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(generated from captions) Breaking his silence... I am deeply

sorry for my irresponsible and

selfish behaviour... Tiger Woods

addresses the world's media.

Cannonisation confirmed - Mary

MacKillop will be Australia's first

saint. And Torr-ific, Aussie

snowboarder Torah Bright celebrates

her Olympic gold medal this

Saturday, 20 February 2010. This

program is captioned live.

Live from Brekkie Central, here is

Samantha and Larry. It has been

almost three months since Tiger

Woods' live unraveled before the

eyes of the world. Now for the

first time he has broken his

silence. It was a very carefully

managed media conference. It was.

He said he was sorry and he has let

everyone down. He has promised to

continue undergoing therapy for sex

addiction and while he admitted he

wants to return to golf he is not

sure when. Above all he wants his

wife and family left alone. Don't

like the chances of that. We have

complete coverage this morning. It

begins right now with the 7am news.

Good morning. The fallen golfing

superstar has confessed he was

unfaithful and had numerous affairs.

He has spoken about the scandal

that rerail -- derailed his career

for the first time apologising to

his wife, children and fans.. I am

deeply sorry for my irresponsible

and selfish behaviour. With those

words Tiger Woods sought to repair

the damage done to his marriage and

career. Wife Elin was not there as

her husband confessed his sins

saying ego drove him to seek out

women. I felt I was entitled.

Thanks to money and fame I didn't

have to go far to find them. For

the first time he spoke about the

Thanksgiving Day day crash that

prompted as many as 18 women to

speak out claiming affairs with the

billionaire golfer. I got nothing

out of this relationship but a

broken heart. He did not say what

caused the accident, only what

didn't. Elin never hit me that

night or any other night. There has

never been an episode o domestic

violence in our marriage - ever.

Elin has shown enormous grace and

poise throughout this ordeal. No

date was set to return to golf, the

disgraced face of the sport says he

is looking forward to returning to

the course and his friends but

first he is returning to

rehabilitation. It is hard to admit

that I need help. There was a

special apology reserved for Saying

toer's underage fans and parents

who thought he was a good role

model and there was the promise of

a future life of integrity. With or

without Elin remains unknown, some

somethings are still private he

says. Please leave my wife and kids

alone. No questions were allowed.

After finishing his 15 minute

speech he embraced his mother and

sobbed. I am truly sorry. Now to

the day's other news. The Pope has

confirmed Australia is getting our

first saint. Overnight pect

declared the bless Ed Mary

MacKillop will be canonised in

sainthood this October 101 years

after the nun's death. The long-

awaited announcement was maid at a

meeting of cardinals at the Vatican.

I think believers and non-believers

back in Australia will be delighted

as this news unfolds because she is

regarded as a people's saint. Mary

has been credited with two miracles,

including cureing a New South Wales

woman of cancer. A man is dead and

as many as four children are

recovering after fire gutted a

house south-west of Melbourne. The

family's father returned home to

Colac last night finding the house

engulfed in flames. Neighbours

managed to save children trapped

inside but when firefighters put

the blaze out they discovered the

body of a man naidged his 30s. The

arson squad is investigating. An

accused child rapist has been

arrested in western Sydney as the

victim's family jeered. A member of

the public spotted the 20-year-old

suspect at North St Marys and

called police who hauled him away

about 7 o'clock last night. The 8-

year-old victim's family say they

are relieved. On behalf of my

family and my mum I thank the

community for putting this dog

where he belongs. He should stay in

jail for the rest of his life and

rot in hell. The man is being

charged with a string of offences

including three counts of raping a

child under ten. One of the world's

largest cruise ships has been

bathed in pink, a spectacular sight

in Sydney Harbour overnight, all in

the name of charity. The Queen

Victoria was covered in pink lights

while playing host to the breast

cancer Foundation's launch. In

finance news the Dow Jones

currently 15 points stronger, the

Nasdaq is up 3, in lob don't the

FTSE gained 33 points.

Now with sport here is Simon.

Good morning. Former St Kilda

captain Luke Ball has starred

against his old side in round one

of the NAB Cup but he could not

stop Collingwood from losing by a

point on a dodgy Etihad surface.

The saints star had this kick with

less than 30 seconds to go. He

converted and while much of the

talk was about Ball, current

saint's skipper Nick Reiwoldt was

more concerned about the state of

the ground that was blamed on the

act concert. You don't have to go

to Alice spring there now. That is

a fair incentive but the oval there

might have been in better condition

than this one. Riewoldt kicked four

goals in the 100 points to 99 win.

While almost 30,000 turned up for

that pre-season footy clash across

town at the MCG only 15,000 watched

Australia crush the West Indies

again. The visitors were boultd out

as they struggled to compete with

the Australian's total of 324.

Until last night the lowest MCG

crowd for a one-dayer between these

two sides was 19,000 and that was

26 years ago. The sellout sign will

be up for Sunday's Twenty20 match

in Hobart. The Queensland Reds have

ended an 11-year drought against

the crew saiders with a convincing

21 point win. Quade Cooper shrugged

off his off season distractions.

The first of his two tries helped

the Reds to a lead at half time.

