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This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - a no-fly zone Europe leaves passengers stranded. Still no Europe leaves Australian

consensus on Kevin health reform plan. We must get consensus on Kevin Rudd's

on with the avoids a big hike in on with the job. Canberra

prices. Good avoids a big hike in power consumers. It means our prices. Good news for Canberra

electricity prices will remain much cheaper than equivalent prices over the border in NSW. And, a free man, Hillier acquitted retrial. Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. Overseas flights have been grounded and thousands of Australians are volcanic ash stranded as Iceland's cloud of Northern Europe. It's the most volcanic ash spreads across

extensive shutdown of air space since the September 11 attacks. Travellers face delays of at least two days. Thousands of flights have been cancelled across Europe en route there have been left in limbo Kong and Bangkok. Europe in limbo in Singapore, Hong

correspondent Philip reports on a day of confusion. Normally airports across Britain were confusion. Normally busy

closed and one by one other countries in Europe were forced to follow. In the UK, it's the first time ever a no-fly zone has been declared leaving up to 600,000 travellers stranded with no idea if or when get away. Just getting on the with no idea if or when they'll

motorway with all these children is an ordeal in itself and the potential of today is devastating. This is the culprit, an active vaino a long way to the the culprit, an active Cole

in Iceland, a perfect vaino a long way to the north

geology and meteorology. The large eruption seen here with infra-red cameras is push thrug a thick layer of glacial ice creating the hot rock interacts with the ice cap, the rock is exploding and turning this is the and turning tiny fragments and

plume. Those tiny particles this is the ash in the have been blasted upper atmosphere. Some that wouldn't be a huge upper atmosphere. Some days

problem, but the weather pattern has disruption. The pattern has ensured maximum next day or two broadly in the direction of UK. If it continues to erupt there will be periods of risk and into the weekend. Thortsz over the coming couple of days

have taken no chances. The risk to aircraft engines risk to aircraft engines flying through the ash is too great. In 1982 a British Airways flight came perilously close disaster when shut down all four engines over Indonesia. You couldn't see out through the windscreen. The landing took out the paint off landing lights didn't work, it

stopped all four engines. Near the eruption Glacial ice has is coated in thick ash.

away roads as it runs to the sea. Most locals close to the volcano have left, only a few remain in the gloom. 1,000 kilometres away in London you can't see the problem particles but you can see the effect. Not a plane in the sky, and with the troublesome volcano unpredictable with the troublesome volcano as could all unpredictable as it is, it back home, where many flights the eruption to the disruption

didn't get off around the country only to be Passengers arrived at airports

told they're stuck in Australia for at least two or three It wasn't motor that was upsetting passengers trying to leave Sydney Airport. One person working behind Qantas's desk and haven't got a clue what's on. We've been haven't got a clue what's going

to desk. This lady refused to help us organise any travel. Tears flowed as this family was told the next available flight was in nine days. Anxious turned up at airports all over the country. Some had no idea cancelled. We don't know their flights had been

will we do, sleep? At the moment our only will we do, where will we thought is we have to hotel and wait. It will be at thought is we have to go to a

least two days. The longer in overheard three days. In longer in Melbourne. We've

the message not Brisbane, most travellers got

except for this German (Sings) # I want to go home # entertainer.

. The blow was softened for some with the prospect of a longer school holiday. I'm quite excited. It's too to say when flights will take quite excited. It's too early

off again. Do not be about flights tomorrow. In off again. Do not be optimistic fact my personal view is it may take thinking take until Sunday. Those half way home were quickly told to forget it. I people not to yourself stuck in an sort of thing. You may fine sort of thing. You may

consider putting on more airport. Qantas says it will

flights to clear the backlog when the situation eases. The battlelines are drawn for what promises to be promises to be a showdown on

health in Canberra next week. The NSW Premier has hardened grab for funding control. Kristina Keneally wants almost $700 million changes, some Victorian Premier's changes, some mirroring the

the Premier won't blink. Victorian Premier's demand, but

reform, the States reform, the States will get nothing. Here's correspondent, Greg Jennett. Over 30 hospitals, Kevin Over nine months in more than

message has changed. These sorts of wards message has never

around the country, we need to invest more as well. The message translates In English, it goes something message translates to Mandarin.

