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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Captioned Live. Tonight - says he's not in the policy race. Aslyum seekers make it to the mainland but not for long. The healing power of ice some war veterans. And allure of some flying machines. Good ABC News. He dawn and he'll go into night but the Federal dawn and he'll go into the

Opposition leader is on track to complete a grueling challenge Tony Abbott is tonight heading towards a end of kilometre triathalon, was cog it opponents was cog it his political themselves into a lather too. opponents and friends worked

Arguing whether Mr physical feats are a good bad thing for physical feats are a good or

PM. Who said Tony Abbott's all bad thing for a would-be

day exertions had nothing to with his day job. Go implauzable it as it may seem with his day job. Go Tony. As

his 226 kilometre triathalon has reinforced him the need for moderation. Take stages. I think that if you go moderation. Take it easy at all

out danger of blowing up. That was the prerace plan anyway, but 3 kilometre swim. A the prerace plan anyway, but a

kilometre bike ride and a full 3 kilometre swim. A 180

42 kilometre marathon make blowing up a real and 42 kilometre marathon to run

constant danger. What hurts now? taken the body thighs. The triathalon has

territory and atire it's struggling with. struggling to come to grips between massive support. I wish with. The Government's torn him all the best in his race. And active sneering at the effort Mr Abbott has foregone in his choice to spend more than 12 hours this way It's a fair question to say does that amount of time actually have an impact on the development lack of approximatelisy

from the Opposition. This is just because the Labor Party has no answer to Tony The PM's answer is physical fitness.

engagement. He flew outback Broken Hill to and hospitals funding takeover Broken Hill to sell his health with a $2 million package local medical training. I would with a $2 million package for

really apreel to Mr get on board for the delivery really apreel to Mr Abbott to

from health Mr Abbott's water of better services here. Away

spokesman Barnaby Joyce making waves, than convinced about the need for a Federal takeover of Murray Darling basin. Even for a Federal takeover of the

though Mr Abbott has backed it. If we can can come to an agreement we don't need a referendum but we if can't do there Water policy is that I nose that prospect is

that stirs the Treasury there Water policy is something

secretary Ken Henry in a broad ranging speech sustainability ranging speech on swipe at sustainability he's taken a overallocation from the swipe at all snrofd

basin. Water management on earth driest inhabited continent on frank and fearless. The Rudd earth has a disgrace scblx

Government has admitted overcrowding Island is that group of aslyum seekers Island is one of the reasons has the Government says the men has been sent to Sydney. But

have and have been rejected as refugees bring them to and it's normal practice to

catch flights home. A group of aslyum seekers finally makes it to the Australian mainland. it's not the welcome they hoped to the Australian mainland. But

for. 8 # men have been Island to transferred from Christmas

detention centre in Sydney but happy to concede that the pressures on Christmas Island was behind the decision Island was part of the thinking

them in a group to says the key reason is that the Villawood. But the Minister

men have been found not to refugees and are Australia to catch international we have the absurd situation international flights home. Now

with the Government scrum scrambling all transferring people to the mainland whose claims have Christmas Island is close capacities but he says a Christmas Island is close to

refugees, they need to be in a men have just been rejected as

more secure location being more secure location before you've being deported. Imagine if who know they're going to you've got a group of 89 men

send home and they're unhappy with that zi, got a management decided the best way to manage management issue and weavel

that is bring them to Villawood The men from that is bring them in one group

Afghanistan, Iran and Sri situation Lanka. The Government stays

Tamils is improving, so bid for asylum was sun Tamils is improving, so their

successful. Ankts system which bid for asylum was sun UN

is fair and balanced one which fairly, one which Sens those not back home. The Opposition can't cope and the Government far this year, Christmas Island

has been forced to onshore has been forced to relieu on indicates a further weakening of the Government's border protection policies even the UN says the green light to people smugglers. Chris Evans saying an extra 400 beds will be become available in couple of week and they'll need them. The Minister expect boats to arrive in coming soldiers months. Three more Australian

