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(generated from captions) This morning, immigration crackdown. from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Australia shuts the door on refugees

an election fix. A move the critics brand Tiger's comeback. on day 2 of the Masters. The golfer proves he's still got it And wild ride, down at the Royal Easter Show. how three people got stuck upside Also today, mechanical maid. does all the housework for you. The robot that And they're back. of the 'Sex and the City' sequel. The secrets from the set It's Saturday, 10 April, 2010. This program is captioned live.

Good morning. Thanks for joining us. to the man Also today, we'll also talk known as the Planetwalker. travelling the world on foot. He's spent decades in a movie. Now, Will Smith wants to play him later this hour. His incredible and inspiring story, Plus, reputations ruined. The new social networking site

other people. that lets you rate and review for cyber bullying? But is it just another platform And how to budget. at the same time. Advice on spending and saving This, you don't want to miss. from Sarah Cumming. But let's begin with the latest news Good morning, Sarah. deployed to Christmas Island Dozens of extra police have been decision following the Rudd Government's applications to stop processing asylum seeker

from Sri Lankans and Afghans. The get-tough policy at the detention centre, is expected to increase anger which is already overcrowded. The Rudd Government says

asylum seeker applications its decision to freeze from Afghans and Sri Lankans, conditions in both countries. is a response to improving security a transition in Sri Lanka We are hopefully seeing from war to peace. from Sri Lanka All future boat people will be taken to Christmas Island, for at least three months. but not processed six months. Afghans will have to wait It is an election fix designed to get them past after the next election. and process the asylum seekers Tensions have been rising Christmas Island, at the already-overcrowded to prevent outbreaks of violence. with Federal Police now brought in website The Department of Foreign Affairs as extremely dangerous lists Afghanistan in a state of emergency, and Sri Lanka remains doesn't dispute. something the Government remains serious, The situation in these two nations of course it does, issues in those two nations. and there remain real humanitarian

is already over capacity Christmas Island reach Australian waters every week. and an average of three boats Victorian health authorities say other women it will take weeks to contact who were treated by a doctor a dozen women with hepatitis C. suspected of deliberately infecting

an abortion clinic in Melbourne The doctor worked at between June 2008 and December '09. procedures conducted by this doctor Anyone who is at risk from any by the department. will be contacted

has since been suspended The anaesthetist and could face criminal charges. will continue pumping oil Salvage crews on the Great Barrier Reef from the stricken Chinese carrier this morning. is expected to take days The delicate operation but authorities say the world heritage site. it's the only way to protect off the ship safely If we can get all of this oil in top the marine waters, without any of it going to re-floating the vessel. then we are getting one step closer for a high tide Once floated, experts will wait off the reef. to try to push the ship Royal Easter Show Organisers of Sydney's will be back in action are yet to decide if a rollercoaster after it jammed yesterday and two children onboard. with a mother with their legs in the air The trio was forced to wait an hour before they were rescued. to fail to safe These rides are designed the engineers check the ride so what we'll do is we'll have any problem. and see if there's of the show's newest attractions, The looping rollercoaster is one the southern hemisphere. and the only one of its kind A man will face court today, charged with lighting a fire charity store in Sydney's west. that destroyed a Salvos the blaze yesterday, 70 firefighters battled but the warehouse couldn't be saved. busiest shops, It was one of the Salvo's and was full of donated goods. in a nearby car dealership. A 29-year-old man was arrested have clashed with Thai police, Red Shirt protesters to seek new elections. as the demonstrators continue and water cannons Riot squads fired tear gas

which the Government had taken over. outside a satellite TV station Protesters refused to leave, to hand back power. forcing the government protest leaders at a public rally, Police also failed to arrest despite having a warrant. An autopsy has proven tried to smuggle a dead relative two women deliberately from London to Germany. onto a flight

died 12 hours before British police say the 91-year-old tied him to a wheelchair his wife and step-daughter with sunglasses. and covered his eyes He was alive. What people say, it's not right. that saw him alive. We have witnesses How can he be dead? were trying to save Authorities suspect the women of transporting the body. on the cost In finance news - here's Simon Reeve. And now with sport,

I did not believe those women, did

you. I think they were watching

Weekend at Bernies. It was so funny. funny.. Weekend at Bernies. It was so

for his fifth Masters title Tiger Woods is still in the hunt

on day 2 at Augusta. despite tricky conditions After bogeying the fourth, before success on the par fives, Woods had a string of pars

helping the world number one birdies at 13 and 15 finish with a two under round of 70. Englishman Lee Westwood is setting a cracking pace leading the second round. Three birdies and an eagle on the front nine, currently 10 under leading by 2. St Kilda had one of the club's great victories last night beating Collingwood by 28 points at Etihad Stadium. The win came at a huge cost though, with captain and star player Nick Riewoldt forced from the field with a hamstring injury just before half-time. It got worse for the Saints who also lost defender Sam Fisher after a heavy collision with Magpie Leon Davis. COMMENTATOR: There's some real concern in the coach's box now for Ross Lyon. But with a four point lead going into the final quarter, the Saints were galvanised by Fisher's return as they kicked the only four goals of the final quarter

to limp from the field with a famous win. The Titans have ended the Storm's unbeaten start

to the NRL season with a come-from-behind win at Skilled Park last night. The defending premiers had a field day down the left side in the first half, with Anthony Quinn grabbing a hat trick. Down by 12, the Titans needed a response and Ashley Harrison obliged in his 200th game in the NRL. COMMENTATOR: Friend, and Friend got it away to Harrison. When Melbourne was penalised for time-wasting after the hour mark, the Titans made them pay. Greg Bird barging over to level it 16-16. Matt Rogers kicking two penalty goals

to seal the 20-16 win for the home team. Meanwhile, the Dragons have bounced back from defeat to the Storm with a comfortable win over a depleted Brisbane at WIN Stadium. Most critics had written off the baby Broncos before kick-off, but they tested the Dragons for much of the first half. COMMENTATOR: Kopley... Kopley will score. He has. Until two late tries from Dragons flyer Brett Morris blew the margin out to 12 points at the break before the Dragons ran in three more in the second half to ease to a 34-16 win. The Waratahs have been given a boost ahead of tonight's clash with the Crusaders with number 8 Wycliff Palu turning down lucrative overseas offers, to remain with the club until after next year's World Cup. While in last night's only match, the Bulls have gone back to the top of the Super 14 table with a typically physical 33-19 win over the Chiefs in Hamilton.

