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(generated from captions) OK, um...Shauna. Who's next? Good on you, Shauna. Um, I think I have $10,000. Is it you? Many people have had a crack at it. No - $1,000. Brenda is last. OK, Brenda. I've got $10,000. Of course you can. Can I open it? It's... $2,000. ..$2,000! $42,500 all up. at the airport while you wait. So 10 grand a head, $2,500 for drinks time. Let's see the money. You are going to have a sensational and here they come - Team Teach! As will all your bunnies, Your posse o' peeps! Well done! about your holiday. Look forward to hearing the egg lady - goo goo ga joob! Hey, Lucy - good stuff! You're Enjoy those eggs. Have a happy Easter, everyone! hope you have a holy season. And to Christians all over Australia, next time in the Deal-a-Drome. Bye! Thanks for being with us. See you This program is captioned live. Tonight - as Easter holidaymakers head home. a massive traffic snarl run down and left for dead. Family anger over a grandmother at over 200km/hr. The moment two powerboats blew up Salvage crews battle breaking up on the Barrier Reef. to stop a coal carrier at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. And judging the finest felines

with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. dangerous nights on Sydney roads It's one of the busiest and most from Easter holidays, with drivers heading home footy fans coming to Olympic Park and Show traffic trying to leave. on what could be a tough night. Robert Ovadia's keeping watch Rob, how's it looking? building slowly here Chris, the traffic has been in the past hour or so Sydney Olympic Park. as cars head to and from coming into town - And this is what's kilometres of traffic the Pacific Highway and onto the F3. snailing its way down getting heavier all afternoon, The congestion has been to allow an extra hour with the RTA warning drivers to get into Sydney. on the State's roads Sadly, there have been three deaths this holiday period

and plenty of near-misses who ran down a Sydney grandmother. with police hunting a driver Amadita Bautista is 80.

and sedatives are helping The painkillers to overcome the shock but she's struggling and speed off, without helping. that someone could run her over because you can feel it. I think they know what happened I'm also a driver, you know. even a little thing, I can feel it. If I hit something, Bonnyrigg, late yesterday. It happened on Brown Road, A dark blue sedan, say witnesses, in its rear-view mirror with an image traumatised, of Amadita lying on the road, protruding from her ankle. with a bone She's old, you know. who ran over my mum, Probably the person he's got a mum as well, you know? An appeal to the driver's conscience

for care on our roads. as police appeal once more at Moss Vale this morning A 20-year-old woman was killed before paramedics could save her. She was alone in the car and died smashed into a tree. when her Hyundai

in New South Wales - Three people have lost their lives that's three too many.

the nine last Easter. It is down from Authorities count the deaths. of measuring what needs to be done. It's ghoulish, but the only way were women. All three killed this holiday period Two were passengers. is a tragedy, Every death on our roads the Easter long weekend. particularly over of bad behaviour Rob, in one of the worst incidents on the Hume Highway a woman was clocked at 126km/h riding in the tray of her ute. with a 16-year-old boy Chris. with the City of Sydney The Premier is in talks on pedestrian lights. about trialling countdown clocks it would be too dangerous Last month the RTA told Seven News the signals should be tested, but today Kristina Keneally said backing a coroner's recommendation. for Rui and Somsri De Andrade, Easter is painful youngest daughter Jessica without their when families come together. at a time that's very hard for us to do That's something to celebrate with us. when we know Jessica's not here and pins in her feet, Crippled by a shattered pelvis the loss of her daughter. but the deepest scar is this Alexandria intersection Somsri was carrying Jessica across

and ran them over three years ago. when a garbage truck turned left

ripped from her mother's arms. Jessica died instantly, it can happen in a second. It can happen to anyone - arrow, we expect to be safe. If we do have a green pedestrian installed after Jessica's death, There's a red arrow here at least,

for a wider legacy. but the family were hoping into Jessica's death recommended A coronial inquest to cross at traffic lights. pedestrians be given extra time it would worsen traffic congestion. The RTA says of more cars faster. Because they've got a culture We've got to change that culture. as a statistic - as a road kill. They've sort of treated my daughter were also rejected. Countdown crossings There is no road safety benefit there is road safety harm. and in some cases she was willing to try. But today the Premier hinted from overseas We're looking at the evidence about a trial of those lights. and talking to the City of Sydney for Government help Sydney parents who asked are now fighting to get him back. to care for their son took custody The Department of Community Services

