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(generated from captions) on this coop, if you don't mind. Well, I wanna pop the locks Let's see what Bree had in 8. OK. It's... OH! There it was. $15,000.

There was the $50.

to be a wonderfully staunch friend Hey, you have proven yourself the extra seven grand, doesn't it? and that's gotta be worth more than an airfare to Vegas. And you have got yourself

Let's see the money! Thanks very much, Edith. Here we go, my friend. with a droopy cockscomb at all. I don't think you're going home hold your heads high, girls. I think you can

a fight-back. That was a great comeback, got the better of whom in the end. I'm not sure which cock Thanks for that. But we had a lot of fun. being with us, ladies and gentlemen. Good on you, Doctor. Thanks for next time. See you back in the mad henhouse This program is captioned live.

in huge seas on the Gold Coast. Tonight - a Sydney ironman killed after scoring a comeback century. Michael Clarke thanks Lara Bingle new program to tackle violence. Police lash out at the Government's from a car explosion. A Sydney man's lucky escape of TV's frontier man Fess Parker. And Hollywood mourns the loss with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News

Good evening. has been killed, A young Sydney ironman during an ironman event hit by a surf ski championships on the Gold Coast. at the national surf lifesaving the 19-year-old's surf club Reporter Sean Berry is at at Queenscliff. they're upset and angry there. Sean, Yes, Chris. at the loss of a talented ironman, Devastated, obviously, a popular figure here. Saxon Bird, who was clearly

And mixed with the grief, that the Gold Coast event went ahead there's some anger in such rough seas. These were the moments before his surf ski - Saxon Bird was knocked off hit by another, runaway board. of the under-19 ironman event, It was around 11:30, a heat Tropical Cyclone Ului. in rough surf whipped up by and we can't find him. There's a swimmer gone missing Queenscliff club, Saxon was from Sydney's with half-a-dozen national titles. a uni student and surf champion a frantic search - Officials immediately began all events cancelled. clear those swimmers out. Nugget, Nugget, We want 'em out of the water! Up to 10 inflatables, 3 jet skis, and fixed-wing aircraft a rescue helicopter scoured the area. Other competitors were shocked

to a fellow lifesaver. that it could happen

'cause, like, he's from our area. It's given me shivers down the spine Saxon had washed ashore The hope was hope faded. but as minutes became an hour, On the ski it's pretty tricky. you're pretty much gone. If you get belted by one of them, about 12:45, Saxon was brought ashore

to revive him - his mates working frantically to saving one of their own. all their CPR skills now dedicated It didn't look good. distressed, fearing the worst. Young lifesavers were clearly Saxon was rushed to hospital. Doctors tried their hardest they confirmed he had died. but two hours later At Queenscliff, and outstanding athlete. friends told of a brilliant student that just gives everything. He's one of those kids with a beautiful family, Just a beautiful boy parents who absolutely adore him. the contest had gone ahead. Some were angry that The SLSA have a lot to answer for. is irresponsible. Their duty of care yesterday. Club coach Damien Daley was there the most dangerous situations. It was one of in 22 years It was the first time around the buoys. that I haven't been able to get out who come from Denistone, It's been confirmed Saxon's family, and saw it all. were there on the beach

Chris. They are now receiving counselling. fiance Lara Bingle Michael Clarke has thanked former for her tremendous support in the first Test. after he scored an unbeaten century he can concentrate on his cricket The vice-captain showed and the Kiwis paid the price. After two weeks of turmoil, showed his true character. this is the moment Michael Clarke

It's the 100 for Michael Clarke. COMMENTATOR: An outstanding innings. off the field. It's been a tough week for the man back to his brilliant best. On the field, he's been former fiancee Lara Bingle, Just days after dumping Clarke displayed the mental strength see him captain the country. many believe will one day Then he thanked his former fiancee. as well has been tremendous The support I've had from Lara and without her and her support, back over here. I certainly wouldn't have been