in roadside bombings in Oruzgan Afghanistan. They were injured

Province, are considered serious. 1 # Province, none of the injuries

Australians in Afghanistan so Australians have within wounded

year. And with Anzac Day just in Afghanistan so far this

month away, the RSL finds veterans to take part in this itself calling for more young

year's march. Age may them but an them but an inevitable fact of life is that di min yrk number of World War II veterans. The concern of the RSL is that service redraent conflibs in Afghanistan, Iraq yons with the situation faced by soldiers by soldiers returns from Vietnam.. Want to emphasise that what happened that what happened in bigone years will not years will not happen again Serving military personnel sid while they'd to see more of their calculation take part calculation take part they can understand why some don't.. We are trying to leave it more towards veterans and the veterans and the Vietnam veterans because their day and time to shine. Just come back from an operation area, you may not be quite ready to publicly be acknowledged for your service and than 3,000 defence force members are currently on members are currently on active duty the heart trade but it's been decades played a major role in the industry. Now a new generation is getting into the saddle it's hoped they'll fail big gap. This isn't your grandfather could be a sign of the future.. I really find interest in any other industry, working with cattle and horses cattle and horses is mainly my part of it. Desiree Grainer is many of a long career. My grandfather, my father and they were all in this cattle industry working on with it. She's not alone. Almost all the trainese Almost all the trainese being put through their paces south of Darwin of Darwin have general generations of generations of experience working with cattle in northern Australia. That's it. Beautiful. Good. That enthusiasm enthusiasm so stay in this industry is in short supply. With staying for a other people we get a lot is backpackers travelling from overseas and they're these fellas want to make career out of this This latest effort to find jobs in the real economy for indigenous people uses money set aside from the old work for the dole scheme but the real jobs paid for were the industry. These courses though short though short are leading to new jobs stood jobs stood by side on cattle stations, real employment proper pay. There is a theory component skills they learn here? Educating before you jump it before you jump it on, you want it falling off. Getting stuck falling off. Getting stuck in the should never be should never be a problem. There have been problem. There have been angry scenes over the sinking of one of the its warship near the disputed border with the north. Relatives of crew members scuffled with troops as they tried to They attended a media briefing by the ship's captain who was rescued, then some attacked his car as he was leaving. 46 sailors are missing from the disaster and there's little hope of finding survivors. The ship sank of survivors. The ship sank of an explosion virtually ruled out any involvement by North Korea. In a bid to a bid to defuse tensions Thailand's PM has agreed meet leaders of Bangkok's anti-Government anti-Government protest. Earlier 8 people were hurt in a soars of exflotion the capital. Two television stations were among among the targets, one run by the army and the other the army and the other by the Government. Government. It's believed that grenades were used in both attacks. The violence came after tens of thousand of anti-Government confronted the military in Bangkok. Spurs of ousted PM Thaksin Shinawatra fresh election and have been protesting than two weeks. They position near the demonstrators' main avoid the risk of clashes. avoid the risk of clashes. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, the ranks of the wounded in the US military are steadily There are nearly 40,000 of them so far. Among them is a group of army veterans who each week rehabilitation routine and focus them heal. They're called wounded Warriors. Afghanistan now battling horrific injuries. My humvee hit a roadside bomb which cause med to eject out of the vehicle and I had an amputation threw the knee on the left side. IED hit my truck, blew it way up in times Now they've discovered the healing power of hockey at Maryland. Everybody here has been through the everyone's been over the wire every night. There are two teams, those with a different view of the ice from sleds. lost both legs when his convoy was hit by an was hit by an IAD. My brain knows what it's supposed to look and feel like but my legs aren't doing it aren't doing it the same way, it's process. Almost 37,000 US