of the chronically ill teenager, in foster care. insisting he'll live longer with cystic fibrosis, After hard years raising two kids this family asked DoCS for help. to be able to give him what he needs They said, "Well, you don't seem to somebody who can." "so we'll give him had been in hospital Their 14-year-old boy from the chronic illness. with complications He never came home. We're not drunks, we're not drug addicts, we don't gamble, we're not abusers, we're not neglectful. We've just been a family that's had a hard time for a lot of years. All we needed was some assistance. The couple, who we can't identify, is now battling DoCS for custody of the teenager, who's currently in foster care. The Community Services Minister said: The family is fighting in court to to get their son back but for now they say DoCS is only allowing them to see him for two hours each month.

This is a great family, they've done a great job at raising this child for 14 years of its life

and now to have that child removed, I could not believe that's in their best interests. Friends of a world champion powerboat racer killed on the State's mid-north coast say he was doing what he loved. Brian McCosker and a well-known American champion died in two separate crashes at a weekend meet, but organisers have defended the event. Dave Bryant loved life in the fast lane. Tragically, it's what killed him. This was his last race. He was ejected from 'She's The Culprit' at more than 200km/h. To see a body projected out of the water so quickly, it was just a splash of water and he was gone. On Friday, the American star spoke about the challenge of competing in Australia. I've never driven this style. Similar, we run the flat bottoms over there. But the boat they've given us to run is an awesome boat. His death was the second in less than 24 hours at the Easter Classic in Taree. Tamworth driver Brian McCosker died on Saturday after his boat flipped at high speed. Any time he was on the water he was having fun. He enjoyed what he loved doing. Despite the risks, the former world champion loved the sport. We just build the engines, put them in the boat and go racing. Their boats are now a police crime scene. Detectives will now examine the wreckage of both boats to try to figure out exactly what caused the crashes. They'll then report to the coroner who'll decide whether any recommendation should be made on powerboat safety. Event organisers have defended the sport. We've never had a scratch on a finger up until this weekend and very sad. Our condolences go out to both families. Lady Sonia McMahon's funeral this week will be a private one, at the request of her family. But a public memorial service is planned

so others can pay their respects to Lady Sonia, who died last Friday at the age of 77. Her children Melinda, Julian and Deborah will help plan the service. It's expected to be held within two weeks. A tug boat is trying to stabilise a bulk carrier that's at risk of breaking up after running aground on the Great Barrier Reef. The ship is being damaged by rough seas, 70km east of Great Keppel Island. In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef - the frantic operation to save a world heritage area. TALKBACK RADIO: 'Shen Neng 1' rescue helicopter will be landing on your vessel. Salvage experts and equipment were today choppered to the stricken 'Shen Neng 1'. It's still leaking oil. The slick now clearly visible. It's narrow, but stretches for kilometres. There's not enough oil to send our spray aircraft out this afternoon. We will do another helicopter assessment at first light tomorrow. The 'Shen Neng 1' was travelling at full speed on Saturday afternoon when it strayed off course. As it struck the reef a hole was torn along the port side, the main engine room was ruptured. But it was another two hours before authorities were notified. The Commonwealth Government is now investigating how this happened and I hope, frankly, that they throw the book at them. Every wave that smashes into the 'Shen Neng 1' moves it along the sharp, shallow bottom - causing further damage to the hull and increasing the likelihood of an even greater disaster. Experts are still working out how to salvage the 225m ship. It could take weeks. Just kilometres away are the pristine reefs of the Bunker Group. The State's best felines were in the spotlight today, hoping to be named the Easter Show's top cats for 2010. Edwina Bartholomew is at the main arena. Edwina, were the claws out today? Chris, the cats have cleared out and it's no wonder, looking at the size of their next-door neighbours. Here at the show their pavillions are side by side but that's about as close as these animals get. To be awarded a ribbon at the Royal Easter Show really is the cat's... Miaow! The felines don't seem fazed. But for their owners, it's big. Very big. Oooh! Do you have your cat on performance-enhancing drugs? No, he's bred this big. He's odd-eyed. He has one blue, one green. Not a good start for our sound man. Turns out he's allergic to animals. (SNEEZES) Next door in the dog house, whatever Glenn's got... (SNEEZES) ..must be contagious. (SNEEZES)

