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(generated from captions) Live. This Program Is Captioned Tonight - Abbott's for leaving his colleagues of for leaving his colleagues out consulted. Joe of the loop. Barnaby wasn't consulted. It was consulted. Joe wasn't out there with the thought consulted. It was only Tony,

bubble of the day. A teenager stabbed outside off as the threat missing in action. Clarke heads hem early. missing in action. Michael

Good evening. Welcome News. I'm Virginia Good evening. Welcome to ABC

The timing seemed right International Women's Day, but Tony Abbott has been forced admit he was too hasty making his $2 billion pledge admit he was too hasty in

for paid maternity told the Opposition Leader they Coalition backbenchers have Coalition backbenchers

should've been consulted first. Mr Abbott agreed to his party room. But he's backing away from the even in the face of anger from business and a concerted government assault on his economic credibility. Damon is trying to map the future of his business. The Liberal voters engineering firm employs more than 200 people big enough to be hit with Abbott's parental leave higher company tax to fund Tony

plan. I'm very much against it. It's someone grabbing business paying for that. No surprised. We would like to be the plan. Tact says he's not

able in the medium term reduce company tax so that this able in the medium term to

levy constitutes only temporary increase in the tax even of big business. Is it a levy or a tax? We don't investment in human capital. tax. We're calling it an tax. We're calling it

The government says it is a tax and the Prime Minister on the Opposition double backflip. This back to credibility. The Leader of the Opposition said he never believed in T now he does. He now said he'd never increase taxes visionary scheme and saw from members visionary scheme and what we

was the kind of carping of saw from members opposite today

small-minded men and women who know that they have been trumped by something that truly visionary. This policy thinner than a pair of spandex truly visionary. This policy is

bike shorts. And everyone see that. Other policy is costed, funded, it's real, t removes discrimination. The louder the Labor Party the more I'm convinced it's a louder the Labor Party protests

damn good policy! Tony Abbott announced it Women's Day, without shadow Women's Day, without consulting bench. Today he apologised, sometimes better to ask forgiveness than weeko permission. forgiveness than weeko seek the lack of consultation. One the coalition complained about permission. Several members of

accused Tony Abbott of entrapment, another know if there will be international poetry day and snap announcements on on international was fun and games in the joint party room today as people scratched their head and said where did this policy from? Tony Abbott says he where did this policy come

a leader's call. President has been awarded one of Australia's at the start of his three of Australia's highest honours

visit. Soon after arriving at the start of his three day

Canberra, Susilo Bambang visit. Soon after arriving in Yudhoyono was made of the Order of Australia. The respects at the War Memorial. Tomorrow he will become address a special joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament. Tomorrow will symbolise how far we've and how we are both to taking this even further. Cooperation on people smuggling is among the issues both leaders will discuss in their official talks tomorrow. The latest into the death in custody of Cameron Doomadgee heard person to she him alive. Roy evidence today from the last

bram well is a see witness to Mr Doomadgee's death in Palm Island watch-house in and today he told a different Palm Island watch-house in 2004

story to the one he gave to last inquest. Mr Bram well says he clearly saw a police officer Doomadgee before he died. Roy Bramwell was one of the last to see Cameron Doomadgee alive. He says he saw the prisoner being taken to Sergeant Chris Hurley and another officer. Mr Bramwell has always maintained he Sergeant Hurley making motions toward Mrs but didn't see the scuffle clearly because there filing cabinet in the way. Today Mr Bramwell told the court he saw the officer punching Mr Doomadgee in the reflection of a mirror in the police station. In video evidence shown today a mirror wasn't visible but Vincent Thimble testified late community police officer

today there was position Mr Bramwell said. He was asked why brought up the information was asked why he'd never

regards to the scuffle he he saw. He told the court he regards to the scuffle he says

had, and that the initial Detective Sergeant Darren Robinson, had taken that his statement. Mr Bramwell told information but then altered

the court after making first the court after making that Robinson said first statement, Sergeant

hurry is a friend. He is a good man. him, certainly we'll come you." Statements are him, certainly we'll come after

to be tendered you." Statements are expected

police officers who worked at the station in 2004 who there was not a mirror in the station. A Canberra teenager has been stabbed during a fight Tuggeranong this afternoon. The outside Erindale College in outside Erindale

