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Captioned Live. Tonight - heating up the Rudd's 600 million dollar plan to ease the doctor shortage. Bangkok sees red - a defiant stand heads out to resume his heads out to resume his Test career. Good evening and Good evening and welcome to ABC Haussegger. In an Haussegger. In an unprecedented move, two of move, two of the nation's top research bodies have come research bodies have come out strongly in defiance strongly in defiance of the science The CSIRO and The CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology say the evidence is unquestionable, climate change is real and the link with statement hasgate the backing of the which say it's time to stand up for the scientists who know best. Environment reporter Sarah Clarke. She's the chief of the nation's top science body, Dr Megan Clark says climate change is real, it's happening now and happening now and the evidence is there for is there for all to see. Certainly in see. Certainly in Australia, Sarah, we're seeing that Australia is warming in every State over every season. Hotter days, more extreme heat and less rainfall are the the forecast. As for man-made climate change - Our scientist and organisations around and organisations around the world are now about 90% confident that these things are happening at the same are linked. Uniting in that conclusion is the nation's weather bureau, according century's worth of climate records the past 10 been the hottest temperature s have risen by up to 2 degrees since 1960. This, the bureau says, is scientific-based evidence, not speculation. It's as good speculation. It's as good or better than any in and particularly for and particularly for a country the size of Australia remarkable record. We'd see it as a national treasure as a national treasure and that's the sort of thing an agency that's been around for 100 years aught to be 100 years aught to be able to develop. The CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology the subject of un precedented attacks over recent months and today is a show of unity in a bid to defend those climate sign Ties who have been the target. And the message hasn't been lost. The peak body representing the representing the university sector says it's time to stand up for Australian science and research. And if two bodies together, the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, of and make a statement of sort, I think we in community need to acknowledge that. According to the nation's chief science body, chief science body, the evidence shouldn't be ignored. On the current path, the On the current path, the plan set heading for another two degrees temperature rise this century. The Prime century. The Prime Minister is digging deep is digging deep into Government coffers to fund coffers to fund his hospital reform bid. Less than two weeks after outlining the plan, Kevin Rudd has found another $600 million to train thousand doctors. It's the first of several sweeten ers he has in store to get Premiers and Chief Minister s on side. Minister s on side. Chief political reporter Mark The Prime Minister took his health plan to a regional hospital and got an unwelcome dying dying notionis. Maybe Australia should take the leaf should take the leaf out of the Cuban health care system's book and tell you they run a and tell you they run a very good health care system and they get a lot of bang for their buck over their buck over there. The doctors told Kevin Rudd his 60% takeover is not takeover is not adequate. Why not 100%? 50% seems like a cop-out. To make the plan palatable to palatable to the doctors, states and vote e, the Prime Minister will dislifr a bundle bundle of extra cash over the next four years. More than $630 million will be spent ob 5,500 new trace s Places for GPs new trace s Places for GPs and 680 specialists. This is investment for the future. Mr Rudd is all hat Rudd is all hat and no cowboy. He's all announcement and He's all announcement and no follow through. The follow through. The health spending means the Government programs. This plan will be fully offset and the fully offset and the details associate witsd fund willing outlined fully in budget. This is a good move forward. This parts of the jigsaw puzzle we need to move Minister will reveal other parts of the puzzle close ore to the election as he keeps sweetening the sweetening the deal for the territory. The needs the support of the specialist colleges and they have a vested interest in re restricting competition. One Premier is questioning amount of bureaucracy at the heart of the shake-up. That heart of the shake-up. That is in fact hospital networks. What we've seen from this Prime Minister over the last few weeks particular is ending the blame game to be sure, it's been replaced by game. An accusation that doesn't wash with doesn't wash with the government. Thousands of anti-government prooh protesters have converged on an Army base in Bangkok with a Thy Prime Minister has set up command post. Clad in their signature Red Shirts, the demonstrating - are demand ing the Prime Minister resign. now he seems to have the now he seems to have the upper hand. Meanwhile, fierce hand. Meanwhile, fierce of violence are soldiers were injured soldiers were injured when a grenade launcher was fired at a guard post. ABC correspondent Matt Brown reports from Matt Brown reports from the outskirts of the Thy capital. The Red Shirts took their case right to the seat power. The redquarters of thy Army's 11th infantry regiment. It's outpost since it began. To have the authority to start the violence, yes, we try to that. The Red Shirts want the Prime Minister's and fresh elections. >>>> But he re jets their claim that Coalition Government lacks popular support and he called on the protesters to obey the rule of law. With if Prime Minister's headquarters just a few hundred meters few hundred meters away and several thousand surrounding it, this is now the clear how long these farmers and rural labourer s from Thailand's north can keep up the pressure but the pressure but for now they are determined to keep up the case. Most of us will not go back wle. Fight for in this way. If we live we will keep fighting. Then with his headquarters vouvended and the vast resource of the vast resource of the military at his command, the Prime Minister took to the skies. The great fear is skies. The great fear is that the Government will crack on the Red Shirts or that the protester also provoke violence that will plunge the country into chaos. A surge in the number of people under going CT scans has prompted a about cancer risk. The professional which overseas Medicare reports a 12% increase in a 12% increase in the number of CT scans over the CT scans over the last year. It warns the risk warns the risk to young people are a CT scan is the equivalent of certainly evidence that estimates the rate of cancer causing d caused by CTs is about 1% of all cancers. The Australian med kag Association says doctors and patients need education. If you have concerns, raise them with your doctor, talk them through. But outcome if you pressure outcome if you pressure the doctor doing doing - what you think is best. And medical experts say men should stick with the blood stick with the blood test used to check prostate cancer, to check prostate cancer, even though its reliability has described as no better than a coin toss. Dr Richard created the PSA test 40 years ago. He says it's become hugely expensive public disaster because it practitioners say here it's best way to diagnose the cancer. 'S red flag for the doctors 'S red flag for the doctors to identify those people who need further information to determine whether prostate taerns is present or not. Prostate cancer claims Australia and New Zealand every year. Wild horse numbers in the alpine region are growing so rapidly there's fragile ecosystems won't There are around 8,000 Brumbies in Cosgrove National Park - in Kosciuszko National Park and in two years there 14,000. Sims Geoff Sims reports from reports from the Snowy Mountains. running wild for a a half, not even the bushfires of 2003 could sphop them. The fires killed half the wild horse s but since then their numbers have boomed to 7,500,000. - 7,500. There is 7,500,000. - 7,500. There is a population increase of around the 20% mark each year. They run in groups from four to 50 or more and the numbers are still are still growing. We must get more horses taken out of Kosciuszko National indeed other areas in the Australian Alps tha than we've been doing for the last been doing for the last few years. Their environmental impact includes gouging out tracts which become erosion channels. This is the kind areas the parks authority are most concerned about because the animal s don't come the animal s don't come here only to drink but to only to drink but to splash around but in the numbers around but in the numbers now confirmed actually compact the soil. Experts say the fragile environment can't take it. With the horses coming in they dry out by summer and then there's no water in the bogs. The intergovernmental report says the removal rates enticing 400 horses a salt would need to salt would need to increase many fold. Their replacement rate is 34 times that but have no intention of shooting horse. Which means more traps and hundreds if not thousands of wild horses becoming pet food anyway. But some lovers of wild horses flatly reject numbers and the methodology. 86% of would have to would have to give a live foal every year, not possible. The authorities stick to their numbers and say their aim is contain the impact if contain the impact if horses have, not wipe them