(BARKS) Whatever you do, don't mention cats here. They whinge, they miaow, they smell. Just a pointless animal, if you ask me. It's true, what they say about dogs and their owners.

Levi and his American staffie, Humvee. Megan and her cocker spaniel, Angus. And Karen and her dog... Um... A lot of effort goes in. Have you coordinated your outfits today? Absolutely. You can't show a dark dog with dark trousers. But this is just a dress rehearsal. Best in Show dog isn't until Monday. Today it's all about the top cat. Or should I say cats? We had two Melbourne cats winning and two Sydney cats, so that's not bad. Miaow! Latest figures - 385,000 visitors have come to the Show. And there's still nine days left, Chris. Still to come -

Tijuana terror as an earthquake hits the US/Mexico border. Also, tight security at the Masters to keep women away from Tiger Woods. And league stars tell why they're so crazy for body art. That's next. as I get older? It hardly seems fair to me. It isn't fair. That's why at Specsavers, we help you keep it down. If you're over 60,

including lenses, even your multi-focals. Looking after your eyes gets more important as you get older. It doesn't have to get more expensive. Paying too much for glasses? Should've gone to Specsavers. You're watching Seven News - live from the Easter Show. Police are checking whether a fire that destroyed a Sydney mansion overnight was deliberately lit. A man, a woman and four children were inside the Dural property when it erupted in flames at about 8pm. They escaped uninjured but their $4 million home was wrecked. Neighbours reported hearing an explosion. Police sealed off the property and declared a crime scene. Forensic investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. Unprecedented security is in place for Tiger Woods' comeback to professional golf at the prestigious US Masters. Seven's Angela Cox is in Augusta. Angela, tournament organisers seem just as nervous as Tiger. This is one of the most anticipated sporting comebacks of all time. Almost six months after Tiger Woods' infidelities became public, the 4-time champion has arrived back here at Augusta looking a little different. The 34-year-old seemed fairly relaxed as he finetuned his game. But tournament organisers aren't relaxing. Up to 90 security guards are here to protect Tiger, including former FBI agents and eight personal body guards. They reportedly have photos of up to 15 mistresses who claim to have had affairs with Tiger.

They're concerned they may try to disrupt the tournament. They'll be lucky to get inside - the event is a sell-out

and golfing fans are desperate to get in. Tomorrow Tiger faces his first media conference with up to two hours set aside for questions. Well, there are several questions and, quite frankly, I don't expect him to answer many of them. I'm one of those allowed inside. We'll have live coverage on Seven News tomorrow. At least one person has died in a strong earthquake on the US-Mexico border. The tremor struck just before 4:00pm local time

near the border town of Mexicali. It registered 7.2 on the Richter scale - bigger than the one that hit Haiti. Buildings shook and backyard swimming pools churned up waves but the only reported casualty was a person killed when a house collapsed in Mexicali. Residents were advised to evacuate buildings until aftershocks had subsided. More than a hundred miners have been pulled alive from a coal mine in northern China

after spending a week trapped in a flooded shaft. Rescuers had almost given up hope until they heard tapping noises. Around 40 workers are still underground. Some rugby league players confess the footy fad for body tattoos is becoming a painful addiction. Many are spending hours and thousands of dollars

getting inked with patterns that will last long beyond their playing days. Bondi Ink - it's rugby league's other house of pain, a tattoo parlour popular with Roosters like Daniel Conn. Ah, yeah, I'm gonna work on my next sleeve, I think - much to Mum and Dad's disgust. 24-year-old Conn is one of the NRL's most decorated players. A human canvas from 80 hours under the needle. Yeah, mate, I'm running out of skin, but I'm sure we'll be able to find some more. Extravagant tattoos used to be the preserve of Polynesian players. Then they exploded. Mat Rogers' and Todd Carney's sleeves, Johnathan Thurston's wings, Sonny Bill's deltoids. Just out on the field you seem to notice 'em quite a bit now. All the boys got sleeves. Even cleanskins often have something up their sleeves. No, I've actually got a little one, myself. So yours is hidden? Yeah, mine's hidden, mate. But why do they do it?