the job of delivering better like this. We must get on with

health and better hospital services. The NSW services. The NSW Premier held a special finalise her position. There's much that we agree except for the core elements of the Prime Minister's plan. She's prepared to dedicate, She's prepared to dedicate, but not hand over up to a third of NSW's GST. She wants all funding pooled, and an extra $686 million on top of the $1 billion offered by Minister over the last non-negotiable. I will not sign NSW up to a plan that disadvantages our taxpayers. Her position is almost the same as Victoria's, softer. We have fundamental problems with the plan problems with the plan put forward by the Federal Government. Kevin Rudd is not without support. without support. The Northern Territory is Territory is with South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT as likely local concerns is taken into account, I'll be signing up to the signing up to the deal. More money will be put up on Monday, a package for a certainty. Beyond that, Prime Minister is emphatic the States will have States will have to work for every dollar they get. There will be no blank State and Territories on a same-old system as the past. After daily hospital visits and one, Kevin Rudd reflected on his health reform journey as though it's nearing an end. It's not. If he and the Premiers are to get anything Premiers are to get anything at Monday's summit they have mighty chasm to cross, one that appears to have widened in recent days. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And on Christmas Island a bed shortage is pushing asylum seekers into any spare they can find. was intercepted today, taking the total arrives in past two days to more than From Christmas Island,

reporter Hayden Cooper. Another successful voyage reaches reaches a safe haven. This boat was caught overnight, its pay load of young children, all hoisted to an island they will, for now, call home. Oh it's absolutely unsustainable. I think Christmas Island's been unsustainable from the very start. Officially, the detention centre is coping. Unofficially, it's seriously overstretched. The accommodation is very tight. We're just getting by, by using all available facilities at our centres here on the centres here on the island, but yes the accommodation is very tight. The Opposition believes the shortage is spilling over to the immigration officials have been told not to arrest visa dodgers because there's nowhere to detain them. What we're detain them. What we're seeing is these resources being swallowed by the crisis of the Government's making at Christmas Island. Many in latest group are from Iraq and if it turns out to if it turns out to have Afghanis on board, they'd Afghanis on board, they'd be the first to have their suspended under last week's processing freeze. There's a clear sense here that sooner or give, with that these people that these people will end up sleeping on the floor of the centre's centre's gymnasium. Or in any place they can find. US troops are set to provide security for Australian soldiers in Afghanistan when Dutch Afghanistan when Dutch forces

move out later this year. Australia has ruled out taking on a leadership role Oruzgan Province. The US Province. The US admirable in charge of Coalition troops charge of Coalition troops held talks in Canberra with the defence defence chief, who says America will cover many of the vital have been doing. And I have been doing. And I would call them ex-popularitiory and preliminary, but he did -- exploratory and preliminary, but he did give an undertaking that American forces would come in to provide the combat-enabling part of the requirement. American troops would be drawn from the 30,000 strong strong surge announced by President Barack Obama last year. Electricity prices might be soaring over the border, but in Canberra the independent pricing regulator is them on a tight leash. In draft decision, it signalled it will only approve a small 2% price hike for next financial year. year. That will still hurt people on low incomes, but compared to NSW we're living a power paradise. the pricing regulator is drawing a line in sand. Overall, there's sand. Overall, there's a very modest next 12 would add about $30 to would add about $30 to the average annual average annual bill, but that's better than last year, prices jumped by about $95 2007 when they soared by Across the border, prices could sky rocket by up to sky rocket by up to 64% by 2013, although that's taking the Commonwealth's the Commonwealth's proposed Emissions Trading account. Still, consumers in Queanbeyan are now paying about $500 a year more than Canberrans because NSW Canberrans because NSW has had to upgrade its infrastructure, while ours is in better shape. It is system. well maintained, and as from that. It's good news for consumers and I think a very good and effective determination news for politicians, news for politicians, but