have, not wipe them out. A Queanbeyan man and his mother have gone on trial for involvement in the murder of 46-year-old man two years ago. Danny Ralph's body was found in the Queanbeyan River in the Queanbeyan River in March 2008. Benjamin Holcroft is charged with his murder. moerd, Kodie Beaudean, is the crime. Today the jury was told Holcroft's sister told Holcroft's sister called him on the morning of the murder. There were signs murder. There were signs Mr Ralph was lying down for most of the attack even after the 46-year-old began to bleed. It's an unusual partnership, the Australian Conservation Foundation has teamed up They've purchased 200 million litre force litre force a Victorian wetland, but their message is to the Federal to the Federal Government - do more or lose the Murray-Darling Basin. It's not a lot Basin. It's not a lot of money, a drop in the perhaps but Lisa Godinho perhaps but Lisa Godinho is giving $15 to help Murray-Darling. She lives in Victoria and she worries about the river. Whether the river. Whether we live in the cities or right up on Murray River itself, I we're starting to feel all connected that this system is important to all of us. The money will go to the Conservation Foundation, to help it buy into the help it buy into the water market. It's going to market. It's going to purchase 200 million litres to flow from May into the southern end of the Murray-Darling Basin. the Murray-Darling Basin. There lie the Hattah 21 wetlands. I feel that I can personally put some water into this A credit union is giving $20,000. It's a simple $20,000. It's a simple program. It's a clever program. And at the same time it's really collective action. This collective action. This really good action being tack en particularly by the Commonwealth Government by purchasing water for purchasing water for the environmental flows for the river. But we need to ensure that that progress is maintained. And it seems to be. The quement plaverns to spend $100 million buying water $100 million buying water from the Lower Balonne region in southern Queensland to be restored to the Murray-Darling. Theoretically it means cotton station can sell some of its entitlement to the Government. It seems a petty amount and won't make much impact at impact at all particularly if you're buying it in Queensland. The money needs to be spent further and a complicated problem. The Northern Territory regulation of the petroleum industry has been called question at the opening of a Federal inquiry into last year's oil rig leak and fire off north western Australia. The inquiry here in Canberra will examine the possible causes of causes of the blow-out at the Montara oil field and how was managed. For 10 weeks last year, thousands of barrels of oil and gas spewed from well into the Timor Sea. Now, a Federal inquiry is trying Federal inquiry is trying to find out what caused the blow-out. And why it took so long to be stopped. Today, counsel assisting the inquiry listed some of the possible causes. They said causes. They said it appears incorrect volumes were used in the oil well's casing, make ing it weaker than it should have been. it should have been. PTTEP, the owner, then decide ed to pressure caps instead of a cement plug to stop cement plug to stop the flow from the well in from the well in one and one of those cap s was installed. The company contracted to operate the rig, Atlas Drilling, consider ing s that missing cap to be the root cause of the cause of the blow-out but the owner disputes that. Questions were also raised about Northern Territory Government's regulation of the well. Concerns were raised that, when the company applied to Northern Territory to use caps instead of a cement plug as a barrier, approval was granted in precisely 30 inquiry will hear inquiry will hear from its first witness tomorrow. first witness tomorrow. The ACT has a new chief police officer. And he wants more to tackle alcohol-related violence. Science 2005, Roman Quaedvlieg Quaedvlieg has worked with the Australian Federal Police at a national level. In areas people smuggling and drug trafficking. Now he wants to focus on reducing anti-social behaviour in behaviour in the city's entertainment precinct sicts as well as deterring property crime and improving road safety. I have a strong and extensive background in community policing. I have always held the aspiration lead a lead a police service. Assistant commissioner Quaedvlieg replaces Michael Phelan, who was the AFP last year. The the AFP last year. The man charged with reforming Australia's Australia's superannuation industry says he can save account holders $1 billion year. Jeremy Cooper says inefficient systems and old-fashioned old-fashioned employers are costing investors. But some groups question groups question whether any savings would actually super fund members. Jeremy Cooper heads review into superannuation. He says modernising the industry could save up to $1 million wasted in administration cost. I think people made jokes about rubber bands and chewing gum and so on, that is going gum and so on, that is going a bit far. Mr Cooper wants more efficient computer systems to administer super contributions. Obviously to make the change s that make the change s that we need to make we need to spend a lot of money investing in systems. But they're one-off. Using

