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(generated from captions) Live. This Program is Captioned Tonight - economic house China warns of Tonight - economic power

times ahead. Seeing red - house China warns of tough

anti-Government protesters hit the glimpse inside an iconic the streets. Open house - a

Canberra season off to a rocky start. Good evening. Craig Allen ABC News. The leader of one of Good evening. Craig Allen with

the world's fastest economies the world's fastest growing could economies has warned there tail of could still be a sting in the Jaibao says his tough year ahead and he's Jaibao says his country faces a warned of the potential for a double dip recession. Premier when says China would not be withdrawing its stimulus West into boosting the value of measures or be bullied by the

its currency. Once a year Premier Wen Jaibao holds press conference. And Premier Wen Jaibao holds a

700 journalists turned out press conference. And around

hear him speak. Today's to the world was necessarily over and of a double dip TRANSLATION: In spite overall recovery, the major TRANSLATION: In spite of the

challenge and problems in the Glebal economy have yet to be fully addressed. Premier when said a double dip could be looming because bulk commodity prices were not stable. He said prices and major currencies

financial sarkt risks were not stable. He said that

unemployment were holding back of both inflation and

recovery. For China this posed special the current ski with cannot appreciate yet. It bha full of twists and turns. The economic themes of this Congress involved muted confidence plenty of warnings. China's involved muted confidence and

vigilant efforts to stop the leaders have called for

economy turning backwards. On the last day of the Congress it closes with considerable fanfare. This is one rallying call for the fanfare. This is one last

before they return to their rallying call for the delegates

provinces. There were a of votes which as always provinces. There were a series

by a massive majority. PM he's encouraged by the progress of negotiations with the State and Territories over his hospital funding reform plan. Today the PM met the Victorian Premier John Brumby who's been the most vekal opponent of his proposal. Mr Brumby wants 50/50 split of hospital between the State 50/50 split of hospital costs

Government and more money to start going to States sooner. Mr Rudd says the Premiers have all come Queensland and Victorian

meetings with attitude.. I have meetings with a positive three Premiers, on the over the last three days with

system, of our health and hospital encouraged by the reflected by all those Premiers encouraged by the determination

so far on how we can bring about better health and better hospital services for the future. I think proposal was designed to fail. He has put out a proposal that will not receive the support of the State Premiers. Mr acknowledges there'll be a lot more talk between now and the when he hopes to reach a deal. With six days to go before leaks in both South Australia and Tasmania, there's a chance both States could end up hung parliaments. A Galaxy Poll in South Liberals in front at 51% to in South Australia puts the

Labor's 49 on preferred basis. The Premier Labor's 49 on a two-party

Mike Rann's approval rates is Isobel Redmond considered truth worthy. Obviously the be very tight so we'll know on polls show that it's going to polls show that it's

Tasmanian opinion poll Saturday night. The latest

indicates Tasmanian opinion poll also is unlikely after Saturday's election. Liberal Party will win nine newspaper poll predicts that

taking seat, the incumbent Labor party

five. But the remaining three taking eight and the Greens

seats are too close to call. Tension is rising in capital Tension is rising in the Thai thousands capital tonight as tense of could the city centre. Clad in thousands offer protesters

their trade mark supporters of ousted military-backed Government lacks legitimacy. two years as ABC correspondent has been building for more than

Matt Brown reports Bangkok. The call to Matt Brown reports from

the capital has been heard and clear. The momentum is building but the question is where will it lead? The red shirts have their own security force, followers have made the force, and at least 1 00,000

Calling on the Government followers have made the trip.

