championed. The

work and to find $5 billion to pay for it. Mark News, Canberra. A short ago I spoke to the Minister Jon ago I spoke to the ACT Chief his reaction to the deal. Chief us. You've been stuck in a room Minister, thanks for joining

Prime Minister and other State for the past two days with it

and Territory leaders to strike a deal. Has the wait been worth it for the ACT? certainly worth it it for the ACT? It has been

and Australia. It's a very good agreement, an historic agreement that is the first time the Commonwealth has committed into the long-term to significant funding and to being a genuine partner in the delivery of health care. I think it's a very good agreement, an agreement and very good for the ACT. In terms of dollars, how much is going to flow to the ACT from this deal? In transitional sense it will be ACT from this deal? In a

$81 million over the next four years of additional surgery. It will allow most particularly elective years of additional funding for

an addition al about 1400 elective the next 14 years, additional funding for the next 14 years, significant

doing in the order of another 14,000 emergency services over emergency room waiting lists and elective surgery waiting health system has struggled with. see a slash in their struggled with. Will patients

times and when will it happen? see a slash in their waiting

It will take some will be transition. New health services can't be delivered over night and we are very mindful of expectation but this is a very significant new deal. It builds up to what will committed to meeting required targets so we've

emergency treatments within four hours. Wosk committed to significant to waiting times for elective significant targets in relation

categories. It will be featured in over a number of years, sequenced in over a number of years but be number of years but there will rather than later as a of historic levels rather than later as a result

lost $185 million in investment. The ACT recently

revenue. You're now about to hand over a third of it for health. Will there be enough left in the ACT other services like roads and left in the ACT Budget for

education? There of course the commitments make traditionally in of course the commitments woe

