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to A Current Affair. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

Tonight, law and order is in the

spotlight as Australians tell

politicians what they really think.

Suburban stuners, we feature the

greatest homes from around the


And is this is strangest work out

plan ever? We will put it to the test.

First tonight: a story we broke

yesterday about celebrity agent Max

Markson and the loob hole that

wracked up thousands in fines for

his BMW but no demerit points. Ben

is outside the Sydney police centre

with an update. You read out the

damning emails given to us

exclusively, but it appears that

no-one - we weren't weren't the

only ones looking to follow them up.

I said last night these emails were

the smoking guns in this story and

early this morning the police fired

the first shot. It was the NSW

Police Commissioner's office that

telephoned ACA early this morning

and asked us to hand over copies of

those emails. We

those emails. We did that. And late

this afternoon police released a

statement saying an investigation

is now under way into Max Markson

and this scandal which is dubbed by

some as speeding for the rich, an

extraordinary situation where

wealthy people have been able to

pay their way out of speeding fines,

stay on the roads and keep on

speeding. Ben, presumably as part

of this investigation, police can

go back to some of these red-light

and speeding cameras to determine

who was behind the wheel of Max's

car? Well, they're doing that right

now, that is happening this evening,

it will go on to tomorrow, and

they've got quite a lot of photos,

speed k camera pictures, keeping in

mind there were 20 offences in 20

months and $35,000 worth of money

paid out to keep the licence, to

keep the car on the road. So police

will now be analysing those

pictures, in some cases they are

taken from front on, in other cases

they're taken from the side or the

rear, they've now got the job of

going through them to work out

where is Max Markson in those

pictures, how many times is it Max,

keeping in mind every time the

fines came in, the execution kues

from Max was that he didn't know who was behind the week.

The wheel. We know you will keep an

eye on that.

The government would have us

believe Australians are safer today

than ever before. But victims of

crime aren't buying it. Tonight our

campaign for punishments to fit the

crimes has as an egs motion'

fuelled fight back eruplts.

Devastated families tell their

stories for the first time. The

last picture in my mind is of

grandma laying in that hospital bed.

Those horrific injuries? Yeah.

She'd been bashed with a fire

extinguisher to the point that I

had to look at her hands before I

could recognise who it was.

An unspeakable crime, 82-year-old

Iris Temperley raped and murdered

in broad daylight in her back yard.

In spite of the savagery of the say

tack here, can you get your head

around the fact that someone had

raped an 82-year-old lady? You

and it's sick. can't, you can't, it's disgusting

Jodie is Iris's granddaughter, Graham,

Graham, Iris's son? An animal

wouldn't do that to its own kind

is that? Grandma. even. Let alone a human being. Who

Yeah, it is grandma.

Police have told the family the

random attack on Iris is a one in a

million chance, but are other

victims don't agree. I just don't

get it. I just do not get random

violence, it doesn't make sense to

me at all, it's not in my nature.

This lady's son Paul was bashed by

a stranger as he fell asleep on a

park bench one morning. Enever

regained consciousness and died in

hospital. His attacker identified

by security camera vision showing

him and a mate walking off with

shoes stolen from Paul. I could

have coped if he died of natural

causes, but the fact that someone

took his life, an 18-year-old kid,

for absolutely no reason.

Does the random nature of what

happened here make it worse? Yeah,

the fact Paul was asleep, he was

intoxicated. He had no way of

helping himself, defending himself.

I honestly thought he was going to

kill me that night and even

afterwards I wished he had killed

me because the embarrassment of it.

Two years ago, Sian Gallagher was

raped by a boy she didn't know if a

small country town. Her mum Lyn

happened. still struggles to cope with what

I'd never heard of this person

before, a 15 year-year-old, these

guys are supposed to be riding

bikes and skate boarding and not

raping young women.

Not vie lepbltly touching anyone.

Especially in a town like this. It

seems no-one is immune. Vie lepblt

crime can strike anyone any time

and once touched by it, you are

never the same. In the recent data,

for 2008/ 09, it says 94% of

Queenslanders feel safe at home.

