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(generated from captions) in the polls for Tonight, Kevin Rudd pays

Obama confirms a flying visit insulation bungle. Barack

but will art party? Simon but will art fans spoil the an accusation he misled the party? Simon Corbell survives

Assembly. compare me Assembly. If they want to compare me to Peter am delighted. Julian compare me to Peter Garrett I

continues. I'm like forward Huxley's dream come back

to people relaxing a bit more and enjoying the rest of journey with me. Good evening. Kevin Rudd said would get whacked in the evening. Kevin Rudd said he

polls and he did. Minister's approval has fallen to level since he leadership. It seems level since he took the Labor

paying the Government's botched home paying the price for the

insulation scheme and that is the day. There has been yet generating more trouble by

another house fire caused insulation batts and another house fire caused by

through winter. He woke predictions of more to come

through winter. He woke at 4am to find his batts were burning. He grabbed torch and fire I could see orange flames and yeah, scary. The batts were installed two months ago under Government's insulation months ago under the

program. confirmed program. The fire brigade the light fittings. It is confirmed they were too close

Melbourne's 17th blaze this year and there could be a lot more as winter

approaches. People will use could be a lot more as winter

more lighting and heating. A lot of incorrectly installed insulation will cause problem Opposition wants 1 houses Opposition wants 1 million absolute priority for houses inspected. The

Government must finding an absolute priority for the

fixing the dangerous and dodgy roofs. The Prime Minister has not been able the insulate himself from the heat. After rising dizzying heights Kevin heat. After rising to

approval rating has fallen are getting to know below 50%. I think people

much there. Kevin Rudd is discovering there is not that

still well ahead Minister but that has Abbott as preferred Prime

stopped Coalition stirrers Minister but that has not

predicting a challenge. If I Rudd I would challenge. If I was Kevin

both eyes shut. Julia Rudd I would not sleep with

both eyes shut. Julia Gillard support for finally won Opposition

allowance changes support for her youth after backing down allowance changes but only

scheme. She is naturally in line to become the Prime Minister at some point the Minister at some point into brave punter wagered before the election but he or she will almost certainly lose the bet. Tony Abbott told his troops not to gloat whether the Government ministers and former Prime Minister mounted a furious counterattack We discovered it was a big new tax. If Tony Abbott ends up the Prime Australia you have to say the Prime Minister of

"God help us, you know! God help intellectual help us". Duly an the the past. After the what you call a blast from

over the Government's failed the the past. After the row

home insulation scheme there can be few people in compare themselves to Peter Australia who would gladly Garrett but the come Parson today in a raucous sitting of the Opposition tried to Simon Corbell accusing him misleading the Simon Corbell accusing him of

providing false about providing false information insulation scheme. When the Assembly resumed the Opposition had the Attorney-General in its who has misled the sights. This is a minister

This is Corbell misled the Assembly Opposition argued Simon last month when he said there was only one

Commonwealth's document relating the the insulation Commonwealth's bungled home hundreds of pages Liberals have received

information. That, that, hundreds of pages of

more than anything else the evidence that Simon Corbell lied. The motion accused Syme siechl providing false information complaints relating to the false information about

scheme. What we Opposition is an attempt to Abbott. This miniature Tony Abbott. This is just a they want to compare me miniature Tony Abbott, if

Peter Garrett, I'm delighted. they want to compare me to

I'm think Peter Garrett has a I'm delighted, because I

more integrity than anyone think Peter Garrett has a lot

that side this chamber. The more integrity than anyone on

Government earning them a Greens side would the

rebuke from the Opposition well. The Greens will apologise

than hold him together. would seem to me there are town where the Liberal are nowhere to be seen. With town where the Liberal Party

Shane Rattenbury on crossbench Shane Rattenbury on the Caroline Le Couteur took the Speaker's chair. Struggling at times the Liberals to order. That prompted the