Then he defended her. in the last couple of weeks Lara's copped a lot of criticism to handle that. and it takes a very strong woman It's respect to her. has been in crisis in recent weeks. Clarke's personal life the Posh and Becks of Australia, Once considered to bikini model Lara Bingle Clarke's engagement has always drawn headlines. to the past few weeks. But nothing could compare

in the shower First, a nude photo of Bingle during an affair in 2006 taken by AFL bad boy Brendan Fevola was published in a women's magazine. Then, against Clarke's wishes, to the same magazine Bingle sold her side of the story for a reported $200,000. Annoyed and embarrassed, from the tour of New Zealand Clarke flew home to end the engagement

for today's first Test. before returning He may be single again the most satisfying of his career. but this kiss will be one of Unfortunately, Lara may not agree. as a joke The police union has labelled a new State Government program tackling alcohol-fuelled violence. more buses, taxi ranks Hassle Free Nights involves and a crackdown on karaoke bars earlier closing times. but police want 2am on Sydney's Oxford Street a fist fight - and an argument turns into a flurry of punches. The girlfriend jumps in before police come flying across the road and put a stop to it. A scene repeated again and again. There's so many drunken idiots out on the street. You can see that every Friday and Saturday night,

especially in the city. George Street is one spot where the Premier joined the Police Commissioner today to promise hassle-free nights... All of us should be able to have a night out without being hassled. ..pledging extra late-night buses in the city and Parramatta along with secure taxi ranks, a crackdown on street drinking, party buses and boats and karaoke bars breaching licensing laws. To get them to do their jobs better.

It's not about smashing anybody. But we're being smashed, say police, along with the public. They want lock-outs in pubs, like Newcastle, where assaults are down 30%. Frontline police look at this proposal, "hassle-free nights", as a joke. That's not what we need. We need assault-free nights. We are certainly not going to rush to apply a blanket lock-out across the State.

Good news for pubs, who welcome the Premier's plan. She denies it's about keeping the Government's ties

with the hotel industry hassle-free. Police have applied for lock-outs in Manly and Wollongong but nowhere else. We will concentrate at putting the right tactics at the right place at the right time. It's been confirmed Sydney's botched CBD Metro could cost $500 million in wasted taxpayer money.

The State Government has revealed it's facing a $200 million compensation claim from the builders,

as well as the $300 million already spent. Whilst we recognise that there is a cost, we do not want to invest in a $5 billion project

if we think there is better value for the taxpayer. The metro was going to run

from Central Station to Rozelle in the inner west. A Rosemeadow man is in critical condition after his car exploded into a fireball last night with him inside. His quick-thinking decision moments later to jump into a swimming pool may have saved his life. At 9:30 last night, Rosemeadow's peace was shattered. WOMAN: I heard this bang and the dogs were going crazy. Is there people in the house? I don't think so, no. There were. But more frightening, a man called Danny was in the burning car. The driver's door was open and he raced out, screaming. Danny ran to the backyard pool and dived in, where he stayed until help arrived. Making it to the pool has been of great assistance in him not being more seriously injured. Family gathered at the home for support.

Mum was scared for Danny's life. It's frightened me, it's freaked me out. The Honda 200 CR-V is a write-off - the garage was badly burned too. The damage to this Daihatsu Sirion, which was just next to the Honda,

is testament to the ferocity of the fire and how lucky Danny was to survive. This afternoon, forensics officers scoured the driveway for clues but police say the cause of the fire is a mystery. There's no suggestion this was a deliberate act on the person. There's nothing to suggest that from the scene or from the victim or any witnesses at this point. A group of Chinese tourists visiting Sydney had a lucky escape when a tree brought down powerlines on top of their bus this morning. The coach was on the Pacific Highway at Pymble when the badly rotted tree tipped over.

I stop on the median line and then suddenly, the tree is going down. All 26 passengers were taken off the bus safely. Drivers endured long delays while electricity workers cleared the scene. Two police officers were hurt last night when their wagon collided with a Holden sedan and flipped on its roof at Mascot. They couldn't avoid the crash on Botany Road as the car turned in front of them.

