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(generated from captions) Live. This Program Is Captioned Tonight - Barnaby Joyce shuffled out of the finance portfolio. Someone needs to get out from portfolio. Someone like Barnaby

desk. More rate way as property prices soar. desk. More rate hikes on the

Senior police officers facing the sack over offensive growing And - food for thought for Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Tony Abbott has bowed to of pressure and dumped Barnaby Tony Abbott has bowed to months

Joyce from the economic team. He has moved Joyce from the coalition's

resignation of Senate Leader frontbench just a day after the

Nick Minchin. He has ended Barnaby Joyce's troubled three months in the finance portfolio senator needs to get out from because he says the Nationals

behind a desk and take his talent across Barnaby Joyce has been shown talent across the country.

the door. He's going but going quietly. He says he will what's required to win the quietly. He says he will do

coalition win the the turmoil of politics and the nefarious world we live in, every day interesting. Barnaby is no every day is

white-bread politician. He is absolutely politician. True but he is absolutely no white-bread toast as a member of the coalition's economic team. Instead he will minister for regional water. I want him to be around Australia. I to a desk costing him to be necessarily chained

I to a desk costing apologies. If wouldn't agree with it and I was totally disappointed I

Andrew Robb takes wouldn't happen. Victoria's

He has spent six months Andrew Robb takes over finance.

sidelines dealing moves into energy and depression. Ian Macfarlane

resources, a comeback for a key supporter of an emissions trading scheme. There's no place for that other advocate Malcolm Turnbull privately indicated advocate Malcolm Turnbull who willingness privately indicated a the man who deposed him. Given willingness to work alongside that the emissions legislation is still before Parliament I thought be premature to bring Parliament I thought it would

back to the Abbott knew it was a invite a bomb thrower into the Abbott knew it was a risk to

leadership tent. We've got 1.4 billion dollars worth of Labor Government - sorry, million dollars. So we've got 1,400 from which we need to find 3.2. He's clearly a to our confidence and our international standing. I think it's a must that Tony Abbott removes Barnaby Joyce has been answered but maybe straightaway. Government's call

its wishes. While this is Tony Abbott's admission he putting Barnaby Joyce on front Abbott's admission he erred

line, Labor has lost its its strongest warning yet about The Reserve Bank has sounded

the dangers of a housing bubble. The RBA says more interest rate rises later house prices will encourage house prices will

this officials are among Australia's most avid real estate watchers. And they're getting increasingly worried about what they see. Obviously cycle were to emerge back of the cycle were to emerge on the housing prices. In other back of the recent strength in

words, a bubble. Phillip Lowe notes house 1% a month. Auction notes house prices are climbing

rates are high and rental 1% a month. Auction clearance

vacancy rates low. I think is an area that lenders vacancy rates low. I think this

home owners, prospective home owners, home owners, including

need to watch carefully over prospective home owners, will

the months ahead. Rest assured the RBA will be. The bank has reiterated its plan to raising interest rates by at reiterated its plan to keep

least a half to a full percentage point this year N its latest financial stability review the RB ma. Notes mortgage related rising. But if this stage default levels are low. There is always a danger thaw interest rate rise but at the extra treasure on with an

same time, we still have a long way serious levels. Rising house size prices may be increasing the

also making most Australians size of mortgages but they're

wealthier on paper at The RBA says net welt wealthier on paper at least.

11% last year The RBA says net welt jumped

to about 11% last year that translates

just below the 2007 Australia's banks are just below the 2007 peak.

in robust financial Australia's banks are certainly

RBA says they've all passed in robust financial health. The

their half yearly check-up with flying colours. Profits are up, bad debts are on the way The RBA notes the big banks made a billion in profit in the banks made a combined $6

reporting period. Net billion in profit in the latest

30% W rates poised to income has shot up by nearly

riseing there is nothing but 30% W rates poised to keep

blue sky ahead. A man who prostituteed a 12-year-old girl will spend He pleaded guilty to several charges, including making from a child charges, including making money

arranged for the girl to from a child prostitute. He

sex with more than arranged for the girl to have

Supreme Court in Hobart heard sex with more than 100 men. The

services saying she was 18 and Devine advertised the girl's

new in the proceeds. The court the girl had the proceeds. The court heard

transmitted diseases, and was the girl had contracts sexually

no longer at school, having been spurned by her friends. Justice Peter Evans Devine to 10 years in Justice Peter Evans sentenced with a Devine to 10 years in jail, eight years. Victoria's police chief has confirmed that officers are under chief has confirmed that 100