But they're one-off. Using tax file numbers would file numbers would be compulsory. The tax file compulsory. The tax file number is really a silver bullet. It will make sure we don't lost members. At the moment there's $13 billion signature in lost super. And penalties would be imposed on the 38% of employers employers who make super contributionings by cheque, rather than rather than electronically. I don't think that we can expect people overnight to just change are concerns too which process those payments may not fully pass on the estimated billion dollars in savings to fund shareholders, not superan would come would come first. In the commercial sector, commercial sector, in the retail sector we know those profit also go back to the shareholders of those funds. That is the real danger. Certainly we would want to see the Lions share of our savings going into member accounts an not elsewhere. The Cooper review is expected present its recommendations in June. To finance now and local share market fell back today despite another flat session on Wall Street last night. And the Australian dollar is trading lower dollar is trading lower as welg. The All welg. The All Ordinaries kicked higher in the first hour of trading this morning trading this morning but then lost all power and altitude and finished the day two-thirds of one per cent lower. And continuing what's happening for a year or so, the small stocks are outpacing big and medium-size offed ones this month - up 3.4% versus 1.4 for the mid-caps and the 20 leaders. Wall Street was flat on Friday, and in Asia today, most markets are trading lower, except surprisingly Bangkok, despite the sea of Red Shirts in the centre over the testimony over the weekend and the demonstrations to much demonstrations to come. Not individual stocks today. Arrow much action among the