Their wagon also slammed into a third car. The officers suffered only minor injuries. The Holden driver fled but later gave himself up. It was the night for flipping cars. At Moore Park, a driver managed to get his Mercedes airborne, ending up on its roof. He wasn't sticking around after a truck driver stopped to help. I've pulled the truck over and dragged the bloke out

and he's just grabbed his dog and legged it through the park. He's done a runner. The car was righted and the missing man's been found, a drink-driving charge adding to his hangover. The welcome party's been put on hold for Barack Obama with the US President announcing he's scrapped his Australian visit next week. Kevin Rudd's disappointed, but a longer presidential visit is now on the cards for June. Pack away the presidential entourage and return 'Air Force One' to the hangar. The troops have got to go back to barracks and the color guard stood at ease. (FEET STOMP) President Obama's delayed his visit again The best course of business

was to re-schedule Indonesia and Australia for June. The President is waging a last-ditch battle over health reform in America with a critical vote in Congress this Sunday. He passed his "deep regrets" to the Prime Minister this morning. He'd like to have a more relaxed visit than the 24-hour whip-in, whip-out that the last one had come down to. In fact, that planned trip was just 21 hours in duration and it was restricted to Canberra alone.

But there's talk the new itinerary in June will include Sydney and be substantially longer. The President's wife and daughters may also be coming.

We hope so but let's just wait and see how the detailed discussions on that unfold. Experts insist the delay is no snub, nor is the fact that he originally planned for three days in Indonesia and just one here. Listen, there are no problems in the US-Australia relationship. It's a rock-solid foundation

so there's nothing to be fixed there or nothing to be developed. Still to come -

a special tribute to Fess Parker, TV's king of the wild frontier. Also, we ride with police hunting Sydney's hoon drivers. And a double whammy for an aspiring catwalk model.

That's next.

WOMAN: The stroke's made everything hard but, I mean, you cope, don't you? Oh. (Thinks) My brain still works, it just doesn't connect to my mouth anymore. We do have hope that he may walk again. But, um... I just want to communicate

to say 'sorry' to Jen and the kids. I know, love. And I'd tell anyone who'd listen, "Don't smoke."

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This is a stroke - your risk of having one starts to fall the day you quit smoking... I know, love. ..and over the years keeps falling, until it's the same as someone who's never smoked. Customs is warning Sydney women risk lead poisoning and burnt hair because of a rise in fake designer cosmetics and hair straighteners being illegally imported or bought online. Tens of thousands of counterfeit products have been seized in the past three weeks. What they're doing is, they're targeting demand - that's why we see the GHDs and the MAC make-up. Police also raided stalls in Haymarket and Darling Harbour, seizing fake top-end make-up and jewellery worth more than $145,000.

Senior police say Sydney hoons are putting innocent lives at risk by driving defective, hotted-up cars. Seven News spent a night with Strike Force officers who stop dangerous drivers before it's too late. Powerful racing machines. But the man behind the wheel isn't a hoon - he's a cop. We're on the road just two minutes

when an offender is spotted at Huntingwood in Sydney's west. It's too low, it's defective and it can't be driven on our streets. I'd rather do that than knock on their door or their parent's door at 3am and say "sorry but your son's lowered vehicle has just hit a speed hump "and flipped and killed everybody on board". An hour later, a high-speed chase. Our team spots a Monaro flying through the streets of Homebush West. So, you normally drive like that? I didn't drive it fast or speed or anything.

Blind Freddy could tell you he wasn't sticking around. The roads around ANZ Stadium are hoon hot spots. This Celica's older than its 21-year-old driver and fitted with a dodgy fuel pump. It's defective, and towed. It can sit there until I get my next income. This man was caught and cuffed after taking a stolen car for a joyride. At La Perouse in Sydney's south, more defects. In the two years Strike Force Taipan has been targeting hoons, they've handed out thousands of fines but still, the message doesn't seem to be sinking in. Many of the drivers caught tonight are repeat offenders. How many people have a licence in this car? There are two disqualified in the back and I'm suspended - I've lost it for three years. I've lost it for two years and he's lost it for two years. And you're proud of that? Yeah.

It is disappointing. All I can do is keep on doing what I'm doing.