investigation over the distribution of racist and pornographic emails. Simon Overland says so material is Overland says so material is so offensive, those responsible could face the sack. confirmed that a police sergeant who took his own life earlier this week was earlier this week was one of those under investigation. A disappointed Chief disappointed Chief Commissioner says some of let themselves Police down. It's offensive details of the emails. We're not talking about dismissing 100 police officers. It's nowhere near that, but around 100 police officers will be asked in some way to account for their use of our email system. When emails came to light, two officers light, two officers were served with a notice to explain why they shouldn't be sacked. One of them, Sergeant Tony van of them, Sergeant Tony van Gorp took his own life night after tendering his resignation. I resignation. I obviously deeply regret the fact that he has died but I don't died but I don't think that makes the decision I made makes the decision I made the wrong decision. If it wrong decision. If it is occurring in Victoria Police, then it is the then it is the responsibility of the Police Commissioner to act, I think, decisively, but also fairly. I believe that the Police Commissioner appropriately. One of Sergeant van Gorp's friends said the officer felt he'd been backed into a corner. It was made very clear to this deceased officer that he could either with his benefits or he'd be sacked without Chief Commissioner says simply wrong and he denies he has been too heavy handed with his powers. How can a community have confidence in this organisation if we allow racist, sexist, pornographic, inappropriate material inappropriate material to circulate freely around the organisation? The Chief Commissioner has said Commissioner has said that these matters are not in these matters are not in any breach of criminal law, they're not illegal. That case, they can be dealt with in any number of ways that require smashing a walnut with a sledgehammer. Mr Overland says the most serious cases are being investigated It's It's been revealed that Australian Special Australian Special Forces troops were involved in month's massive military action against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. Operation coalition offensive since the war began, with war began, with 15,000 Afghan, British British and American soldiers advancing on the Taliban stronghold of Marjah. Defence Chief Chief Angus Houston has told the the ABC's Australia Network that that Australian Special Forces also supported the mission. They actually provided I guess a block movement of insurgents to and from Marjah through northern Kandahar. Kandahar. The Defence Force Chief says Chief says Australia will play an even greater an even greater role in the next campaign to push the Taliban out of Kandahar. He says Chinooks and units mentor Chinooks and units mentor ing Afghanistan soldiers are expected to join the there. A Defence inquiry into behaviour on board HMAS 'Success' has heard ship-wide acknowledgement of ship-wide acknowledgement of a predatory culture. Lieutenant Dianne Markowski, who conducted several behavioural workshops, said senior sailors were confrontational when confrontational when questioned about the behaviour. The navy Equity and Diversity Officer said at one session a petty officers insisted didn't have to listen to her. The inquiry heard that during an alleged sex act at a bar an alleged sex act at a bar in China, a make sift China, a make sift megaphone was used to encourage other sailors to come and watch. It also heard allegations a female sailor was propositioned sailor was propositioned and another was assaulted by a male sailor on steroids. The inquiry continues. The ACT is slowly moving ahead with its overhaul of the Territory's liquor laws. liquor laws. Six months ago, the government unveiled its planned planned changes and a draft Bill has now been tabled in Bill has now been tabled in the assembly. The changes larger venues that stay open late at night, limits late at night, limits on cheap drink promotions and trading hours. also wants pub and club owners to help to help provide transport for patrons. I do believe laws can make the make the shift away from a culture where we just far too much alcohol, far too quickly, with all the problems on the streets. The draft Bill will be open for six weeks. The government homes the new laws will be in place by the end of The Bushfire Royal Commission in Melbourne has seen dramatic new footage of a new footage of a back-burn lit on the edge of the Kinglake National Park minutes National Park minutes before the the main fire front hit on Black Saturday. The Black Saturday. The park ranger who ordered the burn gave an emotional defence of decision, saying it last-ditch effort in a situation. This is what the looked like just before park rangers lit a back-burn on the edge of the edge of the Kinglake National Park on Black Saturday. I was trying to reduce the intensity of the fires, a attempt. Filmed by park attempt. Filmed by park rangers this this is the burn minutes after it was lit, when things are still going to plan. But this is the deteriorating scene a the main fire hitting ours and taking it off. And in another 20 seconds, things are even worse with the tree tops. Embers fly through the air, and abandon the scene. back-burn survivors like Craig Draper say Draper say should never have been lit. I said you gotta be kidding. No-one would do kidding. No-one would do that on that type of day. The winds were way were way too strong to even think would've been negligible. I say negligible, I want I say negligible, I want to suggest nonexistent. It was hopeless. The situation was think of to do. The ranger who ordered the burn lived on ordered the burn lived on the next street. You know, the bus shelter were the kids were Pine Ridge Road. The there was disagreement and even panic as they lit the back-burn. He said on tape that he panic and lit the back-burn.

