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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight - Parliament Tonight - sparks fly in on Peter Garrett. This is This Parliament with the blow torch

minister is in electrocution denial. Bullying bra Hospital to be denial. Bullying claims at cab

independently reviewed. The Kerry Stokes plan to mix media with mining. And the film an angst-ridden shock jock wins with mining. And the film about

Tropfest. Good evening welcome to ABC News. I'm Tropfest. Good evening and Virginia Haussegger. The political pain just won't end he has axed his for Peter Garrett even though

environment insulation scheme. The

ordered safety checks on 150,000 homes to clear mess left by dodgy installers. But today his department have been linked revealed more than 90 fires

insulation scheme. That had Opposition again demanding Mr insulation scheme. That had the

Garrett's resignation. Here chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. This program is a disgrace. It is embarrassment. If looks could disgrace. It is an

kill, there would be four deaths linked to minister insulation program. The

he didn't take the action that minister didn't kill them, but

would have kept them will continue responsibilities diligently as will continue to exercise my

Environment. The Prime Minister the Minister for the

didn't defend Peter Garrett. The leader of the did. But this is a The leader of the House

example of the Abbott talk first, think later. The example of the Abbott habit -

Opposition wanted Peter to apologise for Opposition wanted Peter Garrett

scheme. He didn't. It is the case that and the association with this regrettably these fatalities regrettably these

program has been identified. And I very, very that. These are people's And I very, very much regret

lives at stake and you show no remorse, you show no concern and you show no urgency anything except saving your own hide. A Senate committee hauled in the secretary of the Environment Department. 93 fires have been linked to the insulation program. The bureaucrat confirmed department received this risk bureaucrat confirmed her

assessment last warned of fires, fraud and insulation, but Peter Garrett warned of fires, fraud and poor

took 10 months to read it. I did not receive or read the Minterleson report until this year. The consultants also the department a so-called risk register which the ABC a a short time ago. It highlights some of the with the scheme, categorises

responses as weak, and suggests delaying the rollout to the risk. Peter Garrett shut delaying the rollout to reduce the program down throwing the program down on Friday, industry into turmoil. This throwing the insulation

company started its layoffs this gentleman who has been with company for three or four gentleman who has been with the

years, we've had him this morning. He has a 3 years, we've had to retrench

week old baby. As find that the worst know, that I've ever had to do. There will be work for safety inspectors. The Government plans to check extra 150,000 homes. Government plans to check an

developing story tonight, the extra 150,000 homes. In a

Afghan Government says a NATO air strike civilians, including women and air strike has killed 21

children. It happened in Southern Oruzgan province where Australian and Dutch forces based. NATO says the Australian and Dutch forces are

were mistaken for insurgents as based. NATO says the civilians

they approached a unit international and they approached a unit of

troops. Allegations of international and Afghan

at Canberra Hospital's troops. Allegations of bullying

maternity unit had to be examined by The Health Minister agreed to examined by an external review.

two reviews of the unit meeting two reviews of the unit after The second inquiry will exam patient care as ACT political reporter Julie Doyle reports. An meeting with the minister provided the opportunity these doctors to state their case. I actually feel that there is a with this problem and being able to move on. Several private on Trish to the Health Minister in private on Trish Shanns wrote

December raising concerns workplace issues unit. Dr Liz Gallagher worked there for 8 years until she resigned in 2008. I was starting to lose sleep, I was starting to not want to go in and not be as about my input over there and just felt it was not in my best interests to continue working there. Dr Gallagher says witnessed the results of there. Dr Gallagher says she

workplace bullying. In my as staff specialist, had as staff specialist, I often involved that were all very that's how she felt and lose their confidence. If

was due to the work environment, that that unacceptable, but again, you environment, that that is

know, another side has to be put. The Health Minister agreed to hold two reviews into investigate the bullying the maternity unit, one to

allegations, the other will look at the want to try and repair some of look at the standard of care. I

the damage that has been done women in the community know how to the unit and make sure that to the unit and make sure

maintains there is. The minister any formal complaints about maintains she hasn't received

work environment, but Dr complained to Gallagher says she

manager in 2007. Nobody ever told us that anything in writing, and told us that we needed to put

