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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Chain reaction - more nuclear plants the US is building so should Australia follow suit? so stand-by for a Sunrise debate. It's a powerful issue Election year mercy - to delay executions did Australia ask Indonesia because of electoral damage? And wall of water - to ride this monster joins us live. the surfer who's brave enough this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Good morning. never cease to amaze me. Those big wave riders

Prom incredible pictures. later this morning. And we'll meet the best of the best, We'll also bring you some big news to help small business on our campaign when you shop. and bring you big discounts it's news time with Nat. But for now, Good morning. counselling Students are being offered as a classmate drowned after watching helpless north-east of Melbourne. on the first day of a camp The boy was 1 of 20 students at Castella swimming in a 3m waterhole when he struck trouble. and a search was launched. His classmates raised the alarm pulled from the water last night. But the 12-year-old's body was left the campsite this morning Distressed teachers and students to return to Melbourne. with manslaughter, A woman has been charged accused of supplying drugs former Socceroo Ian Gray. that might have killed inside his Elizabeth Bay unit The 46-year-old's body was found on Monday night reportedly lying next to a syringe. charged with manslaughter, A 22-year-old woman was last night supplying drugs and theft.

this morning. She's due to face court has suffered serious burns A Sydney man in Roseville Chase last night. after a pool pump exploded to the scene last night Firefighters rushed to his face, chest and arms. and found the 40-year-old with burns Hospital in a serious condition. He was taken to Royal North Shore the backyard pool Electricians checked and police are investigating. around a Sydney school Police have stepped up patrols after students were attacked investigates as the Federal Government a rise in schoolyard knife crimes. An 11-year-old boy has been charged and being disarmed of a knife after allegedly bashing a classmate on Tuesday. at Claremont Meadows Primary School through his head at the moment. I don't know really what's going in shock. He's still lost and, I suppose, are guarding Crestwood High Police and private security in Sydney's west

attacked 3 students after up to 20 youths on Friday. with planks containing nails a teenager was pushed to the ground. Three days later, have been unmasked The killers of a Sudanese refugee to death in Melbourne. two years after he was bashed and Dylan Sabatino's identities Clinton Rintoull had been suppressed until now.

racist graffiti The pair spray painted at Rintoull's Noble Park house and posed in front of the wall

was attacked. hours before 19-year-old Liep Gony armed with a metal pole. Rintoul left his house He's been jailed for 20 years. prison for helping in the killing. Sabatino was sentenced to 10 years has reportedly been warned The Indonesian Government of the Bali Nine that the executions of three members Rudd Government in an election year. could be highly sensitive for the and Myuran Sukumaran Scott Rush, Andrew Chan are due to face the firing squad against their death sentences fail. if final appeals Attorney-General A spokesman for Indonesia's has told Fairfax newspapers Australian Embassy officials advised were a sensitive issue the executions but didn't request they be delayed. Embattled carmaker Toyota says its popular Corolla model it might have to recall over fears about the power steering. made since 2007 The company is investigating models around 100 complaints in the US. after receiving from one crisis to the next. They seem to be lurching What they really need to do now somehow. is to try and draw a line under it The embarrassing blow comes of the Camry and the Prius. only a week after recalls Hundreds of over-sized ants building in Bogota. have covered the Colombian Congress

are part of an exhibition The 1,300 fibreglass insects by a Colombian artist. the hundreds of people displaced He says they symbolise

continuing armed conflict. by the country's

invade monuments The ants will eventually in the United States and Spain. in Canada for the Winter Olympics. Time for sport and Beretts is

The best day yet, you are saying?

Nat, doesn't get better than this.

After six days it is perfect. Very

cold overnight just to freeze the

snow and keep every in good

condition and a glorious sunshine

hello. day and plenty of Aussies foosay

has promised to go all-out Aussie freestyle skier Jacqui Cooper in Vancouver. in pursuit of Olympic gold down her stunning aerial jumps Cooper is adamant she won't tone

at Cypress Mountain. if conditions are tough desperate to add an Olympic medal The 5-time world champion is to her resume.

My career would mean a lot more to

medal. me if um, I did have an Olympic

fifth Olympics. It's the 37-year-old's

has earned a call-up South Australia's Dan Christian

to Australia's Twenty20 squad

with the West Indies. for Sunday's clash has been in devastating form The hard-hitting all-rounder for the Redbacks. And if selected,

first Indigenous Twenty20 player. will become Australia's against the Windies The one-day series wraps up at the MCG tomorrow by two Twenty20 internationals. and is followed may seek up to $2 million in damages Accused rapist Andrew Lovett following his sacking from St Kilda. Fairfax reports he'll claim to workplace bullying the Saints subjected him in the Supreme Court. and the matter could end up Former Saints skipper Luke Ball will be looking to make his old club's week even worse when he debuts for Collingwood in the NAB Cup tomorrow night. Ball left the club in unhappy circumstances last year. The swimmer whose career has been punctuated by tragedy, Meagen Nay, is ready to reclaim her place among the sport's elite. Nay is preparing to return to competition

for the first time since her brother Amos died in a car crash seven months ago. Few will forget the bravery Nay showed to compete at the Rome world championships just hours after learning of her brother's passing.

Now to James and today's weather.

A very big day, beautiful

conditions, a great day of

competition. All the Aussies here

ready to support our athletes in

competition and JT has all the

weather. I am green with envy every

time you throw to me for the weather

but I tell you I am here at Charles

Street wharf in Parramatta.

Hopefully we will get a bunch of

commuters here. It is popular way to

get into Sydney, but here is the

weather for the first time.

Morning drizzle in Melbourne. An afternoon storm in Darwin. And around Western Australia, morning cloud in Bunbury. Possible storm in Kalgoorlie. Morning cloud in Karratha.

