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Live. Tonight, countering the terror threat with fingerprints and face apologises for the slaughter of civilians. blamed for a deadly harbour civilians. Poor seamanship

crash. And does it work? Homeopathy under the microscope. Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Australians face a real and permanent danger from home grown terrorists. That's according to the Prime Minister who delayed terrorism White Paper. who today released his long

Kevin Rudd says the risk of terror attack here is Kevin Rudd says the risk of a

and will never go away. Opposition says the Government is simply trying to divert attention from its botched insulation attention from its botched home Robertson reports. It's insulation scheme. Dana

overdue but for a Government in Robertson reports. It's months

the firing line the perfect. the firing line the timing is to pose a serious threat, a perfect. Terrorism continues

serious challenge Australia's security serious challenge to

That threat is diminishing. In fact the White That threat is not

Paper concludes the threat of terrorism on Australian soil is now permanent and from within. now permanent and it's coming

terrorism is now a reality in Australia that we have to accept. But experts say that's nothing new. The last terrorist plot by a foreigner was foiled seven years ago. Ever since then all of the cases have been home grown Nonetheless, it's the overseas threat that's getting the money. The White Paper commits almost $70 million to tighten entry from countries thought harbour terrorists. These entry from countries thought to

applicants from the 10 as harbour terrorists. These are

unknown country, they will be applicants from the 10 as yet

fingerprinted faces scanned before they're allowed to enter There's a long list of contenders. Somalia, Afghanistan, contenders. Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh, possibly Afghanistan, Pakistan,

entitled to know what those countries are. At least two of the possible inclusion s on watch list, India Indonesia, pose not watch list, India and

security challenge but a Indonesia, pose not just a

diplomatic one as Relations with their diplomatic one as well.

Governments are stretched to the limit and one embassy has told the ABC that it citizens are already routinely entry to Australia. Government admits it will require finesse. There may a diplomatic effort required in require finesse. There may be

respect of some of those terrorism threat countries. Australia's

at meadyism, unchanged since terrorism threat level remains

2001 - medium. The sudden focus on national security left Opposition questioning

Liberal Senator said Government's motives. One Opposition questioning the

greatest safety threat lately Liberal Senator said the

The Coalition combine would the had come from dodgy insulation.

Greens in the Senate to the Government as the axing Greens in the Senate to censure

the insulation scheme toll the insulation scheme took its correspondent Mark toll on jobs. Chief political industry on steroids is now on correspondent Mark Simkin. An

life sacked 80 life support. This company

Kerri Borg. I'm still a emotional, still a Kerri Borg. I'm still a bit

shocked. The single mother has a blunt message for Peter Garrett. If we have to lose our jobs he should too. Garrett and his management the department Garrett and his management of let us all down. the department has failed and

5,000 job losses and the them. I ask the Prime Minister isn't it Minister Garrett who should be workers in his own electorate? should be sacked not those 14 In relation to Opposition is tears. They opposed it at the Opposition is all crocodile

and we're moving immediately to work through transitional arrangements, mindful of sector. The Greens and impacts on employment in this

alliance to censure Government in the Senate. There have been 36ayes and noes. The motion resolved in There have been 36ayes and 25

the affirmative. The lost steam the affirmative. The attack

Liberals accuse of Liberals accuse the Government playing the terrorism card. The greatest threat to the safety of families over the last 12 months has been insulation program. Not months has been the home terrorism, program. Another example of those opposite talk first and think later. So if the responsible for the program, who the country am responsible. his Minister. When he Caucus Peter Garrett has the Government's full support was Government's full support there told his troops the public was warm applause. Tony Abbott

is shifting away told his troops the public mood

Government and away from the is shifting away from the

Prime Minister. If that's true, this Sydney Roadside mischief is a sign of those times. The apologise over another United States has had to

disriek in gone horribly wrong. At least disriek in Afghanistan that's

27 civilians were killed. The strike happened in Oruzgan troops are serving but the province where Australian