retailers are wincing. Actew-AGL says the Actew-AGL says the decision would discourage investment and competition, competition, warning in a submission: The retailers always pitch for a ICRS is independent. We that things like the tariff over time will add to the regulator, as well as community groups, are community groups, are still pushing the Government to boost electricity subsidies for low-income 2004-2005 concessions have increased 3% in the ACT, increased 3% in the ACT, but the cost of electricity has increased 23%. The minister says he's already put a proposal to Cabinet to proposal to Cabinet to increase concessions. When a jury decided he was guilty, now a judge sitting alone has acquitted a Canberra man of murdering his former partner in 2002. Steven Wayne Hillier accused of Strangling Ana Louise Hardwick in the midst Louise Hardwick in the midst of a bitter dispute over custody of of their children, but today a judge ruled judge ruled the prosecution couldn't prove he'd killed her.

Katherine Pohl reports. It's taken years for Steven Wayne Hillier to walk out of court a free free man. REPORTER: You must feel vindicated? Do you need me to state the obvious. In state the obvious. In 2002, the mother of his two children Ana Louise Hardwick was found dead Mr Hillier was strangling her then room alight to conceal murder. The case has history. At his first Mr Hillier was convicted by a jury and sentenced to 18 years in jail. After several appeals which went all the which went all the way to the High Court, the case returned to the Supreme Court re-trial last month. The prosecution argued Mr Hillier had a motive, opportunity and showed a consciousness of guilt by immersing his hands in by immersing his hands in acid so said the inside collar of Ms pyjamas matched the accused's profile putting him the central issue in the trial. The defence argued it had contaminated. In his judgment, Justice Anthony that couldn't be ruled out. He said several people said several people touched Ms Hardwick's Hardwick's body at the crime scene. Her pyjamas were scene. Her pyjamas were laid out to dry in the crime lab and Mr Hillier's DNA couldn't be found on the clothes retested last year. Disappointed and year. Disappointed and angry, we we really thought after what, seven and a half years, that we'd have a more positive Justice Anthony Besanko from different administration. That's how it goes, we just carry on. That's our life. The DPP is still DPP is still absorbing the 80-page judgment and hasn't made a decision on whether he'll appeal against the decision. calling on the International Whaling Commission to demand DNA tracking taken for The scientists say the tracking is necessary because they've now confirmed that meat from whales caught by the Japanese has turned platters, and viewers may find some distressing. These dishes sell restaurants in Los Angeles restaurants in Los Angeles and South Korea. They're not on the menu. Patrons need the menu. Patrons need to ask for them, because it's whale meat. Originally we were sent four pieces of meat. Two were thought to be whale and two horse, and I presumed it would all be p horse, but it turned out the horse was cow and the whale was whale. It's not legal to sell whale in the United States. The test found the meat comes from the Sei Whale, one of the types the Japanese kill for what they call scientific research. This is the first time that whale meat has shown up illegally in has shown up illegally in a country that's not a whaling country and it does raise the question of well, just because somebody happened to find somebody happened to find it, where else is it? Is this the tip of the iceberg or an isolated isolated incident? The scientists who led the study are in Auckland attending meeting of South whaling nations. They've agreed the only way to stop trade is for the International Whaling Commission Whaling Commission to set up a register whales. Theoretically if the trade is completely everything in the match something in that database and if it database and if it doesn't, it tells tells you there's a problem and meat coming from other absolutely environmental groups. It is meat to be sold in the United absolutely not OK for whale

States or else. Criminal proceedings States or anywhere begun against restaurant caught selling the meat. Still to come - how giant balloon could improve our meat. Still to come - how a

understanding of the universe. The US has America's space exploration. The US has set a new course for