nothing was beyond that either. This nothing was ever initiated

what we need to get to the bottom of. There are views about what has views about what has gone on and and how issued were raised. The Opposition wants a broader under the inquiries Act will give us the right powers and ability to actually witnesses to come forward, provide protection for witnesses. I will not be satisfied if you're all overre-aking you're all overre-aking and this is not a problem, because, problem. The review's problem. The review's findings are expected Seven Network owner Kerry Stokes has launched an ambitious expansion into the mining industry. He Americaning his media group with a heavy equipment with a heavy equipment company that makes cat bill laughing trucks and tractors and he digging in, in defence of the Government's controversial TV licence rebates. From heavyweight to heavy lifter, Kerry Stokes says the Kerry Stokes says the merger of the Seven TV Network WesTrac is the perfect fit. We're excited about the growth WesTrac has in how this how this can help Seven transform its business. Mr Stokes has been mining media growth opportunities without success. He now believes a lot more money is to be made the booming resources sector The sector The combined balance sheet and strength will sheet and strength will enable us to do anything us to do anything we feel is appropriate appropriate for the company. But Mr Stokes' life as a media mogul is still of great interests, particularly with his meeting with Communications Minister Stephen Conroy on Minister Stephen Conroy on the ski slopes of Colorado, just days before the Federal Government slashed commercial a conversation while a conversation while you're skiing. The Federal is not laughing and now is not laughing and now key independent senators are voicing their concern eefr the fee cuts. Obviously there are questions in relation to the $250 million deal for money for taxpayers. The minister is unswayed. We make no apology for moving to protect Australian content in this environment. As the this environment. As the TV stations enjoy their the Fairfax Media Group has shown there is also money to be made from newspapers and commercial company has staunched horrendous losses to post profit of nearly $150 million for the last 6 months of 2009 and I's cautiously about the year ahead. A 51-year-old Queanbeyan man has and charged with attempted murder over a shooting and robbery in Canberra almost 6 years ago. Police say Sam Melkie shot a security guard with a sawn-off shotgun with a sawn-off shotgun outside the Mawson Club prosecutors decided not prosecutors decided not to oppose oppose bail because Melkie's partner has multiple sclerosis and he is her only career. He will appear in court again will appear in court again next month. A Sydney court month. A Sydney court has heard that the crashed killing 6 young people had been drinking and taking drugs when he handed drugs when he handed the wheel over to an unlicensed passenger. It's alleged Matthew Reynolds allowed Percy Small to drive during a late night joyride on Sydney Harbour in 2008. Sydney Harbour in 2008. Both men are on trial over the deaths of their six friends. This is the man when it crashed, killing six his friends. But man the prosecution alleges ultimately responsible. Matthew Reynolds has Reynolds has pleaded not guilty to Mr Reynolds was drinking and had taken cocaine when he allowed someone else to allowed someone else to drive the boat. The the boat. The Crown prosecutor Mark Hobart SC told the he was the skipper and master of the boat. The court heard that on 1 May 2008 the morning, Percy Small was driving the boat when it crashed into a trawler. Mr Small had and cannabis. He was unlicensed to drive the overloaded boat. The court heard when boats collide ed, five boats collide ed, five people were killed instantly. Another person died later. Percy Small faces six charges of dangerous navigation occasioning death. Both defence teams blame fishing vessel for the crash. The barrister for Matthew Reynolds told the court that the consumption of alcohol and drugs may have had nothing to do with why the two boats collided. The court heard fishing vessel had defects and was travelling on the wrong side of the channel. Both side of the channel. Both the prosecution and it was an emotive party night turned unfortunate tragedy people. The barrister for Percy Small told the jury nothing can bring these bring these young people back to life. The trial is expected to run for 5 weeks. A to run for 5 weeks. A murder investigation investigation is under way after the discovery of the body of an 8-year-old girl at Bundaberg The girl's parents discovered her her missing early this morning after a suspected the family home. the family home. Police were called and immediately began a search of the nearby area. They found the child's body in a drain. Our hearts go out to the family of this is a very, very sad incident. Police say they have no suspects at this stage. no suspects at this stage. New South Wales drivers will new transport plan long before they benefit from it. they benefit from it. A new weight tax will be introduced in July, adding up to $30 in July, adding up to $30 a year to the registration year to the registration of cars over 975kg. Motoring groups say many more vehicles fall within that range, along with eco-friendly hybrid