resign and hold fresh Calling on the Government to

elections. Equal OK? But the Government elections. Equal opportunity

many things, lie. Their her yo, former PM Thaksin won two elections but he ousted by mass protests military coup in 2006. His enthusiastic supporters say his conviction last month on corruption charges was and they want him back Government. For and they want him back in for every poor people help some farmers get money every person get job and get good money and bring civilisation to our country. The military-backed Government's invoked an its to impose kuf public gathering, a 50,000-strong security force is massing in the capital but PM says he has it against PM says he has no plans to use

promise this will be a protest promise this will be a peaceful because the red shirts see this protest but it's unpredictable

as their last chance at justice and the Government's adamant that it in. A series of adamant that it won't give

bombings in. A series of suicide city of Kandahar has killed at least 30 people. authorities say the attackers struck just after targeting Government targeting Government buildings, a police station and a jail. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks. Militant ace lied with the Taliban are also suspected of an attack in north-west Pakistan which killed at Pakistan which killed at least 13 people. The blast comes a day after bombings in the stoif Lahore claimed more than 50 lives. The proposed a proposed a major crackdown on drink driving lowering the legal limit to just above 0. But the change could only go ahead if the other States and Territories they're not keen. Australia's road toll peaked in 19 70 with more than 30 more than 30 deaths pe #00,000 people. Now it's down to less than nine per 100,000 although the number of cars on the the number of cars on the road has vast improvement Queensland is proposing a further crackon on drink drivers. Something that we want to hear we want to hear Queenslander's views very much to hear to do at very much to hear to do at a nationally consistent adto lowter legal limit to 0.0 # from 0.05 but the RACQ says that will miss the big target. Sure, there is a statistical increase between 0.0 # and #0i it's very minor compared the risk posed by the risk posed by those who are 0.1 and above Estrength police are benefits. I'm floored by this. I'm aware in Victoria they've looked at it and they've canned at the moment, we need at the moment, we need police everywhere. NSW issues to deal with. For NSW, one of the most fatalities that comes as a result of speeding. South Australia and the Queensland Opposition want to see the evidence that cutting the legal limit would cut the limit would cut the road toll. But my you have a lot of mums and dads who may have a beer or a glass of wine who could be criminalised by moving the limit down to 0.02. The limit down to 0.02. The RACQ stays driving has changed driving has changed suspectly in the last 20 years but public opinion remains opinion remains divided. Just wouldn't One beer and you'd be support it 100% Public submissions are invited by May 1. Organised religion has come under a this weekend from the this weekend from the largest gathering in Australia. The rise offatism convention in converted. High profile Richard Dawkins says growing movement against the dominance on a Sunday morning is a held tradition but a Sunday gathering of non-believers gathering of non-believers is rather unusual. I think they're starting to demand that public policy is based on reason and evidence rather than on religious faith or dogma. Organisers say it's the largest Australia's seen with Australia's seen with 2500 people attending. The make attraction at the event was awetor Professor Richard Dawkins. He says people are getting getting fed up with the dominance of religion. I do see a movement of sort against the assumption that most people are religious. Some perhaps will argue this weekend that Christianity and should be should be limited in our society and I think that would be an aggressive position. When a mild criticism, even a a mild criticism, even a gentle intellectual intellectual argument, they hear it as aggressive. Another key note speaker Professor Pete ever Singer says once ever Singer says once people challenge the idea challenge the idea that religion shouldn't be criticised it will lose its influence I really think that vdge something that is of the past and that I'm thattatism is on the will be interesting will be interesting to see how thing framed around framed around a negative concept,atism, can developing a coherent position. Parishoners position. Parishoners at St Paul's Cathedral weren't overly concerned. Atism is but not more than the latest more than the latest golden clothe Maybe it's something something impbt something impbt inn herently within me The has reacted to the issue by addressing the ierf in its own media. The Australian war memorial's dusted off some of its largest pieces of war time history opening it doors to massive storage space in Canberra. It Canberra. It was the first chance for visitors to see latest act A-4140 that A-4140 that was in service for 45 years. Before its retirement