Nick Riewoldt will have scans on

that hamstring which may have been

completely torn off, nasty stuff,

completely torn off, nasty stuff, so we will know a lot more about that

today. OK, thank you, Simon Sorry for low for today. OK, thank you, Simon Sorry

for lowering the tone. Do you think

people at airport check in council

terse are asked to check the pulse

of anyone in a wheelchair. Or anyone

in sun glasses. They were

in sun glasses. They were convinced it was fine to do it. What was wrong

with him? What was wrong with him with him? What was wrong with him. Time for weather now, with our Cleo Bachelor nominee James Tobin.

? Girls, get your votes in right He's soaking up the sights in Sydney. Good morning, James.

now. You are so kind. Can I just

tell but the morning I've had this

morning, perhaps while we are

talking about Cleo. I woke up this

morning, very early, I went and

chopped some good then I heard a

distress call and I went and checked

and it was a dear. It had lost his

mother, a baby. So I named her

Bambi. I took her back to the

village and me and my cattle dog

Blue are looking after her, we are

rearing her from a bay birks she

will be OK. She will be OK. One

tough man. I think he might have

come in out of the pub to do this.

Either that or thought of those

great stories in 2 hours of make-up.

I have been spending the last half

nour are hour or so, just enjoying

this magnificent city. Just how

beautiful it is sometimes. I am

standing at Kirrabilli underneath

the harbour bridge, just up the road

is north Sydney, one of the major

transport hubs, on the other side is

the city, this is a great place

the city, this is a great place to come and just get a magnificent view

of the harbour city before the bridge bridge was opened in 1932, row bridge was opened in 1932, row boats would do the crossing. That's why this area is a major transport Hub now. A magnificent morning here in Sydney. Let's have a look around the rest of the country and see what the weather looks like for today. I'll be back in half an do some ab crunches and push ups and I'll be back in half an hour with some more weather. I can do a got deal on the Ab King Pro. He really did safe a Bambi. He is such a man. We have got a quick email from J Tobin in Sydney, wanting to know how to vote for you, how does it work. to vote for you, how does it work.? From Mrs Tobin. You would know, because you are doing it a lot. I will give you the number after. Telstra is loving me at the moment, I'm Texing like crazy. I think you go to the website. Thank you for the support. Thank you, JT. Thank you, mate, back to you soon. Is that a body under the desk there. Zblim ee going to put sun glasses on Still to come, mechanical maid. The household robot making chores a thing of the past. The future is here. Plus, rough ride, how these revellers got stuck on a roller coaster upside down. With millions of customers across Australia, you'll be surprised how many of your mates are with Vodafone. So grab the Samsung Jet on our new $29 cap and get unlimited calls Vodafone to Vodafone all day, every day.

There's been swift reaction this morning to the Rudd Government's crackdown on immigration. All new asylum claims from Sri Lankans and Afghanis

have been suspended. The decision follows a surge in boat arrivals. But critics say it's just an election fix. Reporter Alex Hart is in Canberra. Good morning. How big are these changes? .

Well, they are huge really. It's a

phenomen change in policy from the

government. For months and months

and months it has been blaming this

push factors, the end of the civil

war in Sri Lanka and the ongoing war

in Afghanistan for forcing all these

people to seek asylum. Just when the

number of arrivals reaches its peek,

the government says it's safe to

send all these people

send all these people back. It's a very huge change in policy. It

really flies in the face of all

really flies in the face of all of

our travel warnings. We are the

first country in the world to ban

applications from Sri Lanka and

Afghanistan and don't forget, we are

still sfyting a war over there. Just

as the New York has

as the New York has warned the

government that the people smuggling

issue is out of control t says that

it really wants to send a message to

these people that they can no longer

guarantee a Visa for their clients.

So, unlikely to be seen very or

viewed very well in the - by the

world really this decision

world really this decision by the Australian Government, Larry. Alex, this has been met with criticism from the Opposition?

It has been. For months and months,

like I say tlrks has been a lot of

criticism of the government, a lot

of political pressure mounting. So

really something needed to be done

politically to release some of that

pleasure but it couldn't go back to

any of the policies I am plinted by

the Howard government, the spaf ick

solution, the so-called Pacific

solution so it came up with the own

policy and the Opposition jumped on

that, said it was an election fix.

Said it won't do

Said it won't do anything to stop

the boats. So the Opposition has

been jumping on this and will

continue to do And, Alex, human rights groups have weighed in too? so.

For very different reasons. They are lived, For very different reasons. They are

lived livid, all of them lining

lived livid, all of them lining up to have a whack at the government.

The Greens have called this Rudd's

very own redneck solution. They said

they expected more from the Rudd

Government. But they are really

concerned now about what this will

mean for people that are already in

detention and for those that are

intercepted overcoming months. The

fear is that with this 6 months

suspension for Afghan asylum seekers

and 3 months for Sri Lankans that

they could be kept in detention

indefinitelily now which is really

what the government promised

wouldn't happen. They said 90

wouldn't happen. They said 90 days would be the limit for processing.

So, refugee groups, international

human rights groups aren't happy at

all. So government saying this is

the long term solution, short term,

they are worried about riots on

Christmas island. They are. It has

been confirmed that a number of

federal police officers have been

sent to Christmas island, around

about 80. They are also equipped

with riot gear. Don't forget,

Christmas island has

Christmas island has more than 200 1, Christmas island has more than 200

1,, the capacity is only about

2,000. So it's absolutely jam

packed. Tensions have already risen.

