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(generated from captions) Give it a tug. Yay! (AUDIENCE CHEERS) (LAUGHS) Oh, victory! You've done it, Lord. (LAUGHS) Well done! and all who deal upon her! God bless this case Let's see the money! Just magnificent! with your cheque. Here comes the naughty little convict your gorgeous first mate, Margaret. Oh, and of course, you were going to do that. Nicely done. I didn't think You have proved me wrong. Congratulations, David. Congratulations, Margaret. No wonder he's a lawn bowler. $50,000. That takes a lot of you-know-what. here on the good ship 'Deal'. See you next time This program is captioned live. Tonight - ordered to stand trial, league star Brett Stewart accused of sexual assault.

crash survivor lashes out at police. The family of the Canberra pursuit but gets a second library instead. A Sydney school asks for a new hall that can see inside homes. Scanners being sold in Sydney about his sex scandal. And Tiger Woods's first TV interview with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has been ordered to stand trial Rugby league star Brett Stewart a 17-year-old girl. accused of sexually assaulting in court today The teenager's father claimed the Manly fullback that he confronted and making death threats. who was drunk On crutches for his injured knee, for sexual assault. Brett Stewart is now on trial thank you. Make way, please, make way, to the charges? Brett, what do you have to say Nothing today alleged victim claims but the father of the 17-year-old the league star had plenty to say

their North Manly unit complex when confronted outside on that night in March last year, repeatedly saying: When Stewart's girlfriend appeared arced up, saying: the father said the Sea Eagle He also claimed pointed to the footballer's trousers Stewart's girlfriend saying, "Not again." said Stewart's lawyer, Clive Stern. "That's a pack of lies," The father replied, "No, it's not."

from Stewart's lawyer He then faced questions about his criminal history, for money laundering including convictions making false statements to four years jail and being sentenced hundreds of thousands of dollars. for a fraud worth he'd used false names so often, He admitted

he couldn't remember them all but insisted, that's not who I am now." "That's who I was then, Now a jury will decide faces a verdict as one of league's biggest stars which could cripple his career. the driver of the stolen car It's emerged

Saturday's police chase in Canberra who died after he killed. actually knew the family of three to blame the officers involved, As grieving relatives continue around police, politicians have closed ranks as a necessary evil. describing pursuits is fighting for her life. Their younger sister, Skye, imagine what it was like Cassandra and Priscilla Webbe that would kill four people. speeding towards a crash for him to stop, to let her out. My sister would have been screaming because of them. My sister's in hospital Because of Justin or the police? The police! was Skye's boyfriend. 23-year-old Justin Williams that crashed, He was driving the stolen car Scott's girlfriend Sam killing himself, Scott Oppelaar, and their son Brodie. they were all friends. Coincidentally, No-one blames Justin at all. Why does nobody blame Justin? what he's like. Because everyone knows even though he's a criminal. He is a nice bloke, the criminal is always at fault. Both sides of politics say to a situation We certainly are not going to move do not pursue criminals. where police Now, hang on - going wrong, it's not police pursuits who seek to flee police it's the actions of individuals and put bystanders at risk. told me her son had mental problems Justin Williams's mother, Leanne, after a crash last year resulting from brain injuries that nearly killed him back then. illegal, She says stealing a car was stupid, to his death. but not worth being chased for them to do it, I know it was silly but BLEEP he didn't have to die. is being claimed as A Sydney school library yet of waste and mismanagement one of the most appalling examples in the economic stimulus scheme. has been investigating. Political reporter Lee Jeloscek Lee, which school is this? School in Sydney's north-west. Chris, it's Annangrove Public It really wanted a new hall which it didn't need. but got a second library, but cost $750,000 It's a simple building it can't even be used. and now parents say has fewer than 100 students. Annangrove Public School It doesn't have a hall now boasts two libraries. but, thanks to the stimulus program, and we ended up with another library We asked for a multipurpose hall was perfectly functional. even though the library we had sits next to the original The second library

and was finished in December. but remains shut. It cost more than $760,000 can't go inside the building. No emergency door, so the kids or airconditioning, With no emergency exit parents say it's not useable.