Good morning rb Mel and Kochie, see

you guys back here in half an hour

with more weather. A beautiful

Sunrise there, James? We are in for

a magical day. A fantastic way to

get into work if

get into work if you live in the

Parramatta region, straight on the

ferry, down to the CBD, a nice way

to go to work. Good zen. Catch you

bottom of the hour. Soon on the show - can Iraq make it through elections without violence? Dr Keith Suter will be here. But next - your early morning finance report. And is Charlie Sheen about to join his wife in rehab? That's love. Wanna be a top athlete, you gotta have some focus. Fingers along the seam, shiny side out and follow through. How's that?! Boys, breakfast! Milo Duo? "Added calcium and magnesium." Calcium. That's what growing cricketers need, hey?

Milo Duo has original Milo plus milky vanilla pieces with the added magnesium and calcium they need to grow and be whatever THEY dream of. Hey, nice move! Milo Duo cereal.

In finance news:

The All Ords had the biggest one-day

gain this year, the biggest jump

since the end of November, closing

96 points high. The ASX 200 up, the

best closing figure in a couple of weeks.

The Aussie dollar has slipped a tad

from this time yesterday a tweak

over 90 US cents yesterday and a

tweak under it today. We are in the

thick of the profit-reporting

thick of the profit-reporting season from the big companies. Westfield

yesterday Coca-Cola Amatil, bumper,

CSL, a whole bunch of them. Joining me now is Savanth Sebastian at CommSec. Morning.

What have the boffins saying about

the earnings season? Is it meeting

expectations? Over all, it has

beaten expectations so far. We know

throughout the year the companies

provide very strong guidance. There

was want expected too much in the

way of surprise when came to

earnings but we have seen the write

downs during the glogt financial

crisis for banks increasing debt

provisions have turned around. It

seenls the CEOs were more cautious

and pessimistic during the crisis

and now they have seen they can

write them into retained profit. If

one area of caution is the

one area of caution is the stronger Aussie dollar has actually started

to hurt some companies that generate

a lot of profit overseas, fosters,

and One Steel have been hurt by the

higher Aussie dollar but the market

is focusing on the outlook

statements of CEOs. We saw it with

Brambles and they seem to be

cautiously optimistic about the

environment going forward. And

Westfield on the acquisition hunt

over the next 12 months. Time to check entertainment news. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, has been admitted to rehab.

And new reports say Charlie is also being pressured to enter the facility. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen has the details. Morning. Will Charlie join his wife in rehab?

Well, I think it is what his friends

and family would like him to do,

maybe his dad, Martin can get them

the Sheen family discount but he has

been there and done that and doesn't

feel, according to everyone close to

him, he needs to go back there. He

even has a sober coach, someone to

go around and keep him honest. It

didn't help out over the holidays

when the problems came about. We

will see how it goes,

will see how it goes, hiseries Two And A Half Men' is up for caktd

renegotiate eggs so it is a good

time to -- negotiations. It is a bad

time for troubles, with babies. I am

beckoning back to Who is Afraid of

Virginia Wolf, when two people enjoy

bad habits it spells trouble. Moving on, and Katy Perry could soon be fronting the fashion industry. What's she doing?

Mel you know more about ladies

shoes, Steve madden shoe designer

has reportedly offered her $ has reportedly offered her $1

million to team up and create her

own line of shoes. She is focused on

making music and Russell Brand but

mostly the shoes but of course,

Steve madden had a great success

with the Olsen twins and a lot of

female celebrities can be persuaded.

Can't see under thet gown but I am

sure they are stylish. Thank you,

good to talk to you, see you soon. Next hour - the Sunrise Hitmakers pass judgement on John Travolta's new look. And should Australia get nuclear power? We'll hear from both sides. But next, is it too early to rule out metal detectors in schools? And Tony Abbott's near-miss. Did his driver do something wrong?

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To find out which ones or to become a free member, just head to the Sunrise website:

Over 2,000 businesses signed up already. Have a look at this giant wall of water!

This wave was off a WA reef. Surfer Laurie Towner took it on. And that's why he last night won this year's Oakley Surfing Life Big Wave Award. Laurie will join us next hour

along with the film-maker who captures these sorts of moments. Have you ever done anything as dangerous as this? And do you have the photographic proof? Let us know.

That is notorious. Isn't it, we have

done stories on it before. Secret

location. I have ridden no wave! On

your boogie board. Not even the

boogie board. The power on those

waves off that coast is incredible,

so I am told, allege saidly. Now to what you're reading on the net.

The States are lining up to say no to metal detectors in schools for now. But some parents reckon they're necessary after the death of a 12-year-old boy at a Brisbane High School. They also point to evidence knives are becoming commonplace in schools. So how would you feel about metal detectors in schools?

You have got to bear in mind, that

case, incident happened before

school even started where dueio

start the process if you have got

metal detectors, the moment on school metal detectors, the moment on

school property from any hour. I

heard Don Weatherburn the crime

statistics bloke saying yesterday,

on radio, stats of knife attack are

not on the increase. It is just the

fear of it. We got to keep it in perspective. But perspective. But having said that

perspective. But having said that rb it was the big topwalk all the mums

at school pickup. What was their

view? Everyone is

view? Everyone is scare said. Also most viewed is Tony Abbott's near-miss with a semitrailer in regional Victoria. One headline says "My brush with death". The Opposition Leader's car was waiting to turn right on the Princes Highway when a truck nearly wiped him out.

A litm van comes up behind -- a

little van comes up behind and little van comes up behind and voom.