There have been attempted suicides,

one this information filters

through, that a number of these

people won't be happy and anyone

that arrives from now on, will be

subject to this suspension. So they

could be like I said, detained for

many, many months and with such a

huge amount of people on the island,

there is a concern that tensions

could inflame. Yeah, we are watching

it closely. Thank you for that.

it closely. Thank you for that.. It's day 2 of the Masters in Augusta and Tiger Woods has had a morning of mixed form,

amid the pressure of the media circus surrounding his return. Correspondent Angela Cox is there. Angela, how has Tiger done overnight?

Good morning, guy, yes, his game was

a little more erratic than what we

saw yesterday with that spectacular

come back after being away from the

game for 5 months. His first ball,

he hit into the trees then he had a

few dodgy shots but he put in a

solid persons. He phonished about an

hour ago, 6 under, he is currently

tying for 3 third place. We all hit

balls into trees at times so there

is nothing wrong with that, is

there? How is Tiger's return been

received by the golfing community?

Well, as far as his fellow golfers

are concerned, they have welcomed

him back with open arms. He

apologised to them

apologised to them earlier and most

of them said he had made no need to.

So they are happy for him to be

back. As far as tournament bosses

go, they are a little bit more

reserved. They actually refused a

request by Tiger to stay in one of

their cabins on the course. Chairman

Billy Pain had a bit of a spray at

Tiger at a press conference on the

eve of the tournament saying he had

let every one down. He wasn't just

critical of his performance oft

course, the way he carried

course, the way he carried himself on the course was less than what he

should have and rather stinging

remark, he says he hopes Tiger every

times he walks past the galleries,

that every child probably wants his

swing but he this settle for his

smile. They were unprecedented

remarks by the Chairman. What about

the crowds there? There seems to be

a lot of cheering every time he tees

off. They are happy to see him

off. They are happy to see him back on the course. Very much so. Very

warm reception from the fans. Tiger

obviously said before the

tournament, he hoped he would just

get a few collapse. He certainly got

that, very loud applause when he

came out yesterday, lasted for a

good few minutes and the crowd has

followed him around. It's a lovely

day here in Augusta, about 30,000

spectators down there. They have

been following him and cheering him.

That would be good for him. I know

that you are a serious golfing fan.

I am going to ask you a question.

Could he actually win the Masters

from the position he is in? Yes,

well Australia say, I am not real

agolfing expert, from every one I

have spoken with, you wouldn't bet

against him. The fellow golfers say

he is still the best golfer in the

world. He is still in with a chance.

Some experts saying that his putting

may let him down, that fifth green

jacket, is still win has reach. At

least he is giving it a go. We watch

with interest. Thank you, Ange, talk soon.

If you have a bad day today, we all

hit balls into tress from now and then. Well there was a scare at the Sydney Royal Easter Show last night. Emergency crews rescued a mother and her two children who were stuck upside down on a rollercoaster for more than an hour. Reporter Edwina Bartholomew was on the scene as the incident unfolded. She joins us now.

Good morning, Edwina. Do we know how this happened?

Larry, the ride is run by a

computer. It's the looping tower

rollercoaster. It has a 27 metre

tower. Because it's run by a computer, the minute

computer, the minute it's a

computer, the minute it's a glitch it will freeze. The cars will not

fall foot ground but not so good

news for this family, stuck at right

angles for about an hour, very uncomfortable position for uncomfortable position for themment of uncomfortable position for themment uncomfortable position for themment.

They were never in any danger. They

were only about 5 metres

were only about 5 metres off the ground. Not what they expected when

they lined up. You were there on the

spot live for Seven News. The

incident amazed a huge crowd of

spectators, this was the big thing

to see yesterday? There wasn't even

a person at the diving and racing

pigs yesterday. Every one was at

this corner of the showground. Many

of them are waiting in line probably

for their turn or had been on the

ride, they were watching on as

fieries, ambulance, the special

rescue tried to get these guys down.

As I said, they weren't very far off

the ground but the braces around

their neck snapped into place so

they had to remove those and change

the mechanics of it to get them off

the ride in the first place. But

certainly, a lot of people watching

on. But equal amounts actually on

rides themselves. So the show must

go on I guess. Were they scared up

there. They look like they are

pretty cool on the phone. The

teenage boy that was up there, a

mother and two kids, the teenage boy

was taking photos on his mobile

phone. The mother was on the phone

to the ride operator the entire

time. So I think they were Des

stressed and obviously taken aback

by all the attention they were

getting but they were never in any

danger. I don't think they were very

scared but I think also they must be

eligible for a lifetime supply of

ride vouchers. This happened in Miami a weekend

Miami a weekend ago. We went live to

Florida Florida. Is there any

suggestion that these guys will be

called by NBC or NCC Once they were

given the all clear, they were

whisked off the show grounds. We are

hoping to track them down today. I

am not sure if I can guarantee you

an exclusive interview with them.

Marks Markson has signed them up. Marks Markson has signed them up.. Still to come - the truth about Patrick. Startling revelations from the 'Dirty Dancing' star's widow. Turns out, we didn't know the real Swayze until now. Then later, sex and the sequel, the secrets from the set. Retail is a highly competitive business, and now, more than ever, customers are looking for the best deals. At Harvey Norman, we have great products at great prices, but making sure people know about them is crucial. That's why we use television. With TV, we can reach millions of people with our message every day of the week. We wouldn't be one of Australia's leading retailers without it.

He's coming Justin BBCer is coming

to Australia. You can only see him

perform one time, in one place.

BBCer does Sunrise, on mund, April 26. Sun

26. Sunrise on 7.

Another gorgeous Sydney days as

Samantha's yacht prepares to pick

her up after the program. It will be

a top of 27, not just at Jeffrey

street war of but all over Sydney

today. That is the Sammy? Is that

called the Sammy. The HMAS Armitage.