Sandra Bullock's husband has publicly apologised after claims he had an affair with a tattoo model. Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee told a tabloid magazine she'd been seeing Jesse James for 11 months while his wife was away shooting a movie. James hasn't denied cheating on the Oscar-winning actress but admits he had poor judgement. In a statement to 'People' magazine he said

he was the only one to blame and deserved everything coming. Bullock has reportedly moved out of the couple's home. And how's this for embarrassing - first, she stacks it on the stairs, then one of the competitors on 'America's Next Top Model' gets knocked off the catwalk by one of the props. (GIRL SCREAMS) Oh, Lord! Baby girl! Needless to say, she failed the catwalk challenge. If there was a coonskin cap or buckskin jacket in your childhood, you'll know Fess Parker.

The American actor died today at the age of 85 once worshipped by kids as Daniel Boone and Davy, Davy Crockett. To the baby boomer generation Fess Parker was the American frontier. As Davy Crockett, he made raccoon hats the must-have children's accessory. Think of Elvis, think of Beatlemania. Think bigger - that was Davy Crockett! Even the theme was a hit. # Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. # It was a thrill. It was beautiful. You know, we shot it in the Smoky Mountains, in the Crockett country. Parker also starred as another frontiersman, Daniel Boone, in one of the highest rating TV shows of the '60s. To keep you alive. Red man can't teach a friend how to use that weapon. But after retiring, the softly spoken Texan became famous for something else. He planted a vineyard not far from Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch and produced award-winning wines. His death at 85 came on his wife's 84th birthday. They were married 50 years. A man who played legends onscreen is being remembered as one himself. Alex Cullen now with sport and two old enemies are doing battle in the NRL tonight. Chris, it's a showdown between the Dragons and Bulldogs. We'll cross to Wollongong for the latest, next. Plus, hugs all round for Hindmarsh before Sunday's Manly blockbuster.

And Geoff Huegill wins the battle of the bulge. Celebrate Target s Massive Home Sale with quality homewares, with 50% off Australian Superwash wool quilts and underlays and Carson 2-pack towels, now $10 - save $10. Hurry, sale on now!

The Dragons and Bulldogs kick off round 2 of the NRL tonight with Canterbury-Bankstown rocked by news Ben Hannant wants out of the club. Matt Carmichael is in Wollongong. Matt, will Hannant's mind be on the job tonight? Alex, there's no doubt about that. The Test prop told us he can't wait for battle with Dragons enforcer Michael Weyman. Bulldogs teenager Jamal Idris has also issued a personal challenge to Dragons' playmaker Jamie Soward. Bulldogs fans haven't expected as much from a player since Sonny Bill Williams, and 19-year-old Jamal Idris isn't daunted.

Yeah, I've just gotta see how good I can get, see how good I can play. for myself. It's a bit of a challenge for Dragons' star Jamie Soward. He also has a challenge in the Indigenous All-Stars team They became friends last year's controversial clash but Idris hasn't forgotten the minor premiership. that cost the Bulldogs and you remember things You go to a game like this and it spurs you up a bit. see what I can do to him, huh! Hopefully he runs a bit,

Despite asking for a release, his body on the line for the Dogs Ben Hannant's ready to put

with Michael Weyman. in a personal duel and play against the best You always want to improve yourself the best frontrowers in the game and Weyman is one of to going up against him. and I'm looking forward tonight, The Rabbitohs host the Titans still full of confidence by the Roosters. despite the round 1 thrashing going with me and John Once the boys get the combination

then we'll kill it,

it's only the first round. so don't back us out, mate - his latest charity donation today. Nathan Hindmarsh made He's urged his Eels to get their act together against Manly. We don't want to sit where we were last year running third last. halfway through the season, As you saw earlier, has put a horror week behind him, Michael Clarke

in the first Test in Wellington. scoring an unbeaten ton on day one. Australia was 4/316 at stumps injured Shane Watson and made 20. Philip Hughes replaced the Clarke was all class made an unbeaten half-century. while embattled batsman Marcus North Geoff Huegill Super slimmer and swimmer is celebrating his amazing comeback for the Commonwealth Games. to claim a spot in Australia's team

