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(generated from captions) Hello, I'm Tracey Grimshaw. Welcome

to 'A Current Affair'. First

tonight, a brief update on the

Robert Hughes investigation.

Today, 'A Current Affair' staff

continued to clait material in

relation to these allegations - kol

late material in relation to these

allegations. We have handed all

documents and tapes to the sex

crime squad of the New South Wales

police force. We have had numerous

discussions with police today. The

Hughes investigation is now being

assessed and led by one

assessed and led by one of the

state's most senior investigators,

deepbgtive Inspector Paul Jacob. We

progress. will keep you informed of the

There has been a lot of attention

given to kids' health lately, with

childhood obesity on the rise. You

would think that the operators of a

kid's activity centre would be

applauded. Everyone is happy except

the local council. They have gone

in to bat for

in to bat for a nearby brothel. I

will fight right to the end. If I

have to be dragged out of here

kicking and screaming, so be it.

Kim Ryan is facing financial ruin.

Her business, a kid's gym is about

to be shut down. The threat, not a

lack of money or students, but,

ironically, the building next door.

No-one disclosed to me that there

was a brothel next door.

And by the time I found out,

And by the time I found out, it was

too late.

Heart-broken. Lost. I think it is

mad. If anybody should be moving,

it should be the place next door. I

cannot grasp how it can be

justified. It is a bit mean to

just opened up. close down a yim after they have

Kim poured her life's savings into

the business and signed a three-

year lease. Her sister, ally son

bank rolled the rest by mortgaging

her house. $100,000, my house. You know, everything.

Council has stepped into the fight.

But like the brothel, their

position is largely on the other

side of the fence. You see, the

brothel has been legally operating

next door for

next door for 12 years. These kids

are having much fun. They would be

devastated if you were not here.

They would be. The centre has 300

students from teenagers to tiny

tots. This is my youngest gymnast,

Kyla. Some dream of being gymnast

in the 10 classes, and they are

there up to 12 hours a week. I feel

sad and angry. This the

sad and angry. This the only gym I

want to be at. Don't close it! How

hard do they make you want to

Definitely. fight? To the end. To the end.

The parents' position is just as

united. I think that kids have to

move a- to think that kids have to

move away because of that sort of

service - I mean, it is insane.

Children should be looked after

before the needs of a few men that

Neither visit places like that.

Neither Kim nor the mums are

calling for the brothel to be shut

down - just for the two businesses

to co-exist. None of have us an

being here. issue with it, with our children

Unfortunately, co-existence may be


Council requires a minimum 100

metres between the two.

So on the other side of this fence,

a barbed wire fence is

a barbed wire fence is the brothel.

Kids cannot get from here to in

there. No, they cannot. Although

they share a common boundary, they

are on completely separate premises.

Most parents, Kim and Alyson

included, claim they didn't know it

was a brothel. The first time I

heard about it, when I was

approached by the owner of next

door. She said, "What are you doing

door. She said, "What are you doing

opening?" And I replied with, "What

do you mean?" She therefore went on

to tell us what her establishment

was. I was shocked. The brothel

refused to comment, but to be fair,

their business was there first. It

is legal and extremely discreet.

I've got parents who come in here

and say, "My child has spent 7 days

talking about coming back here to

talking about coming back here to

gym mastic."S Kim phoned council

before counselling to check the

centre was correctly zoned. The

council said yes, and she took that

as gospel and didn't realise she

should get a development

application. It is so surreal to me.

I can't believe this is going on.

It's one of the most ridiculous

things I've come across in my entire life.

It should all come to a

It should all come to a head next

month, when the three-month

deadline council gave her runs out.

In the meantime, it is business as

usual. I don't want to lose my

house, anything that we have worked

hard for. The battle is not over

until I win.

In a written statement, the Wyong

Shire Council said it had received

25 complaints about the gym and the

brothel next door was not the only

problem. I had issues with parking

and traffic flow. problem. I had issues with parking

Still to come on 'A Current Affair',

the Australian homes that will

leave you breathless.

Plus... The new service that allows

you too find the best price on

anything before you leave home.