Everyone is talking about the

footage, it is hard to know how,

unless you are one of the

journalists there watching, a press

conference was organised on the

sidef the road, how long did he

indicate for? And we heard from the

trucking company you should pull

over on the left before you turn.

That truck was nearly airborne. It

is what some people are saying, on

is what some people are saying, on a country road you should pull to the

left and wait for clear passage both

wis rather than pull to the

right-hand side of your lane and put

your blinker on like Tony Abbott's

driver did. I have never heard that.

Haven't found one person in the

office this morning that has. The

different states, is it Victorian

thing. They do that when they turn

right in the city. Must check with

Beretts. I lived in Victoria for ten

years and never heard of that. Let

us know, if you are a professional

driver is it the thing to do? Finally, half a million Brits admit to only wash their sheets three times a year.

Under 25s are the worst offenders and half of those surveyed admit to eating in bed.

Does that just gross you out or

what? Under 25s is different. If you

are under 25 for is not a lot of

cleaning going on in the share

house, I think. Three times a year.

Under 25 a bit Barlease. I didn't

realise my 25-year-old son was a

Pom. Four months? Easy, when you are

young. I don't know down to the

Batcave where he lives. I haven't

been there in 18 month into his

room. Probably wise. You walk by and

the smell. Grab things off the floor

to wear the next day. Those were the days... A little later on this morning we'll debate nuclear energy. President Barack Obama wants to build new nuclear power plants

in the US. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was quick to rule them out here. But was he a bit hasty? We're going to open a phone poll to guage your opinion. Should Australia use nuclear power?

One Of those issue,

One Of those issue,s the word

nuclear frightens us all and we don't know

don't know enough about it. We have

one of the largest

one of the largest uranium reserves here underworld. On the way - can Iraq ever hope for a peaceful future? And the call for mums-to-be to have more control over how they give birth. But in a moment - news and weather. And this morning's first three winners thanks to the Sunrise Cash Cow.

(LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. We're giving away $135,000 this week. And congratulations to three more hourly winners: You've each won $1,000. Much more cash to give away throughout the morning. And at 7:10, we'll call today's major winner. He or she will win $15,000. To enter the draw for the cash you need today's codeword: The competition is open to people in all States and you can enter as many times as you like.

The Cow would like that. Thank you,

Cash Cow, polish my head. Interesting request. Good morning. Distraught teachers and classmates are returning to Melbourne after a 12-year-old boy drowned on a school camp. He disappeared while swimming with about 20 students at Castella, north-east of Melbourne.

We arrived here to find several of

the team leaders and a teachers in

the water, trying to locate the

young lad. Um, he, as I said, he

went missing about 5.

went missing about 5.30. I arrived

15 minutes later. The boy's body was found about 7:30 last night. A woman has been charged over the shock death of former Socceroo Ian Gray in Sydney. Friends found the 46-year-old's body on Monday night with a used syringe nearby. His car keys and wallet were reportedly missing. It just... it isn't natural. Parents do not bury their kids. A 22-year-old woman will face court today

charged with manslaughter, supply of drugs and theft. Two teenagers have been killed in a head-on smash on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. One died instantly

while the other had to be cut from the wreckage but died later in hospital. Both were 18 years old.

A 19-year-old friend survived with minor injuries. A 60-year-old man in the other car is also being treated in hospital. Melbourne police are investigating whether a Molotov cocktail sparked a blaze inside a St Kilda apartment overnight. Residents escaped unhurt but the fire caused about $50,000 worth of damage before firefighters could put it out. Just heard breaking glass - an explosion or something.

Looked out the window and saw it was

on fire so ran down and called the

fire brigade and there was an explosion or something. The third storey unit sustained the most damage.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. And firefighters have been forced to dig up part of a major Sydney road this morning after a water main burst. The water gushed across parklands towards units on Pennant Hills Road at Carlingford, breaking up the footpath. Sydney water engineers are still trying to stem the flow. Traffic is being diverted. There are more complaints about Western Australia's tough vehicle confiscation laws. A Perth truckie has lost his vehicle after the person who hired it was caught driving without a licence. He says his company could lose thousands of dollars. I'm being punished.

My vehicle's being taken away from me. I've got the chance of losing the contract if I don't hire a vehicle to replace it. Hire cars are normally exempt from hoon laws but police say the car was registered as a normal goods vehicle.

After hundreds of complaints Winter Olympics organisers have moved a chain link security fence closer to the Olympic Flame.

Construction workers have pulled down this large fence which blocked people's view and replaced it with a smaller one. The new fence will allow visitors to take unobscured photographs of the flame. In finance news: Better-than-expected housing starts

has fueled the market up 2.

has fueled the market up 2.8 per

cent for last month, which is good.

London added 33 points. Commodities

down a bit because the US dollar is

stronger today. The gold price down about $

about $8.

Oil is slightly lower too. . Time for sport and Beretts is in Canada for the Winter Olympics.

Great spot to be today too, tell you

more in just a second. South Australia's Dan Christian has been called into Australia's Twenty20 squad for Sunday's clash with the West Indies. If selected, the all-rounder will become Australia's first Indigenous Twenty20 player. I am an Aboriginal man from the Wodgiri tribe down in NSW. It's something I'm very proud of. The short format's soaring popularity

has prompted Twenty20 captain Michael Clarke to push for it to be included in the Allan Border Medal count. Melbourne welcomes back captain Kevin Muscat from suspension for tonight's A-League major semifinal against Sydney at Etihad Stadium. Victory defender Roddy Vargas is in doubt with a calf injury. Sydney has vowed to win the title for captain Steve Corica whose career was cut short on Sunday because of a hamstring injury. V8 Supercar drivers have had their first look at the $1.5 billion Yas Marina circuit in preparation for this weekend's opening round in Abu Dhabi. Once the hard work was done the drivers relaxed with a round of golf at the soon-to-be opened Yas links golf course. Adam Scott is off to a strong start at the World Match Play Championship

in Arizona, downing US Masters champion Angel Cabrera 3 and 2 this morning. Robert Allenby and defending champ Geoff Ogilvy also enjoyed first-up wins.