Fashion, team spirit and body image certainly play a part but is there a deeper driving force? I don't know. I think they're real addictive. Ah, I think it's the pain. Maybe the toughest ones are those who hold out. I would have been open to it if the Sharks won a Grand Final, I would've tattooed myself. We never did. Regrets? Todd Carney's had a few. Yeah, I regret a few of the first few, obviously. I got some covered up when I was a bit younger. How will they look when the tummy's not so tight? I'm not sure. I think Josh Perry, his tattoo's starting to stretch a bit. (LAUGHS) And, kids, think about temporary tatts. I know a couple players that have got their girl's names tattooed on them and they kind of regret it. Might be safer to stick to your own name. Sport now with an ink-free Alex Cullen. Alex, it's the Bunnies and the Bulldogs tonight. Chris, it's a huge game to finish the Easter round.

We'll hear from Souths star Sam Burgess next. Plus, a first-half hat-trick to Akila Uate but the Panthers come back in a thriller.

And the one that got away for Mark Webber in Malaysia. A new car is a nice problem for anyone to have. That's why Apia created new Car Advantage comprehensive insurance. It's the only insurance that replaces your stolen car up to 10 years old with a brand-new one... ..which might take a bit of getting used to. So if you're over 50, working less and living more, it's just another way new Apia's rewarding your experience. You're watching Seven News, live from the Easter Show. Penrith have staged another thrilling comeback to break the Knights' hearts in Newcastle. The Panthers came from 24-6 down to draw level then fell behind again before winning in the final minute. Things looked bright for the Panthers early. COMMENTATOR: Good shot, big hit! Petero showed big Ben Cross who's boss then a fumble at the back and Lachlan Coote made it 6-0 before the Knights finally hit the go button and Uate led them a merry dance.

He's gone straight through an attempted tackle from Brad Tighe. Akuila the Hun, not content with one,

was able to run the length in a show of strength by the Knights. Well, he has changed hands - he wanted to salute them with the right hand. Uate had his hat-trick before the break but it was a mistake to think Matt Elliott's anger wouldn't fire up the Panthers as they hit back.

Here's a chance for his first try of the year. Two more on the trot tied it up as things started to go Penrith's way. Awkward bounce for everyone. Luke Lewis, it turned at right-angles. That is remarkable from Luke Lewis!

Joseph Paulo's error proved costly as Jarrod Mullen ran around them to score but the young Panther made amends when he soared above the pack and the video referee called it a try. A Knights' shot at field goal was just wide as Penrith went to the side to steal it at the death. The round finishes tonight the Bulldogs here at Olympic Park. with the Rabbitohs hosting last week. Both clubs had their first wins improvement to challenge the Dogs. The Bunnies say they need dramatic and still have a point to prove. They've got things to work on so it's going to be a big game. So have we, for this trip And Shark Luke Covell's been charged with a knee injury. that also ended his season and Wycliff Palu will return Waratahs forwards Phil Waugh Crusaders. for Saturday's showdown with the for the blockbuster clash They're key reinforcements first place on the Super 14 ladder. as the 'Tahs play to keep over there. We haven't had the best success side and good at what they do. You know, they are a very talented The Swans want to back up in Adelaide yesterday's drought-breaking win at the SCG on Saturday night. against Richmond a little bit surprising It's probably been over the first couple of weeks. as to how well we've played but hopefully that continues. It's early days 9 points in a thriller at the MCG. Today, Geelong beat Hawthorn by It was tough luck for Mark Webber behind teammate Sebastian Vettel with the Aussie finishing second at the Malaysian Grand Prix. at the start Pole-sitter Webber lost the lead midway through the race but was applying the blowtorch cost him valuable seconds. when a slow pit stop quinella ahead of Nico Rosberg. Vettel and Webber made it a Red Bull Result could have gone either way at a crucial stage but in the end he did the job and deserved victory. in a fortnight. Race 4 is in Shanghai has won the 129th Stawell Gift. Favourite Tom Burbidge The 25-year-old from Canberra on the way to the race almost ran out of petrol at the finish. but had plenty in the tank Burbidge in front COMMENTATOR:

all the way to glory. and the body holds together Burbidge collected $40,000. And that's all in sport. Sara's next with the weather.