Sadly Reds captain James Horwill

was a forced from the field early

in the second half. It did not

affect the result as Cooper sealed

the Reds first win of the season

and took his personal tally to a

club record 31 points. Australian

snowboarding gold medallist Torah

Bright says putting aside the

disappointment of her first run was

the key to her victory in Vancouver.

I can't change what happened. It

was horrible. I thought I am going

to have some fun and go do it and I

did it. She is the second Aussie

medallist in Vancouver after Dale

Begg-Smith won silver in the men's

moguls. The wol long gong Hawks are

one victory away from the grand

final after a victory over the

Townsville Crocodiles at WIN

Entertainment Centre last night.

Game two of the best of three

series is in townsville on

Wednesday. Sammy, you have a bit of

a Torah connection. She is a Cooma

girl and I grew up near there. We

are family friends. She is a lot

younger -- younger than I am, she

is 23 but her eldest brother was in

my year at primary school. If you

have seen Sammy pop a helly off a

moggy you would know the connection

is great. It would be a proud day

tore mountains and Australia. I

cannot pop a moggy. Let's go to the

weather now with James Tobin. He is

in Adelaide for a very big event.

He has had a faceshift. What is

going on? Beep beep, beep beep.

That is about the height of it this

morning. Good quality stuff. We are

starting with real champagne

television. That was the first time

in the life of my television career

where I was about to sneeze just

before we went on air. I saved it

so I probably shouldn't have

brought it up but I did. Let's move

on. I am in Adelaide for the Fringe

Festival it is fantastic. This

event is huge. That is the biggest

party in Adelaide for year and last

night was the pinnacle, the launch

of the garden of unearthly delights

which is where I am today.

Throughout the 24 days of the

fringe festival, it is over three

weeks, there are 700 acts, 1,120

comedians. You can see singers,

comedians, you can see puppet try,

circus acts, you might see a pink

dog, all sorts of things. I will

run you through it throughout the

morning. Let's have a run through

today's weather Australia.

Now this, is a very unscrupulous

ring master indeed. Jimmy, why

Demani? Because I need a lot of

money. You are a dodgy circus troop

from Brisbane. I wouldn't say too

dodgy, but, yes. I have spoken to

your people they have told me you

are dodgy. Can you tell me about

the pink dog? She is a dynamic,

performing GAZing poodle. She may

be my pet by the end of the day.

Poly, the other part of rollie

polely. I will be back in half an

hour with more weather.

Where do you find these people.

From pink dogs to crying tigers,

after the break the story of the

day. I knew my actions were wrong

but I convinced myself that normal

rules didn't apply. Tiger talks next.


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It is quarter past seven, it is the

biggest news story in the world

this morning. Hours ago disgraced

golfing legend Tiger Woods maid his

first public appearance in nearly

three months. For all that I have

done I am so sorry.

done I am so sorry. I have a lot to

atone for. I knew my actions were

wrong but I convinced myself that

normal rules didn't apply. I never

thought about who I was hurting,

instead I thought only about myself.

I ran straight through the

boundarys that a married couple

should live by. I thought I could

get away with whatever I wanted to.

I thought they had worked hard my

entire life and deserved to enjoy

all the temptations around me. I

felt I was entitled thanks to money

and fame I didn't have far to - I

didn't have to go far to find them.

I was wrong, I was foolish. I don't

get to play by different rules. The

same boundarys that apply to

everyone apply to me. There are

many people in this room and there

are many people at home who

believed in me. Today I want to ask

for your help. I ask you to find

room in your heart to won day

believe in me again -- one day

believe in me again. Our reporter

is at Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida

where he gave the statement. He

seemed to apologise to a heck of a

lit of people, who was on his sorry

list? Who was not on his sorry list.

Like you say he pretty much

apologised to everyone. He said

sorry to his wife Elin, to their

children, to his mum, to Elin's

parents, to business associates and

fans, but he made a special point

of apologising to all of those

parents who over the years have

pointed to Tiger Woods as a role

model, have a listen. I hurt my

wife, my kids, my mother, my wife's

family, my friends, my foundation

and kids all around the world who

admired me. He discussed the night

of his car accident and reports

wife Elin had assaulted him, right?

He spoke very strongly about this

and some critics have said the

statement was a bit cold because he

didn't seem very emotional and this

is probably the time we saw the

most emotion. He was very angry and

said those stories had been

fabricated and that there had never

been an episode of domestic

violence if their marriage. He said

Elin should be praised and not

blamed for a the amount of brace

she sheas shown through the whole

or deal. Some people speculated

that Elin somehow hurt or attacked

me on Thanksgiving Day night. It

angers me that people would

fabricate a story like that. Elin

never hit me that night or any

other night. There has never been

an episode of domestic violence in

our marriage. You could tell

through the speech there was some

points that he got really hot about

and one of those was when he was

talking about his family? He

attacked the press for staking out

his house to try to get a picture

of him, his wife, his children, his

mother. He was particularly angry

about an incident where the press

followed his two-year-old daughter

being dropped off to school and

identified the school and its whereabouts. Some media

commentators said it was a bit rich

and kind of odd he included that in

a statement to apologise. Let's

listen to what he had to say about

it. They staked out my wife and

they pursued my mum. Whatever my

wrongdoings, for the sake of my

family, please leave my wife and

kids alone. What about his time in

rehabilitation, did he talk much

about that? He was quite open about

the fact that he spent 45 days as

an inpatient in therapy. He did not

specify what type of therapy. It

has been widely reported he has

been getting treatment for sex

addiction but he also said that in

some stage in 2 future he might

like to help other people facing

the same issues. Have a listen. It

is hard to admit that I need help

but I do. For 45 days from the end

of December to early February I was

in inpatient therapy receiving

guidance for the issues I am facing.