Great time to join us back here now,

at the moment the women's down hill

is on at Whistler, one of the great

events of the games. The crowds are

watching to watch it on the big

screen but as the competitors finish

they come beside us and come and

watch the big screen. Competitors

from Argentina, and Italy and

from Argentina, and Italy and the United States of America, milling

here, watching the action. James,

the weather is special too. It is.

They are creating history over in

Whistler but here for is plenty of

history in Parramatta, it is

actually the jegraphical heart of

Sydney and there are more

heritage-listed buildings here

heritage-listed buildings here than in the Rocks. When people first came

to Australia, the crops failed to

grow. They came up the Parramatta

river and started a farming

community. It was Parramatta that

saved Sydney. The gateway from

Parramatta all the way to Sydney, at

this area, at the wharf, it

this area, at the wharf, it was the

life blood of everyone living in

Sydney. By 1780 there were 552

inhabitants of the area, 500 of

which were convicts and it was just

around the area where I am now which

is the first farm owned by convict.

A bit of history, and now a bit of weather. Heavy showers and storms are generating over Queensland.

South-easterlies are driving the odd light shower along the New South Wales coast. Meanwhile, Victoria and South Australia remain dry with hot easterlies pushing into the west.

Morning drizzle and 26 in Melbourne. Mostly sunny tomorrow and Saturday. A change developing on Sunday.

A few people are starting to slowly

wake up and head to the wharf here

in Parramatta. We will chat to few

people throughout the morning. If

you are in the area and catch rg

ferry, please -- catching the ferry,

please say hello to Moi. We put the

jokes to Nat and she gives you a

score. 3 or above wins a TiVo. Under

3 wins a Sunrise Snuggie. A very

3 wins a Sunrise Snuggie. A very fashionable item to keep you warm as

the temperatures cool down. This one

comes from Tony Woods in Capalaba in

Queensland. Thank you for your joke.

Three blondeses walking down the

beach and came across a genie in a

bottle. The genie said they could

have one, I have one, I was joking. They could

have one wish to free him. The first one said, "

one said, "I like the way men treat

me, buy me things they call me dumb

so I get

so I get more." Poof, a red head.

And the second one said, "

And the second one said, "I also get

treated well, I want to be 10 times

as dumb." I want to be a brunet. And

the blonde said, "

the blonde said, "I want to be 100

times dumer, so boof, the genie

turns her into a plan. -- Turns her

into a man. It is okay, not raucous

laughter. I thought the sisterhop

hood will -- sisterhood would like

that. No, it comes from the heart.

You naturally laugh or you don't.

Okay, Tony, a Sunrise snug

Okay, Tony, a Sunrise Snuggie is

coming your way. I thought the

blonde would get it across the line.

Nowhere there laughed, they didn't

think it was funny. Coming up - the plan to name and shame restaurants with bad hygiene. The score will be right there on their front door. But next - why thousands of women will protest today across Australia.

And Beretts chats live to one of our Aussie lugers in Canada.

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10 litres of water isn't much. You could easily save that in a day just by cutting about a minute off your shower or turning the garden hose off 30 seconds sooner. But if everyone in Canberra and Queanbeyan saved an extra 10 litres of water a day, it would mean a saving of nearly 1.4 billion litres a year. That's more than a third of what the Cotter Dam can currently hold. And imagine the difference it would make if everyone saved even more. So, how will you save your share? See the ACTEW website for some ideas. Then start saving 10. It's a first step to saving water for life. A view of Sydney through the Jetstar skycam. Chance of a shower and 25 today.

Obviously, someone is going on

holidays on a ship, somewhere lucky n joy it. Iraq is facing even more turbulence. There are only a few weeks until general elections. The withdrawal date of US troops is approaching. Plus, a recent killing has prompted fears of more sectarian violence. To wrap it all up, I'm joined by our foreign affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter. Keith, can we expect to see a peaceful Iraq in the near future?

Is it getting more peaceful It is a

lot more peaceful now than in the

recent say, couple of years but you

got to bear in mind, modern Iraq has

always been a fairly violent sort of

country, Winston Churchill who

created it after world war 'One'

called it an ungrateful volcano in

called it an ungrateful volcano

1920s. The withdrawal of the US

troops a lot of people saying when

the numbers go down, the violence

will increase, if you like, the

terrorists are saving it up? We have yet

yet to see that. What is interesting

is we have less than 100,000 troops

in is we have less than 100,000 troops

in Iraq, the smallest number since

the invasion in 2003. It was 200 odd

thousand plus all the other foreign

troop there so probably close to

quarter of a million all. A lot of

people involved. Am the President

Obama promise to get the troops out

by 2011 and he is honouring the

commitment. So he is winding down.

It is a country with very few

Iraqies. It is what they call a

pre-modern society. Australia is a

modern society. We fight among the

various states but we are modern. In

Iraq, you have people who owe

primary loyalty it the clan or the

group. It has been the problem for

years, creating a national sense of

identity. The Americans were not

able to do it and neither could the

British bh they were running the

place. Iraqies don't necessarily

hate the alize,

hate the John Aloisiis, they height

-- allies, they hate each other as

much. Yes, the Sunni and Shia, an

old dispute through the middle of

Iraq. It has nothing to do with the

Americans. That is why some of us

were worried with the invasion, they

were step nothing to a fast-flowing

stream and it didn't understand how complex it would complex it

complex it would be. Thousands of women across Australia will rally today against planned government reforms to the maternity system. Our correspondent Nuala Hafner is in Ballarat at the site of one of the planned protests. Nuala, what's the rally about?