17-year-old was not a student of the school, but is to have a relative who of the school, but is believed

the college. He was stabbed to have a relative who attends

man. College students witnessed during a fight with another

the aftermath of the attack described the victim the aftermath of the attack and

the car park the car park with bloodstained clothing. He was taken to the Canberra Hospital but his injuries are not life threatening. police don't know what started the fight. It's occurred during it's alarming it's occurred all. We'll certainly do all we can to find out who's involved. Education Minister says all assaults on The man charged with the manslaughter of Indian toddler Gurshan Singh was back this morning. 23-year-old Gursewak Dhillon appeared calm. He had on the same T shirt He had on the same T shirt he was wearing at his arrest on Sunday night. Sunday night. The hearing set a timetable for his case. Afterwards Dhillon's wife made no comment as she left his lawyer's office. We like to find find out how he become unconscious. Dhillon with manslaughter by put the unconscious boy in the boot of a car and later abandoned him on the road. Dhillon the road. Dhillon didn't apply for bail and will be back in court in has granted a Queensland has granted a Queensland couple permission to have permission to have a hysterectomy performed on their 11-year-old daughter severely disabled. The severely disabled. The girl has the intellectual impairment Rett Syndrome, and her parents say she suffers epileptic when menstruating. when menstruating. The court heard contraceptive medication generally didn't work and a hysterectomy. Some disability groups want the groups want the procedure banned in these banned in these type of cases. Having a hysterectomy leads to all kinds leads to all kinds of health complications later in life. Others say parents should have the choice. Banning it simply do what? It doesn't help those families, or that young women. Sterilisation procedures have required court appeal since a High Court case 1992. As the flood threat towns in south-west eases, locals are beginning to count the cost of the big wet. There've been massive losses in some areas and kilometres of roads and rail lines damaged. lines damaged. Extraordinary measures have protect communities in protect communities in the path of the hugeed into. It seems to have paid off have paid off for the town of Dirranbandi. From there, Paul Lockyer reports. A sea Lockyer reports. A sea of water now surrounds Dirranbandi but the good news is that the is still dry. Hastily constructed levees have so far done their job. done their job. But this is just the start of the flow just the start of the flow from St George. It will be up for good while. It will be running past here for a month past here for a month or so or Mo. The flood front is now reaching Cubbie reaching Cubbie Station, the big cotton form south west of Dirranbandi. It's an event that Cubbie's strongest supporters had been had been anxiously waiting to see. The water that Cubbie does amount when you have a big flood event like flood event like this. That's the only time that they can extract their full Farmers across the New South Wales, who've long complained that Cubbie takes too much water, are now worried about how the irrigation structures will alter the structures will alter the flood flow. Well, flow. Well, obviously we hope that the structures stay in place, that they any damage anywhere. Cubbie Station has always itself on the engineering of its irrigation works. Its are about a third will be right to the top weeks' time. But Cubbie went into voluntary administration late last year, and it's uncertain who will get to use this water. Just a couple weeks ago, weeks ago, Cubbie's administrators announced that they'd rejected a number offers for the offers for the place. Now they say they're negotiateing with three interested parties the hope of concludeing a the hope of concludeing a sale within three weeks. This water can only help any sales prospects. But if a sale falls through, through, the administrators have indicated revive efforts to sell some revive efforts to sell some of Cubbie's water entitlements to the Federal Government. In drought and in flood, water a big talking point in the bush. A fourth Australian has been caught up in the fake passport scandal linked to the killing of a Hamas commander of a Hamas commander in Dubai last month. Interpol has released details of a 27th suspect. He is suspect. He is named as Joshua Aaron Krycer. It's Aaron Krycer. It's believed the assassins stole dozens of people and used to create false passports. The real Joshua Krycer is a medical specialist working at specialist working at an Israeli hospital. Three other victim to apparent identity theft by the hit squad. The death toll from a weekend of sectarian violence in sectarian violence in Nigeria has climbed to more than 500. It's believed gangs armed with machetes machetes attacked predominantly Christian communities in retribution for the massacre several hundred Muslims January. The government has sent troops to the area dozens of people have dozens of people have been arrested. But locals say the authorities authorities didn't do enough to prevent the massacre prevent the massacre and the acting President national security adviser. International International observers and local officials are calling on Nigerians to show restraint to avoid any more bloodshed. The mother of murdered toddler James Bolger wants authorities to explain why one of his killers is back of his killers is back in custody. Jon Venables was custody. Jon Venables was 10 when he and another boy beat 2-year-old James Bolger to death. The crime death. The crime prompted revulsion and revulsion and anger in the community. The released from jail in Venables is now back in jail but the government won't but the government won't say why. The police and the Director of Public Director of Public Prosecutions have advised that a disclosure of information could undermine the integrity of the criminal justice process. Media reports suggest Venables was found in possession of child pornography. For South Africa and East vital step towards ending their Islands has set Reconciliation Commission. The victims and the perpetrators of years of ethnic tension years of ethnic tension will tell their stories in attempt to heal Liam Fox commission's opening session today in Honiara. today in Honiara. Students lined the entrance to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. A symbol A symbol the proceedings are not just about the country's past, but also its future. First there was a song of hope. Then the commission began the difficult task of shining light on the ethnic gripped the gripped the country between 1997 and 2003. The aim of public hearing is to put an end to this silence. So that entire country listens. And beginning to accept this tragedy as part of its own history. More than 20 were murdered and 20,000 others fled their homes as fled their homes as militias drawn from the rival ethnic groups terrorised the