Of course he said he will return to

golf at some stage, we all expected

that. Who was in the audience, we

notice mum in the front row sitting

there with her arms crossed

listening very carefully. There

were about 40 people in the room,

business associates, friends, there

was a small pool of reporters.

Interestingly the golf writers

Association of America was invited

to put a couple of reporters in the

room. They actually declined

because they were so offended by

the no-questions policy but mum was

in the front row and when Tiger

finished the statement he waukd

over to her and gave her a big hug.

The notable absence was Elin.

People wondered if she would be

there standing by her man but she

wasn't. You can understand why

after everything she has been there

and especially with the intense

media focus on today. You have to

be honest with your mum sitting

there watching you. Has it been

well received? What are the cynics

on about? It is a bit of a mixed

review. Some people say - the

cynics say it was a bit of a

politician's speech. He was reading

a lot from his notes, the pregnant

pauses in all the right places.

They found it odd that he mentioned

the foundation - it seemed like a

bit of aned a. The fact that he did

not allow any questions, people

were going treat that with a bit of

scepticism but other people I have

spoken to, I spoke to one woman who

before she started watching it was

very anti-Woods but by the end of

the statement she was crying her

eyes out and said, "I feel so sorry

for him." A real mixed back. He

apologised to everybody in the

world except Sam and myself. We

will never forgive him for that.

Let's turn to the Vatican now. Pect

has confirmed Mary Mac coil lop --

MacKillop will be canonised. This

is really exsiding news for

Australians. It is what we have

been waiting for. Yes, it has

actually been a really, really long

journey for Mary MacKillop and her

supporters. I think it was 85 years

ago that this process for

canonisation started. It all came

to a climax earlier today Rome time

in that meeting with the Pope and

all the cardinals. It was quite a

moment to behold. Talk us through

the selection process. How did the

Pope arrive at this decision

overnight? You talk about a

selection process, it is not

exactly like picking somebody for a

footy team. It is fair to say that

the decision wasn't reached

overnight but it was something that

has happened since the confirmation

of the second miracle late last

year. Every cardinal in the world

had the opportunity to say

something about what they thought

of the character of Mary MacKillop

and all of those opinions were put

in the mix and form iced in that

ceremony Earl -- formalised in the

ceremony earlier today Rome time.

The canonisation will take place

later this year. Was it announced

in a formal ceremony in the

Vatican? Are you referring to the

canonisation process. The actual

announcement? That will happen on

October the 17th. It will happen on

October 17th here behind me in St

Peter's scare. It has a capacity

for 60,000 people, five other

saints will be canonised on that

day. Rome is just going to be a mad

city in the lead up to that day.

During that end tire week each of

those saints will have their own

celebrations and each of their own

devotees are wandering around Rome

looking for things to do and most

importantly looking for somewhere

to stay. It will be a huge time.

Very exciting news. Thank you for

bringing it to us today. Australia

is still celebrating this morn

morning after Torah Bright struck

gold at the Winter Olympics. Mark

Beretta is in Canada for us.

Beretts good morning. This was a

magical win for Torah. This was

pretty special and there are a lit

of Australians, as you know at

Whistler, a lit of keen

snowboarders and they are very

excited today as they were last

night about Torah Bright's gold

medal. This was a moment that was

five years in the making since her

fifth place in tore European that.

To goat the -- tour European no.

The get the -- Torino. She had a

difficult first run and at that

point people thought, "Maybe it is

beyond Torah." But she came back in

that final run. The switch backside

720, you have to remember a lit of

the guys aren't doing this trick

and Torah Bright pulled it off. She

was magnificent. The good thing

about her gold medal is we are now

13th - Australia - on the medal

tally. We are above great winter

sports nations like Italy and Great

Britain. This has rulely put

Australia on the Winter Olympics

map. We have the women's aerials

still to come. Tomorrow we have two

woman in action there. We have two

so far. That is our best ever

result. Anything from now on is

just superb. I'm sure you can't

here us but thank you very much.

They have been following every day

he has been there. Coming up why

most parents think it is OK to

smack their kids but Britney Spears

heads to court again. Next news,

sports and weather together. This

is Weekend Sunrise on Saturday.

Give me an S, give me an A, give me

an M. Sammy's cheer squad outside.

Rockest steaded for doing their own

thing. We have just been told they

are campaigning to get rockest

steaded for back in the plaza. We

will frock up and get out there

with our polls polls soon. I &

frocked up, I'm ready to go. The

dangers of mobile phones, could

your handset be stressing you out.

Why the BlackBerry is making you

the crackberry. Then Britain's

answer to the Oscars, who will take

top honours at this year's BAFTA.

Let's get a news hit. Tiger Woods

has made a public apology for his

string of affairs and flagged a

career revival but demanded the

media leave his family alone. The

fallen golfing superstar says he is

in rehabilitation and wants to

atone for his mistakes. I brought

this shame on myself. I hurt my

wife, my kids, my mother, my wife's

family, my friends, my foundation

and kids all around the world who

admired me. He blamed his ego and

lifestyle of fame and riches for

driving him to seek out women.