troops have Iraq and Afghanistan. But on the ice just for a some of them some of them have a chance to forget. Drew Hill started the helicopter came under fire helicopter came under fire in Afghanistan. When I'm on the ice I can ice I can skate and I feel no pain. It's physical therapy. They know they're here on their own free time. They're allowed to whatever they want, get better and they just meet a bunch of friends friends and they all play together and get injury. Everybody in the army is we're all broken up it's getting out on the ice is a rink Australian tenor has joined one of the world's most famous opera companies for its current production. Andrew Goodwin is performing with Moscow's Bolshoi opera for Australia to copy the Russians and give more to the arts. The lights go up for the Bolshoi opera in Moscow and an Australian is one of the featured Andrew Goodwin has studied and performed in Russia for more than a decade. He knows more than than most just how the arts are regarded their blood, this is what Russians do. A bit of the theatre, see concerts, just a different world here. But the world is changing for the arts in Russia. In big cities, they face competition like never before. And they're still trying to recapture their lofty status that ended when communism collapsed and support dried up for the arts. They started feeling like orphans. And this orphange stage is still lasting but the next one is already coming. You could call the next stage readoption by the Russian state. It has poured money back into poured money back into the arts, not always with successful results. Nothing illustrates the challenges of resurrecting resurrecting the art here's more than the seemingly renovation of the world Bolshoi theatre. It's years overdue, and the estimated bill so far is nearly $800 million and rising. Andrew Goodwin still waiting to perform in the actual Bolshoi theatre itself. Despite the that, he says when it comes to Government support for the arts, Russia has much to to teach Australia. There's just not enough support at the moment I think, a lot moment I think, a lot of is going to sport which is a good thing but I be a level playing field , be a level playing field , more of a level sort of spectrum. In other words, instead of focussing on sports, or the arts, do what the Russians do both. The Canberra Raiders high error rates proved to be their undoing in the big loss to other game, first points for the season, today the Warriors had their biggest ever win in Brisbane. And tryline 12 times in their thrashing of the Roosters. Bulldogs fans Roosters. Bulldogs fans might have been anticipating a change in their team's fortunes with the return of the the return of the clever Michael Ennis but even the most optimistic support would have struggled to script such a onsided end onsided end counter. The Dogs all by killed with six first half tries. He's there. The 34 scoreline included a included a hat-trick by Josh Morris. The Morris. The Roosters crossed twice the Bulldogs hadn't finished, Morris made it four. Josh Morris has got his fourth try of the day. And coming up of the day. And coming up off the bench, Ben Barber scored three tries as the blue whites amassed 60 points. whites amassed 60 points. A rampaging former Broncos Brent Tait gave the Lang park faithful a taste of what was to come. The young Broncos stayed with New Zealand on the but the Warriors in the closing stages. James some points. The Titans some points. The Titans set about putting salary cap allegations in the background in ator rid encounter with Canberra. They're finally opened up. He couldn't opened up. He couldn't stop the try. It was only 8-nil at half-time but Gold Coast managed three tries to one managed three tries to one in the second to send the Raiders plummeting to plummeting to their 8th successive away defeat. After slow start, the Sea Eagles overran the knights for their first win this one try a and I piece here of Manly's six tries. It was a 24-point margin. It is only, for the Eagles. The only two clubs yesterday clubs yesterday yet to record a win this season, the Sharks and complete round three. The Warriors have jumped to equal second on the Super 14 with a thrilling bonus point win over the Blues. NSW were trailing ran 90m to score the ran 90m to score the wing try. The Western Force still remains winless gog down to the fwhouls Perth while the Sharks had narrow win over narrow win over the Hurricanes. The Waratahs were out to continue their out to continue their winning streak and Dean Mumm gave the home side a perfect a try, what a start. Daniel Halangahu followed up minute later. I. But the Blues hit back trashing through the Waratahs' defence. They're back. The Waratahs continued attack