population. population. It's been seven years since an Australian-led police and police and military intervention force arrived to keep the peace. But the pain of those years is still raw. Now it's the victims' turn to it's the victims' turn to speak out. (Inaudible comments) say all of this has to end. This woman's older brother was murder pd and murder pd and his us a topsy results disappeared. This man also suffered as a result of the tensions. I lost my plantation and I uncle's life. There will be another day of hearings here will then advise on how it can people on how it can people move on from what is known locally as the tension . And still to come on ABC News - Some of precious possessions go on show. The Federal Government is set to crack down on set to crack down on rogue operators colleges for international students. The government clean-up of the troubled industry will be guided by new report recommending new report recommending tougher rules and bigger fines for those who sell foreign students short. Bruce Baird spent six months looking at months looking at international education education and what he found isn't pretty. We have permanent residency factories. residency factories. He estimates that 20% of private vocational colleges are nothing more than a back door to Australian purpose of coming here as a student is to engage student is to engage in study and to end up with a qualification, not with an immigration pathway. To immigration pathway. To make sure that happens, the report recommends recommends tighter registration and regulation of private colleges. Those deemed to be at risk of going bust would have to say much higher fees to enter the market. For the high risk plib cants they won't be allowed in. Enforceable education standards, fines for unethical recruitment and a ban on poaching students on poaching students are also likely in the near future. If people are not people are not committed to high quality education they have no place in the of the education to international student groups want the crackdown to go even further and make the owners further and make the owners of colleges criminally liable if they collapse. But one thing barely raised during the report's consultations was the issue of vile issue of vile elect attacks against Indian students, that first sparked much of first sparked much of the scrutiny of scrutiny of international education. The education. The report suggests racism against foreign students stems from social isolation. recommends one-stop shops for student assistance be student assistance be set up in capital cities. And that New South Wales and Victoria into line with other offer transport offer transport concessions. Julia Gillard has asked Baird to previous his former coalition coalition colleagues on his report. She is hopeful opposition will support the recommended changes. The ACT Government is to evict the to evict the recycling organisation Revolve for a second time. The group hasn't paid rent for its Hume site since 2007, and owes the government more government more than $76,000. They've made no attempt to pay any of the arrears or any of the rent. the rent. So obviously we had no no choice but to bring it to a head. Revolve says it will take legal action to stop eviction. I think it's ongoing vendetta. I'm really quite looking forward to getting it into court and then we'll the truth is. The group it hasn't paid rent because it's already in a legal battle with with the government over its removal removal from the Mugga Lane Tip and the court will decide much it much it owes. Revolve also says the tender process was manipulated to exclude it. Fraipt and logistics companies are complaining they've left in the lurch collapse of the home insulation scheme. They're now with hundreds of containers of unwanted insulation batts. And they're pursuing a they're pursuing a claim for compensation. It's another reminder of where the Federal Government scheme has gone oh so wrong. Where houses so wrong. Where houses holding insulation batts that now no-one wants. I've got 20 containers worth of product I'm not sure what to do W This company company says some clients have simply walked away from their orders but there are still costs to be paid. By the time we've paid for we've paid for freight, transport, storage duty, GST, all of the other charges, it's out about $210,000 so far. It's a bill that's growing week by week while this whole program is on hold. A Melbourne law firm is bringing together some of Federal Government's