Rattenbury's motives He has shirked the speaker so he can defend his Minister was the last the rise to his feet abandoned his prepared rise to his feet then

and boring that I cannot be speech. This is also tawdry

bothered delivering it. Two hours after debate started the censure motion was defeated and the normal business of the day. He is still not for long. Domestic political problems political problems have forced Barack Obama to cut back next week's visit the Australia. The power struggle with over health reform Canberra will be stop. He will fly in stop. He will fly in next Thursday night with the Prime Minister and the next

alines. He will spend just hours in the capital. no room. Hotels Obama and his booked well in advance but politicians and staffers are having trouble as they have had little notice to the had little notice to the recall for Parliament for the President's coincides of the final week of Paris' exhibition at the National Gallery already had 300,000 visitors and most have come from interstate. Members tell it is a busy time and been since been since the end of January and looks strong until the gallery's exhibition ends in

the House Anthony Albernese says he says he is working on the logistics and will logistics and will make an announce many soon. The Reserve Bank homeowners interest rates will soon be on the rise again. The minutes if again. The minutes if latest RBA board meeting highlighted a determination to raising rates to safeguard us's economic recovery but at the same time there the same time there is growing increasing power of the big retail retail banks. RBA board members had a raft of economic figure tossing through at their meet thing month and they all month and they all pointed in the one direction. The Australian economy in strength. is up, unemployment is down control. So the board decided it was appropriate for interest rates to move gradually levels. The Reserve Bank has not been not been explicit but I would think they would regard think they would regard the normal level of the normal level of the cash rate as somewhere between 4.5% and 5% and that is 5% and that is somewhere between half and 1 percentage point above point above its present level. That would see the average variable loan rising to 7% but the Reserve Bank may take its time. It is likely having hiked 2 likely having hiked 2 weeks ago the Reserve pause in April but reprieve will not be long. We think up in May. The board minutes show the Reserve Bank is closely closely hatching possible capacity constraints in the booming resources sector and exploding house Central Bank is worried Greek debt crisis trigger world turmoil on financial markets from which Australia would immune. The Reserve Bank notes the growing of Australia's big for one board member that for one board member that is a problem. The Treasury secretary Ken sector has become more concentrated since global financial crisis and he says bigger and more powerful banks should be of concern to both concern to both customers and policy policy makers alike.. we accept there accept there are issues of competition in competition in the industry. We are constantly We are constantly looking and monitoring ways to monitoring ways to make a difference there. For the time being though there is little that appears Government can do.

Government can do. The long-term trend long-term trend towards part-time jobs appears to have saved Australia from have saved Australia from the worst effects of financial crisis. A financial crisis. A new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows direct link between increase in part-time increase in part-time jobs and the lower than expected unemployment estimate 40% of estimate 40% of the full-time jobs lost have been cushioned jobs lost have been cushioned by a take-up by a take-up of part-time work. The growth in part-time jobs was in unexpected jobs was in unexpected areas like construction but everyone fared well with young those without those without a Year 12 certificate experiencing steepest rise in unemployment. two Australian soldiers have been found in Indonesia more than 4 decades after they went missing in

went missing in action. Lieutenant Kenneth Hudson Private Robert Moncrieff were part of an deployments during the stand-off between stand-off between Malaysia and Indonesia in Both disappeared in 1966 while crossing a river in West Kalimantan. After a renewed search instigated by the Defence Force the two bodies were found in burial sites.Mr speaker for 44 years the families 44 years the families and loved ones of these two soldiers have been left soldiers have been left with uncertainty. Now their remains can be brought home to their final resting place in Australia. The Prime Minister says buried with full military honours. A gather and son are dead and are dead and two other men seriously injured after a industrial industrial accident in Victoria's men were helping to move a windmill on a windmill on a property near Rainbow when it struck power line. The and son were here to lend a hand but a tragic error hand but a tragic error cost them their them their lives. Two people are dead, two people seriously injured with burns and electrical issues because in reality they because in reality they did not look up. The pair who cannot yet be identified were helping to move about 15

about 15 metres to a new bore, just at few paces away it struck a power line killing the men. Two other locals a 50-year-old machine and his 25-year-old son to their aid and suffered serious burns. They have sustained hat we call an wound in relation to where the electricity passes through the body and I'm they will be in hospital for quite some time. When the windmill clipped windmill clipped the pow windmill clipped the pow wher line it sent a 12,000 shock through tractor igniteing fire still burning when police arrived.. its was difficult scene. When police arrived there was still a fire and live wires. Obviously we cannot go into the scene and work the scene and work on it until it is safe. The first local officer and CFA crew the arrive the men involved and had to be sent home. WorkSafe officers will assist police officers will assist police in accident. a state of disaster Cyclone Tomas continues to batter the nation. More than 17,000 people have 17,000 people have now fled category 4 storm moves south. The house is not strong so we just came to stay