Government denies they were involved. Washington correspondent Craig reports. NATO commanders Taliban insurgents, instead the Afghan Government says the strikes hit three mini buses carrying civilians. Women injured. These kinds of children are among the dead and

in many respects are injured. These kinds of things

in a war and makes war in many respects are inherent

ugly. That didn't stop Afghan leaders condemning strikes. It's very difficult for us, for the people for us, for the people of Afghanistan, to find answer why civilian people are dying. US and NATO commander General Stanley Stanley McChrystal phoned President Karzai to President Karzai to apologise and ordered an and ordered an investigation. He also appeared on Afghanistan television and released a statement saying, "I've made it clear to our forces we are clear to our forces we are here to protect the Afghan people and in advertent and in advertent ly killing or injuring civilians injuring civilians undermines their trust and confidence in our mission." Last civilians died under NATO rocket offensive in Helmand province. These are Department is also coming under pressure to explain how pressure to explain how Dutch troops will be replaced in Oruzgan province later year in the wake year in the wake of the collapse Government. We'll face up Government. We'll face up to the fact the Dutch are leaving. The Dutch work alongside Australian troops and the Under Secretary rattled off a list of non-NATO countries including Australia who could be approached gaps. It that help us make up the difference if we lose of the NATO folks? We are moving ing that direction, yes. The Rudd Government said Australia will not take over the Dutch leadership in Oruzgan. The in Oruzgan. The family of an 8-year-old dural abducted and murdered in southeast Queensland are pleading public help to find her Trinity Bates was found dead in a a Bundaberg drain yesterday morning shortly after her parents discovered she parents discovered she was missing. Police missing. Police have interviewed several people interviewed several people but have no suspect. Today neighbours were grieving neighbours were grieving for innocence lost. innocence lost. 8-year-old Trinity Bates was asleep Trinity Bates was asleep in bed on Sunday night when she was abducted and killed. Her body was found in a drain was found in a drain yesterday morning near loved and loving little girl. Her grand scmorthed other relatives say the girl they knew as Trinny enjoyed singing, dancing and loved anybody's out there that saw anything or thought they saw anything or think they something, they need to somebody because somebody there knows something. tiniest little tiniest little something. They know it. The police say getting some helpful information. We've certainly had a good response from the public. We're continuing to get information in and again information in and again we'd encourage people to contact Crime Stoppers or Crime Stoppers or their local police station if they have any information. Detectives have been interviewing a number people but say there's no suspects at this suspects at this stage. People have attended the have attended the station. They've attended local police stations in other stations in other areas, they've information to Crime Stoppers and other. But near Trinity Bates's home say they're worried they're worried about their own children. I've got a 12 and a half-year-old daughter. She was shook up about it yesterday. I'm a mum so I can appreciate how concerned they are but how concerned they are but I think they need to remember Bundaberg is a very safe for families. A tribute site dedicated to the dedicated to the murdered girl has been hijacked by hackers and police have condemned those who've gone online with rumours about how the girl died. Police say they're yet say they're yet to confirm the cause of death of the 8-year-old as they wait results of a examination and say any speculation about her injuries is unhelpful to the investigation. A man has investigation. A man has died after a head on collision on this afternoon. Police this afternoon. Police say the man's Toyota collide would a small truck at about 4:00. He was taken to hospital but from his injuries. The driver of the truck was treated for leg injuries. A Coroner has found a combination of human error was responsible for a boat crash near Sydney Harbour Bridge Bridge three years ago. Four people were killed when their cruise boat and a Harbour Cat collided late at night. No charges have been recommend but the victims' families have pleaded for new safety standards to be enforced. Brigid Glanville reports. For the families of those who lost their lives it's been an agonising three years. agonising three years. We've been tied up with inquests and trying to work out how we get over or get Morgan's death. His daughter Morgan Innes was a rising star of the ice skating world of the ice skating world when her life was cut short. It was a clear night when the a clear night when the boat slice under Bridge, sinking it in 2.5 seconds. Today the NSW Deputy Coroner said a failure Coroner said a failure of seamanship caused the tragedy. The Coroner found the were not on and the crew on board were not watching as ferry approached. He also said the ferry was travelling at unsafe speed for the Outside Outside the court, families of the victims believe it start would a ferry that was rushing to get back to Balmain and once that started it started, it cascade adseries of events. The Coroner made recommendations