sudden change. These are change. These are serious players They're not small They're not small operators. The usual legal avenues The usual legal avenues are being pursued. But it's a are mounting. It would not be beyond the government to say beyond the government to say we will either pick up the cost for the storage of it for the time being, or we will actually take it off their hands and move it somewhere else. The government says anyone who thinks they deserve compensation should put in bid. But with the the scheme still the scheme still being worked through, it's hard to say through, it's hard to say who will be successful. will be successful. The government is working on government is working on a replacement scheme, replacement scheme, but freight and logistics businesses aren't sure they can hold out till then. To finance now. A surge in new job ads has pointed to more falls in unemployment and raised the prospects of more interest rate hikes. The local share market also ended the day higher for the eighth session. Two positive signs about the Australian ads in February went up ads in February went up an incredible 19%. That was the recorded. Apart from anything else the newspapers must be deliriously happy. The deliriously happy. The monthly NAB business survey came out and business confidence rose 4.4 points to 19.4, which is the highest reading for eight years. And it's back in fact to the start of the boom. Here the start of the boom. Here is a graph of job ads and the unemployment rate. It that unemployment has further to fall. Which is going to have itching on the interest trigger. In fact, the job market is really starting to tighten up. Which is pretty amazing, when you consider what's going on in America and Europe on this score. The share market had its eighth rise in row. Although it was tiny one. Arrow fell back a bit after yesterday's rise but NAB went up 2% for no apparent Woolworths about half a Woolworths about half a per cent. Wall Street stocks were fairly flat last night fairly flat last night and there wasn't much action on other global markets over the past 24 hours either. The Australian currency is a bit weaker against the US dollar but but it's higher against the other currencies. And at a new British pound. Not 40 years I said the other night. Tonight's second graph is fascinating. It shows fascinating. It shows that the cost of housing as a share of household budgets is now higher than the cost of food, than the cost of food, clothing and and transport, which 50 years ago cost five times as much as shelter. I guess it's because all room now, and home gyms have to be accommodated so houses are bigered houses are bigered and shortages have driven the price of land up along with cheap debt. And that's finance. First the walk-out, then the fallout. Michael Clarke's decision to leave the New Zealand tour leave the New Zealand tour for personal personal reasons has led to frenzied media speculation about what it all to call up Tasmania's Bailey as a replacement, Bailey as a replacement, while delaying the the Test team until tomorrow. On the field, Australia is on target for victory in the Zealand after bowling the Black Caps out in the 47th over. The be a result exit from the New Zealand tour of the Australian vice-captain triggered hometown mischief. Australia's decision decision to bowl left a bit more time to work out the batting order. Michael Clarke has returned back to Australia and Adam Voges comes into and Adam Voges comes into the side today. With side today. With absenteeism comes opportunity. The opportunity it gives me is quite exciting. Hopefully I contribute to them winning over there The the tone for the Black Caps' innings. Falling wickets and flashing strokes. flashing strokes. One strike weapon weapon left early in Brendon McCullum. Leaving the stage for another. Ross Taylor, a combination of power and combination of power and more power. But the intermittent flow of wickets prevented a monster total. Scott Styris and Hopkins were others to get starts before being smoked out. Ricky Ricky Ponting brilliantly got the Petter of his opposite number as New Zealand left four overs unplayed, all out for 245. Haddin acknowledged some fine bowling early on, before New Zealand had to return the compliment. Watson's run-out, a minor inconvenience As he teamed with Ponting to lay the base for lay the base for Australia. That basics -- base expanded. Tough misses proved crucial as the two took the total past 150 before the home team achieved a belated