Higher than the national average.

At this law and order forum, Queensland's Attorney-General,

Cameron Dick witnessed how

desperate some people are.

Hey! 8 bloody break-ins in the last

12 months, 8 break-ins and you say

we're all safe. I'm safe. This

country has lost the plot.

As he was led out, the crowd

erupted. Very pap - happy to talk

to you.

Have an election. In this group we

had people who don't feel safe but

broadly the government has ensured

Queenslanders are safe. But

recently there have been a rash of

statistics released under freedom

of information which suggests the

crime rate is spiraling. But the

long-term trend, over a decade

indicates crime is down 21toint5

per cent. Whether time is under

control, we hear time and again the

need for tougher penalties. Paul's

attacker pleaded guilty for

manslaughter and served three years in jail.

REPORTER: Does that hurt? It hurt,

he was out. We've got life

sentences. I think courts need to

remember, judges need to remember

that they're parpt of the community,

that they're not distant or remote.

Even as a state Attorney-General,

he says he struggles to get tougher

sentences. I've appealed 14 cases

in 12 months, successful in six.

There isn't a justice system so far

as I'm concerned, not for victims.

The boy who pleaded guilty to

raping Sian Gallagher got nine

months jail. Bautz he was a minor,

he got no conviction recorded

against his name. Shaughnessy had

no idea he was released from jail

and police have told her he didn't

report to his parole officer and

they don't know where he is. Worse

still after a series of break-ins

at her place, Sian is living in

fear. It's terrifying, especially

when you see the look he gave me in

the courtroom. What lengths has

this driven to you? I hardly sleep,

I comfort eat, I self-harm, I'm

withdrawn, I don't like people, I'm

defensive. An appeal against the

sentence failed, leaving Sian

wondering why she pressed charges

in the first place? If he goes and

rapes another woman and goes to

court, what he did to me never

happened. Because he was under age?

So it never hald, he's an adult now.

That's the way the system works?

That is right. I couldn't believe

that someone could do that to

someone. And it was your mum? It was my mum.

Returning to the scene where his

mum was viciously murdered on

Australia Day, Graham knows what he

would do to whoever is responsible.

If I had him in a room for five

minutes I would have ripped his

heart out with me bear hands no

doubt. Police described the attack

on Iris as sick and cowardly,

within 36 hours they arrested a

suspect, an 18-year-old initially

charged with attempted murder, rape

and stealing. And while he's

appearing here in court, Iris is in

hospital fighting for her life.

You can look at photos of her all

the time and yet you know, the one

you see when you close your eyes is

the one of her in that hospital bed. Unrecognisable.

Iris clung to life for six days

before she died. The 18-year-old

arrested for her attack now faces a

murder charge, which carrys a

maximum 20 year sentence.

Life needs to be life. They

shouldn't be given a second chance,

they shouldn't be given parole. We

don't get given that second chance,

we don't get to choose whether

grandma comes back to us or not.

There are strong sentences... JEERING.

I'm happy to discuss those sentences.

While the polies tells us the

system works, the victims tell us

they are the ones punished. It's a

pain you sort of learn to live with,

maybe like a bad back that's always

there, but you've learned to cope

with. But oh, it's touchable, you

can, it's tangible, you can feel

the pain, it's just horrendous.

In two of the three crimes

highlighted in that story, appeals

against the perceived soft

sentences handed down to the

perpetrators were unsuccessful. The

18-year-old man charged with raping

and murdered 82-year-old Iris

Temperley is due to appear in court later this month.

Still to come on ACA: is this

Australia's worse council money

grain t - drain, the local rate

payers preparing to revolt. If you

can keep from laughing you may just

lose weight. The work out plan that

has to be seen to be believed.

Time for our weekly segment on

Australia's suburban stuners, why

everything old is now new again.

Everything old is new again.

Architects are turning back the

clock. This patterning hasn't been

used for, you know, 40 years.

Creating suburban stuners from old Creating suburban stuners from old

previously out of date materials.