and won the 50m butterfly. Huegill has shed a staggering 45kg The booze and pizza and a grilled chicken salad. have been replaced by protein shakes to a race weight of 93kg, From a bulky 138kg is truly remarkable. Geoff Huegill's comeback into turmoil A life that had been plunged last night came full circle, and his first major competition qualifying for Delhi since the Athens Olympics in 2004. COMMENTATOR: Geoff Huegill, becomes the biggest winner! the biggest loser to tell you the truth, Jim. It's been an amazing six years

dead you could do it ended made me I have tried everything out their

realise all the things I did not

want to do in life again. weight loss program Huegill's staggering will inspire those battling obesity. 'responsibility'. The best word for it is for it. You have to take responsibility Yolane Kukla Huegill and 14-year-old rising star have been a breath of fresh air some positive publicity. for a sport needing 100m freestyle saw her disqualified Last night, a false start in the had already qualified for Delhi. but the star teenager

did not know what to expect. It It still has not sunk in because I

seems too good to be true. Checking finance now,

slightly higher today, and the share market closed with the weekend outlook Sara's next more perfect autumn weather. and hopefully more like summer than autumn Chris, I think it'll feel 7 degrees above average. with temperatures soaring in Seven News. All the details are next

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in Sydney The heat has been building all week climb to their highest yet. and today saw temperatures

27 degrees was our maximum - we got there at 4:00 this afternoon. Still lovely and sunny, 25 in town. Last night wasn't quite as cold and Richmond although Campbelltown average. were still 3 below up this afternoon - Northerly winds brought temperatures where it's still 31. 33 across western Sydney, our skies clear The high that's been keeping as a cold front approaches. will start to weaken tomorrow across the southern inland, That'll drive a showery change in the weekend. reaching Sydney later is weakening Severe Tropical Cyclone Ului as it moves towards the Queensland coast, now a Category 2, likely to make landfall on Sunday morning. we saw earlier will intensify Those dangerous surf conditions New South Wales. extending to northern along the Queensland coast Winds will be strong to gale force with squally showers. Mostly fine in Brisbane. for the south-east and west. A warm day also

if you're headed to the beach - Get in early it's going to a warm one. most of Sunday It should stay fine and warm a late shower or storm. reaching 30 ahead of Possible showers and 24 on Monday. followed by that late change, Western Sydney, 33 on Sunday the mid to high-20s next week. dropping us back into

Daily Telegraph-Seven News Now as part of the 'I Promise' road safety campaign, two more ambassadors. let's hear from V8 Supercar champion Hi, I'm Craig Lowndes, and I promise to drive safely. I'm Melissa Doyle from 'Sunrise' by my kids and I promise not to be distracted in the back seat of the car. and drive safe, Chris. So have a great weekend

for this Friday. And that's Seven News Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath. Have a great weekend. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia syndicate ripping off thousands. This man is part of a massive car-buying scam It's Australia's biggest in tomorrow's classifieds. and it will be on again what they get up to after class. Raunchy school teachers - at this type of homework. Parents furious

for her attack on Bindi Irwin. The dancing comedian under siege Good evening. Thanks for joining us.

First tonight, the shopkeeper who lost the plot. Sick and tired of being a soft target for criminals, he took the law into his own hands and let fly with everything he had. And as Damien Hansen reports, he didn't miss. Wang! Armed with ladies' roll-on deodorant Queensland shopkeeper Lam Nguyn is fighting back. That's my weapons there.

But it's a stink that could easily have turned deadly. That moment you got to react quickly and act what you can, you have to be quick. Watch as this hooded teenager, brandishing a knife, terrorises Lam's wife who's hidden from the surveillance camera behind the counter. That's when Lam leaps into action. Come back to me, do something to me rather than to her. I'm throwing to your back. His airborne arsenal of antiperspirant eventually proving too much for the robber. I used one after the other, grab one after another, one after another. Lam continues to pelt the teenage robber while his wife escapes.