Now to the families locked in a

bitter dispute over who should fund

a community bridge. Faced with

dollars, defiant homeowners bills totalling thousands of

dollars, defiant homeowners say

they will go to jail rather than

pay up. This is so unfair! I would

rather go to jail than pay this

greedy council $6,000.

Absolutely, I am not going to pay.

If you have to put me in jail, I

will go. They can lock me up. I'm

not going to pay.Ly Go to jail with.

Ewill all! I have enough cells. For

the people of Boykambil it is

simple - they are

simple - they are as mad as hell

and they don't want to pay. Council

did the deal. We are not paying.

The depold coast City council is

trying to charge 80 of them about

$6,000 to pay for this bridge, a

bridge they say they didn't want.

I'm 85. And I will not under any circumstances pay towards that

bridge. If I have to go to jail,

I'll go to jail. Joan and

I'll go to jail. Joan and her

husband Mac retired here 20 years

ago. But this great grandmother is

happy to see her days out in the

slammer. It is not important to me

and my great grandchildren have

said, "You remember our granny, she

went to prison" because she felt

that that was what was needed to

get the idea that cross that people

are real and should be cared for

not treated like dirt.

not treated like dirt. What makes

it worse, the people of Boykambil

are mostly battlers. It is just

disgusting. It is something that we

have never wanted. And I really

don't know how I will be able to

afford it. I'm a single mum with

two boys. Sorry, I'm just a teacher.

I cannot afford that sort of money.

It is outrageous. How much are they

expecting you to pay? In the

vicinity of $6,000.

vicinity of $6,000. Some people

over $10,000. Pensioners, over

given into $6,000. Do you think they have

The council's finance boss says the

council should never have built the

bridge in the first place. The

decision was a very stupid and irresponsible decision.

Why doesn't the council just let it

go and absorb the cost? Look, I think to allow

think to allow the developers to

get off scot free is not on. The

developers MUST pay. The simple

facts are the developers here,

including myself, we have no

problems with paying. It's simply

just the way that council

apportions the charge and what's

the fair and equitable result.

Developer John Fish says the

council has lost twice in court

arguing over who should pay and now

arguing over who should pay and now

is telling the rate payers they have to wear it.

It is just disgraceful. Immoral.

They know it is immoral. Yet, they

are persevering with it. They have

been to court two times already and

lost. How much has that cost the

rate payers? Over $2 million. It is

between the developers and the

council, not us. We are the Patsys

in the middle. This is a public

road. Our rates are to pay for this.

How can they expect us

How can they expect us to pay for

something that is used by the public?

The developers whose flood-prone

land is now prime waterfront land

must pay for the bridges and for

the infrastructure that is now

being subsidised by other parts of the city.

The councillor says they will go

back to court a third time to argue

back to court a third time to argue

the toss. But he can't guarantee

that the rate payers won't have to pay it in the end.

They can send me to prison. Three

meals a day and no hard hard work

to do - it is so ridiculous! We

won't pay! We won't pay!

And that battle is due back in

court next week. We will let you know the outcome.

Now to our 12-month investigation

Now to our 12-month investigation

into 2 life of a rogue modelling

agent, a man now set out to destroy

the pioneer of the business, Ms.

June Dally Watkins. David Glanville

preys on young, beautiful women,

but, as you are about to see, this

time, he has met his match.

I don't know that he has any

reputation except not a good reputation.

Would you like to explain your

ripping off young girls?

ripping off young girls? My warning

to them is be very, very, very careful.

It's an all-out war between two of

the most unlikely opponents. In one

corner, Australia's queen of etiquette, Ms. June Dally Watkins.

He is just trying to pull the

modelling agency down. In the other,

a convicted criminal, accused of taking advantage of

taking advantage of aspiring young

models. I've nothing to say. They

say you are preying upon young

women. I have nothing to say. David

Glanville runs Boss Models. However,

he is anything but a model boss.

Sounded like a really good agency.