Houses are moving away from just

using conventional materials like

brick work. We will show you what

they're using, how they save money

and tricks to turn your house into

a stuner. This is genuine Qantas

service trollies, hard to get,

rerestored them, now they play host

to a pool table. Let's start in

Sydney, first trick, don't judge a

book by its cover, many fronts look

old to meet council requirements,

take note, anything off street view

is fair game for designers like Greg.

Interior designer Darren Palmer

checked out Greg's work. A besser

brick, a concrete brick they used

to use outside but now we see knit

the lounge room. Common in the 70s

but slowly disappeared over the

years. R Concrete in the lounge

room, not something I would have

thought of. No, that's the

beautiful thing about taking a risk

like that, it's a great texture, a

great pattern and it works.

Wall paper is often scene as a risk

but take a look at this. Greg

certainly didn't shy away from the

challenge, not only challenge, not only the bedrooms, a

powder room, any hotel would be

proud of.

This is 24 carat gold-plated. The

door handles? Oh my God, I heard of

ear, but never handles. Add bling!

Gas cook tops don't have to be

boring t fridge doesn't have to be

seen, as for the colour. So the white

white simple isn't cool? It's been

done, we've seen it a million times.

Have courage and do something

interesting. To make a statement go

for black? Black is in.

The whole house is built without

any bricks. It's got concrete on

the ground floor, timber on the

middle floor and glass and copper

on the top floor.

Architect Brian's client wanted

their house to fit in with the neighbours and take neighbours and take up the entire building space.

The block is under four square meet

evers, the house itself, about 400

square metres in floor area. So do

that they needed to shrink the roof

cavity and replace the tiles with copper.

In this harsh environment it's

incredibly anti-corrosive and long

lasting, durable, but could last

3500 years. Interesting in a big

hailstorm but now up and fully insulated.

Inside, more use of unconventional

materials, picked up by the owner

himself. He discovered this on a

building site, it's usually used as

structural beams and we decided to

try to use them as timber stares,

stronger, gives us, lighter in

colour, allows us to have an open

style of stare - stair. The view.

Another big trend, mum and dad's

room no longer just a bedroom, but

more like a retreat. That's the

first saw that we've installed in a

main bedroom suite in this way,

being open like it. There is also a

marble bath carved out of one solid

piece of stone. A projector for

adult quiet time.

Moving on to Perth:

It's more like a palace, six

bedrooms, six bathrooms, two lounge

areas and that's just the beginning.

The best part of the pool is when

you stand at this end and look to

see, there is nothing to impede your view.

It's hot off the press, finished a

week ago, after 21 months in

construction. Owner Kim says while

his home is bigger than most, his

theories can be applied to many.

When sitting at the dining room

table, I want to be able to sea the

ocean, I thought if I had a lounge

which partially obscured it, it

wouldn't look so good, that's why

we sunk it. This is an indoor-

outdoor barbecue, still connected

to the kitchen, services the inside

kitchen and outside pat yo. Plenty

of rooms to hide in, but Kim wanted

to keep the kids in full view. It's

a family home and I didn't want

complete separation between mum and

dad and the kid sos we put this

beautiful two storey void in and I think it works.

Not bad, considering it's just his

holiday home. Oh yeah, he does

repblt it out for up to a lazy 18 grand per week.

From celebrity work out tapes to

detox diets that promise dramatic

results there is a vast range of

products designed to help us lose

weight and then there are those

that give you a gibl, we bring you

shake weight. You want to define

and shape the loose saggy tuck shop arms.

We've all seen the exercise

infomercials they make some

fantastic claims. You can even see

results in min mut oh nuts.

Sometimes you have to wonder if

this is some marketing man's idea

of a massive prank. My muscles are

totally burning right now. I'm

feeling it in my chest. Look at what you win.

# shake, shake, shake, shake... #.

One muscle I don't need help

developing. This device is called

the shake weight. It its makers

claim... It's about tightening and

toning the dreaded bat wings that

women hate and don't want. That is

Christian Hague, the Australian

main man. The shake weight has

taken the US and by storm and it

will take Australia by storm. When

my baby, when my baby goes to Rio...

They are not jerking our chain

about sales. I've seen it on TV.