Tiger says they were never far away.

He would not reveal if his marriage

can be patched up or when he will

return to the golf course. The

bless Ed Mary MacKillop will be

Australia's first saint. The Pope

has confirmed overnight that she

will be canonised in October. She

died in 1909 and is credited with

two miracles. There have been angry

scenes in Sydney's west as police

arrested a man accused of the

abduction and rape of an 8-year-old

girl. Locals hurled abuse at the

20-year-old as officers led him

away after he was caught in North

St Marys last night. He has been

charged with kidnap and three

counts of sexual assault and will

face court later today.

Police in Wagga Wagga in the

state's south have maid a fresh

appeal to help catch the about buck

tore of a 6-year-old girl who has

been on the run for five days.

Officers will park a Hilux ute

similar to the one used in the

kidnapping in the town's centre in

the hope it will jog someone's

memory. Environment minister Peter

Garrett is refusing to say how long

he sat on a report warning his

insulation rebate scheme was

dangerous, expensive and lacked

oversight. The controversial scheme

was axed yesterday with the

government admitting as many as

152,000 homes aren't safe. The

risks that are identified in this

program cannot be managed to an

acceptable level. A new scheme with

a rebate through Medicare won't

start until June and ensue lay

tores have warned they will be

forced to sack staff. Prince

William has posed for a charity

shoot to raise money for the

homeless with the future king even

taking a turn behind the lens

himself. The photographer used to

sleep on the streets and convinced

the prince to take part in the

shoot. That is really nice. If you

crop this like this. Why it is so

good. I think because you feel like

he is actually talking to you with

his eye. The photos go on show in

London next month. Our cricketers

have extended their summer winning

street to 14 matchs with a crushing

125 run victory over the West

Indies in the fifth one-dayer at

the MCG. After posting a huge 324

the Aussies dismissed the visitors

for just 199 in the 37th over. It

secured a 4-nil series clean sweep

after the third game was washed out.

The teams will now play two

Twenty20 matches starting in Hobart

tomorrow. The AFL's expansion into

greater western Sydney continues

together when the swans take on

Carlton in round one of the NAB Cup.

Last night Collingwood almost puld

off a remarkable comeback Benz the

Saints. The Pies traild by as much

as 44 points in the third turn and

hit the front with three minutes to

go. St Kilda stole a one-point win

off Adam Schneider's group with 340

seconds left. The Queensland Reds

have ended an 11-year drought

against the Crusaders in super

rugby with a 40-21 win at Suncorp

stadium last night. The victory

came at a cost as the skipper

limped off with a potentially

season-ending knee injury. Quade

Cooper scored a Queensland rort of

31 points to help the Reds to their

first win of the season.

Australia's newest Olympic gold

medallist tore are bright hopes her achievement will inspire more

Aussie girls to dream big. I hope

that every young Aussie girl can

kind of take from this and see that

it doesn't matter where you are

from, you know what you, do

whatever you dream, whatever you

want to do you can go and do.

Bright is the first Australian to

win gold at Vancouver after Dale

Begg-Smith won silver in the men's

moguls. We are off to Adelaide now.

Somehow this cross looking?

You will see. It is the Adelaide

Fringe Festival and it is the

biggest event to hit Adelaide.

March is called manic March, mega

March, mayhem March, all sorts of

stuff happening. One of the big

ones is the Adelaide Fringe

Festival it is in its biggest year.

Four years ago you might have met

this man. He performed his rap show.

Four years ago it was about Darwin

and evolution. To explain your

story you studied medieval

literature I did, yes And now what

do you do? Now I have a show called

the rap guide to evolution which

explains all of Charle's Darwin

theory threw hip hop story telling,

rap and spoken word. So far are we

beating the kids half an hour ago?

You have topped it mate. Can you

ask him what rhymes with Galapagous.

How does he fit that in the rap.

When I am wrapping this rhyme right

now and I might have to take it

back to the Galapagous. Yes, my

wraps are imaginative. Don't ask

him anything else. Would you like

another question Sam? No, no, it is

fine. Do the weather. We will see a

bit more in just a moment but with

weather time. Easterly winds along

the east coast will bring isolated

showers to the northern tropics. A

trough over the country's south

should stimulate hot weather ahead

of a cool change. In the capital

cities Scotland -- :

I specifically put Darwin at the

end there because Darwin is what

you rap about. The please take the

floor Welcome to Sunrise if you

want a show with... Our audio won't

come on either. How long has jailed

been working in television. Did he

forget the microphone. He is still

going. There will be some people

that think it sounds better that

way. Thank you. Darwin's silent

period. Up soon, mobile stress, we

all use them except James. Could

your phones be doing more harm than

good. After the break, Britain's

answer to the Oscars, the BAFTAs

are next.. We will do the whole show like that.