last year. This aircraft served in Vietnam, in Vietnam, also in flood relief duties up in Papua New Guinea islands, it's been a real work horse in Australian dispiers a very long time so we were very happy to get one Other items such as this 19 ho Studebaker show the war evident at It was modified to generate It was modified to generate gas as it runs. Some of equipment is being restored while other pieces are It's the sight of some momentous events in fire of PMs to grand rekrepgs for visiting VIPs, Governor-General opened Governor-General opened up her home thousands of locals a chance to peak behind the gates of Government Government House. It had all the the makings of a magic show. The army's red berets played the crowd with a jaw dropping free fall from 6 500 feet. Within four minutes they Within four minutes they hid the ground running. there were there were more surprises for those that braved long queues. They had a piano and it's really cool. The three storey Georgian storey Georgian house was build in 1891 by the Campbell family who who farmed sheep and cattle in the valley where Canberra has developed. It became home the Governor-General in 197 but it was only supposed to be temporary. The view was the Government House would have been built where the new Parliament House Parliament House was. Quentin Bryce wasn't at home Bryce wasn't at home but her imprint is everywhere. There's a danger todge her study features a Persian rug of features a Persian rug of blood thirsty thirsty demons and this piece called called the funeral. A fitting theme for the location where Sir John Kerr Governor-General in 1975 of course sacked the then Premier, Gough Whitlam in Gough Whitlam in this room. The State dining room regularly hosts feasts or visiting for many visitors came from within a wicker basket. Sar Canberra is but today offers a rare bird's eye view for sheer terror and absolute delight. When people can't themselves hanging air they become a bit nervous A messageable way to help raise money money for disadvantaged kids. The Brumbies have three wins on the trot after a scrappy victory over Super 14. In other game, the Bull res mained at the top of the ladder after a win over the Highlanders, the Highlanders, the Stormers out muscled muscled the Hurricanes and the Reds are currently leading against the against the Force. Last night the Brumbies just snuck home Canberra stadium. The Sharks haven't won a game but last night their defence held until the 31st minute. Now over the line but it is Ben Alexander that zors first try The Sharkses responded with their own try after a heads their own try after a heads up play play from halfback Ruan Piennar. a casualty in the first half but scans cleared him today of a serious shoulder injury. In a game devoid of flowing rugby, Brumbies prop Ben Alexander grabbed his grabbed his second try shortly after half-time. Try. Three second half eventually put the visitors back in front but with the winning the Sharks were pinged for offside. Running rugby was on the agenda in Brisbane today the Reds ran I Western Force. Very ordinary tackle from. Luke Monaghan sew scored the second try, it was 12-nil after just ten minute and then the Reds really hoped up A brilliant kick by Cooper laid the platform for Cooper laid the platform for a sensational try to Digby Ioane. He got - welcome back from injury dig Di He was having a field day against his old club as he picked up a double. When Anthony double. When Anthony Faingaa scored Queensland's fifth try of the first half, the game as good as as good as over. Former Brumbies and with back Julian Huxley has made his return to first grade rugby two yearses after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Huxley was given clearance from the Australian Rugby Union doctors and the Brumbies. He head his remarkable come weak playing in the Brumby the Brumby Runner game against was fearless, the number 15 had a hand in five tries in the runner's 36-16 win over runner's 36-16 win over their NSW rivals. Felt NSW rivals. Felt good. The last sort of 18 months sort of 18 months which is where I've been tried to come back and play and really in the bank ambition doesn't stop there. He's now focussed on earning back a Brumbies jersey and a return to the Super 14. The Raiders have lost their Raiders have lost their opening game of the NRL season with the Panthers putting a stop to a second half second half comeback. Penrith eventually defeated Canberra by 18 pointles. In the other game, the Storm peat the Sharks, the Titans were pushed all way the way by the wars while the Roosters happened South Sydney a surprise 2 #-point defeat. The 200th Premiership clash between Souths and Roosters promised plenty. Only the the tricolour supporters would leave leave the Olympic stadium satisfied. The Rabbitohs looked ponderous against thrilling attack. The Roosters matched South's there were acrobatics in backs. He hasn't given up on it's a try It was 50 neatly wrapped 5 #th birthday present for for coach Brian Smith. For Sydney Roosters. A big discussion point for round one on the Gold Coast was team colours. The warsz wore colours. The warsz wore a 15th anniversary blue