Are you doing catering or do I have

to bring a plate again. Still to come - the new social networking controversy. The site that lets you rate and review your colleagues. No negative comment is off limits. But is it legal? And in ten minutes, the Planetwalker.

Meet the man who has journeyed the globe and attracted the attention of Hollywood in the process. But first, let's get the news headlines with Sarah Cumming. The Federal Opposition says Canberra's decision to freeze asylum seeker applications from Sri Lankans and Afghans,

is a panicked reaction to an increasing number of boat people.

The Government says security is improving in both countries. The Opposition says the backflip won't make any difference to the number of boats making the journey.

We know that this change won't stop the boats, because essentially it is simply delaying the processing of asylum seekers. Extra Federal Police have been brought in to Christmas Island, to deal with expected rising tensions over the policy change. Scores of women who attended a Melbourne abortion clinic

could be at risk of contracting hepatitis C, with a doctor being investigated for deliberately infecting patients. The 12 women all attended the clinic

while the anaesthetist worked there between June 2008, and December last year. It doesn't seem to be an issue

of somebody accidentally breaching an infection control protocol,

it's something else. The doctor has since been suspended, and is facing possible criminal charges. A driver's had a lucky escape, after crashing their car and coming to a stop only metres from a huge gas tank.

stopped the car Amazingly, a small retaining wall into the tank from flying off the edge in Sydney's north-west. at a petrol station up to street level and towed. The car was dragged An Australian study has found from rainwater tanks people who drink levels of lead. could be consuming unacceptable tested 11 tanks in Sydney The University of Technology study had unsafe levels of lead. and found five of them Some tanks also had high pH levels. in the body An increased amount of lead the central nervous system. can severely affect

An Australian woman in Canada, accused of killing her 2 young boys to see if she's fit to stand trial. will undergo psychiatric testing

Allyson McConnell is charged of second-degree murder. with two counts and 10-month-old Jayden The bodies of 2-year-old Connor by their father in March. were found in a bathtub in a custody dispute The couple had been to move back to Australia. over her plans A funeral has been held white supremacist leader, for murdered South African Eugene Terreblanche, amid heightened racial tensions. have been charged with his death, Two black farm workers allegedly sparked by a pay dispute. packed the church. Around 1,000 mourners was draped in a neo-Nazi flag. Terreblanche's coffin second round 70 this morning Tiger Woods has hit a two-under for his fifth green jacket to remain in the mix at Augusta. made three birdies The world number one at the famous course. and one bogey in tricky conditions blowing the ball on the greens, Ah the greens, the wind's definitely of wind on the putts. you've gotta allow for a bit set the early pace Englishman Lee Westwood on the front nine with three birdies and an eagle Fred Couples had a troubled day while first round leader on his way to a round of 75. with three bogeys A short time ago, with fellow countryman Ian Poulter, Westwood was tied for the lead with Woods in a share for third. of the Aussies. Adam Scott is the best He finished at even with Geoff Ogilvy one over par. of the AFL ladder St Kilda has gone top

at Etihad Stadium last night. with a 28 point win over Collingwood with captain and star player The win was marred somewhat Nick Riewoldt with a hamstring injury. limping off before halftime without their main man, But the Saints rallied in the second half keeping the Pies goal-less as they opened up a handy lead. COMMENTATOR: Oh wonderful Saints! four goals of the final quarter The Saints kicking the only to wrap up a spirited 69-41 win. two tries In NRL, Brett Morris scored over a depleted Broncos side. as the Dragons ran out 34-16 winners Up by 12 at halftime, three second half tries the Dragons ran in a further to go top of the table. COMMENTATOR: And Hornby is over. While at Skilled Park last night, penalty against the Storm a controversial time-wasting a come from behind 20-16 win. helped the Titans record after the penalty Greg Bird scored directly to help level scores. penalties before Matt Rogers kicked two to halt Melbourne's unbeaten run.

Now it's the incredibly handsome

James Tobin by Sydney harbour this

morning. He is a picture. Thank

very much, Simon. Behind me, the morning. He is a picture. Thank you

HMAS Armitage also known as the

crystal symphony. Has just docked in

Sydney. It's on a around the world

tour. It made a stop in Sydney, then

it went to New Zealand and now it's

on way - it's just arrived back and the passenger

the passenger on board are going to

spend 3 days here in Sydney on a

magnificent day before heading off

to Singapore. So that's the latest

about what is going on in the

harbour. Around the rest of harbour. Around the rest harbour. Around the rest of

weather. Australia, let's have a look at the Australia, let's have a look at

should bring showers and storms A low pressure trough and New South Wales today. to the western parts of Queensland for the southeast tomorrow, Chillier conditions are forecast sweeps through. as a building cold front In the capitals - this morning, Some patchy rain in Brisbane easing to showers later. and a possible storm Sunday, More rain clearing Monday morning. with the wet weather Sydney, fine and sunny today. Good weather over the next few days, in the low 20S from Monday onwards. with cooler temperatures mainly fine weather today, Canberra can expect with the chance of some late rain. Mostly fine again tomorrow for the rest of the week. with sunny conditions Melbourne - showers today, with the chance of a storm. increasing tomorrow with cloud about A few morning showers Monday for the rest of the week. and patchy rain about today Hobart should have some cloud with rain expected later. and Monday, Increasing showers on Sunday and clearing on Wednesday. continuing on Tuesday In Adelaide - for this afternoon, a few showers are forecast with more wet weather tomorrow. Fine for the coming week. and mostly sunny today. Perth should be fine or two developing on Monday Fine also tomorrow with a shower and persisting through to Friday. And in Darwin - today. the chance of showers and storms over the next few days. Similar weather

Now, as the 950 passengers enjoy

Sydney for the next few days, a

little bit of history. The early

settlers noticed that this area here

had the best fishing in Port Jackson

The local aboriginal people called

this Kiara Billy. Which they believe

translates to best fishing. There

are a few people fishing this

watching the morning and a few people here

watching the ship come in. I will

see you here in half an hour. He is

good with the Google, isn't he? He

can Google better than anyone.

that. is the love boat theme, we need can Google better than anyone. Where

Ahead this hour - spend and save. The ultimate advice on budgeting as the cost of living goes up. But next, the Planetwalker. Meet the man who's travelled the world on foot. Now, Will Smith wants to play him in a movie.