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I knew my actions were wrong but I

convinced myself that normal rules

did not apply. I never thought

about who I was hurting, instead, I

thought only about myself. Tiger

Woods addressing the world media

overnight. We will return to

Florida shortly. We have the AFIs,

America has the Oscars and Englands

that BAFTAs. It is the annual award

ceremony for entertainment. This

weekend the red carpet is being

rolled out for the world's best

actors. Our UK correspondent is in

London. Good morning guys, we are

about to reach here in the UK at

least the seven knit of black

slapping season, if you like, it is

the time when we give out the gongs

and the frocky horrors make the red

carpet. We are talking of course

BAFTAs and it is the UK versus the

US. The highest grossing film of

all time versus a couple of British

efforts. Going to the BAFTAs is the

highest honour of the year. It is a

real prifthrodge be here. Heath

Ledger. Marion Cotillard It is my

honour to say the winner is... A

star-studded gala for your

favourite stars. This year the

competition is fierce. What are you

doing on Friday? Going to school. I

meant in the evening. Of course.

Nothing. British film, "An

Education" leads the charge with

eight nominations including best

picture and best actress for Carey

Mulligan. Aren't you coming? We

don't go. In What are you talking

about? Why don't you go and get a

nice cup of tea somewhere. Helen

will look after you. I don't need

looking after. I will not tell you

a second time. Can this film reign

over the Hollywood blockbuster

"Avatar". They grow them from human

DNA mixed with DNA of the natives.

I don't - I don't ever process this

will ever happen. There is a part

of me that thinks I will not live

long enough to get the movie done

it is such an arduous process. I

never visualise myself standing

here. The film has eight come

nations and has the top golden gone

under its belt. I thought this was

camp libty. They changed this about

a week ago. Victory sounded better.

This year's dark horse is the hurt

lock error. Its star is up against

George Clooney. Ah many hooks you

up with lovely things. They face

stiff competition from British

actor Colin Firth for his role in

"A Single Man". It would not be OK

with me so why don't you shut up

and go and change the record. Meryl

Streep bon a BAFTA in 1982. She has

been nominated a further nine times

and this year she is up again for

her performance in "Julie and

Julia". What is it that you really

like to do? Eat. And you are so

good at it. I am growing in front

of you. I was not interested in

cooking at all so I looked at it

from the entertainment point of

view. Especially if it is a sort of

loose mass like - that did not go

very well. So there you go. It

promises to be a star studded event

here in London town as long as the

weather and smog clears. No

sunshine for us when they roll out

the red carpet this weekend. A

couple of glaring omissions have to

be said. Dame Helen Mirren

unfortunately has been snubbed this

year, no nomination for her despite

the fact she has an Oscar unanimous

nation. Emily Blunt has been

overlooked as well. I will not lie

to you either, I am a little pained

to admit I have been overlooked by

the academy once again. No gong for me.

Not again. Richard Arnold reporting

there from London. In In our next

hour why you are what you drink.

Next, communication overLloyd, how

your mobile phone could be killing you with stress. WOMEN: (SING) # Ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah, ah WOMAN: (SINGS) # Shaping into something beautiful # Got your heart in my hands # Shaping into something wonderful

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People driving a short distance to work

or parking in secure parking or dropping the kids off. People leaving their cars at home and catching the trains, buses, trams, ferries, or riding bikes, even skateboards. How would you come up with an insurance premium for these people? At Youi, how you use or don't use your car affects how much you pay.

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We use mobile phones every day,

they are a tool of convenience, our

communication gate way. New

research suggests they are

destroying our lives - we were

talking about this last night -

smart phones could be making us

dumb. Phone calls, text messages,

emails, you can use your mobile for

just about anything, but at what

cost? A new study in the UK

confirms what many already thought,

they could be doing more harm than

good. It is big business, half the

world's population owns a mobile

phone but occupational

psychologists now believe the more

you use it the less productive you

are. The compulsive need to check

for texts and emails distracts us

from everyday task. The brack berry

makes us the crack beerry.

Unfinished work means an increase

in stress levels and anxiety. They

are hardly the convenience they

were designed for. Our gadget guy

is here. This research defines two

types of mobile users, what are

they? Unsurprisingly high and low.

Complicated. It is looking at what

the high users do and they will use

it almost 24/7, so it is on during

the commute to work, they bring it

home, so it is like they have no

off time. Whereas with the low user

it is a very defined limit to when

the phone is on as opposed to

having it on 24/7 over weekends

they will turn it off at specific

times and maybe even change their

voicemail message. Why are mobiles

causing so much stress? This study

did a number of things. It looked

at usage and what it found was that

executives that are locked into

using their phone are actually less

productive. Now, that is surprising

but on a task that - compared to

low users on a simple as thek that

should have taken about 20 minutes

they took three times longer to

complete a simple task. That causes

anxiety. They find their

concentration is not there because

they are spending so much time on

the phone or texting or on the web

via the phone. That is the problem.

If you are so obsessed with your

phone the whole time it will affect

your relationships isn't it? Work

/life balance is completely skew

whiff. If your partner is dragged

away constantly by the phone it

will affect your work/life balance.

It is an umbilical cord the work

and you are taking it home with you.

In family time and weekend time you

are in real trouble. The family

feels isolated because you are

still at work. It is a good result

for the boss and the company

because you are always in contact.

So on that, do companies issuing

phones to their workers have a

responsibility in this area.

Psychologists are suggesting that

it is exactly what companies should

do. They should post limits so

after 6 o'clock turn the phone off

if you are with the family, on

weekends, have it on, collect your

messages and if something is really

important then come back to it but

don't leave the phone on all the

time. It is not a 24/7 operation.