Energy which is the target takeover offer from Royal Dutch Energy which is the target of a

Shell and pet row China, up despite or perhaps because Shell and pet row China, went

report that reject the bid. Apart from report that it's going to

it was all red. Westpac and Qantas and Woolworths all fell while Fortescue fell the down 3%, while Rio while Fortescue fell the most,

0.75%. And the dollar has fallen back modst ly against all the other major Trade-Weighted Index. If currencies as well as the currencies as well as

national bureau of economic research in the United States has produced a I - study of southern debt levels every country in the world, include ing graphs Here is the one for as a percentage of GDP back 1852, note that War debt was not the 1960s, and the current level of debt is the lowest in 150 years, although during the past five years as debt fell from past five years as government

zero, household dent went from 50% to 110% of GDP -. That's ers say Australian finance. Mental health campaign

support they need in the early not getting the mental health not getting the mental

stages of pregnancy. They've drawn up new guidelines to help people in the field recognise and mother Stacey Noble noticed the signs of mother Stacey Noble first

just six weeks into her second noticed the signs of depression

their doctor. Their job is to pregnancy but hid them from

bring the wonderful babies into the world you don't want you're not enjoying this the world you don't want to say

of time. I put on an research by of time. I put on an act. The

campaigners Beyond Blue shows one in seven Australian mothers experience post depression and one in 10 suffer experience post natal

it during their pregnancy. When I see people focusing on natal depression, has shown that a lot of conditions start in pregnancy or us being able to pick women at risk for those conditions can be done pregnancy and we conditions can be done in

intervene early. Possibly if I pregnancy and we need to

had have opened up and something is not had have received something is not right and I

have been a much tlance ition twunce baby arrived. That treatment can now also include some depressionant medications also include some anti-

without harming unborn babies. That is also the case depressed That is also the case for adolescents. Significantly the >>sh >>sh significantly treatment of adless yantss, one the >>sh >>sh significantly the

drug, Prozac, can be safely des prescribe ed teenagers. Suicide prescribe ed to tragic outcome teenagers. Suicide is the most It is something that we trying to stop. We're advising drug. The draft guidelines are the most researched and safest now open for two months of public comment. Remember Orson Welles' war of the world's spoof? There's been widespread panic after a television station ran widespread panic in Georgia

a fictional news program a Russian invasion. The report a fictional news program about

said Russian tanks President had been the board and the Georgian

the producers neglected to put a caption on the indicating it was fictional. The broadcast caused panic in areas housing refugees from the real conflict between Russia TRANSLATION: People ran yelling and screaming, what to the street. They were happened, what's going on? then we found out this was outside the TV a lie. There were protests

people realised the program wasn't true. Moscow and people realised the 20-minute

the Georgian Opposition claim the Government was behind the hoax. They say it was trying create a distraction from hoax. They say it was trying to

political problems. Michael create a distraction from its Clarke is in New Zealand tonight but he can't escape the media frenzy over his private life. was hoping to put distance life. The cricket vice-captain

between him and the media while preparing for Friday's first Test. But the press just followed him across the Tasman. Michael Clarke was doing best to avoid an inquisition at Michael Clarke was doing his