That's why there's Youi. Call 13youi or go to With millions of customers across Australia, you'll be surprised how many of your mates are with Vodafone. So grab the Nokia N97 Mini on our new $49 cap and get unlimited calls Vodafone to Vodafone all day, every day.

Our next guest has just flown in from the US - first stop, Weekend Sunrise. He's not used to air travel, he's used to his own two feet. He's famously known as the Planetwalker - a man who has spent decades trekking across the globe and all for a cause. This is John Francis. He's an American environmentalist and UN Ambassador. His nickname is the 'Planetwalker'. I'm known as the Planetwalker because in 1971 there was an oil spill in San Francisco Bay that I went to see. It was just an immense experience for me and I decided to give up driving and riding motorised vehicles. John's decision was laughed at - so he stopped speaking, for 17 years. Instead, he started an incredible journey, walking the globe.

His only constant companion - a banjo. This banjo has travelled across the United States, through the Caribbean, the length of South America and Antarctica and now here in Australia. In 2009, John arrived in Australia to complete the 104 kilometre Great Ocean Walk. I always carry a journal with me when I'm walking,

and I hope to pass this along to the next walker on the Great Ocean Walk. He kept a record of the sights, with a series of pictures. After each drawing I make I feel myself even more in the place where I am. John's story is so incredible, Will Smith has expressed interest in playing him in a Hollywood movie. The thing about walking is, at some point we get to where we're going. And John Francis joins us now.

Good morning. I talk now you Take us back to where this all began. How did one incident lead to a complete life change? know.

No, I didn't. I mean, I started you

know, I gave up riding in cars

because of that spill. But I soon

started arguing with people about

could one person make a difference.

So on my birthday, I turned 27, I

decided not to speak and that really

- that did it, that changed my life.

It must take, not to speak, but to

do - you have walked across entire

continents, how hard is that, its

discipline. Do you ever feel

discipline. Do you ever feel like this is too hard, I have to go home

and sit down. I do and I did. There

were parts that I wrote a book

Planetwalker which talks about those

parts that you know, I came to a

place where I said, I don't think I

can go on. But I did. You just kind of show up and

of show up and the next day you feel

better. You go to sleep, you get

better. You go to sleep, you get up in the morning and you go on again.

The other hard part was actually

going to school on my way across

going to school on my way across the United States. I stopped and did my

undergraduate in organ, my Masters

in Montana and a PHD in

environmental studies at Wisconsin.

So that was the difficult part,

going to school and not speaking and

walking. But What an extraordinary

life you've had. I didn't speak at

school and I got kicked out for

that. Would you describe it as a

lonely experience? If there was a

word that you could stamp on those

17 years I would call it embracing.

Embracing life and because what I

learned about environment, I always

thought it was about pollution,

that's why I started walking in the

first place and then I learned loss

of Spies yis and habitat and all

those things. What I really

discovered was environment is about

people because people are part of

the environment. So our first

opportunity to treat the environment

in a sustainable way or even

understand what sustainability is,

is through our relationships with

each other and ourselves and each

other. So it was a great lesson and

a great opportunity for me. What do

your friends and family make of all

of this Pardon me. What do your

friends and family think of what

you've done. Well, before I became a

doctor and started speaking, they

thought I was crazy of course. And

as time went on, my mother right

away, she got it, she said, this is

bigger than him. My dad always

wanted me to ride in cars and talk

because you know, he wanted to know

how I was going to make a living.

It's an amazing story. We would love

to spend hours with you. In the

Fairfax press, I believe the free

DVD here, the art of walking up

it is. So, while stocks last, DVD here, the art of walking up here

amazing story. Will Smith wants to

play you in a movie. Will he be

alright, do you approve. I think

would be really great but woe alright, do you approve. I think he to be able to walk the Great Ocean would be really great but woe have

Walk. We would love to have him down

in Australia. I have never seen Will

Smith not talk. That would be the

challenge. Great to meet you. Thank

you so much. Thank you. Well done. go to our website. the Planetwalker, And for more information on

the mechanical maid. Still to come -

are now a reality Household robots that much easier! and they're here to make your life Coming up, that will change everything. the invention But after the break, Budget 101. How to spend and save. When we return. OVER RADIO) (MEN SPEAK INDISTINCTLY in one small car... With all of Toyota's big ideas (SPLASH!) to be almost anything. ..Toyota Yaris is clever enough Cleverer still, we're extending Yaris YR 5-door manual from just $15,990 driveaway a little longer. That's 5-door convenience for a 3-door price. where you'll find it. opened its doors When Aussie the recession during early '90s, back in the we were crazy. some people thought and this year,

Mortgage Broker of the Year. we've again been named Australia's in television? Why do we continue to invest Simple - it works. again this week Well mortgage holders were slugged with a 0.25% interest rate rise. how to cope It's left many wondering and manage their finances. to get you back on track So we've called in an expert and help you save a pretty penny. TV

The car, the petrol to run it, the

mortgage, its Bills to go with that.

The groceries to feed your family.

But the cost of living ever

increasing, it's hard to keep up

with every day expenses. It may

sound boring but having a budget and

sticking to it can help you figure

out your funds and you may even end

up with cash

up with cash to spare. You never

know what is going to be around the

corner, so, you've got to keep a bit

of in reserve. The rate that the

cost of living is now, they need to

have one set up. I any it makes it

easier if you want to plan for long

term things. Yeah, I think it's kind term things. Yeah, I think it's

of hard but if you set your goals

right. Let you know how much

expendable cash you have, you don't

have to worry about your bills, as

long as you have a budget to with the right advice. Peter Switzer joins us now Financial commentator

Good morning, Peter.