That is the whole thing. There is a

responsibility by the employers to

ensure their employees aren't going

nuts with their connected phones.

Besides turning it off, what can

you do to ease your mobile usage?

Screening? We love screening.

Screening I think is really

important but also there is anxiety,

like people kind of measure their

worth by the number of fond calls

they get. So it is kind of breaking

that nexus that exists in having it

on all the time. Turn the phone off

when you are sleeping is really

important. Let people know when you

are unveilable. Say after 6 ou

can't get me or after you can't get

me. You should also set your

voicemail to explain that you are

not contactable but you will be

picking up voicemail messages. Good

tips.Ful only Tiger Woods heard you

give us all those tips beforehand.

Good old Tiger. Now, coming up... I

ask you to find room in your heart

to one day believe in me again.

Tiger talks - don't know about that.

This morning's media conference

coming up next. Nothing satisfies like a $7 Subway foot long sub. Choose from six mouth-watering subs, then fill her up with salad and sauces. $7 Subway foot long subs - great value every day. Subway - eat fresh.

VOICEOVER: Look around you on any normal day. People driving a short distance to work or parking in secure parking or dropping the kids off.

People leaving their cars at home and catching the trains, buses, trams, ferries, or riding bikes, even skateboards. How would you come up with an insurance premium for these people? At Youi, how you use or don't use your car affects how much you pay. It's smarter and it could save you lots. Call 13-YOUI or go to

WOMEN: (SING) # Ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah, ah WOMAN: (SINGS) # Shaping into something beautiful # Got your heart in my hands # Shaping into something wonderful # Got your heart in my plans # Just feelin' warm inside # Ooh, ooh # You'll start to feel it from the outside first # In my denim. #

coming up next. Let's go to

Hollywood now. Good morning Tom

Taylor. Rumour has it Britney

spears will appear in court today?

A couple of weeks ago Britney

Spears, and her father, he is the

leader of her affairs went behind

closed doors to speak with a judge

at which time Britney Spears

entered the courtroom looking

positive but she was really

struggling and emotionally upset

when exiting. This is when the

conservativeship was extended. She

wants to get back in with the judge

and meet with this judge privately

to discuss the future of her life.

You have to understand in 2008 she

had a meltdown at which time the

court stipulated or generated the

conservativeship where her father

controls every element of her life,

her personal life and her finances

and he profits to the tune of about

$16,000 American from her pocket

book to keep her on track. Now she

could have some concern about how

long this thing will last. She may

be itching. I called the court a

few minutes ago. We were about 30

minutes back from the court lunch

break and we will keep you updated

if Britney spears is on her way to

try to break out and get some

freedom. Colin Farrell has spoken

out about his personal life? You

know, one time a Hollywood bad boy

Colin far vel the proud father of a

six-year-old boy and a four nold

infant and she is basically saying

he used to enjoy drinking and he

began using alcohol at the age of

14 but he has totally given up the

bubbly and the party. He wants us

to know that his enjoyment for lie

big and wreck creation and fun

never really impacted his craft as

acting but he is a different man

now. When he is in a pub with his

friend after two hours he gets

bored. Really, poor thing. One of

Hollywood's most popular movie

franchises is getting a reboot? If

you are a tear are read fan you

will love this story, about 11 year

ace go on the big screen we saw the

motion picture American Pie. Then

we saw a remake bring in a lot of

box office take. Universal is

looking to not remake but revamp

the series and invite some of those

famous stars that we learned to

love there - they have all been

approached to kind of revamp the

seefrries and make more money in

box office stakes. They are cooking

up and slicing the commedy and

things are in the oven. Still one

of my favourite romantic commedies

of all time. This is Weekend

Sunrise achead this hour - breaking

his silence, Tiger Woods talks for

the first time about the scandal

that ruined his life. We will go

live to Florida in ten minutes.

What did he say at a world media

conference overnight. We have that

in the news. The disgraced sporting

legend has apologised to his wife,

children, sponsors and fans but

someone is furious at not getting a

mention. Watched on my his mother

Woods spoke for 15 minutes

admitting he cheated on his wife

numerous time. He says he is truly

sorry for his irresponsible and

selfish behaviour and promised to

atone. As Elin pointed out to me my

real pap follow her will not come

in the form of words. It will come

from my behaviour over time. One of

Tiger's alleged mistresss says the

other women in his life deserve

their own apology. I would be open

to a telephone apology from Tiger

but I really feel they deserve to

look at him in person, face-to-face,

in his eyes because I didn't

deserve this. Tiger Woods says he

plans to return to therapy and will

eventually make a golfing comeback.

It is now official, Australia is to

get our very first saint. Pect

confirmed last night at the Vatican

that is bless Ed mayor ry -- Mary

MacKillop will be canonised into

sainthood more than 100 years after

the saint pass aid way. I feel very

hummable to be the one to bring it

to conclusion because many people

have worked on this cause all those

years. The canonisation process

will take place in October and

follows the Catholic Church

crediting Mary with two miracles. A

father has died after father has died after running into

a fire in south-west Victoria to

save his children aged 5 to 15.

Tragically neighbours had already

rescued the kids from the blaze.