No, I never had that conversation. The hadn't exacerbated the blaze but rather but rather been overrun by it. Perhaps an it. Perhaps an unfortunate timing. 21 people died on Pine Ridge Road. New South New South Wales authorities have been in the firing line today over their management of forests and personnel lead-up to the 2003 bushfires. In an affidavit tendered to tendered to a litigation hearing, a forestry active fire management virtually virtually ceased when control was was handed over to the State authorities. A rural fire officer with more than 40 years' experience also told the court he was fighting the 2003 Parry said he had leave at Parry said he had leave at the time, time, but the former Rural Fire Service Commissioner Phil Koperberg refused to cancel it, telling him telling him "You can't have your New South Wales defence counsel repeatedly attacked Mr memory of the conversation, suggesting his recollection was inaccurate. down for 13 weeks, but there are signs that could blow out and the hearing may have to continued next year. In the United States, Barack United States, Barack Obama's sweeping health care legislation threats and vandalism. Democrats have called in the FBI and police to investigate attacks against politicians who voted for the changes. picture shows President Obama signing the executive order that secured his health care Bill. In contrast to the celebrations of yesterday, it's all the White House was willing to release the event. You have a nice picture. The order promises no federal funding will be on abortion and it delivered the final bloc of hold-out anti-abortion Democrats led by Michigan's Bart Stupak but now he is being called a sell-out and is receiving threats. You baby killin' (bleep). You will rue the day Stup stup. You are a disgusting rue the day you did this, Mr

African American politicians say they've been on the receiving end of racial slurs and one was spat at in the furious Congress ahead of the vote. furious protests outside

Other Democrats been thrown through windows and Other Democrats say bricks have

offices vandalised. It's a dreadful thing that we're going through. And activists have been blamed for cutting a gas line in the mistaken belief it belonged to a Democrat politician. House Democrats called in the worried about their safety

behaviour in some respects undermines our democracy and behaviour in some respects that

individuals. Some under mines the safety of likening it to the civil rights clashes of the 6 Congressman have a fax of noose sent to his office. Silence gives consent. The house Republican issued a house Republican leader has

violence and threats are unacceptable, but the Democrats now on the receiving end are blaming Republicans for inciting the ugly reaction. Still to come on ABC News - Taronga Zoo's miracle elephant calf finally gets a name. Australia's officially passed the 22 Australia's population has

million mark, according figures million mark, according to new nation's growth rate of 2.1% is Bureau of Statistics. The

world. And population experts now among the highest in the

want the Federal Government consider drastic consider drastic cuts to migration. It's been years since the last migration. It's been nearly 40

inquiry and time to check again years since the last population where the great growth train heading according to experts where the great growth train is

democratic change. We need who track the effects of

vision for where we're going. democratic change. We need a

Australia's rate growth is twice of that Australia's rate of population

Indonesia's, evidence doesn't promote economic Indonesia's, evidence it

development. The population grew by 285,000 in the last financial year but 06% of was from over the last couple of years was from migration. Migration