It's been about a year and still I

haven't been paid. He promised me

the world but never delivered.

the world but never delivered. My

God, this guy is ripping people off

badly. With his own reputation in

tatters, David Glanville is now

trying to destroy the woman at the

top of Australia's modelling tree -

creating a damaging website called

Dodgy Dally. Finished eating - you

would place the soup spoon in your

plate like that. I think this is what

what triggered it. Shortly after this recent appearance on Channel

Nine's Today Show, Dally's

modelling agency in Brisbane took a

disturbing phone call from David

Glanville making fun of what he has

seen on TV. Thomas had this voice

saying, "Do you know how to eat

your soup?" And how weird. The man

who confirmed to us he has done

jail time. I put a deposit down on

a watch and did the wrong thing. I

threatened a lady. It has been

going on, off and on, now, for four

years being bullied by this

particular person. Why haven't you

paid these models for their work?

I'm happy to. 'A Current Affair'

began its investigation into David

Glanville almost 12 months ago.

After a succession

After a succession of disgruntled

young women contacted our program,

including Sasha. She is shattering

everyone's dreams and hopes. Sasha

was only 18 when she handed over

$2,000 to sign up with Boss Models.

Almost three years later, she's

still waiting for her lucky break.

I received, I think, two SMS

I received, I think, two SMS

messages for a cat walk casting,

and I'm only 163cm. He promised me

more than any agent I've been

working with. After working as a

successful model for 10 years

overseas, Sarah decided to join the

agency to get part-time work, to

date she has never been booked for

a single job. He promised me pretty

much anything and everything he could to

could to get me in the door. The

director of Chic director of Chic Management

represents some of Australia's most

successful models like Miranda Kerr,

Alyssa Southerland and Katherine

McNeil. It is obviously a con. I

did two days' work. It was for a

Ford Escape campaign. That was

almost two years ago.

Alicia is still waiting for her

payment of around $2,500.

And that's not all. Here, we catch

David Glanville breaking the law again.

This time for driving without a licence.

What do you want from me? Well, you

have been caught out, Dave. OK,

caught out on that. OK? He has had

a very dubious background. You

think that you will be the next

Naomi Campbell or next KateMoss...

You promised them the world and

delivered them nothing. And Ms.

Dally is preparing to take out an

injunction to have the website

removed. If you have had any

dealings with David Glanville and

Boss Models we would like to hear

from you.

Time for an open inspection of some

of Australia's most extraordinary

homes whether you are thinking of renovating,

renovating, updating or building,

these designs will certainly help

inspire you.

Harry was very proud of his deck. I

think that Harry would agree that

this is almost like the Frank Lloyd

house of Australia.

There is nothing else like it in

the country! Not a neighbour,

the country! Not a neighbour, is

there?! Not a neighbour. Human

nature. An homage to Seidler House.

Terry Schwamberg has the envious

job of managing it. It is like a

picture out there. Yes, very, very

pretty. I mean, floor-to-ceiling glass.

It is a picture out there.

Even if you did not have

Even if you did not have a stick of

furniture in here, it would be

beautiful. No money was spared.

Even though the home makes a

statement, it is still attempts to

blend in, being constructed in

local bush stone, giving it a

Californian type of feel. I would

say that kozies would be optional

when you live in this sort of area.,

why would you bother?!? Is this

carved into the rock as well? Yeah,

absolutely. What I love about

What I love about the pool, it is a

touch of Hollywood. This is the

master bedroom. So it is quite huge.

And it has a log fire place. I'm

not leaving, I'm sorry!

And I know I want to stay too. I

love the place!

And you can too. Because side side

House is available for overnight


This building should be around here for many

for many years. Architect Peter

Maddison likes cant levering too.

His grand design is wrapped up in

zinc. All the materials have been

selected with the ocean in mind.

The ocean is only 200 metres away

from the front door. The zinc has

an unlimited life in this

environment, as does the block work.

The home is not rooms and walls -

it is body parts! Eyebrows

focusingen to horizon line.

There are a lot of sustainable

features in this house. There are

six 30-metre boards going down to

the earth bringing in hot water to

heat up the pool.

Now, you would never pick Mark

Arnold's home as special from the

outside. People arrive and they

outside. People arrive and they

have no idea until we pull it open.

This is the front entrance to the

house. You won't find a sheet of

jip rock in here.