It might have been one step forward backwards. but it's definitely two steps This garden also caused anger. cost more than $50,000 The landscaping but had to be ripped out bushfire standards. because it didn't meet them to build this facility If you had a builder and you asked more than $280,000. you could not spend the old library could become a hall It was hoped but the P&C was told it had to go. Disbelief. There's just no... not prevail at all. Commonsense just does Taxpayers have got every right to be so angry about this because ultimately it's taxpayers paying for the bungling of the New South Wales Government. The State Government is surprised there's no emergency exit. I'll follow up on the detail of that but if that is indeed the case then I'm happy to look at it. A late development in this story - following our approach, the Education Department has decided the school can keep its library, to be used as the hall they wanted in the first place. If you have a story about a school funding bungle, we'd like to hear about it. Just go to our website and follow the link. The ICAC is investigating corruption claims involving Burwood Council. General manager Pat Romano is accused of spending ratepayers' money on private investigators for personal use. $44,000 was spent tailing a man Romano thought was having an affair with his wife. Simply put, Mr Romano made a decision to spend public monies for his own private purposes. Romano is also accused of using council workers to renovate a block of flats part-owned by his wife. A Sydney mother has been charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter. Police were called to this Dulwich Hill house last night where they found the child's body. It's alleged the girl was killed earlier at an address in Tempe. The child's extended family is in a state of shock. Very upset, very, very upset. I don't know what will happen. The mother wasn't in court and did not enter a plea. A post-mortem will carried out tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death. Homeowners with wireless security cameras are being warned about a high-tech device which allows strangers to spy on them. The scanner can be used by people on the street to see what's happening inside. Seven News was given permission to show the images you're about to see. If you use a wireless video camera system to keep an eye on your children... You can tell from my voice I'm shocked.

..your business... I don't feel safe now. ..or your possessions, someone else could also be watching. Fernando and Paula Gela use a wireless camera to watch their two daughters' nursery. Using a simple scanning device we bought online, we watched the children too. Which room's that? My baby's room. Entire cot, full view. How does it make you feel that you can see from the street into your kid's room? Horrified, horrified. Had no idea. FERNANDO: Shocked. No warning. The signal transmits up to 60m around the home. The signal is just coming through and being beamed wirelessly through the air to the base station and anywhere in-between or in fact in many places around here, you could pick up that signal. This is a wireless camera scanner. We picked it up for about $400. When we detected a signal from a home, we knocked on doors to ask if it was OK to look but you can bet the kind of person buying these units isn't asking permission. Dozens of cameras broadcast personal lives and business activities onto the street. The purpose of it was so we could not so other people could keep an eye on our children, which is why it's frightening. Here, a young boy sits alone doing his homework. The house is attached to his father's shop. The same cameras cover both. It's safer without the camera, then. Because of this stupid system, I'm not safe. Police warn using scanners to invade someone's privacy carries a 5-year jail term. People need to understand that when they're buying these systems they are potentially vulnerable to having their private pictures captured by unknown third parties. A hard-wired system would certainly takes some of the risk out of it. I suppose that's what you get for cheap technology! Australian mining executive Stern Hu has reportedly pleaded guilty to bribery charges in China. The Rio Tinto employee is undergoing a secret trial, so there's no way to immediately confirm that report but it comes from the lawyer for one of his co-accused. The media's being shut out of this trial

but, then, secrecy has been a hallmark of this case since day one. Australian Stern Hu and the three other Rio Tinto executives have not seen their families since their arrest last July, prisoners of a legal system

that rarely rules in favour of defendants. China has a different legal system to the rest of the world. The world will be watching very closely how this trial is handled. Australian diplomats were allowed in to watch the start of the trial but are being prevented from witnessing the more sensitive parts of the proceedings. Stern Hu was Rio Tinto's lead negotiator in talks with Chinese steel mills,

trying to settle a price for China to buy iron ore from Australian mining companies. The talks ended when they were charged with commercial espionage and taking bribes. They face up to five years in jail. There are unconfirmed reports here tonight that Hu Stern has pleaded guilty to some of the charges but neither his company, the Department of Foreign Affairs or officials at the court behind me can yet verify that but if it's true, it dramatically changes the complexion of this case. Tiger Woods admits he's nervous about returning to golf and doesn't know what to expect from fans. He's finally answered questions for the first time since his sex scandal broke four months ago. Once a master of control, Tiger Woods is fighting a public campaign to claw it back. You went from being recognised as the greatest golfer in the world to becoming a punchline. How did that make you feel? It was hurtful but then again, you know what? I did it. Why did you get married? Why? 'Cause I loved her.

He granted two interviews with sports networks. We were told we had a short window of five minutes, we could bleed a little bit over and we were told that we could ask whatever we wanted. I get it. I can understand why people would say those things because, you know what? It was disgusting behaviour. He wouldn't discuss the type of treatment he's having, the state of his marriage, or his Thanksgiving car crash. What happened? Well, it's all in the police report and beyond that, everything's between Elin and myself. Tiger Woods says he just wants to play golf again. He's no doubt hoping these interviews will shift the attention from his personal life to his sporting comeback at the US Masters at Augusta next month. What reception are you expecting from fans? I don't know, I don't know. I am a little nervous about that, to be honest with you. How much do you care? It would be nice to hear a couple claps here and there. Still to come - Barack Obama's historic victory for the poor. Also, world-first technology being installed in Sydney to pay parking fees. And Hugh Jackman's international ad campaign - find out what's got him dancing, next. When you need advice on a project, it's always good to have a wise hand nearby.