to the Government including practice of practice of reporting any unlit boats to the authorities be encouraged and there should be a be a nighttime speed limit on all fast ferries. all fast ferries. All four victims were part of the close-knit community. The Coroner community. The Coroner said it's a tragedy it's a tragedy as they were in the prime of their lives. Personally I'm glad that part of the whole process is over. It has just been says it will review the Oppositions are calling for an official accusations the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has bullied his staff. Mr Brown denied any wrongdoing. His supporters say he's supporters say he's the victim of a political conspiracy. Are you a bully, Prime It's not the sort of question a Prime Minister on the Prime Minister on the electoral back foot want to hear but after accusations of his mistreatment of staff mistreatment of staff were published in a book and a newspaper and then from a bullying hot line that they'd taken calls from Gordon Brown's staff, it was Brown's staff, it was not looking good. We suggesting Gordon Brown suggesting Gordon Brown is a bully, we are not in a position to judge or comment in respect but we were concerned about the denials coming out number 10. While number 10. While the decision to go public within the help line organisation, Gordon Brown's political opponents saw an opportunity inquiry. They are very matters and I'm sure that number 10 Downing Street and the civil service in some will want to have some sort of inquiry to try to get to the bottom of what has happened here. Gordon Brown told us he wanted to give fairness wanted to give fairness to everyone in the country. If the allegations are true he allegations are true he hasn't been fair at all to some been fair at all to some of the junior staff around him. After issuing denials and demands for pursuing a new - it's all orchestrated to get Gordon Brown. Every Tom, Dick Harry who want to sort up, guided or otherwise, up, guided or otherwise, by some Tory Party press officer or innuendo against the Government, let me tell you we've got better things to do in our lives. But after two days it's still very much a port of the Prime Minister's life, unable so far the questions over exactly the type of man he is and all just weeks from a weeks from a jrl election. After claim and After claim and counter claim it's now up to voters to if the man behind the famous door is or isn't a bully and whether it has any bearing on the way people will vote. The head supplier will be forced to explain himself before an assembly assembly committee. The assemblies Privileges Committee will investigate whether ACTEW boss Mark Sullivan deliberately gave misleading gave misleading evidence during Mr Sullivan has a case to answer but the Government says it's an outrageous attack on a senior official. In his time as ACTEW already faced some already faced some tough questioning but he's about to get another grilling. This is the matter of highest principle here because if the committee cannot guarantee cannot guarantee that the people who come before them are speaking the truth they adequately do their job. adequately do their job. The Opposition and the Greens have voted to set up an sembly Privileges Committee to investigate Mr Sullivan's evidence during an commats hearing last year. The hearing last year. The two parties argue Mr Sullivan parties argue Mr Sullivan gave incorrect information to incorrect information to the committee about the cost of the Murrumbidgee to Googong water transfer and they answers. When witnesses appear before a committee they have to give truthful evidence and that's what the standing orders say. The Chief Minister say. The Chief Minister is outraged. He says Mr Sullivan's reputation has reputation has been unfairly attacked. In a vile way, in a shabby way, in an attempt score a political point against the Government. In a statement today, Mr Sullivan said he doesn't believe he estimates committee and disappointed. It's not for the managing director of ACTEW managing director of ACTEW orby other official, large or small too, make a decision about what is property is property for the committee to hear. While the Government and Opposition Mark Sullivan's actions, they've reached a compromise on another front, agreeing to another front, agreeing to a allow school principals to suspend students for up days without seeking higher approval. The Government had argued 10 days was argued 10 days was enough while the Opposition wanted to go further with 20 days instead. The Government will review new powers in the National Archives helps families look into their past. Tens, if Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Australians swear by homeopathic treatments their health funds pay for their health funds pay for them but are they being hoodwinked? A British has labelled homeopathy as scientifically implausible but that conclusion is being strongly challenged by Australian Australian homeopaths. Homeopathy is a natural therapy where an active ingredient diluted again and again until there's very little of the original substance left. original substance left. It's widely widely used in Australia despite a lack of definitive clinical evidence that it works. Now a report from a British parliamentary panel says it's implausible and implausible and works no better than a placebo. than a placebo. The science and technology committee says homeopathic products are not medicines and should be licensed by the publicly