Is the cost of living going up? follow.

Yeah, it goes up about 2 or 3% a

year, that's what the Reserve Bank

tries to peg back. When you think

about it, because of the interest

rate change last week, some of the

Australians are going to find their

cost of living going up a lot

faster. One in three Australians

have a mortgage, 2 out of 3 don't.

If interest rates aren't going up,

they are more like the 2 to 3% cost

of living raise. It will go

faster than that Basic question of living raise. It will go a lot

we have heard this message so much, faster than that Basic question but

got to budget, what is the purpose

of having a budget I think it's to

turn chaos into control. Most of us

are normal people, we don't want to

put restrictions on ourselves. So we

live our life in chaos. We just hope

that the money is there at Christmas

time or when the school fees are

due. That's the important thing

about a budget. It makes us less

normal but in control and I think it

gives a certain kind of happiness.

Chaos eventually brings unhappen

Chaos eventually brings unhappiness.

It's also at

It's also at the heart of a lot of

family break ups. What elements

should you have when setting up a

budget First you've got to

understand what your income is and

then you've got to start looking at

all your expenses and importantly,

you have to got to write them down

so you see them. The goal should be

to get a thing at the bottom called

save goes which most people haven't

heard of. This savings is like a

buffer when things go wrong or when

protection that interest rates go up so it's that

protection that then gives awe state

of comfort, therefore I think it

generates happiness in the end. With

the budgeting where do we fail? Why

do we it fail I think we don't write

it down. We don't Lynch it to a goal

that will make us happy. I want to

pay off my house in five years. So

they start putting as much money

against their home loan, it is a

reason to celebration. They want to

look after their kids. Those sorts

of things have to be Lynched to the

budget that you are doing. Once

you've established a budget, how do

you change your spending habits,

it's coming up to winter, you see a

nice pair of boots. I need to have

those. I don't want to be sexist but

women can't go into shoe shops. They

can't help themselves and guys can't

go into pubs and

go into pubs and things like that.

It has to be written down, the goal

has to be there and you also have to

have every one in the family

committed to what this end result is

going to be and also, you've got to

see something daily that reminds you

that you are on budget - it's not

real attemporary thing. I think it

becomes a lifestyle thing, as your

income goes up, you can adjust your

budget. You are also in the

to be in control and out of chaos. budget. You are also in the market

Great advice as also. We understand

you are about walking around the

world for 17 years without talking. Good luck with that.. Ahead on Weekend Sunrise - sex and the sequel. Carrie and the girls are back and so is Aiden! But after the break, the truth about Patrick. Lisa Niemi makes a startling revelation about her late husband, next.

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Tomm Taylor is in Hollywood. Good morning, Tomm. Patrick Swayze's widow has made some surprising revelations this weekend?

You know, they had a marriage for 34

years and she stayed with him until

the end but the Dirty Dancing star

here had a dirty problem with

alcohol and she is now describing

Lisa, the wife, the emotional stress

that she is dealing were compared

with the loss of the love of her

life but also the darker side of

Patrick Swayze where he would go

into fits of rage. He basically did

some experience in rehab and a rehab

facility but it

facility but it all happened in 2006

where she - they were in London working

working on a project of the she left in the middle of the night because

of Patrick's rage. She felt that he

would come after her with a gun and

maybe shootout the wheels of the

automobile but it was the separation

and some time in rehab he cleaned up

his act and during the latter part

of their life together, every time

she left the room, they would speak

to each other and say I love you

honey. And you know, maybe that's

something we can emulate to. How

funny would it be, if every time,

Tomm, I love you. Yes, I say it to

you all the time But that's Tomm

saying it to himself, that's We hear Demi and Ashton want a baby? weird.

You know, she has 3 children with

her former husband, Bruce Willis there. She has got a 21-year-old, an

18-year-old and a beautiful

16-year-old daughter, three girls

but that's not enough for Demi

Moore. She has been with Ashton

Kutcher. She thinks he would make a

great father as he is father for the

children that she has with Bruce

Willis. So even though she is 47,

she wants to work this out, if we

follow her on Twitter, we might hear

the news that a new baby could be in

the works. She took to the cover of

vanity fair with her second child in

those kind of revealing photos. And

she is ready to be a mum again. Even

though he is only 32 and some could

say she is date ago child, she wants

another baby. We will talk to you

very soon. Thank you, Tomm. Dozens of extra police have been deployed to Christmas Island, following the Rudd Government's decision to stop processing asylum seeker applications from Sri Lankans and Afghans. The get-tough policy is expected to increase anger at the detention centre, which is already overcrowded. The Rudd Government says from Afghans and Sri Lankans, is a response to improving security conditions in both countries. We are hopefully seeing a transition in Sri Lanka from war to peace. All future boat people from Sri Lanka will be taken to Christmas Island, but not processed for at least three months. Afghans will have to wait six months.

It is an election fix designed to get them past the next election, and process the asylum seekers after the next election. Tensions have been rising at the already-overcrowded Christmas Island, with Federal Police now brought in to prevent outbreaks of violence. The Department of Foreign Affairs website lists Afghanistan as extremely dangerous, and Sri Lanka remains in a state of emergency,

something the Government doesn't dispute. The situation in these two nations remains serious, of course it does, and there remain real humanitarian issues in those two nations. Christmas Island is already over capacity and an average of three boats reach Australian waters every week. Victorian health authorities say it will take weeks to contact other women, who were treated by a doctor,

suspected of deliberately infecting a dozen women with hepatitis C. The doctor worked at an abortion clinic in Melbourne, between June 2008 and December last year.