stay here. The full of the damage is still unknown with access cut off to the worst-hit parts in to the worst-hit parts in the east and north. Early Tallis show more than 70 homes have been destroyed. The main island of Viti Levu island of Viti Levu appears to have been spared the worst of the weaken by tomorrow morning. Still to,on ABC News, break it like Beckham. Soccer's superstar superstar doubt full for the World Cup. Mexico drug gangs may have gone targeting US targeting US consular staff in their latest spate of killings infuriating the White House. Now President Obama is promiseing reinforcements to help Mexican authorities in the It is a common sign Mexico t fall out of yet fall out of yet more drug-related violence. drug-related violence. But this time US consular were targeted. This woman was chased, attacked and shot in the head by drug members. Her husband of their baby was found crying in the kamplts in a spate attack another man was murdered, his wife worked murdered, his wife worked at the American consulate. the American consulate. As to the to the circumstances surrounding these killings I mean we mean we are outraged, to see the killers brought to officials in Mexico have been told they can send their families hem and American tourists have been warned to city away from 6 border cities but despite apparent change in tactics by drug barons to target US Americans on holiday Americans on holiday continue to cross the border attracted by cheap medical by cheap medical care and goods. We just

long conversations before we came about holding hands and watching where we are watching where we are going and constantly together. Authorities say Mexican drug cartel are fighting for control of cocaine trade said to be worth tens dollars a year. The American fund the Mexican military campaign against the Lord's over the past Lord's over the past four years 18,00people years 18,00people have lost their lives the their lives the Mexico's drug wars. Anti-Government protestors in Thailand protestors in Thailand are vowing to keep on fighting for their cause until the Prime Minister esigns and they are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to prove it. Shirts have begun to collect glad at their main rally point in Bangkok. They to get to get 1000 litres before they march on Government House tonight and dump the doorstep. the doorstep. The supporters of ousted Thaksin of ousted Thaksin Shinawatra say the Black blood is sacrifice showing their love for the for the nation.TRANSLATION : Peaceful protests means using our own blood not the blood of others. Is better of others. Is better to struggle through percent full means than resort the violence. Security violence. Security remains tight in Government here is urging Australians in the city to exercise caution. Finance exercise caution. Finance now - global share markets firm as firm as investors nervously wait for further wait for further evidence about global recovery. Here is Alan Kohler. Share markets are a holding pattern as they wait to see what happens in Europe. And worry about China's many soul near is the. is the. Maybe inflation, maybe a property bubble and bust or a trade war with bust or a trade war with the US or none of the above. Any Tway local market Tway local market finished less than 10 points higher session on Wall Street. Near steadiness in Asia with moves of less than half a per of less than half a per cent. Among the very Among the very few highlights Telstra jumped 2% despite Telstra jumped 2% despite the give's determination the press ahead with its separation legislation. The banks all rose small amounts. Likewise Likewise the resource leaders and United Group shares jumped 4% after a jumped 4% after a leading analyst analyst upgraded his profit forecasts. It that mining stocks went up at all today after heavy falls on commodities dropped almost Australian dollar traded steady against the US steady against the US dollar and and almost steady against the others. others. The Reserve Bank Board meeting minutes today referred the the fact in the the the unemployment rate had fallen half a per cent from its peak. Tonight's graphs put more context around For the first the downturn the increase unemployment rates here looked pretty well identical to the recessions in the early '80s and '90s. this graph compares Australia, America and Europe and the point is that ours started to die veng from started to die veng from the US way back in US way back in December 2007. When our jobless rate despite two rate year see our year see our Labour market has been in has been in relatively good shape for more than two repeating the past two finance. The heat is on in the hardware industry. Woolworths is