Good morning, the way I understand

it there are two issues here. The

first affect midwives who attend

home births. Under the government's

new national medical rej new national medical

new national medical scheme in June,

they won't be registered without

medical indemnity insurance and it

leaves them exposed and robs them of

leaves them exposed and robs them

legitimacy. The second is changes to

the billch giving doctors too much

power over midwaves and the way they

run their practices.

run their practices. The Prime

Minister will be here, leading the

way is Justine Canes, mother of

seven and founder of whn what

seven and founder of whn what Women

Want. We want to let the country know the Prime Minister is failing

the women and putting the interests

of lobby groups ahead of women and

we want to ask how to justify

removing well established rights for

women over a control measure by a

lobby group. Shouldn't dos and

midwives be working together to give

women what they want am is?

Absolutely and we have been

advuicateing for that for ten years

but at the end we haven't seen our

health minister, Nicolaroxen

health minister, Nicolaroxen or Kevin Rudd saying it is about you

and wi are here to meet your needs.

They are play aggame of pro--

playing a game of professional

ping-pong instead of saying it is

about women. We will make the system

safe and it is about them. But that

is where they have got a

fundamentally wrong. Maternity

reform is a large area of health.

reform is a large area of health. If Kevin Rudd can't get this right how

can we expect he reformathize

system? The rallies will take place at 15

at 15 centres around the country

from 11am, including here at

Ballarat. Now back to the Winter Games. Beretts has one of the Aussie athletes with him, luger Hannah Campbell-Pegg.

Beretts, it certainly takes a gutsy person to compete in luge?

Look at the camera and Look at the camera and you? Yes, it

is exceptionalch Hannah joins me

now. Well done, a result of 23. No

doubt a tough competition. Certainly

been quite tough, this week has been

emotionaly tough as well. But

finished up great

finished up great. Four good runs so

I am Hanny with the result, all I

can ask at the end of the day. How

hard was it to refocus given what

happened. Pretty hard, it went

through my mind every day, through my mind every day sitting

there in the start house, pretty

hard when you have known the guy, it

is a close community so it affected

everyone there. Your second

Olympics, do your scare yourself on

the way down? For us on the

the way down? For us on the outside it is a terrifying sport. There are

sometimes when I am a bit sketchy in

some corners so you got to think

relax. The minute when people get

scared they put their shoulders up

and feet down, which I didn't the

second run, and you lose control but

you got to think the opposite and

relax and have a good run. Out of

10, how is your Olympic experience

here in Vancouver? Considering every

aside, I would say 10 at the moment.

It is all it is about. Thank you.

Enjoy the rest of the games, Hannah Campbell-Pegg.

Campbell-Pegg. Tony Abbott's near

miss, everyone is talking. Most

people say he, the car drivered

people say he, the car driver should

have pulled over to the left and let

the traffic clear and then turned

right. It is a bit, like that shows,

it is a bit unclear whether, I think

he was turning into not a proper

road, it was a clearing or something

so a lot of people saying it was a

U-turn effectively and he definitely

should have pulled over. He was

pulling into a property, haor we go,

there is the truck, almost air born,

amazing job by the driver. There is

no road. Like a grassed area

no road. Like a grassed area and they were just going to stop. People

are saying it is a U turn. The fact

that none of you know the correct

procedure proves none of you should

have licence to driver a vehicle.

People like you are the reason my

whole family almost got killed

toeing a boat, you are idiots. Thank

you, Jeff. We are in the majority

though. On the soapbox we are in the

minority. Everybody writing in is

saying you should pull to the left.

Everyone surveyed in the office,

growing up in different states,

never heard of it. He was turning

into the entrance to a property. Is

that classed as a U turn? Either

way, they are saying you should pull

to the left, whether it is road you

are turn nothing to or a property.

Because in Melbourne, you do it in

the city. The hook turn to the left

on roads with trams. Yes, because

someone is calling you an idiot,

just once so far. Mark says, "

just once so far. Mark says, "I live

in Melbourne for six month, it was

very comtoon go from the left lane

to turn right." Melbourne is

different. You are living in bubble.

We are talking regional areas. We

all know the Melbourne one. Most

people are saying turn to the left.

Things you learn. Coming up - how you can claim discounts at more than 2,000 businesses. Plus, is it time for Australia to produce nuclear energy? We'll hear from both sides. Then, the man who conquered this monster. He was last night awarded for his bravery but what about the guy who filmed it? Both will join us live.

(HORN HONKS) Just because you're big, you don't always have to act like it. St George. All the strength of a big bank with the soul of a small.

The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. You might remember last year Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was accused of plagiarism. The estate of another author launched legal action to sue Rowling's publisher. J.K. is facing another legal setback this morning with news she'll now be sued personally for breaching copyright.

For more, let's cross to showbiz editor Nelson Aspen. Morning again. So now Rowling is personally being sued?

Yes, it is getting very personal, in

fact, the estate of the late

children's author, Adrian Jacobs

alleges she stole a lot of material,

specifically for the 'Goblet of Fire' from

Fire' from book the adventures

Fire' from book the adventures of 'Willy the Wizar'. In his book he

called it the triwiz ard taournm. I

don't know how the jury and the High

Court makes the decision but it

seems there are a lot of similaries between the two. Moving on, and we hear Brad and Ang are saying goodbye to Hollywood?

Don't panic! It is because they have

been house hunting in Venice, what a

beautiful place to have a house.

