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Interview With Prime Minister Kevin Rudd MP -

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(generated from captions) to delivering services and it Rudd's plan was nine Rudd's plan was nine months overdue, but now that overdue, but now that it's public, the Prime Minister is selling tomorrow. He has just over a month to convince premiers and Chief Ministers And Mr Rudd And Mr Rudd has told chief political political correspondent Mark Simkin it's an argument he win. Prime Minister, you say the current health system is a mess. Reform must mess. Reform must start now, but your plan won't be fully implemented until near implemented until near 2013. Where's Where's the urgency. Implementation of course will begin from 1 July. And then of course, we'll have a full system up and running beginning from 1 July the following year. This is the right way to go but you're dealing with a very big system, you're dealing with a system which supports millions of Australians each year. You have to get the transition right to get the transition right as well. Federal traditionally not good at service delivery

discovered with the insulation scheme. How can scheme. How can people trust to you get this right? Mile. What we've designed is a health and hospital network which will be funded nationally, but run locally. What the Australian people What the Australian people want is to ensure that hospitals are going to be properly funded properly funded for the demands put on them over the put on them over the next decade plus. That's decade plus. That's why we're doing this. You need to get every State to agree. Even if they do you then have to get they do you then have to get a hostile Senate to agree. And if the States don't the States don't agree you have to win a referendum, without bipartisan support. Is that a recipe for failure? It will be very hard. It will be difficult. It will be one difficult. It will be one of the government does. That's government does. That's no excuse however for not starting the work now, and that's what the government intends to do. You couldn't sell an ETS. Can you sell this? I believe this is the one way to is the one way to get through by getting rid of cost shift and blame shift and then secondly, funding the system for the long-term future so that we have better health and better hospital