is unprecedented in Australia's history. We've history. We've never seen these levels of immigration into country in the entirety of Australian history. The immigration rate is unlikely last, meaning Australia probably won't have probably won't have 35 million people by mid century. But even half that increase will serious environmental impacts. It's a bit of a dilemma. I think it's going to be solved if we get some integration of activity both in research but also both in research but also in policy making. us moving to a leisure economy, where productivity is taken out in time off. Maybe a three-day working week. It's key that working week. It's key that we reduce the material and associated with that is the energy through-put. That fewer plasmas, more books, more holidays at home and more people taking the cool after years of Australians chasing the sun. We already chasing the sun. We already see people moving out of people moving out of Sydney, for example, and buying housing in Tasmania at much in Tasmania at much more affordable will be will be baby boomers. They make up up just 27% of the population but 42% of most of them will be out of it To finance now. Share markets around the world today and as Alan Kohler reports, lower commodity prices have dragged down have dragged down the Australian dollar as The global share market is still largely being driven by the latest news on what's happening with European sovereign debt concerns. Last night, Portugal's debt was downgraded by one of the ratings agencies and it also a day for worrying whether the European Commission will properly rescue will properly rescue Greece or half do it, while delivering a lecture. As a result, Wall Street stocks fell and so did commodity prices. Oil and about 1.5% 2.3,lead 3.8%. In the light of which, Australia's fall which, Australia's fall of just a few points wasn't a few points wasn't too bad. It was was partly helped by continuing interest in coal seam gas after that big sale to China yesterday by the British BG Group. Today's excitement was a rumour that Woodside thinking of making a takeover bid for bid for Santos, another big owner of Queensland coal seam gas. Santos shares shot nearly 5% before Woodside clamour to the email and make did. And Santos finished higher. Elsewhere, Rio and Qantas went up while AMP and Woolworths were among the falls. The Australian falls. The Australian dollar dipped below 91 dipped below 91 US cents down from 91.5 yesterday but it rose against the euro and the yen. Today's financial report from the Reserve graph. The prices of shares and houses in houses in Australia for the past 20 years, houses past 20 years, houses are up more than shares. Which is supposed to happen hand that doesn't account for fact is no capital gains tax on is no capital gains tax on your house. Here's a good reason for it. The graph shows the level of immigration back to for the latest year, 300,000 according to figures out today from the ABS. There's never been any anything remotely like this, and we're just not building enough houses them. And that's Julian Huxley has joined the Brumbies for his first captain's run captain's run since recovering from a brain tumour. Huxley named on the bench for the Brumbies' must-win game the Chiefs at Canberra the Chiefs at Canberra Stadium tomorrow night. I lot doubted he'd get back. He has shown an enormous amount shown an enormous amount of persistence and persistence and determination not just physically but not just physically but just through all through all the legality of it all. The squad has got a huge buzz out of that. With a bye next week, the Brumbies win to stay in touch with the top half top half of the draw. Matt Giteau will play Giteau will play at inside centre, with Matt Toomua at flyhalf, while Michael Hooper will start at 7 for the in injured George Smith. Shane Watson is set to make return to the Australian return to the Australian team forth second Test which starts in Hamilton on is likely to replace Phillip Hughes, while Simon Katich Hughes, while Simon Katich and Michael Hussey will bring up Michael Hussey will bring up a milestone. Former team mates Western Australia, Hussey Western Australia, Hussey and Katich go back a long way. Katich go back a long way. This weekend they will both be playing their back from the time we were 9 years old playing against other in Perth growing up. Playing a grand final under 13s against each other. And Simon Katich's mum made a cake for both teams to celebrate after the game. Hussey was at his diplomatic best when attack, which took only attack, which took only five wickets in the first Test. I don't think it was a batting. The batting. The batsmen might have more to think about if the pitch retains its current look. It's green but normal here. It was a normal here. It was a golden double for Australia on the opening night of opening night of the World Track Cycling Anna Meares produced a personal best time in the 500m time trial to claim an emotional over Lithuania's Simona Krupeckaite. My nan passed two weeks ago and my husband's gran only two days ago. It gran only two days ago. It was inspirational to see Anna win the 500 prior to me going out title in the 40 kilometre points race. Checking tyre pressure is usually low key unless you're unless you're seven time world champion Michael who's one race into who's one race into his Formula One comeback yet he can find the podium and he can find the podium and the title again. It's a I have been in I have been in much worse circumstances in circumstances in the beginning of the Championship by the end of it. Or the other way around. So wouldn't - I'm pessimistic at