Angelina is going to do a movie

there called 'The Tourist' so they

are looking for a place to stay for

a few month. Whether they will own

it or rent it remains to be seen. We

hear the stories when they are house

hunting but you

hunting but you got to remember they

are an international family they

have several homes in now oarlens

and France, why not ven sns I -- why

not Venice too? I am sure they will

welcome us. Chain reaction -

the US is building more nuclear plants so should Australia follow suit? It's a powerful issue so stand by for a Sunrise debate. Election year mercy - did Australia ask Indonesia to delay executions because of electoral damage? And wall of water -

the surfer who's brave enough to ride this monster joins us live. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. And today's major winner in the Cash Cow is just minutes away. First, though, here's Nat with the latest news. Good morning.

Students are being offered counselling after watching helplessly as a classmate drowned on the first day of a camp north-east of Melbourne. The boy was 1 of 20 students

swimming in a 3m deep waterhole at Castella when he struck trouble. The 12-year-old's body was pulled from the water last night. Distressed teachers and students left the campsite this morning to return to Melbourne. A woman is expected to be charged with drink driving after crashing into a Melbourne apartment block this morning. The Toyota Corolla ploughed through a fence, smashed a gas main and then rammed the wall of the building in Brunswick East, waking startled residents. No-one was hurt but firefighters had to turn off the apartment's gas supply. Police say the driver returned a blood alcohol level of 0.138 - almost triple the legal limit. A woman will face a Sydney court today charged over the death of former Socceroo Ian Gray. The 46-year-old's body was found inside his Elizabeth Bay unit on Monday night. A syringe was reportedly found nearby.

A 22-year-old woman was last night charged with manslaughter, supplying drugs and theft. Some parents and teachers are demanding better security - even metal detectors - at schools after recent knife attacks. The Federal Government admits more students are taking weapons to schools and has launched an investigation, but says most classrooms are safe. 11 years old - this boy's education is now under threat after he allegedly kicked and punched a classmate in the head, went home and returned with a kitchen knife. He was disarmed by a teacher. His mother is worried. WOMAN: He is pretty frightened on what happened. Other parents at Claremont Meadows Primary are just relieved he was stopped. At least it was dealt with before actually someone was hurt. It was a day after 12-year-old Brisbane schoolboy Elliott Fletcher was stabbed to death. One Queensland teacher has told Seven News knife fights have become more common than fist fights

but aren't being officially reported. It's always played down by the administration and it's always played down by the teachers. Also too scared to be identified -

a mother who says her son witnessed three violent attacks in four days at Beaudesert State High School. People were jumping fences at the pool and knives were drawn. The Queensland Education Department denies any cover up. The Federal Government insists American-style security isn't needed in Australian classrooms but admits knife crime is rising. There have been some tragic incidents. I have asked my department to provide an advice to me. A judge in Haiti has ordered the release of some of the US charity workers accused of child trafficking. The 10 missionaries were stopped at the border with the Dominican Republic trying to take 33 Haitian children out of the country without proper documentation. It's not known which detainees will be freed. They'll be able to return to the United States without posting bail in the next few days. In finance news:

Better-than-expected housing starts

has tended to boost the market. And

pretty good profit results were in

the middle of their reporting season

and ours.

Commodities: gold trading a little lower. Time for sport and Beretts is in Canada for the Winter Olympics.

Oogreat day here too, best weather so far, anyway. Australia's youngest ever male Winter Olympian will push through the pain barrier to compete in the snowboard half pipe this morning. 15-year-old Scott James fractured his wrist in practice at Cypress Mountain but has kept training despite the injury. Sydneysider Ben Mates is also flying the Aussie flag and heads in with plenty of confidence.

I have come off a few top-10 result

the last couple of weeks so looking

at definite good result here as well. There was a nasty spill in the blue ribbon women's downhill event this morning. Danish medal contender Dominique Gisin was fortunately able to walk away from the incident. South Australia's Dan Christian has earned a call up to Australia's Twenty20 squad for Sunday's clash with the West Indies.

The hard-hitting all-rounder has been in devastating form for the Redbacks. And if selected will become Australia's first Indigenous Twenty20 player. The one-day series against the Windies wraps up at the MCG tomorrow and is followed by two Twenty20 internationals. Accused rapist Andrew Lovett may seek up to $2 million in damages following his sacking from St Kilda. Fairfax reports he'll claim the Saints subjected him to workplace bullying and the matter could end up in the Supreme Court. Former Saints skipper Luke Ball will be looking to make his old club's week even worse

when he debuts for Collingwood in the NAB Cup tomorrow night. Ball left the Saints in unhappy circumstances last year. The swimmer whose career has been punctuated by tragedy, Meagen Nay, is ready to reclaim her place among the sport's elite. Nay is preparing to return to competition for the first time since her brother Amos died in a car crash seven months ago.

The weather is beautiful here, James

Tobin you have done a top job as far

as the Games are concerned. How is

it looking at home? Thank you, very

nice in Sydney town today,

Parramatta to be precise. A history

lesson on Parramatta, we have

established it was the life of

Sydney Cove, they started growing

crops here. They started a growers

market and that growers market

continues today in Parramatta.

Governor Macquarie decided twice a

year they needed to have a fare to

have a show, so that has continued

on to the Sydney Easter Royal Show,

so Parramatta, let's look at the weather.

Now, if you are from a part of

Australia that not all about Rugby

League, well this part of Sydney

certainly is. The Parramatta Eels

one of the top teams in the NRL.

Parramatta comes from Aboriginal

clan that lived here, the

Burramudattagull Tribe, so that is

where they got the name from. That

is interesting. Breaking news now

and hearing out of the US that Tiger

Woods is going to break his silence

on his marital issues for the first

time on Friday. So we will keep you

across that. He is going to speak.