The house at Colac near Geelong was

engulfed in flames when the 37-

year-old arrived home early this

morning. Three of the children had

already been rescued and a fourth

was at a sleepover but neighbours

could not convince their dad they were safe and

were safe and he died in the fire.

A man has been charged with the

rape of an 8-year-old girl that

sparked a major man-hunt across

Sydney yesterday. The 20-year-old

was arrested last night after

trying to escape from police at

North St Marys. Locals yelled out

verbal abuse as police led him away.

A good job done by all. A good lot

of team work. He will face court

today charged with kidnapping and

sexual assault causing bodily harm.

A rort will -- report will be

prepared for the coroner after a

rock fisherman drowned off the New

South Wales Central Coast. The 28-

year-old was swept into the water

while fishing yesterday afternoon.

A life guard pulled him unconscious

from the water but he could not be

revived. In finance news just before Wall Streets close:

Now with sport here is Simon.

I want one of those drum roll

things that you got. It was very

special stkpwhrism the Aussies

flash thrash the West Indies again

last night as Doug Bollinger

continued his domination over Chris

Gayle. He dismissed him for the

fourth time in the one-day series.

King Bollinger gets Chris Gayle. At

the start of the tour Gail said he

did not know who Bollinger was. He

does now. He was the best of the

bowlers with three wickets as the

Aussies dismissed the Windies 125

short of the target. It completes a

4-0 series win for Australia.

Former St Kilda captain Luke Ball

has starred against his old side in

round one of the NAB Cup. He could

not stop Collingwood from losing by

a point an a dodgy Etihad Stadium

surface. Adam Schneider had this

kick with less than 30 seconds to

go and he was good for it. Much of

the talk was on Ball, current

Saints skipper Nick Reiwoldt was

more concerned about the state of

the ground which was blamed on the

act dx concerts during the week. --

AC/DC The oval in Alice sprinss

might have been in better condition

than the one here. Good to see

Richo on the mic there. This is

great news the Queensland Reds have

beaten the Crusaders for the first

time since 1999 celebrating a 41-20

win at Suncorp stadium last night.

Quade Cooper shrugged off his off

season distractions the first of

his two tries helping the Reds to a

lead at the break. Sadly the reds

captain was forced from the field

early in the second half with a

potentially season-ending knee

injury. It did not affect the

result as Cooper sealed the Reds

first win of the season and took

his personal tally to a club record

31 points. The V8s have raced under

lights for the first time in

supercar history in Abu derby. Full

coverage of race one on seven at

12.30. If I said the result I would

possibly be dead by if time of got

home. You would definitely get your

boom tish then. What is going on in Adelaide? The Adelaide Fringe

Festival is on at the moment. You

can see everything here in the

weird to the wonderful, the whacky,

the strong, seven circus trick

tease. These guys are amazing. It

is a 50 minute show and they go

like this non stop. There are three

of them. Have a look at this. That

poor girl. Look at the guy in the

back. Her name is Miss The ining.

The big guy is Mr Strong and

Gimegab is the guy up. There they

are circus trick tease. We will

chat with them in a moment but here is the weather.

Here we go. Ready? One, two and I'm

almost up. I'm up. Miss The ining,

it is good up here. It is good up

here. This show is incredible. Have

there been some serious accidents

because I am not feeling that safe.

We are very professional. We are

very good at what we do. Your show

is at 8.40 every night. Until the

28th. At the ring box theatre in

the garden of unearthly delights.

It has been an absolute pleasure. I

don't know how to get down but I

will work it out and see you back

here in half an four. After three

months of silence Tiger Woods has

finally fronted the world this

morning. US correspondent is

outside PGA head quarters in

Florida. Good morning, what did he

say? Sam, he was really upfront and

he talked tan mistakes he'd maid.

He did not make any excuses for his

behaviour. He made is point of

saying it was not Elin's fault he

had no one to blame but himself.

Have a listen. I was unfaithful. I

had affairs, I cheated. What I did

is not acceptable. I am the only

person to blame. It seems that he

is sorry to everybody. Yes, I think

I counted him saying sorry about

five times during the statement. He

apologised to Elin, his children,

his mum, Elin's parents, his fans,

his business associates but he made

a special point of apologising to

the parents who looked at him and

pointed him out as a role model to

their children for all those years.

I hurt my wife, my kids, my mother,

my wife's family, my friends, my

foundation and kids all arounded

the world who admired me. He

discussed the night of his car

accident and the reports that wife

Elin had assaulted him. What did he

say on that? He was very strong on

this point and really quite

emotional. He was angry that that

story had come out. He said there

had never been any episode of

domestic violence in their

relationship. He was angry that

Elin was maid to look bad and

basically said she deserves to be

praised and not blamed. She had

been gracious through this whole

ordeal. Some people speculated that

Elin somehow hurt or attacked me on

Thanksgiving Day night. It angers

me that people would fabricate a

story like that. Elin never hit me

that night or any other night.

There has never been an episode of

domestic violence in our marriage.