pessimistic at all. Schumacher believes it will be believes it will be six or seven races before real form seven races before real form is underlined and was coy chances of wining a fifth trophy at Allert park. It probably would probably would mean quite a special moment, special moment, but it's no point to think of something if, what, when. Adelaide what, when. Adelaide United's love affair with the Asian Champions League has continued with its with its third straight win. A bright start saw Dodd head decisively. But decisively. But debts rated when when Japan's Sanfreccee equalised equalised and despite being down to 10 men took the lead. Unfazed the A-League wooden spooners rallied before stealing the win in the stages. A little bit of luck at the end but I thought we enough in the first probably seal the game Adelaide is almost assured of making the knock-out phase. No more Mr Shuffles. Taronga Zoo's baby elephant has been given new name. The calf has been called Pathi-harn. The Thai word for miracle. Born the elephant had died the elephant had died in its mother's womb. The chosen after a competition and made in a think that it's a wonderful tribute to it and I think that it actually is such a miraculous birth because he was a miracle! They didn't expect him to be alive and then all of a sudden he was! Because I it! Pathi-harn is it! Pathi-harn is the second elephant born in third is due in November. A north Canberra school has teamed up with one of the country's best-known foodies country's best-known foodies to take the classroom take the classroom outdoors and into is the first out Stephanie Alexander's program which program which aims to get students interested in students interested in fresh produce and cooking. This was once once a courtyard for lunchtime play at Majura Primary. play at Majura Primary. Now there's more to enjoy and learn. There's fresh fruit and vegetables, and a kitchen close by a kitchen close by where students can learn to cook. students can learn to cook. The program aims to introduce students to the huge variety students to the huge variety of produce that exists produce that exists and give them a chance to taste them a chance to taste it. Food is so readily available in supermarkets outside of the season of growing that our kids don't really don't really necessarily understand that a tomato is a summer winter vegetables that grow winter vegetables that grow in winter. The kitchen garden program is the brainchild of culinary queen Stephanie Alexander who's about introducing children to good food and making it exciting experience. The children learn to grow food, learn to cook it and above all they learn to eat it together. The students are keen keen to get their hands dirty. You get harvest and pick corn and them this. You can have a look and you fruit that's fruit that's green, then it might where in the supermarket it will just be red in a plastic container. It's taken 18 to get this ground and parents have played a big part. But it's likely they will reap the benefits in the long run. We hope here and the It's a source of great pride and parents are astonished at what happens at what happens at home. Stephanie Alexander Alexander is encouraging other ACT schools to join the and give more young minds Snoop nothing like seeing that fruit trees. Fantastic! Here's someone who loves watching what happens on the trees, Carmody with our weather. I I was trimming this morning and I cut a pink pixie heart into bear wood. always a good idea with some shrubs. The bloke looked terrified but his wife said "Eric it looks good" which surprised me as a reluctance to cut shrubs hard is normally female condition. on to say he knows what he doing. He said last tonight that today will be fine and sunny the winds would be light and variable first thing and the maximum would be 27. And A high centred off Coffs Harbour is giving these fine, dry, sunny days with north-easterlies on the coast, north-westerlies inland A trough in South Australia A trough in South Australia may give us something on Monday now. No rain fell today and so far we've received 5 1 mm this month. Which is one more than the March average. In the State capitals

This is a pandora jasmine oides flower and seed pod. oides flower and seed pod. It's a climbing plant from the botanic gardens where you go and the guides will tell you what

when. We know you don't suffer from a reluctance to shrubs, you're always cutting me back! Enough, enough! Tony Abbott has jumped Barnaby Joyce from the coalition's team. The team. The gaffe prone Nationals senator has been regional development, infrastructure and water portfolio. And that's ABC News. Stay Stay with us now for Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30 Report coming up next. We'll leave you tonight with spectacular images from Iceland, where a from Iceland, where a volcano is erupting among the glaciers. Enjoy your evening, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI block This Program is Captioned Live.

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departure of senior Liberal

Nick Minchin from Tony

Abbott's front bench

yesterday as a prelude to his

retirement at the next

election was both blessing

and a curse for his leader. A

blessing because it gave the

Opposition the excuse he

needed to reshuffle the

shadow Cabinet removing loose

cannon Barnaby Joyce. A curse

because the process was

agonising to watch as both

men tied to explain why this

was not personal and

political embarrassment.

Barnaby Joyce is now the Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Infrastructure

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