It's different from anything I

tried, I felt it working and I am taking it with me.

This thing is tuging the cash with

Australian wallets, just ask Kerri

Ann. Do this in a snuggy, leopard

skin snuggies are out for winter.

That's how it works. Am I doing

that right? It's a roller. No, not

a bicep curler. For most people it

is a job figuring out wh what to do

with it. You can't push them both

together. I found Peter Alexander

here, I have a present for you. The

shake weight. Give it, what do you

think, how would you use that this?

I would assume because we're in a

gym it has something to do with the

gym. Don't laugh at me. I'm only a

young boy from the country.

Marketing lark or not, the real

question is, does it work? You

might as well lean on the washing

machine on spin cycle you probably machine on spin cycle you probably

get just as much out of it.

As far as the shake weight's claims

go, trainer for the stars Donna

Ashton says pull the other one.

It's creating a vibration in the

muscle but not causing micro tears

in the muscle which is responsible

for growth and tone, so really

you've got no hope.

Swap hands half way you reckon.

Of course infomercial short cut

claims are legendary. You repblted

this thing the 8 minute abs? Yeah,

the exercise video. This will blow

that out of the water, listen to

this... 7 minute abs.

Well, the shake weight goes that

one step further. Only 6 minutes a day...

No-one is coming up with six, who

works out in 6 minutes you won't

get your heart going, not even a

mouse on a wheel. It's hard to tone

your whole body in 6 minutes no

matter what apparatus you are using.

Are you using that particular ap

prix tus? Not a chance.

My poor mother.

We consumers often love the sell so

much, we're happy to forget the

product's limitations. Did you get

that camera guy? The ShamWow did

big business, namely thanks to this

New York pitch

We sniingered at the snuggy but

bought loads of them.

Up against that sort of competition,

the shake weight doesn't seem so out of place.

I'm exciteed to be here talking

about the shake weight. You about the shake weight. You going

to recommend this to people you

train? No. I'm not shaking it. Is

it good for your abs, I had a

laugh? For laughing, yes.

The local council pushing rate

payers to the edge.

$75,000, beyond me.

There's an old saying - "You can't put a value on your health." Or can you? MAN: Huh? We have what we believe is the best value health cover for young singles. Hospital cover.

Extras you'll actually use. From: If there's better value out there... MAN: (ECHOES) Hello! ..give us a call. We'd like to know about it. Welcome back. Council rates are a fact of life and most of us pay even if the bill seems a little steep. But one council is demanding ratepayers cough up tens of thousands of dollars each for a drainage system they'll never use

and as always it's those who can least afford it who are hurting most. As far as we're concerned, we'll stay here until we die. It's as simple as that. But they won't leave us alone. When pensioners Joan and Bryce Hardy retired to their own five acre slice of paradise 12 years ago, all they wanted was to be left in peace. Until Joan opened the local paper

to discover their local council was charging the couple more than $70,000 to pay for drainage on somebody else's property. Joan, what was your response when you read in the newspaper Are you worried about it? Oh certainly, yes. It just doesn't seem right. I'm not paying this, that's for sure. Neighbour Dennis King's in the same boat. Mine's about $74,000. Have you got any hope of paying that? Oh no, not unless I rob the National Bank! Dennis is one of several home owners on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula who the City of Greater Geelong Council reckons should cough up to install drainage on this empty paddock.

Total cost, nearly $1.5 million. Do you need this drainage? No, I don't need any drainage. I've got my own, you know? Who benefits from this $1.5 million drainage system? Well, it's the developers who own this 8 hectare block of lane upon which they plan to build a 200 unit reirement village.