hybrid cars. If the Premier thought her would be an easy sell in Parramatta today, she was mistaken You know nothing about Australia. Why won't you go back to America!. Hello. are you? Yeah claim. Bloody Yank!. A rego increase of between 5 and $30 is just as popular We shouldn't be popular We shouldn't be getting extra taxes to do it. another excuse to get more

money off us. It will raise half a billion dollars over half a billion dollars over the next decade. Encouraging people to buy lighter vehicles from an That's a better outcome. According to outcome. According to the website, drif drive, the top 5 selling cars for private buyers in Australia are: All are 4 cylinders and all are subject to the weight tax. An tax. An environmentally friendly petrol hybrid, Prius l be taxed at the same level as a V8 Falcon. I would have thought that the Government would Government would have been subsidising the car subsidising the car because people would be doing pollution. The Transport Minister seems to think the Getz will get off scot-free A Hyundai Getz, for example, weighs in that 975kg. There is no increase. But the Hyundai website which the weight as more tonne. The Premier also struggled with the figures. struggled with the figures. She couldn't say how many taxpayer dollars have been spent dollars have been spent on the CBD Metro project, scrapped yesterday. I will give you that figure. I don't that figure with me now. It's estimated to be more than $250 million. Also scrapped was the scrapped was the West Petro. $90 million in federal funding may have to be returned, butt the Premier again will the Premier again will ask for more for the more for the new Western Express We've had a number of good discussions with the Commonwealth. But does the local member think winner? Let's see. Let's see. But I think it is. The Premier has 13 months to convince more than her Caucus. Portugal has declared three days of mourning for victims mourning for victims of Madeira's devastating floods and and mudslides. The island's death toll stands at 42, but officials are warning that's likely to rise. Heavy rain has unleashed muddy torrents which swamped the streets of the capital. Hundreds of capital. Hundreds of people are homeless and after by the military at workers are still searching through piles of mud and debris in the hope of finding survivors. The airport re-opened, allowing tourists who were trapped to leave. It sounded like the ground was shaking, sounded like We couldn't work out why We couldn't work out why and then realised it was the force of the water coming through culvert. More emergency teams are on the way from the mainland to help with mainland to help with the relief effort. There is hope that the 7-year long conflict in Darfur could coming to an end thanks coming to an end thanks to a ceasefire deal. The ceasefire deal. The Sudanese Government and Darfur's most powerful rebel group signed preliminary agreement at preliminary agreement at the weekend which includes a It followed talks It followed talks between the two sides hosted by two sides hosted by the President of neighbouring Chad who has been trying to improve strained The Sudanese people and the community, the people of