funded National Health Service. This is a fundamental point of principle as to whether in fact we are hoodwinking hoodwinking individual patients that were being that were being given a treatment which the NHS knows homeopaths say the committee was biased and one kind of scientific evidence. They also disregarded a lot of the where homeopathy came out very thousands of people in hospitals. In Australia homeopathy isn't covered on Medicare but most health funds reimburse their reimburse their members for visits to visits to registered homeopathic practitioners. You have to be registered with the Australian register of homeopath because that shows you have met the endorsed competency and have adequate in demnity insurance and requirements. The health insurance industry insurance industry says it will continue to support homeopathy and it's up to individual funds to decide which treatments they fund. It's health fund health fund premiums will rise by almost 6% from April. The increase is slightly lower than previous years. To the local share market paused for breath today for breath today after yesterday's big rise but Alan Kohler reports, commodity prices prices dropped sharply. Metals in London fell sharply last night, especially zinc which was down more than 3%. If you're wondering why about that here's a graph of the London metals exchange index over the past almost a perfect match. almost a perfect match. It's not not just that our mining company shares tend to follow commodity prices up but also that when global investors are feeling investors are feeling oment mystic they tend to buy commodities as commodities as well as shares and the Australian Dollar. When they're not optimistic they for US bonds even though for US bonds even though they pay less than 4% interest there are more of them being printed than grains of sand on Street eased a bit last night and so did the All Ordinaries index in Australia today. The latest worry on global market now that Greece and Europe are out of intensive care if & into the fiscal American economy. Last there was a poor quarterly profit result from the world's biggest retailer Wal-Mart but underlying that is the respected leading index put out by the economic cycle research institute which and is heading south which is not good. Here are some of few highlights on the local marked $3, the first time at that level since last March and it got as low as 2.97 today. AMP went exdividend today. AMP went exdividend and the big banks and big resources stocks were all mixed up. CBA up, NAB down, BHP down, Rio Tinto up. Asian also all mixed up. Hong Kong and India up, Japan down and the Australian Dollar went up slightly against the US dollar, down against the yen which resulted in a slight fall on the trade-weighted index. That's finance. Australian cricketers contracted to play in the Indian Premier League they were given a briefing serious security concerns raised in a raised in a specially commissioned report. They left without comment but the players' association will take up their concerns with IPL organisers. Brett Lee's Test career is reportedly at an end and his participation in year's IPL tournament alongside more than 20 more than 20 other Australians is unknown. The players' association isn't satisfied the environment's safe. environment's safe. The IPL's had a direct threat laid at it from Al Qaeda, that's a concern and the IPL's security and the IPL's security plans are not in a state we're currently happy paceman Burt Cockley just missed out on IPL duty with, it appears, some relief. I think in those sort of situations you have to put your safety first. You go over there and not come back home really. The players' association will await advice. If the IPL can satisfy those issues then potentially the players will be in a Pakistan arrive for hockey's World Cup with no new threats accompany ing them. At the moment there threats to any of threats to any of these sporting events sporting events in India. Meanwhile South Africa has hardware and operations for hardware and operations for the soccer World Cup in June and is working with international security forces nation terror-free. Let's harder even if it was not going to be there. It should not the chance if anybody decides to be there. Young Victorian David Morris carried Australia's hopes into qualifying for the qualifying for the men's aerials at the winter After a steady first jump he needed something special needed something special on his second effort. Incredibly, it wasn't enough for Morris who missed a place in missed a place in the final by less than a point. China's defending gold defending gold medallist Han Xiaopeng also missed out after crashing on his final jump. Austria soared past Austria soared past rivals Germany to take gold in the team ski Austrians dominated from Austrians dominated from the opening round. Gregor Schlierenzauer sealed gold with the last jump of the competition. Bernard Tomic will become Australia's ever Davis Cup player next month after being selected for the tie against Chinese Taipei in Melbourne. He was about it. He great honour to be represent his country which I know it is and he was looking forward to getting down here and being environment. 