So what the local home owners would like to know is why they should spend tens of thousands of dollars of their own money for infrastructure they don't need and couldn't possibly use. 200 units. That's a small town on my back fence. Like Dennis, the only drainage Joan and Bryce are likely to get is from their own back pockets. They're being taken for a ride. and won't see so much as a lengh of polypipe for their money. If the council stands its ground and you're up for almost $80,000, can you afford that? No. They've offered you the opportunity to pay it off over five years. Can you afford to do that? No. We won't be here in five years' time to make the payments. Why is that? Well, Joan and I have just turned 80. So work it out for yourselves. It's an issue which has split the township of Drysdale. Dozens of residents are getting billed from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars each and last night at a Town Hall, they've warned the City of Greater Geelong Council that it's in for the fight of it's life. The developer is the only one who's going to win here, nobody else. And I think the council should pay a bit. Why should we? I don't think it's right. We finish up paying more rates. A method to get people to sell off their four or five or six acres of land so then the developers can move in and all hell breaks loose. Not that valuations mean much for a retired couple who just want to be left alone and are standing up to a faceless bureaucracy that's thrown their lives into turmoil. Well, I don't see why we should have to sacrifice moving in order to keep a developer happy, really. If push came to shove and you had to decide whether or not you could pay the money or whether you had to move, what would you have to do? We hope it doesn't come to that. That's all we can do. Hard to understand why anyone should pay to develop someone else's land. But we can't tell you what the City of Greater Geelong is thinking because they haven't returned our calls. Still to come on ACA, Australia's royal tax-dodger - why he hasn't paid Canberra a cent for the last 40 years. Now, let's take a look at the latest news headlines and weather.

Good evening ... The Federal

Government is encouraging a Government is encouraging a new baby

boom, as its due date for a boom, as its due date for a planned

parental scheme looms. inrental scheme looms. ACT parental scheme looms. ACT

intensive care paramedics are

intensive care paramedics are now

the nation' s highest paid after a

landmark pay rise. And, the landmark pay rise. And, the National Gallery of Australia is

Gallery of Australia is expecting

its four hundred thousandth its four hundred thousandth visitor

to Masterpieces from Paris this

weekend. Full details in the Late weekend. Full details in the Late


Hi. You eaten yet? I'm just grabbing a burger. It's got avocado, bacon and...aioli? Mmm. Can you order me one? VOICEOVER: The Alfresco Whopper. Try a fresh new take on your favourite burger. Where are you? Only at Hungry Jack's.

Tomorrow night, the self-proclaimed Aussie royal who refuses to pay tax. How does he get away with it?

Australia's great ruled tax drop

Show. The Prince who spent 40 years

telling camber to stick to it by

creating a tax free Kingdom in his

own backyard. Plus the Easter

blockbusters, off the latest movies

for the whole family. Those stories tomorrow, only on ACA. Look forward to your company then. Goodnight.

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Plus, an insider's guide to one of the coolest cities in the world - San Francisco. DERMOTT: It's good.

It's nothing like the tacos we get at the takeaway at home. Jason has an up-close-and-personal experience at one of Australia's best private zoos. Just let him push against you and just relax. That's it. That's perfect. A 5-star slice of old Arabia in Dubai. You will feel like a character straight out of 'The Arabian Nights'. And we'll show you could be Getaway's one billionth viewer and win a new Toyota Hybrid Camry.

SONG: # Get away Getaway. # DERMOTT: When you land in a new city,

it can be difficult to get your bearings and, as tourists, we often fall into the easy trap of heading straight to the well-known landmarks. And nothing quite says San Francisco like the Golden Gate Bridge. But this trip, we're going to go beyond the Bridge.

We're going to dig down a little bit deeper and find out just what makes this city so great. (BEATS INFECTIOUS RHYTHM) San Francisco! Such a good vibe. San Fran would have to be one of America's most exciting and most popular cities. It sits around halfway up the California coast,

about six hours from L.A. There's some standout tourist stops

where you'll find hundreds - often thousands - of like-minded tourists, but I've been promised a local's view of the city

with Intrepid guide Lucia Hossfeld. LUCIA: Because we like to put a twist, we do see the iconic sights, but we also like to have lots of fun and explore different areas and different local communities. So, you get underneath all those iconic sights to see and you see stuff I wouldn't get to see unless I was with you? Exactly. Sort of an insider's perspective.

Public transport is the way to go in San Francisco. At any of the busy stops, you're guaranteed to wait only five or ten minutes. Our first location, the Mission District,