to health in the we build in every certainly is certainly is a major funding issue for us but as a issue for us but as a result of the new partnership and the commitments the Commonwealth has made has made particularly in relation to growth, we will, over time, have more over time, have more money to spend on those other services we deliver. We're moving to a position where over time almost our entire Budget would gobbled up by health if we didn't change and that's why this agreement is so significant and so historic, it actually is a Minister, we appreciate Minister, we appreciate your time. Thanks very In other news, a 36-year-old man has faced court man has faced court via videolink charged videolink charged with the killing of gangland Carl Williams who was fatally bashed by a fellow inmate Barwon prison yesterday afternoon. Victoria's afternoon. Victoria's police chief has setting up a task force to investigate the circumstances surrounding the killing. now the motive is unclear but police haven't ruled out internal corruption. Police know how Carl Williams why. The Chief Commissioner says there's a wide range plausible explanations including police corruption. At this stage they range from this simply spat right through to pretty serious issues around organised crime in this State, potential corruption in this State. The drug king pin was assisting police with ongoing some of which are now in jeopardy. His lawyer says for those reasons there should be an independent investigation jO. There's definitely unfinished business and we speculate as to the motive of his death. It may have been a random attack but more sinter. What occurred not acceptable and there will be a full inquiry. Detectives will try to establish will try to establish if there's a link to yesterday's article in the 'Herald Sun', claimed police were education costs of Williams' daughter jO. whether it is in any way murder yesterday murder yesterday afternoon, that remains an open The man charged with his murder faced the Geelong Magistrates Court briefly via Court briefly via videolink. Handcuffed and without representation, the 36-year-old had nothing to say to magistrate. Legal restrictions prevent the release of his name. The man who shared name. The man who shared Carl Williams' unit will be remanded in custody until he appears again in July. Carl Williams' family tried to grieve out of the spoke of their anger. I can't believe in a brutal way and in a prison system a prison system where he's supposed to be being watched. Williams' father visited him less than an visited him less than an hour before he was attacked. George has been there for Carl 250% of the way. He dotes on Carl the way. He dotes on Carl and Carl does on George. Late this afternoon Victoria police announced it will set up announced it will set up a new task force investigating the circumstances surrounding Williams' murder. It will be overseen by Police Integrity. The global aviation crisis caused by the Icelandic volcano appears Icelandic volcano appears no closer to an end tonight. when European airports were making plans to reopen, the volcanic eruption intensified, sending a new plume of ash towards Britain. Once again travellers' plans have been thrown into chaos thrown into chaos with some European flights still tentively going ahead while many more are cancelled. It's not quite Dunkirk but the royal navy is being sent to rescue to help rescue to help get 150,000 stranded stranded British travellers home from French and Spanish ports. And we everything in our power to make sure all the arrangementess sure all the arrangementess are in place to help in place to help people where possible to get home. At the French port of Calais travellers are almost Brothers Rob and David Alan from Sydney have spent the four days in We flew to Dubai and then Rome and then we had to go to Zurich Geneva and we met Geneva and we met our friends and they have driven us up and they have driven us up to Calais. Airlines, desperate Calais. Airlines, desperate to fly again, said their fly again, said their test flights revealed no problems. We have seen no impact We have seen no impact on the engines, no impact on the engine's performance. But this is a photo of a Finnish is a photo of a Finnish airport engine said to have engine said to have been damaged experts warn authorities are rights to be cautious. If because the threat is extremely severe. If the engines were to fail on an aircraft it fail on an aircraft it is going to crash and everybody on board will die. This morning bad news for airlines and stranded stranded passengers. The eruption intensified but eruption intensified but it still not clear whether the new plume will reach the plume will reach the continent. For those at the foot of the volcano it's problem. Farmers are being forced to hand-feed stock forced to hand-feed stock and bring animals undercover. Even when all airports when all airports do reopen t could take weeks to clear the back-log and in the meantime the buses, ferries and trains will be busy. Here, the flying kangaroo is still Qantas says it's not taking any chances even though some European carriers European carriers are planning to get back in the air. There will be no Qantas flights in or out of Europe, including the UK, until at least Friday. The airline denies it's being overly conservative and says safety must really is not just today day-to-day proposition but almost an hourly proposition. It's a 6-hourly It's a 6-hourly proposition because that tends to be because that tends to be the cycles decision-making is occurring. The delays are costing The delays are costing the airline $1.5 million a Qaeda's top two officials in Iraq have been killed in what the Americans are calling a potentially devastating blow. The Iraqi Prime The Iraqi Prime Minister announced the deaths of the two men. Ayyub al-Masri and Omar al-Baghdadi had been hunted for years and were Iraq. The US vice president says their deaths are a major setback to the insurgents in Iraq. Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar ones who executed terrorist attacks against the Iraqis in past as past as well as against Americans. attack, killing one US soldier. controversial anti-bikie laws in the High Court, arguing there are enough checks there are enough checks and balances to ensure they're used appropriately. But lawyers for two club members who were the first to be subject to control orders say the legislation is unconstitutional and strips the judiciry of its judiciry of its independence. The Finks Motorcycle Club was the first to be targeted the first to be targeted by the serious and control laws. control laws. Control orders were two of its members which prevented them prevented them from associating with other people in the club but the legislation hit a hurdle last year when the State's Supreme Court ruled one section of it was invalid. That related to the power of magistrates who have no but to grant a a person is a member of an outlaw ed organisation. The State is fighting State is fighting that ruling in the High Court. We're talking about laws aimed at organised crime. We're talking about laws people who are involved in everything from murder to selling death to our kids by manufacturing and selling drugs so hopefully we'll get a win there as well. SA's solicitor-general argued judiciary's decision judiciary's decision isn't simply determined by a piece of paper which shows a person's membership to a club. He told the court it was matter which matter which didn't compromise the independence of magistrates. But lawyers magistrates. But lawyers for the Firnings members What they should do, and what has been said right from the outset is instead of outset is instead of proceeding with this type of actually deal with policing in the proper traditional manner and go after the persons that commit crimes. Don't people who aren't criminals into into criminals. The Commonwealth, five states and intervened in the intervened in the matter. They'll be watching the outcome closely to see how it might impact on similar legislation in their jurisdictions. The hearing is expected to hearing is expected to finish tomorrow but a judgment isn't likely until a later date. The first of hundreds of asylum seekers have begun flowing into detention centres Australia. Most detainees are heading to Darwin but the facility there is facility there is already half full and there will be full and there will be more arrivals These men are among the asylum seekers asylum seekers to be transferred from transferred from the over-crowded Christmas over-crowded Christmas Island detention centre to detention centre to the Australian mainland. Australian mainland. Two planes carrying a total Darwin last night. Darwin last night. They're all single males, all over the age of 18 which is important of 18 which is important that families haven't been broken up in this instance. The men were taken by bus to the in Darwin through the final stages of their application for asylum. They've had their health done, they've had their ID checks done finalising security checks. Another 119 asylum seekers are due to tonight. Just last company contracted to run the Darwin detention centre was still advertising for employees. With the 90 or so Indonesian crew will have reached detained there, the facility

its so-called surge capacity will have reached two-thirds of

Les than 24 hours. This its so-called surge capacity in

Government is running an airline at the moment. They're running more planes than they're running 60 teenage asylum seekers from they're running out of Europe.

Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq were

also taken to port Augusta in South Australia's north. They spent today playing sport in the residentialal low security facility that was last used three years ago to and children. But they three years ago to house women

under 18, they're not adults and children. But they are and they're considered the most vulnerable of our clients. A Christmas Island was supposed new 400-bed compound on

to be operational now but weather has to be operational now but bad

opening. An Immigration Department spokesman says the 400 beds will be ready to use by the end of the were pooning the injured when by the end of the month. They

boat carrying asylum were pooning the injured when a

exploded boat carrying asylum seekers year but 14 naval servicemen and women immediately went blast and work rescuing those hurt in

and dedication. It was a recognised for their courage

dramatic had been a routine interception dramatic development in what

of a boat carrying dozens asylum seekers. It was quite a hot rush, a loud noise and the realisation that there had hot rush, a loud noise and then

been an explosion. It all happened quite fast. Fast and deadly. Five people were killed, many seekers and Defence personnel killed, many more asylum were injured. I had a of puncture wounds in were injured. I had a couple

and some minor burns and loss of puncture wounds in my arm

of hair. Navy cook Quentin Boorman injured asylum seekers from the Boorman pulled critically

ocean. I honestly felt numb. didn't know what just took half a second didn't know what to feel. I

it sink in and then just just took half a second to let

straight in to work. The for their courage and are among 14 today commended compassion. officer was recognised for inspiring leadership officer was recognised for his

restoring order amongst the chaos. Every person that pulled from the water is still alive today that happened in the middle of the ocean 500 miles with no hospital and the ocean 500 miles from Darwin

emergency ward, I think what achieved on that day is emergency ward, I think what we

something to be proud of. He says the events of that day will forever stay with the 51 crew members. Do I want forget it? No y don't. Do I pretty keen. He hopes today's ceremony will help serve another step in that process. You don't have to be the biggest loser, it seems, to a winner in the fight against biggest loser, it seems, to be

found that thousands of people could avoid daily Insulin injections by shedding just few kilos. Gary has struggled injections by shedding just a

with weight since hoe was school boy, spending holidays on a friend's farm. There was plenty of fresh scones and jam and cream and my mother picked me up on Central Station, remember saying, "I'll have me up on Central Station, I

get a new uniform." During remember saying, "I'll have to

career in politics and his weight He developed Type 2 Diabetes his weight blew out to 135kg. and was at risk disease and was at risk of heart surgery. Now it's the symptoms decline. It's reduced my of diabetes that are in

medication and I don't go on Insulin like regular injections and so forth. Garvan injections and so forth. The obese people who lost Garvan Institute study found

as 6kg could undo their immune cells. The important message is their immune cells. The most

their diabetes and obesity, that are really struggling with

even a modest amount of benefits for their immune cells attacking the body. The system. It will stop the immune

research provides of the need to rein in research provides more evidence

which, despite high-profile awareness campaigns, the leading awareness campaigns, remains

diens and some gains they diens and some cancers. The

their medications are substantially reduced so about 60 to 70% of our subject participants, they their diabetes. While participants, they reversed

good news for their diabetes. While that's

doctors would rather obesity avoided in the first place. doctors would rather obesity be

the first time in history, the Greens will hold a the first time in Australian

Government ministry. A month after Tasmanians went to the polls the Greens are two positions in Labor's polls the Greens are accepted

Cabinet. Leader Nick take up a ministry and Cassie O'Connor will become a Cabinet secretary. This is a die-day for secretary. This is a historic and opportunity and a new beginning for arrangement with the Tasmanian beginning for Tasmania. This

Greens allows us to provide that stability, I a 4-year parliamentary The Greens have revealed a 4-year parliamentary term.

their The Greens have revealed one of Bartlett-Lennon years have been Particularly the

some of the most corrupt, dishonest, destabilising periods Tasmania's history. Labor's periods of governance in