It certainly gets away from the

sterile environment. Creates a lot

of warmth and mood. Ef rebit of

timber is recycled, - every bit of

timber is recycled. The reason is

that unlike new timber it won't

warp or expand. Not all of it is

real. There is some solid and

cladding rafters that are hiding

the steel structure. Otherwise, the

house might all come down like a

deck of cards. The home is divided

into two pavilions. It gives you

some nice pitched roofs linked by a

central area. It looks ball lin

ease, but it was based more on

Hawaiian-style, where you have the

flow of indoor and outdoor. It

gives the place a real holiday

resort feel. We are missing the

beach, but maybe that could come

next. It has the wine cellar, the

home Theatre, a garage full of

snazzy cars, a sunken bath, shower

- oh, and you can even watch TV

from there! Yep, it is built into

the mirror! All of it sits on a postage-stamp size

postage-stamp size block. It is

approximately 440 square metres.

And we have used pretty much every square inch.

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And there's more information on that story at our ACA website. After the break on A Current Affair - Meow Meow, Australia's lethal new drug craze.

Good evening ... The Territory Good evening ... The Territory and Federal Treasurers are at Federal Treasurers are at loggerheads over funding

arrangements for the Rudd

Government' s health system

overhaul. The sole survivor from overhaul. The sole survivor from the

weekend' s quadruple fatal at

weekend' s quadruple fatal at Narrabundah has woken from her Narrabundah has woken from her

induced coma. And, mother of three induced coma. And, mother of three

Jakelin Verran has been named the

ACT' s Mother of the Year. Full ACT' s Mother of the Year. Full

details in the Late News.

Next week, a special investigation into the deadly new drug targeting Aussie kids. A warning for every family.

I was posing on grass like a cat.

The lethal new drug craze.

The lethal new drug craze. I don't

know who made it, so why would you

put it in your mouth and swallow

it? It can lead to permanent brain

damage. I cannot explain the terror.

Obsessed parents telling --

spending thousands of dollars to

turn their children into adults. Those stories on Monday, only on A Current Affair. Look forward to your company then.

Have a great weekend. Goodnight.

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COMMENTATOR: Here they come.

SONG: # Tonight

# Is gonna be the night

# Is gonna be the night

# We are going to fight # Oh, stand

up and cheer that point.

# It has to branch the night #

That is unbelievable.

Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining

us. Friday Night Football here on

Channel 9 and the first of our big

double-header games comes to you

live from the Sydney Football

Stadium, Sydney, where the West

Tigers play host to the Parramatta

Eels. Perfect night for the Rugby

Eels. Perfect night for the Rugby

League here. It brings together two

of the more popular and skilful

teams of the NRL. Joining me in

commentary is Andrew Johns, I love

watching these two teams play. I

love it. They play the ball from

side line to side line. The teams

haven't clicked, not for 90 minutes,

but it could be their teams tonight. The West Tigers

The West Tigers last week led 12-

nil against the Roosters. They were

in control, 40 minutes later they

are down 48-12. What happened? How

do they turn that around in the space of four days?

Their defence was appalling. The

West Tigers like to throw the ball

around, it is no secret. If they

make that error, they have got to

defend the error. Last week they

seemed to leak points and would

make an error and the other team

scored. They can't do that tonight.

scored. They can't do that tonight.

Let's have a look at how they line up:

The Parramatta Eels were terrific

in the second half to get over the

top of Manly last Sunday, but they

have given away big leads in their

opening two games. They can't

afford to keep doing that. They

have been making silly errors early

and their kicking game hasn't on

right on. Jarryd Hayne, in the

sheds there, he sparked a revival

last week. You watch him tonight.

He is in for a big game. They must concentrate for

concentrate for 80 minutes. Show us

how they line up this evening. This

is how they line up:

Our TAB Sportsbet have installed

Parramatta as favourites. There has

been late money for the Tigers. Do

you have a tip? Do you fancy one

over the other? I like the Eels. I

think if they click, they will be hard to beat. The

hard to beat. The defence of the

Tigers has got to improve. Alright.

After this game we go down to WIN