breakthrough. Haddin breakthrough. Haddin made a spectacular hundred to put Australia on

series lead. The silky skills of striker Des the Kookaburras grab top spot in their in their pool at the Hockey World Cup. Australia appeared headed for its second defeat of the tournament after an early Pakistan goal. But Abbott struck twice in the second half to get the Kookaburras out trouble. He got the deflection that will that will break Pakistani hearts. The Australians are likely to play either the Netherlands or Germany in Netherlands or Germany in the semifinals. Raiders playmaker Marc Herbert has won the battle for the halfback spot for this weekend's NRL season opener against the Penrith Panthers. Herbert edged out Josh McCrone for the No. 7 jersey, after an performance. I thought he showed a bit more understanding and combination there with Campo. So unlucky, Josh. Again he finds himself in a there to fight thor that 7 spot. New recruits Reece take their run-on debut for Canberra. Joel Thompson will start in the centres for injured Joel Monaghan. Love letters from the early explorers, maps from the 1700s, radio scripts from cricket's Bodyline Series. Bodyline Series. They're all part of a unique display being showcased by showcased by Sydney's Mitchell Library to to Mark Library to to Mark its en sten ree. When David Scott ree. When David Scott Mitchell left his book collection to the people of Sydney he have imagined the significance that bears his that bears his name is celebrating its 100th birthday with with an unprecedented showcase. It's probably the most significant the world relating to Australia. The artefacts are normally kept in vault but have been dusted off and put on public display. Among them, the diaries of botanist Joseph Banks and one of Captain Cook's hand-drawn maps. This is hand-drawn maps. This is a very important map indeed. And this item is from that second voyage, voyage, the painting shows take on ice on board the ship for water. Love letters water. Love letters to and from explorer George Bass and his wife Elizabeth give his wife Elizabeth give an insight into the life of a pioneer. They pioneer. They were recitesed at a sneak preview of the exhibition. You have a husband who will not forsake you, as my best remains deserving it. There are more it. There are more recent pieces too from sketches of jolly swagmen to and one of the first Aboriginal newspapers from 1938. piece says piece says something about Australia. This part of the State Library has more State Library has more than 600,000 books, 1 million fofs and 15,000 kilometres of manuscript. So choosing the task. We have an task. We have an ocean of material. And I rode out over the ocean and I just put down a net at various parts and brought up a representative sample. Fittingly the exhibition is open for exhibition is open for 100 days. There are 99 to go. Now with a look at the weather, here is Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. Good evening. Yesterday, the balloons don't go up because it was raining. Today a pretty stiff north-westerly kept on the ground. on the ground. Tomorrow morning, no rain and the winds are expected to be light, so possibly lift-off. But possibly lift-off. But today with fresh which gusted to 45 kilometres per hour this afternoon, Canberra maxed at 22 Canberra maxed at 22 at the airport. Low Low cloud associated with cold front is crossing over south-east, and south-east, and is generating light showers. There a cloud over south west WA. The low has now moved to the Tasmania and it will generate southerly change along the coast tomorrow. A high in bight will give us easterlies from tomorrow. These easterlies will increase the likelihood of light drizzle along the coast and help to keep our maximums 3 degrees below the March Virginia, balloons mightn't have got off the ground today but something else went off today. Joyce van lieu win volunteer at volunteer at the Old Parliament House rose gardens brings us House rose gardens brings us a rose every Tuesday to rose every Tuesday to admire. She turned birthday Joyce! You are stunning as your roses! Indeed, Indeed, happy birthday, Joyce! Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has apologised to the Liberal Party room for not colleagues before announcing his paid parental leave his paid parental leave scheme. The last The last person to see Palm Island man Cameron Doomadgee alive has changed his in a new inquest into the death in custody. And that's ABC News. Stay with us now News. Stay with us now for Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30 Report coming up next. I be back with a news update at 8.30. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Live


Welcome to the program. How

quickly Tony Abbott's words

have come back if not to haunt

him, at least to embarrass him

a little. On the day he was

elected to Opposition

Leadership Mr Abbott chose for

his first attack on Labor to

describe Kevin Rudd's Emissions

Trading Scheme as a great big

new tax. Surprise, surprise,

the Government is now taunting

Mr Abbott with the same words,

plying them to his parental

leave plan funded by imposing a

new tax on big business. It's

emerged Mr Abbott announced the

plan without taking it to the

party loom, a habit of his

predecessor Murn wul to the

outrage of his colleagues -

Malcolm Turnbull, to the

outrage of his colleagues, Mr

Abbott had to apologise taking