Hey, Dave! I've got a couple of options for that job. Ah! Mighty helpful. Mitre 10. A Sydney council is about to trial world-first technology which does away with tickets at parking stations. It's a special camera which keeps track of cars coming and going and could even remind drivers when their free parking time is up. As shoppers know finding a parking spot in Sydney is a challenge.

You have to do about five laps before you actually find a spot.

A Wollongong company has developed a world-first system designed to make it easier. The vehicles drive in,

just like a normal conventional parking station, ground loop triggers the boom gate and the boom gate opens. Shoppers then drive past a new state-of-the-art camera that records their licence plate number

and the time they arrived. As the shoppers are leaving the car park, your licence plate is read by these smart cameras again. If you're over the free period, you'll be directed to pay. The company says shoppers get in and out of the car park quicker and it stops office workers taking up spots all day. It needs to be kept as a 2-hour parking. 300 on-the-spot car park It also stops an average 300-spot car park printing 400,000 tickets a year, making it a greener option. The company's also hoping to install an SMS alert system by the end of the year to let shoppers know when they're approaching the end of their free parking period. Market Square at Lane Cove will have the ticketless parking system up and running by mid June. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have begun trading insults

a day before their first national debate on health. The Opposition Leader put the finishing touches on his arguments while the Prime Minister rehearsed his lines. The Government has increased its hospital funding and we have a plan for the future. Mr Abbott reduced hospital funding by a billion dollars and has no plan for the future. Tomorrow afternoon, join me for a Seven News special - 'The Great Debate: Health', live from 12:25.

Seven's 'pollie-graph' will return to gauge audience reaction. The American President has won the health care vote that prevented him coming to Australia.

The highly contentious law was approved by Congress in a rare Sunday sitting. It will extend medical insurance to almost every US citizen. Tonight, we answered the call of history as so many generations of Americans have before us. The Republican Party unanimously voted against the law, claiming it unfairly forces wealthy Americans to pay more tax

so the poor can be insured. Sydney actor Hugh Jackman has begun selling iced tea to the world. Our singing and dancing man is the face of a new global advertising campaign that's getting rave reviews. Although the ad is called Tokyo Dancing Hotel, it was actually recorded in Brazil. Sport now with Alex Cullen and Billy Slater has avoided punishment from the NRL.

Chris, the Knights have accepted his apology for sledging Cory Paterson. All the league next. little brother along for the ride Plus Jarryd Hayne brings his with the Eels. And a wild day in windy Wellington against the Kiwis. as the Aussies blow it Over time, skin loses firmness. Wrinkles get deeper. UltraLift Pro-X, VOICEOVER: Garnier beech tree extract Pro-Xylane - with the natural and restores elasticity and bounce. plumps up the skin Take care. UltraLift Pro-X. by an admission have been overshadowed in allowing a forward pass. that match officials stuffed up The touch judge could face the axe to the video ref, but the NRL won't go saying it's too unreliable. at Parramatta's pool session No need to worry for little Jonah Jarryd has carried the Eels after the way his big brother on his back. go-to man for something to happen. You know, he's definitely our

length-of-the-field try. Hayne made Timana Tahu's it was something out of nothing To get that try, about playing in this team. and that's what's so good Hayne also threw the ball for Eric Grothe to score the winning try but it was Kris Keating's pass for Joel Reddy's 4-pointer that had Manly fuming yesterday. I'll personally pay to go and get checked by OPSM. for those two touchies And their boss won't argue. where to send the cheque? Well, maybe does he know The last pass was clearly forward. Not being a scientist, but probably a metre!