17-year-old Bernard Tomic, Peter Luczak and Carsten Ball are in the mix to play singles in the absence play singles in the absence of the injured Lleyton Hewitt. Jessica Bibby will rejoin Jessica Bibby will rejoin the Capitals for Saturday's preliminary final against Sydney after the death of her brother last week. The key guard returned to Adelaide to be with her family and missed Sunday's 31-point win the Townsville Fire. The Capitals wore black arm bands in support of their absent team-mate. She'll be back with us and I think that will be an emotional thing for our team to have her back in a positive have her back in a positive way but our focus is but our focus is on trying to win another final. Canberra centre Joel Monaghan could be missing from the Raiders' line-up for half the season after shattering had his thumb against the Broncos. Winston Churchill once Churchill once described history as a stumbling along the trail the past and today hundreds the past and today hundreds of people took advantage of the National Archives open day to shine a light on their own family history. They were assisted by experts and thousands of documents and records. The challenge was to give the family tree a good old shake, just to see what might fall out. Some of these people that come have wonderful stories to tell but stories to tell but you can add to those stories to those stories and they go on and information later down the track. Kerry track. Kerry Jeffrey worked here for 30 people unearth hidden histories. I've got to investigate and try out from them the type of records that we have. Archive experts were hand to help visitors mine the treasure-trove. For many them an important question is how to take care of family objects with historical value. Everybody at home special, I think, and even special, I think, and even if it may be what some consider a mundane object. A spoon is about as mundane as it gets but this is no ordinary spoon. The spoon thing that we took thing that we took away from Vietnam. Kim Huynh was a baby when his parents fled by boat. The US army issue spoon came with them. It's a symbol of family's resilience and reminder of what they've been through. We came by the through. We came by the spoon by total chance so it's a bit odd that we'd now try to odd that we'd now try to treat it with kid gloves or preserve it or pass it on to generations but we important enough in our important enough in our family, if not to if not to other people. Margaret Fulton's father was a master tailor from Scotland. She still has his tailor's scissors and just weekend a perfect stranger gave her this tailcoat that her father made decades ago. I see the detail and how the detail and how beautifully made it was and I realise it makes me as they say, a cookery writer, being particular about the detail. These things often detail. These things often tell you more about yourself than you imagined. Perhaps it's just a case of being cut from same cloth. Now with a look at today's weather, here's today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia and good evening. It was warm good evening. It was warm and sunny across the ACT today only the odd only the odd cloud or two about. The only significant over Australia to speak of up in the Top End and it's generating thunderstorms generating thunderstorms and rain rain but around the southeast it's a high currently it's a high currently crossing the bight that will influence our weather until at least our weather until at least the weekend so we're in for and warm but and warm but unfortunately dry days so with days so with dry days coming up it looks like the rainfall record of 211mm won't be broken. This rose comes This rose comes from premiere rose garden in the world and it called duchester bravant and was a favourite bravant and was a favourite of President Theodore Roosevelt who wore buds of it on his lapel just like I do. Thank you, Mark. Before we go a you, Mark. Before we go a brief recap of our top story tonight. The Prime Minister is home grown terrorists are a threat to national Kevin Rudd released a terrorism White Paper today saying the risk of a risk of a terror attack in Australia is Australia is rising. That's ABC News. Stay with us now for Report' coming of the clipper 'Stad Amsterdam' sailing into Melbourne. It's retracing Sir Charles Darwin's epic voyage on the 'Beagle' years ago. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Live


Welcome to the program. The

Opposition sought to maintain

its relentless attack on Peter

Garrett today. An attack into

its third week, it was a far more relaxed Environment

Minister who deflected

Opposition claims of neglect

and mismanagement of the

Government's $3 billion Home

Insulation Program. Mr Garrett

may have been helped in part by

a remark from the Opposition

describing the program as the

greatest threat to the safety

of Australian families over the

past 12 months. The claim was

seized on by the Government as

it released a White Paper on

domestic terrorism which

flagged tougher controls on

visitors of countries deemed

high risk and a greater

emphasis on countering

so-called home-grown terrorism.