Anyone who is at risk from any procedures conducted by this doctor will be contacted by the department. The anesthetist has since been suspended, and could face criminal charges. Salvage crews have so far pumped around 140 tonnes of oil from the stricken Chinese carrier on the Great Barrier Reef, with the work continuing this morning. The delicate operation is expected to take days, but authorities say

it's the only way to protect the world heritage site. If we can get all of this oil off the ship safely without any of it going into the marine waters then we are getting one step closer to re-floating the vessel. Once floated, experts will wait for a high tide to try to push the ship off the reef.

West Australian Police say they've broken up the largest EFTPOS scam operating in Perth,

following raids across the city. Seven men were arrested, and charged with installing a modified handheld EFTPOS machine in a supermarket. But police aren't sure if more tampered machines are in stores. Please keep an eye on your bank statements, your transactions, and if you feel there's something out of the ordinary, please contact your financial institution, and change your pin number. Police allege the men stole hundreds of thousands of dollars

from WA shoppers. A letter has been released, allegedly proving Pope Benedict covered up abuse allegations within the Catholic Church. The letter was written in 1985, and discusses the future Pope's hesitancy at removing a Californian priest, despite multiple claims of abuse. He raises concerns the news will have on the good of the Universal church. The priest was stripped of his duties two years later. The Vatican denies the claims. US champion figure skater Nancy Kerrigan's brother has appeared in court to face manslaughter charges, following the death of their father. Mark Kerrigan has pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors say Kerrigans' 70-year-old father died, after he was grabbed by the throat during an argument with his son, over a phone bill. The family is standing by Mark Kerrigan, and say the father died from a pre-existing heart condition. And now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. Tiger Woods has dealt with tricky conditions at Augusta to remain perfectly poised for a tilt at his fifth U-S Masters title. The world number one made three birdies and a bogey in windy conditions at the great course.

This golf course, you can make-up

shots and lose shots, that's one of

the beauties of it, it's an exciting weekend. Englishman Lee Westwood set the early pace... with three birdies and an eagle on the front nine... Before a double bogey at the fourteenth slowed down his momentum.

COMMENTATOR: His first double

COMMENTATOR: His first double bogey of the tournament. Fellow countryman Ian Poulter racked up five birdies on his way to a four-under round of 68. A short time ago, Westwood had the lead at nine-under... one ahead of Poulter... with Woods in a share of third at six under. Adam Scott is the best of the Aussies he finished at even. with Geoff Ogilvy two over par. St Kilda has beaten Collingwood by 28 points at Etihad Stadium despite losing captain Nick Riewoldt in the first half. - 25 saints goalgt;gt; The Saints kept the Pies scoreless in the second half, and kicked the only four goals of the fourth quarter to set up the 69-41 win. from fieldgt;gt; But it was the injury to their captain and star which will have most fans a little anxious, even if the coach isn't.

, Every one thought it was a Cork.

You know him pretty well so it's a

hammy. They think a few weeks but

it's certainly not a disaster.

it's certainly not a disaster.. The

win sees the Saints go top of the

table while Collingwood were left scratching their heads. The Titans have staged a big upset ending the Storm's unbeaten start to the NRL season with a come from behind win at Skilled Park last night. The defending premiers worked the left side to great effect in the first half with Anthony Quinn grabbing a hat-trick. the Titans hit back hard and Ashley Harrison scoring in his 200th game in the NRL.

COMMENTATOR: Friend got it away to Harrison. When Cameron Smith was handed a rare time-wasting penalty for a line drop out Greg Bird muscling over to level it 16-all.

Matt Rogers kicking two penalty goals to seal the 20-16 win for the home team.

The Grog ons have bounced back after

a comfortable win over Brisbane.

Most critics had written them off

but they pushed the Dragons for

but they pushed the Dragons for much of the first half. He'll score, he

has. Two late tries from Brett

Morris blue the margin out to 12

points at the break before the hosts

ran in 3 more in the second half to

cruise to a 34-16 win. I am seeing

what it's like if you don't speak.

It doesn't work on television. It

just doesn't work on TV. It would be

a compelling morning. I thought you

were trying to get on an aeroplane

at Liverpool airport. Drift off. JT,

you've got the best view in Sydney.

It looks breaks Best view in Sydney.

I did try what it

I did try what it was like not

talking. I did it for 18 years,

anyone who has done it for 17 years,

come on, I did 18, you could have

gone that one more. It is nothing.

It is a magnificent day in Sydney.

Around the country, there is so much

great stuff to do today. Adelaide a

bit wet, keep the kids inside. In

Melbourne the comedy festival is

Melbourne the comedy festival is on at the moment, if you've got some

kids, science works museum, in Brissie,

Brissie, the super Nova

Brissie, the super Nova pop cult

expo is on with anything to do with

comic and comic characters. It's a

whole lot of fun. Around the

country, the weather if you are

looking for what to do today, looks like this. On the regional fly-around Perfect beach weather with a fine 27 in Sydney. The rain continues in South Australia. Mostly sunny in Perth.

I can't get over the fact that that

guy didn't speak for 17 years

walking around the world. If you are

in Sydney, the sur hi hills festival

is on, it's 2010, and the post

is on, it's 2010, and the postcode

is 2010. And of course, Derby day is

on at Randwick. That's where I'm

heading this afternoon. The

heading this afternoon. The big David Jones derby and it's a huge

race. 3-year-olds, 2400 metres,

black and white is the theme for

Derby day if you are heading out to

the races. I'm going to be wear

the races. I'm going to be wear my black and white suit. I will see you

guys in half an hour. I am embracing

the theme already this morning. We

will see you soon.

All new asylum claims from Sri

Lankan and Afghanistan residents

have been suspended. The decision

followings a surge in followings a surge in boat arrivals

but critics are already labelling

the move an election fix. Alex Hart

is in Canberra. Good morning. These

are pretty significant policy

changes for the Rudd Government?

They are. You are right. They are

phenomen changes really, almost a

reversal in the government's policy.