He's come under criticism for but says the space industry to leap into the future. North but says the space industry has

America Millar. Barack Obama made America correspondent, Lisa

rare presidential visit to the Kennedy Space Centre to his vision for the future. Not Kennedy Space Centre to sell

just to continue on path, we want to leap into the future. We want breakthroughs. A transmormentive agenda for NASA. Touring a commercial rocket factory he made point that America's future rocket factory he made the

space will point that America's future in

combined efforts of NASA and private astronauts on board 'Discovery' return to earth next week, just three more missions are before the shuttle program three more missions are planned

and Barack Obama's decision before the shuttle program ends

can the Constellation Project and Barack Obama's decision to

widely criticised. that was to replace it has been

President says this isn't end of human designs for a new rocket will end of human space exploration,

be finished by 2015, are greater challenges be finished by 2015, and there

ahead. By the mid believe we can Sen humans to ahead. By the mid 2030s, I

orbit, mars safely to earth, and Mars will follow and to be around to see it. One of Mars will follow and I expect

the biggest concerns for area they call the biggest concerns for the

is jobs and NASA staff have wondered what the end of shuttle program wondered what the end of the

have a Plan B, but I don't. I shuttle program meant. I should

could go back to being aircraft could go back to being an around here and drive a aircraft mechanic, or stick

truck. Barack Obama says his The US President was born plans will provide 2500 jobs.

year John F Kennedy vowed to put man on the moon and he says he understands of space exploration to the he understands the importance

American psyche, but plans cost money and take time American psyche, but ambitious

and the argument over country's direction in and the argument over the

far from over. A giant balloon country's direction in space is

is floating scientific Australia tonight gathering is floating high above Central

edge of space. A team from the scientific readings from the

University of NSW launched the morning. The balloon's skin is no thicker than cling wrap and will soar to 40 kilometres above the earth, where it beam back information about space radiation. There's a lot of pure science in it, that don't really have day-to-day effects, but really have implications for eons to come. The instrument dangling below weighs two tonnes, at 50 metres a below weighs two tonnes, moving

balloon is expected to touch down at Longreach in some time on Sunday. Corporate down at Longreach in Queensland

receive bonuses information may have to give receive bonuses on incorrect

the money back. The Federal Government says it will support new laws clawing back bonus payments where there's misstatement in the accounts. It's also in favour of a see a board strikes proposal, which would

more than 25% oppose a pay more than 25% of shareholders

a row. The Australian people oppose a pay deal two years in

quite rightly want more transparency on executive pay. rightly want more engagement on

executive pay. The reforms we're announcing today deliver Company Directors warned the measures would disrupt companies, saying they go too far and could have unintended consequences. In other finance news now and shares here around Asia fell back today despite figure from China and a Alan Kohler. Wall Street last night. Here's

The All Ordinaries Index fell a third of 1% today and the US equivalent the S&P barely a tickle higher after equivalent the S&P 500 managed conflicting data about economy. Taken overall, the conflicting data about the US

sharemarket rally that's

months old is still kicking. blips after a most astonishing run in the past couple of months. The Australian market is doing a bit worse, but I've mentioned before, a lot of is doing a bit worse, but as

our performance is being away by the currency which has our performance is being sucked

gone up nearly 50% in that time. It means that Australia's Brownlow votes market and the dollar. The split between two players - the

Australian shares taken as question remains whether

whole are expensive or Australian shares taken as a

Looking at decide. The price earnings Looking at this graph I can't

ratio is a blunt and instrument but at just under 15 ratio is a blunt and imperfect

it's currently about for the past 20 years. We used it's currently about average

to pay 9 years of profits to buy company shares about 25 years ago, but a year ago times profit that lasted a the price got back to nine the price got back to

nanosecond it back to 15. Is that the price to profit, well investors today haven't seen anything else. Asian shares were pretty weak taking another hammering. many highlights on the local market and most were down anyway. anyway. Commonwealth Bank was an exception. The aren't distracted by the hype surrounding Saturday night's clash against the Roosters It's the first time the former former team-mate Todd Carney.