the visitors line and after 10 phases of plan they got through. Halangahu! And he's got a double. The Blues added another two tries to close the gap to just two points at the break. The Waratahs were dealt a blow early in the second half with captain Phil Waugh forced off with a leg injury and the capitalised to take the lead. The Blues hit the front. NSW leveled midway through the Totafua Polotanau. The home side trailed by three in the final ten minute until Lachlan Turner changed the momentum. Intercept. Turner. He's got to run it around and put it down between the sticks so a run away try for the Waratahs. A fine line between winning and losing but winning and losing but a huge effort from the guys there On the other side of the country, the Western couldn't turn James O'Connor kicked five penalty goals in at one point the home side at one point the home side hat a 5-point 15. But that's all the force could produce, the Bulls scored three tries to nil to continue their unbeaten run this season. It was hailed as Mark Webber's quite so year's Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Slippery made the drivers work difficult. In the end it difficult. In the end it was the defending the defending world champion Jenson Jenson Button who won the incident-packed race. Australia's Mark race. Australia's Mark Webber started second on the started second on the grid, he dropped back incident packed first turn.. The wet track claimed some early casualties, Michael Schumacher had to replace a nose cone but that nose cone but that was nothing compared Nico Hulkenberg replace their entire replace their entire cars. The rain eased and the wet rain eased and the wet weather tyres had to slicks. Mark Webber trant track and momentarily led the the race. Just seconds later, Lewis Webber's race. Mark Webber's off. But it wasn't off. But it wasn't terminal. Webber was able to while his Red Bull partner Sebastien Vettel stayed out in front. Vettel is off. The German had found water on the found water on the track, leaving leaving the reigning world champion Jenson lead. There was more drama to follow in the closing lapse, Mark Webber was sixth when he took out Lewis Hamilton on lap 56. There's been a collision. He's Hamilton and Webber. The race was dorngs he was eventually award ninth. The chequer flag was out world champion. Jenson Button makes it another Australian Grand Prix Kubitsa was second, Fernando Alonso third. The second Alonso third. The second Test between New between New Zealand and Australia in Hamilton is evenly poised after day two. A Taylor helped the Black Caps take a narrow first innings lead. At stumps Australia was back in front by runs. Nicknamed Skippy, Matthew Sinclair was hopping Sinclair was hopping early on day two before a day two before a lack of footwork Johnson brought him undone. That's the ball that just swings back in. Ross Taylor had his first reprieve on seven. And combined with BJ Watling for an 84 run Watling for an 84 run partner p. Watling went for 46 and they they should have followed him to the pavilion on 52. The New Zealand vice captain refused to go into his shell. This is Test cricket, it's not one-day cricket A cricket A plea for soft hands from Martin Guptil gun from Martin Guptil gun went unheeded. Edged gone. They unheeded. Edged gone. They they tested his luck again on t 2 this time Shane Watson this time Shane Watson had butter fingers. The blistering century came off only 81 balls. That's match century by a New Zealander. Watson lifted in Zealander. Watson lifted in the field turning a they they field turning a they they six into a single. And into a single. And stepped inside. inside. Watson, hasn't stepped down yet thrown it back Wow. Watson couldn't save three other sixes from the other sixes from the same Nathan Hauritz over, which for 25. That's big. That's mass qulif. Andest qulif. Andest quallying the record for the most expensive over by an Australian in Tests. Gift with that field set. That's six set. That's six more They they's terrific tonne ended on 138 when Australia's referral was backed up by hotspot. Yes, there you there you go. When duck specialist of # 33. Watson took it upon himself to erase the deficit. Australia led by two when it got too dark, bringing a premature end to premature end to day two. In local cricket Queanbeyan seems set for victory in final at Manuka oval. Tuggeranong have just one wick net hand but are still 99 runs short of Queanbeyan's target with and Dean Southwell were the best of the bowlers. The Sydney Swans AFL season has started with a disappointment. The Saints squeezed home against the some inaccurate kicking. some inaccurate kicking. At the Gabba the West Coast, in today's games, Port Adelaide held off