Wow, so that will be Saturday our

time. See what he has got to say. A

lot going on. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. Let's phone today's major winner in the Sunrise Cash Cow. We have $15,000 to give away right now.

Right now! Thanks to the Cash Cow.

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Wales you are the winner! You have won $

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So small businesses win by getting extra customers and Sunrise Family members win by saving money. To find businesses in your area or to become a Family member just head to our website: Barack Obama is paving the way for the first new nuclear power plant to be built in the US in almost 30 years. The President has announced

financial backing for a new reactor in the state of Georgia.

This one plant, for example will cut

carbon pollution by 16 million

tonnes each year, when compared to a

similar coal plant. That is like

taking 3.

taking 3.5 million cars off the road. Here in Australia, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has ruled out the controversial energy source.

Our policy is that Australia has

multiple other energy sources and we

will not be heading in the direction

of civil nuclear power. So is nuclear energy viable or desirable in Australia? Dave Sweeney is from the Australian Conservation Foundation and Dr Ziggy Switkowski is from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Good morning to you both. David, does Australia need nuclear energy?

To reduce our carbon emissions? The

short answer to that one is

absolutely not. We have variety, we

are blessed with a range of

renewable sources in this country.

We do need to reduce our carbon

emission, dramatically and quickly

bt not by embraceing the problem and

the real risk that is nuclear power. the real risk that is nuclear

power.Ee have many otherau, they are

cleaner, cheaper safer and better.

Tell us about the risks? Because

nuclear power is a quick and easy

way to make big cuts, isn't it? A lot

way to make big cuts, isn't it? A

lot quicker than say wind or solar.

What are the risks of nuclear? Well,

there is a lot of problems with

nuclear. Most of the problems that

people would be aware of haven't

been solved. The main problemerize

the risk of the operationf the

reactor. All remember chur noble and

accidents in the past. They are

intensive and cost a lot of money to

build, the subtext build, the

build, the subtext is you can't

build it without massive subsidy,

the big end of town has walked away.

It is only possible with public

underwriting. The big problem is

aidio active waste. Massive problem,

next week or next months, minister

Ferguson is working in secret, the

resource minister on a plan to

impose radioactive waste on

Aboriginal waste. That is news on

Sunrise, he will do it next week or

next month. We don't even have

domestic nuclear power. In countries

like the States and Germany, this

issue of radioactive waste

management is a major unresolved

problem. Dr, everyone knows you as

the former boss of Telstra

the former boss of Telstra but your

background is nuclear physics and

you are an expert in this area,

three things: cost, safety, getting

rid of the waste. Have those three

been resolved? Well, it is

interesting if you go through the

top economies around the world, of

the top 28 economies of which

Australia is about No.

Australia is about No.15 we are the

only country not to have nuclear

power as part of the energy mix and

truteejic thinking. While there are

legitimate aspects of the nuclear

fuel cycle, every country's citizens

have wrestled with cost, location,

waste management and resolved in the

end, on balance nuclear power offers

the promise of cleanest form

baseload licktricity, the safest

form and in a world associated with

carbon it will be the most cost

competitive. The announcement competitive. The announcement by President Obama sees the United

Kingdom join with the United

Kingdom, most of the European Union,

China and India in refirming their

commitment to the use of nuclear

power. But I suppose the issue is

particularly, with the safety, and

getting rid of the waste, they are

big issues. If you muck it up, the

consequences are huge. It is not

like, saying, "

like, saying, "Gee, we made a

mistake." You get radiation

everywhere, stuff like that. Is it

acceptable these days? Well, the

major accident in the history of

this industry, which is now 55 years

old was in

old was in Chernoble. The Soviets

designed a system that would never

be allowed in the West. The industry

has had 24 more years, it is

carefully observed and it performs

really well. Inreactors are

efficient with high up time. Where

does the waste go? The process for

the waste these days is the spent

fuel rods, removed from reactor core

over two or three years are stored

on the site of the reactor until the

end of the reactor life, which is

typically 50 or 60 years. At the end

of that, the spent fuel encapsulated

by concrete moved by rail to single

repository, a hole in the ground,

carefully engineered, the technology

is straight forward. The amount of

space is very small because the

waste that comes out of reactioner

per year is mall, about the voloomph

a car per year. -- volume of a car

per year. Australia has no problem

finding the area. The management of

the waste is simple. What we will

see in the next decade is countries

commission repositorys as the

reactors come to the end of their

reactor lives. Gentleman, you thank

you for explaining it. You have

heard Beth sides of it the debate

now have a say in the phone poll.

Shifting focus now. For a long time word of mouth was the way a restaurant's reputation got around.

But Brisbane diners may soon be able to tell at a glance how safe their favourite eatery is. Under a new "scores on doors" system, every restaurant will have to display a food, hygiene and safety rating. Two dinner plates will be the worst, and five plates the best. For more I'm joined by David Pugh of Restaurant and Catering Queensland.

David, you're one of the architects of this rating system. How does this work?

How will you test the restaurant. Go

around and send teams to do safety

and hygiene tests? We do, it is a

matter of the council just going

about their normal every day job and

say, they go in and do an assessm on

an eating establishment, anything

prom local bakery right through to

five-star dining hotel. Very much

the same system as they are applying

now, but now we

now, but now we have complete

openness about the gradeing the

establishment is going to get. It

will be a mandatory sort of mraitd

on the door but it will be after a -

plate on the door but after a 12

month period. It is mandatory and

all food establishments have to

participant in this? Yes, it is

mandatory. The only way we can

mandatory. The only way we can see we can govern the whole thing. I

know there is criticism. A couple of

people are worried about the whole

nameing and shaming exercise and

whauls privacy laws because

previously inspections were not

allowed to be releaseed and made

public. Is there concern there? The

average restauranteur, can speak

more openly about restaurants, we

see it as a good thing. Restaurants

get prosecuted and get asked to show

just cause why they should still be

operating if they are not operating

within the laws. It is why we have

laws. They have to do their job. Is

it not just one visit. If an

inspector gos and the restaurant is

having a bad day? Is that the, two

plates or chance to redeem

themselves? They do have the right

of recourse and they will be give an

notification, infringement note sqs

say if you fix these up let us know

and we will come back and do another

inspection and rate it accordingly.