Raiders' bad boy has played Canberra side since being sacked in 2008, but his old club isn't concerned about going up against Roosters' fullback. We've spoken about it, the Roosters as it, the Roosters as a team they've got some they've got some key individuals there obviously, and with the short haven't had a lot of time to focus on it, which has been focus on it, which has been a great thing. It's not a distraction. The Raiders will be boosted be boosted by the return of Josh Millar who comes back into the side at lock after recovering from a shoulder injury while Jarred Croker looks set to training without training without problems, despite a knee injury. The soccer World Cup hasn't even begun and already South begun and already South African fans have clashed with police. They're angry at having to wait hours to secure tickets at of the 64 matches because ticketing system crashed. Here's Peter Wilkins. The countdown is countdown is on to South Africa 2010 2010 with not everything going to plan, unless you relied on the ruling body. It painted a picture of the final ticketing phase not reflected experience of these fans, FIFA system crashed. The FIFA system crashed. The system is working, but it is is working, but it is very slow. How do they expect to host 500,000 people if they flared at some of the 11 venues contributing remaining tickets. I love my country this is it, frustrating, there's no sense of order there's no sense of order or anything. South African anything. South African police were simulating as they lead up to the cup with ready. Simulations will continue on a daily basis until the tournament begins. The 38-year-old Matthew Hayden showed he hasn't lost his reflexes and Chennai team-mate Douglas Bollinger didn't lose any hair after taking two wickets in one over in the Indian Premier league. He's got replacement locks were yanked by a team-mate earlier this week. One thing Bollinger did lose was the Graeme, with Delhi

winning by 6 wickets. winning by 6 wickets. Hawaiian teenager Carissa Moore beaten Australia's Sally Fitzgibbons in the final of the world tour event in New Zealand. Earlier Moore accounted for Sarah Mason, the 15-year-old who upset the yesterday. The next tour yesterday. The next tour event is the Layne Beachley in Sydney. fourth in his comeback at the US Masters, Tiger Woods said he'd take time off to re-evaluate re-evaluate things. It will be a brief break as Woods has announced he'll play in the announced he'll play in the US tour event in North Carolina in two weeks. Authorities in the US have been flooded US have been flooded with calls from people who reported seeing strange colours and the sky. The Federal aviation agency says it wasn't a UFO but a meteor shower which looked like a fireball over the State of Wisconsin . of Wisconsin . Another was spotted in the neighbouring State of Iowa. Most are believed to have burnt up before they hit the earth. Now with a look at with a look at today's weather, here's here's Mark Carmody. Good evening. was a carbon copy of yesterday's, will be the same as today. Last night's easterly breezes brought early cloud, but with a westerly wind change around that soon disappeared. Also that soon disappeared. Also a bit of smoke around this morning from controlled burns. We reached our maximum of 23 4 this We reached our maximum of 23 at minimum was 7 at the airport. 4 this afternoon. Overnight Cloud associated with a crossing over eastern WA into Cloud associated with a low

in the tropics western South Australia. Cloud

isolated patchy showers. The high has now moved into Tasman directing more westerly winds over our region north-easterly and while it sits there we'll get more beaut sunny days. along the coast might fog patches but that's about will see over the weekend. the only moisture our region You can't forget the name colourful flowers in the it's colourful flowers in the garden Thanks for that, Mark. it's a fuchsia.

look Thanks for that, Mark. A brief tonight and Australian look back at our top stories travellers are among thousands stranded around the world as volcanic ash closes airports of ash from the eruption could disrupt flights of ash from the Iceland

for days, or even massive power price rises Canberra has avoided the

massive power price rises being imposed on NSW. The regulator has approved increase of just 2% which will regulator has approved an

add about $30 a

household bills. And that's ABC News. Stay with us now for Garrett coming up next. You 'Stateline' now with Catherine

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