the Port Adelaide held off the late charging charging Kangaroos. And Collingwood beat the cup winners. It was a cup winners. It was a forrid and Olympic stadium. The Swans took an early hit. But it an early hit. But it was St Kilda reeling as Sydney scored the first 15 points. Then the Saints hit Saints hit back with five unanswered goals to control. Things got feisty in the second quarter, but the Saints accuracy Saints accuracy was proving the difference. And the Saints have nine straight. Sydney cut the margin to less than a goal, however missed chances left Swans frustrated in term. Tadgh Kennelly was given a welcome back present from Zac Dawson late in the game but the home side knew its wayward kicking cost it the chance of a age Moore upset. The eyes were on one eyes were on one man as Brisbane and West Coast opened their seasons at their seasons at the Gabba. The visitors were quickly the blocks, kicking the two majors. The umpire two majors. The umpire hit the deck early, Brisbane's followed. Oh. You continue like that. Brendan Fevola had to wait until the wait until the second quarter to Eagles were gaining in confidence and they opened a 15-point lead. But it was Lions who turned it around in the Brown made his presence felt. His forward partner was more unconventional but still got the job done. You are kidding me. By the time Brown kicked his fifth the Lions had it in the bag. They love him. Brisbane were comfortable 32-point winners. Australia retakened first world track championships after adding a sixth god sixth god medal. Cameron Meyer and Leigh Howard combined victory in the Madison event finishing clear of the French and Belgian teams. Teenager Howard and 22-year-old Howard and 22-year-old Meyer displayed superior team work and tactics in the and tactics in the 200 lap 50 kilometre event. In kilometre event. In which teams accumulate a series of intermediate sprints. In the women's omnium, defending title holder Australian Josephine Tomic to withdraw after crashing in the second of the five Australians were feature in four events on the final night of the championships. It eight attempts most of them seen here on the ABC but seen here on the ABC but a team of Tasmania has finally set a world record. Equipment failure, weather had denied previous efforts to tow more than 100 skiers behind a boat for the required nautical mile. Skiers came from overseas and interstate to help break the record which stood for more than 20 years. We've done it. It's ours. I had tears... That was amazing. The was amazing. The record needs to be officially ratified but organisers are confident prematurely. God on Wright brothers ago there are some who have somewhat of a love affair the flying machine Canberra those with a passion for plane or those with plane curiosity were able to get up and close to some giants of the sky. It was a playground like no other as the youngest aeronautical fans were given an all access pass to these flying machines and some big kids weren't far the wait was long. I don't know if it's aviation fuel or it is but there's something magic about was everything from the biggest passenger jets to tiny World War II fighters. As sophisticated stood side by side with the favourites from a bigone era. It's but the basics, it has an old electrical system, usually has a tail spin as a brake, your hand start it, the open cockpit, cockpit, the leather helmet And yes it's made of plywood string and fabric. It and as a tendency to go off the runway in a cross wind but those who love the tiger moth say it's so strong it's for aero batiks. I've only heard of one up in flight following doing too a military interest there was some good speciesmens including the Neptune Catalina Flying Plane. I think my Plane. I think my favourite is an albatross which is a fighter jet from the late 1 # 60s. Most were grounded today with exception. This Dragonfly A-37B, a war. So with the heady mix of aviation fuel and aviation fuel and so many different aeroplane, you'd think a few of the Cups would be a pilot. No. But my little brother does. I want to be a dancer. One less recruit for plenty to take her place. Lovely. To the weather now and it was a partly cloudy and warm and warm day in Canberra. There is a change in the on that in a There's the Top End. Frontal the Top End. Frontal cloud over southern Victoria level cloud over inland We've had a fine day thanks to a high pressure system over the sea. As it moves east it will allow a change to creep through so a cold front and bring some bring some showers and storms through But we'll see a return to weather from Wednesday. Around the capital city centres tomorrow And that's the news for now. We'll leave you tonight at the annual dogs day out in by CSI.