chain by opening super-sized outlets of their own and there are fears the there are fears the move could sound could sound the death knell for the neighbourhood store. Michael Lockhart has the hardware business for nearly 40 years. We have a knowing our product knowing where it is and how to use it and for a lot of people that is what they are looking for. He thinks the plan by retail giant Woolworths to move into hardware will be the last nail in the coffin for suburban stores. The only way that they can against Bunnings who have much more experience and the know-how is by price and Bunnings are not going to give give them the business. Where does that leave the little guy who does not guy who does not have to buying power? Right out field. Some see it as another battle of the

battle of the Titans as Australia's retail hand scape is gobbled up by Woolworths and Wesfarmers which owns Bunnings and Bunnings and Coles. I think the big the big stores are going to keep getting bigger but I think small stores are going to start to get smaller and to start to get smaller and I think anyone caught in think anyone caught in the mild is in trouble. Grocery hole saler Met Cash plans to take a controlling stake in hardware chain Mitre hardware chain Mitre 10. The risk of for Mitre 10 is that it will drown in the centre. Independents control about 60% of Australia's hardware market but Michael Lockhart thinks the industry will be dominated by Bunnings and Woolworths time. They can just make it so tough that you go and so tough that you go and we all know in this business they want all the business. Who wouldn't? He says that means less means less choice and higher prices in prices in the long run. Australia's cricketers say they are not fazed by drama over Michael drama over Michael Clarke's private life A media pack private life A media pack has followed him to New followed him to New Zealand where he and are trying to prepare for Friday's first Test. Coach Tim Nielsen says players have had 2 deal had 2 deal with similar thinks in the past and he thinks in the past and he is confident Clarke can cope with Clarke looks like a the weight lifted off the weight lifted off his shoulders as he returns the training. Coach Tim training. Coach Tim Nielsen was at pains to point out these things happen all the time. It is no big deal. We deal with this every day. I can not say it enough. At least one New Zealander will not be sledging not be sledging Clarke when the first Test starts on the first Test starts on Friday. He treats people he plays gains with the respect Australian coach has backed the vice-captain to perform no matter what the circumstances. That is circumstances. That is why the best players and the best people are successful at this level because level because they deal with these things and to success at the 2004 to success at the 2004 Athens Olympics Olympics now Leigh Nugent is the man Swimming Australia has turned to. Nugent has been given been given the head coach role for 3 years with a 3 year option which would see him take teams to the London and Rio de Janeiro Olympics. To come into To come into this position new and move ahead almost in a new era is a refreshing change so I think that is change so I think that is a good challenge. find there will be some new things that are put that I'm that I'm confident swimming can come back to where it wants to be. Nugent has been acting in the position since Alan position since Alan Thompson stood down late last year after allegations of inappropriate behaviour. An is due the wind up this month. Persistence has paid off for Australia's Cameron Rahles-Rabula. The Rahles-Rabula. The 26-year-old took the bronze two impressive runs. I'm happy, I could not have happy, I could not have done much better. Cameron Rahles-Rabula will overcome back, ankle and shoulder injuries to compete at at Vancouver. New Zealand's Adam Hall stump manied Adam Hall stump manied but having blitzed the having blitzed the field in his first run he had enough time to he cover and claim time to he cover and claim an unlikely gold vaulter Steve Hooker is vaulter Steve Hooker is the first Australian athlete first Australian athlete to hold the outdoor titles as well outdoor titles as well as Olympic gold but it seems clearing over 6 metres is not enough. The enough. The 27-year-old is working run-in the sprint classic Stawell Gift. I have a Stawell Gift. I have a bit of speed but cannot start the save myself so I need to the tie sock different before October. The newspapers his brain tumour rock Rugby union and few expected to see Huxley could make his to the Super 14 as to the Super 14 as early as next Friday when the team takes on the Chiefs at Canberra Stadium. Would it cap off a remarkable return for Julian Huxley who for Julian Huxley who had successful surgery to the tumour 2 years ago. March 2008 Julian Huxley's March 2008 Julian Huxley's world changed forever. world changed forever. Well, this is not a great sight. looks in terrible pain. But through sheer determination and the desire and the desire the play rugby again Julian Huxley returned the the field on Sunday for the Brumbies runners. the Brumbies runners. After the ball was was really enjoyable business as usual so I was glad to get back glad to get back out there and that final whistle went I was like "I've