Now he hinted that he will be

returning to golf but he said not

before he is finished in

rehabilitation. He is going back to

rehabilitation? Yeah, he admitted

that he'd spent 45 days as an

inpatient getting therapy. He

didn't specify what for. We know it

has been rorted that he was getting

treatment for sex addiction. He

says he is going in tomorrow for

more therapy but he also hinted

that he could be making a return to

golf this year. It is hard to admit

that I need help but I do. For 45

days from the end of December to

early February I was in inpatient

therapy receiving guidance for the

issues I am facing. Now, we saw

Tiger's mum front and centre in the

front row at the press conference

not looking too happy at times, as

you would imagine. She has now

spoken to reporters, is that right?

Yes, and we saw Tiger go over to

her at the end of the statement and

give her a very long hug. She did

not look too happy the whole time.

You would have to think it would be

a very uncomfortable situation

seeing your son up there in front

of those people and making those

confessions. She came out

afterwards and said she has never

been prouder to be his mum. She is

angry at the media for making him

out to be a cll and says he has a

very good heart and soul. What is

the mood? What are Americans saying

in do they think 4 is sincere when

he comes out sane says these

things? It has been a bit divide.

On talk back radio people have been

ringing up and saying the fact that

he would not take questions at this

press conference is a sign of

arrogance and it is that whole

controlling thing he has a

reputation for. Some people have

said they did not find the

statement very genuine at all.

Other people have been moved by it.

Even some reporters who followed

him on the circuit for many years

say this is the way Tiger always

does his press conferences. The

fact he was not taking questions,

it was is first step, we should let

him if that moment when he will

make this statement and he will

face the press later on. He will be

haunted by the questions until he

answers them. It is a mixed

reaction to the statement today. As

you would imagine. Thanks. Let's go

to the Vatican where the Pope

confirmed overnight that Mary

MacKillop will become a saint.

Sister Maria Casey is with the

Sisters of St Josephed toer founded

by MacKillop and she joins us now.

Good morning to you or good evening

from Rome. What a special day. It

is possible to tell us how special

this day is for you? It is a

wonderful culmination of a long,

long process. A process that has

taken 85 years and it is absolutely

wonderful to see it come to a

conclusion. It has been quite an

amaze process. Talk us through the

Pope's decision today. What factors

were at play in reaching this announcement?

announcement? The process began

after the beatification and in

finding the miracle, which was 2

main component leading to today's

decision, so doctors had to give

their verdict, then thee loingians

and cardinals and bishops and then

just prior to today there were all

the cardinals around the world had

the opportunity of making a comment.

So all those together came to the

conclusion that Mary MacKillop was

inseed worthy to be a saint in the

Catholic Church. I was listening to

some talk back... It is a wonderful

decision. I was talking to all the

talkback radio stations on the way

in this morning and everyone is

talk about this. What does this

sainthood actually mean for

Australians? I think it means that

Australia has come of age in the

Catholic sphere in that one of its

own in a climate and environment

that was extremely difficult, 50

years after the nounding of the

colonies -- founding of the

colonies that one of their own

could reach holiness and be a holy

person as well Australia a person

that did streertly things in her

lifetime. -- extraordinary things

in her lifetime. Thank you for

joining us. We are looking forward

to October 17, the big day. Thanks

for your time this morning. Thank

you very much. We look forward to

it. Well, my favourite story of the

day, Aussie snowboarder Torah

Bright is celebrating after winning

gold in the half pipe at the Winter

Olympics. She joins us now live

from Vancouver. Good morning, huge

congratulations, how are you

feeling? I'm feeling great. It's -

waking up this morning was

wonderful seeing the sun come

through the windows and ready to

start a busy day. You have me

interviewing a Cooma girl so it is

all very low call. Describe the

moment that you actually won, what

went through your head when you

looked at the scoreboard and

realised the gold was yours? At

that moment Benny just hugged me

and everybody just hugged me. It

was kind of, "Yes, yes, we did it."

It was a feeling of satisfaction. I

was just so excited to see my

family in the crowd cheering me on.

It was just the greatest experience.

When you spend all these years

train doing you go to the games

expecting to win or do you sort of

just go to have a go. How do you

mentally go into the games? Going

into any event I go into it wanting

to ride my best and do my best,

whether that is win, lose or draw.

I know that Ied that ability on my

snowboard to be on the podium here

but it was just a matter of it all

working out on that one day - that

one day every four years. I was

just thrilled to be able to put it

down. I knew if I put that run down

there is a good chance I would be

on the top of the pod judgment.

Your parents surprised you, they

turned up and you didn't know they

were there. What an extra-special

dfr after you had won the gold you

found out they were in the crowd.

You have obviously been celebrating

with them? Yeah, that was an

incredible moment then because we

are all so excited that I'd

actually landed that last run and

we were in first position and

looking good and then my brother

points up and he is like, "Mum and

dad are up there." I burst into

fear tears. I could not believe it.

It was an incredible night all

round. It is fantastic. You have

done us all so proud. You have a

very good reputation. You are known

as a very good quiet girl, there is

reporting that you don't drink, you

don't smoke, you are getting

married later on this year. What is

your - you are a very good role

model for young women, what is your

advice to young girls in

particular? I guess my parents,

when growing up, they felt that

they taught us correct principles

and now they say we govern

ourselves by them. I have chosen to

live this way and not participate

in drinking and smoking and all of

that and so I guess my advice would

be just - you don't have to follow

and do what everybody else is doing,

you can assess everything and, you can assess everything and, you

know, make your own judgments for

how you want to live y