decision to appoint a Cabinet secretary will restrict it to having 8 ministers. A major shakeup of the superannuation industry is close to reality. review has recommended people have access to a low cost default product called My Super which would commissions and many fees charged by bank and charged by bank and insurance company-run funds. To the markets and the share market has recovered slightly from has recovered slightly from the slump that followed the charges against Goldman Sachs. The ACCC's ACCC's decision to knock back NAB's Asia Pacific also helped market. Alan Kohler has market. Alan Kohler has the details. NAB's bosses might be gnashing their teeth tonight at being thwarted but their shareholders are happy winners, their share price jumped 2% today while AXA today while AXA shares fell 3.3%, wiping its value. Net gain its value. Net gain to Australia's wealth, billion. Is chis not why ACCC knocked the deal back, the There was a 10-point There was a 10-point rise in the All the All Ordinaries following a small gain overnight. That came in the last hour of trading. Up to then the traders were wandering around in shock over the Goldman Sachs fraud charge. Asian share markets were steady today. On foreign exchange markets the Australian Dollar is higher against all other major currencies. The Reserve Bank issued the minutes of last board meeting today at which the which the official cash rate was raised from 3.75 to Everyone goes straight to the last line to see what they might do next and it looks to me like another rate hike is in the air next month. Board members considered there was a case for a further case for a further step, it said. Nevertheless, the markets are only pricing in a 34% chance of a rate hike in May although the official rate is expected to reach 5%. Speaking of rates, here's a graph of the inequality moment. At a bit more than 7%, the home mortgage rate is on normal. Big business is paying 1% less than below normal. Small business is paying more than 9% only if you put your only if you put your house up as security. That's The royal commemorations, unveiling coin to honour the coin to honour the Australian soldiers who died in the of Fromelles in 1916. Nearly 2000 Australians lost lives in the battle, lives in the battle, widely regarded as the nation's bloodiest day. The coin was unveiled in front of relatives of some of the diggers of some of the diggers who died at Fromelles. Those involved in memorial projects say it's as important to remember important to remember military defeats as also victories. It was really where a lot of consider ourselves as a consider ourselves as a nation put through the wringer, through the bloodbath that was World War I so for all occasions, for as much as they were losses it really were losses it really helped shape our nation into the '20s and '30s and ultimately what we all are today. The 20 cent coin features cent coin features the Cobbers Statue which stands as memorial in Fromelles in France. He's run twice and lost twice but Paul twice but Paul MacNamee isn't ruling out ruling out another challenge if the new Australia fails to Australia fails to deliver. Lawyer Stephen promising to unite a sport. MacNamee says he feels change is essential in the game. One of game. One of Paul MacNamee's chief promoters, Lleyton Hewitt, was in none too pleased none too pleased to hear Tennis Australia Australia was resisting change. Shattered. of shattered people around Australia that the tennis community were for change. Well, almost. Apparently the narrowest margins in yesterday's secret balfrt the against MacNamee as Stephen balfrt the presidency went

Healy took the right to take over from Geoff Pollard Are came down to one person in one State. According that's Tasmania. He said he wants to talk to disfected people and make peace. I hope he does. They need an olive out another challenge in branch. MacNamee hasn't ruled

years time. If for me to play and me to put my hand up but the important thing is the me to put my hand up who knows

interest of the sport is first. While the future interest of the sport is put

some Australian first. While the future for

Phoenix has been given a 5-year lease of life to the competition. Theation lease of life to carry on in

football confederation had been unhappy with one of its members the oings yawn ic league Australia to allow a member of

playing. last 12 months, the Phoenix stories of the A-League in the

assured of its future until at last 12 months, the Phoenix is

least 2016. Female clamouring to defeat Stephanie least 2016. Female surfers are Gilmore as they prepare Beachley Classic. I had fumble in New Zealand but it Beachley Classic. I had a

feels good to be back in Australian waters and hopefully find my momentum. 15-year-old New Zealand wild card missen was gill more's nemesis last week. That may not happen again. When you're on tour achieving as much as she is you again. When you're on tour and

get a level of complacency setting in and she's got the women's tour under control so when the wild cards come in it makes her step up to a new tomorrow is worth $120,000. the weather now and Canberra awoke to morning sunshine. By this afternoon the storm clouds had moved in. Despite of heavy downpours the city only picked up 2mm. Now it's 17

degrees. Some cold air in the atmosphere is making conditions Some cold air in the opper

unstable which is triggering storms in our those afternoon showers and

pressure system in the Tasman Sea is making our generally warm Sea is making our days series of cold fronts will generally warm and dry. A

reach us by the weekend, making for cold, windy days. The wet weather tomorrow will be pretty much isolated to the eastern states thanks to some states thanks to some onshore winds. A brief recap of our top stories tonight. State and Territory leaders have reached agreement with Kevin Australian Premier net is the only fly in to the deal ointment, refusing to sign up

There's no relief to the deal as it stands.

air travellers as the volcanic There's no relief in sight for

eruption in grounded hundreds of flights eruption in Iceland that's intensifies. will operate no out of Europe until Friday the earliest. That's ABC News. The '7.30 Report' will Kerry O'Brien is next. Enjoy evening. Goodnight. This Program is Captioned e. This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program.

Today's health showdown between the Prime Minister and State

Premiers was so nearly a clean

win for Kevin Rudd, close but

no cigar yet. When the NSW

Premier Kristina Keneally and

later Victoria's Premier Brumby

after some financial lubrication agreed to the after some financial

health plan, it health plan, it seemed the

Prime Minister was about to win

the day. But the only

non-Labor Premier in the room

held out - WA's Colin Barnett

is refusing to allow if

Commonwealth to with hold part

of his State's GST to fund the

scheme. Instead, promising to

niece the Western hand the money back once it

niece the Western Australian Treasury. Mr Rudd has told the

7:30 Report he is confident he

can go ahead with the other

States anyw have that States anyway, and we will have

that interview shortly. First,

some detail on the deal from