But by the same token if they flout

the system they will be graded

accordingly. Good luck with it all,

David, thank you for your time. Back

now to the breaking news and golfing

superstar, Tiger Woods will break

his silence sw speak publicly for

the first time about his marital Angela Cox is in our US bureau. Ange, what more do we know.

s. Tiger's agent released the

statement in an e-mail a short time

ago and said Tiger is ready to talk

and feels he has to make amends and

do it publicly and will talk to a

group of friends and associates on

Friday morning, Saturday morning in

Australia. He said he plans to

apologise for his behaviour and talk

about his future plans. There has

been a lot of speculation when he

will get back on the golfing

circuit. A pool of reporters will be

invited but not invited to ask

questions. There are a lot of

questions they would like to ask but

at this stage, making a statement,

apologising and talking about his

future in golf. Thank you, there

will be bitf o interest in that --

there will be a bit of interest in

that. Thank you for your time. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to surf a giant wall of water? One man who knows is surfer Laurie Towner. He took on this monster at the WA outer reef Cow Bombie. The wave won Laurie this year's Oakley Surfing Life Big Wave Award. To tell us what it's like, Laurie joins us now along with a man who spends his life capturing these waves, film-maker, Tim Bonython. Good morning. Laurie, this is a huge wave we're talking about.

My gosh! Sorry to be really girly

about it but wow! Did you have any

idea. I don't surf, but when when

you start off do you have any idea

how big it is going to be? No, not

at all, it is deep water to a

shallow bomby, you don't know it is

going to stand up that much. That

wave was. Do you get halfway up and go, "

go, "My God

go, "My God." It is just a rush, you

let go of the rope and go straight

down a massive face wall of water.

But what goes through your mind.

Water. You go there and think, holoy

daoly, this is big and it is about

to curve over and you think, " to curve over and you think, "What

do I do now." It is one of the

biggest rushes. I haven't surfed

that style of waves, usually like

Shipsterns. It is the first time I

surfed a bomby style rush. Did you

go back out? Yes. Tim, you

go back out? Yes. Tim, you spend your life filming the waves, I bet

you are constantly amazed? I love

it, the adrenalin of being out there

and being part of it, there is

nothing more exciting and an

addiction for me to be there. When

we see the storms on the horizon and

we know the swells are going to be

there, we pack our bags and get

there. We are there the night

before. Sometimes with Lawrie and I

that night, we got there 2 in the

morning, had to drive from Perth to

Margaret River to the Cross, to a

town called Grace Town, we only had

an hour and a half sleep each and

then in the middle of the storm. We

see movies of storm chasers and you

are basically wave chasers. You see

it coming, plot it, know what it is

going to be like? So exciting and so

many amazing spots on the plan toot

go and get the images and it is --

planet to go and get the images. It

is my job to get the images. Is it

the place? It is a secret spot

the place? It is a secret spot but it is South Australia, a fantastic

Noodles Intense wave challenge. An

amazing array of balm boras round

the world, 10 years ago it was only

Hawaii but now in Australia we are finding the amazing surfing spots.

This place was the biggest day ever,

shipsterns bluff in Australia.

Delivered some of the worst wifeouts

I have filmed. It is a very -- worst

wipeouts. I am surprised no-one got

hurt. What did you win for risk your

life? Was it worth it? Definitely, I pocketed $

pocketed $20,000, so I am stocked.

Fair enough, I thought you were

going to say a glass vase or

something. Congratulations and all

the best. Keep chasing and keep

sending us the vision too. Of

course! That is part t- fup of it.

-- that is part of the fun of it. Coming up - why more Australians are eating takeaway than ever before. And is time to put metal detectors in schools? Also ahead - plenty of more winners in the Sunrise Cash Cow. And the gritty new drama set in Iraq. It has nine Oscar nominations. Our hitmakers will have their say on 'Hurt Locker'. and surrounding region.. with temps in the mid to high twenties today. A group of angry women will rally in Canberra.. to protest against Government attempts to take away their birth rights. Local activist Emma Davidson says women with private care.. have to see a doctor before they can use a midwife. Attorney General Simon Corbell will today launch a new anti-bullying campaign in the workforce. Ironically it comes just days after local doctors vented their

concerns about bullying at Canberra hospital to the media. Yass locals are angry.. not enough's been done.. to tackle vandalism in the CBD. There'll be a town meeting tonight. And our Brumbies wait to see who's made the line-up.. for Friday's match against the Force. The team will be announced.. later today. More at 11. (QUIRKY MUSIC) Ohh. Ha! When things don't fit the way they should... Oh! can be irritating for little ones. That's why Huggies Nappies have a contoured shape and curved leg elastic for an even better fit. Huggies Nappies.

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Jodie Foster has been on the flight,

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And remember, at 7:10 each morning a major winner picks up $15,000. Coming up - do celebrities ever make good politicians? Plus Johnny Cash's new album release almost seven years after his death. Being a Thursday - the hitmakers will be here at 7:40 with their view. But now it's time for a news update. Here's Nat.

Good morning. Teachers and students from a Melbourne school are