and all of us must be happy that peace and happiness is coming back. At a rally of supporters, Omar al-Bashir, announced he was commuting death for 100 rebels. The security and refugees in security and refugees in Qatar later this week. To finance now and it was a good day for the share market with buyers out in force here and around Asia. as Alan Kohler reports, the Australian dollar also jumped Australian dollar also jumped With today's 1.6% grape, the All Ords is All Ords is now 5.5% higher than the low of a fortnight ago and and has now recovered exactly 50% of the January correction, so I'm calling it - the Greek share market tragedy is over, although Greece's problems not. Stand by now for the Spanish flu or maybe it will be graphs are a couple of perspectives on why the US Government is Government is having huge deficits and having the books again. This shows the books again. This shows the spending in America since spending in America since 1970 compared to the growth in household 32%. Something is out there. This shows households and benefits see, there has always been a big gap with than going out in benefits. the American people are effectively getting their government for free. They're getting more back than paying out. Wall paying out. Wall Street provided no provided no hint on Friday that share markets would start the week with a roar, but that's what happened in Asia Share prices in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea were all Kong and Korea were all up by more than 2% and the oil more than 2% and the oil price in Asia has jumped more than 2% as well. Here are some of as well. Here are some of the highlights from the local market today. Wesfarmers' shares continued to surge after results, but apart results, but apart from that, the usual suspects. Rees sources and banks all between 2 and 3% and rose. Finally the Australian dollar has bounced back dollar has bounced back above US 90 cents, more than That's finance. Housing affordability in Australia crashed in three months of 2009 according Association. A perfect storm Association. A perfect storm of higher interest rates, rising home prices and the withdrawal of the Government's stimulus measures saw affordability plunge in the December quarter. The peak housing body says it is unlikely to get better. Affordability will decline back down to the decline back down to the low times that we had in 2008 and the reason for this, of course s that interest rates will be higher and house price also only be pushing only be pushing higher over 2010. Affordability deteriorated in all capital cities and Canberra has falls. The Federal Government's plan to block a selection of websites from being accessed Australia looks set to go ahead as early as next month. Once introduced, the filter will be mandatory and bring the Internet in line with other forms of media, but the proposal has been compared controversial Internet restrictions in places China, and has sparked heated debate about censorship, government censorship, government control and the protection of children. I am concerned with the content that is content that is coming through the Internet at the moment. Yep Mainly because I am an addict of porn. Unlike addict of porn. Unlike other media print, media, cetera, this black list not be made public I don't think the Government should mandating to us. Talkback mandating to us. Talkback radio and blogs have been running hot on the Government's proposed Internet filter. Civil libertarians say it's dangerous censorship, akin to that of the Chinese Government It's mandatory, the mandatory, the build of a sensorship system that we to have to trust every government forever forever once it's in. Child protection protection agencies vehemently disagree. We're disagree. We're not talking about censorship. We're talking about protecting children sexual exploitation. IiNet has been a vocal opponent, withdrawing withdrawing its support from the recent government trial. It raised concerns about which so-called so-called unwanted material might be blocked. The Government insists the ax of the filter is to block material Australia on television, film and in print. It includes child pornography, child pornography, sexual violence and instructions crime. For most Australians, the Labor Government says there will be no noticeable difference. providers will install providers will install the filter to block websites listed on a black list which created by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. I would rest knowing that they can't access that sort of thing. Unlike other media censorship , the sites being blocked won't made public. Interpend commissioned by the Government claims claims the filter also be 100% accurate and accurate and won't significantly slow down the Internet, but it proves Internet users can easily get around them National Party with a technical capability of using the Internet search and find ways or forms of circumventing filtering. The reality is majority of people won't looking to looking to do that and won't want to do it. Any business that finds itself on the list has the right after list has the right after peel, but opponents shouldn't be there place. There is renewed uncertainty over next IPL Twenty20 cricket tournament. A security report has apparently advised cricket ters against playing in because of a group said to have links with al-Qaeda. While individual cricket ters way up the risks of subcontinent, the Commonwealth Games Association remains determined to send remains determined to send a team to New Delhi in October. Here is Peter Wilkins. This the state of play in India, heavy security before a one-day match. It is a cloud which will hover over major vents this TRANSLATION: Intelligence agencies are agencies are alert, district police are alert. We are

vigilant and ready to vigilant and ready to tackle any untoward interdents. Sean. Shaun Tait was at the Shaun Tait was at the top of is uncertain about the status of the IPL I'm not sure whose decision it is at the moment. I think we will find a bit more out tomorrow in this meeting. The Australian Players Association is considering a security report apparently advises players no the to tour. It will make a statement tomorrow. The international association acknowledges the threats. They are credible. The threats are threats. There threats. There are various security procedures security procedures and arrangements may be able to acceptable level those sort acceptable level those sort of threats. Australia's Commonwealth Games team is Commonwealth Games team is all systems go, believing will be more easily secured than the multicity

there was a situation that we could could not have an acceptable level of security, we certainly wouldn't be going, wouldn't be going, but that's not the case and we don't envisage case. Athletes will be able case. Athletes will be able to make their own decision to make their own decision to tour what will be a very Commonwealth Games landscape. That's what landscape. That's what probably concerns me in the mind, if it is a very high-level security, whether they're going to be able they're going to be able to athletes have had in the past. There was no gold medal at stake, but plenty of national pride between the United States huge home crowd was silenced early on, but Canada soon leveled the scores. COMMENTATOR: Scores! Team USA surge add head by two goals and kept Canadians at bay, thanks to the hero ygs of goalie Ryan Miller. A late goal gave the a 5-3 win and a place in