Sydney Airport. Are you looking forward to concentrating on cricket, Michael? A flight to New Zealand for the suggests he can. He's positive ever since he decision to go back and I wanted to be sure that he comfortable in taking that but convince me over the last decision and he's done nothing

few days. Another media was waiting in Wellington. I few days. Another media scrum

have no comment. Life is less complicated for 20-year-old all-rounder Steven Smith. He is pressing for a Test debut after superb form for earnt comparesons with Benaud I never really saw Australian captain Richie

Richie play, he's a bit before my time bit's good to their own opponents and the national titles have one eye on

other on their 2007 times. The mind set is to write off the records and personal bests in body suits that are records and personal bests swum

longer legal. I forward to improving on those longer legal. I am looking

those times they did 2007. And the times are those times they did in selection trials for selection trials for August's Pan Pacific championships and October's Commonwealth Games in India. For the first six years, Ferrari has started the Formula One season with a 1-2 finish. Former Ferrari hero Michael Schumacher made comeback with Mercedes placed 6th. Two spottings of Australian Mark Webber, of Australian Mark Webber, who lost ground when his Red Bull had a coughing fit on the first lap. All sort fss of blue smoke. Having started from pole position, Vettell was Vettell was dominant until his exhaust system gave cruised past and didn't look back, finishing ahead of Brazilian team-mate Felipe Massa and Massa and Briton Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton. Vettell was fourth. David Beckham's dream of play agent the World Cup may have disappeared in one moment. The 34-year-old former England captain ruptured left Achilles AC Milan. sideline the mid-fielder for at least three Gallagher has become Australia's first Australia's first female Paralympic Winter and she did it on her 24th the bronze medal in the women 's slalom for the virvelry hockey team now has the World Cup to go with its champions trophy triumph last coach Charles charms Charles is far from can be much better than we are now. I said going into this tournament we're not solid yet. The Kookaburras will defend the champions trophy in Germany Germany in August. Stirling Mortlock has step towards ending his long association with the Brumbies. His manager today to see if they will top up his salary if he moves to the new Melbourne Rebel site next year. He is next year. He is seeking a 3- year contract rugby career. At this stage Melbourne seems like a great opportunity, opportunity and one that never really thought I would be looking into. Mortlock didn't train with the Brumbies train with the Brumbies today after injuring his should - shoulder in Saturday night's win over the sha,. The coach has given him until Wednesday to prove his fitness before the team travels to New Zealand play the Blues. Now here is weather. Thanks and good evening. It was a fine and Australian Jin autumn day in the capital but we had the capital but we had a top temperature of 24 at - at the airport. After - at the airport. After a suburb symphony in the park last night where it was chilly and the music kept us warm. The winds were light and variable all day. Currently they're still under control they're still under control and will ease further as the night wears on. It's lovely clear evening. 18 evening. 18 degree, the humidity is 40% and the barometer is steady. There's some prefrontal cloud crossing WA, generate ing showers an storms, associated with cyclone is thickening over the Coral Sea. continue to give continue to give our region fine, dry, sunny weather for a while yet. It is so strong that it will it will push a cold front that's approaching the WA coast south, therefore mission region. Apart from region. Apart from the light drizzle around Cooma, the region was dry today. Light showers fell on the north showers fell on the north coast with the country tomorrow.: The bat s sang up a storm in the park last night. And these autumn throw flowering crocus added even more sun shine to today. Mark, you today. Mark, you did extremely well to pick up your microphone which fell to the floor! I am so sorry. I am glad no-one could see you on the floor down there, but you did well. Thank you for we go a recap of our stories - leading research we go a recap of our top

verse come out in climate scientist say. They there douth there is absolutely no tout activity beyond doubt. The real and the link with human

Prime Minister has announced an extra $600 million to thousands extra $600 million to fund places for doctors. '7:30 Report' News. Stay with us now for the

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Another piece in the Rudd

Government's health jigsaw

falls into place with a promise

to spend $632 million over the

next four years to address the

croppic undersupply of doctors.

The money - chronic undersupply

of duration, doubling GP places

by 1200 a year by 2014 and

boost the number of

specialists, it's been welcomed

by health experts, saying it

will go a long way to meeting

growing demands, as the Government presses the States

to sign up, the Opposition

criticised Labor as a

Government long on

announcements, and short on

follow-through. Political

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