I'm pretty disgusted with the team's performance. But there'll be no apologies from the Eels. Things go our way and things don't,

so it's just the luck of the draw come our way and we got the two points. Genius call - yeah, it was. Great call! The Eels have credited coach Daniel Anderson's savage half-time spray with kick-starting their day but the Guru says it wasn't so bad. All he was saying was, "You are going very well, just try and do some different things," and he was very nice about it all. He didn't swear or spit or get very red at all! Billy Slater's made a second apology to Knights forward Cory Paterson, saving the Storm star from punishment by the NRL judiciary. Slater sledged Paterson about his battle with depression in Melbourne's win over Newcastle but has made a phone call to apologise. He can give it but he can't take it. I was proud of Pato, the way he handled it - he handled it on the field, he handled it like a man. Broncos forward Corey Parker has made a late dash to Canberra for tonight's Raiders clash

with his wife overdue to give birth to their first child. Really helpless as a partner, as a husband - you just can't do anything, you've just got to wait for the call. Australia's push for victory in the first Test has been blown off course on a wild day in windy Wellington. New Zealand reached 6/369, leading by 67 runs at stumps with Brendon McCullum 94 not out. 120km/h winds lashed the Basin Reserve, making the job dangerous for ground staff. COMMENTATOR: A little bullride on the covers, here he goes. It was just as challenging for the fans and Aussie bowlers. Daniel Vettori was the only Kiwi to fall, bowled by Nathan Hauritz for 77. McCullum smashed his way towards a century but was forced to wait overnight when bad light stopped play for the third time. 14-year-old swim star Yolane Kukla says being a member of the Commonwealth Games swimming team still hasn't sunk in. Kukla admits she didn't expect to be on the plane to Delhi but now joins the likes of Jess Schipper, Leisel Jones and Stephanie Rice. Yeah, things are really different now but that makes you feel really good inside that obviously all your hard training's paid off and everything. The 48-strong team includes veteran Ashley Callus who won his first national title in seven years. Chris, Pim Verbeek officially announced today he'll leave the Socceroos coaching job after the World Cup. Checking finance now - and the share market has suffered a sharp fall, ending four consecutive days of gains. The ASX 200 closed down 42 points. AXA was up after revealing takeover talks with the NAB are well advanced. Sara's next with the weather and that southerly change brought a much cooler day. Chris, top temperatures fell by almost 10 degrees but last night took a while to cool down. Tonight should be better - I'll have the details next. (UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC) VOICEOVER: When you've got a job to do, you can trust Yellow Pages is the business directory with more local businesses. It's no wonder Yellow Pages has the businesses you need. It's been part of your community for over 80 years. And with more ways to find businesses,

you can find the right one whenever you need it. So support local businesses and let your fingers do the walking. A southerly change blasted through at about 9:00 last night, bringing plenty of cloud and gale-force winds but no rain. The city recorded its strongest winds for two months, with gusts to almost 70km/h.

Wild winds kept temperatures up overnight - a low of 21 in the city - 4 above average. Those overnight winds reached 82km/h at the airport, with weaker gusts further inland. Early cloud gave way to a sunny afternoon, and pleasant temperatures. The satellite shows

the cloudy remnants of ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului still bringing heavy rain and storms across northern Queensland. For New South Wales tomorrow, isolated showers along the north coast. Mostly fine elsewhere under this high-pressure ridge. Around the country, fine in Adelaide and Canberra. Shower or two for Melbourne

and the Queensland coast. Early thunderstorms in Perth. Sydney can expect light winds from the south-east,

swinging to the north-east during the afternoon The calm winds should make it a pleasant day out on the waters. We're in for a cooler night, 19 degrees in the city. Morning cloud followed by a warm and sunny day. For western suburbs tonight - it should be about 5 degrees cooler than last night. The outlook shows a mostly fine week. A bit of cloud around on Wednesday, blue skies on Thursday, warming up from Friday onwards. Western Sydney should fall back in the high 20s on Wednesday, but it's going to be very warm after that. That's Seven News for this Monday. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company.

See you tomorrow. Goodnight. This mobile phone randomly drops in on other peoples conversations. Hundreds of hours of recorded chat. And it can happen to your phone overnight. Three months underground to catch the most cunning thieves in the country. How Walkley Award winner Tim Noonan busted this multimillion- dollar racket others said was impossible to break. The new 'Sex and the City' movie and the fashions that everyone will be wearing. Get them now and be ahead of the trend. Good evening and thanks for joining us.

We begin tonight with a mobile phone that has the power to eavesdrop on conversations right around the country. It's not a new application or groundbreaking technology but a simple device that spy agencies would love to have.

As Jackie Quist discovered, people can find out your secrets at the push of a button. I'm not sure what's going on with my phone but it's got a mind of it's own. There are some appalling lapses of privacy. If you thought your mobile phone calls were safe, secure and private, think again. I'd be mortified. Stuff you talk about on your phone should be for your ears and the people you talk to only, not for anyone else to hear. This seemingly normal mobile phone is possessed. Acting like an antenna to the nation, it is picking up private at times, intimate moments in the lives of hundreds of phone users. Owner Karl Holmes is as baffled as he is disgusted. Most of them are calls to message bank services