strip, the Titans An early favourite for wooden spoon New stunned their fancied opponent. Twice in the first half the Warriors pushed out to a 12-point Laffranchi try kept the in the game on Meade was centimetre perfect to touch down in the corner. touch down in the corner. A Princely conversion leveled Princely conversion leveled the scores. And fullback Campbell swooped to sink the visitors. Preston he's come through. The world club champions never it all their own way against the Sharks. Trent Barrett's sinbining helped Melbourne's cause. The opening try came in the shadows of half-time. Inglis to and Inglis scores. Billy Slater sent the pass to stretch sent the pass to stretch the lead . But the Sharks struck back to be within full-time. The Panthers piled on four tries to put 22 half points on Canberra. remained the scoring end of remained the scoring end of the ground well into half at 22-16 and on the the Raiders had the Raiders had the momentum until their off-loaded speedster Adrian Purtell intercept and run away. The former Raider goes Tigers-Manly clash will complete hockey side hadn't hockey side hadn't won a World Cup since 1986 but last Cup since 1986 but last night the reign as world champions beating 1. Kookaburras coach Ric Charlesworth was on the field the last time Australia won a World Cup title 24 years ago. But the Germans were out to become the first team in history to win a hat-trick of titles and add to their Beijing Olympic gold medal. The Kookaburras made a strong Kookaburras made a strong start as Edward Ockenden put Australia ahead after only six minutes. Chance and Edward Ockenden, it's gone in. But the defending champions leveled defending champions leveled in the second away Both sides until Luke Doerner broke the deadlock off a pent minutes from the final whistle. The Kookaburras held on to clinch the title. There it is. The Kookaburras are world Cup champions for 2010. It's a case of nird time lucky of nird time lucky for the Australians, after losing the past two World It was a golden night for Australia at athletics championships. Steve Hooker cleared 6.01m to win the pole vault Lapierre took the gold medal in the long jump. Germany's seb sleb start from pole in tonight's season opening Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix. Australia's Mark Webber was sixth fast sixth fast nest qualifying while seven time champion Michael Schumacher Michael Schumacher will start from seventh spot in his first race back since coming out retirement. Former Sydney Swans star braum has helped the Western Bulldogs gran their first AFL trophy in Hall kicked seven goals as the Bulldogs sealed Bulldogs sealed a 40-point win over St over St Kilda in the preseason cup final. The Bulldogs points to nil at one stage in the first quarter with kicking two of those goals. The Saints fought the margin to two points in the second period, but up to kick five goals in the comfortable win for the Bulldogs. Bang, goal. I Bulldogs. Bang, goal. I never thought I'd be here six months ago so look I pinch myself. I mightn't be involved in a great work and the service I get I can't asktor 50m The only shower note was a fractured socket suffered by Bulldogs forward Mitch Hahn in the third quarter. Karrie Webb was given up a three shot final round lead to lose the women's Australian golf open to tie wap's Yani Tseng. Webb wap's Yani Tseng. Webb finished in third place at five under as Tseng took out the tournament by three shots ahead by three shots ahead of Laura Davies. Karrie Webb started the final round one final round one shottot ahead of Italy's Giulia Sergas two clear of two clear of Britain's Laura Davies. The Australian made an ideal start. I would say she's pretty much in control. Webb made three birdies in made three birdies in the first five holes to increase her five holes to increase her lead to three didn't fair so swell on the next few holes with bogies on the sixth and seventh the sixth and seventh to allow the chasers back into the contest. Webb's contest. Webb's lead fell to one as she continued shots. Maybe she's just running out of gats, running out of energy. There was a new contender as Yani Tseng made a series of birdies to join Giulia Sergas Giulia Sergas in second before more more poor putting from Webb moved the Australian back into a 3-way tie. a 3-way tie. Tseng's outstanding outstanding round counted as she took lead. Another beautifully struck iron. Webb continued to struggle on would have regained her a share of the lead. It the #159 as she dropped another shot. That's a tournament was Tseng's for taking and she made no finishing in style with a long birdie putt to score an upset victory round four lead. Holden driver Tander that tan has compleetsed a dream work with victory in both race of the Adelaide 500 event. It was a largely unevenful race until the final 20 laps when chunks started breaking away from turn nine. The safety car then made its only appearance of the its only appearance of the day and and when racing resumed championship leader Jamie Whincup when was involved in Whincup when was involved in a collision that collision that left debris hanging from the rear of his car. He was ordered to