was like "I've done it" so it was great fun. After getting medical clearance from doctors and new a solid game of rugby under his 30-year-old hopes the put people's mind at looking forward the people relaxing a bit more enjoying the journey with me journey with me rather than worrying about me. I winded on the weekend and everybody's hands went on

happened?" But it was okay. There were those who doubted he doubted he could come back but the support of his family and his rugby family him get back on the him get back on the field. Today I would not be here in the same spirits or in the same place without that support so this is a special place for the Brumbies and yeah, very lucky to be a part of it and that is a big region get back and be around get back and be around it again. Julian Huxley's ambition does not stop ambition does not stop there. He is now focused on back a Brumby and he could return to Super 14 as early as week . That moment could be coming so I have to keep focused and get another focused and get another game in this week and that is all I can do then it is up Friend and the coaches and would be a special moment would be a special moment a special day. I have to hold it all in I think if I ever make it back out an achievement that would be. The Soccer World Cup The Soccer World Cup looks to have lost one to have lost one of its biggest drawcards. 34-year-old England superstar David Beckham has David Beckham has undergone surgery to repair a Achilles tendon. It will be months before he can play again robbing fans again robbing fans in South Africa of the chance to it bend it, well, like Beckham. This is the moment David Beckham's game and possibly career came to an will most certainly finish what would have been an

unprecedented fourth World Cup. Instead of walking of the team hotel it was of the team hotel it was a shuffle into a straight to the airport the private jet the private jet flight to the private jet flight to a hospital in Finland where doctors would soon know doctors would soon know how bad the injury really was. I would guess that 3, would guess that 3, 4 months and for example for and for example for running usually it takes let's say usually it takes let's say 4, 5 months until one can do 5 months until one can do it properly. Even as here far from home fans gathered for a glimpse of one of the world's most iconic sports stars. Known not just for his golden about the for his golden about the but his bankable image selling everything from bags the razors but it is his sporting pow west that underpins everything some think his best days were already over.. I is a rotten, wretched the-and a cruel thing the-and a cruel thing the-and I hope he recovers as possible but I do not think he had any claim the place in the squad let alone in the team. Barring a miraculous recovery it is academic. Fans at home still absorbing the bad news Massive, especially after the come back. For his talent on and off the field to get used the without David Beckham as the star perhaps has his boots. With a look today's weather here is Mark Carmody. Thank you Craig. Good evening. As a nursery friend of mine said today "It does not get any better than this!" And I reckon she is right. Almost nonexistant wind, overnight minimums of 9 and 10 and a fine sunny day with with hardly any cloud and a maximum of 27. She is right, it was a perfect day in the capital. It continues this evening. It is still 23. The winds are light and variable but an but an Easterly is expected possibly as early as 8 the barometer is steady. Around our region today the standout word was standout word was "Sunny" as it was sunny almost every where.

The for the glorious autumn days is a high off the A front will not but from the Snowy southwards they will get something they will get something but that will not happen until late Thursday when isolated showers are the state was virtually dry except the north coast. Around Around Australia tomorrow, possible Sydney and Melbourne. possibly a Sunny and dry again in Perth 29. The afternoon showers 29. The afternoon showers in Darwin. Sunny and warm again be mostly light be mostly light and the temperatures will be warmer than today. Griffith can expect 32, Albury 30. Cooma and Goulburn 27. Down the coast it is almost worth taking a flexias it taking a flexias it will fabulous. Fine and sunny, light to moderate winds. A temperatures in the my 20s. For Canberra tomorrow, For Canberra tomorrow, if you cannot get a flexidon't worry as it will be great here too. Sunny with light and Sunny with light and variable winds. A minimum of 11 to a Mack of 28. So enjoy it. Then the same again on the same again on Thursday and Friday with a sunny and Friday with a sunny day and 30 expected on Saturday. So, Craig, we can not flexibecause tomorrow is the day you plant your sweat peas and you are going out in your green at the celebrate St Patrick's Day and the rose, you guest it, St you guest it, St Patrick and it is a real corker! I the green the green hat may be your plan! plan! Our top story - Kevin Rudd has taken a whack in the polls. The Prime Minister's approval rating approval rating has fallen to its lowest level since he took the leadership but the Government still has an election-winning heed with voters. Stay with us for the '7.30 Report'. Thank you for your company.

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