months ago, Bode Miller he is celebrating a gold medal performance. After bombing out in Turin 4 years ago, the American skier finally broke through with slalom run in the super-combined. Even had to wait for the last competitor Scott Kneller was Australia's best performer of the finishing 7th in the ski cross. All ski cross. All square, one to play. bounced back from bounced back from Friday's shock defeat in Liverpool to Second Test. Kate Beveridge led the shooters with the shooters with 31. Natalie Medhurst shot 22. Medhurst shot 22. The series decider will be decided in London tomorrow. After London tomorrow. After a triumphant night for the 'The Hurt Locker' at Britain's major film awards. The Iraqi war movie picked movie picked up 6 of its 8 BAFTA BAFTA nominations including best film and best just would like to just would like to dedicate this to never abandoning need to find a resolution need to find a resolution for peace. Jonathan peace. Jonathan Biggins's ex-husband, James Cameron, only won two 'Avatar'. The sci-fi epic won the the major gongs oh gold again gloks. Carey Mulligan won gloks. Carey Mulligan won best actress for 'An Education' actress for 'An Education' and Colin Firth took out best actor Man'. Mer sis teps has paid off for one young Australian movie-maker. Sydneysider Forsythe has taken the top prize in this year's in his 10th attempt. His winning film about a shock jock was inspired life radio dramas of Kyle Sandilands. Abe Forsythe was just 16 when Tropfest bug and Tropfest bug and started making zany 7-minute films. 10 years on, he got the top on, he got the top prize I never thought I would say, "Thank "Thank you Kyle Sandilands." Earlier in the night, the Earlier in the night, the 16 finalists Hollywood treatment on the Hollywood treatment on the red carpet and honoured by some of the best coming with their wish lists to judge their work. I guess originalty, believing the acting. Tens of Domain and at live sites around the country. Picnicking the country. Picnicking film lovers and celebrities alike made up the could hope for It's huge. Nothing bigger they where Australia and no other opportunity to have your film screened to an audience that actually wants to see the film. Tropfest has evolved into a phenomenon that embraces all new technologies and just about anybody to make a movie. This movie. This film, 'Missing You', won a new category films made on a mobile phone. It was a It was a perfect moonlit evening, and and prizes galore. I just and prizes galore. I just think that women need to get there and make great and it's so totally accessible. After 10 short films, Abe films, Abe Forsythe is not planning to return No, definitely the wants to go the wants to go the other way. And now with a look at now with a look at today's weather, here is weather, here is Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia and

good evening. On see scattered cloud crossing New South Wales and thick cloud covers the Gulf and Cape York. Both cloud bands are associated with a pressure systems, around us is weakening will be replaced by a high will be replaced by a high that is krptly moving eastwards through the Bight. The new rain gauge at our hasn't had any water in if nothing falls tonight t remain dry for a Australia tomorrow: Then, it Then, it will be the coolest morning since early December. 10-26 on Wednesday, deal for a morning walk, the Commonwealth Park starting at 7 avment avment mvpt with a Barbie to follow. So, virgin ya, not a bad way to start the it's for a good cause. And the flower, gar dep, gar dep, too, crepemyrtle. Thanks, Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight - the Opposition has called for Peter Garrett's resignation over Garrett's resignation over the scrapped home insulation scheme, but the Environment Minister is still hanging onto his job. And the ACT Government has ordered an has ordered an external review offal gayses of bullying Canberra Hospital's maternity unit. That's ABC Report' coming up next. Enjoy

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Welcome to the program. For

Environment Minister Peter

Garrett, today was a

white-knuckle ride amid

mounting calls for his scalp as

turmoil over his suspended Home

Insulation Program shows no

sign of abating. A

parliamentary inquiry heard today that the Environment

Department did not have the

regulatory framework within which to police safety

requirements and that up to a

quarter of a million homes

either have a sub-standard

insulation or are downright

dangerous. More questions

remain about what happens to

more than 6,000 businesses that rely on the Home Insulation

Program and up to 14,000 people

employed by them. Mr Garrett

toughed out a censure motion in

Parliament, but despite a public backing from the Prime