the pit despite the piece despite the piece falling off and that ended his shot at victory. It came down to a risky manoeuvre risky manoeuvre by Tander's crew leaving him with crew leaving him with just his reserve fuel supply to get to the finish line ahead of James Courtney's foud. Like father like sorngs New Zealand Shaun Quincey has become Quincey has become just the second person to cross the as theman by row boat. He was following in the foot steps following in the foot steps of his father who achieved the fate more than 30 years ago but the younger Quincey journey in the opposite direction, from Australia to New Zealand. It's a far more hazardous route and the surf was so rough he had to swim was so rough he had to swim the final 300m of his journey. The 25-year-old swam ashore. It was the moment he'd waited 54 days for . Shaun Quincey was on dryland at last. It's a bit dryland at last. It's a bit of a rough beach to arrive on but I'm glad I actually hit the Beach He landed at one of the most northerly parts of NSW. Its though to deder his many if fan who had arrival. Good on you you mate. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE . His mother was among those there to meet him. It's an extraordinary achievement. Really extraordinary. I couldn't imagine doing it myself Earlier it was but determined Shaun Quincey rowing his last few kilometres. I had kilometres. I had no sleep last night morning Then for the first time in more than seven weeks he in more than seven weeks he saw land. You can't land. You can't wait. Can't wait at all. His last few kilometres were dominated strong currents and heavy strong currents and heavy seas. His dad Colin tracked his son's every move over the web. He's the only other person to row the other person to row the Tasman on his own. But New Zealand New Zealand to Australia. My motivation for was a bit to do with encouraging young people to challenge and to dare, to challenge and to dare, to get out there, but that my son would be one of those those young people. Shaun Quincey's trip didn't current dragged him so the north he Zealand all together. Once Zealand all together. Once he land it didn't take the New Zealander long to find his first meal after surviving packaged food for more search weeks. That was the best sandwich I've had my entire life The trip has taken its toll though. I it will take me a few days to come a few days to come to terms with the fact that I've been at sea for 54 days and yeah, I just need to come to terms just need to come to terms with that and that and relax Shaun Quincey is now taking that well-earned break. Taronga break. Taronga Zoo's newest star has been living up to his nickname. Just days after true mattic elephant dubbed Mr Shuffles has delighted crowds with his first public appearance. But it was public appearance. But it was a tentive debut for the 5 tentive debut for the 5 day-old celebrity. It was celebrity. It was a rather shaky debut for the youngster in keeping with his nickname. Just five days old, the calf stuck close to mum during his first foray outside elephant barn. Zoo coopers elephant barn. Zoo coopers are amazed at his progress and say he's meeting all the right baby mile stoens. Being able to negotiate all the uneven ven grown and keep up with that's pretty big He's maintained his The local residents were curious to meet the new addition to their herd especially older cousin Luk Chai. We're waiting little guy to get just a little bit stronger, a little better on his feet before he meets his big other elephants who were keen to to catch a glimpse of the zoo's pride and joy. Wonderful. Just wonderful. The elephant calf was nicknamed Mr Shuffles because because of his wobbly walk but in keeping with the zoo's policy I wants to honour the Asian and it's and it's calling on the public's seven possible names. The names include Pathi Harn, which means miracle, Chok Dee or very good luck and tie wane which translates as boy in hef yaen.. Probably the Probably the very good luck one, Chok Dee. I actually like Mr Shuffles but miracle one But he might not able to shake off his nickname just yet. To the weather now and the balloons did get off the ground for the final day of the fiesta but the most pleasant of morning with low cloud and cloud did lift but completely burn off. Temperatures are ranged from 10 of WA and of WA and cloud over the interior and further cloud over the eastern seaboard. There's strong high near Tasmania, its east into the Tasman east into the Tasman leaving fine conditions for our region. Easterly winds will bring some unsettled skies at we're really not expecting any rainfall until the passage of a cold front next weekend. cold front next weekend. Around the capitals tomorrow - Looking back at our top stories warned that the world economy isn't yet. Premier Wen Jaibao says his country faces a tough ahead and China won't be withdrawing its stimulus measures just yet. And political tension is rising in Thailand with tens of Thailand with tens of thousands of of so-called red shirt protesters taking to the streets demanding the Government resign. And that's the news for now. Thank you for your company. Good night. Captions by CSI.