under those clouds today. It felt a bit cooler Chris, temperatures are cooling down are only just warming up. but these rodeo cowboys

back-to-work weather details I'll have the live from the Easter Show next. When you've got a job to do, VOICEOVER: you can trust Yellow Pages is the business directory with more local businesses. has the businesses you need. It's no wonder Yellow Pages for over 80 years. It's been part of your community to find businesses, And with more ways whenever you need it. you can find the right one So support local businesses do the walking. and let your fingers When you think of State of Origin, that usually comes to mind. footy's the first thing it's all about the rodeo. But here at the Easter Show, We're just outside the main arena, are about to do battle. where these brave cowboys in the ultimate rodeo showdown. New South Wales versus Queensland In the battle for our skies today, the clouds certainly won out, locking out the sunshine for a rather dreary day. into the low 20s Most suburbs struggled after overnight lows of 12 degrees. At Homebush now it's 19. a band of rain and storms The satellite shows a trough in South Australia. building along push into western New South Wales, Tomorrow that system will across the State, drawing humid tropical air triggering rain over the inland,

during the afternoon. extending east Those showers and storms are expected to reach Melbourne later in the day, with cloud building over Canberra and a brief shower for Brisbane. will be smooth to slight Sydney's waterways on a low south-easterly swell. to the north-east at 10 to 15 knots. Light variable winds turning We'll see cloud increasing tomorrow, and then a little rain developing later in the afternoon as that trough approaches. some early fog patches. Western suburbs might get Tops close to average, including the city, 24 in most suburbs Looking ahead, a wet Wednesday. Sydney's still on track for Thursday, Friday Becoming fine and partly cloudy ahead of a few more showers.

Tops pushing into the high 20s and our nights warming up a bit too. is on tomorrow night. The State of Origin Rodeo final to the main arena at 6:30 So come on down our dashing cowboys. to throw your support behind currently in the lead New South Wales and wish them a bit of extra luck. but I thought I'd better come down Easter Show studio for this Monday. And that's Seven News live from our I'm Chris Bath. Goodnight. Welcome to Today Tonight. Hello, I'm Samantha Armytage. Coming up - your exclusive tour of Mel Gibson's Malibu mansion and his $40 million church. The Great Barrier Reef under siege. worst environmental disaster? Is this Australia's The real deal. in getting rid of wrinkles. Scientific breakthroughs The cream and the pill. of clinical trials. The amazing results But first tonight - the parents who risked life and limb 14-year-old daughter to stop their runaway from going off the rails. The father armed himself, she was staying at burst into the home and forced her home. the weight of the law Now he's feeling of being jailed for his actions. and faces the very real prospect Jackie Quist reports on begin and end where a parent's rights to keep their kids in line. and just how far they can go Where is she, you little scum? Mate, where is she?! I started yelling. I got wild, I suppose, WOMAN: Where is she?! Oh, yeah. So things were pretty heated then? "Where's my daughter?" What were you screaming? Where is she, mate? Come on! Where is she? I just didn't know what else to do. (WOMAN SCREAMS) Stop! A loving father turned vigilante. In a moment of madness, becomes a criminal frantic parent Vincent Connelly and lives are changed forever. of what they were trying to do. I was pretty aware From a bloke's point of view, get her half under the weather was ply her with alcohol, and then take full advantage of her.

with three deaths in the family, Struggling to come to terms the life of Vincent's 14-year-old daughter, Madeline, slowly begins to unravel. Like thousands of teenagers before her,

she falls in with the wrong crowd. Combined with the breakdown of her parent's marriage,