It comes after months and months of

the government saying that push

factors, that the war in Afghanistan

and the end of the

and the end of the seeufl war in Sri

Lanka are the reasons for these

people trying to get her. The

government says the situation has

changed, these people can go back

home. Really almost excepting

home. Really almost excepting some of the blame for this surge in

asylum seeker arrivals. What ask

remarkable about this, no other

country has done this and that all

of our travel warnings actually say

we shouldn't go to these countries

because there is such a high risk of

attack and danger, Alex, the

Opposition is saying this is an

election fix, is this just a short

term plan to push this problem

asside until after the election

later on this year? It's not hard to

be a little bit cynical about it, if

you look at the time

you look at the timing that's

involved with the suspension. It's 3

months for the Sri Lankans and 6

months for the people from

Afghanistan. It could be extended

after that. That will get the

government through to the election.

The government hopefully then can

take this off the front pages.

take this off the front pages. It says that it doesn't expect the

changes to have an immediate

reduction or cause an immediate

reduction in the flow of boats but

if it does, you can be sure that the

government will be standing up to

accept some of the credit for that

if that does happen, Sam. These

changes don't affect the people

already on Christmas island, ace

understand it, but we are hearing

that when this news filters

that when this news filters through to the people in detention at

Christmas island, there could be

possible riots inside those

detention centres. That is what the

government is getting prepared for. A number of

A number of federal police officers have been sent over to the island,

fearing there could be an outbreak

of violence. There has been some

tensions in the past. Don't forget,

Christmas island is

Christmas island is absolutely Packed to the Rafters. There is

about 2,

about 2,100 detainees there, about

2,040 beds. Tensions are already

high. You can expect that once

people start coming into the country

now and go to Christmas island and

told that they are not going to get

their refugee Visa applications

processed, they are not going to be

too happy about it. Certainly a very

dangerous perhaps hostile situation

brewing over on Christmas island.

Yeah, watch this space. OK, thank

you, Alex for bringing us up to

date. Reporter Angela Cox is at

Augusta. Tiger has had an up and

down day and we mean in a

professional sense, not a personal

sense. Yes, that's right. He hasn't

been quite as impressive as he was

yesterday with that spectacular come

back after five months away. A

couple of dodgy shots but he has

still put in a pretty solid effort.

He finished a couple of hours ago.

He is tying in

He is tying in third place. Talk us

about the golfing community. They

have been positive about Tiger's

return. They have been quite

anxious? Yes, certainly they were

pretty worried about how it would

all go down. The golfers have

welcomed him back. Tournament

bosses, not so much. They wouldn't

let him stay in one of their cabins

on the course as he requested. The

Chairman had a little bit of a

tongue lashing for him the day before the tournament started,

basically saying that he hoped his

conduct on the course would improve

and he hoped that they would make a

good way forward. In the public

respect department, has his return

to golf done anything as he tries to

claw that back. Actually I think

it's it has helped a lot. He is

really starting to repair his image,

not just from the press conference

he has held but he has clearly tried

to be more friendly, more

approachable on the green. He has

been smiling a lot. Acknowledging

fans, tipping his cap at them, he

has been saying thank you and

has been saying thank you and also

signing lots of autographs. I think

that's going a long way in repairing

his image. Thank you, Ange, we appreciate that. Well Camilla Parker Bowles is recovering from a broken leg this morning. The incident occurred on a hike with Prince Charles. Journalist Mirella Cestaro joins us now from London to tell us more. Mirella, good morning. What is Camilla's current condition?

Well, it's not really that good to

be honest with you, Sam. As you

said, she was on a little walk with

Prince Charles in Balmoral in

Scotland, conditions are pretty

Coolup there and pretty rainy so

basically she

basically she lipd and she tripped

over a little rabbit hole and

hobbled down the Hill. She continue

odd her walk which is unbelievable

and she had to be helped down and

she sort of complained of being in

pain. No - I am not surprised. She

has a twisted fracture of the fibula

which sounds frankly very painful.

She is going to be wears a cast for

6 weeks. I am not surprised that she

kept on. She is very outdoorsy and

toughy would imagine. How is she

feeling now? Well, the palace say

she is very cheerful which I love. I

love the fact that you can just not

keep this woman down. She breaks her

leg, carries on walking, sfrug also

on, has the plaster cast which is

heavy, the pain must be pretty

intense and she is just cheerful and

smiling. It's fantastic. Good on

her, she has been in the wars lately

so it's good to hear that she is

smiling. Thank you, Mirella, talk to you soon. Still to come - 'Sex and the City'. How are you going to swallow all those? Have we met? Secrets exposed in the brand new trailer.

But after the break, is this T-shirt offensive? One school in the US thought so, enough to send a student home. The controversy and the celebrity backlash is next.

Meet McDonald's Mighty McMuffin. Oh, yes, please. Make that two.

There is rising support for State

Governments to be abolished. Four in

Tennessee them as the least

effective level of government and

look to the Federal government to

fix health and other structure.

fix health and other structure. New South Wales has the highest level. Western South Wales has the highest level.

Western Australia has the most

certainly with their State

Government. Let's go to Paul and

Prue. Good morning guys. Do you

think our state governments do a Dee

vent. Sorry. We will just go

straight to Paul. Alright Prue.

Well, blind Freddie, would know that

unfortunately, no. They don't. It's strange, at any

strange, isn't it? It's just - I

have gleaned the fact that

have gleaned the fact that perhaps we are not being represented

adequately by certain sides of the

political debate or - I think the

problem is that we have put people

in here who have necessity

competency whatsoever. They have had

very little experience in

very little experience in the real

world, the business world. They are

relying on pen pushers, a lot of

public servants who don't have

competency either. Whether you go

competency either. Whether you go to Parliament House in either Canberra

or any of the states. These people

haven't done anything

haven't done anything about

admission. They don't know what

day-to-day life is all about. You

have to see the fai